My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 441-450

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 441

At that moment, Michael stretched his slender legs and enjoyed his beloved wife’s leg massage. Sophia lifted his legs onto her knees, on which she kneaded and rolled them, appearing to be working as his ‘nanny’.

Olivia silently cursed, What a busybody nanny! At the same time, she mediated the situation between Natasha and Michael with a smile. “Taylor, it’s my fault this time for making that bad plan. If you want to blame someone, please blame me. Don’t blame it on Natasha. She’s still young and naive after all.”

Trying hard to shoulder the blame, Olivia slickly attempted to find the point of balance when dealing with Natasha and Michael; she had to be on their good sides and try to matchmake them. “I know you’re angry and that I have done something wrong. Taylor, could you forgive me?”

As she spoke, she even tugged at his sleeve, pouting her lips to act cute. It was a pity that her looks were not born for those expressions, which resulted in an uncomfortable sight.

Sophia pinched Michael on his leg while saying, “Alright, alright. Taylor has truly forgiven the two of you. He’s still resting. Stop bothering him.”

Unfortunately, Olivia and Natasha were determined to stay put until Michael finally talked to them. Then, Natasha pitifully bit her lower lip and almost sobbed. “Taylor, are you unwilling to forgive me? I’m sorry… I didn’t intend to upset you…”

Standing there firmly, she seemed to have come to a hard decision as she uttered, “Taylor, in order to be forgiven by you, I’m willing to do anything!”

She’s acting pitiful! Hah! Sophia was the most skilled at handling those ‘innocent cutie-pies’ who were acting pitifully. Thus, she blasted Natasha first. “Since you know that you’re in the wrong, why are you still standing here doing nothing? Because of you, Taylor is being criticized all over the Internet and he has lost quite an amount of fans. Everyone is saying that he uses women and abandons them, and that he’s an adulterous jerk. That’s all thanks to you!”

Turning to Olivia, Sophia snapped, “And you, Olivia, are you touched in the head? As Taylor’s cousin, you should have known that he’s married. Why would you have Natasha wear something that exposing like she’s a mistress and have her dance around him? What was your intention?”

Sophia didn’t stop there at all. “Did you both think that Taylor’s trending too much? That he’s too popular already? So that’s why you two decided to create a scandal to reduce his popularity? I’m begging you, Natasha, for Taylor’s future prospect, please leave and never show up in front of him again. Once someone takes a photo of you two and uploads it online, Taylor’s reputation will be damaged. Shoo, shoo! Stop standing here! Don’t you know what it means to keep a safe distance? If you do, just leave now!”

After Sophia’s long speech, Natasha’s face changed from beet red to a ghastly pale shade. No matter how angry she felt, she could not reveal her emotions. With much difficulty, she had to act in accordance to her socialite persona and maintain her dignity in front of her idol. Pouting and stomping, she urged, “Taylor, why aren’t you saying a thing?”

“My apologies. Your idol can’t speak to you now. Once he speaks to you, I’m sure you can imagine what the press would write for tomorrow’s news articles. It’s still a very sensitive time now. Taylor’s image as an idol has just recovered slightly, so it’s impossible for him to talk to you now. Your idol has truly forgiven you. You can really leave. If not, you’re going to create more trouble for him.”

As for Michael, he was still pretending to be fast asleep as if he could not sense the three women surrounding him. Exploding in anger, Olivia thought, Where is this ignorant b*tch from? Even if she’s going to act out, she should not stand in the way of Taylor marrying into wealth! Taylor must marry into the Mitchell Family; he has to lift the status of the entire Murray Family along with his marriage!

Natasha was the only daughter of the leader of the Mitchell Group. Although she was shy of eighteen, she already had a net worth of billions, a proof of Alex Mitchell’s love for his daughter.

“Watch your mouth, nanny! When your employers are talking, you have no right to interfere. Get lost!” Olivia kept her words sufficiently sharp, but not to the point of being rude, so that she wouldn’t be hated by Taylor and at the same time, so that he would drive Sophia away. Surprisingly, Sophia was unaffected at all. “My employers? My only employer is Taylor and he never asks me to shut up!”

Olivia turned to look at Michael, who seemed to be asleep. She shook him gently. “Taylor, say something. Your nanny is too insolent!”

Michael showed no response and continued to pretend that he was asleep. His tacit approval was the green light for Sophia to go even further. When she saw Olivia’s desperation to prove her loyalty to Natasha, she caught on to a clue, so she said, “Olivia, Taylor doesn’t mean to ignore you. Now, every word he says to you could be sensationalized by the press.”

While addressing Olivia, she nudged Michael as well. “The other leg, please.” Upon hearing that, the ‘fast-asleep’ Michael moved a little and swapped the other leg onto Sophia’s knees. While Sophia was massaging his leg, she took the chance to lecture Olivia in front of Natasha. Switching to a different perspective, she added, “The birthday incident irritated Madam as well. Think about it; her man had received a love confession from a scantily dressed young girl who was practically lap dancing to him, and the news was spread across the country. How would she feel?”

Lap dancing… When Natasha heard Sophia’s degrading description of her genuine efforts for Taylor, the veins on her forehead throbbed in fury and her hands were fidgeting hard at the hem of her dress.

Olivia was unaffected by Sophia’s words at all. How could that old housewife at Taylor’s place even compare herself to the wealthy Natasha? It’s best if Taylor divorces that woman right away to marry Natasha!

However, what came next caught Olivia’s attention. Sophia stated, “Even before Madam got married, she had been the daughter of a wealthy family and had a net worth of tens of billions. Her dad was an elite here and abroad. Those successful and handsome bachelors who were pursuing her could line up all the way from here to Bayside City. Madam is a very influential person, but after your scandal, you made it hard for Taylor to face her at home!”

Sophia secretly counted and confirmed that the wealth left to her by Cooper Mitchell amounted to tens of billions after currency conversion. If that was the case, she could be labeled as a billionaire and one of the influential people in Bayside City as well. There was nothing wrong at all!

After Olivia heard the description by Sophia, she was dumbfounded. Does that old housewife really have a net worth of tens of billions? Isn’t that more than Natasha? Is Taylor’s wife’s family more prestigious than the Mitchells?

Feeling anxious, she totally forgot about Natasha’s presence and asked Sophia with concern, “What’s her background?”

At the mention of that topic, Sophia glanced at Natasha before raising her pitch and proudly claiming, “Well, if we want to talk about Madam’s background… She’s from a really influential family!”

Natasha sneered; she wanted to understand what was the background of Taylor’s wife. It’s impossible that she’s wealthier than me!

Under Olivia’s concerned and intense stare, Sophia started to describe her ‘Madam’. “Madam’s family has strong connections overseas. In Bayside City, they’re merely a new power. Their influence stretches all over the world and they’re honored guests of the monarchies of many countries.”

Without going deeper, her remark of having ‘strong connections overseas’ was enough for Natasha to start guessing. Then, she continued to bluff, “Back in the days, Madam passed up the opportunity to marry into royalty for Taylor. It took Taylor a lot of effort to win Madam over. She married him with a net worth of billions and she even used her connections to help with Taylor’s career, ensuring that he would have a smooth progression in the industry.”

At this point, Sophia was sure that Olivia must have gotten the hint. Stop with your rubbish matchmaking; your cousin has married into wealth and turned into a kept man!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 442

Olivia belatedly realized that she might have committed a grave mistake. She had always thought that the old housewife under Taylor’s roof was not well-connected. If that wasn’t the case, she should have announced the information to the public. Now, it turned out that the woman was indeed from a powerful family!

No wonder Taylor was untempted by Natasha’s excellent family background! He’s already the son-in-law of another wealthy family! Mrs. Murray came from a much more outstanding background than Natasha!

Feeling extremely regretful, Olivia recalled that some time ago, she had patted her chest confidently, guaranteeing success in helping Natasha to pursue Taylor. Not only that, she had been secretly addressing Natasha as ‘sister-in-law’! Oh gosh, that was awkward…

It only took Sophia’s short speech to shift Olivia’s loyalty, keenly observed by Natasha. Ever since her failed confession at the dance performance, she had not been putting much hope on Olivia anyway.

Her mood had drastically changed from enthusiastic to despair, but she remained smiling like a socialite. “Although Taylor has forgiven me, I won’t feel any less guilty. I’ll treat the filming crew to dinner tonight!”

Then, she turned around and left. Hurriedly nodding, Oliva ran after Natasha.

After Natasha and Olivia were far away, Sophia finally let out a sigh of relief and continued massaging Michael’s legs. Wow, this is my idol’s leg… I really want to rub my cheek against it…

Michael, who was pretending to be sleeping with a script over his face, suddenly trembled violently as he let out a suppressed laugh. He seemed to have envisioned his future from the way Sophia described him.

A kept man… It looks like she already planned to make me her kept man. Anyway, being her kept man would be a lovely experience, and he wouldn’t mind trying it out.

At night, Natasha invited the entire filming crew for a feast. They indeed preferred wealthy fans like Natasha because they could benefit from being close to Taylor and even received free meals on some days.

At the restaurant, Natasha was waiting eagerly for Michael’s arrival. At first, she had wanted to invite him out for a private dinner, but due to his principle of keeping a distance from her, he might not show up. Therefore, she decided to treat the entire crew because he’d definitely turn up. After all, no man could turn down Natasha.

Indeed, all the cast members and crew had arrived, and everyone surrounded her to shower her in compliments. Sadly, until the end of dinner, the two male leads didn’t show up for her.

Harry texted her, claiming, ‘Tired. Can’t move. Not attending.’

Michael replied to her, ‘Same here.’

On a day when Natasha was buying dinner, the filming crew could finally stop working overtime. It was rare for Michael to have the extra time to rest at the hotel, which was the reason he didn’t want to attend Natasha’s dinner.

At night, in ‘Swordsman Game’, Scary Phoenix, Beast, Sirius 233, Dragon Belle Warrior, Snow Fox, and Little Kitten all showed up online and teamed up to fight monsters enthusiastically.

The ‘Swordsman Game’ just updated a new map with awesome monsters. Even after a few days post-update, no one could emerge alive from battling the monsters. Tonight, Scary Phoenix finally went online, which was rare. So, everyone urged Scary Phoenix to lead the team against the monster zone. Unfortunately, Scary Phoenix seemed to be out of their zone, leading to the annihilation of the entire team in a winnable game.

After the characters’ death, they went back to the game city and waited for their hit points to be replenished while concluding the lessons learned from their failure. Finally, everyone decided that it was Michael’s distracted manner that led to their defeat. If it weren’t for him, they would have passed the new challenge.

‘Uncle Michael, what’s wrong? Is your knife dull after not playing the game for some time? We can’t have that happen. For next year’s Esports World Championship, I’m pinning my hopes on you to lead our team to a consecutive victory! You must recover!’

After some time, Michael replied in fractured sentences. ‘The position I’m.’

‘in now.’

‘is inconvenient.’

‘for gaming.’

Harry, Sean, and Sarah were speechless at his replies. Only Stanley, the fool, was out of the loop.

‘Position? What position do you need for gaming? Be focused. Aunt is watching our gameplay! You can’t play like a loser. She’ll be upset!’

No one bothered to reply to Stanley. They felt like they were being blinded by Michael and Sophia’s private display of affection, which would take some time for them to digest. When Stanley received no responses, he asked, ‘Aunt, why are you quiet?’

Things were quiet on Sophia’s side, but soon, everyone started receiving replies from her—in garbled text.




Stanley almost exploded in anger. ‘Aunt, can you speak human language?’

Although he was completely confused, everyone else was clear about the situation Sophia was in. Based on the frequency of her evenly timed replies, they could tell that she seemed to be doing something of a similar tempo in front of her computer and accidentally pressed on her keyboard, sending out garbled responses.

What else could a couple do in a hotel room that was rhythmic? When they connected Sophia’s behavior to Michael’s comment on his ‘position’, it was not hard to see what was happening.

Harry replied, ‘I have scenes to film tomorrow. I’m going offline.’

Sean replied as well, ‘Stan, it’s going to be a busy day at work tomorrow. I’m going offline soon. Sleep early.’

As for Sarah, she went offline without leaving any message, while Michael was quiet in the chatroom and Sophia was sending out the garbled texts endlessly.

Stanley was irritated by his teammates. ‘You guys are not focused at all! Hmph! I’m going to sleep too!’

In the hotel room, Sophia was on the verge of tears. “Michael Fletcher, let go of me! I want to play my game!”

She had just begun her game when Michael started troubling her from behind, pinning her waist and insisted on intimacy. In that manner, Sophia was pinned on the table with her back arched, taking him from behind while determinedly continuing her gaming. However, she was not in the right condition to play at all. In the end, she only sent out various garbled replies to the team.

On the other side, Micheal appeared more relaxed, with one hand holding her body and the other hand typing freely on the keyboard in the game. After a round of game, the team discovered their live steamy session.

Feeling too ashamed, Sophia logged out of the game and got in bed. Michael exited the game as well and happened to receive a call from Abel, so he hid in the bathroom and took the call.

When Sophia was lying on her chest, scrolling on her phone and waiting for Michael to come to her, she clicked into Messenger and noticed a sketch sent to her by Sarah. In the sketch, a man and a woman were playing games while doing the deed.

Little Kitten asked, ‘Were you both in this position just now?’

Too ashamed, Sophia dared not reply to Sarah. On the other side, Abel called Michael to report the updates on Cooper Mitchell—he had run a search around all possible areas that Cooper Mitchell could be in but returned with nothing. Apart from the photo from Nicole, there was no other evidence of Cooper’s existence in this world.

Michael hung up and looked somber. Finding Cooper Mitchell is a much more arduous task than I have imagined! If not for a coincidence, Michael’s men might not even have retrieved a photo of Cooper. This is just way too odd!

This clearly presented a problem—Cooper Mitchell still had a lot of followers, who helped him to wipe off any proof of his existence.

However, the moment he came out from the bathroom and saw Sophia’s pale backside on the bed, he instantly felt that all the seriousness had been lifted off him…

At the dinner they had missed, Natasha announced a piece of huge news. In order to express her deepest apologies to Taylor, she bought the naming right for a road in Bayside City. The road would be named ‘Taylor Murray Road’.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 443

Since then, Bayside City was about to have a new route named ‘Taylor Murray Road’! There was also a bus stop which became available instantly on the map. In all honesty, it was not so simple to buy the naming rights of a road, and many departments were involved behind it. Nobody knew how much the Mitchell Family had spent to get the naming rights so quickly.

The Mitchell Family was so freaking rich! It was no wonder that Natasha had the confidence to become someone’s side lover and got herself involved in an extra-marital affair with such a sense of superiority.

Seeing others splurging a lot of money on her husband, Sophia became very upset. Therefore, she pursed her lips, turned off her phone, and went to bed with her idol.

The next day, Natasha’s lavish purchase of a road for Taylor was already on the news. But she still came to visit him and fussed around him. “Taylor, you’ve worked hard. Come and drink some water.”

After saying so, Natasha graciously handed a glass of water to Michael, who had just finished filming. Michael glanced at the glass, but before he could take it, Sophia came over and brought him a cup of coffee. “Taylor likes to drink coffee, and he wants it freshly ground and black. No cream nor sugar.”

Michael gladly took the coffee that Sophia handed over and ignored Natasha as if he hadn’t seen her. Because he didn’t take her water, her expression was a bit awkward. Then, Sophia deliberately said in a loud voice, “Just let us assistants do menial jobs like serving drinks. How could someone with such an amazing background like Miss Mitchell do this kind of lowly job? You’re not an assistant after all!” She deliberately raised her voice so that the whole crew could hear it.

It was an open secret that Natasha liked Taylor, and she had spent a lot of money on him. But it was also another open secret that Taylor didn’t seem to like Natasha very much. Moreover, he was also a henpecked husband. It was said that his wife was the daughter of a wealthy family as well, and her background was, in fact, comparable to Natasha’s.

The whole crew knew that Natasha’s love for Taylor was a one-sided one. Seeing that she had been rebuked by Sophia, all of them secretly gloated over her misfortune.

Knowing that she had been humiliated, Natasha smiled and said, “Taylor, since you don’t like plain water, then I won’t give that to you in the future.” After saying so, she prepared to leave, but the second she turned around, a flash of anger crossed her delicate face.

After a while, Michael finished filming another scene and stretched his hand out for water. Aiming at the opportunity, Natasha served him the cup of freshly ground coffee she had just made. “Taylor, this is the coffee that I especially made for you. It is black and without any sugar or cream. I’m sure you’ll like it—”

“Taylor has sweated so much just now, so he needs plain water to quench his thirst. He shouldn’t be drinking coffee!” Sophia came up to them from the side with a glass of chilled mineral water in her hand.

Michael was reading the script carefully and discussing it with the director, so he didn’t seem to notice the two of them. However, as soon as he reached out, his fingers curled around the glass of water that Sophia brought.

Holding the glass, he only took small sips from it, afraid that his stomach would feel uncomfortable while filming intense action scenes later. Sophia then fanned him diligently to the side.

After that, Michael filmed a fighting scene. The plot required his jacket to be torn off, revealing his seductive upper body, which was really charming and delectable…

Natasha, who was holding the cup of coffee, was neglected once again. “Taylor…” Natasha called out pitifully while holding onto her coffee.

Perhaps Sophia’s fanning was too loud, and it had interfered with Michael’s hearing. Therefore, he didn’t hear Natasha even though she called him several times.

In a fit of anger, Natasha stomped her feet and left with her coffee.

Sophia kept following Michael around like a shadow, blocking all ways for Natasha to get through and resolutely preventing her from approaching him. But Natasha felt that she must have occupied a special place in Taylor’s heart, and he probably just hadn’t expressed it.

After all, I’m such a wealthy fan of his. For the sake of money, he must be interested in me, right? Considering the entertainment industry as a whole, which celebrity doesn’t wish to have a wealthy fan like me? Taylor has many wealthy fans, but which one of them is as generous as me? As long as I work hard, I’ll be able to win Taylor’s heart sooner or later.

The crew often had reporters come to visit and interview them. After Natasha splurged and bought a road for Taylor, the reporters tried every means to interview him.

Every week, there would be a cast and crew meet-and-greet in the film studio, and the crew in the film studio would appear to meet the tourists. Usually, a bigshot like Michael was unlikely to appear, but this time he unexpectedly appeared at the meet-and-greet.

As soon as Michael appeared, he was immediately blocked by a huge group of reporters, and countless microphones and recorders almost hit him in the face. The vast majority of reporters were interviewing Taylor for the first time, so they pummeled him with a lot of questions immediately.

Unexpectedly, Taylor answered most of them.

A reporter asked, “Excuse me, Taylor Murray, how did you and your wife meet? Is it convenient to disclose that?” Faced with the question, Michael simply replied, “No comment.”

The reporter then asked, “It is rumored that you and your wife have a son. May I ask—” Michael interrupted him, “No comment.”

Another reporter piped up, “Excuse me, Taylor Murray, but what do you think of Miss Natasha?”

Natasha was standing to the side, waiting nervously for Michael’s answer. Although she knew that he could not tell the truth on this occasion, she could still make a note of what he said.

Michael looked at the microphone and then at the reporter who asked the question. As his curly wig fringe fell over his eyebrows, a trace of amusement flashed across his deep eyes, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly. Then, he said word by word into the microphone, “I’m not very familiar with her.”

Not very familiar? Natasha’s eyes widened. Is this all Taylor could comment about me? Not very familiar… All he said is ‘not very familiar’! I’ve always been the most dazzling one in the crowd! How could I ever be ‘not very familiar’ to anyone!

Natasha thought she had heard him wrong. Staring blankly at Michael, who was surrounded by reporters, her mind was in a daze as her eyes misted over and filled with shimmering tears. If it weren’t for a reporter who was filming her, those tears would’ve rolled down her cheeks.

The reporter began to ask questions again, “What do you think about Natasha Mitchell spending millions to adopt a panda for you and even bought the naming rights of a road?”

Without hesitation, Michael replied, “It made no sense to me.”

It made no sense?

Those four words resembled four ringing drums that hammered on Natasha’s eardrum, causing her head to vibrate horribly. She never expected that everything she did would make no sense to Taylor!

The meet-and-greet only lasted for a short while, and Michael left first. No matter what the reporters asked, he stopped answering. He wouldn’t have come to the meet-and-greet if it weren’t to explain things to Sophia and make things clear to the public.

Natasha watched Michael leave so indifferently and ruthlessly. He didn’t seem to notice that she was dressed to the nines while waiting in the crowd to meet him. For the first time, she felt the frustration and sadness of being abandoned by the whole world.

This must definitely not be what Michael really thinks. He must have been forced by that b*tch in his house to say such things! It must be so!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 444

Natasha recovered her usual dignified socialite appearance as quickly as possible and accepted an interview with the reporters.

The reporter asked, “Miss Natasha, how do you feel about Mr. Taylor Murray’s evaluation of your actions?”

Natasha looked at the camera and smiled in an elegant manner, “I grew up watching Taylor Murray’s movies, so he is my idol. I just want to continue loving him in my own way. I suppose my actions before were indeed a bit ill-considered, but I have no intention of destroying Taylor’s family, and I’ll still fully support his acting career in the future.”

Natasha didn’t believe one bit that she couldn’t win Taylor’s heart over with her family background and strong financial resources. I’m Taylor’s number one wealthy fan, and my status is unshakable!

However, little did she know that the ‘Taylor Murray’s Top Fan’ online title she had splurged on purchasing was bought off by somebody else in just five days and three hours. An idol like Taylor had no shortage of fans, especially wealthy ones.

Within two days, a brand-new Taylor Murray’s top fan materialized from thin air with the online name ‘Eddie Fletcher’. The news reported: ‘Taylor Murray’s Top Fan Eddie Fletcher Donates Ten Million to Build Public Road Named ‘Taylor Murray Road’ for an Impoverished Mountainous Village.’

Apparently, someone called Eddie Fletcher had contacted the council of the impoverished mountainous village and donated millions of assets to build roads and bridges for the village in the name of Taylor Murray.

The sudden windfall of a ten-million donation left the people of that impoverished village shell-shocked, but they couldn’t reach ‘Eddie Fletcher’. So, they had no choice but to contact a reporter to publish the news so that they could thank Eddie Fletcher and Taylor Murray for the donation.

At the same time, the crew of War Dragon also received a flower basket for Taylor, which was sent by a certain ‘Eddie Fletcher’. With that, Taylor made the headlines again, and a large number of entertainment reporters were curious about the real identity of Eddie Fletcher. However, no one could find out anything at all.

As the persona of ‘Eddie Fletcher’ was born, Natasha’s status as the top wealthy fan of Taylor Murray was in danger.

Both of them dedicated roads to Taylor Murray, yet one donated money to build roads for an impoverished mountainous village, which brought convenience to the poor people living in the village and improved the idol’s reputation; the other threw away money to glorify the idol, and as the idol himself said, it made no sense.

The contrast was stark when people started comparing the two.

In the summer resort of the film studio, Natasha was so angry that she smashed the tablet in her hands when she saw the news. Her hysterical scream echoed throughout this summer resort on the mountainside. “Go and check who exactly is this Eddie Fletcher for me!”

Natasha’s eyes were bloodshot with rage. Whenever she closed them, she would recall Taylor’s four unfeeling words: it made no sense.

She had always believed that Taylor liked her. Otherwise, why would he save her in the first place?

On that nightmarish night, she had arrested Sophia to interrogate her about the whereabouts of the amulet, but unexpectedly, she was besieged by unknown assassins. She then escaped from the basement and fell unconscious among a burst of gunfire. When she woke up in the hospital, she saw Taylor’s men guarding her. It was Taylor who had rescued her from Phantom Wolf!

Since he saved her, it meant that he was interested in her.

“No one ever dared to challenge me financially. Since you want to play this game with me, I will play along till the end.”

The news of Eddie Fletcher donating tens of millions of assets to build roads for the impoverished mountainous village broke out at once. Although the local villagers didn’t know who Eddie Fletcher was, they had heard of Taylor Murray and were extremely grateful to him. With this, Taylor’s reputation on the internet improved by leaps and bounds. When the main road was completed, they would erect a monument for Taylor Murray out of gratitude.

A huge number of reporters were camping outside the set to interview Taylor and ask about Eddie Fletcher as well. Unexpectedly, Taylor actually agreed to the interview this time.

A reporter asked, “Excuse me, Mr. Taylor Murray, but what do you think of Eddie Fletcher’s road construction in your name?” Michael smiled slightly. “It is worth advocating.”

The same four words, yet it was in stark contrast to Natasha’s ‘it made no sense’ comment.

Within a day of Eddie Fletcher shooting to fame, Natasha quickly fought back on her side. Since Eddie Fletcher was doing charity, she also did charity. In the name of Taylor Murray, she donated several new buildings to an elementary school located in the impoverished mountainous village.

She thought this would win the favor of other Taylor Murray’s fans, but she didn’t expect it to be counterproductive. The online comments were more negative than positive, and most of the comments were not great.

‘She’s just parroting others in doing charity. Can’t she be a little more creative? She should be a bit more sincere when doing charity.’

‘With such a stupid fan like her, I guess it’s difficult for Taylor Murray to avoid a bad reputation.’

‘I still like Eddie Fletcher more. Look at how low-key that fan is.’

Natasha hated this person named Eddie Fletcher to death. Although she sent someone to investigate the person, she didn’t even manage to find out whether it was a man or a woman.

Despite being berated online, she was still pleased about spending such a large sum of money. She wanted to see whether Eddie Fletcher would dare to respond to her move or not! The duel between two top fans had officially begun!

The statement of Natasha’s donation of the school buildings had just been issued, but even before the money was ready, another news broke out. A research institution examining the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) announced its receipt of a ten million ALS research fund by one of Taylor Murray’s fans, Eddie Fletcher. The fund was set up to develop a drug for the disease, and ‘Eddie Fletcher’ even called out for public awareness on ALS!

After the research institution published the news of the donation on its Twitter, Taylor himself liked it and retweeted it, then called for more public awareness on the disease as well.

As for the news of Natasha’s donation to the elementary school, Taylor never responded to it.

Seeing that something was going wrong for her, Natasha hurriedly donated 20 million to an AIDS research institution as a scientific research fund. She donated twice as much as Eddie Fletcher donated!

Actually, she didn’t care about what the netizens said about her at all. All she wanted to do was to raze ‘Eddie Fletcher’ to the ground!

It was clear that ‘Eddie Fletcher’ had a strong financial background. After donating to the scientific research fund, the person donated a batch of tents and relief packages to a disaster-stricken mountain area in the name of Taylor Murray.

A day after donating those supplies, a foreign research institution suddenly discovered a new asteroid. On the second day of the discovery, the institution received a financial donation from ‘Eddie Fletcher’, the fan of Cethos’ male celebrity Taylor Murray, to help with the scientific research. Thus, the institution that had discovered the asteroid named it as ‘Taylor Murray Asteroid’.

Natasha, too, followed closely with her own donations of supplies and money. Since Eddie Fletcher donated an asteroid, she followed up by donating a newly discovered island!

In short, what Eddie Fletcher donated, she donated twice as much.

At night in a hotel, Michael started to scroll through the news on the Internet after having finished reading the script. When he searched for ‘Eddie Fletcher’, a torrent of news swept across his screen.

On seeing the name, his eyes were full of indulgence, and his smile became gentle. A kind of tender warmth spread through his body as he subconsciously glanced at Sophia, who was playing a game beside him.

Eddie Fletcher and Natasha had gone a bit overboard now, but this war was about to end soon.

Natasha had gone all out with her spending. Judging from the current financial level of the Mitchell Family, she couldn’t go on even if she was the daughter of the Mitchell Family.

As for ‘Eddie Fletcher’…

Sophia was playing a game with Stanley, and they were grinding while chatting in-game.

Stanley said to Sophia, “Eddie Fletcher, you’re freaking rich to donate tens of millions in one go. Why didn’t you invest more money in me? You’re so stingy. I’m your nephew after all!”

“That’s your uncle’s money!” Sophia retorted.

“My uncle’s money is all yours. I don’t care! Invest money in me, Eddie Fletcher!”

“I don’t have any money!”

“Eddie Fletcher… This name is really disgusting.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 445

“Eddie, what do you even mean by your actions? I’ve already allowed you to sleep with my uncle, so what more do you want? Don’t you feel at least a little distressed when you throw away so much money? Why don’t you give me the money instead? After eight or ten years, I promise to return you tenfold the amount you give me!” Stanley kept prattling on.

Sophia did not respond but instead continued gaming in a serious manner. As she manipulated the Scary Phoenix account that belonged to Michael, its avatar was so great that it could fly like a god overlooking the common folk in the game.

It’s so cool to play with the idol’s account. Top guy in the whole server, a godly avatar, that lethality, that critical hit, and that agility, it’s just incredible…

However, the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor, Taylor Murray’s game ID, was already exposed and known to all. As long as Scary Phoenix appeared in-game, a group of fans would chase after him wildly, causing a server jam wherever he went. It was of no use even if he tried to log in incognito.

Within this period of time, there was an increase of more than one million new users in ‘Swordsman Game’. All of them joined the game for Taylor Murray, which caused the game screen to hang and the line to drop for most users.

After killing a monster, the player would need to change the map location to fight monsters somewhere else. So, Scary Phoenix and Snow Fox moved at full speed toward their new destination. Snow Fox galloped on his mount, while Scary Phoenix flew in the sky.

As soon as Scary Phoenix appeared, he flew past the town freely in the sky, and the people in the town could only look at him with envy and hatred.

Who made him the only one who could fly in the game? Nobody could follow him even if they wanted to.

Suddenly, a heroine with wings flew behind him.

Scary Phoenix turned his head and saw the woman with long black hair in a fluttering dress. As she rode on the wind, she looked as beautiful as a dream. From her appearance, she was clearly a wealthy paid user.

‘Swordsman Game’ actually had wings as props? Since when did this happen?

So, Scary Phoenix was not the only god in the game?

Heroine ID: Nat.

The pair of them flew in the air in tandem like a godly couple, drawing the envy of others. Scary Phoenix didn’t say a word but continued rushing toward his destination.

Nat spoke, “Wait up, the hero ahead of me!” Scary Phoenix still didn’t speak.

Nat continued, “Taylor, I’m Natasha.” Scary Phoenix paused, then said, “I’m not the man himself.”

Nat replied, “Then are you Lord Winston?” Scary Phoenix answered, “I’m Taylor’s wife.”

The conversation stopped for a while there.

Natasha lowering herself to play this kind of game was, of course, all for Michael. She bought a god-level title with strong attributes for a high price, just so that she could stand together with Scary Phoenix in the game world.

Unexpectedly, although she had found Scary Phoenix, it was his wife who was using this game account.

Taylor Murray’s wife? Well, I can work with that!

On the other side of the computer, Natasha smiled sarcastically and started typing. ‘Hi, Mrs. Murray. I’m Natasha, Taylor’s sister. My father is Alex Mitchell, the president of Mitchell Group.’

Scary Phoenix paused for a while, then replied, ‘Hmm, what a coincidence. My dad is your dad’s granduncle Cooper Mitchell! You shall address me as your elder!’

Nat’s in-game avatar was a fairy with colorful wings. Although she fluttered her wings in the game, in reality, she was laughing behind the computer at Sophia, the dumb housewife who didn’t know any better.

How could Cooper Mitchell be your father? In fact, how is someone like you worthy of having him as your father? It seems that Taylor’s wife is nothing much after all. She’s just an ignorant and dumb woman!

Nat spoke in-game again, ‘I recently visited Taylor on set. He’s so kind to me, and we often have dinner together. Why didn’t I see you there?’

After saying this, she waited for the other party’s response.

Sure enough, the other party sounded a little frustrated as she immediately asked, ‘You had dinner with Taylor?’

Natasha was so happy that even her typing rhythm became incredibly joyful. ‘Yes, I was having dinner with Taylor just now. It was just him and me!’

The other party did not answer. Natasha knew that the woman must have begun to suspect Taylor at this time. Perhaps she might immediately call and ask Taylor, who he had dinner with just now.

Then there would be endless arguments and doubts. Taylor would definitely think that she was kicking up a fuss for nothing and being unreasonable. If this continued, they would get divorced sooner or later…

When the seed of doubt had been planted, the divorce would happen sooner or later.

Seeing that the other party hadn’t spoken for a long time, Natasha hurriedly typed in her explanation. ‘Mrs. Murray, don’t get me wrong. Taylor just treats me like a close buddy! After a few days, I’ll come to visit you, Mrs. Murray! By the way, I’ve also been to Villa No. 8 of The Imperial several times before, but you weren’t there. Mrs. Murray, I must make an appointment with you in advance before visiting this time.’

Seeing that the other party still didn’t respond, Natasha continued typing. ‘Mrs. Murray, what’s the matter with you? Mrs. Murray, please say something. You mustn’t blame Taylor! He really just sees me as a close buddy of his. If you don’t like it, then I won’t have dinner with Taylor in the future. Whenever Taylor invites me over, I won’t go.’

She acted so innocent, so pure, and so ignorant…

The other person still didn’t reply, but since she was definitely behind the computer, she would have seen those words. Besides, Scary Phoenix was still flying forward in the sky.

Natasha continued, ‘Mrs. Murray, I’ve prepared a surprise for Taylor. You will know it after watching the news later!’

Scary Phoenix didn’t speak, and finally, he arrived at his destination. When he landed, a gaggle of shocked geese scattered away. His golden robe fluttered, and his waist-length hair flew about wildly as he strode away one step at a time.

Snow Fox was already there waiting. When he saw the player ‘Nat’ following closely behind Scary Phoenix, he swallowed his cursing remark and asked gently instead, ‘Who is this fairy?’

Nat quickly replied, ‘Hello, Snow Fox. I’m Taylor’s sister, and my name is Natasha.’

Snow Fox was dumbfounded.

Nat added, ‘Snow Fox, please help me persuade Mrs. Murray. Although Taylor loves me very much, he has always treated me like his younger sister. Mrs. Murray seems to have misunderstood something. Although Taylor and I often have dinner together, and he takes very good care of me, there’s nothing between us. He really has always pampered me like he’s my brother!’

Snow Fox was again speechless at her audacity. Even though Stanley was pea-brained and did not quite understand what a b*tch was, he knew what ‘driving a wedge’ meant. Every sentence from Nat sounded like she was making her relationship with Taylor clear, yet every sentence hinted otherwise.

Stanley privately messaged Scary Phoenix, asking, ‘Aunt, what now? Should I kill her? She’s really disgusting.’

‘Swordsman Game’ had added an online voice function, so players could now directly speak with each other, leaving their hands free to play the game. Thus, Scary Phoenix’s voice quickly reached Stanley’s ears.

“Just let her be.” Michael’s deep and sexy voice echoed in Stanley’s ear.

“Pfft!” Stanley looked at Natasha being all arrogant and trying to cause discord and suddenly felt that she was pretty pitiful. She thought that her strategy had succeeded, but she didn’t know that the husband and wife were watching her making a fool of herself behind the computer.

Suddenly, Stanley pricked his ears to listen to Michael’s voice. “Uncle, I hear some loud noises over there. You’re not having sex with my aunt, are you?”

“No. Natasha’s words were excellent, so I was applauding her with your aunt,” Michael replied, panting heavily.

“Then why are you panting?”

“I exerted too much effort during the applause.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 446

“No, wait! It sounds like my aunt is crying! Are you hitting her?” Stanley sounded panicky. Jeez! From the sound of it, it seems like he hit her pretty hard! Did he just hit her in the face? Darn it! If he did, her face could be swollen right now! Nevertheless, nothing else more was heard from the other side at this moment. Could they be enjoying a horizontal tango in their hotel room?

Something seemed to dawn on Stanley the moment he set his eyes on Scary Phoenix in the game. Darn it! I can’t believe I have to hear their lovey-dovey sh*t again! Ahh! This disgusting couple just won’t give me a break! Where is their sense of shame?

No wonder our society is morally depraved! Soon, the game was left with only Stanley, who was in confusion, the unresponsive Scary Phoenix, and Natasha, who was trying to explain her innocence.

‘Say something, Mrs. Murray. I’m so sorry; I didn’t do it on purpose. Taylor and I are just friends! Please forgive me, Mrs. Murray! I didn’t mean to do that! Please don’t take your anger out on Taylor. Blame me if you want!’

Later on, Natasha complacently decided to go offline when Scary Phoenix didn’t respond at all. ‘Oops! It looks like Taylor is calling me now. I gotta get going to pick up his call! Stay sweet! Ciao!’ After Natasha went offline, Stanley left the game as well. It was only after a while before he saw Scary Phoenix logging in again.

‘Hey stupid dog, let’s battle!’ Scary Phoenix responded.

Snow Fox asked in the chat. ‘Are you done with your bed dance?’

Scary Phoenix replied, ‘Yup.’

Then, both of them continued their exciting game until Stanley suddenly interrupted it and typed a message in the group. ‘Eddie, you might want to look at the news because Natasha has really gone crazy!’ In that instant, Scary Phoenix, who was busy killing monsters in the game, quickly sheathed his blade and disappeared from Stanley’s sight.

Meanwhile, Sophia, who was covered in sweat all over her body, quitted the game and logged onto a website, only to see the news that Natasha was planning to build a museum that would cost a fortune, known as Taylor Murray’s Museum.

All of Taylor’s original movies would be kept there, as well as the actor’s life-sized wax statue. Apart from that, Natasha had also been buying all of Taylor’s memorabilia that were once auctioned off because she was planning to build a huge statue that looked exactly like the celebrity with them.

Oh dear! All this costs money! So, this is the surprise that she is planning to give Michael?! Upon reading the news, Sophia murmured to herself, “It looks like the Mitchell Family is really damn rich!”

After that, Sophia asked herself how well off she was compared to Natasha. I have enough fortune to give Natasha a run for her money, but perhaps it no longer matters anymore since Lord is already mine. Furthermore, I could use the money to build a business in the future or give it to Stanley to start his business. After all, that tiny company seems to have a promising future.

In the meantime, Natasha had never taken her eyes off the news ever since she announced her plan to build a museum for Taylor, desperate to see how ‘Eddie Fletcher’ was going to make a comeback from this. This is not some museum that anyone can afford. Even with tens of billions of fortune, I had to sell off most of my jewelry in order to make this project possible.

At the thought of that, Natasha was worried that Eddie wouldn’t respond but also afraid of the opposite at the same time, knowing how much she was struggling financially to facilitate this project. Nevertheless, her past experiences told her that Eddie would respond in less than a day, yet she didn’t hear anything about Eddie’s donation in the last two days. If Eddie doesn’t respond, I’ll be the winner! As expected, no one can challenge my wealth!

Natasha was excited when she thought about that, deeming herself the victor in her rivalry with Eddie. Therefore, she continued to visit the filming crew every day with flowers. Back then, ‘Eddie Fletcher’ used to buy flowers and deliver them to the filming crew, but ever since their defeat, they were too embarrassed to do that anymore.

At the same time, Natasha was waiting for any news about Taylor’s wife, expecting her challenge anytime soon after provoking the latter in the game earlier. By then, all I have to do is just to act like a poor little girl, and that should take me one step closer to Taylor’s divorce. Thinking about that, Natasha indulged herself in her presumed victory.

In the meantime, Michael had been paying close attention to the gossips circling around him, although he might appear unconcerned about them. In fact, he could sense Sophia’s dismay after she was defeated by Natasha in their rivalry. Although Michael could choose to ignore the unpleasant incident, he knew Sophia was upset by it.

After all, Cooper should have been the patriarch in the Mitchell Family, while Sophia was to be the family’s eldest daughter. Nevertheless, Alex took that away from Cooper, along with everything else that belonged to Sophia, yet Natasha was now openly wooing Michael.

On the other hand, Olivia started to treat Sophia indifferently after listening to how Natasha bad-mouthed her, feeling desperate to meet up with Mrs. Murray, whose wealth was allegedly able to compare to a nation’s. Nevertheless, she never really stood a chance to see her in person, no matter how she tried to sound out Michael.

While the world knew that Taylor had a family, no one seemed to know anything about his wife and child. Besides, even the director hadn’t seen Mrs. Murray in person as well, indicating just how secretive the celebrity had been about his family as his wife had never visited the filming crew. Even until this moment when the two crazy fans were fighting over Taylor Murray, Mrs. Murray seemed strangely calm and collected.

This seems odd, and it doesn’t make sense at all! After running through several reasons in her mind, Olivia finally came to a possible conclusion that Mrs. Murray had gone broke. Perhaps Mrs. Murray is not as loaded as Natasha or even Eddie, which explains why she doesn’t have the guts to pressure Taylor.

Anyway, she is nowhere near Natasha in the battle of wealth! At the thought of that, Olivia began to flatter Natasha, who thought that divorces were common among celebrities. Thus, Taylor could simply divorce his wife and be with her even though he was married.

When Olivia visited the filming crew, Olivia warmed up to her and said, “Here you are, Natasha! Lunchtime with Taylor?”

Nevertheless, Natasha saw through Olivia’s hypocrisy as she never forgot the latter’s attitude when she was at a disadvantage in her rivalry against Eddie. However, when she saw how Olivia cozied up to her as if she was a queen, she couldn’t help but feel gleeful about it.

Soon, the two ladies continued to chat with each other, heading to see Michael, only to find the actor busy shooting a scene in which he was performing a wire stunt while fighting the male protagonist, Ethan. Meanwhile, Sophia only followed her husband around wherever he went.

In fact, this was a scene in which Ethan’s character in the play found and saved his comrade’s sister but was soon intercepted by the villain on their way out. Therefore, both men engaged in a fierce fight, which ended with the male protagonist safely leaving with his comrade’s sister.

Actually, Xyla was the one who played the sister of the male protagonist’s comrade, but she didn’t have much to do in this scene since the two men were the main focus. Nonetheless, she was still happy enough to play a role that would make all other actresses jealous because the two actors would be brutally fighting each other for her.

The scene would start with the male protagonist successfully rescuing Xyla’s character, only to be recaptured by the villain. In the end, the male protagonist would take down the villain and carry the victim away. In that case, that would mean that Xyla would get to be carried by both actors.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 447

In order to perform better for this scene, Xyla had been preparing herself by maintaining a strict diet to make sure she was in good shape. Meanwhile, Richard happened to drop by the set for a visit. Despite witnessing someone hugging his fiancée, he was still happy for her, knowing that Xyla would rise to fame once the movie was released. She’ll make me proud if Glory Entertainment successfully makes her a star.

The shooting began as the fight scene between the two male leading actors went on without a hitch. Nevertheless, audio recordings couldn’t be done when filming a fight scene. Therefore, the audios could only be added during the post-production, which required the actors to dub their voices by then. The next moment, the two actors were seen interacting with each other happily while filming.

Michael reminded, “Hey, my wife is watching, so remember to take it easy!”

Hearing his partner’s words, Harry replied, “What’re you telling me that for? Talk to the director and the producer!”

Upon shooting the fight scene, the director was satisfied with the result, so the crew went on to the next scene that involved the two male actors fighting over a young lady. At the same time, Xyla had a few minor shots in which she was involved, although she only just had to show her back in most of them. After the supporting actress was done with her part, the director informed the crew, saying, “Next, we’re going to need a shot of the character’s back, and we’ll get to that after a short break.”

In the meantime, Xyla couldn’t wait for the next scene in which the antagonist would drag her away by force. Barely able to contain her excitement, she even came up with a few positions comfortable for Taylor to carry. However, Natasha was later seen emerging from the crowd with the same attire and hairstyle as Xyla’s. At the sight of that, Xyla’s heart sank.

Natasha then walked toward the director and said in an aggressive manner, “The next scene is likely going to be dangerous. If anything goes wrong when Xyla is shooting, she won’t be able to complete the subsequent shots. Since these scenes don’t need the character to show her face, I could perhaps double for her.” Without hiding her intent, Natasha’s straightforward reply made the director furrow his brows.

Nonetheless, the director eventually gave in and agreed to Natasha’s suggestion. Never mind. It’s only just a few shots, so I guess I should just let her be. “Alright, you can go ahead then.”

Upon hearing that, Natasha smiled gleefully, knowing that things would go in her favor. Meanwhile, Xyla could only watch her rightful opportunity slipping through her fingers in a helpless manner. As resentful as she felt, she held her peace and restrained herself from speaking her mind. Soon, Richard patted her shoulder, signaling her to calm down. After all, the Harper and the Huff Family were no match for the Mitchell Family even with their combined power. Besides, Natasha only came here because of Taylor, so her presence wouldn’t actually jeopardize Xyla’s position in the filming process, and neither would she prove to be a threat.

Finally, the break was over just as the director summoned everyone to continue the shoot. At the same time, Harry was also seen exiting his tent while all other actors got into their positions to get ready.

On the other hand, Natasha was exhilarated about the moment she’d get up close to Taylor. At the thought of that, her heart instantly fluttered with nervousness and excitement. Nevertheless, Taylor, who was cast as the antagonist, was nowhere to be seen. Thinking that he must still be resting in his tent, the director quickly headed there to call him, only to see the actor showing up not long after that.

In the next scene, Taylor was needed to be shirtless, thus revealing his perfect muscular build. Besides that, he tanned his skin for the film, which made him look even hotter and attractive. While staring at this masculine actor, Natasha was instantly overwhelmed by a rush of adrenaline. Oh my gosh! I’m going to be in this man’s arms later on.

When Taylor showed up, he was seen carrying a young lady in his strong arms. The lady was seen to be in the same outfit as Natasha; even her hairstyle and figure looked similar to the latter. Upon seeing that, Natasha’s smile instantly stiffened.

Michael then carried Sophia as he walked past Natasha to the director in front of the camera. “Let’s get to work now.” While the director stared at Sophia, she couldn’t help but feel shy with all the eyes that fell upon her from her surroundings. This is embarrassing! At the thought of that, she immediately buried her head into Michael’s chest. Other than that, Michael also covered her face in dust, making her look the part.

The director speechlessly looked at Michael and the ‘cameo’ he brought along before he shifted his eyes to the sulky Natasha. I don’t want to step on Natasha’s toes, but Michael is not someone to be trifled with. Nevertheless, in order to make things clear to Natasha, he pretended to ask, “Who’s this you’re carrying?”

Michael explained, “My assistant is lighter, so she is easier to carry, which I think should help save whoever will carry her some energy.” After listening to his explanation, the director reluctantly gave in once more, allowing Michael and Sophia to proceed with the filming. When everyone was in position, the shooting resumed with Natasha left in the cold.

Soon, the set was shrouded in awkward silence, as it was obvious that Taylor had been trying to avoid Natasha because he’d rather let his own assistant than Natasha play the role.

At the same time, Natasha only stood aside and watched Sophia burying her face in Michael’s arm, disgusted by her bashful look. It should have been me in his arms! I should be the one Taylor carries, not her! This b*tch must have said something to Taylor that changed his mind. Despite her resentful thoughts, she stuck around and watched them both in silence. Let’s see how long that’ll last!

Meanwhile, Xyla, who observed everything on the sideline, couldn’t help but gloat deep down, shifting her eyes between Natasha and Sophia. Nonetheless, she knew that Sophia only came out on top because she was Taylor’s assistant. However, Natasha was backed by her powerful family, while Xyla was just a mere assistant with barely any power. In the end, she will lose everything at stake for standing up to Natasha. The Mitchell Family is far more powerful than one can ever imagine.

As the shooting began, the antagonist carried the supporting actress and ran away, while the leading actor gave chase relentlessly. Soon, both actors engaged in a witty exchange of repartee. “Give it up, weakling! You’re no match for me, so watch helplessly as she becomes a toy for those Arabian tycoons! You Cethosians are useless and inferior! So, play your part and stay down!”

While villains usually talked a lot in the movies, the antagonist’s humiliation was expected to enrage the protagonist and urge the latter to fight back and kill the former in a last-ditch effort. Soon, they began shooting the scene in which the antagonist began gloating before the protagonist. Dialogues in normal scenes were usually recorded live, so all actors were required to remember their lines accurately.

The villain that Taylor played was a foreign mercenary who spoke fluently. Furthermore, the actor’s good command of language was evident in his other movies without dubbing, yet he struggled to recall his lines. “Give it up, weakling! I’m no match for you… Sorry, one more take, please.” The actor, who was carrying Sophia, said his lines wrongly, probably because he was nervous.

In his second take, he was still seen carrying Sophia while saying his lines. “Play your part and—sorry, I forgot my line—stay down. Ahh-choo! Excuse me!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 448

Although Michael had only those few lines in that scene, he struggled to complete his part without error for as long as he carried Sophia, unwilling to put her down even when it was time to rest.

Soon, Harry secretly approached Michael and begged with a soft voice, “Come on, buddy! Please get the shot done as soon as possible. Look how tired you’ve made them; even your wife can’t stand that. Now, look, she is yawning. Can you see that?”

Michael then shifted his gaze to Sophia, who was yawning in his arms. At first, Sophia’s heart fluttered with excitement about the scene, but as the actor kept getting his lines wrong, she eventually grew tired of the repeated takes they had to go through.

Oh gosh! I can’t take this anymore! How did Michael manage to hang in there all these years? I can’t believe I dozed off and woke up, only to see him still trying.

Meanwhile, Michael would hate to spoil the fun moment that he was having with his wife, but he knew he had to be even more serious after countless failed attempts to complete the shot. In his next try, Michael finally found himself in the right mood and quickly said his lines without error, completing the shot with surprising ease, while the entire crew moved on to the next shot in relief. It was then that he finally put Sophia down.

After a long afternoon, Sophia was beat as she yawned in exhaustion. She then sat down and drank some water while watching the filming process from the side. The shot is finally over, but the next one is probably going to look awkward.

The reason Sophia thought that way was because the protagonist was expected to retrieve the female supporting character who was again needed to be carried. There are three of us here who could play the role, but which of us should go ahead? In fact, Harry wished for Sophia to finish the act, but she was not the best fit, considering the awkward situation they were in.

As for Natasha, he shared a mutual disgusted feeling with her, and neither was Xyla his favorite. In the end, Harry decided to use a dummy instead. While Michael carried on with the shoot in a serious manner, every other cast member merely just went about their jobs in peace.

In the meantime, Natasha was seen sitting aside with a resentful look on her face, insisting on waiting for her opportunity of the day. Not long after that, Olivia came closer to Natasha and comforted her.

“Don’t let your wild imagination upset you. This is a set, so you need to keep your distance even if Taylor allowed you to participate in the filming.”

Meanwhile, Sophia settled down in a corner and connected her phone to Michael’s Wi-Fi, absorbed in her social media. In fact, Stanley had created a private group chat with only three members, including himself, Sophia, and Sean. This chatroom, which was active at the moment, was a place for them all to discuss their work , as well as office gossip.

Sean’s message popped up in the group. ‘Natasha has been squandering a lot in the past two days, and the Mitchell Family is not happy about it. Therefore, I believe you’d have won the battle against her if you had hung in there a little longer, Mrs. Murray.

Nevertheless, people like her won’t give up so easily, even if they have to exhaust their entire fortune. Therefore it’s best that you be careful these few days.’

Before Sophia could respond, Stanley replied in the chat group. ‘Darn it! ‘Mrs. Murray’ sounds disgusting! By the way, can you change a new profile picture instead of my uncle’s?

You’re going to give me a heart attack for that! Aren’t you worried that your ID would give away the truth that you’re married to my uncle, Mrs. Murray? Hello, anyone there? Say something, Eddie!’

On the other hand, Sophia only read the conversation in the chat group like a fly on the wall. In reality, the Mitchell Family couldn’t afford Natasha’s extravagant spending habit even though they might be well off.

Furthermore, they were also aware of their own financial situation that was growing increasingly worrying ever since Cooper left. Besides, Alex and Natasha were not part of the Mitchell Family, so the rest of the family members would surely frown on their doing.

After incurring a huge cost on building the museum, Natasha was probably too broke to afford any other expense. Even so, Sophia saw no meaning in fighting Natasha, not to mention the risk that she might even blow her cover. Soon, she suddenly responded to the group. ‘I don’t see a purpose in spending any more unnecessary money.’

After that, the group chat seemed to be silent as everyone appeared to be busy attending to their own matters. Not long after that, Sean suddenly replied in the group chat. ‘Darn you, Eddie! You’re bluffing again! Check the news for yourself! I didn’t know that Mrs. Murray was so loaded! Alright, give me money, or I’m going to start spilling your secret!’

Wait, what? What’s going on? Sophia quickly checked the news of the day that popped up on her news feed. ‘Breaking News: A rich fan of a male star donated the long-lost valuable artifact—‘Imperial Seal’.’ Jeez!

The Imperial Seal! Who’s got a fan even richer than Natasha and me?! Without hesitation, she immediately proceeded to read the article about the news.

‘Two days ago, an anonymous package was received at Bayside City Museum, which turned out to be a long-lost artifact—the ‘Imperial Seal’. Hundreds of historians have spent nights verifying it before they all concluded that this piece of artifact was indeed built during Emperor Alexander’s reign over a thousand years ago.

The Imperial Seal marks the highest standard of exquisite craftsmanship, deemed to be the national treasure that was kept in the palace for more than a millennium. Therefore, it has witnessed the changes throughout different dynasties and the reigns of different rulers, qualifying as an emblem of royal and power.

In fact, it even went missing during a war a few hundred years ago, which was a pity to most historians, as well as a disgrace to the nation before it subsequently became the biggest unsolved mystery until recently.

Since the Imperial Seal has returned to its rightful place, it will be displayed at Bayside City Museum from now on. While the historians rejoice in its return, the news has apparently concerned all relevant ministers, as well as the president himself. Ever since the release of this exciting announcement, the Imperial Palace has been surrounded by a huge crowd of history fanatics waiting to witness this piece of artifact.

According to history, the Imperial Seal was built by the incompetent emperor at the cost of his people’s welfare to signify his royal status a millennium ago. The seal was made of a few rare materials with perfect craftsmanship, although countless lives were lost in the process of making it. Most importantly, this royal emblem possesses a value that is deemed to be immeasurable.

Many emperors were allegedly willing to sacrifice anything in order to get their hands on this treasure, some of which were willing to exchange several cities for it; some were willing to sacrifice a city of people, while others would even kill their brothers for it.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly a witness that has seen all changes that happened throughout different dynasties over the last millennium. Other than that, there was an invasion that took place in the palace a few hundred years ago, in which the conquerors massacred all the royal members and stole the Imperial Seal.

Although it may just be an ordinary small seal to many others, it’s probably one of the oldest artifacts that has been in the hands of many different historical rulers. While its worth cannot be reliably estimated, its value is believed to equal the tax income that has been collected in the last thousand years.

Therefore, the entire nation is thrilled and happy to welcome the return of the Imperial Seal! As for the anonymous donor, this mysterious figure allegedly goes by an alias named—Eddie Fletcher.’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 449

Sophia was considered knowledgeable in history, as she once sat for a history exam for a friend who barely studied. Therefore, she was aware of how much the Imperial Seal was worth and knew that she could never afford something so precious like that.

Even I can’t afford that artifact, let alone Natasha, and I doubt she could afford it even if she sold off the entire Mitchell Family! Well, I guess that’s the reason why it’s deemed to be a national treasure. Nonetheless, the anonymous donor really did use my alias, according to the news.

Who is so loaded to spend such a fortune on this artifact? After all, even money can’t buy it. At the thought of that, Sophia couldn’t help but feel confused about the mysterious donor.

Soon, the group chat was bombarded with Stanley’s messages. ‘Darn you, Eddie! Say something, you rich hypocrite! Who are you? I bet this is the reason why my uncle married you, right?!’

Then, Sean replied in the group, ‘I gotta get going. My uncle called me to the meeting room, probably to discuss what Natasha is going to do.’

In fact, Natasha had spent more than she could afford on Taylor. Therefore, she barely had money left to prove her wealth now that everyone compared her museum to the priceless Imperial Seal.

Although the humiliation was trivial, the real issue remained as Natasha insisted on going ahead with building the museum despite her tight fund. Fortunately, the decision hadn’t been finalized, which no payment had been made.

At the same time, this didn’t sit well with the Mitchell Family’s elderly, who interfered with Natasha’s plan and accused her of her childishness. For that, they were determined not to pay a single cent for the museum’s construction.

Meanwhile, some of the crew members were seen with their eyes glued to their phones, eagerly reading more about the news on the rivalry of wealth between Eddie and Natasha since that was the biggest media focus recently.

While everyone was curious to know more about how the drama would develop, Eddie’s donation immediately caught the attention of many and left their mouths wide agape.

“Oh my gosh! Who’s this Eddie Fletcher? Look, it’s the Imperial Seal! If this thing is real, imagine how much it’s worth!”

“What’re you talking about? No one could afford to buy that artifact even if Natasha sold off the Mitchell Family.”

“It looks like she really hit a snag this time!”

Upon noticing everyone gossiping with their eyes set on her, Natasha immediately reached out for her phone, only to see a news article popping up.

Needless to say, she understood what donating the Imperial Seal implied, as she could never afford something as priceless as the national treasure. Furthermore, she also knew that the Mitchell Family wouldn’t give away something so precious if they really possessed it.

Soon, her pride was hurt when she saw the name ‘Eddie Fletcher’ in the last few words of the news article. For the first time in her life, she felt devastated and defeated, doubtful about herself, as she no longer felt important.

Oh gosh! I’m so ashamed of myself that I don’t feel like living in this world anymore. I guess Harry was right. I’m just mommy’s little girl who can’t accept her failure, and I only felt invincible in the first eighteen years of my life because of the Mitchell Family.

Now that Natasha found herself up against someone else wealthier and more powerful, she finally woke up to how vulnerable she was. In that instant, she went weak in her limbs, barely standing on her feet with Olivia’s help.

Suddenly, she received a phone call, only to realize it was from her father. At the sight of that, she quickly caught on to what Alex was calling her for. After that, she staggered with her assistant’s help and reluctantly left the place.

At that moment, Natasha knew she had become a laughingstock, as everyone else now called her a loser. Meanwhile, Olivia, who watched Natasha leave, couldn’t care less about the latter’s feelings because Eddie seemed more like someone from the upper class right now. It appears that Eddie is the one who’s actually loaded with money, but who’s this mysterious figure?

In the meantime, the two actors were in the middle of the shoot, but because it was a fight scene, both men secretly chatted since there was no live recording involved. Harry said, “Darn it, you slippery b*stard! How could you donate my precious collection without my permission?! That’s mine! Mine! Give it back to me!”

“Well, it’s just nothing more than a piece of jade. I’ll make it up to you with my wife’s Turbo Tornado,” Michael answered.

“That should do,” Harry replied.

When both of them tracked Phantom Wolf down to Africa the last time, Michael discovered the latter’s connection with a drug lord. Due to his hatred for drugs, he followed the lead and found the drug lord’s hideout, whereupon he took down the mastermind.

At that time, Harry stumbled upon something that caught his eye, which he deemed looked like a treasure that belonged to Cethos. Therefore, he claimed it as his own and took it back home with him.

Subsequently, Michael came to realize what Harry took back with him was actually an artifact known as the Imperial Seal. The Fletcher Family had served the military for generations, earning a respectable reputation for defending the nation against the invaders.

Unfortunately, the warlords were later blinded by their selfishness as they engaged in an infight that weakened their morale, unknowingly creating an opening for the invaders to conquer Cethos. Besides, the palace was even occupied by the invaders, while the Imperial Seal went missing in the process.

After the end of the previous dynasty, Cethos embraced a new beginning and rose from the ruins, but the Imperial Seal was never heard again. Although the artifact was no longer needed under a new reign, its loss had become a stigma to Cethos whose people could never live down.

When the Fletcher Family’s ancestors served as the imperial guards back then, they did everything they could to resist the invaders, but the guns and canons proved too much for them to handle. In the end, they died as faithful soldiers.

At the same time, the palace was invaded by enemies who proceeded to burn everything to the ground and plunder every treasure they could find, including the Imperial Seal.

Subsequently, one of the Mitchell Family’s ancestors heard that some foreigners were smuggling some national treasures by sea at the harbor situated on the turf of the Fletcher Family’s ancestors. Therefore, both families quickly brought along their respective armies and intercepted these foreigners, engaging in a battle with them in the middle of the night.

Although they had successfully recovered most of the national treasures, they failed to retrieve a small number of other treasures, among which was the Imperial Seal, as they helplessly watched them taken away by the foreigners.

In fact, it was the story that Mark proudly told his family, yet he sighed every time he mentioned the Imperial Seal. After all, the lost treasures that belonged to Cethos were mostly purchased by powerful politicians and wealthy tycoons, while some were even sold on an auction.

Therefore, the old man couldn’t help but feel sorry for the humiliation to his country. Nonetheless, the Imperial Seal was nowhere to be found despite consistent efforts that the government had been dedicating in searching for it.

Because of that, Michael had always wanted to look for the right moment to return the Imperial Seal but couldn’t seem to find time to do so. Thus, when the opportunity presented itself, he immediately seized it and returned the artifact back to his country.

On the other hand, Harry appeared to be less enthusiastic. Unlike the Fletcher Family, the Winston Family was less patriotic, considering their history in the underworld that could date back to two centuries ago.

To them, they didn’t mind donating the artifact since it couldn’t possibly bring them any foreseeable benefit. Therefore, Harry decided to exchange the Imperial Seal with Michael for some advanced gears in his game, which turned out to be a virtual sword.

In the meantime, Joel was in Bayside City, where he took up a mission to escort the Imperial Seal with a heavy heart. In his previous mission in Africa, he was planning to claim the credit for himself after learning some news about the Imperial Seal, but he didn’t manage to find the artifact even until the end of his mission.

Thus, he was dismayed when he found out that Michael beat him to finding it. Soon, Old Master Fletcher’s eyes welled up in tears when he saw the long-lost artifact for himself. “Finally! The Imperial Seal!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 450

The ancestors of both the Fletcher and the Mitchell Family nearly lost their lives in the process of retrieving the Imperial Seal. Therefore, Mark was thrilled and surprised when his grandson managed to bring it back in one piece. Needless to say, he knew Eddie Fletcher was just a front, and Michael was the one who recovered the precious artifact.

Witnessing the seal being delivered to the museum, the old man wiped his tears sentimentally and gave his grandson a call. Meanwhile, it was already night by the time Michael returned to the hotel just when he received a call from his grandfather.

In the meantime, Sophia was lying in bed, chatting with Sean and Stanley on her social media. While Stanley was excitedly going on and on about his family’s historical glory with the Imperial Seal, Sean appeared to be confused with the story. He then sighed and texted the group. ‘I can’t believe both our families are related to the Imperial Seal!’

Stanley replied, ‘Of course! While your family might have forgotten this part of the history, it’s etched in the minds of every member of the Fletcher Family. The Old Master is going to be so delighted when he finds out about this! I must say my uncle has really done a good job this time!’

The news said Eddie Fletcher was the donor, but since I wasn’t aware of it at all, it must be Michael who was behind all this! At the same time, Sophia overheard Michael talking over the phone. “Well, I bought the seal from a store when I was filming in Africa back then. So, don’t mention it, Grandpa.”

Sophia didn’t say a single word upon hearing that. So, it was indeed Michael who found the seal, but all this doesn’t add up at all. Michael could have donated the artifact in his own name to benefit his acting career. Besides, he would have also appeared on the headline of every news article while giving the filming crew a new idea for their next production.

Doing that, they wouldn’t even have to worry about their box office after that. Therefore, I can’t believe he’d donate the thing in my name just to prevent my rivalry with Natasha from escalating further. Man! I feel sorry for her about the ‘unfair’ advantage that I had against her in this game.

Jeez! Michael really went for the kill this time, and I have to admit that I almost take pity on Natasha and the Mitchell Family. Sophia then turned around and spread her legs wide apart, waiting for Michael while overhearing his conversation on the phone.

“No, please don’t say that. I’m also a part of the Fletcher Family, so I’m responsible for finding the lost artifact as well.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll play in the movie, and I’ll look for the producer and the rest of the cast. So, please rest assured because I promise we’ll illustrate the past in which the Fletcher Family and the Mitchell Family were in the quest for the Imperial Seal on the big silver screen. Okay?”

“By the way, how is Nate doing? Has he been a good boy? How are his studies? He is the only son my sister has ever had, so please just do anything you can to make sure he behaves. If he doesn’t, just swing a cane at him to teach him a lesson. Don’t worry about him because I’m sure he can take it.”

Even without hearing Mark’s voice, Sophia could tell how excited the old man was. Nevertheless, she noticed Michael’s voice becoming serious after they were done talking about Nate. “You know what I want, Grandpa. It’s time we moved Mother’s grave elsewhere.”

After all, Michael had indeed contributed a lot to his family and country, determined to become an influential figure in the world. In fact, everything he had done, including charity, retrieving the artifact, and donation, was all for one purpose—he wanted his mother, Elizabeth Murray, to be recognized by the Fletcher Family!

I want Elizabeth Murray to be acknowledged as Theo Fletcher’s wife in our genealogy record book, and I want her to be buried as part of the Fletcher Family. After hearing his grandson’s words, Mark said, “Alright, I’ve been thinking about that, in fact. So, don’t worry!”

Michael knew this could be hard for the Fletcher Family to get over with, but he was willing to wait. Upon hanging up the call, he heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that he had nothing else to worry about after returning the Imperial Seal.

Although Michael didn’t mind patiently waiting until Old Master Fletcher and the rest of the family members changed their minds, he could have threatened the Fletcher Family with the Imperial Seal. Nonetheless, he soon gave up the idea, choosing to take the moral high ground.

Ever since the news about the artifact’s donation spread across the nation, Natasha was never seen on set again, probably because she was too ashamed of her defeat against Eddie Fletcher.

Meanwhile, the entire filming crew was guessing Eddie’s identity; even the whole country was dying to know who this mysterious figure was, as no one seemed to be able to find anything about this person. Some of the skeptics suspected that Eddie was actually Taylor Murray himself because they found Michael Fletcher instead of Eddie Fletcher.

Not long after that, the set was surrounded by a number of reporters who couldn’t wait to interview the star about the national treasure and Eddie Fletcher. Despite his busy filming schedule, Michael accepted the interview and was instantly surrounded by the reporters with tons of questions the moment he showed up.

The reporter started with the first question. “Mr. Murray, what do you think about your fan who donated the national treasure?”

“Well done!” Michael said.

“Do you know anything about Eddie Fletcher’s identity, Mr. Murray?” the reporter asked.

“I have no comment,” Michael replied.

“Did you already know about the donation of this national treasure before all this, Mr. Murray?” the reporter responded with another question.

“I have nothing to say about that,” Michael answered.

“What else can you tell us?” the reporter asked a different question.

“I’ve just been informed that I’ll be shooting a movie related to the Imperial Seal, although the details have yet to be confirmed,” Michael said.

Unable to get any useful information from the star, the reporters reluctantly settled with the announcement to publish as news. In fact, Michael and Harry were the reason the reporters attended the press conference, but to their dismay, the two male stars preferred to keep a low profile as they quickly disappeared from sight after a brief appearance.

Therefore, everyone soon turned their attention to Olivia, who intentionally dressed up like Elizabeth. While their appearances already looked alike, Olivia seemed exactly like Elizabeth’s spitting image.

Nevertheless, Elizabeth passed away even before Olivia was born, hence she didn’t stand a chance to get along with the former. Therefore, she could only imitate Elizabeth’s bearing by watching her movies.

“Miss Olivia, you look exactly like your aunt, Elizabeth Murray!”

“Oh, really? People have been saying that I’m her doppelganger.”

“Excuse me, Miss Olivia. What’s your relationship with Mr. Murray?”

“My cousin and I have been rather close to each other. Besides, he always takes good care of me on set, so I guess I’m lucky to have a cousin like him.”

At the same time, Sophia, who had always detested Olivia, secretly roasted her while listening in on how she replied. Soon, the reporters seemingly received some news, as they all set their eyes in the same direction. “Nicole is here!”

Look who just arrived! No wonder everyone’s eyes were drawn away. After all, the main female protagonist is surely more popular than Olivia, the cameo. As a matter of fact, Nicole had been in the center of the spotlight lately after news about her rumored relationship spread across the city like wildfire.

Before that, she rose to fame and became well known for starring in a melodrama that went viral on the internet. Besides, as the main protagonist in ‘War Dragon’, it was no surprise she was one of the biggest focuses in the entertainment world.

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