My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 621-630

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 621

Noticing a fierce glint in Sophia’s eyes, Sean immediately asked, “I think Natasha would definitely not leave the matter at that, Sophia. Do you have any plans?”

Sophia’s eyes flickered with ferocity, but she suppressed it in the end and said, “She’ll probably behave herself in the future. I’ve already beaten her up, so let’s forget about it and let her be.”

Sean didn’t say anything else, but he couldn’t help feeling that Sophia was setting a deadly enemy free. After all, both of them had reached a point where they would fight to the bitter end. If Sophia didn’t do anything to Natasha right now, Natasha would surely go against her after rising to power again in the future.

The bad blood between Sophia and Natasha had been going on for a long time, and Sophia even beat Natasha up like that in public previously. Even Sophia herself wouldn’t believe that Natasha would let her off, for the latter would never spare her once she gained power.

However, Sophia couldn’t sit back and wait passively as Natasha gradually returned to her peak and struck against her.

An evil plan formed in Sophia’s mind…

Meanwhile, entertainment news pages were nearly occupied by a series of scandalous gossip about ‘Taylor’.

There were all sorts of gossip about Taylor going clubbing, hugging ladies left and right, sleeping around, and getting into a drunken brawl with somebody else at a bar… Taylor, who was once a low-profile Prince Charming, finally knocked himself off his pedestal and went from one extreme to the other.

“Taylor has gotten into a drunken brawl in a nightclub, injuring many and resulting in property damages of up to 1 million. Imperial Management Studio has agreed to pay for the damages, but Taylor himself hasn’t made any comments for the time being…”

Michael was drinking some ginseng soup in front of the television while having a foot bath, looking as though he was already living in retirement. He frowned upon seeing the TV news anchor delivering the news report regretfully.

“Switch to another channel, Nicholas.”

Nicholas, who was sitting next to him, switched to another channel obediently.

“The film ‘The National Treasury Action’ has released its first batch of character posters today. Based on a true story, this film tells the story of the loss and subsequent recovery of an imperial seal dated around the end of the last dynasty. Written by acclaimed screenwriters, this film stars well-known actors Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston. It also marks another blockbuster collaboration between the two. The film ‘War Dragon,’ which they last collaborated in, grossed 5.8 billion at the domestic box office, making it the highest-grossing Cethosian film in history. However, it’s worth mentioning that Taylor has been plagued by a series of scandals recently. Let us wait and see if he can complete the film as professionally as ever…”

Michael ordered again, “Switch to another channel, Nicholas.”

Nicholas switched to another channel. As Michael expected, it was also reporting news about him. .

“According to rumors, the person whom Taylor had beaten up in the nightclub this time is the No. 2 leader of Green Lotus Gang, an underworld organization. After the incident, Green Lotus Gang has issued an order to have Taylor hunted and killed.”

Michael put down the ginseng soup with deep furrows in his brow.

He really couldn’t let things go on like this anymore. Even though he was fine as long as Celine was happy, he felt that he shouldn’t take all the blame for her deeds. Now, he was being blamed for all the foolish acts she had committed!

There would be grave consequences if things went on like this…

Even though Celine didn’t have to save face, he needed to. Everyone only knew that the face belonged to ‘Taylor,’ so he would be blamed for everything she did.

Michael called Celine and asked, “Where are you, Celie?”

Panting, Celine answered, “I’m busy—I’ll talk to you later.”

A loud noise could be heard in the background, and there seemed to be lots of people over there. Moreover, Michael could hear many wailing voices. There were voices of men bellowing, sounds of women screaming, and the clatter of tablewares being smashed to the floor.

He could tell that she was quite busy fighting with somebody again!

He hung up the phone, but the more he thought about it, the more he sensed that something was wrong.

For instance, Sophia hadn’t come home yet. Nathan, who should’ve been staying at Celine’s place, was suddenly dropped off at Michael’s house. He was currently having a foot bath while watching TV with Michael.

Logically speaking, Sophia should be working overtime in her company just then. Soul of Sniper—the game created by her company—was very well received, so her company was currently working extra hours to produce a new version of the game that would be updated next month. Since the updated version would include many new features, everyone in the company had their hands full, making it usual for them to go home in the middle of the night. After all, people who worked in gaming companies never finished work on time.

Michael called Sophia, but nobody answered the phone. He then called Sean and Stanley, but they didn’t answer their phones either.

When he called Harry, the latter was playing games. “Where is your little kitten, Harry? Is she not with you today?”

Harry answered, “She told me that she was going to get her hair done; she’ll be here a while later.”

Michael felt that something was deeply wrong after hanging up the phone. Feeling unsettled, he held his cell phone while subconsciously tapping it on the glass coffee table.

Getting her hair done? Working overtime?

He glanced at Nathan, who glanced back at him and said coldly, “Don’t look at me. I know nothing; they left me behind because they wanted to go out and have fun.”

Several minutes later, Michael got up and got changed before calling Gary and Hale to go out with him.

“Nicholas, report your Mom’s coordinates.” Michael carried Nicholas into the car as he got into it as well. Sophia’s wristwatch could report her current location.

Nicholas answered, “Mom is in her office, Dad!”

The group of three then went to Sophia’s company, but she wasn’t there. It was already 10.00 PM, and everyone in the company had already left work. It was dark in the company, and Sophia’s wristwatch was in her office.

Furious, Michael called Justin, but nobody answered the phone. He called Harry over and urgently sent people out to find them. About ten minutes later, they finally found the place where Sophia was ‘working overtime’ and where Sarah ‘was getting her hair done’—the place was none other than Green Lotus Gang’s headquarters.

Green Lotus Gang’s headquarters was an old warehouse at Ring Avenue. As soon as Michael and Harry arrived, they could hear the sound of people yelling and brandishing their knives from afar.

A Husky tied to a tree stump near the warehouse’s entrance was digging the soil for something to eat, and its mouth looked a little familiar.

Stanley’s car was parked at the entrance, and next to it was Sophia’s favorite Yamaha motorcycle along with Sarah’s car, which had cat whiskers pasted on its pink front.

Michael was speechless at the sight of the scene.

He drew his gun and led the group of people into the warehouse. Kicking the door wide open, a beer bottle flew in his face before he could even see what was going on inside. Startled, he moved sideways and dodged the beer bottle, and it shattered at his feet.

A scuffle was going on in the warehouse. Dressed uniformly, dozens of members from Green Lotus Gang were beaten so badly that they couldn’t walk steadily.

An incredibly tough person emerged from the crowd of gang members. Dashing in on all sides, she single-handedly beat up several brawny men so brutally that they howled in pain.

She beat them up while swearing, “Fck you, how dare you touch the lady whom I fancy? Fck you! Did you hear me? F*ck you!”

Like a sharp blade thrust into the enemy’s heart, Celine led her underlings to beat up the Green Lotus Gang’s members until they cried out in pain, fell onto their knees, and begged for mercy.

She had only a few underlings—Justin, Stanley, Sean, Sarah, and… Sophia.

Following Celine’s pace closely, Sophia brandished the stick in her hand in an imposing manner as she bravely and impressively fought five men alone.

Even Sarah, who usually looked obedient and well-behaved, was smashing people with beer bottles like a hooligan. Not only that, she really looked a little like Celine while doing so.

The smell of alcohol and blood filled the air, and screams and calls for help resounded through the warehouse.

Both Michael and Ethan were speechless at the sight of the scene.

It seemed that Celine was very ‘dedicated’ to helping them improve their combat skills.

It was no wonder Sophia looked so exhausted when she came home every night. She fell asleep as soon as she lay down on the bed and was lethargic even while sleeping with Michael. As it turned out, she was going out with Celine to have fights!

Choking with anger, Michael found a stool and sat down while watching them fight like that.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 622

The fight ended very soon in Celine’s presence. Charging into the enemy’s ranks, she precisely grabbed hold of the Green Lotus Gang’s leader. He had been behind his underlings the entire time, directing them to fight. With that, she held him down on the floor by stepping on his head.

The leader was frightened out of his wits. He had joined the underworld for several decades, but this was his first time coming across such an invincible figure.

“Brother—no, sister—I’m in the wrong! It’s all my fault, and I won’t do that ever again… Help!”

She’s too formidable! he thought to himself.

Previously, he thought that Taylor was simply an actor who could perform showy yet useless martial arts movements, but he didn’t expect the latter to be so skillful at fighting—it was just like the movies. He even suspected that they were filming the sequel to ‘War Dragon’ without his knowledge.

Where are the steel wires? Director, hurry the f*ck up and stop the filming!

Unfortunately, there was no director nor camera. Instead, there was only ‘Taylor,’ who coldly and mercilessly stamped a footprint on his head.

He heard her ordering in a cold voice, “Remember this face. Stay away from me whenever you see me in the future!”

The leader cried while nodding his head. “Yes, yes, yes—I’ll stay away from you!”

“If you ever dare to take one more look at the ladies I fancy next time, I’ll castrate you!”

The leader trembled with fear. His teeth chattered as he responded, “Alright, I’ll never do that anymore.”

Why did no one tell me that Taylor is such a formidable fighter?!

With that, the large foot that was stepping on him moved away at last. The leader, beaten black and blue in the face, let out a sigh of relief with snot and tears on his face; he looked as though he had been given a second chance at life.

The fight had ended just then, and the bunch of young people beat up the dozens of Green Lotus Gang’s members so badly that they were completely unable to fight back. Aren’t they a little too good at fighting? the gang members thought to themselves.

Green Lotus Gang was an underworld organization that emerged in a rural-urban fringe area, but strictly speaking, it wasn’t even qualified enough to be considered a gang. Its head was simply a hooligan who had been in the underworld for years with dozens of underlings under him. These underlings were younger than one another—they seemed to be undergraduates, high school students, and junior high school students.

It took little effort to beat up this bunch of hooligans; Celine could have ended the battle alone in less than half an hour.

This time, her main purpose of coming out was to mentor the inexperienced juniors so that they could gain some experience and improve their fighting skills.

Having dealt with Green Lotus Gang and forcing its members to kneel down, Celine even assigned homework to her ‘underlings’ by telling them to write a post-mortem essay of about 1,000 words each when they went back. After that, she and her ‘underlings’ were ready to leave with their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders.

Having drunk a mouthful of wine, Celine laughed merrily while hooking her arm around Justin’s neck. Justin was expressionless the whole time, but one couldn’t tell if he had nothing to say about what his wife had done or if he was fine as long as she had fun.

Stanley and Sean felt very great. They suffered from a lot of stress at work, so having a fight outside was a nice way to relieve their stress.

Sarah had been a little scared in the beginning, but she became more and more courageous after mingling with Celine for a while. It does feel awesome to fight with people! From now on, I can fight back if my stepmother bullies me at home again!

Meanwhile, Sophia’s eyes shone; she felt as though her blood was boiling over with excitement.

Everyone laughed and joked with their arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders.

“I heard about the gang that acts like a big bully in a high school at Third Avenue. Let’s find time to teach them a lesson!”

“In that case, what are we waiting for? Let’s go! I like beating up these little brats the most!”

“Hahaha! I think I’ve figured out what it feels like to be young and hot-blooded high school students!”

“What do you mean by that? We are young and hot-blooded ourselves, okay?!”

“Let’s go and eat some barbecue!”

“Hey, Sophia! Aren’t you worried that your husband will lock the door if you go home late?”

“It’s alright. I told him that I’d be working at the company all night, and you’ll testify to it.”

They laughed and joked as they walked to the entrance. Before they could realize it, they saw a row of men dressed in black standing at the dark entrance. They almost couldn’t notice these men because the black clothes they wore blended perfectly with the pitch-black background.

Silence suddenly filled the air, and the merry group of people stood transfixed in place.

Since when did Michael and Henry arrive?

Frightened, Sophia hurriedly hid behind Justin, revealing only a pair of watery eyes as she looked at Michael standing at the doorway.

Michael was dressed in an all-black outfit, but his expression was even darker than the clothes he was wearing. He sat silently on the stool as his dark and chilling aura spread to his surroundings.

He was mad—he was very, very furious.

The two groups of people looked at each other like that for over ten seconds in absolute silence.

In the end, it was Harry who broke the silence. Sitting cross-legged with his arms folded, he stared at the group of people and asked, “There have been complaints from the underworld labor union that many gangs have been ambushed by unknown forces. Are you guys the so-called unknown forces?”

Sarah looked shocked. “There’s a labor union in the underworld?!”

Harry curled his lips into a sneer. “We even buy insurance and give contributions to the provident funds for our brothers!” he answered.

Frightened by the murderous aura that suddenly emanated from Harry, Sarah ducked her head and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Celine’s eyes flickered before she pretended to fall into Justin’s arms. “Oh, I’m drunk!”

With that, Justin swaggered away while supporting the ‘staggering’ Celine.

Stanley’s temples pulsed. He had been taught a lesson by Michael after the previous incident, and it seemed like he couldn’t avoid being taught another lesson on this day.

No! Even if the sky falls down, any senior in the family hierarchy can take my place. I’m in the lowest ranks of the family, so I’m just a pure and innocent baby! No matter what, I can’t be taught a lesson again!

Stanley hurriedly grabbed Sean and fled. “I’ll be leaving first since Judge is afraid of being outside alone, Uncle Michael. See you around. Hehe…”

Harry—who was fuming—beckoned to Sarah. “Come, Sarah.”

With that, Sarah was taken away by Harry with her head drooping low.

As Michael stared at Sophia expressionlessly the whole time, the latter did not even dare to breather.

Now that everyone else was gone, the two of them were the only ones left.

After staring at her for a few minutes, Michael stood up and stepped into the darkness without saying a word. Sophia immediately went after him.

The two of them got into the car silently. Michael closed his eyes to relax, whereas Sophia sat next to him while twiddling her fingers; she was figuring out how to act cute and beg him for mercy later.

Once they reached home, Michael got changed and went to sleep without saying a word. Sophia immediately showered, took off all her clothes, and slept next to him; she even deliberately put the leather whip, the candles, and the other items on the nightstand.

However, Micheal merely turned over, placed his hand on her waist, and fell asleep without doing anything else with her.

He didn’t quarrel with her, nor did he comfort or warn her. He did nothing at all…

Michael seemed to have put that day’s incident behind him just like that. He didn’t make any comments about the incident, nor did he scold Sophia or even give her a black look.

In another few days, he was going to start filming another movie. The film studio was located in another city, so Michael could only come home once or twice a week.

Sophia had been very well-behaved these days; she would probably feel better if he scolded her. After all, his anger would definitely dissipate after scolding her, and it would be wrong for him to put on a darkened expression by then.

However, Michael neither scolded nor spanked her; this stressed Sophia out instead. Thinking that she hadn’t gotten the beating she deserved from him, she was apprehensive and cautious all the time for fear that she would make Michael angry again.

At the same time, she reflected deeply on her mistakes. She would’ve been worried if Michael fought with Joel, so Michael would definitely be worried when she had fights outside. Therefore, she resolved not to fight with people and fool around outside with Celine ever again.

However, her determination always wavered unusually fast…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 623

Since it was summer break, there were no classes to attend. Trying hard to act like a dutiful wife and loving mother, Sophia left home for work at 8.30 AM sharp and parked her motorcycle in the garage at 6.30 PM every day after finishing work. Moreover, she would leave home with Michael for a walk every weekend.

Celine acted as if nothing had happened after Michael caught her in the act that day; she still acted without restraint as if wanting to retrieve the seven youthful years that she had lost.

Her life was colorful as she spent every day clubbing, flirting with ladies, and beating up high school students. As a result, scandalous titbits about Taylor were updated regularly in the entertainment news like a serial novel, with daily stories about him picking up girls, engaging in illegal racing, fighting, and getting into brawls…

These days, many underworld gangs recruited members who were still studying, especially middle school kids. Teenagers were hot-blooded and gullible; since they were relatively weak in distinguishing right from wrong, they would think that it was cool and respectable to be gangsters.

Many kids who were tricked into joining these gangs also became addicted to drugs, neglected their studies, and ended up spending the rest of their lives as gangsters.

Celine had been picking on these student gangs recently. Firstly, it was because such gangs were relatively weak and were convenient tools for her to train the tenderfoots with. After all, these gangs infiltrated schools to trick students into joining them because they were weak. Secondly, the members of such gangs were all teenagers, making them easy targets to beat up—she could do whatever she pleased with them while she was at it.

Thirdly, underworld gangs should be nipped in the bud. Students should go back and study instead of joining the underworld!

Celine thought she had done a great deed by giving these teenage gangsters a beating and telling them to return to school and study!

Meanwhile, Sophia had been acting like a dutiful wife and loving mother for several days before Stanley asked her in secret, “Aunt Celine is going to have another fight with some gangsters at 12.00 PM tomorrow, Aunt. Would you like to join us? It’ll be exciting!”

Sophia quickly waved her hand and conscientiously worked in her office with her glasses on. “No, I’m not joining! I’m never going to join you guys ever again; your uncle had been really angry the last time.”

Stanley assured her, “Don’t worry! This time, I’ve already asked around—Uncle Michael and Mr. Harry will be having a meeting to discuss their scripts tomorrow. They’ll begin filming soon, and they’re bound to be busy. We’ll go secretly and end the fight within two hours. This time, we’re going to beat up a sc*mbag named Ben in Riverdale. He has quite the influence over there and has amassed a gang of high school students to act like tyrants everywhere. He provoked Aunt Celine the night before yesterday.”

Sophia pricked up her ears upon hearing the word ‘Riverdale’, and the name ‘Ben’ resounded in her ears.

She exclaimed, “Are you talking about Ben Oak?”

Stanley answered, “That’s right! It’s him that I’m talking about. You must know him since you grew up in Riverdale!”

He’s more than someone I know! Sophia thought to herself.

Having quite some influence in Riverdale, Ben had more than 200 underlings. Most of them were undergraduates and high school students.

It could be said that Ben’s name resounded in the students’ ears back when she was studying at Riverdale High School. Everyone spoke of him with either a look of admiration or a look of terror on their faces.

To Sophia, Ben’s name used to be associated with several past events that she couldn’t bear to recall…

She had just been admitted to Riverdale High School back then, and the school principal specially approved the waiver of her tuition and accommodation fees. Besides the living allowance that was credited to her meal card every month, the school principal gave her some pocket money out of his own pocket every month. She also earned extra income by doing part-time jobs in school, such as delivering barreled water and sweeping the floors. She was also awarded a yearly scholarship, so she never had to worry about spending money on food and clothing—she could even save some money occasionally.

Sophia had forced herself to become stronger to reward the school principal for recognizing and appreciating her talents. She finished in the top five of her class during every exam; she usually had the best grades in her class, but there were also several occasions where she had the second or third best grades.

She heard of Ben’s name for the first time when several dozen female gangsters blocked her in the toilet one day before her sophomore year’s second end-of-term exam.

Her head was pinned against the toilet seat cover as the female gangsters stripped off her school uniform shirt. Then, they stubbed out a few cigarette butts on her back. It produced a sizzling sound and the smell of burning flesh, which formed an extremely strange smell when mixed with the weird odor in the toilet. Sophia shed tears of pain but didn’t dare say a word.

“You b*tch, you should have asked around outside! Rosie is Ben’s younger sister! Do you know who Ben is?”

“You should feel honored that Rosie wants you to pass the exam questions’ answers to her, so don’t be ungrateful by turning her down!”

She glanced up at the girl named Rosie as her bruised face was pressed against the toilet seat cover. Even though Rosie was dressed in school uniform, her hair was permed and dyed in multiple colors. Wearing heavy makeup despite her young age, she held a cigarette between her fingers—her fingernails of which were multicolored—and stared coldly at Sophia’s face pressed against the toilet seat cover.

Then, she let out a chuckle, blew a ring of smoke, and stubbed out the cigarette butt on Sophia’s back.

As she trembled with pain, Sophia’s tears fell drop by drop. Even so, she didn’t dare to utter a single sound—she was afraid of Ben.

Who wasn’t afraid of Ben at Riverdale High School? He was a local bully in Riverdale with several hundreds of underlings under him, and many boys in the school had joined his gang.

One would no longer be able to survive in Riverdale if he or she messed with Ben.

In the end, one of the female gangsters patted an old-fashioned Nokia cell phone on her face. “Listen up, poor wretch! This is a gift to you from Rosie! Her phone number is saved on this cell phone. You must finish answering all the questions 30 minutes before handing in your exam papers. You’ll have to pass Rosie all the answers! Also, you mustn’t give Rosie away if the proctor catches you. Otherwise, I’ll have a few gangsters gang-rape you! Are you afraid of being gang-raped?”

Sophia reached out her hand—her fingernails of which had been broken—and took the cell phone.

In that end-of-term exam, Rosie—who had always finished at the bottom of her class—unexpectedly made herself into the top 100 of her class. As a result, Rosie and many students who had good grades were called over by the school teachers to investigate the matter.

Sophia was so scared at the time that she didn’t even dare to sleep. She was afraid of being discovered that she had passed the answers to them, but she was even more afraid that the school principal would be disappointed with her…

If she remembered correctly, Rosie was the one who did it when Kayla had a few gangsters break her legs.

She was staying in Duckburgs when a bunch of gangsters attempted to rape her, forcing her to jump into the river to save her own life. Those gangsters were Ben’s men.

“Sophia!” Seeing that she was in a daze, Stanley pushed her shoulder; only then did she snap out of her past memories.


Stanley winked at her and asked again, “Will you be joining us? Come on, I guarantee that Uncle Michael won’t catch you!”

Sophia sneered as she took off her elegantly designed big-framed glasses. She replied, “Why not? I’ll be joining you guys.”

Her eyes, which once looked innocent, flashed fire.

The company’s office closed at 6.00 PM, but the staff usually stayed until 9.00 PM. That evening, however, Sophia drove home as soon as she finished work. Since the office was near her house, it only took 30 minutes at most for her to arrive even if there was a traffic jam.

She reached home that evening at 6.30 PM.

Lately, Sophia dressed like a high-flying career woman. Wearing a refined and decent-looking hip skirt and a pair of big-framed glasses without any prescription, she looked smart and resolute when she walked in her black stilettos. Her long hair was coiled up on the back of her head, making her look like a white-collar elite in every way.

After reaching home, she took a shower, changed into cartoon pajamas, and went to the dining room to have dinner with Michael.

Nathan was also here on this day, so the family of three had dinner together.

Sophia tried hard to pretend that everything was normal, acting like she was eating and sleeping well. To her surprise, as soon as she finished her meal and put down her utensils, Michael asked in a perfectly calm tone, “Are you going out to fight some gangsters tomorrow?”

Sophia trembled all over nervously while her muscles contracted. After a few seconds, she replied with a smile, “How is that possible? I have work tomorrow.”

Sh*t, who leaked that out?!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 624

Michael finished his meal without saying another word before he entered his study.

Seizing the opportunity, Sophia asked Nathan, “Did you snitch on us?”

Nathan rolled his eyes and replied, “Don’t you realize that my Mom will send me here whenever she’s going to have a fight outside?”

Only then did Sophia realize what was going on.

Justin would go with Celine whenever she had a fight outside. Since nobody could meet Nathan at the hospital, Celine would have Hale take Nathan to Michael’s place in advance so that he could have dinner and stay the night there.

Having learned about it, Sophia patted her forehead. I’m too careless!

Indeed, there was something wrong with the atmosphere at home after dinner. Even though everyone still watched TV together after dinner, nobody dared to say a word.

Sophia was also in a dilemma, but she had to join this time’s fight no matter what.

Rosie and her people had left seven cigarette burns on her back. Even though she had gotten the scars removed via laser surgery afterward, she still remembered these scars; she even kept these scars’ positions in mind.

She remembered everything clearly, including the seven cigarette burns, the two instances where her leg was broken, and that particular night when she was forced to jump into the river to save her own life…

This will be the last time I act wilfully. After beating them up tomorrow, I’ll wash my hands of this and never fool around outside with Celine again.

With that thought in her mind, she grew confident as she believed that justice was on her side.

It was already 10.00 PM when they finished watching TV. Since it was time to sleep, Sophia went back to her room.

Suddenly, Michael beckoned to her. “Come here, chica.”

This was the first sentence Michael had said to her after dinner. Despite her heavy heart, Sophia walked toward Michael upon hearing his words.

She knew that Michael probably wanted to persuade or scold her, but she was determined to go…

Michael entered the cloakroom without saying a word, and Sophia followed suit.

Michael’s cloakroom could be compared to a small department store with its ample space and superb collection of clothes and accessories.

Having entered the cloakroom on this day, Michael stood in front of the rack where the watches were displayed. After pressing a button, the display rack split in two, revealing a secret room inside.

Sophia’s eyes widened in astonishment when she saw the secret room. Displayed inside were several firearms and cold weapons—there were boxing gloves, cudgels, brass knuckles, light submachine guns, and smoke grenades…

Michael entered the secret room with Sophia behind him. Her eyes shone with amazement as she looked left and right at the weapons displayed.

Michael opened a glass box using his handprint; inside the box was a golden vest.

He took out the vest and handed it to Sophia. He said, “This is an ‘impenetrable armor’ that I ordered to be custom-made. It can’t be penetrated by ordinary cold weapons, but every inch of it costs a lot. It’s expensive, so wear it only when you really need it.”

Sophia took the impenetrable armor from him with a dumbfounded expression on her face. Is this for me?

Following that, Michael took out a black skin-tight battle suit and said, “This is bulletproof and tear-resistant. The first thing that comes to a person’s mind when fighting with women is to tear their clothes, but this suit can’t be torn. It’s also comfortable to wear in the summer since it dissipates heat quickly.”


Michael took out a lot of equipment continuously. “This is a brass knuckle; it protects your hand and hurts your opponent a lot when you punch them. This electric rod will inflict severe pain and render one unable to fight for 30 minutes upon touching the human body; use it with your insulated skin-tight battle suit. This is a teeth protector; it can be used to protect your teeth.”

Holding the pile of equipment in her hands, Sophia was puzzled for a while before she realized what was going on. Michael knew that he couldn’t stop her, so he decided to find some better equipment for her instead. That way, she wouldn’t be at a disadvantage when fighting outside.

Sophia’s eyes gleamed as she stared at the tall figure standing before her eyes. Indeed, my hubby is the best!

Michael took out more equipment and said, “Ears and knees are the weakest parts of the human body, so take care and protect your knees and ears well. Wear this helmet to protect your ears and head—it’ll prevent your opponent from pulling your hair.”

The more Michael acted like this, the more guilty Sophia felt. She swore inwardly, This is definitely the last time! I’ll make sure to be a dutiful wife, loving mother, noble lady, and socialite after this—I’ll never fight again! I’ll fight just this once! Just once is enough for me!

The next day, everyone met at the agreed venue on time at 11.30 AM and set out together to the place where they would fight with Ben’s men

Among the several vehicles parked together, Celine and Justin shared a car. Justin wore a pair of boxing gloves without saying a word. On the other hand, Celine didn’t wear any boxing gloves, for she liked to fight with naked fists. Otherwise, how could she get physical with the young boys?

Sean, Stanley, and Sarah were in the same car. They seemed to have just come from the company after work, for they were changing their shoes.

Seeing that Sophia’s car had arrived, Stanley wound down the car window with a lollipop in his mouth. He mocked, “Hey, Sophia! I thought Uncle Michael locked you up at home since you didn’t come to work today!”

Sophia wound down her car window to reveal a cold and beautiful face. Dressed in a black skin-tight battle suit, she wore a black helmet and brought a black electric rod with her.

This appearance of hers invited another round of ridicule from Stanley. “Wow! Will you be fighting or attending a comic con? Who are you cosplaying as?”

“What’s wrong? Do you have any objections to this?”

A deep male voice spoke from inside Sophia’s car, catching Stanley off guard and startling him so much that his lollipop fell out.

It was only then did Stanley notice someone sitting in the passenger seat of Sophia’s car. Also dressed in a black battle suit, he had half of his face covered using a black face mask while staring coldly at Stanley.

“Pfft!” Stanley was so frightened that his legs turned to jelly. “Why are you here, Uncle Michael?”

What?! Is Michael actually here?!

Then, a third voice spoke from inside Sophia’s car. “What do you think? We’re here to fight, of course!”

There was another person in the back seat, and his flashy blonde hair shone with dazzling golden light that even the glass window didn’t seem to be able to block.

Stanley felt that his worldviews were being challenged.

Michael and Harry are actually here to fight with a bunch of high school students?! Is it proper for an anonymous Bayside City citizen and Mr. Winston, the lord of Bayside City’s underworld, to fight with a group of high school students?!

Sophia had driven off first before everyone could respond.

They would be fighting with Ben’s men under a bridge in Riverdale. Sophia happened to be familiar with the place since she had lived there previously.

Their cars soon arrived near the bridge, and everyone got out of their cars and walked to the place.

The bridge crossed the river, and it was very wide. Not only was the space under the bridge warm in winter and cool in summer, but it was also sheltered from wind and rain. Moreover, this place was secluded; several homeless people would live here.

Some gangs would also fight under the bridge since nobody would discover the dead bodies if there were any. Whenever the river’s tide rose, this place would be flooded and everything would be washed away.

Standing under the bridge, Sophia recalled everything that happened in the past; it seemed like her blood had become frozen at that very moment.

She had stayed here for over a month before Joe discovered her here and took her away. However, she never expected to be back here right now.

Michael stood behind her as he patted her shoulder.

Since this place was near the riverbank, there were some strange-shaped jagged rocks here; one could build a makeshift home by putting something on top of two rocks as a sort of roof. Such a makeshift home was warm and sheltered from the wind, so it was suitable for the homeless people to take shelter.

My chica used to stay here… It must be very cold at night!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 625

It seemed that many people had arrived since the sound of footsteps could be heard from all directions. Sophia immediately put on her face mask; her black battle suit looked so over-the-top that she looked like someone acting in a movie about assassins.

Standing next to her, Michael also put on his face mask. He wore matching outfits with her since they were a couple!

Stanley secretly asked, “Uncle Michael, how could you be here and fight just like this? What if you get photographed and your photos are sent to the weekly entertainment magazines?”

Annoyed by the question, Celine answered, “That’s not a big deal. This isn’t the first time I’ve been photographed fighting with someone.”

Celine was already used to being photographed. After all, photos of her fighting, clubbing, and making trouble after getting drunk appeared in entertainment headlines almost every day. Because of that, Taylor’s public persona had long since changed from the mysterious and flawless Prince Charming to a loafer who liked clubbing and waved his fists at the drop of a hat.

However, Celine—the chief culprit—seemed to be totally unaware of Michael’s resentment. Her eyes brightened as she looked at the seemingly threatening crowd that closed in on them from all sides.

What a group of underage hunks with rosy lips, pretty white teeth, and muscular bodies! Anyone can tell at a glance that they feel great to the touch!

There were dozens of people on the other side, so Celine and the rest were grossly outnumbered.

It seemed that Celine’s side was indeed short of men. There were only eight of them at the very most, including the three Fletchers, the three Mitchells, as well as Harry and Sarah.

As their leader, Celine stepped forward and met the other side’s leader. She shouted confidently, “Tell me your name!”

The leader told Celine his name. “No problem. I’m Ben Oak, and everyone in the underworld calls me Ben. Who are you?”

He’s Ben?

Sophia stared at the young man before her eyes. Seemingly in his early 30s, he looked short and as thin as a skeleton. One could easily tell from his dreadfully pale skin, heavy dark circles, and dull eyes that he lived a life of debauchery.

The saying is indeed true that knowing a person by repute is not as good as seeing him or her in the flesh…

Standing beside Ben was a group of men and women dressed in various colors. Sophia recognized one of the women at a glance; she was none other than Rosie.

Rosie didn’t seem much different since Sophia last saw her a few years ago. Dressed in revealing clothes, she had a nose ring and a lip stud in addition to her heavy makeup; there was a brightly colored butterfly tattoo on her collarbone as well. It seemed that she was also a drug addict, for one could notice the injection marks on her arm that were visible to the naked eye if he or she looked closely.

Sophia looked cold as she tightened her grip on the electric rod in her hand.

Celine sat casually on a rock while saying, “As for me… Everyone in the underworld calls me Cece. Have you heard of me, brat?”

“Hahahahaha…” Ben couldn’t help laughing derisively, leading his men to laugh as their laughter echoed through the large space under the bridge.

Ben resumed his grim and sinister expression the next second after he finished laughing. “You must be the imposter who looks like Taylor!”

There had been a lot of scandalous gossip about Taylor recently; it was quite unusual. Ordinary people were clueless, but word had been spread in the underworld that a woman who looked a little like Taylor was stirring up trouble there.

Ben glanced at the people Celine brought with her. He could tell at a glance that the two people dressed in black were cosplayers, whereas the other three seemed to have rushed here after work since they were still dressed in worker’s uniforms. The blonde man who looked like Ethan was even more outrageous—he came here in slippers!

What a disorderly band of people they are! They must be a bunch of little-known stunt doubles from a small and poorly-equipped film crew!

Ben didn’t take them seriously at all, for he planned to catch one of the guys and beat him to death later. As for the ladies…

“Beat them!” At Ben’s command, the dozens of people behind him charged toward Celine and the rest.

Ben was just a hooligan who couldn’t even be considered a gangster. His underlings didn’t even have a lot of machetes, let alone guns. They couldn’t even wield the same weapon; some of them went so far as to use their school bags as weapons, whereas some charged toward their opponents after leaving their bags behind.

Upon Ben’s command, all these people charged toward Celine and the others with passion and ferocity written all over their innocent and young faces.

Ben led the crowd and was met head-on with Celine.

Ben’s plans were pleasurable. He would catch Cece and sell her to the brothel since she must be worth a lot of money with her face that looked like Taylor.

However, while he was still indulging in his daydream, a face that looked very much like the celebrity suddenly appeared before his eyes with lightning speed.

Ben’s mind went blank in an instant. By the time he came back to his senses, he had been sent flying; it was accompanied with blood-curdling and shrill screeches. His skeletal-like body flew over everyone’s heads before falling heavily on his face in the sandy area several meters away, making him unable to get up for a long time.

Celine smiled fiendishly as she moved like a human-shaped butcher’s knife. Howls of pain were heard wherever she went, for the group of tender high school students were as delicate as flowers to her as Justin silently protected her.

Wielding the electrified electric rod, Sophia charged into the crowd and beat whoever she came across. The electric rod could inflict severe pain on those whose bodies it touched, so those touched by it screamed, held their heads, and rolled on the floor in pain right away; they couldn’t get up for at least half an hour.

Only the best assassins in the world would be equipped as she did. To her, it seemed a little bit of overkill to wear these pieces of equipment to beat up a group of high school students.

Blood-curdling screams were heard wherever she went as she beat the high school students so badly that they begged her for mercy.

Michael followed behind her while also quietly protecting her. When he exchanged glances with Justin from time to time, they could see a look of resignation in each other’s eyes. Hehe, it’s fine as long as they’re happy, they thought to themselves.

They felt a little ashamed, as though they were a bunch of top fighters who wanted to beat up a bunch of defenseless kids and frail elderly people.

Sean had received first-class combat training, and Stanley was born in a military family; they had absolutely no problem beating up the high school students. They were like skilled players who had reached the highest level in an online game and were slaughtering the entire Novice Village.

It was slightly tough for Sarah to beat up her opponents, but Harry armed her with the equipment he had borrowed from Michael. As the head of Bayside City’s underworld, Harry was acting as her assistant. Hence, Sarah gradually gained the upper hand.

The few of them beat up several dozen people so badly that they couldn’t fight back at all, and the high school students were all over the ground as they held their heads and wailed.

Sophia’s target was the same all along—it was Rosie, who was hiding among the crowd.

She remembered the seven cigarette burns and the two instances where her leg was broken very clearly. Even though Rosie was only paid to do so, she was ultimately the one who did it!

No one could stop her as she charged toward Rosie.

Just then, a familiar face flashed past her. She reached out her hand and fiercely clutched the person’s collar, only to see a young and panic-stricken face.

“Derek?!” she called out the person’s name while pulling down her face mask to reveal her stony face.

The boy named Derek was stunned when he saw Sophia’s face. “Sophia…”

Sophia’s heart sank when she saw that Derek was one of Ben’s underlings. Feeling exasperated and disappointed, she clutched Derek’s collar and scolded, “Why the hell are you mixing around with Ben? Didn’t you say that you wanted to go to Bayside University back then?! You should be in your senior year right now! Why are you here instead?! Huh?”

Sophia wouldn’t have been so angry if she came across somebody else, but the person she met was Derek Oak!

Derek was attending junior high school back when Sophia was in her sophomore year at Riverdale High School. Sophia had the highest grades in the sophomore year, whereas Derek was the top student of the 7th Grade. Moreover, he had started studying high school courses on his own at the time!

They knew each other since both of them were straight-A students. Moreover, Derek’s family was also poor, so he and Sophia did part-time jobs at school together. They competed with each other in their studies, but they were close friends in private; they even shared the same goal of getting admitted to Bayside University!

Startled by the dressing-down Sophia gave him, Derek burst out crying on the spot. “I lied to you, Sophia. Ben is actually my uncle; he forced me into joining the underworld, and I can do nothing about it!”

Derek is Ben’s nephew?!

Sophia gave Derek a loud, hard slap before charging toward Ben like a mad dog. “Fck that son of a btch!”

I must kill Ben today no matter what! she thought to herself.

Derek quickly grabbed her by the arm. “Don’t do that, Sophia. Don’t mess with my uncle—he has a backer! I’m totally finished since I can’t get admitted to a university anymore. Don’t do anything foolish because of me!”

Sophia shoved him aside, but she didn’t expect him to hug her feet to stop her from leaving. “Hurry up and leave, Sophia. You can’t afford to offend my uncle’s backer!”

Sophia ran forward as hard as she could with a cold expression. “F*ck that! There isn’t a backer that I can’t afford to mess with!”

Feeling desperate, Derek said, “My uncle is a relative of Alex Mitchell, the Mitchell Group’s Chairman!”


My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 626

Sophia paused and turned around to look at Derek, who had been dragged onto the floor.

“Are you saying that Ben is related to Alex?”

Derek nodded vigorously. “That’s true! Hence, you’d better not mess with him! You can’t afford to mess with Alex!”

Knowing that Ben actually had ties with Alex, it was even more unlikely that Sophia would let him go!

Michael had been behind Sophia all along; when he learned that the little thug actually had relations with Alex, he quickly made up his mind and ordered Stanley to tie him up.

Sophia kicked Derek to the side and walked toward Rosie with a stun gun.

Obviously, Rosie hadn’t recognized Sophia. Who would’ve thought that the nerd she stepped on the toilet cover a few years ago was actually the girl in front of her?

Rosie had dropped out of school and mingled in the society for several years, so she knew what to do in such a situation. Then, she grabbed a machete and charged toward Sophia.

As she raised the machete at Sophia, the latter avoided the attack with incredible agility and blocked the machete with her stun gun. As Sophia caught the machete in her hand, she released the current from her weapon. In the blink of an eye, Rosie’s whole body twitched as she fell to the ground, paralyzed. The high-end killer equipment Sophia was using to fight against the group of high schoolers was like killing a chicken with a chainsaw.

As Rosie writhed in pain and sobbed loudly, her smoky makeup was all ruined.

Then, a pair of black heavy-duty boots stepped on her head forcefully.

Sophia stubbed Rosie’s head in the sand by the river bank, just like how Rosie had pressed her face onto the toilet lid back then. She did it with such force that Rosie’s face went so deep into the sand; the sobbing woman was even forced to eat a mouthful of sand.

Rosie was mad as she cried and cursed, “Motherf*cker! I’m Ben’s sister, and everyone calls me Sister Rosie. I’ll definitely remember this! I will definitely take revenge on—”

A hard slap hit her face as it interrupted her mid-sentence.

Rosie had about a dozen underlings with her, whereas they only had a few people with them—how could she have possibly lost?!

“What the hll?! Who the fck are you?! Tell me your name if you have the guts to do so!”

Sophia turned Rosie around. She had to wear a mask earlier because it was too dusty, but she ripped off her mask to reveal her delicate face now.

“Please remember my name—it’s Sophia.”


Rosie’s eyes widened in surprise as she looked at Sophia’s face clearly. She knew that Sophia was the wife of that movie star named Taylor, but Rosie had dropped out of school ages ago; she had beaten many people up, and she completely forgot about the withered young girl who was once beaten by her in the toilet.

Sophia stepped on Rosie’s chin and leaned down as she gave another hard slap, mimicking the way they used to beat her.

She had been slapped ten times back then, each time harder than the last. Her face was completely red and swollen just because she refused to pass her answers to Rosie.

At that moment, she took off her gloves and gave Rosie another hard slap. As her face turned red and began to swell, Sophia wanted to make sure that Rosie ended up just like her back then!

Meanwhile, the battle on the other side was already over. Celine had given these people a good beating to the point where Ben was kneeling in front of her with the rest of them in a neat row.

Crying as they kneeled, the bridge was filled with the sound of people wailing.

Celine carried a whip and established the dominance she had when she was training new recruits in the army to educate the young thugs.

“You guys have now been targeted by me, Cece!”

“From this day onward, if I see you loitering around and not going to school, I’ll let my fists teach you a lesson if the teachers in school can’t control you!”

On the other side, Rosie was still cursing away. Everytime she cursed, Sophia would slap her back. These girls who mixed in such social societies were not even considered gangsters; they were just a bunch of thugs. They were so used to bullying weaker people that when they were faced with actual leaders of gangs, they cowered away. Hence, they resorted to bullying students in school and engaged in campus bullying. After Rosie witnessed how ruthless Sophia was, coupled with the fact that Ben and the others were already subdued, she knew that she had finally hit a snag and cried as she pleaded for mercy.

Just then, Sophia turned Rosie again with her back to the sky. She ripped open her jacket, revealing the black suspenders as well as her bare back. After abusing drugs for so long, Rosie was as thin as Ben; Sophia had no sympathy for people like them.

She put a foot on Rosie’s back and turned to Stanley, “Give me a cigarette, Stan.”

Stanley had been helping Celine to teach the high school students a lesson; as soon as he heard Sophia, he immediately went over to pass her a cigarette, but he still subconsciously glanced at Michael’s face.

When he realized Michael wasn’t trying to stop it, he boldly offered one and lit up the cigarette for Sophia.

Sophia pretended to be a thug as she took a few puffs from the cigarette. She frowned at the strange smell and clamped the cigarette in her hand as she leaned down and poked hard on Rosie’s bareback.

“Ahh!” Rosie screamed in agony, instantly overshadowing the cries of the rest under the bridge cave. Everyone turned and looked over at them.

Sophia took another puff to prevent the cigarette from going out and proceeded to poke it several more times on Rosie’s back; it turned out to be a shape of the Big Dipper.

As a form of interest, she had specially gifted her a north star.

Eight ring-shaped scars were imprinted on Rosie’s back. After her screams of pain, her voice had become hoarse and husky.

When he saw Rosie being treated that way, Ben—who had been beaten up badly—seemed to muster enough strength as he struggled with his skeleton-like body and roared out angrily, “Do you know who I am? Do you know who my sister is?”

Sophia flicked away the cigarette in her hand as she turned toward Ben and raised her eyebrows. “Hey! Why don’t you tell me instead? Who are you and who is your sister?”

Ben’s spirits lifted as he struggled to stand and snickered at her.

“I’m telling you, you’re finished! You’re in big trouble this time!”

“Do you see that kid there next to your feet? His name is Derek, and he’s my sister’s son. Do you know who his father is?”

Sophia looked over at Derek, who was kneeling with the other high school students. She saw Derek lowering his head in shame.

“He’s Derek, the son of Alex Mitchell—that’s the CEO of Mitchell’s Technology!”

Once these words came out, everyone looked at Derek and saw that the latter still had his head down and was afraid to look at Sophia.

Sophia’s furrowed her brows.

Was Derek Alex’s long lost son? No, he was an illegitimate son.

In addition to Natasha, Alex had raised many illegitimate children outside of the Mitchell Family, but they were incomparable to the children from his legitimate marriage.

These illegitimate children would never be able to return to the Mitchell Family, much less earn the inheritance rights.

The difference of status had always been very clear, especially in families such as the Mitchells who have passed down their family laws for hundreds of years. From a legal perspective, illegitimate children have the same inheritance rights as the other children, but the premise was that these illegitimate children would first need to possess the ability and resources to fight with the Mitchell Family in a lawsuit.

But at the end of the day, Derek was still Alex’s son!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 627

Sophia had known Derek for several years now; it turned out that he had been pretending to be poor in school. The guy who couldn’t even afford to eat an extra piece of meat was actually Alex’s illegitimate son—he had been living so poorly!

Although he was an illegitimate child, he was still Alex’s illegitimate son. Their lifestyles were completely different!

Everyone was not interested in Alex’s illegitimate children. They were not afraid of Alex, let alone his illegitimate son.

Sophia slapped Ben so hard that he fainted on the spot.

“Get lost! Get going now! Today, your boss has been dethroned. Go back and study your f*cking asses off!”

“If I see you guys out here hanging with these thugs again, I’ll beat every single one of you!”

The students fled like scattered birds as they cried and ran around looking for their school bags. While Celine drove out all the students, she caught sight of a young, tender-looking pair of firm buttocks. She couldn’t help but slap the young man’s butt, and that young man fled with his backpack in fear.

Justin watched the whole scene in silence.

Celine was quite pleased with herself as she smirked at the boy’s direction. When she met with Justin’s cold gaze, she quickly wiped the smile off her face and put on a solemn look as she picked up the unconscious Ben and chucked him in the car, ready to dump him at the nearest police station they could find.

Meanwhile, everyone else was busy cleaning up the battle scene. They picked up all the school bags that were left behind.

Stanley picked up a paper and glanced at the score. “Hey, this idiot couldn’t even solve such a simple question!” he scoffed.

Sean picked up a school bag and exclaimed excitedly, “Look, Stan! There was an art student here!”

Rosie had lost her voice from crying so much and was dragged to the car by Sarah. They put her together with the unconscious Ben.

Meanwhile, Sophia helped Derek back to his feet. The 18-year-old boy was terrified with tears on his face.

She patted the dust off him. She seemed to be at a loss for words, but Ben spoke up first and said, “I didn’t mean to hide the truth from you, Sophia. I also didn’t mean to cheat you by freeloading off of you.”

Back then, Derek was often too poor to eat; Sophia would painfully share half of the only bun she had with him.

“I didn’t want to do it. My mother told me to be like my sister—she wanted me to study hard and please Alex. I’ve only seen my so-called father a few times since I was born, and he doesn’t even remember my name. I didn’t want people to know my relationship with Alex; I’d rather become an orphan. Since my mother did not care about me, I followed my uncle out into the streets…”

He wiped his tears as he spoke, and all the words that Sophia wanted to reprimand him with had vanished together with his tears.

Derek was a smart genius in school. When she was a senior in high school, she would look for him in the junior section to discuss subjects with him. Back then, Sophia couldn’t afford to buy the books she needed for her studies; she couldn’t even afford to buy a better dictionary that cost several hundred, and she was too embarrassed to ask the principal for money. Derek lied to her, telling Sophia that his family collected junk in front of the school. Every year, they would find a lot of books as well as a variety of informative reading materials.

Hence, Sophia would always look for Derek and asked for more books. He would give her a dozen different books every time, such as teaching aids, word cards, extracurricular reading, romance novels and dictionaries. She had saved a lot of books that were given to her by Derek, but she couldn’t bring them with her when she left.

Even at that time, the situation felt quite strange to her. Whenever she liked a book in the bookstore but couldn’t afford to buy it, Derek would find the exact same book from the pile of junk collected by his family the very next day; he even explained that they collected it by weight and would exchange a book for a steamed bun. It seemed like Derek had gone out to steal the book specially for her, but he lied about being a junk collector since he was afraid that it might hurt her pride.

All of a sudden, Sophia remembered those days where she would run to the nearest playground during the holidays to collect mineral water bottles and sold them to Derek. The bottles that Derek’s family collected had always paid her 10 cents more than the others. In hindsight, Derek was probably quite speechless back then…

After all that had happened, she could only sigh. Sophia patted his shoulder and solemnly warned, “Well, you’re still young. Since you missed the college entrance exams, just repeat another year of high school. What’s more, you haven’t missed this year’s exam yet!”

With Derek’s intelligence, getting into Bayside University would be a piece of cake for him. Although she was disgusted by the fact that he was Alex’s son, it was not a choice that he could make; who would want to be born as an illegitimate child?

While she talked and ushered him to the car, Sophia told him that they’d be sending him back to school first.

In the car, Derek hung his head and murmured, “Sophia, I don’t want to go back to school and I don’t want to get into Bayside University as well.”

He leaned against the window. “My mother has been using me as a tool to please Alex. She would do anything to get me into Bayside University as long as Alex would pay attention to her.”

There was reluctance in his tone.

Sophia patted his shoulder lightly and said, “Don’t think too much about it. Studying in Bayside University has always been your dream—don’t give it up because of your mother! Stop worrying about everything else and just focus on getting into the university. You can talk to me if you need money.”

Michael hadn’t spoken a word, but he had taken off his mask and was driving the car. His handsome face would occasionally glance at Sophia and Derek, who were both sitting in the backseat.

Even though he didn’t know what their relationship was, it seemed that Alex’s illegitimate son was quite close with Sophia. I’m jealous…

Derek was also stealing glances at Michael as he secretly tugged at Sophia’s clothes. “Sophia, are you really married to Taylor? Is it really him?”

As Sophia glanced at Michael, who was driving with a serious face, her eyes filled with pride as she nodded, “Yes. That’s my husband, Taylor.”

Derek’s eyes were filled with admiration. He usually did not pay any attention to celebrity gossip, but he heard that Sophia had been expelled because she was pregnant. It turned out that Young Lady Edwards was married to the movie star named Taylor.

When he thought about what had happened in the past, guilt trickled through him as he hung his head and avoided Sophia’s gaze. “I’m sorry, Sophia. I couldn’t help you much back then.”

“I would have liked to help, but my words carried very little weight… I couldn’t persuade my uncle when he received the money from the Harper Family to cause trouble for you, so I went over to the bridge cave and couldn’t find you. I got so angry that I dropped out of school and went out into the streets. I didn’t even take my exams, but I still made it into high school somehow.”

When Sophia found out the real reason why Derek had dropped out of school, she was quite perplexed. Feeling touched and angry at the same time, she finally slapped him gently on his head.

“Who told you to drop out of school?! How dare you miss your midterm exams—do you think you’re so incredible?!”

After the slap, Derek pouted and said, “I just wanted to make my mother angry… I’d rather skip classes daily and visit Internet cafes to watch news broadcasts. I’m not going to study! She has my sister, and that should be more than enough for her. My sister is better than me, so I’ll just let my sister make Alex happy.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 628

The illegitimate children had dreamed of seeing their father more often. They weren’t expecting to inherit the Mitchell’s Family, but they just hoped that Alex would visit them occasionally and provide them with a bit more living expenses every month. If Alex was in a good mood, he would reward them with a gift that ordinary people would never dream of having.

These two siblings were just some of the many illegitimate children Alex had raised outside. Although they were well fed and had a roof over their heads, anyone would want to work their way up to the ladder of success.

Speaking of Derek’s sister, Sophia remembered that his sister—Sandra—was about to graduate high school this year. She was an art student who had great athletic performance.

“By the way, what about your sister? How is she doing?”

Derek didn’t know what to feel about his older sister. Even though they were only a year apart, their relationship was quite strained because it felt like a million year generation gap. They were never close, which was why he rarely mentioned anything about his sister.

“Oh, my mother is pretty worried about Sandra. My sister is in the swimming team, so she was almost selected for the national team to represent Cethos to participate in the Universal Games.”

Sophia knew that Sandra was a swimmer, but she didn’t expect that the latter had nearly made it to the national team…

The Universal Games was the biggest event in the world! Being able to participate in the games was already impressive, not to mention winning a prize from it! Winning a bronze medal in the Universal Games was more than enough to honor one’s ancestors!

Sophia felt a tug at her heartstrings as her ears perked up.

Sandra was Derek’s sister, which meant that she was also Alex’s daughter. From what she could remember, Sandra looked similar to Cooper but had Alex’s proud temperament.

“Why didn’t she get in?” Sophia asked.

Derek shrugged. “Sabotage, I guess… Besides, my mom had to take care of my stupid, good-for-nothing uncle. Hence, she didn’t have enough money to buy better equipment for my sister. You probably don’t know this, but the swimmers in their team wear swimsuits worth several millions which have been personally designed by well known designers. When they put it on, they’re faster by a few more seconds—those mere seconds can make a great difference to their results. My sister didn’t have such good equipment, so her results weren’t as impressive as theirs. We didn’t even have enough money for her expenses.”

“I don’t think she’ll be joining this year’s Universal Games, so my mom has been trying to contact Alex about it. However, he hasn’t visited my mom in a year.”

Those were just mindless words, but Sophia had already taken the matter to her heart.

In the end, Sophia dropped Derek near Riverdale High School and threw Ben and Rosie to the nearby police station.

As they bid farewell to each other, Sophia said, “You helped me so much before, so now it’s my turn to help you. I’ve helped you with your uncle, so don’t go out to the streets with him anymore. I’ll try to talk to the principal about your studies. Your results were great back then, so it shouldn’t be hard to get you reinstated. I’ll also help you figure out a way to help your sister’s situation.”

Derek looked embarrassed. “Sophia, you don’t have to do this—”

Sophia patted his shoulder and said, “It’s fine. Relax and just focus on studying well. When you’re done with your studies, come and work for me in my company.”

After sending Derek away, Sophia changed her clothes in the car and asked Michael to drop her off at Riverdale High School.

The principal of Riverdale High School was more than kind to her. That year, Sophia had run more than ten miles alone in the middle of the night and knocked on his door when she was beaten and covered in blood. He took her in and brought her back to Liam’s house to get her identification documents and luggage.

When Liam refused to let her go, the principal had threatened him by taking out his phone to report Liam’s family of child abuse. He had successfully intimidated Liam into letting him take Sophia away.

After she had got hold of Cooper’s inheritance, Sophia turned into a millionaire overnight. She followed Michael’s footsteps and donated a building and a library to Riverdale High School, keeping in touch with the principal.

After several days of persuasion and trips, Sophia dragged Derek along and made him kneel in front of the principal to admit his mistakes. The principal finally agreed to reinstate his status as a student and allowed him to continue studying.

After she was finished with Derek’s education, she started to work enthusiastically on Sandra’s affairs.

The Universal Games was only held once every four years; it was a major event that attracted the attention of the world. If a representative won a gold medal at the games, it would bring utmost glory to his or her country!

Derek’s mother used to be a synchronized swimmer, but her results were not extraordinary. Because of her outstanding looks, Alex took a liking to her and made him his mistress. After she retired, she gradually lost her beauty as the years went by. Hence, she placed all her hope and dreams onto her son and daughter.

In fact, Sandra performed well and even surpassed her mother, but she lacked the right timing and resources…

Michael noticed that Sophia had stopped fighting and was using all her connections to get Derek’s sister into this year’s Universal Games expedition team to represent Cethos.

After studying at Bayside University for the last two years, she had accumulated her own contacts; she also knew several people who were in the sports scene. For instance, her classmate Molly had a brother who was a basketball superstar. He was also the most expensive basketball player in Cethos.

She got her contacts to get Sandra into the expedition team for this year’s Universal Games and even spent millions on a high tech swimsuit for the girl.

Michael knew that Sophia was not that kind; even if she had a good relationship with Derek, they were still Alex’s illegitimate children. There seemed to be an ulterior motive behind her enthusiasm, but Michael just couldn’t seem to figure out what it was…

Summer break had soon arrived, and Sophia spent all her time on her work. After helping the Oak Family to solve their problems, she began to work earnestly while Michael was packing up for a movie shooting in a film studio out of town.

When Danny came to pick Michael up, he was dressed in green leather pants. He also sported colorfully dyed hair and a pair of sassy glasses. Michael was very worried that Sophia would go out fighting again, so he told Hale and Gary to keep an eye on her. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to persuade her, but there would be someone who could block a knife for her at the very least when they followed her.

Hale despised the fact that he had to help Sophia fight a group of high school students, but he still had to accept Michael’s orders.

With that, Michael left on his private jet. Ever since Sophia had received Cooper’s inheritance, she was living like a noblewoman. She had so much money to spend that she even bought Michael his own private jet plane.

From now on, her idol would no longer be afraid of stupid fans blocking his way—he could go wherever he wanted to!

Michael had begun filming his new movie in a film studio. He had invested in the production of this movie and polished the script numerous times. They hired many A-list movie stars as well as rising talents.

For example, an influencer named Chester—whose career had been quite successful thanks to his dashing Westerner looks that looked almost like Cooper—had already charmed many of the women in Cethos.

This time round, Michael wanted Chester to act in a supporting role. Chester would portray a heartless western merchant who specialized in stealing Cethos cultural relics and would be beaten up by him, the protagonist. Pretending that he was beating up Cooper seemed like a pretty good idea…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 629

Even though he was away, Michael still paid close attention to Sophia and her company.

He had to admit that Stanley’s game, Soul of Sniper, was a pretty fun game. Whenever he had free time after filming, he would play it. Pretty soon, he watched as the game expanded and its player base grew. The game ranked higher and higher on the charts, and the in-game experience improved. In fact, it was a miracle that such a ragtag team had made it.

The gaming company’s initial investment had been sizable; the powerful servers themselves were already a huge investment. However, their monthly profit was substantial since the game had taken off running, and it was bound to increase even more in the future. He had a feeling that this game would become a classic in gaming history.

However, Michael was unable to log into the game when he started it up a few days later. He wasn’t the only one; everyone around him wasn’t able to log in, so he quickly phoned up Stanley.

Stanley was sweating buckets over there, a cigarette between his lips as he ran himself ragged. “Someone has sabotaged the servers, Uncle. The game is currently offline now, and I’m running the emergency repairs. Everything will be up and running again soon.”

After he hung up the call, Michael took a look at the time. It was currently 8.00 PM, which was the game’s peak hour. However, such an incident would definitely have a great impact on the players’ enthusiasm for the game.

The company’s employees must be working overtime since the players were unable to enter the game. Michael wanted to call Sophia and ask about it, but he was also worried that he would end up bothering her while she worked. Hence, all he could do was to silently follow the news.

After a night’s worth of emergency repairs, the servers were finally back to normal. Players could log in again, but a lot of in-game data had been lost.

The first thing Michael noticed was that all of his account’s in-game currency had been lost. He had poured in a lot of money into the game too, having spent hundreds of thousands buying expensive gear. In a single night, all of that premium equipment and currency was gone.

Michael wasn’t the only one; many famous players had their accounts altered. Their equipment and premium currency had vanished as well.

Five days after the server fiasco, Michael realized that his lost equipment had been put up for sale on the black market.

There were black markets for online games too. It had plenty of equipment from various games up for grabs, just like an actual black market in real life. However, this was all online, and the goods were virtual items from games.

As they were a relatively new game on the market, the negative impact from having its servers sabotaged to its players’ equipment stolen en-masse and put up on the black market was practically fatal.

Soul of Sniper had been a rising star in the gaming world. It was like a dark horse that enthralled the entire nation in just a short amount of time—there were even talks about expanding the game overseas. There hadn’t been any local shooter games worth playing prior to Soul of Sniper’s arrival; all they had were a bunch of knockoffs aping internationally renowned shooters. Those games were constantly criticized, and the graphics and combat fluidity couldn’t be compared at all. Now that Soul of Sniper was born, it filled in this gap in the market, attracting hordes of fans purely for its high production values.

To top it off, this game was created by an entrepreneurial team; it was said that the brains behind this game were university students too. This ruffled the feathers of several local developers in the industry, making them enemies. Now that Soul of Sniper had been dealt a bad blow, those industry players kept striking them while they were weak. Soon, scores of accounts—some actual, some paid—popped up and began flaming the game. They wanted the gaming company to step up and clarify things. There were even people who came storming up to the company’s doors looking for an explanation.

The wave of negativity was strong. Every day, more bad news surfaced; rumors and slander spread everywhere. For the new game made by a new team, it was definitely a bad sign.

Michael could smell a rat. In fact, he could smell several of them. Stanley would definitely not sabotage his own game; stealing his own player base’s equipment and brazenly selling them was practically suicide. If this was done by a competitor, their methods were crueler and more insidious than they had to be.

Michael kept up with the news every day, and he still appeared in the daily entertainment news sections. Those entertainment news outlets ran like clockwork; if Michael wasn’t supposedly starting brawls in clubs, he was picking up girls; if he wasn’t, he was racing illegally. It was hilariously absurd.

There were many reports on Soul of Sniper as well. There would be a report ‘exposing’ the company for dragging their feet about money they owed, but another report about the players clamoring for an explanation at the company’s doors would appear moments later. There’d also be another article about famed esports players and livestreamers accusing Soul of Sniper of shady behind-the-scenes dealings. There would also be reports of supposedly famous people threatening to reveal the truth anonymously. In just one night, all sorts of ridiculousness sprouted up. This was the definition of striking while they were down.

Michael was worried as he watched the news. Just as he was about to make a phone call, he heard sounds of someone sobbing from Harry’s room. He went over to take a look and saw that the door was ajar. Harry was in the middle of calling Sarah on video; she was sobbing hard on-screen, and her words were coming out all slurred and garbled.

“The landlord suddenly ripped up the rent agreement without our input. He wants us to have everything moved out in two days. We can’t possibly move everything on such a short notice! We don’t have the time either, especially not with what’s been going on! We’ve uncovered the culprit’s identity, but we haven’t been able to get into contact or find him. He broke the CCTVs, and he’s also the one who altered the data. We’ve already reported this to the police. However, it’s no use now; the players won’t believe us at all! We didn’t know that the jerk would sell our latest game to someone else after we poured so much effort into developing it, not to mention what he did to our servers and database! The shooting game which was launched today by that gaming company is actually an upgrade we did for an existing client! I was the one who personally drew most of the assets in there! Oh—”

Harry quickly soothed her through the screen. “It’s okay, it’s alright now. Everything will be over soon. Here, let me kiss you—”

After hearing Sarah vent, Michael quietly returned to his room. He never expected things to have come to this.

Soul of Sniper had been continually praised since its launch, and its production values were not like that of other locally-developed shooters. This wasn’t a coincidence; every single line of code had been put together painstakingly by the team. All everyone saw was the buzz it got and the high revenue it was pulling in, but no one saw Sophia working overtime into the night despite the late hours. She had headaches throughout that period, but she still insisted on working every day.

The new game was built successfully with the team working overtime, testing and improving it continuously until it was ready for release. No one thought that it would be stolen just like that.

No one knew just how many of those dissenting voices were paid shills, but to a company new to the business, the negative impact was massive. They were most worried that they would lose their player base, and there was a high chance that they would never be able to rise again after this.

She probably feels helpless now… Maybe she’s already crying in frustration.

Unfortunately, Michael wasn’t in Bayside City. He couldn’t leave this place now, so he hastily called up Sophia.

Soon, Sophia picked up his call. She seemed to be working overtime at the company, for her flats made loud, smacking sounds as she walked across the room. Her steps were rushed with a rhythm to them, and the background was incredibly noisy. He could tell from the background noise that the company was working themselves like donkeys. He took a look at the time and realized that it was already 10.00PM.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 630

When the call went through, Sophia spoke before Michael could. “Huh? Have you finished filming already?” Her voice was as gentle as ever, and there was no hint of frustration in it at all. It seemed that she was still rather composed.

Michael wanted to speak, but he didn’t know what to say when he tried to open his mouth. Despite having such a huge dilemma hit her company, she never bothered him once. Her resolution made his heart ache.

“Is the company doing okay?”

Sophia was unfazed. “Yeah, it’s just a small problem; we’ll overcome it. Also, I noticed earlier that your equipment is gone. All the data will probably be restored by the day after tomorrow.”

From the way she spoke, it was like she was describing some easily-dismissed matter. However, Michael knew that their company was going through their biggest challenge since inception. If they couldn’t weather through this, they would fall uncontrollably. It was anxiety-inducing to see so much pressure weighing upon their young shoulders.

“I heard that the landlord destroyed the rent agreement and asked you to move. Have you guys found a new place to relocate?” Michael continued.

With the landlord suddenly demanding that they move out during such a critical period, there definitely had to be some mastermind pulling some strings in the background. A large company like this would need some time to move; during this period, many things could happen in just a day or two.

“It’s fine, it’s no skin off my back. That old coot of a landlord’s just taking advantage of us while we’re down after he accepted payment from someone else. He even ripped up that agreement himself. We never agreed to move, so he’s got no other choice here. Finding a legal team or forcing us out by suing the company will take time; it’ll be enough for us to solve all the problems here. If he dares to get us out by force, then he’ll be violating the law!” Sophia replied as she walked. “Once we’re done with everything here, we’ll move immediately. We’ve already gotten a new office. It’s currently being remodeled, and it’s actually that new building we bought. Screw that old coot—once we get out of here, I’m going to make sure that one will ever rent this place!”

Her tone was jovial yet steady. Michael truly couldn’t pick up that she was currently undergoing a huge crisis. He continued to ask, “I’ve already seen the dissenters online, as well as the matter about the new gaming fiasco. Do you want me to pull some strings…”

Things were very busy on Sophia’s side as people kept calling for her.

“Miss Edwards, Mr. Goodman requested you to head to the police station at 3.00PM tomorrow so that he can get your statement.”

“Miss Edwards, Mr. Field has already sent the documents over. They’re in your office.”

“Miss Edwards, the time for your appointment with Mr. Barton tomorrow has been decided.”

“Mom, it’s almost time for your interview with Mr. Watts! Nicholas is already here to remind you of that!”

As he heard all those people calling for Sophia, Michael suddenly realized that his little chica had already grown up without him noticing. Her wings had slowly spread, but in his eyes, she was forever that scared, jumpy, and skinny little girl who had just arrived at his house.

Sophia seemed to have just gulped down some water. “Forget about those people online and let those bullets fly. The bigger the fuss they kick up, the better. I have my own PR crisis team ready to launch their counterattack. I met with the police and the gaming association yesterday. Since our game is a rare local gem, the higher-ups have given priority to our case. We’ve already sent all relevant information over, and they’ve just caught the insider rat. He escaped to northern Europe, but he was captured by our underworld friends there the moment he stepped off the plane. If things go smoothly, he’ll arrive at Bayside’s police station this coming dawn. I’m going over tomorrow for my statement.”

The onslaught of words sent Michael reeling. This was when he fully realized that his little chica had well and truly grown up. She had her own career, honed her abilities, and built her own network up. She was hardened now, and had blossomed into a phoenix who could go wherever she wanted.

Sophia was already speaking before Michael could make his thoughts known. “I’ve even invited some reporters over. Oh, it’s nearly 10.00PM. They’re already waiting in the office. I’m gonna hang up now. Muah—”

After the call ended, Michael felt gratified yet a little lost. He felt as if his daughter had grown up and flown the coop. He switched on his computer and took a gander at the knockoff game. It was called Medal of Sniper, and it played very much like Stanley’s Soul of Sniper. It was practically cut from the same cloth, and Michael almost thought that the game had been developed by them personally. Since it was a rip-off of Soul of Sniper’s latest version, there were many traces of the original game in it.

The company behind the game was an old-timer in the gaming industry. Their level of production was higher than Stanley’s, and they had more experience than he did. This company had ripped off many internationally renowned games, and people lambasted them for that. However, the company still stood strong due to a myriad of reasons, even if they were clearly infringing on intellectual property.

While combat was very similar and it had heavily plagiarized Stanley’s game, Medal of Sniper was made by an experienced team. Hence, their combat and fluidity was even better than the original. In addition to that, the company had incredible marketing strategies. Several days after they launched its beta testing, they already garnered a huge number of fans. It felt like Soul of Sniper was being replaced.

Michael thought that things couldn’t be as simple as they seemed, so he looked into that company—just as he thought, Harper Group had invested in this company at the start of the year.

Sophia began to throw herself into working overtime after she cut the call. It was already 10.00PM, but the lights in the company were still on. Even though the building they occupied had multiple floors, their floor was the only one still lit. No one left early. Everyone knew that while this was a crisis for the company, it was also an opportunity.

Sophia had invited a renowned reporter to the company for an interview. She had asked her to write a positive article in conjunction with the PR crisis team to quell the voices of negativity online.

All of a sudden, there was a shriek from the young receptionists in the lobby. Sophia went out to check and saw that the landlord was here once again. He wasn’t the only one here, as he had brought along a gang of people dressed in gaudy clothes. The moment they stepped through the glass doors, they began splashing paint everywhere and smashed the furniture, scaring the receptionists into screaming. They even scared the other workers who were working overtime, causing a halt in their work. Fear began to spread through the employees.

Ever since the fiasco started, Sophia had received quite a few resignation letters; some of the key employees had suddenly resigned as well. She had no idea whether it was because they were spooked, or if they had been poached by others with the offer of a higher salary. A few days ago, some of their employees got beaten up when they left their workplace, and the landlord kept showing up to add more to the fuss.

This was a huge blow on company morale; no one was willing to live in fear while going to work or going home after work. If the employees were running from terror, the company would be thoroughly done for. Soul of Sniper couldn’t possibly make its comeback. Their enemy had probably anticipated this and kept coming over to stir up chaos, causing many employees to resign out of fright.

Seeing how the landlord was here and up to his shenanigans again, Sophia knew that the bribe he received had to be substantial. She got her assistant to keep the reporter in her office before putting down the papers in her hands and rushed out of the door.

Gary and Hale were guarding the door. Some of the more heavy-set male employees charged out as well, but the moment they did, their foes immediately splashed paint their way.

“Retreat for now!” Sophia immediately yelled. Damn this old coot. If I don’t give him a taste of his medicine, he won’t know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of his bullsh*t!

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