My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 461-470

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 461

Sophia, whose role was an extra in the crew, was already done with all of her scenes. Hence, she merely sat aside and swiped on her phone as she was not needed on the set.

Since her husband was a celebrity, she was attentive to any news that was related to ‘War Dragon’ online. Whenever she had time on her hands, she would search for related keywords to read about the news.

There was another piece of sensational news that appeared today with the title ‘She used to be the queen of a local TV drama yet she has to kneel before others today’.


After Sophia clicked on the link, she saw a picture of Nicole, which seemed to have been secretly captured by someone in the filming crew.

With the script in her hand, Nicole was kneeling in front of Michael and Harry in the picture.

Her head was lowered as she attentively looked at the script with a humble attitude. However, the two male leads in front of her crossed their legs. As it was secretly taken from a distance, the expressions on their faces could not be clearly seen, but overall, the two men looked rather arrogant. With her posture, it looked like she was indeed kneeling in front of them.

Then, many comments about ‘bullying a new actress’ and ‘Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston are abusing their power’ filled the news section.

Many ghostwriters flooded the comments section and repeated the few words from time to time, brainwashing the public’s logic and causing the news to gain traction.

“Gosh, his image of a male idol is completely ruined now! It seems that the rumors being spread online weren’t for nothing. I can’t believe that Taylor is this type of person!”

“There’s even a picture as evidence this time! We’ll see how the fans defend their idol this time! Taylor and Ethan have even forced her to kneel before them. Now, we know how they actually treat people!”

“We have to boycott ‘War Dragon’!”

Sophia was so furious that it made her butt ache even more.

Obviously, that was because Nicole had nowhere else to sit, so she temporarily kneeled there. I immediately brought her a stool! Who the hell uploaded this picture? This familiar tactic and the smell of the same formula…

Sophia eyed Xyla, who was touching her makeup. Even though Xyla looked innocent, Sophia knew that she was definitely related to the incident. After all, Glory Entertainment knows the best method to spread rumors. Could it be Richard? As Michael always speaks up for me, Richard has taken offense and used this opportunity to slander Michael? How disgusting! Seems like I’ve been too easy on them!

While she was busy replying to the comments online, she did not forget to take a look at Nicole.

As Nicole was busy filming, she did not have time to look at the news online. Although she was almost done with her scenes, the final parts had kept her busy, flying around in the air with metal cables tied to her.

Sophia reminded Nicole’s assistant not to allow her employer to be influenced by what she read online.

When the filming crew were done with their work, everyone scrolled on their phone. Hence, some of them definitely saw the news and spread it among themselves.

In no time, everyone in the filming crew understood what had happened. They were aware of Nicole’s sense of professionalism and some of them even helped to speak up for her by revealing the truth online.

In a short time, the full video had been leaked online. Finally, the netizens finally knew what exactly had happened.

However, Sophia felt that the matter would not end just like that. Sure enough, after dinner, the news exploded like wildfire once again, but in a different direction.

In the afternoon, everyone still felt sorry for Nicole as they thought that she was being bullied by her seniors. However, by the time evening arrived, rumors had it that Nicole was the one who intentionally leaked the pictures and hired ghostwriters to slander Taylor and Ethan, using their fame to boost her own popularity. It had infuriated Taylor and Ethan’s fans, who were canceling her online.

With the influx of countless ghostwrites, the rumors couldn’t be stopped at all. In just under one night, everyone started to hate Nicole and many reporters flocked to the film set to interview her.

However, since Taylor and Ethan were experienced and famous actors, they refused the interview. On the other hand, Nicole was utilizing every second to shoot her scenes, so she had no time for any interviews.

Since they weren’t able to interview anyone, the media concocted many different stories and rumors to slander Nicole until everyone hated her. Meanwhile, they also slandered the filming crew of ‘War Dragon’.

Taylor and Ethan’s fans insisted that Nicole’s role as the lead actress be swapped with someone else. If she was not changed, they would boycott ‘War Dragon’ to the end.

When it came to slandering people, Glory Entertainment was an expert.

Even some people in the filming crew were slightly unhappy with Nicole after being influenced by what they read on the news. They thought that she was the culprit behind the rumors to gain sympathy and fame.

“Taylor, look at Nicole—that btch! She even has the courage to use you to promote herself. See, you were insulted by the public in front of her. You have to tell the director to change that btch! Otherwise, the entire filming crew would be dragged down by her.”

Olivia pouted as she pulled on Michael’s sleeves. After all, she couldn’t wait for him to ask the director to fire Nicole from the crew. As long as Taylor speaks up, the director will definitely agree with him! When the time arrives, I will definitely be the female lead!

While looking at the script lazily, Michael raised his gaze and glanced at Sophia, who had been using his hotspot in the corner. Then, he told Olivia, “I’ll talk to the director later.”

Upon hearing his reply, Olivia left happily to wait for her turn to be the female lead.

Even Xyla came over to congratulate her in jealousy.

The entire filming crew seemed to know that Nicole was about to be fired.

However, at that moment, she had no idea about it as she lacked the time to peruse the news online. On top of that, her assistant also forbade her to look at them and asked her to concentrate on the filming instead.

In order to decrease the amount of bloopers, Nicole was memorizing her lines and practicing her moves whenever it was time for her to rest.

Her stomach still hurt—the medicine had only alleviated the pain for a while. During the final fight scenes, her hand hurt so much that she couldn’t even hold her cutleries.

Every step on the ground felt like Nicole was stepping on knives. It was so painful that she almost burst into tears, but she still managed to suppress all of that. It will be a matter of time before I finish my scenes and everything will end!

Upon hearing the conversation between Michael and Olivia, Sophia knew that he wanted to fire Nicole. Hence, amidst her anger, she stopped talking to him.

With her butt slightly aching, she was angered to the point where she didn’t want to use his hotspot anymore. She hid in another corner so that she wouldn’t have to see him.

The more she looked at the comments online, the angrier she became

The comments had insulted Nicole, the filming crew, and Michael.

Argh! I’m so angry!

When she returned to the hotel, she was still furious when she lay on the bed.

Everyone is hating Nicole now. As long as Michael says something about it, everything will be fine. However, his position is much higher, so he will not speak about something like this.

The more Sophia thought about it, the more her butt hurt. She lay on the bed on her belly with her butt facing the ceiling.

We can never use the ‘backdoor’ again the next time!

No way!

Not even when Michael tries to seduce me!

It’s the same level of pain as the time I lost my virginity!

With a towel around him, Michael came out of the bathroom and climbed onto the bed before he caressed her buttocks that faced upward.

“Does it still hurt?”

Sophia’s voice came from the pillow. “It’s none of your f*cking business.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 462

Michael knew that she was still angry. I was wrong. I shouldn’t take the ‘backdoor’. While rubbing her buttocks to alleviate the pain, he said, “Don’t worry about Nicole. It will be over in a while. We won’t change the female lead, so don’t worry about it.”

Sophia snorted.

While touching her smooth buttocks, his mind wandered elsewhere again. “After all, we’ve already slept together. I will uphold my promise that I made before.

Sophia, who was in the blanket, replied, “Men are just so ruthless! After wearing your pants, everything else is not counted anymore!”

He quickly defended himself. “How is it so? Look at everything that I promised you—I’ve kept to them each time. When I say that I won’t fire Nicole, I will keep to my word. Don’t worry!”

She was still furious. “Olivia has always wanted the position of the female lead. If she uses your bunch of relatives to threaten you, will you give in?”

He was still caressing her buttocks as he liked them the most. After practicing squats for a long time, her outline was extremely enticing as it was also quite toned. “Nothing else matters.” He smiled.

“Hmph.” Sophia was still unhappy about it.

However, Michael added, “But, you know that the Murray Family is still my mother’s family. If they really come to look for trouble or force me to fire Nicole, I will probably feel pressured.”

Of course. No matter what, the Murray Family is still Elizabeth’s maiden family. On top of that, her mother is still alive—in her eighties. What if that old lady comes to the filming set with a stick to look for trouble with Michael? It will be a tricky matter. She turned and asked anxiously, “What should we do?”

With a frown on his face, Michael pretended to be worried. “If you can sleep with me for a few more times, I can totally settle this…”

Sophia was speechless upon hearing that. Sure enough, there’s nothing in the filming crew that the ‘hidden rules’ can’t solve.

After implementing the ‘hidden rules’, her butt ached even more as she lay on the bed and groaned.

In fact, he felt slightly sorry. After all, the incidents with the filming crew were minute that he would not need to speak up at all. The director was exceptionally satisfied with Nicole’s performance, so there would not be any need to change her role. If everyone hates her, just let them be for the time being. After all, nothing else would make her more famous than a few malicious rumors.

After some time when ‘War Dragon’ was about to be promoted, there would be more than enough time to clear her name.

With that, Nicole would immediately gain popularity and people would like her. It was something that many famous celebrities used to increase their fame.

He was just trying to scare Sophia and deliberately teased her.

The Murray Family was nothing to Michael.

After sleeping with him, Sophia lay on the bed on her belly again to scroll on her phone while Michael slathered some cream on her buttocks so that it would reduce the pain.

After that, he switched on his laptop to have a video call with Old Master Fletcher since it was still early.

After the call was connected, his caretaker fiddled around the camera to make some adjustments. In no time, his face was immediately seen on the screen. With a pair of glasses on his face, he greeted Michael energetically.

“Mikey, are you done with the filming?”

Michael replied, “Soon.”

Then, they saw Nathan walking past with a huge orange cat in his hands. After glancing at the camera, he walked away again with a frustrated expression on his face.

Michael took the opportunity to look at Nathan. How pitiful. His baby fat is all gone now, but he looks more like a man. It’s about time that he needs to learn to be mature.

Sophia was still on her phone with her belly on the bed. In fact, she was hiding at a spot that was not noticeable by the camera. If Old Master Fletcher sees me in Michael’s bed, he’s going to pester me again!

During the time that she was at the film studio, Old Master Fletcher had occasionally pestered her as he could not wait for her to marry one of the guys in his family.

She listened to their conversation on the side. After hearing Michael finish the call, she asked, “Your nickname is ‘Mikey’. What about your sister?”

Michael replied, “I’m Mikey while she is Celie.”

Suddenly, Sean sent a message to her. ‘Sophia, when and where did you take this picture?’

He sent a picture of her and an unknown handsome guy.

Sophia immediately answered him with the location and the time as it was still fresh in her memory. After all, the guy was too handsome for her to forget, so she wanted his number and Twitter and Messenger handles to admire his pictures. However, she merely looked at him without having the guts to ask him about it. Why is Sean asking about this? Has he finally decided to leave Stanley, the relationship nerd? ‘Why are you asking about this?’

Sean enlarged the picture until he could see the background before zooming into a man’s figure and adjusted the clarity of the photo to the maximum.

In no time, his side profile appeared in front of Sophia.

His tilted face looked calm and cool while the end of his blond hair slightly touched his eyebrows when he lowered his blue eyes. With a pair of sunglasses in his hands, he looked like he was about to wear them.

He asked, ‘Who do you think this person looks like?’

While looking at the man blankly, she suddenly realized something. It’s Cooper!

She recalled the picture of Cooper and Annabel—the background of that picture was precisely the filming studio, so it was not a surprise that he would be there. So, Cooper has visited this filming studio before?

After looking at the picture in a daze for a few more seconds, tears suddenly streamed down Sophia’s face. Cooper, are you here to reminisce about your Anna?

After a while, she wiped her tears away and saw Sean’s text. ‘Sophia, I was investigating the case back then. When Uncle Cooper was in the car accident, his body was badly injured to the point where it was not recognizable. Only the DNA results confirmed his identity. Two days ago, when I saw this picture, I visited his grave to have a look. I wanted to take his corpse to compare his DNA and the report to confirm it again, but I realized that someone has broken into his grave before. The coffin is gone. Sophia, I think he might still be alive. Because he couldn’t overcome the incidents that happened before, he chose to stage his own death as a way to be free. Stanley and I are on our way to the airport. I’m flying over to look for Uncle Cooper. Regardless of whether that man is him or not, I still want to have a look.’

Meanwhile, Michael was looking at Nathan’s pictures that Gary had sent. After that, he turned and saw Sophia looking at her phone in a daze before glancing at her chat with Sean.

Michael never planned on telling her about Cooper’s reappearance in the event that it was a mistake. He didn’t want her to be disappointed after having her hopes up. On top of that, whether Cooper truly reappeared was a mere speculation. What I never expected is that Sean also can’t forget about Cooper.

He enlarged the picture of Sophia that she took with Linus and adjusted the clarity to the maximum. Sure enough, in the corner of the picture, a man who looked like Cooper was standing there. Based on everything he had investigated about Cooper, that person was definitely him. Seems like it’s time to get in touch with the Mitchell Family to learn about the truth.

However, Michael thought that it would be for the best if one of the Mitchells did it.

The next morning, right after Sophia was dressed, Stanley sneaked into their room as soon as Michael opened the door.

Stanley was immediately shocked by the design of the room.

He was greeted by the sight of the love swing, the sex toys, the huge bed, and the home cinema. Many R-rated movies were in the drawers and there were also many sexy posters laying around…

“What the fck? You guys even have a love swing? The fck! Look at the lighting of the room and its design! Gosh, both of you are so shameless! I can’t even bear to look at this!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 463

Meanwhile, Sean had also informed Michael about the reason why he was coming.

“Here’s what happened—everyone in the Mitchell Family is aware that Uncle Cooper’s coffin has disappeared. We believe that it’s because he is still alive. We analyzed the picture that Sophia took and are sure that it’s definitely Uncle Cooper! We won’t be wrong!”

While thinking about Cooper’s coffin in the basement, even though it wasn’t really him in there, Michael still felt guilty. As he brushed his teeth, he said, “Yeah, Cooper is a senior whom I really respect. It would be for the best if he’s still alive. If you need any help, just message me and I’ll try my best.”

He had been secretly looking for Cooper all the while and had to keep the news low.

However, Sean could look for him in the open as he knew more about Cooper than Michael did. If Sean joined the search, there could be a huge surprise waiting for them.

An ecstatic Sean said, “That’s great! Thanks, Michael!”

After having his breakfast, Michael went to the film set while Sophia and Stanley accompanied Sean to the city in search of Cooper. Michael had sent a few people to help them out too—Hale, Maria, and a few others, but they were actually there to inspect the progress.

Many people were there in the film studio as usual.

While standing on the bridge, Stanley looked at the heads of the crowd below him. It was so crowded that everyone’s heads practically touched each other, which triggered his trypophobia. As he shuddered, he complained, “How on earth are we going to find him? Look at the people below!”

Sean took out a stack of old photographs from his jacket. “I know why Uncle Cooper returned here. He came here with someone else once. He’s actually a nostalgic person. So, if he really visited here, there’s something in this place that he wants to revisit. We’ll be able to find him once we look for the thing.”

Sophia remained silent all the while and she continued to do so. While looking at the picture that Sean passed over quietly, she saw Cooper standing at the entrance of the film studio with a wide beam on his face. There were also a few other pictures of Cooper at various tourist spots at the studio.

“I found these pictures in Uncle Cooper’s old room. 20 years ago, he visited this place and left many pictures detailing his visit behind. But, do you guys think that someone is missing here?” Sean asked as he held a picture up.

A shocked Stanley asked, “Who’s missing?”

Sean answered, “The photographer.”

Stanley looked at the picture for a couple more times. “The Mitchell Family is so rich. I’m sure a bunch of people must have followed him whenever he walked around. There would have been plenty of people to take pictures for him!”

“No, no, no.” Sean shook his head. “I’ve asked the people who knew about this matter. 21 years ago, when Uncle Cooper came, he actually brought his girlfriend. It was also because of this trip that their relationship was exposed to the family. Back then, this film studio was merely an ancient city. On the third day that they arrived here, they were dragged to the Mitchell Residence where the girl… was sentenced to death by the Mitchell Family.”

Stanley was extremely shocked to hear that and broke the silence after a long time. “There should be one more person in the picture, considering that it is their final memory together. I presume that’s the reason why Uncle Cooper came here.”

Sean smiled. “Let’s follow the locations that are in the pictures to look for him, one by one. Even though we might not find them, there are definitely some trails that he left behind!”

While listening to their conversation, Hale was secretly reporting to Michael.

On the film set, when Michael heard the news, he was quite excited. Sure enough, it’s easier for someone in the Mitchell Family to look for him! Perhaps this time around, we can finally catch Cooper’s tail!

In the film studio, Sean was leading the group while Stanley and Sophia followed behind.

While they were walking, Stanley noticed that Sophia remained silent. After he turned, he suddenly patted her shoulders when he saw her looking at Cooper’s pictures in a daze, which frightened her. “Hey, Sophia! What are you daydreaming about?”

Sophia quickly replied, “Nothing. I just think that Mr. Cooper is too handsome, so I was too engrossed when I saw the pictures.”

Feeling a wave of disgust, Stanley said solemnly as he grabbed her shoulders, “Sophia, you already slept with Uncle Michael, so you have to be loyal to him. Don’t think about other men now. You can only think of Uncle Michael, but if you have space for another man, it will have to be me.”

She rolled her eyes as usual as they continued to walk around.

Sophia continued to look at the pictures in her hands, recalling the picture that the couple took at the masonry bridge.Was I already in my mother’s womb at that time?

Annabel and Cooper weren’t the only ones in the pictures—she was there too, still a fetus.

Sean took out the map of the film studio and arranged a route based on the tourist spots in the pictures before they began to look around.

Since he was a part of the Mitchell Family, he was able to search for Cooper in the open. When he arrived at the film studio, he had already scanned through all the surveillance cameras, but it was a futile effort.

However, nothing was more accurate than a pair of human eyes. Hence, he started to show pictures of Cooper to the shop owners near the places where he could have appeared.

It was a grand project indeed!

After asking around for an entire day, Sean’s effort did not reap any positive efforts at all. None of the shop owners had seen Cooper as there were simply too many people around, so it was unlikely that they would remember the faces. On top of that, Cooper had a face that resembled a local’s. He would not have stood out among the crowd or even entered the shops at all.

In the evening, after Michael returned to the hotel, he saw Sean, Stanley, and Sophia in front of three separate laptops in the study of the suite, looking as though they were searching for something.

“Uncle Michael, welcome back.” Stanley greeted him as soon as he saw Michael.

Even though the latter knew that they did not manage to find anything, he pretended to ask, “How’s the search?”

Sean replied, “We asked a few shop owners and roadside stalls, but none of them have seen Cooper. We will continue the search tomorrow, but we’re now looking for some information online. We noticed Uncle Cooper from Sophia’s pictures by accident. Perhaps he might show up in other people’s pictures too. Right now, we are looking for a few keywords on the Internet.”

Michael walked over to have a look at the progress of their work. Truth to be told, the methods they used were quite inefficient, considering that Sean merely searched for ‘xx film studio’ in the search engine and set the time to the recent few days. Then, he looked for the thousands of pictures that showed up.

All the results from Twitter, IG Stories, forums, and blogs were more than tens of thousands. How long are they going to take?

They continued until evening had arrived. Even though Sean and Stanley had returned to their room, Sophia was still on her laptop, refusing to throw in the towel. She searched all of the pictures—one by one—with precise caution until her eyes reddened.

Sure enough, her father was more important to the point where she did not even care about Nicole being ridiculed by the anti-fans.

When Nicole was filming the lead actress’ final few scenes, a few anti-fans suddenly barged into the film set and poured black ink on Nicole. Soon, it was reported on the news online.

Upon seeing that Sophia was serious about searching for Cooper, Michael did not distract her.

When she started to search for her father, she did not care about other matters. Even though he was already well-prepared and waiting for her to start the action on the bed, she was glued to her seat.

He had already fallen asleep by the time dawn arrived. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise in his dreams as she jumped on the bed and shook him. “I found him! I found him! I finally found Daddy!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 464

Michael quickly rubbed his eyes in a state of sleepiness before he rose to look at Sophia’s results.

She was in charge of browsing through Twitter and some forums. After she searched the keywords in Twitter and scrolled through hundreds of posts, she finally discovered some of the trails that Cooper left behind—it was a picture that was posted two days ago when a female tourist took a selfie with a selfie stick at the film studio.

In the picture, the pretty lady had revealed half of her face while dedicating most of the space to a man behind her who wore a black coat. Although only half of his face with an indifferent expression was also revealed, Sophia could immediately tell that he was Cooper right away.

The lady uploaded the picture onto Twitter and wrote a post that included the keywords that Sophia searched for—‘xx film studio’. Her original post was ‘At XX film studio, when I was taking a selfie, I found a handsome man. shy emoji I think he might be one of the actors. Does anyone know who this handsome lad is? Please let me know his name and Twitter handle!’

Obviously, when she took a selfie, an unaware Cooper had barged into the camera. She quietly took a picture of him and uploaded it on Twitter under the pretext of a selfie.

Even though only half of his face was shown, the quality of the picture was rather clear as a result of his close distance to her.

That is Cooper! Michael now looked at the three musketeers in a different light. Their idea actually worked! I can’t believe that they managed to find him!

Sophia immediately called Sean and Stanley over. When they realized that they finally found another picture of Cooper, they were over the moon for a while before discussing how to look for him in person.

Upon looking at the female tourist’s post, she realized that her followers left a few comments there. ‘Girl, why don’t you tag a few official accounts so that they will retweet this for you? With more people helping you, you can definitely find him. Even though it’s not very likely that the official accounts will be of assistance, it’s still worth a shot to tag a few of them.’

‘Here, I’ll tag both of them for you. My idols are filming there too. Taylor Murray. Ethan Winston.’

Upon seeing the female tourist’s interaction with her followers, Sophia suddenly had a bold idea—to ‘accidentally’ make Cooper famous on the Internet so that everyone would be on the lookout for him.

On top of that, it was an easy plan to execute since there were people with millions of followers on Twitter around her.

Late at night, Harry, who was fast asleep, was suddenly woken up by Michael.

With a dazed expression, he looked at Michael with bloodshot eyes. “Bro, have you gone bananas? Why are you waking me up in the middle of the night?”

Michael stood at Harry’s doorway with a phone in his hands. “Get up to post something on Twitter.”

Harry asked, “What?”

Taking out his phone, he saw that Michael had retweeted a fan’s Twitter post. Basically, one of their fans spotted a handsome man in the film studio and secretly took a picture of him. Then, she uploaded it on Twitter to ask for the netizens’ help to look for him.

“Gosh, I didn’t know that you’re such a kind-hearted person to look for your fan’s crush.” While teasing Michael, Harry retweeted the post as well and looked at the handsome man before adopting a serious expression the moment he saw the picture. “The fck, you could even find that! What the fck! What are you planning to do? OMG, you even thought of that?!”

After Michael and Harry retweeted the post, their action had created a huge effect on the Internet. Considering that they had a large fanbase, the total number of fans for the both of them could easily reach up to 100 million. On top of that, Cooper was a handsome person, much more than the young actors and the Internet celebrities. In an instant, the few tweets were retweeted over tens of thousands of times. The only people that the film studio did not lack were celebrities since they had a great influence. Once they had shared the post, Michael and Harry messaged some of their colleagues to retweet the same tweet. Within a day, half of the entertainment industry retweeted the picture of Cooper to search for him.

Cooper had become an Internet sensation in two days. Not only did every celebrity in Cethos knew about Cooper, but even their fans were aware of him.

It was true that when more people helped, more power would come. Many netizens constantly updated the Internet with the latest news about Cooper.

Sophia, Sean, and Stanley stayed in the hotel to gather the replies that they received on the Internet. Even Michael sent those whom he could think of to help the three of them out.

Account A: ‘Is this the man whom you are looking for? Two days ago, I was eating in a restaurant located at the ancient part of the film studio and he sat right across me, deep in his thoughts. He merely sat there without moving and didn’t even eat the food that he ordered. What a melancholic man. This is a picture that I’ve secretly taken. I hope he won’t kill me after seeing this.’

Account B: ‘Wow! So, I’m not the only person who saw him! Four days ago, at the South Game, I saw him in a convenience store. It was a late, rainy night. He immediately left after purchasing an umbrella. At that time, he was standing beside me and my gosh, he’s really handsome! His eyes had the color of sky blue! I was totally stunned, but unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures.’

Account C: ‘Four days ago, in a pub at the first street of the film studio, I saw him. He left a deep impression on me, but I didn’t take any pictures because the lighting was too dim.’

Account D: ‘I also took a picture of him! He was wearing the black coat that he bought at a clothes store at the North Entrance. I was also buying some clothes at that time and secretly took a picture of him from my changing room. Please show yourself, handsome man! Would an entertainment agency quickly sign him up as a celebrity? I want to see him on TV!’

In merely two days, Sean had received dozens of pictures of Cooper that tourists around the film studio accidentally took.

They took the pictures and visited the restaurant, convenience store, pub, and clothing store that the netizens mentioned. After asking the store owners and showing pictures that were almost two decades old, they received a positive confirmation.

The store owners had all seen Cooper—the man in the picture. Even though the pictures were close to two decades old, he hadn’t changed much in terms of looks.

After the three musketeers analyzed Cooper’s pictures and discovered the places that he had visited, many of it were the same spots that he visited two decades ago. Sure enough, he was there to reminisce about his past with Annabel.

When he learned that Cooper was still alive, Sean was so moved that tears welled up in his eyes. The greatest treasure of the Mitchell Family is going to return soon!

On the film set of ‘War Dragon’, Michael started to scroll through Twitter after he finished filming. Under his retweet, he saw tens of thousands of comments with many of them containing useful information.

Once the netizens saw beneficial information, they would click the ‘like’ button. When there were more likes attached to the tweet, it would be at the top of the timeline.

He didn’t even have to search for it to obtain the latest news of Cooper.

While reading through the comments, Michael was also impressed by the people’s power; it was much simpler and more efficient than him searching for Cooper himself. In just two days, everyone knew Cooper’s face.

Meanwhile, the filming crew were filming the female lead’s last scenes. Once the particular scene was done, Nicole would have finished with all of her movie scenes.

In the final scene, after the male and female lead had saved the people whom they wanted to save, they bade farewell to each other. At the last cut, she would turn and walk away without an ending for both of them, leaving a room for the audience to imagine the ending.

Toward the end, Nicole brought her sister into the car and slowly walked away from the camera.

“Cut! Perfect!”

When Nicole finally finished all of her parts in the movie, applause rang around the entire film set. With that, her tensed nerves finally relaxed. Just as she was about to thank everyone, she wobbled and fainted as soon as she raised her hands.


‘The man whom you guys are looking for is here! It’s 2.23PM now. He’s at the modern area of the film studio—Street No. 82! He’s taking a picture in front of the masonry bridge. Quickly come here!’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 465

That comment was suddenly posted under Michael’s tweet. After reading that, Sophia immediately rushed to the modern area with Sean and Stanley. Cooper is still in the film studio!

She was so excited that she almost burst into tears. I’m going to meet Cooper soon! I will have a father soon!

When they finally arrived at the modern area where Cooper had allegedly appeared, many people were already there—most were the fans from Twitter.

After she ignored the crowd, she saw a tall man in the middle, who was at least 1.9 meters tall.

He was blond and he wore a black coat, having a similar posture to Cooper in the pictures.

Upon looking at his back, Sophia was stunned.

After searching for him for a long time, the person whom she had been looking for now stood in front of her, but she did not dare to take another step further.

Everything was perfect in that moment—like she was in a dream. She was worried that the dream would disintegrate and fall apart like bubbles once she took another step forward.

While holding his breath, Sean walked forward in nervousness. Before he could approach Cooper, the man had already turned to look at them.

The moment he turned had shocked both Sean and Stanley.

He had a handsome appearance with golden blond hair, prominent facial features, and eyes that shone like blue jewels. However, he was not Cooper.

Indeed, they looked very similar—almost 95% alike. After taking into account that most locals shared similar facial features, the picture uploaded online was merely a picture after all. Hence, the man looked exactly like Cooper on it.

However, everyone in the Mitchell Family lived together after all, so Sean was very close to Cooper. The first time he saw the man, he almost thought that it was Cooper. Now that he took a second glance, he could tell the difference.

Sean stopped in his excited footsteps and stood rooted to the ground for a long time without moving. In the end, he turned in disappointment and glanced at Stanley and Sophia for a long time before saying with regrets, “They just look alike. He is not Cooper.”

Sophia, who was waiting to be reunited with her father, felt as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown on her. Filled with disappointment, she looked at that man in a daze with a blank mind. They just look alike? The person whom we are looking for these past few days… He is just someone who bears a similar appearance to Cooper?

Maybe, the man whom Nicole saw seven years ago is also this man, not Cooper.

In that case, is everything a misunderstanding then? A misunderstanding that dated from seven years ago? All the surprises that I received were nothing after all?

Sophia had no idea when she left that place or how she walked away. She mechanically followed behind Sean and Stanley until they arrived at a cafe. After she drank a cup of hot coffee, she finally returned to her senses.

The aroma from the three cups of coffee spread in the air, but the three of them remained silent. After being busy for the past two days, everything was merely a misunderstanding. Of course they would be unhappy about it.

Sean had hoped all along that Cooper could return to the Mitchell Family and salvage the current situation—Alex fooled around for his personal gains and Old Master Mitchell could no longer hold it together anymore. Cooper was the only person who could save them. But…

Sophia felt like bursting into tears, but tried to act normally in front of Sean, so she took her phone out to read the latest news.

The man who looked like Cooper now became extremely famous. Due to his appearance, the fans took a liking to him. On top of that, they were in a film studio, so many higher-ups involved in the entertainment industry were also there.

Even though he only appeared for a short time, he was invited for a chat by a few directors of the nearby film set. With his looks and a model’s height, he could build a strong fanbase, so many people want to sign him up and promote him.

In such a short period of time, there were many videos of him online.

In the videos, the man who looked like Cooper spoke in broken English. Upon facing the large fanbase, his blue iris reflected fear and helplessness.

I guess this expression will never appear on Cooper’s face. While looking at the man, Sophia tried to imagine what an older Cooper would look like. I wonder if we will get to meet each other in this lifetime.

Suddenly, Maria called her. “Madam, Nicole finished all of her scenes yesterday, but after she completed her filming, she lost consciousness. She’s now in hospital and about to be transferred to the one in Bayside City. Are you going to visit her?”

Nicole has finished with all of her parts and she fainted? Since Sophia was busy with looking for Cooper for the past few days, she did not visit the film set, so she had no idea what had happened there.

After she put her phone down, Sophia quickly said, “I’m going to the hospital to visit a friend. You guys should grab something to eat first.”

Although Sean was in low spirits, he tried to act cheerful. “Sophia, you’ve been helping us out for the past few days. We’ll accompany you to visit your friend.”

Sophia rejected them immediately. “That’s fine. It’s not suitable for you guys to be there. She has gynaecological problems.”

She thought, If I visit Nicole, I will definitely tell her about the fake Cooper. After all, she has been waiting for him for seven years, so it would be expected that she would share about the incident seven years ago. Then, Sean and Stanley will know that I’ve seen the pictures of the fake Cooper before this.

Logically speaking, if she had seen the picture, she would definitely have said it aloud and informed Sean. However, she didn’t do that. Since Sean is so thoughtful, he might assume that there is more to this than meets the eye.

Since Sophia had already rejected them, Sean also stopped insisting. “In that case, let me drive you there since I drove here.”

Then, Sean and Stanley drove her to a florist to buy some flowers before they went to the hospital.

After the car stopped, she hurriedly exited the car with the flowers in her hand. “You don’t have to wait for me here. I’ll head back on my own.”

In the car, Stanley yawned. “I’m dead on my feet after searching around for two days. I’m going back to the hotel to rest first.”

Sean, who was in the driver’s seat, looked calm and composed. However, he suddenly said, “Sophia’s presents are still here. Stanley, rest in the car for a bit first while I send this to her.”

Stanley lay down in the backseat of the car and closed his eyes. “Go, go!”

Sean exited the car and walked upstairs without locking his car.

In the ward, Sophia found Nicole and saw her case history folder.

“My goodness! Why didn’t you tell us that you sustained many injuries? Yet, you flew here and there in the air with the metal cables around you! If something happens to you, what will the kids at the orphanage do?”

Not only did Nicole suffer some slight internal hemorrhage, but she also had many bone fractures, many of which were from old injuries. She had not said a word about that and persisted while filming many intense action scenes for a long time.

Laying on the bed, Nicole had removed all of her makeup; her face looked extremely pale with little trace of blood at all. Even she spoke in a soft voice. “I’ll be fine. It’s an action film, after all, so it’s normal to have injuries.”

She did not like to trouble others with her matters, so she was used to handling everything herself.

Even though Sophia only hung out with Nicole for less than a month, she understood the latter’s behavior well and merely shook her head helplessly. “I’m still looking forward to your future movies. If you are crippled now, do you know how sad I will be?”

After chatting with Nicole, Sophia suddenly remembered about the fake Cooper and quickly took out her phone to show her his video. “See, the man you met seven years ago is also here in the film studio and he’s even famous now! He’s been hired by a famous director.

You have to take care of yourself, especially when you guys might have an opportunity to collaborate together!” Even though I didn’t manage to look for my father, I found the man Nicole has been thinking about for years. This is something good, at least. Perhaps, their relationship might blossom into something else!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 466

Nicole was surrounded with scandals as of late, but her assistant and manager were worried that the bad press would influence her emotions and prevented her from reading the news online. It was only now that she was aware of the fake Cooper incident, which made her pleasantly surprised.

“He’s now an Internet sensation?” Nicole exclaimed. “With the possibility of entering show business?”

She snatched the cell phone from Sophia and replayed the uploaded video of the Cooper lookalike. The more she watched it, the more excited she became.

Sophia reiterated the news that was announced a few days ago. “Talk about coincidences. Your crush has been hanging around at the film studio for a few days. He must have been handsome for someone to have taken a picture of him and uploaded it on social media. Taylor and Lord Winston must have seen it and reshared it too, leading him to become an overnight Internet sensation. Look, this video was only uploaded three hours ago. A famous director has already assigned a role to him. Who knows if you might run into him at one of the filming sites? Here’s your chance!”

An initially elated Nicole played the video several times, but her happiness soon fell into disappointment. “He’s just a lookalike. He’s not the one.”


Sophia couldn’t believe what she heard.

Nicole thought Sophia had misheard her and repeated, “I appreciate what you’ve done, but this person is not him. He just looks very much like him.”

Before Sophia could respond, Nicole added, “I met him five days ago. The man in this video isn’t him, but a doppelganger. Look at him and watch how he speaks. The one whom I met speaks fluently without any accent.”

She continued to compare the video and Cooper’s photograph, picking on every single detail. “He doesn’t have an arched eyebrow and canine teeth. Even his hairline isn’t the same. I spoke to him five days ago. He still remembers me and this person isn’t him.”

Sophia, who was still in disbelief, inquired, “Are you really sure?”

Nicole replied calmly, “I’ve been looking at his photographs every single day for the past seven years. I can’t be wrong.”

She pulled out more photographs of Cooper from the album to study them one by one and pointed with her finger.

“This is him. The person in the picture isn’t him; it’s just someone who looks like Cooper. Have a look at this picture—now, this is him. He doesn’t have that black windbreaker on him because he gave it to me. Do you notice how the doppelganger is still wearing it in this photo? His facial expression obviously does not match. Based on what you’ve just said, he bought an umbrella and a windbreaker from the convenience store five days ago. It was on the same night that I bumped into him and he gave both items to me. Meanwhile, in this photo, which was taken three days ago, he’s still having that umbrella and wearing the windbreaker, which means that it isn’t him,” Nicole stated as a matter of fact.

Sophia’s mind went blank again.

If that was the case, it means that the person whom Nicole met seven years ago was indeed the real Cooper Mitchell!

It meant that he truly made an appearance at the film studio where he encountered Nicole and spoke to her before even giving his umbrella and windbreaker to her.

After Nicole pieced all of the pieces, she noticed a dumbfounded Sophia and felt bad for wasting the latter’s intentions and efforts. “Thank you once again, really. At least this person looks like his clone. Who knows if he’s still around…”

Sophia summoned her courage and yanked a photograph that was taken about twenty years ago from her pocket. In it was a younger Cooper standing with a group on a masonry bridge. Unfortunately, her mother was not in the picture. “Have a look. Is this the man you said you met seven years ago?”

The moment Nicole saw that photograph, she was shocked. “Where did you get the picture from? Yes, that’s definitely him. I ran into him five nights ago near that masonry bridge. Only God knew how long he stood there for. Even the spot where he stood and his posture are exactly the same.”

She finally understood—Cooper had a photo taken on the bridge before, so he could have returned to reminisce about something.

With all of her questions answered by Nicole, Sophia was numbed from all the emotions within.

Her search for her father had been nothing but twists and turns!

Every time she was about to throw in the towel, fate would step in and throw her a surprise.

Just four hours ago, she anticipated the opportunity of meeting her father, only to discover that the man was not the real deal.

Yet, four hours later, she discovered that the real deal was once so close.

In short, the person Nicole saw was the actual Cooper Mitchell. Some of the photos that were posted online were indeed him. However, after he became an Internet sensation, he hired a body double as a decoy so that he would not be found.

Sophia held the photograph in her trembling hand. “Sean, what are you doing here?”

A low voice came in from the entrance and caused Sophia to rise on her feet. She headed toward the ajar door and swung it open—there stood Sean.

Behind him were Michael and Harry with a rather ominous expression. Both men held a bouquet of flowers each in their hands as they meant to pay Nicole a visit.

“Sean, when did you arrive?” Sophia looked at Sean in surprise. Could he have been here for some time? How much did he hear from my conversation with Nicole earlier? The things that happened seven years ago or just five days ago

“Sophia, I-I just arrived. You left something at my place, so I thought that I should bring it over to you,” Sean stuttered, going out of his way to avoid her gaze—a dead giveaway that he had a guilty conscience.

A hand suddenly landed on his shoulder before he was shoved into an adjacent empty ward. Michael entered after Sean while Hale guarded the ward entrance.

Sophia was in a daze; it wasn’t until Michael manhandled Sean that she finally returned to her senses.

She was not sure how much Sean had heard. However, judging from Michael’s expression, it looked like he intended for Sean to bring it to his grave.

Although Sean was unaware of Sophia’s true identity, it would not take long for the Mitchell Family to learn of the secret.

If Michael had his way, he would have ended the matter in that instant…

Sophia realized what was about to happen and barged into the room, only to see Danny’s hand around Sean’s neck. Michael really means it! He wants Sean dead! “Stop!”

She lunged forward and shoved Danny aside. “Don’t you dare touch him!”

She planted herself between Sean and Michael and stared at the latter.

Now that she was around, it was inconvenient for Danny to execute his kill order and looked at Michael for his next instruction.

Michael lowered his head and peered at Sophia with a frown.

Sophia returned the gaze. If he dared to lay a hand on Sean, she was ready to make him regret his decision.

It wasn’t long before an awkward silence ensued.

Sean let out a couple of uncomfortable coughs before resting his hand firmly on her shoulder.

“Cough… So, you are really my relative. It’s a shame that I’m only knowing you now.”

Sophia turned her head and glanced at Sean, but said nothing. Then, she turned to face Michael.

Michael never expected him to know that much. “How much do you actually know?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 467

Michael finally asked Sean.

By that point, Sean decided that he had nothing to lose and fished out a photograph from his pocket. “I found a photo of Uncle Cooper and his girlfriend.”

Michael snatched the photograph from Sean—in it was Cooper and Annabel. She was only about 17 or 18 when she took that photo and compared to Sophia in her twenties, the resemblance was uncanny!

Sean continued, “Back when the old man thought I was Uncle Cooper, we talked and he would tell me stories about how he secretly let the girl go. I only assumed that he was rambling. It was only after he showed me this picture that I realized how much Sophia resembles the girl in it. Also, when the Old Master treated her as Uncle Cooper, I began to pick up on things.”

“About that financial incident in Kuwait, I was the one who disclosed it to Sophia. My guess was that if she’s Uncle Cooper’s daughter, she would be able to find a way to run off with the money. When it really happened, I knew that my suspicions were confirmed.”

After Sean had come clean, Sophia couldn’t help but feel flustered. It turned out that they were deceiving each other all along—she pretended that she ran off with the money while he hid the fact that he already knew that she was the one who did it.

He played dumb when he knew everything that happened.

Michael had more questions and asked sternly, “Is that all? Is there anyone else who knows about this?”

Sophia was shocked as she had never seen her husband’s cold, somber side before.

Sean immediately answered, “The old man secretly gave me this picture when he thought I was his son. I’ve been investigating this on my own all this while. No one knew—not even my grandfather. Initially, I never knew that Uncle Cooper had any children and I wasn’t prepared to drag Sophia into the Mitchell Family’s mess. I only wanted to fulfil the old man’s wishes. When I knew that Uncle Cooper was still alive, I was hoping to look for him through you and Sophia. I swear I never told anyone!”

Once he said those words, he closed his eyes, resigning to his fate of having his life being taken by Michael.

“It’s pointless for me to continue with my life. Michael, if you want to take my life, please do. My only request is that you would look for Uncle Cooper and bring him home as the Mitchell Family needs him.”

Michael regarded Sean with his cold stare and deep in his thoughts.

Sophia had made it clear that he was not to harm Sean.

Sean was her brother and he was the one who cared for Old Master Mitchell all along. When Natasha had kidnapped Sophia, Sean was the first one to head out and rescue her, even having a near death encounter with the Phantom Wolf.

Michael glanced at a determined Sophia before looking at Sean, who was prepared to sacrifice his life and still remained speechless.

Sean’s life was at his mercy.

Stanley’s voice reverberated through the door all of a sudden. “Eh? Mr. Harry, what are you doing here? Where are Sophia and Sean?”

Harry replied, “Silly dog, why are you not heading home yet?”

In the ward, Michael finally broke the silence. “I don’t give a d*mn as to what happens in the Mitchell Family. If the Mitchell Family dares to lay a hand on my woman, don’t blame me for being mean by then.”

Upon realizing his close escape from death, Sean promised, “Don’t worry, Michael. I won’t tell a single soul. Sophia’s not just my sister, but she’s also my friend.”

Michael turned and left. As he opened the door and walked out, Sophia let out a sigh of relief.

Sophia and Sean were the only ones left in the ward.

He stood up and pulled Sophia with him. In his usual tone, he said, “Sophia, let’s borrow the windbreaker from Nicole. If we are lucky, we might still be able to look for Uncle Cooper’s DNA on it.”

Sophia was still flustered by how much Sean knew about her secret.

She nodded. “Okay.”

While leaving the ward, they noticed Michael and Harry had already given Nicole the bouquets and headed downstairs. Stanley came up and asked, “What are you guys up to?”

Sophia proceeded to borrow Cooper’s windbreaker from Nicole.

Nicole cooperated, but on one condition. “Can you tell me how he’s… really like?”

By that point, she would have easily figured out that Sophia had a relationship of some kind with Cooper and did not ask for much, not even his identity, but rather only his name.

Sophia looked at Sean for help. He paused and gave it a thought before he answered, “He’s a relative of mine. He’s been out of the country for more than a decade to hide from his enemies who wanted his life. I only learned a couple of days ago that he quietly returned to the country, which was the reason why I came to the film studio to look for him. Ms. Walker, you have been of great help to us in looking for him. However, I hope that you would keep this to yourself to avoid his enemies from getting to him first.”

Nicole paused before firmly replying, “I will.”

Sophia and Sean began to leave, but before they exited, she turned to see Nicole, still in a trance, on the bed and added, “His name is Cooper Mitchell.”

The door was then closed, leaving Nicole alone in the ward again. She repeated his name. “Cooper Mitchell…”

Sophia and Sean strode onto the parking lot where parked beside his car was Michael’s SUV.

Michael knew that they would look for Cooper’s lookalike and what would ensue as a result. He then learned that Sophia was paying Nicole a visit at the hospital and decided to drop by, but he did not expect to see Sean eavesdropping at the door.

Both vehicles drove off—one after another.

On the way back, Sophia reiterated what she learned from Nicole with excitement.

Listening to all that happened suddenly felt like a rollercoaster ride for Michael.

There was so much drama that was filled with suspense and climax—not even a movie script could be written in that manner! If Cooper’s story is ever adapted into a film, I’ll definitely sign on to play the role of his father!

At the same time, Michael was analyzing the situation at hand—it seemed that Cooper knew that someone would search for him from the shadows.

Would Cooper have approached him via Twitter? After all, it was a tweet that turned him into an online sensation.

If that was the case, he could have sat back and waited for Cooper to surface on his own.

Sophia took Nicole’s room card from her and entered the hotel room where she saw a black windbreaker hanging on a coat rack. Cooper Mitchell wore this!

Nicole left it hanging there ever since she brought it back. Apart from her, no one had touched it.

Sophia was about to grab the windbreaker, but Stanley abruptly slapped her hand. “Eddie Fletcher, please watch where you touch. You wouldn’t want to leave your DNA on the windbreaker, would you?”

Everyone stood around Cooper’s windbreaker, observing and discussing.

Stanley commented, “Tsk, a windbreaker that was once worn by a super genius. Wonder if I would become more intelligent if I wear it.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 468
“Stan,” Sean commented with a smile on his face. “You’re intelligent enough.”

It was Michael’s turn to observe the apparel. So, this is the windbreaker worn by the great Cooper Mitchell? It’s nothing impressive; looks no different than the ones available for 99 from the bargain fashion outlets.

On the other hand, Harry held what he saw in high regard. From what he heard, Cooper Mitchell was the true boss of the Bayside City underworld before the Winston Family took over. No one would dare to mess with him back then.

The hotel’s room door was opened before Abel, who was dressed in immaculate white, entered with a toolbox in his hand and a face mask that covered half of his solemn face. Then, he headed toward the windbreaker.

The moment he was informed about Cooper, he knew that his expertise was needed and rushed over.

Unlike the windbreaker, the umbrella had served no use as any useful evidence would have been washed away by the rain.

Abel wore his gloves and glasses before gingerly opening the windbreaker as if it would easily tear.

Luckily for them, Nicole did not send the windbreaker to the laundry after she brought it back. He found a couple of strands of blond hair and some dandruff around the collar and delicately placed them into his evidence bag as everyone watched attentively.

Once he had finished packing up, Abel carried his toolbox and headed off. “Results will be out tonight,” he said as he left.

Michael patted his shoulder as he said, “Much appreciated.”

Abel did not reply and increased his pace. He was already in touch with the nearest laboratory to arrange for the test since time was of the essence in that moment.

While gazing at Abel’s back as he walked away, Sean could not help but run and catch up to him. “Justin, is that you?” Yes, he’s Justin. He has to be!

Even though he had changed his looks and spoke in a different tone, Sean would still have recognized him in an instant.

Abel halted his footsteps for a second and resumed his task. That split second of hesitation was enough to blow his cover.

So, it is really Justin Mitchell. Sean stood there in a trance—the series of events that caught him by surprise, one after another, had finally numbed him.

Stanley could not believe what he heard and exclaimed aloud, “What? Justin? Nate’s daddy?”

Sophia’s emotions weren’t any different from Sean’s. After uncovering the plots and twists today, she hardly felt anything. Abel is actually Nathan’s father? Celine’s husband? Michael’s brother-in-law? Isn’t he dead?

When Justin and Celine were killed in an explosion by Phantom Wolf’s bomb, it sent shockwaves across the Mitchell Family. They even sent him off as a fallen hero with a funeral of the highest honor at the Memorial Garden.

Six years had passed and Justin was now back.

Sean glanced in the direction that Justin was headed in and suddenly understood something.

Both Cooper and Justin Mitchell would rather fake their own deaths to leave the family!

So, it was the Mitchell Family!

If he could, he also wished to do the same to sever ties with the cruel family.

As everyone waited patiently, Abel’s message arrived.

The DNA matched at 99%.

The person whom Nicole met was indeed the real Cooper Mitchell!

Michael had to salute his father-in-law. This old fox. If it is not for the many coincidental encounters, no one would have been able to get hold of him.

Upon hearing the result, Sean clenched his fists in excitement as hope filled his eyes. Uncle Cooper, as long as he was still alive, would return.

It would have sounded selfish, but Sean really hoped that Cooper could bury the hatchet and return to the Mitchell Family. If he returned, the family would definitely be able to return to its former glory.

Sean received a satisfactory answer and was preparing to return to Bayside City, where there was a lot to be done at school and the company.

Before he left, Michael pulled him aside and thrusted a stack of files into his arms. “Here are the clues and information that I gathered on Cooper Mitchell. Take them.”

Now that Michael was entrusting vital information to him, Sean knew that he was officially on the team.

He skimmed through the stack of papers in elation and it wasn’t long before he frowned.

Fass Michel…

For someone who was in the programming industry, Fass Michel was a rather well-known person as he was regarded as one of the leaders in the field.

Since both Fass and Cooper had shared a strong resemblance with each other, chances of them being the same person would be high.

Hmm… Listed in the files were details on the exhumation of the Mitchell Family’s tomb.

Sean was lost for words. “Michael, you’ve crossed the line here. This is my family’s tomb. How could you dig it up…”

Michael replied, “It wasn’t me. Justin did it. Bring it up to him if you wish.”

After perusing the files, Sean proposed his idea. “Michael, I have a suggestion. We could use Sophia. If she’s involved, we’d stand a better chance.”

Michael raised his brow and listened attentively.

Sean’s timid outlook was rather deceiving at times, but his intelligence was not to be taken lightly. His idea of using Sophia’s true identity was ingenious.

Sean went on to explain his plan. “Back when I suspected that Sophia was a descendent of the Mitchell Family, I tested her with the amulet and the Kuwait incident, which confirmed my suspicions. So, I’m thinking, if you have a hunch that Fass Michel is in fact Cooper Mitchell, why don’t you have Sophia check him out?”

Michael frowned as he asked, “How do you do that?”

“Sophia might not be able to directly reach Fass, so we’ll have to go through Linus. Since she had the chance to be in the same photograph with him, you could arrange for them to meet each other, so that she could get close to him. With some luck, she might be able to reach Fass through him. There’s one thing, though. Sophia must not know about our plans as she needs to be natural while hanging out with Linus, so as not to expose our secret,” Sean explained.

Michael’s eyebrow was raised even further. God d*mn it… Are you asking my wife to seduce Linus?

Linus Michel was someone who made Michael uneasy. He was, after all, the second-in-command of the Michels—highly intelligent, good-looking, and most importantly, he was of the same age as Sophia. What if something goes wrong?

While seeing Michael thinking in silence, Sean added, “I heard that Bayside University has invited Linus for a talk. It’s right after the Fourth of July. During that time, the school would arrange for the top ten students to accompany Linus on a tour around campus. That in itself would be a great chance for Sophia… Without her knowing what our plan is, she would have no issue being close to Linus and obtaining the information that we need.”

Michael thought for a while and took a deep breath. “We’ll talk about this later.”

Sean shrugged, knowing that Michael did not fancy the idea of allowing his beloved Sophia to become close to Linus Michel.

In all honesty, she was the best shot that they had in order to get close to Linus.

Finally, Sean came clean with his own thoughts. “Michael, from what I have gathered, Uncle Cooper is a sentimental person. He must have loved Sophia’s mother a lot. It’s understandable that you are worried if he reconnects with Sophia.”

If Cooper found out that his twenty-year-old daughter was married to someone in his thirties, there was a 99% chance that he would have him castrated.

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Michael’s tense face was replaced with a smile. “If she has a father who loves her, it’s all worth it,” he retorted.

In the end, Sean left the film studio with the files that Michael gave him and returned to Bayside City. He now knew too much and had to bear the heavy burden of keeping all those secrets—Justin’s reappearance on top of Cooper still being alive and showing up in the same picture as Fass Michel at the same time. Would that coincidence prove that Fass was indeed Cooper?

However, Sean had other clues to work with, such as whether Cooper was related to the Michel Family from Eastern Europe.

That traditional family was a recluse, preferring to keep their members close knit and never accepting an outsider as their family head.

If he could learn more about the connection between Cooper and the Michel Family, things would be much clearer.

For them to be close, it would have to be family related. Woody Mitchell was Cooper’s father—there was no doubt about that. Could the connection be from Cooper’s mother’s side?

Despite the fact that Cooper was still out of reach, news of the team having found solid evidence of him being alive pleased Sophia. She remained at the film studio even after Sean left, waiting for a male villain’s final scene to end.

The days went by as usual. She came with the food truck on a daily basis and sat at a corner, playing online video games on her cell phone.

For the past two days, she seemed to have spent less time playing. Had she been playing video games, she would not giggle like a foolish lady.

She had been doing it while looking at her phone. One look at it was enough to reveal that she was happily chatting with someone.

A sense of uneasiness crept around Michael.

Finally, when Sophia was using the jacuzzi, he snooped on her cell phone. His sixth sense guided him to search for that person whom she was chatting happily with.

The name of the person read ‘Dearest Brother’.

His profile photo was nothing but that of a scenery. Their chat history contained nothing of the Cethosian language—only English and a foreign dialect.

Apart from the English words, he could not decipher what those foreign looking fonts meant.

As he scrolled further down, Michael pursed his lips, unsure of what or how to feel.

He clicked on the profile ‘Dearest Brother’ on Instagram. After minutes of searching, he finally found a photo of ‘Dearest Brother’.

As Michael zoomed into the picture, a good-looking man with delicate elvish features appeared in his sight. The man’s deep blue eyes looked as if it held the canvas of a star-filled sky.

Linus Michel.

Ugh! They’ve added each other on Messenger! Michael could not believe his eyes!

According to Maria, all Sophia did was take a couple of photos with Linus and nothing else. They did not even exchange numbers with each other. So, when did they even add each other on Messenger?

He felt as if there were seeds sprouting from the top of his head.

By the time Sophia was done cleaning herself in the bathroom and exited, he had already put her cell phone aside and pretended to use his own.

After Sophia had dried her hair with a blowdryer, she suddenly remembered something and said, “I’ll be doing a video call with an online friend to tutor me on programming, but I’ll try to keep my voice down.”

“An online friend?” Michael’s ears perked up like a dog’s. His sixth sense told him that the friend must be none other than Linus Michel. He pretended to read his script and asked nonchalantly, “What kind of online friend?”

When asked about her friend whom she had just met online, her eyes sparkled with excitement. “Yeah, he’s that guy who took a pic with me. Guess what? When I searched for my father on Twitter, I stumbled onto his account and I added him.”

His jaw dropped. You could do this on Twitter? So, this is how you found Linus Michel! You found him on Twitter and added him on Messenger?

Linus was merely someone with foreign ancestry, so why would he be using Twitter and Messenger?

Michael played cool, but warned, “Okay, but better watch out for online scams. Only locals use Twitter and Messenger and foreigners seldom use them. It’s even rare to see a foreigner use both Twitter and Messenger.”

Sophia switched on her computer and said, “You’re wrong. I’ve done a few video calls with him before. He knows up to eight languages and doesn’t even have a trace of the Cethosian accent. When he explained programming theories to me, he could easily beat any lecturer in Bayside University hands down. He had also practiced spoken language with me.”

“He told me that he lives in Eastern Europe and owns a huge castle in Africa. He even invited me over to Africa during the winter holidays to hunt for lions in the savannah.”

Once her computer was running, she adjusted her camera so that Michael would be out of frame. He was an international movie star, after all and ‘Dearest Brother’ would know who he was. It was better to be safe than sorry.

She then began her video call with Dearest Brother.

From where he sat, Michael glanced at the screen. The person in the video call talking to Sophia was clearly Linus Michel!

The both of them happily greeted each other and began chatting in an impressive mixture of three different languages. When they were done, Linus began to explain the ‘Principles of Programming’ to Sophia in English. A focused and keen Sophia took out her notepad and took down notes in between questions.

Upon listening to him talk about programming for an hour, Michael felt like crap. He suddenly recalled what Sean said—let Sophia unknowingly become close to Linus.

In spite of how reluctant he felt, Michael had no choice but to allow both Sophia and Linus to befriend each other.

After all, they were merely two strangers who made acquaintances online.

Moreover, as the second-in-command in the Michel Family, Linus was a legend when it came to programming. What more could someone ask for to have someone like him tutor Sophia?


Michael tried to keep his jealousy at bay and tried to have positive thoughts. If Fass Michel was really Cooper Mitchell, then Linus would have been her uncle. Such a relationship would be favorable to him!

Once Linus was done with the tutoring, Sophia continued to chat with him.

“My friend and I have started an online gaming company. I’m even a well-known competitive gamer in my country… Yup… Wow, you develop online video games too? You even play ‘Swordsman Game’ as well?”

“But, you’re playing on the European server, which is too far for me! Tell you what, why don’t you create an account on the Cethosian server so that we can play together?”

“You also watch Taylor Murray’s films too? What a coincidence! I love him! He’s also our ‘Swordsman Game’ top gamer on the Cethosian server and his gamer tag is Scary Phoenix. You should really come and join us where the three of us can have a showdown together.”

“Scary Phoenix is a legend! ‘Doctor Invincible’ is premiering on the movie screens in our country on the same date in Europe and America. Remember to support us. I’m even active in his fan club too!”

It was months since the filming of ‘War Dragon’ had started. The filming crew moved through a few filming locations—from the Middle East to Africa and onward to Europe. Now that they were back in Cethos and inching closer to the final shoot, everyone gave it their all to finish the job.

By that point, Olivia was also stressed.

Now that her scenes were all done, she could have left, but she chose to hang out with the filming crew.

She dragged Nicole’s name through the mud. Even when Nicole was hospitalized, she could not escape the same fate from the haters—some even accused her of fishing for sympathy.

Olivia had even hired haters to protest at the filming site, demanding that Nicole be removed from the cat. Even Taylor promised to have her role changed.

However, the filming was now coming to an end. Most of the cast had left, but the director still had not mentioned anything about replacing the lead actress.

What’s going on? This is weird!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 470

The director would brush Olivia off every time she hinted about it and Taylor would merely say, “Soon. Soon.” He also promised to bring Sophia and confront her about the incident where James was badly injured. Yet, no solid action was taken after such a long time.

Olivia lost her patience and chose to take matters into her own hands! It was during lunch hour that day when she made her move. Michael had barely taken two bites when his meal was interrupted by a dramatic scream from afar. “Oh, Taylor. My Taylor, your uncle has missed you a lot!”

He frowned and lifted his head to see Olivia leading an elegantly dressed middle-aged couple in his direction. In fact, he knew them both. The man was none other than Larry Murray, Elizabeth Murray’s only younger brother and his uncle.

Larry hurried toward Michael and gave a firm hug as his eyes began to tear. He then patted Michael’s shoulder, saying, “My dear nephew, I’ve been searching for you for the last thirty years. I’m finally able to meet you—”

Michael’s facial expression remained stoic while he gave a polite smile, greeting, “Hello, Uncle.”

Larry wiped his tears while sobbing, “Where have you been all these years? We’ve been searching for you high and low. Why didn’t you come to look for us? Not to mention, your grandmother—she’s over eighty now and still longs to see you!”

An unperturbed Michael smiled. “I was adopted and raised abroad.”

The Murray Family had tried to search for Elizabeth’s son over the years. Unfortunately, none of them knew who his father was and where the child went. The one thing that they clearly knew was that she left 80% of her fortune to her child, which happened to be Taylor, who now stood in front of Larry.

Their search for Taylor was not out of love—in their eyes, he was a mere outsider who had no right to the Murray Family estate. In exchange for that 80% of the estate, they would rather give up their morality and dignity to look for Elizabeth’s child and take everything back from him. Alas, that child was nowhere to be found and the estate lawyer remained steadfast with his profession and left them with no other means.

Who would have guessed that Elizabeth’s child would appear after thirty years? Not to mention, he was an internationally renowned actor! How great was that?! Back then, the Murray Family had only received 10% of Elizabeth’s estate while another 10% was donated to charity, leaving the remaining 80% for Taylor. An international movie star like him would not mind parting with such a small sum as they expected him to return it to the family eventually. By including him as one of their own, the Murray Family would also be able to climb the social ladder and, not to mention, mingle with the Mitchell Family.

An emotional Olivia spoke with tears swimming in her eyes, “We are finally reunited as a family. I’m exceptionally happy…”

Now that they were guided by emotions, the family hugged and cried together. Michael used his acting skills to good use and forced his expression to have some emotion before uttering, “If you would excuse me, I need to return to work as the filming crew is waiting for me.”

As he prepared to leave, Larry grabbed him by the arm and said, “Sure thing, please go ahead. We’ll let you return to your work, but let’s have dinner tonight.” His grasp remained firmly on Michael’s arm. With greed that was shamelessly plastered all over his face, he made a request. “Your cousin, Olivia, was supposed to be the female lead for ‘War Dragon’. However, at the last minute, she lost the role to some scandal-filled, B-grade actress. Perhaps you could have a word with the director, seeing that we’re family…”

Before he could speak further, Michael interrupted him, “Sure thing!”

Still, Larry refused to release his arm. “About your cousin James…”

Michael replied, “I will make sure that the police find the culprit!”

Larry was relieved—his one and only heir could no longer bear children and there was no one else left to pass the family torch to. Although he had other sons, they were illegitimate and did not have a rightful claim to the family estate. He wanted to end that b*tch’s life for ruining his son!

Michael turned and headed to the filming site and his face filled with disgust as soon as it was out of their sight. Harry then winked at him and muttered playfully under his breath, “My dear nephew, I’ve missed you so much!”

Before Michael could react, the director came over with a perplexed expression. “Are you sure you want to replace Nicole Walker?” Nicole had perfectly executed her scenes, so it would be a great shame to replace her…

“No, we’ll keep her,” Michael answered.

The confused director stated, “But, you promised your uncle…”

“I was simply bullsh*tting him,” Michael reassured.

He looked around and noticed that Sophia was nowhere to be seen. Danny then informed, “Madam went for a nearby barbecue.”

On the other side of the film set, Olivia and Larry left the site together as they wiped happy tears from their happy faces. Larry laughed heartily, “Who would’ve guessed it? Taylor is really Elizabeth’s son! Things will be very different now for our family!” Elizabeth Murray’s son would be a part of the Murray Family and since he was considered as one of their own, someone with Taylor’s status would definitely bring endless wealth to the Murrays.

Rumors had it that Taylor was a wealthy person—an Academy Award for Best Actor winner whose influence had reached all corners of the world and a box office winner with multiple investments. Supplementing with the fortune that she left for him, he was the golden ticket that the Murray Family needed to propel themselves to greater heights. For the past thirty years, they had survived on their measly share of her estate, which was running out soon—and her son appeared at the right time!

Olivia was equally moved. Now that she had successfully reconnected with her cousin, it would guarantee her the lead role that she eyed for. From now onward, she would be unstoppable in the entertainment circle with movie contracts and invitations pouring in. It would only be a matter of time before she was as famous as Bethany Nicole! That b*tch Sophia Edwards would finally get what she deserved!

After meeting with his nephew, Larry recalled the reason why he came to the film studio and wiped his tears before revealing a deadly stare. “Where’s that b*tch who harmed your brother?”

Olivia suddenly realized that she did not see Sophia in the studio and scanned her surroundings before noticing Sophia by the barbecue stall not far from them. “There she is!”

Hale rolled up his sleeves to wipe his sweat from his forehead as he sat facing the barbecue pit. Sophia had the unlikeliest idea of having a barbecue for lunch—on a warm summer’s afternoon at 35 degrees. It was even unfathomable that one could search for a barbecue stall that operated in that melting summer afternoon. The three of them stayed in front of the barbecue pit, feeding themselves with grilled meat as they profusely sweated.

Feeling chills down his spine, Larry turned to see that Olivia was leading a group of burly men toward them with ominous stares.

“Dad, that’s her. She’s the one who ruined James’ future!” Olivia made the accusation as Larry stood next to her.

He observed Sophia, who stood in front of the barbecue pit. His eyes sparkled as he never expected the culprit to be a beautiful lady. It was no wonder that James fell for her! I heard that she is Taylor’s assistant?

That was the perfect opportunity as he would take her first. Since she snatched the chance from James to bear children, he could force her to continue the family lineage for him. The group haughtily marched toward Sophia’s group.

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