My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 471-480

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 471

Sophia was in the midst of packing the barbecued food and did not forget about Michael, even though she was having her meal without him. Olivia’s sudden appearance made her quickly pack the food containers, thinking that her presence meant something bad.

Larry found himself staring at the eye-catching and beautiful girl before him. Her facial features were rather exquisite and her skin was as white as snow during winter.

There was even a butterfly tattoo on her snow-white shoulder. Just from the look of it, he could tell that she was a slutty b*tch. His heart could not stop throbbing and he couldn’t help but reach out to press on her shoulder. “Are you Sophia Edwards? Come with me!” he roared.

Upon turning her head, Sophia saw a greasy fat face—he looked like he was in his early fifties with a hostile look. Apart from him, there were 7 or 8 more people with the same facial expression.

As she looked around, she discovered that the number of people on the streets had increased by the time the afternoon sun shone on them.

She glanced at Hale and Maria, signaling at the alley beside them.

Both of them understood and merely waited for Sophia’s response. As soon as she gestured, the three of them ran in the same direction and dashed toward the alley.

Together with the rest of his people, Larry quickly gave chase. “Don’t run, you little b*tch!” he roared as he went after her.

Even Olivia went after them in her pair of high heels as she did not want to miss the opportunity after such a long time.

So, they all followed Sophia and her companions into the alley…

On the filming set, Michael had just finished his lunch when he saw Sophia returning from the barbecue session with some takeout for him.

He had only managed to eat a little bit as he needed to maintain his body in good shape. Since he couldn’t eat much, she then helped him to finish the rest of the food.

As he watched how she seemed to be deliciously devouring her food, he couldn’t help but pinch her waist and pulled her leg. “Watch your intake! At this rate, your abs will definitely be gone.”

When she touched it, she discovered that her ab lines had started to disappear, which made her feel down. Upon seeing that her hard work was gone in a matter of days, she couldn’t help but purchase ice cream immediately after the barbecue to cheer herself up and even went to the nearby Golden Arch for some takeout fried chicken.

Then, Hale reported to Michael what happened earlier. Michael gave a faint smile after he listened.

In the evening, Olivia called. Upon seeing her name on the screen, Michael frowned and pushed the phone to Danny. “Just say that I’m filming,” he sneered.

As Danny answered the call, he glanced at Sophia, who was focused and on high alert, wanting to eavesdrop on whatever the caller talked about.

“Taylor, that Sophia b*tch badly hurt my dad! He hasn’t even woken up yet…” Olivia cried in a heart-wrenching manner.

Sophia was dumbfounded. She initially thought that Larry was merely a bodyguard for the Murray Family, so she baited the middle-aged fat man into the alley and had him beaten up… If he is Olivia’s father, does that mean he is Elizabeth Murray’s only younger brother and Michael’s uncle? Looks like I have officially offended the entire Murray Family.

A sense of guilt was building in her heart…

Danny waited for Olivia to stop crying before responding in an annoyed tone, “Taylor is now filming. How about I arrange for a private jet to send Larry to the best hospital in Bayside City?”

“I want that Sophia b*tch to die!” Olivia sobbed, seconding his suggestion while slightly threatening Sophia.

“Yes, yes. If death is what you wish upon her, death is what we shall bestow upon her,” Danny echoed.

After hanging up on the phone, he arranged for Larry to be sent to the hospital with some money. Nothing else was being done after that.

Sophia thought that Michael would blame her for having Larry beaten up, but after waiting for a few days, there was no response from him.

While Michael was having someone arrange a hospital for Larry, he was also busy acting. At any time Olivia called and whined, he would repeat the same sentence. “Yeah, yeah. It’s great that uncle is much better now,” he responded for the sake of doing so.

“Die! She must die,” Olivia repeated herself like a parrot.

“I’m busy. Bye,” he retorted.

He continuously kept pushing the Murray Family away. Each time they contacted him, he would give a vague answer.

Finally, the filming was wrapped up.

‘War Dragon’ had now been filming for a few months with the filming location being moved to several countries where close to a thousand actors were involved. Production of the film was vastly impressive—in fact, it cost hundreds of millions.

On the second day after the filming was concluded with, a humongous after-party was held in a hotel near the film studio. Many actors who left the team returned for the party.

The event could be described as the most luxurious after-party in the film studio’s history as there wasn’t a lack of famous celebrities and well-known stars. After months of hard work, the cast and crew could finally unwind to a relaxing atmosphere. Sophia had also rocked up, but in a plain, normal skirt. As she enjoyed her food in the corner, she stole several glances at the celebrities from time to time, admiring how gorgeous they all were.

Aside from James and Nicole, who were both in hospital, almost all the actors were present

Sophia was eating while playing with her mobile phone.

On her phone screen, Stanley had been texting in their group chat. ‘Eddie Fletcher, you better f*cking return quickly. It’s time to announce the scholarship! You are the nerds’ favorite! Oh, one more thing. There are VIPs coming to school for inspection, so you better get your *ss back here quickly!’

She replied with a question. ‘What VIP?’

He scoffed. ‘Don’t ask! Anyway, it must be some hotshot VIPs! They have been staying at the Presidential Palace for the past two days. Up until now, there is no news about their identities. They even came to Bayside University for inspection where even Uncle Joel had to be their bodyguard. What do you think?’

Oh, for Uncle Joel to be their bodyguard, these VIPs must be very influential. If they are not foreign politicians, then they must be the wealthiest men in the world. As Sophia continued to play with her cellphone, she suddenly heard a howl in the hall.

“Grandson, I never expected that I’ll even be able to meet you at this age!” Old Madam Murray exclaimed.

Everyone seemed to rush in the same direction as they vied to see what the chaos was. Sophia also hurried to have a look. What unraveled in front of her was a white-haired lady whimpering loudly while hugging Michael.

The old madam was crying her eyes out. “Oh, Taylor, I never knew that you are Elizabeth’s son. Where have you been all these years? Did you know that I’ve been looking for you for so long?”

Michael looked at the old madam in awe before replying softly, “Sorry, Grandma. I haven’t been a good grandson.”

It turned out that his grandmother had arrived.

Old Madam Murray was almost 80 to 90 years old. Yet, she came all the way to the after-party to meet her grandson, which was a rare sight to beckon.

The moving scene made onlookers tear up, but as Sophia stood in the crowd, she was a tad bit disappointed.

She had already offended half of the Murray Family where, in short, there was only pure hatred toward her. Although she had never personally hurt James, it was still impossible for the Murrays to accept her.

Although Michael had insisted that he never bothered much about the Murray Family, it was still his mother’s side of the family after all. No matter what, they were still his relatives. If he had to choose between the Murray Family and her… She would definitely be kicked out of his life.

“Alright, Grandma. It’s your grandson’s big day, so you should be feeling happy!”

The gentle and sweet voice came from Old Madam Murray’s side—and it was exceptionally familiar!

Sophia tiptoed and looked at the crowd, noticing a girl in white standing next to Grandma Murray. The girl gently patted the old madam’s chest while comforting her. “You and Taylor have been separated for so many years. Plus, you both just reconnected. Don’t cry anymore or you’ll make Nat feel sad too.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 472

Old Madam Murray finally ceased her waterworks and looked at Natasha, who was standing next to her. As she gazed at her, the old lady’s red sore eyes were filled with love. Natasha immediately handed her handkerchief to Old Madam Murray to wipe away her tears.

“Nat, you are so sweet!” exclaimed Old Madam Murray.

“Grandma, I will be happy as long as you are happy!” echoed Natasha as she stuck her tongue out innocently.

Following that, Old Madam Murray naturally placed her hand on Natasha’s palm before the latter helped the old lady to the side of the sofa. From this scene, she seemed like she had been doing it all these times.

Sophia didn’t know if she should laugh or get enraged as she stared at them.

Ha, no wonder I hadn’t heard from Natasha for this period of time. As it turns out, she went to kiss up to the Murray Family!

Does she want to use Michael’s maternal relatives to get to him? What a ‘great’ move!

Michael was smiling the whole time. He was an actor, and he can easily conceal his true emotions. No one knew whether he was truly happy or not. What Sophia saw at that time was that both Natasha and Michael were helping Old Madam Murray to sit down on the sofa by taking her by the arm on each side.

Once they had settled down, Old Madam Murray was sitting in the middle, with Natasha on the left and Olivia on Natasha’s left, while Michael was seated on the old lady’s right-hand side.

This could only prove one thing. Natasha was even more important compared to Olivia in that she could sit closer to Old Madam Murray instead. Their seating positions really did carry significance!

This was the first time Old Madam Murray met Michael. She was clearly too shocked to speak.

Not once had she ever imagined that, thirty years after Elizabeth’s death, she’d cross paths with her son, and that he was even a superstar. A little nervous yet excited, she was completely speechless for quite some time.

“Grandma, don’t be nervous. Taylor is your grandson. Why should you be nervous about meeting your own family?” uttered Natasha as she held the old woman’s hand in a warm embrace. Being the observant and considerate person she was, it was only natural that she picked up on what Old Madam Murray was feeling.

“Grandma, I never expected you to come today,” said Michael as he lowered his head and smiled.

“Nat was the one who sent me over here!” said Old Madam Murray as she shook Natasha’s hand aggressively. When she talked about Natasha, Old Madam Murray’s words were truly filled with love and care. “Nat not only put me on a flight to get here, but she also spent a lot of money to find the best doctor for James. Finally, our family will live to see another generation. Where can I find such a good girl?” she added further.

“Grandma, don’t praise me like that! It’s really nothing. I just happened to know a doctor who could cure James’ injury!” Natasha exclaimed as she lowered her head and smiled shyly.

“Nat also found my father the best doctor in Bayside City. She must treat Michael even better!” Olivia added onto the train of praises Natasha was receiving.

The family was chirping happily, and the entire atmosphere was very harmonious and joyful. Natasha and Michael sat beside Old Madam Murray on each side. This inevitably made people wonder about a lot of possibilities.

“Has Natasha become his wife?”

Several crew members whispered under their breath.

Another voice immediately chimed in. “I think she has. Didn’t you hear what Natasha said? She called the old lady ‘Grandma’. Seems only fitting to address your husband’s grandmother as such.”

“Tsk tsk…”

They were the focus of small talk for the night. Having heard everything everyone said, Sophia was not happy at all.

She wanted to scream in their faces that she was the one and only wife of Michael’s!

But she had offended the Murray Family, and she even almost made them not able to have descendants because of James’ injury. They surely wouldn’t accept her after that incident!

How could the Murray Family not love Natasha, who’s such a well-behaved and caring lady with a wealthy family background!

Hmph, they keep on talking about James’ injury and whatnot. Isn’t Michael also able to produce offspring?

Sophia sneered and continued to listen to them.

This time around, Natasha intentionally talked about Michael’s wife.

“Grandma, don’t praise me like that. I’m going to be so embarrassed! Mrs. Murray is the best for Taylor!” Natasha dismissed.

When it came to the elusive wife of Michael, as soon as her name was mentioned, Old Madam Murray’s expression turned from a kind face to an angry frown. She looked like she was the empress in a traditional family that did not allow anyone to dispute against her. “Don’t ever mention that person again!” hissed Old Madam Murray. She grabbed Michael’s hand and spoke in a very harsh tone, “That wife of yours is not good! She really isn’t!” She sounded like she was ordering something while providing advice.

She was so enraged that she repeated herself twice. It showed that she was extremely loathful of Michael’s wife, even though she didn’t even know who his wife was.

Michael still kept a smile on his face and asked, “Grandma, why do you say that?”

“I don’t like that woman!” She raised her eyebrows slightly, as if she was the queen of a kingdom. “You worked so hard acting in films. Did she come to visit you? It didn’t even bother her that tonight is an important celebration party for your film. She clearly doesn’t care about you at all. She didn’t even show up to this event tonight! Why do you still want her for a wife? She doesn’t deserve you at all!” Old Madam Murray went on to express how displeased she was.

Before Michael had the chance to voice out, Natasha had already spoken. She wore a look of surprise and even looked distressed to a certain extent by the comments Old Madam Murray made of Mrs. Murray. She hurriedly said, “Grandma, please don’t get things wrong. Mrs. Murray treats Taylor very well. It’s just that she has her own career too, so she can’t always be there for Taylor…”

“That’s ridiculous!” roared Old Madam Murray. “Women are born to serve their husbands. She should be at home being a housewife for her husband. How could she care about her career more than her own husband! Ridiculous! Unbelievable!” she thundered.

At this moment, Sophia was raging with anger!

Such a stubborn dinosaur!

Why can’t women have their own careers? Why should our lives revolve around nothing but our husband and children?

Impossible! I still want to earn a sh*t ton of money!

Meanwhile, Olivia added on by saying, “Yeah, I was with the film crew for some time, but I had never seen Mrs. Murray come to visit. Even on Taylor’s birthday, she simply just called to wish him. Nat was different; she always ran around on the film set, worrying about Taylor’s health condition…”.

“Don’t get me wrong. Mrs. Murray is really a very good person. There must be a reason why she couldn’t come…” Natasha uttered in a panic. She looked at Michael helplessly with a pitiful gaze. “Taylor, you know her best. Quickly talk to Grandma so that she won’t misunderstand any further.”

Michael still had a smile on his face, as if what was said just now did not affect him. “Grandma, you’ve really misunderstood things. She is really a very good and qualified wife,” he spoke calmly.

Unfortunately, under the bad influence of other people, Old Madam Murray’s first impression of his wife had already left its mark and was impossible to be altered anymore. She sneered, “You should call her and ask her to come over now! I need to teach her how to behave like a wife!”

Seeing that Old Madam Murray was furious, Michael quickly replied, “Grandma, you know I am kind of famous now. That’s why my wife’s identity cannot be disclosed for the time being. I’m afraid that—”

“Afraid of what?” Old Madam Murray raised her eyebrows coldly. Her eyes were full of hatred and resentment even though the topic of concern was someone who was a complete stranger to her as she had never even met his wife before. “Is it because I am not important enough, so I am not qualified to meet her?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 473

Seeing the old lady getting worked up, Michael seemed to want to say something, but Natasha immediately interrupted him, saying, “Taylor, let’s send Grandma to the room to get some rest first. Grandma’s had a long day, and she is too old to stay up late.” She then turned to the old lady. “Grandma, you’ve been on the plane for the whole day. You must be tired. Let’s go to the room to rest. Taylor is famous, so some things about him shouldn’t be discussed in such a crowded public space…”

Seeing how caring Natasha treated Taylor, Old Madam Murray’s gloomy face instantly became relaxed as she said, “You’re so considerate, Nat! You’re doing everything for Taylor.”

It would not help to sustain the topic. Hence, Michael quickly sent someone to arrange a room in the hotel to let Old Madam Murray check in.

After Old Madam Murray went into the room, Natasha immediately faced Michael anxiously. “Taylor, Grandma is getting older, so you shouldn’t talk back to her. If she wants to meet Mrs. Murray, you should just let her. Your wife is so nice, so I’m pretty sure she can woo Grandma with her charms.”

He frowned slightly as he replied, “I will try.”

Natasha looked like she was very considerate, almost as if she were trying to solve the conflicts between Sophia and Old Madam Murray, but as soon as she turned her back, a layer of triumph flashed past her eyes.

Grandma is Taylor Murray’s weakness. As long as I hold onto this weakness, Taylor would be mine.

I have even contacted the media in advance to spread the news. Now, the news has been posted on every online network. If that woman sees it, she will go crazy and start questioning Michael like a madwoman. She’d even have to face Old Madam Murray.

If she doesn’t come, then Old Madam Murray would be even angrier!

No matter whether that woman is coming or not, Grandma would definitely ask Taylor to kick her out!

“Taylor, you go ahead and do your work. I will take care of Grandma,” Natasha spoke to him in a very sweet voice.

Michael nodded and thanked her. “Okay. Thank you very much.”

Hearing his gratitude, she lowered her head shyly. “I am willing to do anything for you, Taylor.”

At this time, the whole party was spreading the rumor around that Natasha had officially been certified by the Murrays as Michael’s wife.

There were many media at the scene. Everyone was sending out the drafts instantly.

Taylor has officially married into a wealthy family!

Looking around the whole venue, Michael was not able to find Sophia. After making a few inquiries, he learned that she had already returned to the room.

Getting back to the room where they had stayed for a month, Michael saw Sophia packing up her luggage.

Sophia was clearly upset about that whole fiasco.

It was so hurtful to see the scene where Natasha sat next to Old Madam Murray and called her ‘Grandma’.

The scene was so hurtful that she wanted to cry.

She had already offended the Murray Family, and the old woman obviously wanted to get rid of her.

In comparison, Natasha was so well-behaved and had a wealthy family background aside from being such a sweet-talker. No wonder the Murray Family preferred her more.

In such a short time, someone had already posted the news on the Internet. The news was about how Michael and Natasha were both officially together, and Natasha had even met his family.

Sophia was packing up her luggage when she saw her little notebook, which was filled with her travel plans.

Soon after the after-party was over, they headed to the Panda Foundation to visit the big round panda they had adopted.

Right after that, they departed from the Panda Foundation and traveled all the way back to Bayside City. When they were back, the school would have started to announce the scholarships…

After what had happened in the party hall, it seemed like the travel plan had gone to waste.

Michael would definitely come to ask her to meet Old Madam Murray. After seeing his grandmother personally, she was afraid that she would need to kneel down to offer tea to her.

The fact that she hurt James and beat up Larry alone was enough to make Old Madam Murray not accept her at all.

As soon as Stanley found out the news, he immediately called her to offer comfort.

“This is too much! He is not a man at all. It’s not your fault! It’s all the Murray Family’s fault! Better yet, you should just divorce him. You are still so young. You can get any guy you want. You should find someone of the same age, like me!” roared Stanley. “If you were with me, I’d be willing to give Sunset to you as my token of love.”

Putting the notebook in her luggage, Sophia felt that Michael might not be able to go with her, so she decided to go by herself.

There’s no difficulty to travel by oneself too!

While she was packing her things, she talked to Stanley on the phone after putting it on the loudspeaker. All these times, it was just him talking nonstop, and she just occasionally replied to him vaguely.

“The Murray Family is living in such a traditional feudalistic world. What century is it now? How dare they still advocate about the superiority of men! Such a dinosaur! It’s not like they have a throne waiting to be inherited. You’d better come back quickly. Study hard and start a business. In the future, you’ll become a kick-*ss president. You can get any kind of man you want…” Stanley added further.

All of a sudden, Michael walked in and hanged up her phone, causing Stanley’s voice to disappear.

Hearing Michael’s footsteps, Sophia voiced out first before he got a chance.

“I’m not going. And I won’t divorce you either.”

I don’t want to meet his grandmother, nor would I divorce him so easily.

If Michael wants to divorce me, I will complain to Old Master Fletcher. I’ll make sure the Murray Family will be turned upside down!

Michael did not say anything and patted her shoulder lightly. “If you don’t want to go, you don’t have to go. I’ll take care of it. I will be back late, so you should go ahead and sleep earlier when you’ve finished packing your luggage.”

Shortly after, he changed into some comfortable clothes and headed out.

Sophia was feeling resentful packing her luggage. She even planned out a few ways to counterattack.

As long as I am here, Natasha will always be just the lover. Wait! No, she’s not even a lover!

When she was packing her luggage, she suddenly thought of something and flashed a devilish grin before calling Sean.

Sean was just watching the news about Natasha being officially accepted into the Murray Family. He was just getting worried about Sophia, and coincidentally, he got a call from her.

“Hey, Sophia… Uh, are you sure? Are you sure this is a good idea? Have you discussed with Uncle Michael? Okay…”

After hanging up the phone, Sean looked very solemn, but Sophia’s tone showed that she was dead serious.

It seemed like she was really very riled up by Natasha. However, what Natasha did to her was too much! Such a gorgeous and wealthy girl like Natasha Mitchell actually used so much time and effort just to get a male star? How ironic is that? I just can’t believe a Mitchell would do such a thing. How embarrassing!

At the same time, in the hotel room, Old Madam Murray was talking softly with Natasha.

“I really like a cute little girl like you. You are such a good match for my Taylor!”

Natasha’s face blushed up immediately. “Grandma, don’t say that. Taylor already has a wife!”

Though she had not met her in person, Old Madam Murray was already extremely disappointed in Michael’s wife. She said in a fierce tone, “That woman! I will get her out of my grandson’s house as soon as possible. In this world, only you can be a great match to my grandson!”

Natasha’s face was getting redder with embarrassment.

Upon the opportunity, Olivia even suggested, “Taylor must get married to Nat! How about we let them sleep together tonight? Then Michael won’t hesitate anymore!”

Old Madam Murray was so happy that she slapped her thigh. “If what’s done has been done, it cannot be undone! Then the woman will have to divorce Michael even if she doesn’t want to!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 474

Natasha felt utterly bashful. “Is this really fine? After all, Taylor and his wife have been married for two years!”

In fact, she was fumbling wildly on the inside. I have been pretending this whole time in front of this old-*ss lady. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

Old Madam Murray spoke haughtily, “Marriage should be decided by parents, and since Taylor’s parents have passed away, I should be the one deciding. I will never accept that woman! Taylor will pay heed to my will and divorce her. Don’t worry, Nat. You shall be the daughter-in-law of the Murray Family!”

Natasha bit her lip, and her face beamed. “I will follow whatever you say, Old Madam Murray…”

Her wish to be betrothed to her dream man had finally come true and would be the bridge that would tie the knot between the Murray and Mitchell Families. Such a win-win situation!

Everything seemed to be going according to plan.

Changing into his new clothes, Michael showed up at Old Madam Murray’s hotel room. He was surprised to find the room dark and empty.

An unusually sweet fragrance permeated the area and clouded his senses, sending him into an arousing daze.

With the lights off, the room seemed unoccupied, but a seductive moan beckoned from within the darkness.

The door was shut tight the instant he stepped in. However hard he attempted to push it open, it would not budge…

On the other side of the door, Old Madam Murray and Olivia were the ones who locked the door right after Michael went inside.

That’s it! We shall wait for the good news tomorrow morning!

In the middle of the night, Sophia was sleeping alone in the room. Without Michael cuddling her, she felt edgy.

Why hasn’t he come back yet? What is he doing now? Should I go over and check on him?

She tossed and turned yet failed to sleep. Suddenly, there was commotion at the door…

The next day, a news report sent shockwaves across the Cethosian entertainment industry.

‘Newsflash! Superstar Taylor Murray’s Jane Doe of a wife from his secret marriage turned out to be his rumored girlfriend, Natasha Mitchell!’

Early in the morning, like hounds clinging ferociously to their prey, the reporters captured Natasha coming out of Michael’s room. The news was broadcasted all over national television and online media at the same time.

In the video, Natasha was wearing a mask as she darted out of the hotel under the escort of assistants and bodyguards. A scourge of excited reporters swarmed closely around her while countless cameras and microphones were shoved toward her face.

“Miss Natasha, may I ask why you came out of Taylor’s room? What is the relationship between you and Mr. Taylor Murray? What are your thoughts on the comments that you have been secretly married to him for 2 years?”

Natasha declined to respond to any interviews, while her face was covered by the bodyguards. Then, one of the reporters spoke, “Taylor is already married. You do know that that would make you the disgraceful mistress, don’t you?”

This question finally triggered Natasha to break her silence. She bit back at the reporter, saying, “We got married overseas 2 years ago. Over there, it is legal to be married at the age of 16. So, mind you, I am not a mistress!”

With that, she left the place under the bodyguards’ escort.

Her fiery response was enough for reporters to make sensational headlines with.

The cameras turned, locking onto Old Madam Murray and Olivia as their next targets.

Old Madam Murray smiled at the camera. “Nat is not a mistress. She is the daughter-in-law of the Murray Family, the legal wife of Taylor’s!”

Olivia added, “Yeah, Nat is Taylor’s wife. I have known about it for a long time. It’s just that Taylor never allowed me to reveal it.”

The entire entertainment industry exploded. The true identity of Taylor’s wife was exposed and was backed by the Murray Family, so it was no longer a rumor.

The news had only been out for less than two hours, and it had caused a massive ripple effect across the industry.

Natasha was elated as she scrolled through every headline and online post about her as she left the hotel.

She had already slept with Taylor last night, so it was now set in stone. All the press releases were pre-arranged in advance so that as soon as the news broke out, it would spread across the media like wildfire.

Whilst Taylor’s divorce was anticipated, it was also important to make sure his reputation remained unharmed. If everyone believed that she was his legitimate spouse right from the beginning, everything would go along fine without a hiccup.

Right now, the entire Cethos must have acknowledged her as Taylor Murray’s legitimate wife, whom even the Murray Family validated. There was no chance in hell that Taylor could deny it anymore.

If Taylor would not acknowledge their marriage, he would be drawing the ire of the Mitchell Family. Even if he cared little about the Mitchells, he still had to consider the feelings of Old Madam Murray, for she had openly endorsed the news in front of the media.

Under such circumstances, for the sake of his reputation and future, he would have no choice but to follow suit and take Natasha’s hand in marriage.

Should his real wife dared to emerge and contest her, Natasha would be prepared to fight back!

No one would dare to challenge the Mitchell Family!

On that day, every entertainment news revolved around Taylor.

Natasha wanted to let the whole world know so badly that she had been officially accepted by the Murray Family.

At that moment, Stanley had already seen the news everywhere. He could not believe that even their company’s employees posted the news on their gaming website to gain publicity. He was so angry that he threw the tablet aside and called Michael. He yelled into the phone when the latter picked it up, “Michael! I gave the woman I love to you, and is this how you treat her?! You b*stard! You are done! You are completely done! I am going to tell Old Master Fletcher! You’d better watch out! You are going to be a dead man if you ever come back to Bayside City! Let me tell you the truth—Sophia and I are together. I even gave her Sunset to show my love. If you don’t want her, I’ll take her!” roared Stanley on the phone.

When he was done bombarding with expletives, the only faint reply he received from the other end was, “Stupid dog, go watch the ‘Panda Channel’ live broadcast.”

What the f*ck is Panda Channel?!

‘Panda Channel’ was the largest live broadcast application in Cethos that streamed the daily lives of pandas 24/7. Since it was still new, it was not that well-known, so not many people knew about it. What was more ironic was that this application was created by Stanley’s company not long ago.

When Stanley picked up the tablet, the application homepage was displaying a headline of live news.

‘Shocking News: when ‘Doctor Invincible’ meets the national treasure—a big round panda.’

After clicking into the live stream, Michael was seen wearing a protective suit, making a call with a Bluetooth headset. On his lap, he was holding a baby panda while feeding it a bottle of milk…

Stanley was dumbfounded.

Michael spoke to the live stream camera, “Stupid dog, I’m going to hang up.”

At the exact same time, the same voice came through Stanley’s phone—Stupid dog, I’m going to hang up.

Stanley was dumbfounded. Geared up with his protective suit on the live stream, Michael was seen turning off the phone with his gloved hand.

After hanging up, he resumed feeding the baby panda in his arms attentively as another baby panda was grabbing the corner of his suit, asking to be fed as well.

When he was feeding the one on his lap, he caressed the other baby panda, looking all busy.

After feeding the pandas, Michael picked up a panda and rubbed his forehead against it. He seemed to be enjoying himself, for his smiles were apparent, and his eyebrows were filled with tenderness and love. He was definitely savoring the moment with the pandas crawling around him.

Hanging out with pandas was way better than cuddling with cats at home…

Stanley was still holding the cell phone next to his ear.

W-What the f*ck is going on?

Why is Uncle Michael always doing stuff in such a disturbing way?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 475

Wasn’t Michael in the same room with Natasha and was caught by the reporters at the film studio’s hotel? How did he teleport to the Panda Foundation, which is thousands of miles away?

The film studio was at least more than three thousand miles away from the Panda Foundation! One was located along the east coast while the other was southwest.

Next to Michael was a young lady, also geared up in a protective suit. She had her mask on with her back facing the camera. Once in a while, she revealed her leg or her figure in front of the live stream, while feeding a baby panda on her lap with milk.

At first glance, Stanley could tell it was Sophia.

There were another three to four baby pandas circling around her for milk. Some even scratched on her body with their little black forepaws.

Sophia was overwhelmed by the many big round baby pandas around her.

Since it was a new application with a modest number of users, coupled with the fact that there was neither any publicity nor advertisements regarding this live stream, even the sudden appearance of Michael did not attract anyone to view the stream. There had only been a measly few hundred views for the past half an hour since it started.

The Panda Foundation did actually attempt to promote this livestream. However, the entire media network was dominated by the news of Taylor and Natasha’s affairs, vastly overshadowing the Panda Foundation’s puny advertising efforts.

Before Stanley managed to figure out what was going on, Michael had begun his live broadcasting to show off his sweet relationship.

Soon enough, the fans logged in. With the pop-up feature available on the live streaming application, the screen was swarmed with comments showing disbelief:

‘Oh, my God! It’s really Ms. Taylor! I thought it was just clickbait or someone cosplaying as ‘Doctor Invincible’! Oh, my God! This is some awesome news! If Ms. Taylor is at the Panda Foundation, who was the man caught sharing the room with Natasha Murray at the film studio? My mind is in such a mess now! Taylor, what is going on? Can the staff or someone else answer us?’

Sitting in his Bayside office, Stanley suddenly slapped his thigh and stood up. He then headed into the office and shouted, “Sean, get the technical team to prepare for connecting with the Panda application live broadcast! Little Kitten, immediately arrange with the art department to make a promotional poster about Taylor feeding the pandas at the Panda Foundation! I’m going to call now to get the authorization of streaming the broadcast!”

At the Panda Foundation, Michael was busy feeding the baby pandas.

This is so fun. They are so soft, small, and smooth; even the way they feed is so cute!

After feeding the milk, he even cuddled the soft baby panda on his lap and patted it to help it burp, just like how he did for Nathan when the latter was still a baby.

He skillfully patted at the panda’s back and turned to look at Sophia, who was sitting behind him.

Sophia was fully covered in the protective suit with her back facing the camera. Her face was completely hidden, and there were several baby pandas clinging onto her body.

Today was actually her birthday. In the past, her birthday was often celebrated in October, when in fact, she was a September baby.

With all seriousness, she held the baby panda she adopted as she fed it. Once done, she burped the panda under the guidance of the staff.

The baby panda she adopted was much smaller than the other baby pandas. It felt light and small in her arms. It looked so adorable, unlike the others, which scratched her.

The more she looked at it, the more she found it adorable…

Such a cutie!

She couldn’t help but rub her forehead against the panda’s, catching a whiff of milk.

Finally, Michael took off his mask and revealed his face. Holding the baby panda that was dozing off in his arms after finishing the milk, he greeted the audience in the live broadcast.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Taylor Murray. I am here right now at the largest Panda Foundation in Cethos. This is the panda I’ve adopted, and I’ve decided to name him Nate. Today is the birthday of my wife, Eddie Fletcher. She adopted another baby panda named ‘Little Dragon’. You can visit it the next time you come to the Panda Foundation. Pandas are the national treasure of our country, and they are extremely endangered animals. There are currently less than 3,000 pandas in the world, so I hope everyone will pay more attention to the protection of endangered pandas.”

The pop-up comments section was instantly quiet.

Not long after, the comment pop-ups exploded. ‘So Eddie Fletcher is Taylor’s wife!? I seem to be getting in on some juicy news again. Natasha has already lost since the beginning.’

‘Wait, let me do the math. It takes about 3 hours to fly from the film studio to the Panda Foundation. There are only two flights a day. The latest flight is at 12.00AM, and it takes about 1 hour from the film studio to the airport. Taylor had to have left at 11.00PM. If he’d left at 11.00PM, who was the person sleeping with Natasha last night?’

Stanley was speechless as he watched the live broadcast.

Nathan was in a daze, watching the panda which turned out to be his namesake.

However, the news of Taylor feeding pandas live was overpowered by a series of his other more sensational headlines, including, ‘Taylor Murray and Natasha Mitchell’, ‘Taylor’s Secret Wife Exposed’, ‘Taylor’s Disappearance’, ‘Natasha Mitchell’s True Identity’, ‘Taylor Murray Married a 16-year-old Girl’, and ‘Ethan Winston Remains Silent’. The Panda Foundation live stream paled much in comparison to those catchy titles.

Michael spent the entire morning feeding pandas at the Foundation, barely making ripples on the news, while Stanley’s technical team needed more time to prepare. Their news hardly made a dent on the online network.

At the Panda Foundation, Sophia was hugging the soft baby panda and couldn’t bear to let go.

They are so cute!

Sophia never expected Michael to barge into the room in the middle of last night and drag her to the airport. She followed him without asking much and slept through the whole journey to the Panda Foundation. But to her pleasant surprise, she woke up to a bunch of excited baby pandas.

Michael practically just ditched the Murray Family and his grandmother before flying her overnight to the Panda Foundation to feed the pandas and to visit their pair of adopted baby pandas.

“What about your Grandma?” she asked.

“I asked an extra to put on a disguise with my face mold. That should fool and stall them for a few days, hopefully. We’ll deal with it when we return after our holiday trip,” he answered.

Sophia was speechless.

It seemed like Michael was trying to maintain a low profile of his presence at the Panda Foundation. After half a day of live broadcast, the number of viewers still remained the same.

Let the news at the film studio grow. The more they spread around, the more damage the enemy will get in return.

At this moment, news of Taylor’s secret wife was still going hot, accompanied by all kinds of speculation against him.

Comments regarding him marrying an underaged girl and how he should go to jail crept into the news forums.

Gradually, the comments turned nasty.

‘Taylor is already in his thirties this year, and he still married an 18-year-old girl. This is unbelievable.’

Things had begun to go south. Old Madam Murray was getting anxious and requested Natasha to assure the public. The ‘kind’ Natasha naturally agreed without hesitation.

At noon, Natasha held an emergency press conference at the film studio hotel.

At the press conference, she played out an earnest front with finesse. She did everything she could for the sake of Taylor to salvage his reputation.

“I’m sorry I have kept this from everyone for so long. I am holding this press conference today to tell everyone that Taylor and I have been married for 2 years. It is true that I had not reached the age of 18 years old when I married him. That was why we got married overseas, where it was legal to do so. This is the marriage certificate we obtained abroad. The registration date and both our names are printed on it. Please have a look and verify them for yourselves,” stated matter-of-factly by Natasha.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 476

Natasha showed a foreign marriage certificate. That country allowed same-sex marriage, underage marriage, and even marriages between close relatives, so everyone in the world would choose to get married there.

On the marriage certificate, there were lots of languages, including English, with the names Taylor Murray and Natasha Mitchell.

If I want to pull this off, I must make it as real as possible. As long as I have the money, I can do anything. The marriage certificate is real, and even the ID number is real. The photo on the certificate is photoshopped to perfection, so there won’t be any flaws if the authorities decided to inspect it.

At the end, she yelled righteously, “Taylor is my husband. We are a legally married couple, so I won’t allow anyone to destroy his reputation!”

Old Madam Murray and Olivia were also at the scene, so they were pleased to hear these words.

What’s done is done. Natasha is now the daughter-in-law of the Murray Family!

Therefore, they also claimed that Taylor and Natasha had been married for many years.

The moment the press conference started, everything has been set in stone, and Taylor now has no way to defend himself. If he still doesn’t want to marry Natasha, his reputation will be destroyed!

In Stanley’s company, everyone was working overtime except for Stanley himself, who had two televisions turned on to watch the live broadcast. On one of the screens, there was Michael live feeding a panda, while the other live broadcast showed Natasha and her marriage certificate with Taylor.

Then, Sean ran into Stanley’s office hurriedly to hand him some paperwork before the latter dragged him along so that they could watch together.

“Hahaha… You Mitchells are so so brilliant! Incredibly brilliant! She’s even produced a marriage certificate. Looks like Natasha has been plotting this for a long time. Hahaha…”

At the same time, Sean was also focused on Natasha’s press conference. When he saw her taking out a marriage certificate with ‘Taylor Murray’ listed as her husband, he felt extremely ashamed.

Stanley said to him, “I’ve already called the old man back at home to join the fun. Hahaha! This is such a f*cking joke!”

At the end, Sean smiled and continued his work, which was using his special skills to delete all news on the internet reporting Taylor’s panda feeding.

One of the reasons was because they were about to broadcast Taylor and the panda live, so they wanted to be as exclusive as possible. Secondly… the drama with Natasha was now brewing, so it wasn’t wise of him to mess with it.

Looking at the righteous Natasha in the live broadcast, there was a tinge of ruthlessness on Sean’s feminine face—a look he shouldn’t have at his age…

Natasha’s press conference was still broadcasting when someone spoke, “This is major news! But where is Mr. Murray now?”

She answered, “My husband, Taylor, just received a promotional task from the crew of ‘Doctor Invincible’, so he is now attending a live broadcast to promote the upcoming movie. This marriage is something between the two of us, so my husband doesn’t wish for his private life to become the center of attention. I hope that everyone can focus their attention on my husband’s new movie, ‘Doctor Invincible’.”

Finally, the press conference ended successfully.

Old Madam Murray held Natasha’s hand excitedly. “Natasha, thank you for this. You really are Taylor’s savior!”

Natasha was also delighted. “Grandma, you don’t need to be so polite. After all, I’m also part of the Murray Family. Now, we just need to find Mrs. Murray and have a proper talk with her. If she exposes me, I’ll be in big trouble.”

“Hmph, why won’t that horrible woman show up after such a big incident? When Taylor comes back, I’ll ask him to divorce her immediately so that you two can get married as soon as possible!”

Just when Natasha was feeling excited and wanted to say something, her phone suddenly vibrated. Looks like someone has just sent an important message in the group chat of the Mitchell Family.

‘All elders shall return to the headquarters of the Mitchell Family for a meeting!’

It seemed to be an urgent meeting, because after the message was sent in the group chat, she immediately received a call to inform her of the news.

Therefore, she hurriedly said her goodbyes to the Murrays before rushing back to the Mitchell residence to understand the situation.

When she rushed back to the Mitchell residence, she seemed to have missed something big, because news about ‘Taylor’s live panda feeding’ suddenly blew up on the Internet.

This was because Stanley had his technical staff rushing overtime to finish the segway and banner so that they could push the story immediately to the Internet!

Within an hour, news about ‘Taylor’s live panda feeding’ suppressed all the earlier news and quickly became a hot topic.

At that moment, everyone finally realized that he had been feeding pandas for a whole afternoon, and the live broadcast had started from 8.00AM.

He even brought his wife? Is his wife that famous rich fan of his, Eddie Fletcher? Then who is that Natasha Mitchell who swore that she was Taylor’s wife at the hotel?

Nobody could wrap their heads around the plot.

At the end, a huge wave of reporters poured into the Panda Foundation, requesting to interview Michael, who was still feeding the pandas.

However, the foundation only selected a few to enter.

When the reporters went in, they instantly saw the award-winning actor, Taylor Murray, cleaning up the panda’s pen.

Today, Michael came here to experience everything, from feeding baby pandas milk to feeding adult pandas snacks. He even experienced what it was like to clean up panda droppings and make snacks using milk powder.

Wearing a mask and long boots, he was focused on removing the droppings as he answered the reporters’ questions.

One reporter was quick to ask, “Mr. Taylor Murray, what’s your comment on Miss Natasha admitting that she is your hidden wife?”

Michael kept on removing the droppings with his head down, not looking at the reporter. “It’s a load of nonsense.”

Those simple words were enough to ruthlessly deny Natasha’s act; they were enough to shred all the reputation left of Natasha, the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family.

The reporter asked again, “Is your wife the person next to you… Eddie Fletcher?”

Sophia was now dressed in a fully-covered suit as she was removing the droppings at another pen. Michael prevented the reporters from interviewing her, but she now had her ears pricked up to listen to his interview.

After shovelling a pile of panda droppings and throwing it into the garbage cart, Michael wiped his sweat and took the chance to answer, “That’s an unnecessary question.”

Even though it was a short answer, it still packed quite a punch.

He’s already confirmed that Eddie Fletcher is his real wife! Then who is that Natasha?

However, the reporter continued speaking, “But Miss Natasha holds your marriage certificate with her. The authorities have verified that the certificate is completely legitimate, and all procedures were legal. In the court of law, Miss Natasha and you are already a legal couple. Can you please—”

“My surname is not Murray,” Michael calmly cut off the reporter’s rambling using five words.

For a moment, the reporter was startled as he gaped his mouth because he had nothing else to say.

Suddenly, he remembered the bright name, Taylor Murray, on the marriage certificate, along with Taylor’s faint words—my surname is not Murray!

Taylor Murray is just a stage name! Who uses a stage name on their marriage certificate?

In the meantime, Michael had already shovelled the panda droppings into the cart, so he left silently with the panda droppings.

At the moment, the impatient Harry quickly tweeted after seeing Michael’s live broadcast.

‘Hahahaha, this is the first time I saw someone getting married with a stage name! Taylor Murray, you are so awesome!’

Immediately, some fans also followed up to his tweet.

‘Hahaha, this is crazy. 8 years ago, Miss Taylor mentioned that ‘Taylor Murray’ was his stage name given to him by his mother! This is not even his real name!’

‘They brilliantly used his stage name on a marriage certificate. Hahaha!”

Fans of Taylor and Harry quickly pushed his tweet into trending.

‘Stage name on marriage certificate’ became the most trending topic today.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 477

After Natasha proudly admitted that she was ‘Taylor Murray’s’ real wife at the press conference, she actually ended up as a laughing stock in all of Cethos in less than two hours.

When she got back to the Mitchell residence, she realized that every elder of the Mitchell Family was already seated in the big hall. The atmosphere was oddly tense.

As soon as she went into the hall, everyone looked toward her at the same time, especially those old geezers, who couldn’t hold back the anger in their eyes!

Nevertheless, Natasha was already used to these sorts of gaze from the elders, and she was mentally prepared for what she was going to face today.

Most of the children in the Mitchell Family had their marriage arranged by the family, and they prioritized the benefit of the family more than anything. Therefore, the elders would definitely be angry at her for plotting to marry Taylor without gaining their permission first.

However, her father, Alex, was the head of the Mitchell Family, and as the highly valued daughter of the family, who was beloved by her father the most, questioning her meant questioning the power of Alex. Thus, the elders had no say toward her.

“Dad, I’m sorry that I’m late.”

Amidst the raging eyes, Natasha openly walked to the front of Alex.

As the current head of the Mitchell Family, Alex already had traces of white hair on his head. Even though he was nearly 50 years old, he still retained his solemnity.

Looking at his beloved daughter today, he realized that he could no longer dote on her like he always had before while allowing her to be an embarrassment to the family. Hence, he suddenly raised his hand and gave her a ruthless slap right in front of all the elders of the Mitchell Family.

For a moment, the whole hall fell into a complete silence.

Natasha covered half of her face that was numbed while staring at her once beloved father in disbelief.

He actually hit me?

A few years ago, Alex even suppressed all pressure and let her get her way when she fought with a foreign princess for a jewel.

“Dad, why did you hit me?” There was a stiffness in Natasha’s sobs.

At this point, Alex was at the peak of his rage. In the past, he never did anything to her no matter how much trouble she had caused—he didn’t even give her a harsh warning.

No matter how much trouble she caused or how embarrassing she acted, as long as she had the protection of Alex, nobody in the whole Mitchell Family could say anything about her.

However, this time, it was different, because the hierarchy of the entire Mitchell Family was changing completely!

Without looking at Natasha, Alex ordered two maids next to her, “Bring her back to her room so that she can reflect on her actions.”

Natasha was still startled after the first slap, but when the maids came to drag her, she finally came back around, as if she had just woken up from a dream. Suddenly, she escaped the maids’ grasp and rushed to the front of Alex. For a moment, her arrogant temperament surged up as she shouted at him right in front of all the elders of the Mitchell Family, “Who gave you the rights to hit me? I’m already 18 years old. I love Taylor, and I want to marry him. What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with that? I know that he isn’t qualified to join the Mitchell Family, but I love him, and I don’t want anyone else except him! Not one of you can arrange my marriage for me!”

She still thought that Alex was angry because she plotted for Taylor to marry her, but to her surprise, the atmosphere became even more silent after her shout.

At the moment, Alex was frustrated inside, and after her shout, he became more enraged, so he raised his hand to slap her one more time.

“Heh…” Amidst the silence in the hall, a sneer was heard among the crowd from a feminine-looking boy. “Dear Natasha, looks like you still don’t know the severity of the trouble you’ve caused.”

As the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family, she had always looked down on the other members of the Mitchell Family since a young age. Therefore, when she saw Sean, who dared to mock her, she bellowed, “I’m talking to my dad, so mind your own business, alright?”

However, Sean sneered while a layer of cold mist covered his pretty, feminine face. Then, he placed a laptop in front of her. “Take a look for yourself.”

When she received the laptop, she saw an app called ‘Live Pandas’ broadcasting live on the laptop.

Today’s live broadcast was about the well-known movie star, Taylor Murray, feeding pandas.

It was still being broadcasted now.

On the screen, the man wore a protective suit and a mask while carrying a baby panda in his arms. He was now feeding the baby panda for the second time.

His movements were so gentle and familiar.

Immediately, Natasha could recognize that he was Michael. Looks like he left early in the morning to watch pandas and promote his new movie.

Remembering last night’s warmth and the virgin blood on the bed early in the morning, Natasha’s face was filled with self-indulgence, but sadly, Michael was already gone when she woke up.

While the baby panda drank the milk by itself with Michael holding it, he took the opportunity to speak to the camera, “My wife, Eddie Fletcher, and I have been married for two years, but I can’t give you the identity and background of my wife.”

His one sentence shattered all of the remaining sweetness on Natasha’s face, as if she had just been struck by lightning.

How… How dare Taylor say that! Does he know that, by saying that, he is shredding all my reputation and is standing opposed completely with the whole Mitchell Family?! How can he face off against the entire Mitchell Family by himself?

In the live broadcast, a reporter asked, “So Eddie Fletcher, who always fought with Miss Natasha before, is actually your wife? Does that mean you were the one who donated the national treasure—the Imperial Seal?”

Michael answered, “I bought the Imperial Seal abroad at a price of 1.28 billion. At first, I wanted to donate it to the national museum anonymously, but at that time, my wife seemed to be in a bad mood, so I donated it under her name. As for the other donations, it was all made by my wife, Eddie Fletcher, herself using her own money.”

The reporter asked again, “What do you make of Miss Natasha faking your marriage with her abroad?”

Michael replied, “We are already working on a subpoena.”

The reporter followed up, “What is your comment on the Murray Family working with Natasha Mitchell to fake the marriage between you and her?”

He answered swiftly, “No comment.”

However, the reporter still held on to the topic. “What do you make of the claims about Miss Natasha leaving your room this morning?”

He explained to the camera, “Last night, I left the film studio at 11.00PM and came to the Panda Foundation to meet with my wife. I’ve never had any private contact with Miss Natasha. As for her slander, I will hold it accountable in the law.”

The numerous live pop-up comments from the fans covered Michael’s face.

Meanwhile, Natasha was in disbelief as she stared at the screen.

Taylor left at 11.00PM last night? Then who was the person who slept with me? No. That was him. He must have been forced by that old housewife, Eddie Fletcher, to lie in front of everyone! I never expected that old housewife to be Eddie Fletcher! If she was able to afford the Imperial Seal, then I’d really underestimated her. Looks like she has a few elders backing her that allowed Taylor to go against the whole Mitchell Family! That hag actually has a few tricks up her sleeve!

Then, Natasha yelled while holding the laptop, “Taylor was forced to make these comments. The person who slept with me last night was him!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 478

At the moment, Alex’s face darkened.

The elders in the hall also began to whisper with each other. Their gaze toward Natasha changed from excruciating grief to extreme disappointment.

What an embarrassment! An utter embarrassment!

After taking back his laptop, Sean enunciated, “Dear Natasha, don’t you understand? Now, the main point isn’t who you slept with last night, but you tried to snatch away a married man by forging a marriage certificate, which the whole country now knows. This is such an embarrassment to the Mitchell Family!”

As soon as his words came out, an elder of the family immediately slammed his hand on the table. “In the Mitchell Family’s history, which goes back centuries, I’ve never seen such humiliation. You’ve really tarnished the reputation of our ancestors! The Mitchell Family can’t afford such embarrassment!”

Natasha’s high-profile pursuit after Taylor, a married man, had already angered the elders of the Mitchell Family, but unexpectedly, she still tried to twist the truth in front of everyone. She knew clearly that Taylor was married, but she still shamelessly claimed to be his real wife and forged a marriage certificate; even so, she was still being unreasonable toward the situation.

The stage name on the marriage certificate and the humiliation by others had completely tarnished the reputation of the Mitchell Family!

Facing everyone’s accusation, Natasha’s face immediately became pale, but she was still headstrong as she put on her usual arrogance and wits.

“Since the situation is irreversible, the only plan we have now is to ask Taylor to marry me immediately. If he explains everything to the public, we can still retain our reputation.”

“Haha!” Sean sneered and cut off her words. Then, he walked toward her step by step while questioning, “But they are a perfect couple. Natasha, are you saying that you want to break up a perfect couple and force Taylor to admit to his marriage with you?”

Natasha lifted her chin and said confidently, “At this point, the Mitchell Family’s reputation is more important.”

Suddenly, Sean couldn’t hold back his laughter. “Natasha, aren’t you afraid of offending Taylor and his wife? What if he brings more trouble to our family?”

“No one can compete with the Mitchell Family.” Her words were firm.

Meanwhile, Alex’s face had completely darkened, while the elders still carried on with their whispers.

A section of them felt that they should force Taylor to change his comments and admit to his marriage with Natasha, while the other section felt that going against Taylor without knowing his background might bring forth an unknown power against them in the future.

Both parties were now locked in an argument.

At the end, they came up with a conclusion—Taylor needed to admit to his marriage with Natasha quickly, even if they had to threaten him with a knife on his neck. He must confess that he was forced by someone to make the comments in the live broadcast!

Only in this way could the Mitchell Family retain its reputation instantly.

Sean wasn’t surprised that the elders had made such a decision.

Heh, the Mitchell Family are still living in the glory past of Cooper. Every one of them is so self-complacent. It’s time for them to eat some humble pie.

Suddenly, he said to everyone, “After all, Nat is still young and ignorant. That is why she has made mistakes without knowing the severity of it. Fortunately, the situation is still reversible. We need to first think of a way to retain our reputation from our glory days.”

Finally, the elders remained silent, but they were still extremely disappointed toward the talented but deceitful young lady of the family, Natasha. They were even disappointed in Alex, who spoiled her, but now, they could only try to save what they could.

Once, the elders thought that Natasha was the second coming of Cooper, but by the looks of it now, they had overestimated Natasha and underestimated Cooper.

Thinking of Cooper, an elder asked hurriedly, “Sean, didn’t you say that you’ve found news that Cooper is still alive? Hurry up and tell us!”

“That’s right. Hurry up and tell us!”

The subject of today’s meeting wasn’t only about cleaning up Natasha’s mess, but also about Cooper!

Cooper was still alive!

Looking at the anxious elders, Sean took out the relevant information he found from his bag.

“This happened a few days ago. An internet celebrity that resembles Uncle Cooper has suddenly risen recently, and I suspect that he is actually Uncle Cooper…”

He explained his investigation of Cooper in the film studio, but he totally excluded Sophia from the story.

Listening to his explanation, the elders of the Mitchell Family were extremely excited.

For the past few years, they had tried so hard to recreate a ‘Cooper’. At the end, they had nurtured multiple replacements for Cooper, but reality proved that all of them were far from the real deal. An example would be Natasha, the idiot!

The one-and-only Cooper was so brilliant that he could never be replaced. If they could bring him back, the Mitchell Family would return to its glory days.

Everyone was very excited, except for Alex’s family, who grew gloomier the more they listened to it.

If Cooper returned, it would definitely be beneficial to the Mitchell Family, but for Alex’s family, it would be a disaster! Along with the trouble Natasha had caused, the want to bring Cooper back grew.

“Various evidence shows that Uncle Cooper is actually alive, and he still holds power comparable to the Mitchell Family!”

Everyone in the family became more excited.

He really is Cooper. In the past ten years or so, he actually made a comeback and built a power stronger than the Mitchell Family. If he can return and become the head of the family once more, does that mean all the power and wealth in his hands would belong to the Mitchell Family? The Mitchell Family is finally returning to its glory days!

Natasha’s pursuit after a married man had already angered the elders of the Mitchell Family, so they were now desperate to bring Cooper back to steer the ship back!

After explaining his discovery, Sean sat back down.

From now on, I will not participate in the finding of Cooper. I’ll just let them find him themselves! This is what Sophia wanted. Now, let’s see where Natasha can find the energy to be a mistress!

Just when the elders were discussing the search for Cooper enthusiastically, Natasha, who was pleased with herself just now, felt a sense of fear that she had never felt before.

She had always been the well-loved genius of the family, and she was even dubbed as the second coming to Cooper, but now, the real Cooper was coming back!

If he comes back, will he bring along with him a daughter too? Does that mean I’ll no longer be the most beloved daughter of the Mitchell Family?

She helplessly glanced at Alex and saw that his expression remained dark.

As she seemed to feel that she had lost everything, she glared at Sean furiously.

It’s all because of him. If it weren’t for this damn eunuch, news about Cooper’s return wouldn’t have spread through the entire Mitchell Family!

Before the meeting was over, Natasha was sent back to her room by Alex to reflect on her mistake. This time, she didn’t dare to throw a temper because she knew that her position in the family was under threat.

At the same time, the Mitchell Family started to get in touch with Taylor. Let’s hope he can come out and correct his comments. If he doesn’t, we’ll force him to! He is just a rich performer that we won’t even bat our eye on. If Natasha didn’t insist on marrying him and him only, we wouldn’t even have acknowledged his existence!

However, after going back to her room, Natasha still wouldn’t give up, so she secretly escaped.

She wanted to ask Taylor clearly. I need to get Old Madam Murray to back me. With that old woman supporting me, he must marry me.

After she was gone, she was never heard from for a while.

In less than a few hours, the Mitchell Family received an anonymous letter and a video containing Natasha being tied up while shouting in horror, “Dad, help me…”

The anonymous letter requested a 3-billion ransom that must be paid within the next 10 hours; otherwise, pictures and videos of Natasha would be uploaded to a pornsite tomorrow…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 479

‘Natasha has been kidnapped, and the other party is requesting a 3-billion ransom. If this is Uncle Michael’s doing, tell him to be careful.’

After feeding the pandas at the Panda Foundation for a whole day, Sophia saw the text sent to her by Sean when she was done with her bath at night in the hotel.

She took a glance at Michael, who was working on his laptop, before replying, ‘I’ll ask him.’

Just as she was about to ask him, Danny knocked on the door and came in hurriedly. “Oh, my gosh! The Murray Family has called me a hundred times today from dozens of different phones. I beg you. Please say something!”

Michael merely clicked his tongue.

Instantly, Danny was rendered speechless.

Everyone in the Murray Family was waiting for Michael to marry into a wealthy family so that he could help them enter the higher class, but unexpectedly, he silently left Natasha and came to the Panda Foundation to feed pandas with that old housewife of his!

Therefore, they were so enraged that they kept on calling him.

However, Michael had two sets of phones with the same number. One of the phones could only receive calls from special phone numbers that were pre-set by him, including the numbers of Sophia, Old Master Fletcher, Stanley, Hale, Gary, and others.

Calls from other numbers, including those of the Murray Family members, Natasha, and some business partners, would all be transferred to a different phone, and Danny was fully responsible to receive all the calls from that phone.

At the moment, he was annoyed to death by the Murray Family.

“You can’t keep on avoiding them!”

Michael replied, “Just ignore them. You can simply say something perfunctory.”

Danny gave up. “I’m applying for leave.”

He was also Michael’s assistant in the film crew. Now that the shooting was over, he wanted to take a break.

Michael said to him, “Then give the phone to Hale.”

Therefore, Danny walked out and handed the phone to Hale. In the meantime, he reminded him on how to deal with the Murray Family.

“If they call asking for a visit, you should just send someone to visit them. If they want some money, just simply give them a few ten thousand to make them happy. Remember to file the receipt.”

While holding the phone, Hale furrowed his brows. “What if they come straight to our door?”

Danny explained, “James and Larry are now in the hospital, so only Olivia would do that. If they come, just do what you see fit, or run away if possible. Remember not to let them pester the Boss.”

Hale asked again, “What if the Old Madam comes?”

“Don’t worry. She can’t afford to come all the way here with her old age!” Danny assured him.

Hale thought about it. He’s right. That old woman is already 80 to 90 years old, and taking a plane would kill her. Looks like she won’t be able to make a few trips.

There was only one flight that would come to the Panda Foundation daily. As soon as the Murray Family found out about Michael’s activity at the Panda Foundation, they immediately booked the earliest flight ticket to the airport nearest to the Foundation. When they got there, it was already dark, and the gates had been closed long ago. Also, Michael was gone.

Olivia came to look for Michael, but she knew that her words meant nothing, so she brought Old Madam Murray along.

Old Madam Murray was angry at Michael because he left without saying anything and even humiliated Natasha in front of the public along with the Murray Family. However, what annoyed her the most was that he dared to announce to the public that his surname wasn’t ‘Murray’!

This is absurd! He is as unreasonable as his mother! As long as he has the blood of the Murray Family in his veins, he will always be a member of the family. Therefore, he must listen to the words of his family!

The two of them took two flights in two consecutive days to the film studio and the Panda Foundation. As soon as they got off the plane, Olivia dragged Old Madam Murray to the Panda Foundation by taking a bus, but the old woman couldn’t take it as she was exhausted. Therefore, they could only stay in a nearby hotel for the night and look for Michael at the Panda Foundation the next day.

That night, Olivia anxiously called Natasha, whose phone was turned off.

Then, she called Michael, but it was Hale who answered the call.

“Tell my cousin to answer the phone!”

“I’m sorry. I’m his assistant, but I’m now off work, so I can’t locate him.”

Olivia was getting anxious because she needed to give Natasha an answer, so she yelled hysterically into the phone, “I don’t care. Tell him to answer the phone. Tell him that his grandma wants to speak with him!”

Hale answered, “Be here tomorrow early in the morning.”


He hung up the phone.

She had no other choice after making lots of calls to Michael, but he didn’t pick up. Therefore, she dragged Old Madam Murray to the Panda Foundation early in the next morning.

However, when they got there, Michael was already gone.

Where has he gone?

No one knew.

In the morning, Sophia opened the curtains of the hotel room and saw a snowy scene outside the window. Far away, there was a snow-capped mountain that towered the clouds. The altitude was so high that it had already started to snow.

Today, the weather was clear, and the sun was showing up, but it couldn’t melt away the snow on the ground.

She was surprised when she gazed at the snow far away because she had never seen such beautiful snow before. She lived in the suburban areas of Bayside City, so the snow there was dirty every year, but here, it looked as bright as crystals.

At the moment, Michael had already put on his ski suit as he prepared to go out. The two of them ate their meals in a glass restaurant in the hotel so that they could have their breakfast while enjoying the snowy view.

Michael took a sip of hot porridge before saying to her, “Hurry up and finish your food. After we are done, we can go out and have some fun. It gets dark early in the mountains, so we need to go out as soon as possible.”

Through the transparent glass wall, Sophia could see Hale leading a few huskies as he prepared the sled outside.

After a day of skiing and sledding in the mountains, the two of them left by a private jet the next day. Sophia even bought a baby Samoyed and some local products from the snowy mountains.

On the third day, she woke up to a misty prairie outside the hotel window…

During this period, Michael was quick on posting his tweets, as if he was liberating himself after their relationship had been made public. Other than that, he also wanted to humiliate the faces of a certain person so hard that their face would shatter, exposing the disgusting maggots underneath.

From time to time, he would tweet about his wife on the prairie, the desert, and the beach separately as he went on with his travel plans after finishing his movie. After traveling to snowy mountains, prairies, deserts and beaches, they were finally back at Bayside City. The beautiful background in the pictures were constantly changing, but there would always be a human-shaped mosaic inside.

The people close to him naturally knew who that person was. As for those who weren’t close to him, they also knew that it was his wife, Eddie Fletcher, …

Therefore, Eddie’s real identity immediately became a trending topic.

Who is this Eddie? She seems to be one of Taylor’s fans, but how did she capture his heart?

In the military compound, an old man was wearing a pair of glasses while studying Michael’s live broadcast for a long time. He kept on pausing, repeating, and enlarging the video.

That back view… That name… The old man didn’t dare to guess.

Suddenly, Woody came over to him and pointed at Eddie’s back in the video while giggling. “Coop! Coop is feeding the pandas!”

“Damn it!”

Finally, Old Master Fletcher came back to his senses.

Isn’t Eddie Fletcher actually Sophia?!

“Security, give me the phone!”

Old Master Fletcher was very enraged.

Cooper’s daughter is squandered by being with that barbaric man, Michael! I will have none of this!

Soon after, he quickly found out about everything, so he called Daniel over.

The Levine Family wasn’t as prominent as the Fletchers, but the two families always had a connection with each other, so the old man was very familiar with Daniel.

“It had nothing to do with me. Joe wanted to sell his daughter, and your grandson wanted a mother for Nate, so I sent a picture over to him. He was immediately fond of her at first glance.” Daniel tried to act innocent.

However, Old Man Fletcher was already spewing his rage. “So you sold Cooper’s daughter for just 80,000?”

Daniel shivered. “No, no. I would never have dared to. It was actually 10 million!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 480

“10 million? Is that all you get for selling my god-granddaughter?”

After realizing Cooper’s daughter was insulted, the old man kept on pounding his chest in anger. Suddenly, he pointed at Stanley, who was enjoying the drama. “Stupid dog, why didn’t you save her? Not only is she your Uncle Cooper’s daughter, she’s my god granddaughter!”

Stanley acted innocently. “Have you ever considered if I’m able to restrain my Uncle Michael? He’s so brilliant that Eddie is now completely charmed by him. What else could I do?”

Daniel quickly advised the old man, “Old Master Fletcher, what’s done is done. Besides, both of them have such a great relationship together. I think you should just accept it.”

Old Master Fletcher was now fuming, but there was nothing he could do. What’s done is done. What else can I do, except for accepting this fact?

On the way back to Bayside City, Michael and Sophia wore couple t-shirts while having fun the entire day before returning to the hotel just now. They had planned the whole travel route, and now, it was coming to an end. Tomorrow, they would return to Bayside City. Today, they had fun at an old town near Bayside City. Sophia wanted to visit here a long time ago, but she didn’t have the money nor the time. Now, she had finally fulfilled her wish.

Just when she was happily buying every souvenir on the road, Michael received a call from Old Master Fletcher. “Brat, if you come back now, I promise I won’t kill you!” These were his first words.

Michael knew that this would happen. Even though he was unwilling to tell the old man about his relationship with Sophia, the old man already knew about it, so he could only go with the flow. He smiled and opened a bottle of pure milk. As he drank the milk, he told him, “Grandpa, if you kill me, Cooper’s daughter is going to be a widow.”

The old man was rendered speechless. Michael continued, “Didn’t you hope most for Cooper’s daughter to get married to a Fletcher? Now, you finally got your wish.”

The old man grunted as he didn’t want to speak. I would rather have her married to Claude, Caleb, or even that stupid dog, Stanley. Why is it Michael who got her at the end? How could an old man like him marry someone so young? There’s an age gap of at least ten years between the two of them! But at this point, I can only accept it.

“I’ve heard that the Murrays and the Mitchells are troubling you. Don’t worry. You have me to back you up!”

For a moment, Michael felt a warmth in his heart, but he still advised the old man, “Grandpa, this is between us young people. You shouldn’t keep worrying about me.”

Old Master Fletcher informed him again, “I’ll ask Stan to send Nate back in two days. Even though he is a rash kid, he is still your sister’s son. You don’t need to intimidate him too much. It was my idea to set Sophie up with that blind date. He didn’t have much to do with it.”

When Sophia returned to Bayside City, Bayside University was already two weeks into the new semester. As soon as they got back, Stanley immediately brought Sean to Michael’s house to have a meal.

“Uncle Michael, look at how skinny you’ve become after the shoot. Hurry up and open a bottle of fine wine to replenish your body!” The moment Stanley arrived, he kept on pestering Michael.

When he came, he also brought Nathan along back home. After over a month of devilish training, Nathan had already become a human stick. Not only that, his skin also got so dark that he looked pitiful. As soon as he saw Sophia, he instantly came crying to her. “Mommy!” Nathan cried embarrassingly.

Immediately, Sophia hugged the little ball of meat and coaxed him. Looks like he still isn’t done with his one hundred exercises. After coaxing him for a while, she advised, “Later on, remember to apologize to Daddy. If you make him happy, he’ll probably allow you to come back.”

However, Nathan pouted his lips and wiped his tears away while remaining silent. According to his cold personality, he would never bow down to Michael. Sophia knew that this would happen, so she advised him, “Your daddy is a bad man who only knows how to bully children. Nate, you can’t bow down to bad guys, but beggars can’t be choosers. Why don’t you pretend to apologize to him first? Are you fine with that?”

After giving it a thought, Nathan nodded his head with agreement.

At the moment, Sean was explaining Natasha’s situation to Michael.

“She was rescued after they paid the 3 billion ransom, but they didn’t want the incident to be exposed to the public, so she is now still locked inside her room. I haven’t seen her for a few days. At the moment, the whole Mitchell Family is a mess. Some of them want to bring Cooper back, but the other thinks that he is a traitor to the family, so they are adamant that he mustn’t be brought back. Overall, the Mitchell Family is now in peril as they are no longer harmonious, so there’s no chance for Natasha to cause any trouble. However, she still insists that it was you in her room that night. The Mitchell Family can’t afford to embarrass themselves, so they want you to take responsibility no matter what. After this incident, they’ll definitely come for you and force you to admit to the public that Natasha is your real wife. They will retain her reputation at all cost.”

While listening to him, Michael poured some wine for himself and Stanley. Hale also received lots of calls from the Mitchell Family, but he simply deflected all of them. From now on, they were going to use a more aggressive strategy. To deal with an actor, they had lots of ideas in mind…

“I’m preparing for pregnancy, so I’m not drinking.” Michael took a sip of milk.

After taking a sip of red wine, Sean informed him, “Their first step is to halt the verification of ‘War Dragon’.” If the movie couldn’t pass through the verification process, the movie would never make it to the cinemas.

Then, the Mitchell Family would be able to shut down Taylor and force him to admit to his marriage with Natasha! However, when explaining their plan, even Sean felt that it was laughable.

‘War Dragon’ has the backing of the military! Most of the confidential weapons used in the movie were real; otherwise, how would they be able to use it without the backing of the military?

Stanley quickly took two sips of the wine and reminded, “Uncle Michael, I think you should prepare yourself. The old man is now very angry at you for insulting Uncle Cooper’s daughter. He will come for you sooner or later.”

However, Michael remained silent. What else can the old man do to me, except for accepting reality? He has no other way.

Then, Sophia came over while holding Nathan’s hand. Even though he seemed to be unwilling to do this, he still had no choice but to walk to the front of Michael with his head down. “Daddy, I was wrong,” he uttered while pouting his lips.

This apology was probably touching Nathan’s limit, so Michael chose not to mess with him as he caressed his head. “Good boy. Your mommy has brought a puppy back for you. Are you happy about it?”

Nathan was now carrying the puppy that Sophia brought back while his face had traces of satisfaction. “Yes, I am.” After the humiliating apology, he immediately went back to Sophia, as if he was ashamed by what he just did. He was now squirming in her arms because, afraid to look at everyone else.

After being gone for a few days, Michael’s house had quickly become a breeding center for orange cats as they were scattered everywhere like chickens. At the moment, Sophia was whispering to Nathan while he carried the puppy. Every inch of space in this big house was filled with warmth.

Michael took a sip of milk and filled his throat with sweetness. After placing down the glass, his eyes became serious as he spoke to Sean, “Let the Mitchells play their little game first, but remember to inform me if anything happens.”

Now that news about Cooper being alive has already been released, the Mitchell Family will definitely start an investigation on it, so they may find their way to Sophia. Therefore, she must be fully prepared for what’s to come.

However, Sean was still a little excited to see the outcome of Alex using every method possible to force out Michael. By then, he will know what it’s like to hit a rock with an egg.

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