My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 41-50

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 41

He did it on purpose!

“Nate, let me take over!”

Without saying anything, Nathan stood up and pulled out the chair for Sophia to sit. Sophia sat down, put her hands on the keyboard and immediately used the specially designed equipment for battle mode that she just gave him to enter into the PK mode.

She didn’t care who her opponent was and swiftly attacked the person, which caused an immediate change in situation.

The opponent, who was scolding Nathan earlier, immediately went quiet and probably didn’t even have the time to type since he was badly beaten by NateHiro. He yelled in pain as he was being defeated by Nathan’s sword. Sophia started to type after the battle. ‘You have two paths now—one, you become Sirius’s grandson or two, you die!’

At that moment, she glanced at his account, which seemed familiar. ‘No. 1 Beast of the Server’. Sophia recalled that this Beast was popular in the game and he once founded the first clan in the game. He had hundreds of disciples, more than ten wives and was on the PvP and Wealth list, which made him outstanding.

She was still a newbie to the game at that time and knew nothing. All she knew was to slay monsters, level up, and gain experiences. She also knew nothing about getting wives, forming clans or spending money to obtain equipment.

I saw him staggering on the streets while being surrounded by his disciples and hugging different girls on both arms, which made quite a scene as they were all drunk.

Sophia, who was only aware of how to slay monsters and level up, was amazed, not knowing that she could play the game like that! From then onward, she transformed from an actual decent player to a wealthy one.

She continued to spend money to purchase equipment and build her clan in addition to showing off like him. As a result, she was able to successfully transform herself to become the most handsome and wealthiest in the game!

Three months ago, her clan was built and she started to have many daughters-in-law before becoming a great force, but could not avoid having conflicts with the Beast’s clan. There was bad blood between them, which would result in some conflicts as she grew her clan.

It soon reached breaking point where they couldn’t tolerate each other. The first thing she did after the college entrance exam was to login to the game and lead her fellow members and wives to slaughter the Beast’s clan.

The clan had been annihilated to the point where they had to restart or leave the game. She and the Beast even battled each other at the Rocky Pinnacle where Sirius233 defeated him so badly that he ran off. Sirius snatched the Beast’s wife and made her his twentieth wife.

Sophia thought the Beast would be so embarrassed that he would never return to the game or at least use a different account—yet he actually returned with the same username! He still used the same ID, but his equipment was better and he even built a new clan. No wonder he hated Sirius’s son with a vengeance!

However, Sophia thought she did the right thing. Reality was cruel and one should never return if they were scared. Besides, Sirius was the one who fell for that girl first and even confessed to her in public.

He planned to marry her and make her his twentieth wife after his college entrance exams. Who would have expected that she would become the No. 1 Beast of the Server’s eighth wife when I returned to the game after staying away for a month?

That Beast even showed off on the server that he had married the girl whom Sirius233 loved and even sent an invitation for battle. However, as Sophia was preparing for her exams, she missed the invitation, which led to the other side thinking that she was afraid.

They mocked Sirius and his tribe for the entire month, leading to a mutual hatred since then—that was the reason why she slaughtered his clan. Since you dare to touch the woman I like, you shall be prepared for the consequences!

NateHiro had defeated the No. 1 Beast of the Server and wrote, ‘Wait for it, I’ll be your grandpa sooner or later! Even if I can’t be your grandpa, I will also be your stepfather!’ Upon writing that, he then went offline and probably unplugged his cable to leave the game.

In reality, Sophia sneered. “Hah, he is still that little scumbag!”

The No. 1 Beast of the Server was also a millionaire and spent a lot in the game. After Sophia had slaughtered him, he spent more money to build another clan. Building clans were expensive and required hundreds of thousands to develop, but she didn’t care because she would still destroy his clan once again!

While typing her response, Sophia caressed Nathan’s wimpy face. “Don’t worry, darling. Just watch how I intend to take revenge for you!” After comforting him, she turned to her laptop. The bridal chamber was not over yet—Sirius233 and Call Me Taylor were still enjoying their first night together.

Sirius233: ‘Darling, I have something urgent and have to leave. I’ll pay you back on another day.’

Call Me Taylor: ‘Hubby, what happened?’

Sirius233: ‘Sigh, it’s inevitable because my enemies are coming and I have to deal with it.’

Call Me Taylor: ‘Be careful, hubby. I will be waiting for you.’

Sirius233: ‘I will definitely make it up to you for our nuptial night.’

Sirius233, who was supposed to be in the bridal chamber, suddenly made an announcement in the game. ‘No. 1 Beast of the Server, listen up. NateHiro is my son! If you dare touch him, I will destroy your entire clan!’

At the same time, she sent an invitation to the No. 1 Beast of the Server to have a battle at the Rocky Pinnacle once again. She would lead her fellow members and destroy his clan if he refused to accept. If he accepted and lost the battle, she would also annihilate his entire clan! The invitation for battle contained traces of arrogance.

Nathan stood silently behind Sophia and watched her summoning her clan members late at night to strategize. His eyes brightened with a hint of surprise and admiration.

Sophia took a look at the time after planning her strategies—it was already midnight. She was about to switch off her laptop when Michael knocked at the door. “Nate, are you disturbing your mum by playing games? I’m going to switch off the internet connection. Go to sleep!”

Nathan immediately wore his flip-flops and ran toward the bed. Sophia also switched off her laptop and went to bed. Michael disconnected the connection like he said he would and the room immediately became quiet.

Nathan slept in his bed as his eyes turned to peek at Sophia, who was lying on the couch. His eyes flickered, as if something was changing.

Sophia woke up earlier on the next day to pack her belongings and moved to the university’s accommodation happily.

The accommodation that Bayside University prepared for her was comfortable as most of their students were wealthy. Interstate students would usually purchase properties outside the university whereas civilian students would stay in the dormitory.

The dorm that Sophia was allocated to was a studio. She had her own bathroom, balcony and even a kitchen—everything was in perfect condition. She prepared her bedding and daily necessities before Hale carried it to the trunk. Nathan’s bodyguard had also brought the boy’s luggage to the car as well.

“What is going on?” Sophia was confused before noticing Michael and Nathan walking out with their hands held together.

Michael answered, “Nate is going with you.”

Nathan spoke sweetly, “Mommy, I’m going to stay with you and I’m also following you to the military training too!”

Her mouth twitched. Fine, taking care of a kid is much better than serving Michael and his eel!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 42

After Sophia and Nate moved to the university, Michael packed and left too.

They were filming an international co-production film and needed to travel to several countries, which would be exhausting since they needed to visit seven to eight countries in total. However, first thing’s first, he needed to attend the opening ceremony in Moscov.

With that being said, it was also an opportunity for him to secretly check on the businesses in those countries.

Sophia moved to the school with Nate in tow.

However, there was a problem. Nate was a boy, so he could only move to the boys’ dorm. Although Michael had sent someone to take care of him, he still seemed unhappy as his face was stern and tense.

“I want to live here too,” Nate spoke in a commanding tone as he stood in her room.

Sophia was busy unpacking her things and took a moment to pinch his face. “Nate, this is the girls’ dormitory. You have to move to the boys’ dormitory. Don’t worry, I will pick you up everyday.”

Nate’s face became even more tense. “I’ll tell your husband if you don’t let me stay here. I’ll tell him that you are not taking care of me!”

Sophia was making the bed as she answered, “Talk to the person in charge of the university then. You can stay if they are okay with it.”

Nate had his ways—he soon obtained the stay permit from the dormitory administrator and officially moved to Sophia’s room.

“How did you acquire the permit?”

Nate sat on the little sofa and acted mature. “I said that you are my nanny.”

Sophia was beyond words.

Nate had just moved to live with Sophia. Michael had sent other people to take care of Nate and Sophia while staying in the two empty rooms nearby.

On the first day of their stay, Nate and Sophia had a quarrel on who should sleep on the couch and on the bed.

Sophia answered, “This is my room, so you should be the one sleeping on the sofa.”

Nate argued. “I want to sleep on the bed.”

“The bed is mine.”

“Should I tell your hubby…”

Since Michael wasn’t around, Sophia was no longer afraid and sat on the bed as she pinched Nate’s face, looking at him from the top. “Tell him then. Your dad’s not around… somewhat, anyway.”

Nate looked at her angrily, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

Sophia lay down immediately after covering her head. As the new blanket was extremely comfortable and smelled fresh, she rolled around with comfort while Nate had shrunk on the couch, giving her the back of his head in unhappiness.

She felt that she had gone overboard. How can I allow such a cute little boy to sleep on the couch? Besides, that is Michael’s son. I can’t bear the responsibility if anything happens!

She lay on the bed and called him on purpose. “Nate, come and sleep with me. You don’t have to sleep on the sofa.”

Nate didn’t say anything—he didn’t even make a sound and seemed to be mad at her.

She remained silent and got up to switch on her laptop before starting the game and logging into the account of Sirius233. She then started to make noises as she played the game, leading her wives into instance zones and slayed monsters.

Nate did not know when he sneaked up behind her before turning his head and ran to the children’s used desk that he moved in after watching her play two rounds.

NateHiro was soon online and requested to join Sirius233’s team.

Sophia resisted from breaking out in laughter and silently approved his request to join before bringing him around to slay monsters.

She had sent the invitation to battle to the No. 1 Beast of the Server yesterday, but he hadn’t responded to it. She was unsure whether he was afraid or had other reasons, but she decided to let it slide for that moment while she led Nate to slay monsters, level up, and battle against other players.

“Nate, attack left! Attack left! That monster’s weak spot is on the left!” Sophia kept yelling while playing the game.

“Sigh, didn’t I tell you not to be so close? This player’s close range PK technique is well-known in the area. Aren’t you being suicidal by rushing up?”

“Nate, pick up your equipment! Someone else might snatch it if you wait!”

Nate remained quiet, but he wouldn’t go right if Sophia asked him to go left.

They continued until late into the night before Sophia finally switched off her laptop and went to bed. Nate returned to his little couch in silence, slid under that little frog blanket and turned the back of his lonely head toward her.

“Nate, come up here and sleep next to me,” she said again.

He didn’t answer.

She rolled around and felt her bed sinking on one side just as she was about to fall asleep. His tiny little body had climbed up the bed and was moving toward her.

A half-asleep Sophia smiled at Nate’s actions. This little rascal is cute.

Sophia woke up early the next morning and ran away in a hurry after getting ready. Since Michael wasn’t around, she wasn’t forced to wear dresses, heels and make up. The only thing she needed was a bit of CC cream.

Nate brushed his teeth and got himself ready with the nanny’s help. When he looked back, Sophia was already gone. His dark pupils seemed to have lost its light instantly. Upon realizing this, the nanny comforted him. “Madam has an early class, so she left first.”

He did not know why he was unhappy for the entire day—he felt bored in class and didn’t answer questions with enthusiasm.

Military training was around the corner and the entire cohort of freshmen were whining.

Bayside University was very strict in their way of managing their students. They had high but rare standards—their military training wasn’t in the university, but in the barracks. The country’s military department even sent them a battalion of official troops to conduct their military training.

No one cared who you were in the barracks—you had to undergo the same training! Students could take either sick leave or other types of leave if they wanted to, but would have to make it up alone in the barracks for a month once they were back!

Most students were reluctant about military training, but Sophia was looking forward to it.

The drama club held a freshmen meet-and-greet session at the students activities center. She hurried over to greet them before rushing out.

However, just as she wore her helmet and was about to leave on her motorbike, she bumped into a few unexpected guests. Well, they couldn’t be counted as unexpected guests since it was a small world that they bumped into each other.

Kayla and Xyla showed up together—one wore a red dress, looking noble and mysterious, while the other was wearing an off-shoulder shirt and a black skirt, looking mischievous and sexy.

Richard was also there, seeing that he always followed them. There were a group of freshmen—all exquisitely dressed—in tow too. They all wore branded clothes such as Chnel and Gucci, making them look rich and luxurious.

Kayla’s eyes radiated a cold, sharp gaze when she saw Sophia before she stepped forward to block her. “Isn’t this Sophia? What are you doing here?”

She deliberately looked at Sophia from head to toe. Sophia was wearing a white shirt complimented with a pair of jeans and a helmet while carrying a backpack, looking completely different to the group of girls who were exquisitely dressed. How could she allow herself to look shabby?

She seemed to realize something and laughed. “Are you doing part-time delivery?”

Sophia was riding on the Yamaha motorbike that she finally got back after exercising a lot of effort. There was a box at the back where she usually stored her books and documents, making her look like a delivery worker.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not delivering food,” she answered.

Kayla pretended to look up and saw that Sophia was exiting the drama club’s activity room. “So you joined the drama club!” she remarked sarcastically.

Her tone was filled with a strong sense of arrogance and nobility.

These student societies were considered as a form of entertainment for the ordinary students as their wealthy peers rarely joined any of these. They had their own societies and clubs, which commoners couldn’t afford to join. It was all about exquisite cars, expensive watches and jewelries.

Kayla and Xyla were both enrolled in the arts school and were majors in performing arts. They weren’t interested in any clubs or societies and merely made use of their familial connections to enter large productions as supporting actors while waiting for their time to become lead actors.

Those wealthy students looked like they heard a big joke when they saw a commoner joining the drama club and chuckled before mocking Richard. “Senior, this is your ex-girlfriend?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 43

Richard felt ashamed of Sophia and hurriedly took two steps forward before threatening her in a low voice, “Xyla hosted a cocktail party on the 6th floor of the student activity center’s meeting room. Only respectable students are invited, so please get lost.”

So, this is the place where the cocktail party will be held and I’m being an eyesore? Sophia felt innocent and nodded. “Fine, I’ll leave then.”

He was stunned, never expecting such a quick response from her. He seemed to have seen traces of the lovely Sophia even though she was now covered with thorns. Once those thorns have been removed, she was definitely still the same sweet little lamb.

Sophia didn’t know that Richard’s thoughts had changed a lot. She was already intending to leave since she was not interested in the cocktail party and had to rush to the dorm to take care of Nate.

However, it seemed as if the other party was not going to spare Sophia. Xyla appeared and suddenly blocked Sophia’s Yamaha motorbike in a dexterous manner to cheekily invite her. “Sophia, I will be hosting a cocktail party today. Since you are here, why don’t you join us?”

Everyone overheard the conversation and secretly laughed while waiting for Sophia’s reply. Those in attendance were in formal, so if she joined the party with her pair of jeans, wouldn’t that make her the joke of the night?

Kayla couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Xyla’s invitation. “Will someone staying in the university accommodation know anything about a cocktail party?”

Everyone sighed. She is staying in the university’s accommodation. How poor must she be! She can’t even afford a house outside the university. How pathetic!

Sophia shrugged her shoulder as she spoke, “I’m sorry but I’m a little busy. Maybe next time.”

She then rode onto her Yamaha and left without hesitation.

Kayla yelled at her back. “It’s my birthday party after the military training and you have to come. I will send you an invitation!” I must hold the greatest birthday party. Since I promised the media to organize a charity dinner, I have to do my best. I will invite celebrities and famous people over. I will send an invitation to Sophia and make that pathetic beggar embarrassed at the dinner party!

Everyone knew the bad blood between Kayla and Sophia. They were also aware that Sophia was merely a piece of pawn for the rich and now that she lost her value, she was being bullied by others.

Now that the Harper Family had started to attack her, the person supporting Sophia wouldn’t be able to take it for long.

On the other side, Hale and another bodyguard in a black suit wearing a pair of sunglasses took Nathan. Michael even prepared a kitchen for his son in the university, so he could eat whatever he wanted.

Nathan was moody for the entire day as he silently walked by the university’s grove. A gust of wind suddenly blew before a Yamaha motorbike stopped by his side. Sophia, who was wearing a helmet, pushed her googles up and smiled at him. “Hi, handsome. Shall we head out and grab some food?”

Nate’s eyes brightened before his tense face relaxed a little. His eyes were filled with admiration when he saw her cool Yamaha motorbike. He looked amazed just like the first time he saw Sirius’s domineering mount in the game.

However, before he could speak, he was coldly interrupted by Hale. “How can you allow Little Master to ride on the bike?”

Sophia nodded. “Fine, we can’t get barbecues then!”

She then wore her goggles once again and sped off.

The light in Nathan’s eyes disappeared as he watched that Yamaha bike disappearing before his eyes. All that was left in his eyes were chills.

Hale shuddered as he looked down and his Little Master’s scary look. His cold gaze was filled with complaints, grievances, sorrow and a child’s tantrum.

He broke out in cold sweat. I’m doomed. My life will be over if Nate hates me!

Therefore, he quickly called Sophia.

Sophia soon returned and stopped before Nathan. Her long legs stepped on the ground steadily before she carried him up onto the bike and wore his helmet for him. Although he was still cold, his face was definitely less tense. He must have been happy since he didn’t reject her.

She placed him on the front, grabbed the handle, and spoke, “Hold tight. I’ll bring you out to have some fun!”

She started the engine and sped away, leaving Hale and the bodyguard to follow them in a car behind them.

Since she was bringing a kid with her, she slowed down. Her bike moved flexibly around the cars as the scenery flew by. The wind that blew on their faces smelled different too.

Nathan’s eyes widened in astonishment—just like the first time he saw Sophia slaying monsters in the game. The world can actually be this interesting.

They stopped at the food court outside the university campus. Every university had a place like this—and the Bayside University campus was almost becoming a tourist area. The food street was crowded and served all kinds of food.

The nobles and rich people would never come to a place like this as it was for tourists and commoners.

Sophia stopped her bike outside, carried Nathan down and walked toward the food street as she held his hands. He didn’t say anything, which indicated that he was happy.

It happened to be after school hours and the food street was crowded with people walking up and down. That seemed to be the first time that he saw places like these while his large eyes kept looking around curiously.

Hale and the other bodyguard followed behind as they kept an eye on their surroundings, fearing that someone would suddenly jump out and kidnap their Little Master.

Sophia brought Nathan around with familiarity and entered a hotpot restaurant. “How many of you?” The waiter asked enthusiastically.


She, Nathan, Hale and Nathan’s bodyguard would make them a group of four.

That bodyguard’s eyes popped in displeasure. “How can you allow our Little Master to eat such food?” All these are unhealthy and who knows what kind of oil they are using? Little Master was born with a silver spoon and only ate organic vegetables from our own farm since young.

Sophia didn’t care and started to order from the menu. “Don’t eat if you don’t want to. Am I right, darling?”

Nathan nodded and repeated her sentences indifferently. “Don’t eat if you don’t want to.”

Hale had already sat down, realizing that it was his first time eating with the Little Master. He looked at Nathan, noticing that the latter was sitting next to Sophia and ordering with her. The young child seemed to be curious and full of excitement—something that he couldn’t feign. What happened in the past two to three days?

Nathan’s personality had always been a little strange and aloof since young because he was an orphan. His only family member—Michael—was always absent and couldn’t take good care of him. He didn’t like to speak or even socialize with strangers.

Yet, he has changed so much after being with Sophia for several days. What happened?

Sophia was ordering with Nathan, considering that it was his first time trying hotpot. His tense face seemed to have loosened up a little more, but it was difficult for him to completely relax after being cool for so long.

The ‘Mandarin Ducks’ hot pot that they ordered was soon served. He looked at the red and white soup with curiosity before surveying the variety of ingredients with eyes full of scrutiny.

She was a regular customer as she visited the restaurant several times a week. It was a place where the commoners in her class would usually gather.

She prepared some food for him and placed it in his bowl. “You are still a kid, so you have to eat less of the spicy food. Here you go, I saved you some with the clear soup.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 44

Nathan’s bodyguard was extremely unsatisfied. How can my Little Master eat this? However, Nate never complained—in fact, he seemed to enjoy the food.

After having the hot pot, he was full to the point where he could burst. Sophia held onto his tiny hand while walking out of the shop. “Let’s go, we’ll have some fun at the night market. Hale, pay the bill.”

Hale took out his wallet reluctantly while thinking to himself, Do I get to claim this bill or am I paying it out of pocket? How can the lady boss be so stingy?

After paying the bill, he asked for a receipt since he was hoping that he might get a reimbursement.

The night market had only started, but it was already extremely lively with the street performers and vendors selling either clothes or phone cases. Some of them even had ring toss games in their stalls. It was extremely crowded, which made it difficult to move around.

Sophia led Nathan to one of the vendors with the ring toss game. After having a look, they noticed the wide variety of toys arranged neatly on the ground. Players were allowed to take away these toys immediately as long as the bamboo hoops landed on the toys.

She paid 10 to buy eight hoops before asking him, “Have you played this game before?”

He shook his head in honesty.

“Come, I’ll show you how the game works.”

She stood her ground and focused while holding onto a hoop. She scanned the area and soon settled on a target—a ceramic piggy bank! It’ll be great if I can take that home even if it’s merely for decoration!

She held onto the hoop and tossed it carefully.

The hoop flew out and made an arch across the air, but unfortunately missed the target.

She tried to toss another, but it had also missed.

Sophia continuously tossed four hoops. The closest she had was when a hoop brushed the top of the piggy bank before bouncing off again.

Nathan started to panic as well and his face scrunched up with worry.

Nevertheless, she was not anxious at all as she handed the remaining four hoops to him instead. “Here, Nate, why don’t you toss the hoops? I want that piggy bank.”

He had been waiting beside her, raring to go. Once he received the bamboo hoops from her, he copied Sophia’s stance and tossed a hoop out carefully.

The first hoop flew far away and accidentally hit one of the onlookers surrounding them. However, the person merely smiled without causing a scene since Nathan looked so adorable.

Sophia encouraged him. “Nate, you are doing great. In fact, you did so much better when I first threw my first hoop!”

Hale addedl, “That’s right. Little Master, you’re the best! Don’t give up and I’m sure you’ll hit the target the next time.”

The second hoop went flying out before hitting the head of a taller toy and bouncing off again.

Sophia continued to encourage Nathan. “Just look at how awesome my son is! He’s going for the kill!”

The third hoop missed the target as well, which made him seem rather dejected. He pouted while staring up at her.

She patted his head reassuringly. “Don’t worry, we have plenty of money. We’ll get a hundred or even a thousand hoops, if need be. I’m sure we’ll get at least one hoop in!”

Nathan nodded determinedly and stopped panicking. He tightened his grip around the last bamboo hoop with his tiny hand before tossing it aggressively toward the piggy bank Sophia had her eyes on. The hoop hit the piggy bank’s head once before bouncing off under his watchful eyes. However, he didn’t expect the hoop to settle immediately around a smaller plastic frog!

His eyes sparkled immediately whereas Sophia almost leaped in joy too. “Nate, you are awesome! I love you to the moon and back!”

He agreed that he was awesome too. Finally, his tiny face broke into a satisfied grin despite the fact that the little shabby-looking frog was most probably worth less than 1.

On their way back, Nathan held onto the small frog while appearing pleased with himself. The last time he looked so pleased was when he dug his first Bitcoin.

“Come, let’s go. We have to return home now to check whether the Beast accepted our challenge.” Sophia picked Nathan up onto her motorbike. After putting on their helmets, she sped off to return to campus.

After taking a shower in the hostel, Sophia hurriedly switched on her laptop and logged into the game. I gave him 48 hours to decide. If the Beast does not accept the invitation for battle within 48 hours, it would automatically be regarded as him forfeiting in fear.

The Beast accepted the battle invitation, as expected, after he logged in. In fact, he was online at that moment!

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Nate, quickly come here to see how I’m about to torture this scumbag!”

Coincidentally, the nanny was just finished with Nathan’s shower and sent him to Sophia. He took a stool to sit beside Sophia while waiting in excitement to watch the battle.

Soon, Sirius233 and the No. 1 Beast of the Server appeared simultaneously on Rocky Pinnacle. Furthermore, their final battle would officially start at 9PM.

The final battle would determine both one’s reputation and status!

The No. 1 Beast of the Server wanted to save its long lost reputation whereas Sirius233 merely wanted to avenge her son.

Sophia stared at the character of the Beast on the monitor and clicked on the equipment that he wore. It was fine when she wasn’t aware of it, but she was taken aback when she saw what he had.

Within a day, the Beast’s weapons had increased by several levels. In fact, he was using certain equipment that she did not recognize, but it all had incredible attributes.

She only recognized the sword he carried. Several days ago, she saw the sword on a well-known trading website for game items. Someone had bought the sword by bidding 2,330,000 in real money and not in game currency!

Almost everyone on the server gathered around to watch their battle. Some players had already recognized the insanely-priced sword from the beginning, causing a commotion among the crowd.

‘Oh, my God! That sword is blinding me with its awesomeness!’

‘Oh, my God! That’s a weapon that costs more than 2,000,000! Is Sirius confident in winning this?’

Sophia was no longer calm as she started to type rapidly on her keyboard. ‘Dude, it’s merely a game. Do you have to be so serious about this? That sword is worth more than 2,000,000! Wouldn’t it make more sense to purchase a house that will appreciate in value?’

Her opponent did not reply to her. Once it was time for the final battle, he lifted his sword and charged at her.

I thought I have already spent a lot on my equipment since I spent more than 100,000 on my weapon. However, I didn’t expect him to spend more than 2,000,000 to procure that weapon, which happens to be the only one available on the entire server! How could a weapon, which costs 100,000, possibly defeat the enemy’s sword that costs 2,000,000?! She immediately felt the pressure when their swords clashed, rendering her unable to perform most of her usual skills and even her techniques were no longer as smooth as before! However, Nate is watching beside me. I can’t surrender out of fear!

Sophia was anxious and her palms were covered in a film of sweat!

The player, who won two out of the three rounds in the final battle, would be the victor. In the first round, Sirius was beaten to a pulp and practically hung up without a chance to defend herself.

Sophia also gave up directly resisting. My equipment can’t even compete with my opponent’s one. She minimized the first round of battle while logging into a game equipment trading website to purchase a discontinued sword that was worth 2,000,000.

By the time she paid for the sword and took it back to the game, the first round of battle had ended. Both parties were preparing for the second round of battle.

At that moment, the surrounding audience realized in shock that Sirius, who had been beaten to a pulp in the first round, was now brandishing a dazzling weapon! That dazzling sword had similar attributes to the Beast’s weapon. However, it was obvious that she had a better flow while fighting with the sword. She turned the tide in the blink of an eye and started to beat the Beast relentlessly!

Sirius won the second round of the battle. In the third round, she was victorious too.

“Argh!” the beast howled in agony while being completely defeated. He had lost to Sirius233 once again.

“Damn it!”

It was noon in Moscov with the sun spilling brightly into the gym. Harry was engrossed with his game in the corner of the room and now stared in disbelief at his laptop screen. I can’t believe I lost! I’ve even lost twice now! I actually lost in full view of the public!

He switched off his laptop while standing up abruptly. Then, he walked toward Michael who was working out. “Old man, lend me your Godly character in ‘Swordsman Game’. I need to torture someone.”

Several students in Bayside University had developed the ‘Swordsman Game’ when they were still studying in the university. After the game was completed, Michael took a fancy to the game and invested his money without thinking twice. Currently, the game took up the largest share in the market and it was still popular even after many years.

Hence, he possessed the one and only Godly character in this game!

Michael rejected Harry immediately. “I forgot the password for my main character. I only have a new female character right now.”


My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 45

Harry glared at Michael in disbelief, as though he had heard him wrongly. Hence, he asked again, “Did you say that you forgot the password for your account? In that case, you should look for it right away!”

Michael was focused on training his muscles, so he couldn’t be bothered with Harry. “What’s the point of getting my password back? No one in the server can defeat me. It’s cold and isolated when you’re at the top. Masters are all lonely, do you understand that?”

There were times when Harry had the urge to strangle Michael—this was one of those moments.

Once upon a time ago, when his peers developed his game but were unable to find an investor, Michael had the wisdom to invest a large sum of money into it.

That was how the game came about and it had achieved so much to achieve its current glory. He was the game’s first player, which was why he possessed the one and only Godly character on the entire server!

What was a Godly character? The ‘Swordsman Game’ was a virtual world with a martial arts world as its backdrop. The design and style of the game depicted the world of martial arts coupled with a splash of fantasy.

However, his character had ascended as an immortal within the entire game, being the only swordsman to be at that status from a mortal.

If he attacks, that would be… However, how can he claim that he has forgotten his main character’s password now. “I’ll use it if you don’t! You are an investor. Isn’t it a breeze for you to get your password back?”

Michael stepped off the fitness equipment while wiping his sweat off with a hand towel. At that moment, his whole body was drenched in sweat while exuding the rugged masculinity of a man. “It’s pointless. It’s more fun to play with a new character and starting from the very beginning.”

Harry quit the game with familiar ease when he arrived at its login page. He entered Michael’s account details while pushing the laptop toward him. “Quick, quick. You aren’t playing the character anyway! Let me have a go at it!”

Michael smiled while closing Harry’s laptop. “The opening ceremony is this afternoon. We should tidy up and get ready for it.”

“I’m not going to the opening ceremony. Just log in for me right now!”

Michael was already dressed and ready to leave. “I honestly forgot my password. You should go ahead and guess it if you want!”

Harry was boiling in anger. In actual fact, he was mentally breaking down because his character, which he had trained for such a long time, was once again defeated for the second time, but Michael refused to help him at all.

“I was just beaten by a newbie. Do you have the heart to see me being abused?” Harry felt that his tone was so soft that he sounded like a damsel in distress.

Seeing that we are such close guy friends, who have worked together in more than ten movies and featuring in all sorts of intimate articles, Michael should help me at all costs.

Nevertheless, he seemed unmoved by Harry’s misfortunes. He merely wiped his sweat away while taking a gulp of soda. Then, he left without glancing backward after tossing the towel.

“You landed yourself into that situation, so you should suck it up even if you’re in tears.”

“How dare you—” Harry gritted his teeth in frustration. He didn’t have the courage to log into his account anymore. I’d be humiliated if I were to log into my account. He was left with no choice but to put his laptop aside and return to work.

At that moment, it was already 11PM at Bayside University, but Sophia and Nathan were playing the game in full swing.

In the game, Sirius233 succeeded in defeating the No. 1 Beast of the Server, but the Beast was different from before.

The last time, he disconnected and left the game even before the final battle ended when he was unable to save himself from a desperate situation. However, this time around, he only quit the game after the final battle ended.

The Beast did not utter a single word from the beginning to the end. The members of his guild were embarrassed as well, so they quietly went offline—one after another. Many members even left the guild immediately.

The reason why the ‘Swordsman Game’ was so popular among players for the past ten years was due to its strong server. One, there were rarely any issues with dropped connections or bugs on the server.

Furthermore, it also had intricate designs with awesome game functionalities. The game was always being improved and each time, the upgraded version would always turn out better than the last.

As its server was extremely powerful, not only could it concurrently meet the needs of millions of players, but it would improve the gaming experience as the interactive exchanges between players were designed realistically with ingenious associated concepts.

In the game, players could level up by not only killing monsters, but also making use of the unprecedented system for heroes to rescue a damsel in distress. Furthermore, guild members were able to fight each other as well.

Previously, Sirius233 had led her guild members to slaughter the Beast’s clan. In reality, she activated Slaughter Mode in the game by locking the target sect, which enabled her to slaughter them within a fixed period.

The Slaughter Mode meant that the opponent’s guild members would be attacked until they lost their Experience Points and finally died. After that, they would respawn as a new character who would have to start from scratch without any equipment. If one wished to avoid that fate, they would have no choice but to quit the guild.

That was the reason why the ‘Swordsman Game’ was so popular. The game replicated the interaction between people in real life to the greatest extent within the game.

For instance, it illustrated the ugly truth of society because it was common to experience hardship and challenges in real life. Not only did players have to fight off monsters, but they had to resist against ambushes from other players too.

A character, who might be a well-respected master swordsman a moment ago, might be attacked and killed in the next second.

What attracted the players were not the game itself, but rather, they were there for the brutal reflection of the ruthlessness in real life and society within the game.

The sense of reality of the game exuded a unique charm to it—ranking the first among online games through the past ten years as well as being the most profitable online game in Cethos to date. Its success was not limited to only Cethos because the game had made up a significant share in the global market.

The Beast was used to getting what he wanted in the game, so he enjoyed committing cruel acts. Therefore, the audience had clapped and cheered for Sirius233 when she defeated him. It was the same this time around—many guilds sent congratulatory messages while celebrating the victory.

In reality, Sophia basked in the celebratory greetings sent by heroes from all walks of life and became giddy with her victory, but she didn’t forget to pat Nathan on his shoulders and even gave him advice.

“Look, this is how society works. People might fawn over you with admiration right now, but they might abandon you in the wilderness before you even know it. The most important thing is to be ruthless!”

Nathan nodded, but he did not look like he fully understood the situation. She added, “Alright, we should sleep earlier today. I’ll take you to defeat the Beast’s guild in two days’ time. I’ll force him into marriage as a concubine! I dare him to bully my son in the future!”

There was a recent launch of an uncommon system within the game. In the past, only male and female characters were allowed to get married, but characters of the same gender were now allowed to marry each other! It was the first game to achieve a society with equal rights.

At the same time, the new game upgrade came with another perverted system—if two players, who were always at odds, had to battle each other, the victor had a chance to activate a Forced Dual Cultivation Mode against the loser if he emerged as the winner several times.

The player, who initiated the Forced Dual Cultivation Mode, would be able to capture the other party’s Experience Points by force and claim it as their own. The launching of this new system had caused an uproar within the game society, where players nicknamed this function affectionately as ‘R*pe’.

Sophia had never tried out these two new functions. Hence, she figured that this would be the best time to do so on the Beast, considering that the Forced Dual Cultivation Mode was not gender-specific. “Hehehe…”

Sirius233 was arranging a series of slaughter missions in the game whereas in reality, she cackled cruelly.

Nathan was also in her guild as the son of the Chief. He was seated together with the rest of Sirius’s sons while listening to her instructions. Nathan’s eyes were wide open in real life while listening to Sophia, as if this opened a whole new world to him. It turns out that it’s possible to play a game with such a twist.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 46

Sophia chuckled while playing the game together with Nate and hadn’t noticed that it was already midnight when Hale phoned her. “Madam, Boss has instructed that the lights would be switched off if you two don’t go to bed by 12AM. Beep—”

The lights immediately went off in the room with the Internet being disconnected as well. She was suddenly plunged into darkness while she was in the midst of setting up the tasks in the game.

Nathan, who was staring at the laptop screen, was shocked by the sudden darkness and threw himself into her arms on instinct. “Mom…”

She hugged him tightly. “Darling, don’t be afraid. I’m here! Don’t worry, Hale merely switched the electricity off and disconnected the internet. It’s late, let’s go to bed earlier.”

Nathan was excited about playing the game with her for such a long time that his mind was exhausted. He fell asleep soon after hitting the sack. Sophia slipped out of bed once he was asleep and went to the washroom to call Hale.

“Hale, ask Audistin to inform the Harper Family that their membership will be restored if they are willing to pay more.”

Hale was always efficient and speedy in completing any given tasks. Hence, he immediately informed Audistin.

The next day, Richard visited Audistin again.

They really couldn’t wait any longer because the consequences of offending Audistin was unimaginable. Only a few days had passed, but the Harper Family was already the laughing stock of the upper-class society.

It felt as if the entire family had been excluded from the society’s social circle. Every family member of the Harper Family felt the impact and repercussions of this incident.

That was especially true after Xyla’s cocktail party last night. A group of wealthy kids had made an appointment to hang out at Audistin and everyone went ahead with the plan, but those from the Harpers were left out.

Looking at the rest of the group leaving without inviting them, the Harpers didn’t dare to make a sound because the whole situation was beyond embarrassing.

Hence, Richard brought along a gift to meet Mr. Wesley in Audistin.

Unlike the past where he would avoid meeting Richard, Mr. Wesley immediately agreed to meet him.

In Audistin’s café, there were two cups of freshly ground Americano on the coffee table. The coffee was steaming hot—the direction of its vapors was disturbed by the conversation between the two men.


Richard stared in disbelief at Mr. Wesley.

I just want to get the Harper Family’s membership back. Why is it so expensive now? 50,000,000 is an enormous amount of investment for us!

He looked upset. “Wesley, isn’t 50,000,000… too expensive?”

Mr. Wesley shook his head. “No, it’s not. It is not expensive at all. It’s not costly, seeing that 50,000,000 represents the dignity of both Audistin and the Harper Family.” It’s true! It’s not expensive at all!

Kayla Harper was the one who caused trouble at Audistin. She was the one who announced openly that she was relinquishing the Harper Family’s membership in Audistin.

The last person who did this completely vanished from Bayside City together with their family. Requesting 50,000,000 from the Harper Family proves that Audistin truly never intended to humiliate them in the first place.

However, Richard just couldn’t figure it out. What is happening here? It feels as if someone is targeting the Harper Family in the dark. First, Kayla received a lawsuit against her for some reason and now, she has been kicked out of Audistin.

We have investigated this for a very long time, but we are unable to find out who did all this. Although Sophia was involved in both incidents, she obviously plays a minor role in the grand scheme of things.

We just can’t find out who is supporting her. The information gathered after our investigation shows that Sophia Edwards is a common student without any impressive background who enrolled in Bayside University with her outstanding exam results.

He took a sip of coffee and took half an hour to mull over the proposal, during which he made several phone calls while Mr. Wesley waited for him to decide.

In the end, Richard and the Harper Family agreed to re-purchase their Audistin memberships for 50,000,000. Out of that amount, half of it was most probably considered as their membership fee while the other half was a token donated to Audistin.

He sipped his coffee nonstop. Wrinkles were deeply etched on his handsome face. I feel the pinch spending that 50,000,000.

While placing the coffee cup down, he asked Mr. Wesley in a solemn tone. “Wesley, please be honest with me. Has the Harper Family offended someone in the high places? If we have done something wrong, we, the Harpers, are willing to personally apologize.”

Mr. Wesley smiled soothingly. “Please don’t think too much. It’s best for you to head home and educate your younger sister. The consequences this time are not that bad, so both parties are able to resolve this peacefully. I’m afraid it won’t be only 50,000,000 if this were to happen again in the future.”

Richard forced a smile. “Thank you, Wesley.”

Is that so? Why do I have the nagging feeling that someone is causing trouble for the Harper Family? In fact, this person must be someone extremely powerful. I’m confident that he or she has the ability to destroy the entire Harper Family.

However, they are not making any proper move against us. Each time something happens, it’s always something minor, but enough to leave a negative impact against us.

Wesley stood up to leave while lamenting to himself, Well, this serves the Harper Family right! Of all the people they chose to offend, they decided to offend the lady boss!

The Harper Family swiftly transferred 50,000,000 to Audistin’s account and even sent an attendant to have the Harper Family’s VIP member cards delivered to their home.

The amount sat in Audistin’s bank account for a while, but 20,000,000 was soon transferred to Sophia’s account.

Sophia was attending classes in university when she received the notification regarding the bank transfer. She wore a baseball cap that was paired with denim suspenders, which wasn’t any different from the rest of her peers who strolled on campus grounds.

She was in the midst of packing her things after class while wearing her earphones to call Hale. “I have received the money and I have transferred 1,000,000 to you. Take it, but you don’t have to thank me.

Go ahead and enjoy yourself with a girl. Just stop switching my electricity off and disconnecting my Internet connection.” She barked into the phone before unceremoniously hanging up.

On the other side, Hale pursed his lips together after she hung up on him.

“Go ahead and enjoy yourself with a girl…” he mumbled while mimicking Sophia’s tone. “Do you think that’s up to me? It’s all of your hubby’s doing!” I’d rather live a bloody and messy life than to protect Sophia, the filthy and violent young girl.

Nevertheless, with the 1,000,000 in his pocket, he was in a much better mood now and immediately phoned Michael to report the situation. “Boss, Madam blackmailed the Harper Family into paying 50,000,000. Audistin received 30,000,000 and she took the other 200,000,000.”

Michael answered him from the other end of the line in an exhausted tone, “Okay, got it.”

Hale choked on his words. He wanted to report on Sophia’s motives in blackmailing the Harper Family. However, Michael didn’t seem to care at all! Based on how much Sophia hates the Harper Family, she wouldn’t have let them off the hook so easily.

She would have kept them out of Audistin forever. Nevertheless, she suddenly changed her mind. The only feasible explanation is that she spent 2,000,000 to purchase a game equipment. Then, she felt that she might become broke, which is why she blackmailed the Harper Family for such a large sum of money!

However, Michael didn’t seem to be interested in Sophia’s motives because he hung up without further comments.

Hale pursed his lips once again in disgust after the end of the phone call. Both husband and wife are the same. Well, I have to say that my Boss is too laid back.

He doesn’t even care when his wife has recently and openly pocketed some money for her personal savings. Isn’t he afraid that Sophia might grow up one day and leave him? In any case, I am worrying over nothing.

In all honesty, Michael was remotely monitoring Sophia’s laptop and phone, so he could watch everything that went on her laptop and phone. For instance, he was now looking through her search history on her personal laptop’s browser.

“What can I do when my hubby is a pervert?”

After reading it aloud, he was rendered speechless.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 47

What is this nonsense? Suddenly, Michael had an extremely bad feeling, so he switched on the surveillance video in his room. He breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the two Asian swamp eels swimming healthily in their fish tank, but he couldn’t relax and hurried to phone Mr. Morgan. Michael asked him to move both of his precious Asian swamp eels overnight.

Furthermore, he instructed that Sophia was not allowed to be anywhere near the eels, no matter what the reason was.

Once he had arranged that, he put his phone down while observing his muscles in the gym’s mirror. Since he was an actor, he was demanding toward his figure and obsessed with maintaining a perfect appearance at all times.

At the current moment, he was half-naked as he only wore a pair of shorts, exposing his eight-packs and V-cut abs. The more he stared at his reflection, the more he felt that he was flawless. Forget about others; even I want to do something naughty with myself.

But Sophia is so short-sighted. She’d rather look at the Asian swamp eels than to pay attention to me.

Why is that?

How can I possibly understand a young girl’s thinking?

Every three years will create a generation gap. There’s a thirteen year age difference between Sophia and me, which is an equivalent to three to four generation gaps. I honestly can’t understand her thinking.

Michael faced the mirror while striking a bodybuilder’s pose. Then, he used his phone and took several photographs to send to Sophia.

The next day, when Sophia woke up from bed, she noticed that she had received a photo that was sent over via WeChat from her contact named ‘Pervert’.

The man in the photograph posed suggestively in front of the mirror with his chest and nipples exposed—everything in the picture screamed the aesthetics of a pervert.

He is so perverted!

Sophia shivered involuntarily while rubbing the goosebumps all over her body and replied. ‘Oh, dear, you are so handsome. Kisses for you.’

It was after she sent her reply she put her phone down to brush her teeth and freshen up. Nathan followed suit by brushing his teeth and washing his face.

After they packed their bags, Sophia and Nathan arrived together on campus and parted ways—he was a Computer Science major while she proceeded to the School of Economics and Business Administration.

Without the pervert, Sophia, who was now on campus, was like a cheerful little bird. She had casual overalls paired with a baseball cap and moved around swiftly on her skateboard—in fact, she was considered an anomaly within the university because the average students wouldn’t have had the courage to stand out like she did.

They were afraid of attracting attention to themselves that might result in a beating. On the other hand, noble young ladies wouldn’t be bold enough to be so casual. They could only take tiny, graceful steps in their high heels while wearing flowy dresses.

She had arrived at the classroom before her class started. However, it appeared as though there was a huge commotion—many people had gathered around—in front of the entrance. In fact, there were many wealthy-looking students with their dazzling appearance.

Is something going on there? Sophia squeezed through the crowd aggressively. Suddenly, someone cried out, “Sophia Edwards is here!”

The crowd made way for her, and they observed her with a gleeful expression when she came squeezing through the crowd.

Sophia walked along the path created by the crowd, who had divided themselves into two columns, and saw Kayla standing at the classroom entrance. It appeared as though Kayla had been waiting for her.

Today, Kayla wore an off-shoulder white dress that accentuated her tall and willowy figure, which made her bejeweled as always. A string of diamond necklace had been laid around her neck and it dazzled brightly—the diamonds were like the finishing touches that embellished her elegance. Her appearance was a huge contrast to Sophia, who wore a pair of canvas shoes and a baseball cap.

Kayla acted in a condescending manner when she handed Sophia a bright red invitation card that faced upward. She wore a serious expression although her tone was laced with superiority and ridicule. “Sophia, it will be my 19th birthday soon. My birthday party will be held after the military training, so you have to attend the party.”

Sophia seemed oblivious to the hidden meaning of her remark and ignorantly accepted the invitation while looking clueless, responding, “Well, of course.”

Kayla couldn’t help but smirk while observing her unsuspecting expression. A trace of ruthlessness then flashed across Kayla’s eyes. “I have sent out many invitations to students in our year and faculty for this party.”

News of Kayla committing a heinous crime of framing a commoner’s pregnancy while ruining the latter’s reputation almost affected the Harpers’ company listing. Although the Harper Family hired a publicist to clean up the mess, remnants of the news remained.

Hence, the Harpers had no choice but to leave a good impression by organizing a charity dinner party in conjunction with her birthday.

The charity dinner party this time was extraordinary as the Harper Family had gone all out to ensure that the party was a success. They invited the media as well as the rich and famous from Bayside City, making it a very high-end party.

Kayla had flown all the way to France to hire the world’s top fashion designer to custom-make an exclusive evening gown that was sewn with diamonds for this dinner party and spent almost 1,000,000. I can’t wait to see Sophia in her shabby clothes attending my high-end charity birthday dinner party.

It will be extremely humiliating for her! Most of the wealthy kids and children from the upper-class within the university have received the invitation. I want Sophia to be utterly humiliated in front of our peers. It will also be best if she’s so humiliated that she can no longer stand to be in Bayside University!

Seeing that Sophia had accepted the invitation without thinking twice, the crowd surrounding them was gleeful about this. Furthermore, she looked like she was oblivious to the potential danger awaiting her.

The rich students observed this situation with gleeful anticipation whereas the civilian students were frightened. Hence, they kept a distance from Sophia because they were afraid of being picked on by the wealthier students for their association with her.

Sophia tossed the invitation into her bag before walking into the classroom. The bell soon rang and the students dispersed.

The minute she entered the classroom, she took out her textbook while flipping open her notebook and started to meticulously prepare for the new course. However, the three rows of seats around her were left vacant.

It was only natural that the rich kids wouldn’t sit together with the civilian students. On the other side, the civilian students wanted nothing more than to stay far away to avoid getting into trouble. Some of them were even secretly judging her.

Everyone felt that Sophia had landed herself in deep trouble, but she was completely unfazed and continued to attend classes as usual while meticulously taking notes. She left immediately with her bags for her next class after the bell rang.

Her phone vibrated while she was on the way to her next class. She took her phone out to check who it was and saw that it was a new text message from Juliette. ‘Sophia, you need to be careful. When I was working at Audistin, I heard them say that they’re instructing people to beat you.’

Sophia pouted, but she didn’t seem to care. Nevertheless, she replied to Julliette since the latter was kind enough to warn her. ‘Thank you! I’ll be careful.’

She received a reply swiftly. ‘You have to be extra careful. Don’t walk alone.’

Sophia: ‘Okay.’

Juliette: ‘It’s for the best that you do not attend the party. I heard that you need to wear an exquisite evening gown for the banquet. It’s extremely pricey and a random one would easily set you back by tens of thousands.’

Sophia: ‘I’m aware of it. Thank you for your concern. I’ll figure a way out.’

Juliette was aware that an evening gown would be a must when a person is attending such a high-end charity dinner banquet, which was one of the common events for the rich and powerful. An attire like that could easily cost more than the price of a house in a small county. As a commoner student, Sophia couldn’t possibly afford it.

Juliette thought to herself, Sophia will definitely become the laughing stock at the event if she turns up without an appropriate evening dress.

Not to mention, the etiquette and rules at the charity dinner party… I’m sure those aren’t things that a commoner student will be familiar with. In short, I’m sure that the Harpers will make things difficult for Sophia.

Nevertheless, Sophia seemed oblivious to the danger despite Juliette’s warning. She continued to do things her own way while going around on her skateboard before a group of students suddenly blocked her way in the toilet. There would always be a bunch of bad apples, no matter how elite a school was—and Bayside University was no different.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 48

Sophia was using the washroom when she heard several girls shouting viciously all of a sudden. “Get out right now! Get lost!”

Several female students who squatted in the cubicles were all chased out, making the entire washroom dead silent after a while. Someone seemed to be guarding the washroom outside because no one had entered for a very long time.

Sophia was squatting in her cubicle and saw a pair of feet with brightly painted red toenails in high heels through the gap below the cubicle door.

Bang, bang, bang! Someone had banged against the door. A girl then slammed the door outside and screamed, “Sophia Edwards, come out here! I know that you are inside!”

Sophia caught a whiff of the cigarette smoke and saw wisps of smoke at the door. When she opened the door, she saw a few scantily dressed girls with heavy makeup waiting for her in front of the cubicle. She regarded them warily as her eyes darted around, as though she was afraid. “What is it?”

One of the girls in front, who had heavy makeup on and dressed like a killer, answered her rudely as a cigarette dangled between her lips. “What is it?! Haha, we’re here to beat you up!”

Sophia seemed confused. “Why do you want to beat me up? I have never offended you girls.”

Several girls in this gang were indeed students in Bayside University. They were supposed to be in their penultimate year now, but they all had to repeat their freshman year. Rumors had it that the girl leading the group, Miss Goth, was from a family of the underworld. Hence, she was always arrogant and unruly on campus—even the rich and noble students would not cross her. She was almost like an uncontrollable mad dog. Anyone who got into trouble with the group was considered unfortunate.

The university was like a miniature society—in fact, Bayside University was not merely a normal university, but rather a miniature reflection of Bayside City’s Vanity Fair as well.

The rich and powerful were involved in all sorts of shameful deeds—and it was also the same on campus.

Miss Goth’s family was one of the most powerful families in the underworld of Bayside City. She was also one of the most powerful and influential figures in Bayside University, taking payments from people to eliminate their problems.

For example, at that moment, she was eliminating the problem in hand—Sophia.

Miss Goth couldn’t help but pity Sophia since the latter seemed oblivious to her precarious situation. Hence, she patted Sophia’s shoulder while commenting, “You don’t have to panic because we have decided not to beat you. However, someone paid us to mess up your face and take a few nude photos of you.”

Those girls stared at Sophia hungrily while surrounding her. They started to roll up their sleeves, as if they were about to make a move against her.

Now that she was faced with these aggressive and fierce girls, Sophia merely scoffed. “Are you sure you girls want to attack me in the university? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll expose you? You will all get a demerit for your actions and be expelled!”

Miss Goth chuckled in response to that and her colorfully-dyed hair looked like a nest of lollipops. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

She held the cigarette butt between her fingers and abruptly poked at Sophia’s face. Sophia’s pretty little face would be ruined if it came into contact with the hot cigarette butt!

Miss Goth was extremely fast—she had just made a move and her hand was already in front of Sophia’s face. The hot cigarette was mere inches away from Sophia.

As expected, a sizzling sound of the cigarette butt was heard when it came into contact with someone’s flesh. The smell of charred meat immediately permeated everyone’s noses and they heard someone howling in pain in that instant. “Aaaah!”

However, it wasn’t Sophia who screamed; it was a bad girl standing next to her instead. That female student wore a low-cut blouse that exposed her deep cleavage. The cigarette butt landed in between her cleavage by chance and it was so painful that she screamed at the top of her lungs! There was an instant angry red mark on her cleavage.

Earlier, when the butt of Miss Goth’s cigarette was about to poke Sophia’s face, the latter had reached out to block it, so the cigarette was moved sideways and poked the girl next to her instead.

Miss Goth hissed. “How dare you—”

Before she could complete her sentence, a large fist came whizzing toward her face. The fist smashed squarely into Miss Goth’s face and everything went black for her. Bang! Miss Goth’s back banged into the washroom door.

Sophia did not give her the chance to respond and picked up her skateboard instead before smashing it against her head. There was another loud bang as the skateboard had directly hit Miss Goth’s head. Sophia’s attacks were decisive and accurate—she left no opportunity for her opponent to fight back and was splashed with blood on the spot.

The rest of the girls were dumbfounded when they saw blood. Throughout their years in the university, they had committed all sorts of petty crimes including marking other students with cigarette butts, forcefully taking nude pictures, and bullying other female students in general. However, this was their first time seeing blood and froze in shock as they were so scared that they couldn’t move a muscle.

“How dare you—” Miss Goth’s vision was turning black and she felt a warm liquid trickling down her face. After that, she saw Sophia standing in front of her holding a skateboard with a murderous expression. Sophia’s eyes were bloodshot with blood splattered across her face and hair. She looked terrible—in fact, she had the most ferocious appearance at that moment.

Seeing that Miss Goth was still able to move, Sophia raised her skateboard without hesitation before smashing it against her again. It was so forceful that Miss Goth collapsed into her own pool of blood.

Who am I, Sophia Edwards?

Am I a goody two shoes?


I have outstanding academic results, but I do not have any family support or background to fall back on. Hence, jealous female students have always trapped me in the washroom since I was in junior high! Ripping my clothes off and taking nude photos are just part of my everyday life!

The washroom was eerily silent for the longest time. Finally, one of the female students snapped back to her senses from the initial fear and pointed at Sophia while reprimanding her. “How dare you do this! Do you know who she is? Do you know who her father is?”

Sophia turned her blood-splattered face to glare at the girl who spoke with her bloodshot eyes. The female student was so shocked that she stepped backward. Her gaze is terrifying!

However, Sophia didn’t give her the chance to retreat. Instead, she stepped forward and pushed the female student. Her opponent might have been a fellow female student, but Sophia never cared about their gender. It could have been a dog, a male or even a female, for all she cared. Sophia had hit the girl with such force that she flew backward and her head smashed against the cubicle door before she was knocked out.

I’ll have to aim to kill since I’ve started to attack. I must make sure that my enemy won’t have the courage to offend me again!

After witnessing Sophia’s cruelty, those girls immediately surrounded her since they outnumbered.

At that moment, Sophia’s hair was in a mess and her baseball cap was missing. The skateboard was in her left hand whereas her fringe had covered half of her eyes. She was slowly scanning the female students as her lips curled into a cruel smile.

Without waiting for them to make the first move, she raised her skateboard and smashed it against their leader’s head.

She was an orphan, so she had been relying on others since she was a child. Her uncle and aunt had treated her poorly as they thought that she was a waste of resources. They either scolded or beat her. In fact, her older cousin brothers would gang up with other boys in the village to bully her at times.

Sophia had been fighting with other children since she was a little girl, so she knew that it was useless to beg for mercy or compromise if someone else was determined to bully you. Therefore, the only way of resolution was to fight back until she defeated her enemies!

She was the king of the children in the village. Her older cousin brothers from her uncle’s family lacked the courage to expose her to their family despite being beaten to a pulp. In fact, several boys in the village would flee in fear when they saw her. Therefore, with guidance from Gwen, a retired agent, Sophia, who held her skateboard, was able to fight back with vigor.

The group of girls were unable to defeat Sophia because they’d be beaten up either way—whether they fought back or not. After about 10 minutes of being beaten up, their clothes were in disarray and two of them had already fainted with the rest of them wailing like banshees in the washroom.

Hale, who was hiding not too far from the school entrance at a corner and playing ‘Mobile Legends’, suddenly received a phone call from Sophia.

“Hale, come over to clean up.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 49

When Hale rushed to the female washroom that Sophia referred to, the war had already ended by then. Several female students were sprawled across the floor with messy clothes as they cried their eyes out. It seemed that they were injured—two of them were bleeding whereas one of them had several cigarette burn marks across her face.

There was blood all over the washroom floor with the splatter on the bathroom door having already dried up.

Sophia’s hair was in a mess and she was holding onto her skateboard that was smeared with blood. She still wore a murderous expression, but pointed calmly at the blood on the floor when she saw him. “Get someone to scrub the floor. I’ll be inappropriate if someone sees this. Also, get these people out of here.”

Hale frowned immediately. I’ve seen girls fight in the past, but I’ve never seen them fight violently. She was clearly beating them to death!

In Bayside University, the female washrooms were out of bounds to men in general. Furthermore, Hale was an outsider, but he had his ways. If need be, he would be able to come and go freely even if it was a female bathhouse, let alone a female washroom in the university

Sophia made her way out of the washroom while Hale was scrubbing the floor and checked her reflection in the mirror that was located outside. Then, she calmly washed her face and combed her hair.

She wiped her face with a wet tissue before reapplying some lipstick and returned to check on Hale, who was squatting on the floor to lift the girls up one after another to scan their faces with his phone.

Nowadays, even the underworld had access to high technological facilities. Hale’s phone had a built-in software for facial recognition. Therefore, he immediately received information about the girls’ identities after scanning their faces.

Hale yanked Miss Goth’s hair while scanning her face and his phone immediately revealed her identity. ‘Ruth Bolton, 21 years old, the daughter of the Chief of The Anarchists.’

He frowned deeply and he had a serious expression. This seems rather troublesome.

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat when she saw his expression. Am I in deep trouble? “How powerful are… The Anarchists?” she asked fearfully.

He answered her in a serious manner, “They are very powerful. In fact, their influence in Bayside City is second to none. This girl is the daughter of the Chief of The Anarchists and the only child, no less.”

Her heart sank while she thought to herself, I’m screwed. I am causing the beast trouble again! She asked in a hurry, “In that case, what should we do? Will the Boss have a way out of this too?”

Hale continued with a stern face. “Sigh, this is rather troublesome. However, thankfully, the Boss is acquainted with the Chief of The Anarchists’ sister-in-law’s godfather’s son’s sworn brother. It should be fine if he pulls some strings there.”

Sophia had a sinking feeling. I didn’t expect things to become so troublesome. It looks like Michael will have to go all out to get things settled. I vented my frustrations by beating the girls up, but it will be exhausting for Michael to clean up my mess. I’m starting to regret my decisions. I should have just escaped.

Seeing that her face was scrunched up with worry, he consoled her hastily, “It’s not that big of a deal. It depends on whether the Boss is willing to get involved or not. He can make things disappear if he wants to.” He was hinting to her. You should quickly head home to your hubby and be coquettish with him.

She nodded and walked away with her head bowed, thinking about what to say to Michael later on the phone.

After Michael left, she had not phoned him. My first phone call to him now is to ask him to clean up my mess, sigh…

After Sophia left, Hale ordered some lackeys to scrub the washroom floor clean and carry the girls away.

One of the lackeys asked, “Mr. Hale, how do we deal with these bad girls?”

Hale snapped, “How else do we deal with them? Phone The Anarchists to get them back! Should I personally phone 911 for help?!”

The lackey was most probably a newbie because he continuously mumbled while scrubbing the floor, “Mr. Hale, are The Anarchists very powerful? Is it true that even the Boss’s hands are tied?”

Hale spat angrily. “Didn’t you have any basic knowledge when you joined the gang? The Anarchists are nothing compared to Mr. Winston! Let alone, the Boss!”

The lackey was even more confused since he started work not too long ago. Hence, he had not seen the legendary Boss and Mr. Winston. The lackey was holding the broom and he asked dumbly, “In that case, when Madam asked earlier, why did you—”

“Shut up.”

Hale had been working tirelessly to create chances like that for Michael. The Anarchists is just one of the lackeys compared to Michael! They are just a bunch of lawless people! Here, they are calling themselves the underworld… Forget about drawing blood after beating his daughter up; even if she were to die on the spot, The Anarchists would be the one losing money even.

On the other hand, Sophia was on pins and needles after listening to Hale’s claims. She was afraid that The Anarchists would find fault with her.

She had learned about the underworld of Bayside City. The situation was complicated since it was an entanglement of different forces and the complexity made it impossible to sort through them. The head of Bayside City’s underworld was called Mr. Winston.

No one knew who he was and they did not have a photograph of him either. However, everybody knew that he had his people everywhere to spy for him and he was the uncrowned king of the Bayside City’s underworld. In fact, he was well-connected with the law enforcement too.

The Anarchists seem very powerful too! It looks like I’ve landed myself in trouble again!

Upon arriving at a decision, she phoned Michael in a hurry.

At that moment, it was already late at night on the other side of the globe. Michael had just completed filming a night scene when he received a phone call from Sophia.

“Hello, chica.”

Sophia stiffened when she was greeted by his husky and alluring tone over the phone. She controlled her tone while replying to him in a girlish manner, “Hubby, how are you abroad? Are you busy with work?”

He couldn’t help but break into a mysterious grin. However, he remained calm in his response. “It’s not too bad. I’m not busy with work at all, but I’ve missed you.”

Sophia felt goosebumps all over her body. However, I have no choice but to play along with this pervert. “Hubby, I miss you too. When are you coming home?”

Michael replied, “It might take as long as a year or so or as few as three to five days.”

She would have preferred it if he did not return for the rest of her life. Nevertheless, she had to pretend that she cared. “It is such a long time. What should I do since I miss you?”

He pondered before answering her blatantly, “In that case, I’ll book the earliest flight possible and return home. What do you think?”

She was shocked and replied hastily. “However, I’m joining the barracks for military training soon. I can’t see you even if you’re back.”

Michael sounded disappointed, but he was clear headed throughout the conversation. Just a simple sigh or breath from her was enough to reveal her innermost thoughts to him.

I must have frightened her to death earlier! He commented without revealing his true thoughts, “Well, that’s a shame. I’ll definitely come home to see you after your military training.”

There was a pause for several seconds before Sophia finally summoned the courage to reiterate what happened today with continuous sobs, “Hubby, someone bullied me, sob… sob…”

Michael sounded anxious when he replied to her, as if he was panicking. “What happened?”

Sophia cried when she elaborated, “This morning, the daughter of the Chief of The Anarchists bullied me. They trapped me in the washroom and wanted to burn my face with cigarette butts.

They even ripped my clothes to take nude photos of me. Fortunately, I was quick; otherwise, I won’t get to see you again…”

Michael was furious. “How dare The Anarchists do such a thing! Sophia, don’t be scared. I’ll get someone to get rid of them now!”

“Hubby, you are the best…”

It seems Michael is more powerful than The Anarchists. Well, at least he sounds as if he’s more powerful than them.

Sophia fawned over his capabilities for the longest time over the phone call to show her gratitude before finally hanging up.

After hanging up on the call, she returned to attend her classes while feeling like the burden had been lifted off her shoulders.

Reality had proved that Michael was indeed much more powerful. After attending two classes, she learned that the group of girls—the ones who trapped her in the washroom that morning—proved to be a bad influence by being involved in violent gang fights.

Some of them were admitted into the hospital due to concussions suffered during the fight. The university would most probably expel the girls immediately since they had past criminal records.

Sophia Edwards’s name was not even mentioned once throughout the incident.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 50

On the other hand, Michael returned to the hotel when he had finished filming the night scenes. After he showered, he lay on the bed and played around with his phone.

Gemma had already sent the video that was recorded in the girls’ washroom at Bayside University to him.

In the video, Sophia was rather hardcore—she had a good control on her skateboard and fought beautifully. The few delinquent girls were beaten up so badly by her that they howled in pain on the ground. She had pulled their hair and tore their clothes apart. Apparently, it was not enough to beat them up since she even tore their clothes.

Gemma thoughtfully censored some of the scenes with a blanket emoji that was trending in Cethos.

“Hmph, she’s pretty good.”

Today, Michael saw his young wife, whom he had bought with 10 million, in a new light. The more he looked at her, the more interesting she was to him. Then, he replayed the video.

Hale did well in assisting him at that time. Thinking that she landed herself in trouble, Sophia called to chat with Michael, which was a rare occurrence, and even filmed a cute, short video for him.

In the video, she looked at him with wide eyes and included beauty effects that added cat ears on her head. Then, she imitated a cat’s meow and even did some hand gestures to show her love.

Michael was satisfied with Hale’s attempt this time. Based on what Hale had achieved this year, he would be given a mansion in Cethos as his year-end bonus.

With a loud bang, Harry suddenly barged into Michael’s room, holding his laptop. “Bro, I’m being attacked by someone!”

He was logged into the ‘Swordsman Game’. In the game, the No. 1 Beast of the Server was being publicly attacked by another player in front of everyone. He had no chance of retaliation since he was harshly defeated and wailed in the process.

“I’m not interested in that at all. Get lost.” Michael turned with a bunch of scripts around him as he continued to admire his wife’s beauty. She’s getting more attractive each day!

She can be domineering and fierce yet so cute and obedient at times. She can seamlessly alternate between smashing her skateboard into other people’s heads and lowering her position to seek my forgiveness. How amazing this is!

Harry showed his laptop in front of Michael anxiously. “Bro, if you don’t help me, my family will be torn apart by him! I bet this guy is using some tricks!”

Michael glanced at his notebook lazily and saw a familiar character—NateHiro.

NateHiro had a huge knife in his hands as he mercilessly whacked No. 1 Beast of the Server, giving the latter no chance of escaping. He was extremely skilled in fighting—with each attack coming one after another without any pause. His attacks were so closely timed that Harry could not even hold up to him.

An excited look flashed through Michael’s eyes before he sat up and took the laptop over without a word. Then, he placed it on the desk that was provided by the hotel. After placing his hands on the keyboard, he slid into an attack position before moving the mouse to start the second round.

Michael had actually invested in this game for its development. Without him, the ‘Swordsman Game’ would not have existed, so he was actually the Father of Swordsman. Not only was he the first to reach the Godly character, but he had also developed invincible skills.

Once Michael started to attack, everyone would have to address him as ‘daddy’!

Especially when both parties had similar equipment, once Michael started to take over, NateHiro was immediately at the receiving end of his attacks.

Earlier, the No. 1 Beast of the Server was severely beaten high up in the skies. At that moment, it was NateHiro, who was the person being whacked in the air.

On top of that, this was an important battle to them because they had taken a bet to call the winner ‘daddy’. It was agreed that a winner would be announced when either one of them won two out of three rounds.

In the first round, Beast had lost, but he suddenly retaliated in the second round as if the player behind the character was a different person. NateHiro was attacked until he was high up in the sky.

The audience thought that Beast would definitely lose, but he successfully retaliated, much to their surprise.

Did Beast use some hacks?

The ‘Swordsman Game’ had a brilliant system in detecting hacks—if anyone used them, they would immediately be banned.

Did Beast suddenly have a new bag of tricks up his sleeves?

When Michael decided to help him, Harry was completely relieved with his tense nerves calming down. Earlier, he thought that he had to really call his opponent ‘daddy’.

After handing the battlefield to Michael, he drank coffee and ate fruits to calm his tense nerves. Then, he was about to return to witness the battle.

Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Michael’s phone that seemed to be playing something. After glancing at it, he saw Sophia pretending to meow like a cat in a video. “Hmph, men can really be different when they are in a relationship. I can’t believe that he is playing such a childish game.”

Harry tried to adjust the speed of the video, but he accidentally clicked on the last video.

It was a completely different video—Sophia, who tried to be cute in the first video, suddenly turned into a different person as she was hitting another girl’s head with her skateboard.

With a loud bang, blood was splattered everywhere—some even landed on Sophia’s cute face. With that, a murderous look filed her eyes, but it did not stop her. She instead slammed the skateboard on the girl again until the girl with smokey makeup was bleeding profusely, making it a violent and savage scene.


As he watched the video, Harry took a few steps back and thought, Women are indeed unpredictable. Just a second ago, she was trying to act like a kitten and now, she has already started to beat someone up!

Sophia took a round at hitting them with her skateboard, even though she fought alone against seven to eight delinquent girls—each of different hair colors. He could not tell how violent the video would be. He heard shrill screams each time the skateboard landed on them. Suddenly, the entire world seemed to be in a shade of dark red.

This is simply too violent and bloody! She’s merely a girl; why is she fighting like that? As her husband, not only is Michael not bothered by it, but he’s even enjoying this video? What the hell!

On top of that, the censors are so immoral!

Even though he complained in his heart, Harry looked like he enjoyed the video with excitement.

In the video, Sophia was still holding her skateboard. Suddenly, she turned and jumped to deliver another blow to one of the girls who tried a sneaky move to attack her. In that second when she turned, Sophia’s hair flew behind her with the cap she wore obscuring her eyes. However, her smile was still visible.

In that moment, Harry’s heart seemed to have immediately broken as a veil was gradually lifted from his eyes. The world suddenly became much clearer to him.

It’s her! She’s the beautiful girl I’ve been looking for more than a month now, but I can’t get any information about her! No wonder I can’t find her—she’s actually Sophia! Only Michael has the power to wipe away all her information.

Also, in that moment, he was shocked beyond belief. He rewound the video to look at it a few more times. I can’t be wrong. This is her—the beautiful girl who stood out at Debenham Road the other day! The girl whom I’ve fallen in love with at first sight is actually Sophia, my bro’s wife!

Amidst the shock he felt, he looked at Michael, who was fighting for him.

Michael had already completed three rounds of battle. NateHiro had lost twice, so he lost the battle but was still held down by the Beast.

No. 1 Beast of the Server: ‘Son, call me daddy!’

NateHiro went offline without saying anything.

Now that he felt happy, Michael threw the laptop to Harry and took his phone back. “It’s all done! Get lost now!”

Then, he continued to lay among his pile of scripts, watching his wife’s cute video along with her fighting video.

The differences that the two sides of Sophia had seemed cute to him, making him feel like he had married two different wives at once. On top of that, she seamlessly switched between those two modes.

Harry did not have a happy expression as he quietly brought his laptop out of the room.

After he walked out and slammed the door in the process, Michael thoughtfully looked at the direction where he left. My little chica is so cute that many men have their eyes on her!

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