My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 281-290

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 281

As long as my son-in-law shows up, his large inheritance will be mine.

Sophia shielded Nathan behind her while taking a few steps backward and cautiously regarded Joe. “Head home? Which home are we going to?”

Just then, a few people exited the car—it turned out to be Faye with Richard and Xyla, who came along to join the fun. Faye hugged her arms while observing the turn of events and gloated, “Sophia, of course we are heading back to the Edwards residence. Quick, get into the car and leave with us. Dad prepared a large banquet for you tonight just to welcome you home. Our friends and families are all present and we are all waiting for you.”

Even so, Sophia was adamant with her decision and firmly rejected them. “I am sorry, but I am not interested in the Edwards Family banquet.”

However, Joe was not here to ask for her permission. Another two burly men exited the car from the other side to surround Sophia and Nathan—they looked like two large mountains who could single-handedly pick up without any effort. Sophia kept retreating, but she didn’t seem afraid. On the contrary, she had a calm expression. “We are at a university. Are you planning to kidnap us at the entrance of the university?”

The security guards of Bayside University were extremely alert—two guards immediately charged forward when they saw something amiss at the university entrance, but Joe viciously chased them away. “What are you looking at? We, the Edwards Family, are handling some internal family affairs. Who are you to get involved?”

Since it was a family affair, the guards couldn’t get involved, so they retreated in silence. The two burly men surrounded Sophia while gesturing ‘after you’ and earnestly glared at her while opening the car door, leaving her with no choice but to reluctantly enter the car.

She then repeated, “Father, I respect you, which is why I’m addressing you as my father. I thank you for finding me under the bridge and providing me with a secure position. However, you sold me years ago and that means I’m no longer your daughter. I will not leave with you.”

Richard, who had been observing the interaction from the sidelines, suddenly broke the silence. “Sophia, you need to understand that you are Mr. Edwards’ daughter, no matter what happens. You will always be the daughter of the Edwards Family as long as the blood of the Edwards Family runs in your veins. It is perfectly justifiable for you to acknowledge your ancestors and family, so you should stop resisting.”

Xyla pretended to kindly advise her, “Sophia, you shouldn’t be so stubborn. You should return home with Mr. Edwards. Once you acknowledge your ancestry, you’ll have a maiden family. It means that you will have the support of the Edwards Family. My brother-in-law will treat you even better in the future.”

“You might not be aware of this, but the Edwards Family is a wealthy and honorable large family. If you acknowledge your origins, you will be a part of the Edwards Family. No one will dare to look down on you in university from then on! You will be known as Young Lady Edwards in the future and it means that you will have a family to rely on.”

Sophia coldly glanced at the group while snorting in disdain. Family? How dare they say such shameless things in front of me! She caressed Nathan’s head while addressing the Edwards Family, “I am sorry, but I have a family. In fact, I am heading home right now. Get out of my way!”

Upon seeing how stubborn she was, Joe could no longer wait and instructed the two bodyguards to make a move on her. However, the two burly men had barely taken a step forward when another two men in black suits and inky sunglasses suddenly dashed out of a car. With an average height of six feet three, they lowered their gazes at the two burly men before tackling them—taking one each. They overpowered the two burly men, who were about to capture Sophia, and pressed them onto the ground in less than a couple of moves.

Crack! It was the sound of bones in their arms being broken. The two burly men on the ground howled in pain, but Hale did not pay any attention to them. He merely opened the car door of the low profile black on one side for Sophia to enter with Nathan. He then closed the door and entered the front passenger seat while Gary drove the car.

Joe regained his senses when he heard the car’s engine roaring to life. He did not expect his son-in-law to hire such capable bodyguards for her. Hence, he charged to the front of the car and aggressively banged against the car door while shouting fiercely, “Sophia, you’re an unfilial daughter! Get out of the car now!”

The windows of the car were tinted black, so he couldn’t see what went on inside. Nevertheless, the car did not stop at all. It was being driven off without hesitation, which meant that he would have been run over if he hadn’t moved aside. Therefore, he dodged to the side in shock when he heard the roaring sound of the engine.

“You brute! You unfilial daughter!” he screamed at the top of his lungs while chasing the car from behind. He stopped in his tracks and placed a hand on his potbelly while gasping for air. “You are such an ungrateful child! It seems like you are planning to take over the large sum of assets for yourself! In your dreams!” He walked away while cursing under his breath. I will obviously not let this slide just like that. Gazing at the riches and wealth that were being dangled in front of him, how could he possibly surrender halfway?

Upon arriving home, Sophia did not see Michael, so she went to Nathan’s room to sleep. The two of them snuggled together while playing games. She logged into her main character to play the game with Nathan.

Apart from Scary Phoenix, everyone else in the clan was present. The Global Finals were getting closer and they were about to face an unprecedented strong enemy. Therefore, everybody was feeling slightly nervous, including the professional competitive players. Besides, Stanley had been extremely hot-tempered for the past few days and scolded everyone in the Clubhouse.

Scary Phoenix was absent, and since seven members were needed for a clan war and with one member missing, Stanley roped in a substitute—Harry, who had a strange feeling when he saw Sirius233 fiercely fighting in the game.

After playing the game, Sophia noticed that it was already getting late, so she logged out of the game to sleep.

Stanley had sent her many voice messages on Messenger. “Sophie, is my uncle home yet?”

“Haha, I can’t promise you that he is with the film crew now. Uncle Michael accepted a guest role where he and Miss Irene are a couple. They even have a kissing scene together! Hahaha, are you jealous? Divorce him! He must be rekindling an old flame with Miss Irene if he is not home. He is cheating on you!”

Stanley even sent a picture of the film crew—in the photograph, Michael and Irene held hands while they happily chatted. Sophia was unsure if it was a drama still or a private candid shot after filming ended. Nevertheless, it was undeniable that his eyes were filled with tenderness. I suppose that is the type of gaze you have for someone whom you love. I’ve never seen such a pure, hazy and deep look in his eyes. She did not reply to Stanley and instead switched off her phone before heading to sleep.

Michael finally returned from the filming crew in the middle of the night. He had promised that he would show up as a guest star for one day—acting as a playboy for a night scene. Hence, he filmed everything within a day. However, he did not expect to meet disgusting people on set. Luckily, I only have to guest star for a day.

Upon returning home, the lights in the living room were still switched on. It was already in the middle of the night, but Nathan was sitting alone in the living room while angrily waiting for him; he looked prepared to interrogate Michael.

Upon seeing him, Michael asked while changing into his slippers, “Darling, it’s already so late at night. Why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

“Where were you tonight? Why did you return home so late? Did you have a rendezvous with your lover? Are you preparing to divorce my mom?”

He was dumbfounded when he heard Nathan’s series of questions. Isn’t it normal for me to return home in the wee hours of the night after a late night filming schedule?

Nathan was wearing slippers, which made flapping noises on the floor when he ran to Michael. He held a phone and on the display panel was a picture of Michael and Irene.

Nathan coldly demanded, “I do not like this woman. Stay away from her.” I can’t pinpoint the reason why I dislike her, but I just do not like this woman. I only have two mothers—one of them is buried in the Memorial Garden whereas the other is sleeping upstairs!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 282

Michael glanced at the phone and came across the said picture. He then listened to the voice message that Stanley sent to Sophia while perusing through their previous chat history.

Stanley is not holding back and doing everything that he can to drive a wedge between us!

After listening to the voice messages, Michael sighed quietly. “Silly fellow.”

It has been such a long time since I slapped him. Looks like he needs a beating.

He crouched down to pat Nathan’s head with reassurances. “My obedient darling, I was filming earlier. Don’t worry, I’ll never find a stepmother for you.”

Nathan mulled over what he said before reaching out with his little finger. “Pinky swear!”

Michael burst out in laughter. The young kid has learned about the pinky swear! I thought that he wouldn’t know what a pinky swear is since he’s such an arrogant kid!

In the past, Nate used to be extremely cold and distant. He refused to play with his peers or with children toys. He did not look like a child at all. Initially, I wanted him to attend kindergarten because he has peers there and would have friends to play with. However, Nate was adamant on enrolling in university and even commented that kids are too childish.

Who will have expected him to behave like a child now?

Michael promised Nathan with a pinky swear. “Cross your heart and hope to die. The person who finds Nate a stepmother is an idiot!”

Satisfied, he went upstairs to sleep after that.

Michael then returned to his room in exhaustion, but Nathan took the initiative and suggested, “You should carry your wife back to your room. From now on, I will sleep alone.”

He had a toothbrush in his mouth when he entered Nathan’s room to carry Sophia to his room. She was fast asleep, so she wasn’t even aware that someone had taken her out.

Michael continued to brush his teeth while staring at her as she was sound asleep.

She is such a cutie! The longer I’m with her, the more adorable she looks! She is the cutest in the universe!

It was already 2AM by the time he was done with his shower and he needed to wake up early the next morning. He had the urge to make a move on her, but he refrained from doing so. We still have plenty of time ahead of us. She is still young, so maybe I should wait till she’s older.

I am not having a Lolita complex.

Sophia seemed to have dreamed that Michael came home, but she didn’t see him when she woke up the next day. He wasn’t even beside her in bed, but Nathan had promised her repeatedly. “Daddy returned home last night and definitely did not spend the night outdoors. He did not cheat on you!”

He was extremely sincere when he said that, but he was afraid that she wouldn’t believe him. “You can check the surveillance footage if you don’t believe me.”

She was done with brushing her teeth and after rinsing her mouth, she answered, “Fine, I believe you.”

Michael did return home last night, I suppose…

They had to attend classes today, so Hale drove them to the university. Sophia made sure that Gary led Nathan into the School of Computer Science’s building before making her way to her classroom.

Stanley took the gap between two major classes to smoke in the washroom in secret. Ever since his goddess became a ‘female judge’, he had been trying his best to disrupt the harmony in Michael’s family, causing his smoking addiction to worsen.

Somehow, at some point, there were lesser people in the toilet. By the time he emerged from his hiding place, there was no one else around. Hale and Gary, who both towered over him, flanked Nathan as them three blocked the entrance to the restroom.

Noticing that Stanley was poking his head out, Nathan instructed, “Beat him!”

Upon facing Hale and Gary, Stanley was quite frightened and stumbled backward. “What are you two doing? Don’t come any closer. I am Uncle Michael’s nephew! I’m his biological nephew! I am the apple of my uncle’s eye!”

Nathan stared at him coldly. “You should give up. My dad specifically asked me to beat you up today!”

Without waiting for a response, the two men whacked Stanley…

Nevertheless, they were oblivious that Sophia was in an unexpected situation at the same time.

Joe brought a few policemen to the entrance of her classroom.

“Mr. Policeman, this is my daughter. Someone has kidnapped her and I’ve finally found her, but she just wouldn’t acknowledge me! That horrible man, who has kidnapped her, has been torturing her every day. This is most probably the reason why she doesn’t have the courage to acknowledge me. You have to save my daughter from the pit of hell!”

Sophia, who had been reading her notes, stood up while staring at him in confusion. Did he call the police?

Faye stood beside him and also sobbed. “Mr. Policeman, my sister must have been traumatized by the torture. She doesn’t dare to come home with us. We have asked her who the man is, but she refuses to tell us. You have to save my sister!”

Sophia was rendered speechless when she heard that. I can’t believe they came up with such a bad idea to call the police.

The police officer wore a serious expression while approaching her, as if he was ready to talk business. “Student, Mr. Edwards has lodged a police report on a case of women trafficking at a police station under our district. You are involved in the case, so we hope that you will cooperate with our investigation by coming with us to the police station to take your statement.”

She looked at the police before glancing at Joe, who was standing behind him, and smiled. “Sure.”

She picked up her bag and followed them. Before she left, she signaled at Gemma with a look, asking her to inform Hale and the others.

She followed the police officer back to the police station.

Joe happily followed them. Now that the police are involved, I’d like to see if Sophia dares to keep her husband’s identity a secret! When the time comes, the police will summon my son-in-law to the police station to confront him. By then, I will know who my son-in-law is!

When I see him, I will claim that this is all a misunderstanding, and I will ask the police to withdraw the case. I can take the chance to invite my son-in-law to the Edwards residence as a guest. I’ll take the chance to find out more about him, just so that I’d strike as soon as I can.

Upon arriving at the police station’s interrogation room, Sophia noticed that Daniel was present too.

He greeted her when he saw her. “Mrs. Fletcher, you are here too!”

However, she ignored him.

In front of the police, Joe was covered in tears and snot. “Mr. Policeman, please save my daughter. Daniel has fooled her by selling her to someone as a wife. She is merely 21 years old this year! She is still studying! She can’t possibly ruin her life for an old man!”

She lost her patience, correcting him, “Excuse me, Mr. Edwards, but I’m 20 years old.”

He corrected himself hastily, “My daughter is merely 20 years old. We have been separated since she was a child and it took me a lot of effort to look for her. However, I did not expect Daniel to deceive her and take her away. I don’t even know who she is married to now. In fact, she has been tortured on a daily basis.”

Daniel calmly took out the contract from his pocket, which he and Joe signed; it was an agreement to sell the latter’s daughter off. Daniel placed the document in front of the police while explaining, “Here, this is the agreement between Mr. Edwards and me. Mr. Edwards asked for a betrothal gift, which came up to 80,000, in exchange for his daughter. In return, I found a husband for his daughter.”

Joe grabbed the contract and ripped it into pieces while reprimanding Daniel, “Daniel, you are a shameless man! You knew that I had financial difficulties at that time, so you deceived me by making me sell my daughter off to you. This contract is not legit because I was forced to sign it. I have the right to cancel the contract.”

He continued to earnestly speak to the police, “Mr. Policeman, he is a human trafficker. He sold my daughter off, but I want her back! You have to help me!”

Faye continued her facade. “My poor sister, you must have suffered beyond imagination over the years. My sister—”

“Mr. Policeman, you guys better arrest that old man!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 283

Daniel was extremely impatient, so he softly knocked his knuckles on the table. “Previously, Mr. Edwards took the initiative to come to me for the agreement. I am not a human trafficker!”

Joe was adamant. “You sold my daughter; you are a human trafficker! Mr. Policeman, quickly arrest him! He specializes in women trafficking!”

The police officer looked at him before turning to glance at Daniel. In the end, he asked Sophia, “Miss Sophia, what do you have to say?”

Sophia answered, “Daniel Levine was the one who introduced me to my husband. We knew each other before getting married. There is no such thing as women trafficking. I have a good relationship with my husband and we are happy together. He doesn’t torture me at all. On the contrary, my husband is even paying for my university studies.”

Joe immediately smacked the table and retorted, “Mr. Policeman, look at that! The unknown man has tortured my daughter until she doesn’t have the courage to speak the truth. My daughter has suffered over the years. In fact, she has never brought her husband home after getting married. My son-in-law must have been torturing her! You should summon her husband and confront him if you don’t believe me!”

The police officer looked at Daniel before turning to Joe. Finally, he stared at Sophia and instructed her, “Get your husband here to see if he checks out.”

Sophia glanced at Joe and turned to make a phone call.

Once he noticed that she was making the phone call, he waited pleasantly for his son-in-law.

After the phone call, she waited for Hale to sort it out. Usually for such a small matter, Hale would be able to handle it and there won’t be any need to involve Michael at all. Joe Edwards wants to know about Michael’s identity, but I’ll deny him that satisfaction! Besides, I’m afraid that Joe will get entangled with Michael.

In the interrogation room, the four of them sat at the table while minding their own business under the watchful eye of the surveillance camera.

Joe was busy making phone calls to prepare for the banquet tonight since he was happily estimating his son-in-law’s assets. He must at least have billions.

Sophia was perusing her notes. I’ll have to borrow a classmate’s notes since I’m missing this class. I’ll have to revise the subject myself.

Lastly, Daniel was turning two beads with his fingers.

Half an hour later, a car was parked in front of the entrance of the police station. A few bodyguards in black exited the car while guarding a man in the middle, who wore a black coat. Then, everybody entered the police station’s main hall.

The man had a low profile black coat that was paired with a hat that obscured most of his face. A black mask covered the bottom half of his face.

The entire police station behaved as if they were about to face a formidable enemy. Upon receiving the news, the Chief Police Officer rushed to the scene and evacuated the station while personally welcoming the man.

The Chief Police Officer could not believe it when he received the news, so he felt that he was dreaming when he met the person in the flesh. Taylor Murray! He is the idol of the people!

It just happened that the Chief was Taylor’s fan and loved him to bits.

Besides, I am one of the few people who knows Taylor’s identity. He is Old Master Fletcher’s grandson, part of the Fletcher Family, and the descendent of the fallen hero, Theo Fletcher. It doesn’t matter which identity is being used because they all call for respect!

“Mr. Murray, are you here to lodge a police report?”

Michael removed his mask while speaking in a serious tone to the Chief Police Officer, “I heard that someone has lodged a report, claiming that I’m involved in women trafficking. I intentionally dropped by to check on things.”

The Chief Police Officer was at a loss for words when he heard that.

In the interrogation room, Sophia had concentrated and completed two Further Mathematics questions. A police officer suddenly stood by the door of the interrogation room and loudly announced, “Sophia Edwards, your husband is here to pick you up! You can leave now!”

Sophia picked up her bag to leave when she heard that.

“Is my son-in-law here?”

Joe was delighted and started to chase after her because he wanted to see how his son-in-law looked.

However, the police officer stopped him after a couple of steps. “Mr. Edwards, please take a seat. We have some questions for you.”

“Move away, I want to see my son-in-law!” He shoved the police officer away. However, before he could reach the door, about three to four police officers barged into the room to hold him down.

“Mr. Edwards, please cooperate with our investigation!”

The door closed with a loud bang after she walked out of the interrogation room.

The walls of the interrogation room were made of frosted glass, so it was possible to decipher the outline of the figures outside, but it was impossible to see their faces. The police officers held him down on the table and through the glass wall, he saw someone walking—it was nothing but a dark figure.

Sophia saw Michael standing beside the Chief Police Officer the moment she walked out of the interrogation room. Michael wore a mysterious-looking black coat that was paired with a black hat, radiating a frosty charm.

She stood rooted to the spot because she did not expect that he would be alerted of such a small matter. He should be extremely busy these few days.

“Chica, come here.”

Seeing that she remained motionless for a long time, he beckoned her with a wave of his hand.

She increased her pace as she walked to him. He immediately wrapped her in his arms before kissing her forehead and softly asked, “Were you scared?”

She nodded in a daze.

He answered, “It’s fine now. I’ll take you for a feast to calm you down.”

She nodded.

Then, the two of them left while holding hands.

Joe could not hear the conversation outside, but he could see Sophia wrapped in another man’s arms while leaving the police station. Therefore, he immediately screamed, “Son-in-law, Son-in-law! I am Sophia’s father!”

On the other side, Daniel folded his leg and mocked, “Your son-in-law will not hear you even if you scream until you lose your voice!”

Joe instantly panicked, but the police wouldn’t release him. Hence, he grabbed onto Daniel and asked, “Mr. Levine, I’m begging you. Please reveal my son-in-law’s identity. It’s not something that needs to be kept secret.”

Daniel chuckled in amusement. “Mr. Edwards, this initially isn’t something secretive, but we had an agreement beforehand. Therefore, I will not reveal who he is.”

Seeing as he refused to speak, Faye approached him with her large 36D bra size and pressed herself against Daniel’s body. She whispered, “Master Levine, we just want to meet my brother-in-law to acknowledge him as a part of our family. We aren’t interested in his assets at all.”

He was unmoved, maintaining his position with his legs folded. “I stay true to what I said. I will not reveal any information.”

They were released not too long after, but Joe was reprimanded due to the fake police report.


How dare he claim that Taylor Murray is so useless that he needs to buy a bride since he can’t seem to marry one? With a wave of his hand, he can easily summon a harem as large as a country.

After leaving the police station, Daniel drove off in his car while Joe glared in the direction that the former left.

“Damn you all! Do you think I can’t personally find out if you refuse to tell me?” As long as Sophia stays in Bayside University, I will find out for sure! No matter what happens, I will have a portion of that large sum of inheritance!

Due to the farce today where the police escorted Sophia away from the university, she couldn’t be bothered to head back for classes. Therefore, she followed Michael for lunch while carrying her bag.

While they were having their meal in the restaurant, she suddenly received a voice message from Stanley via Messenger.

She pressed the button to listen to it in front of Michael. They both suddenly heard Stanley’s cries from the other end of the line.

“Sophie, are you insane? Why did you let Nathan beat me up?”

“I am beaten to a pulp now! I was kind enough to reveal the true colors of that playboy of yours. Not only are you not grateful to me, but you had me beaten up so badly! You are done for the rest of your life! Let him cheat on you for the rest of your life! I’m telling you, Uncle Michael was with Miss Irene for the entire night. They are about to reconcile soon and you will be chased out of the house. You better pray for yourself! Don’t run to me in tears when the time comes!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 284

After listening to the audio recordings, there was only silence and awkwardness between the two of them at the dining table. It was then that Sophia finally knew that Stanley had been beaten up again.

She kept her phone away and lowered her head without saying a word. She used her pair of chopsticks to poke at her empty plate, but her ears were actually raised to hear what Michael had to say. He should have something to say for what happened yesterday.

Even though she felt that he might not express his thoughts to her, she still looked forward to it in her heart.

He remained silent without even letting out a grunt after she had waited for a long time. She sneakily glanced at him and saw a pair of sparkling, gleeful eyes staring at her.

The moment both their eyes met, she immediately retracted her sight.

Just like that, he quietly stared at her without making a sound.

He knew that she was waiting for his answer, but she didn’t have the courage to ask him. He could guess her thoughts with a mere glance.

He had been waiting for her to ask first, but she still remained quiet after a while.

Michael sighed. Although my chica has been in my home for almost two years, she still treats me like an outsider. She never reveals her feelings to me. Is it because we never had any intimate contact hence she doesn’t see me as her man?

He was merely waiting for her to be ready. In the end, he broke the silence. “Chica, where do you want the wedding to be held?”

Sophia thought she had wrongly heard, so she instinctively let out a sound of confusion.

He continued to speak in seriousness, “I’ve thought about it for a long while. I feel that it is time to make our marriage known to the public. We can’t drag our wedding much longer.”

She felt as though she was in a dream.

Is Michael wanting to make our marriage known to the public? Does that mean the Fletchers, Irene, the people in Bayside University, my ex-boyfriend, Joe and everyone else will soon know that I’m married to Michael? Does that mean people will no longer mock me for marrying an old and ugly coal owner? Does that mean Richard and Xyla will no longer have the courage to show their superior face in front of me?

After a sweet and short-lived surprise, she still rejected his idea. “Now is not the time yet… I’m thinking of waiting for a few more years.”

She felt that she still wasn’t strong enough. If he really announces it to the public, I will have to face something that I never thought I will be able to face. Not only will I have to deal with the Fletchers myself, but Joe will definitely plan something against Michael. Then, there is also Phantom Wolf… What if he approaches me someday? I’m not ready to face these yet. I will have to wait at least until after my graduation when I have my own ability to get things done. Is he trying to explain himself for what happened yesterday?

Sophia pressed her lips, trying to conceal a smile hanging on the corners of her lips. I can’t embarrass myself too much in front of my idol.

When the dishes were served, the two of them ate while disjointedly chatting with each other.

Michael said to her, I’m thinking of organizing two weddings—one would be abroad and the other will be in the country. What do you think? If we have an outdoor wedding, Nate can be our flower boy, although I’m worried that he might be too big to be our flower boy. I’ve already started to prepare the wedding attire. If we want to have a traditional wedding gown and one for an outdoor wedding, we’ll need to prepare two sets of it. How do you want your traditional gown to be? I’ve already ordered a wedding gown from L/K. As for the traditional one, I definitely want it to be fully hand-embroidered. If what I’ve calculated is correct, we will need about 1 to 2 years to prepare for it. We only get to marry once in our lifetime, so every detail needs to be perfect.”

She continued to eat her meal while nodding.

A simple wedding will be enough if I get to marry my idol. The wedding ceremony isn’t important. What’s important is the person I’m marrying!

A night of gloominess seemed to pass like that. She happily returned to school in the evening to continue with her classes. He was also busy with his work.

Between classes, Sophia carried her bag as she tried to search for the classroom for her next class. However, Stanley had blocked her on the way.

He approached her angrily with his bruised face. “Sophia, look at what your son has done to me. Are you going to do something about it? Are you?”

She was pushing her bike—the same one that Michael rode last time when he attended university. She continued to ride it because it felt good to be riding a bike that her idol rode before.

While pushing the bike, she answered, “I’m not going to.”

Stanley blocked her path. “If you are not going to do something about it, I will tell Uncle Michael that you found yourself a partner in the game. You are having an affair and you are cuckolding him!”

Sophia stopped her steps as she thought about Scary Phoenix, the ‘husband’ of her main character, Sirius… I can’t let Michael know that he has been ‘cuckolded’.

She felt a little guilty. “A game is a game and reality is reality. Besides, I’m a man in the game and my partner is a wife. We never contact each other in real life except in the game. How does this count as cuckolding him?”

He knew that the more she refuted, the more guilty she felt inside. He became more confident with himself as he grabbed her bike seat to prevent her from leaving. “Just admit that you’ve found yourself a partner in the game—and you even married her! Let me tell you this. If you don’t give me a million in game currency, I will tell my uncle about it!”

Without uttering a word, Sophia walked away with the bike while staring at Stanley, who was sitting on the bike.

After the two of them arrived in the computer room, he violently pushed her to find a computer so that she could log into her new character.

Her main character had a bit of money, but her new character was really poor. When she opened her inventory to have a look, there were only a few hundred thousand in game currency. “This is all I have. Take it if you want.”

Stanley had a look at her gears. “You have quite a nice gear. It can be sold for at least one million. Sell it!”

“No!” She immediately rejected him. “My wife gave that to me and it is a rare one. I won’t sell it!”

He fiercely looked at her. “If you don’t sell it, I’ll call my uncle!”

In the end, she sold all of her gears in anger and made two million in game currency, which were all transferred to his account.

She was broke, but luckily, it was only her new character, so she simply allowed him to take all of it.

Then, she showed her empty inventory and wallet in the game to him. “Take a good look at it. There’s nothing left. All my weapons, gears and money are gone. From now on, I won’t play this game ever again, so don’t ask me to play it with you.”

Although Stanley felt saddened for Sophia, the rage inside him was reignited when he thought of how inattentive the stepmother was after her son had him beaten up.

Such a useless thing. How can she feel so happy being a mistress? How am I not better than Michael? Michael is famous for being a scumbag who likes men. There isn’t one innocent person in the entertainment industry!

“Sophia, you better behave yourself lately. If I ever catch you having an affair behind my uncle, I’ll immediately report to him and ask him to divorce you!” However, the moment he walked out of the classroom, he instantly made a phone call to Michael. “Hello? Uncle Michael, I want to report something to you. Your wife is married to someone else in the game! She cuckolded you!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 285

Surprisingly, Michael chuckled on the other side of the phone. “Mind your own business.”


The call then ended.

Stanley thought that Michael didn’t believe him, so he left while cursing.

In the computer room, Sophia switched off the computer and had a look at the time. I’m already late for class. The teacher never takes attendance for this elective course anyway. I think I’ll just miss this one. How nice it is to go home and see my idol!

The floor was almost empty since it was school time, so there were only a few people left in the computer room.

After she exited the computer room, she went into the restroom while carrying her bag. She wanted to head to the toilet before going home.

As she was in the School of Computer Science’s building, there were very few girls. There was almost no one in the women’s toilet and the lights inside were broken, but no one had repaired them, leaving them to continuously flicker.

The moment she entered, there was no one inside, making it an eerily silent place. The weather was dark and there was a tree outside the toilet window. She furrowed her brows while using her cellphone as a flashlight.

Once she was done, she came out of the cubicle to wash her hands. She saw that the door to the restroom was closed through the mirror as the lights flickered, intermittently revealing a slender figure in the corner.

The person remained standing motionlessly in the corner, as if his body blended with the darkness.

Sophia’s whole body instantly froze as she looked at the man who suddenly appeared in the mirror.

The man had a gloomy aura surrounding him, as if it came from hell. His profound eyes that were hidden in the dark radiated an extremely dangerous light.

It was usually bad news if a man suddenly appeared in the women’s toilet, so she instinctively pressed her wristwatch since it had a device that could signal an alarm. As soon as she pressed it, Hale would immediately receive the signal and rush to her.

However, just when she pressed the alarm, the man suddenly spoke. “There isn’t any signal here. You won’t be able to send out your alarm.”

He had a deep and husky voice. She was unable to tell his age through his voice—only his vicissitudes on life.

She remained motionless as she continued to press her wristwatch many times. Then, she took her phone out with her other hand and sure enough, there was no signal at all. All of her electronic devices had malfunctioned as the man probably had a device on him that blocked all the signals.

Just when she lowered her head to check on her phone, the man silently reached a meter behind her. She instinctively fished out the pepper spray from her bag and immediately turned to spray it at the man.

However, the moment she did so, a hand rapidly grabbed hold of her wrist before she even had the chance to press on the pepper spray. The five fingers were as cold and hard as a machine and bursting with a strong force while his nails dug deep into her wrist. She felt as if her wrist would be crushed at any second.

Under immense pain, the pepper spray in her hand fell, but it was caught by the man’s other hand.


She opened her mouth and tried to yell for help. Even though there weren’t many people around, there would still be someone who could hear her scream. However, the moment she opened her mouth, a hand instantly covered it, shoving her screams back down her throat and turning it into a grunting sound.

The man grabbed her from the back, covering her mouth with one hand to prevent her from screaming while the other hand began to open her collar. The ice cold hand gently tore off her shirt and revealed her snowy white shoulders.

During the struggle, Sophia had used all of her strength as her nails sunk deep into his wrist. She then realized that he wore a special one-piece suit that covered his whole body from head to toe. There was also a rubbery material covering his fingers, which prevented him from leaving any fingerprints behind.

Her fingers powerlessly scratched his suit, but they couldn’t even leave a mark.

The man behind her was like a cold machine with an infinite strength, save for a human’s warmth. It reminded her of a bone-chilling and terrifying person—Phantom Wolf!

The moment the thought surfaced in her mind, her whole body froze and her eyes suddenly widened as they were filled with fear. He finally came!

In that moment, a cold thing fell on her shoulder—as if something tightened around her skin. After a crisp sound was heard, the scent of flesh was smelled.

Phantom Wolf had another small item in his hand, which he used to clutch onto Sophia’s shoulder for a few seconds. After he removed it, a wolf tattoo appeared on her shoulder.

Then, a heart-wrenching pain started to spread through her body; it was so intense that the veins on her forehead bulged as cold sweat rolled down her head as she struggled to cope with his clamp on her arm.

The hand covering her mouth had an insanely huge strength that her teeth were almost crushed.

The man looked at his exclusive mark on her shoulder with satisfaction—her snowy white skin was covered with a thin layer of sweat due to the excruciating pain, so he buried his lips on her neck while greedily smelling the unique and seductive fragrance of her body.

A warm tongue gently brushed her fair shoulder. When it went past the wolf tattoo that he imprinted on her earlier, the pain caused her entire body to shiver as she started to shed tears.

The two rows of warm, wet tears fell on the man’s arms. Her head was forced to lean against the man’s chest, so his messy breathing and voice were clearly heard.

“Remember, you are Phantom Wolf’s woman.”

He is really Phantom Wolf.

Suddenly, memories from that night resurfaced in Sophia’s mind again.

At that time, her nostrils were filled with the cold river water as she slowly lost her consciousness. She remembered the helplessness and desperation that she felt upon facing death along with the man who saved her.

She stopped struggling, knowing that the man in front of her had the ability to break a person’s spine with his bare hands. It’s pointless to struggle. Besides, he will eventually find me.

The man’s thick fingers slid across her shoulder where a clear tattoo had been formed.

When his fingers stroked the tattoo, the pain tore her heart apart and her body couldn’t help but shiver while her back was covered with sweat.

Her skin was fairer, compared to most other girls and her shoulder had been flawless without any acne or mole. Therefore, Phantom Wolf’s sudden tattoo was even more conspicuous.

Sophia’s whole body froze while tears continued to pour due to the rain. It’s so painful. When Phantom Wolf inked that print on my skin earlier, there was a thing that seemed to have quickly carved something on my flesh. Then, he used a high temperature to sterilize the wound, leaving a mark.

Now that he had imprinted a mark, it had caused the pain to maximize, as if he tore off her skin alive.

After that, Phantom Wolf’s voice rang beside her ears again. “Now is not the time. When the time is right, I will come to look for you. I want to bring you away from here forever.”


Sophia’s words had been blocked by his hand—the one covering her mouth to prevent her from making any sound. She could only look at the seductive yet dark wolf tattoo imprinted on her shoulder.

The feeling of slowly dying that she returned when she climbed ashore after almost drowning two years ago returned. The desperation and powerlessness that she felt caused two helpless tears to fall from her eyes onto Phantom Wolf’s gloves.

He then greedily kissed the side of her face as his cold voice approached her ear. “Don’t think of escaping me. Two years ago, I saved you. From that moment on, you belong to me. Do you understand? Nobody including Michael can protect you.”

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At that moment, Sophia’s whole body trembled. He actually knows Michael? Does that mean the Phantom Wolf knows everything about Michael, but the latter doesn’t know a thing about him.

“Don’t be surprised. I was the one who killed his sister and brother-in-law. If I wanted to, I can simply take his life whenever I want. The Fletchers? Hehe, I love killing anyone who is part of the Fletcher Family!”

The moment she heard Michael’s name, she used all her strength to struggle but accidentally bumped her shoulder on the wall. Suddenly, a heart-wrenching pain rose.

Both her hands that held onto Phantom Wolf’s arm dropped weakly.

She was reminded of the rows of new tombs in The Fletcher Family’s ancestral grave. Since Phantom Wolf has dared to say something like this, maybe there will be a new tomb appearing there any time. Don’t hurt him…

When Phantom Wolf noticed that Sophia had given up on resisting him, he slowly released her mouth. Then, she felt a sweet scene coming out of her mouth, so she forcefully swallowed it.

Meanwhile, he was violently grabbing her neck with one hand. She did not dare to move or speak because she knew that the man in front of her could break her neck with only a slight force.

Her eyes widened as she looked at the man who had killed countless people. He wore a mask that covered his facial features—and even his eyes couldn’t be seen, so she was unable to determine his true identity from his appearance.

Then, he slowly approached her and touched her charming red lips, as if he wanted to be intimate with her. He reached out into her collar with his other hand, unbuttoning the school uniform that she wore and exposing the shirt she had inside.

He placed her on the washstand in the toilet. One of his hands had grabbed her neck while the other snuck under her skirt…

Sophia sobbed when she felt a warm lip gliding across her neck and collarbone. She was forced to lift her head so that the tears, which would have streamed down her cheeks, would spill into her hair.

She was reluctant to be owned by Phantom Wolf!

Therefore, she fumbled around with her hands and found a glass vase with a daffodil in it before fiercely pushing it to the floor with a smash.

The vase broke and made a huge sound. A curious voice was heard outside the restroom in less than a second. “Is there anyone inside? What happened?”

Sophia concurrently felt that the strength around her neck had suddenly gone. In the blink of an eye, Phantom Wolf had also disappeared. When she turned to look, the window of the toilet was left open for some time. He is very quick.

After that, her whole body seemed to lose its soul as she collapsed on the floor…

Michael had been busy for the whole day and it was already 11PM by the time he returned home.

Tonight, there was still a dim light in the master bedroom. It looks like Sophia hasn’t slept yet.

The moment he returned home, he first went to Nathan’s room to have a look—his son was playing a game alone without knowing that he was already back.

Michael knocked on the door, saying, “Darling, it’s late. Go to bed early. You still have school tomorrow.”

Nathan had faced him with the back of his head and replied, “The two of you went out for lunch today without bringing me along. I’m not happy with it, so don’t talk with me tonight.”

“You little brat!” While Michael closed the door, he spoke. “I’ll give you some time to save the game. I’ll switch off the Internet at 11PM.”

When he returned to the master bedroom, Sophia seemed to be already asleep. After switching on the night light, he saw that the blanket on the bed had a small bump.

He then quietly walked into the restroom to wash himself before getting into bed. On the bed, he leaned closely against his wife.

Surprisingly, when he touched her gentle waist, he realized that she was naked. Eh, she is sleeping naked!

After that, Sophia’s snake-like body suddenly squirmed into his arms. Under the dim night-light, he could see her blurry face poking out of the blanket and her black eyes were filled with moisture.


Even though she had only revealed a tiny face, it was still seductive in his eyes. He stared at her blankly, feeling that there was something different to her compared to her past self.

His Adam’s apple rolled while he looked at the woman in his arms. Then, he asked seriously, “Are you ready for this?”

Sophia remained silent as she reached out to switch off the lights. The room suddenly fell into darkness and her gentle body became entangled with his while her warm cherry lips actively pressed against his.

He could feel that she was actually ready, so he quickly hugged her while gently removing the thin blanket that blocked them.

She thought that it would be horrifying, but she hadn’t expected the feeling of being together with the man she loved the most was romantic and unrestrained. Initially, it hurt a little, but when it gradually improved, she really wanted to pause her life on that wonderful moment forever.

I only want to be with him… forever and ever.

Bayside City was exceptionally quiet tonight—from time to time, neon lights would fall on the windows and spill into the room. She was snuggling in Michael’s arms as both her body and mind were satisfied.

I’ve finally slept with my idol.

They had been married for almost two years. Two years ago, Joe had embarrassingly sent her to Michael, so she couldn’t understand why the latter chose her.

Maybe it is fate. I’m now finally Michael’s woman and will give my all to him. If I’m forced to leave him one day, I won’t regret it…

Michael was satisfied with what happened tonight. When he realized that the consummation was successful, he thought whether he should hold a banquet the next day.

It might have been a result of the deep communication between body and soul, but Sophia became more open in front of him and no longer as restrained as before.

She rolled over and placed a pillow in him, asking, “Hubby, if Miss Weber misses you one day, will you—”

“I will never.” He furrowed his brows as he felt absolutely disgusted to hear such a question in a wonderful atmosphere.

He didn’t directly answer her; instead, he asked her the same question. “If Mr. Harper is willing to give everything up for you one day, will you go with him?”

“I won’t!” She also felt disgusted and firmly rejected the idea.

After responding, she finally realized that her tone was the same as his when he answered her question. Does that mean in Michael’s eyes, his ex-girlfriend, Irene, is of the same status as my ex-boyfriend, Richard?”

There was a little joy in Sophia’s heart.

However, when Michael suddenly grabbed Sophia’s shoulder, he happened to touch the wolf tattoo on her body, causing her whole body to tighten and tremble when it felt the pain.

He immediately noticed her small reaction. When they were together earlier, he felt that there was something wrong about her. Initially, he thought that it was due to her nerves, seeing that it was her first time as a woman, but what he felt was obviously different from the other parts of her skin.

Therefore, his fingers tentatively touched that part of her skin again. As he touched it, she did not seem to have any reactions, but he still felt her body trembling, as if she was holding back on something.

Then, he stood up and switched on the lights, making the room suddenly bright again.

By the time the lights were already switched on, she was already hiding in the blanket with only her head uncovered.

When Michael removed Sophia’s blanket, she immediately retreated while tightly holding onto the blanket.

The more she avoided him, the more he felt that something was wrong, so he immediately reached out to remove the blanket. “What is it? Come, let me see.”

She silently lowered her head, but her once red face had suddenly turned pale.

After that, he reached out to remove the blanket, exposing her snowy-white shoulder and a wolf tattoo. Maybe it was probably because he was too rough on her earlier as the skin on her shoulder was now red and swollen as he grabbed it.

He felt as though he was struck by a bolt from the blue! Phantom Wolf finally came!

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The new tattoo seemed to contain a few traces of condensed blood. During their moment of intimacy, Michael’s grasp had caused it to bleed and her whole shoulder even started to redden and swollen.

Sophia curled up as she did not dare to look at him.

She saw that he seemingly took a few steps back in horror. Suddenly, he turned and exited the door. With a bang, he slammed the door shut.

She lifted her head and stared at the door that he slammed. All of a sudden, two rows of tears streamed down her face.

Michael knows that Phantom Wolf is here. He must have thought that Phantom Wolf had slept with me. Maybe he will immediately abandon me because it will save him the trouble or use me as a bait to lure Phantom Wolf out…

Sophia thought of thousands of possibilities, but she did not dare to hope that he would protect her.

Phantom Wolf probably thinks that I’m fun to play with. Maybe it’s because I’m Michael’s woman, so he wants to snatch me from him for the fun of it. In Phantom Wolf’s eyes, I’m just a toy.

She knew that if she fell into Phantom Wolf’s hands, the outcome would be worse than death.

During the day in the restroom, the iron clamp that was around her neck almost crushed her throat, causing it to ache even at that point.

Sophia lay weakly on the bed, thinking about what she should do in the future. Michael and Phantom Wolf have a deep hatred for each other. Hale told me that Michael and the Fletchers were unable to catch Phantom Wolf for many years. The man is cunning and treacherous, so it has been hard for them to lure him out. On the other hand, I seem like a useful bait that Michael might use to tempt Phantom Wolf to show up, but I’ll be like a small boat in the middle of a storm once I’m involved in their battle. I may fall and die at any time. I need to live! I must live!

The door was opened with a bang as Michael returned.

She had been quietly sitting on the bed while crying and lifted her head to see him rushing toward her. He sat on the side of the bed and placed a small box on it before opening the box, which contained some medicine to reduce inflammatory and swelling.

Without uttering a word, he applied the medicine on Sophia’s body. It turned out that he merely went outside to grab some medicine.

She probably did not notice it herself, but when the lights were switched on, Michael was almost scared to death when he saw her injury. In addition to the bleeding tattoo on her body, there were also a few terrifying claw marks on her neck.

He didn’t know how powerful Phantom Wolf’s pinch was to have caused those bruises and scratches on her neck. He had no doubt that if Phantom Wolf had added more strength, her neck could have easily been broken.

He also chose not to ask her why she didn’t tell him the truth, why she didn’t escape or why she never yelled for help. He clearly knew Phantom Wolf—if the man wanted to end her life, he could have done so without breaking a sweat.

He had seen the deaths of other people whom Phantom Wolf had strangled. All of their necks were broken in half, leaving a horrifying image.

Phantom Wolf had a good understanding about the vital points of a human’s skeletal structure. Not only could he break a person’s spine with his bare hands, but he also had a cruel habit of strangling people’s necks while making them die a gradual death through endless fear and suffocation.

My chica must have been terrified today.

Sophia cried as her body continued to tremble. Her crystal-clear tears fell from her eyes, drop by drop, while Michael applied some medicine on her and gave her a napkin to wipe away the tears. He didn’t dare to touch her wound, so he could only gently caress her head to comfort her, “It’s okay. Don’t worry, I’m here. Phantom Wolf won’t dare to come and get you again.”

She sobbed for a moment before lifting her wet face to look at him. Then, she muttered, “He came to school to look for me. He even said that he will be back.”

Michael’s face became even more sullen. I can’t believe that he has already entered the school!

He wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes. “It’s alright. Everything’s okay now. Don’t worry, I’m here. The doctors will be here soon to check on you. Don’t worry, you will be fine.”

Phantom Wolf is a harsh person. Even if he didn’t intend to take her life, it would have been hard for her not to get hurt if she resisted him. Maybe there’s another injury on her that we can’t see. Phantom Wolf definitely came to her for a reason. Other than the wounds, she might even be…

Sophia buried her face in his arms as her tears soiled his clothes.

She really wished that the man who saved her that night two years ago was Michael or someone else. It could have been anyone else, but why was it Phantom Wolf?

Soon enough, a team of private doctors arrived to conduct a full inspection of her body.

Michael’s face was stern when he listened to the doctor’s report.

“Madam’s neck cartilage has been damaged and there are some bruises on her neck. The tattoo on her shoulder can’t be in contact with water yet. On top of that, there are some scratch marks on her body and the bone in her little finger has also been fractured. Her teeth have suffered some impact with 7 of her permanent teeth being loosened. Lastly, her hymen was penetrated about… an hour ago.”

An hour ago was the time that Michael returned home. Fortunately, my chica is still mine.

The doctor was wrapping Sophia’s little finger with a bandage at that moment. Her fingers had felt weird today when she returned home—she couldn’t straighten them and they felt a little painful, not expecting to sustain a fracture.

After the doctor was done with the full examination, he prepared to take care of all the necessary treatment.

Suddenly, Abel rushed in from outside. “Has Phantom Wolf showed up?”

The moment he showed up and saw Sophia sitting in the living room, he immediately squatted and lifted her neck to carefully check the scars on her neck. He even took out a camera to take pictures of it.

Throughout the years, he had traveled all over the world, looking for traces of Phantom Wolf. He even taught himself forensic knowledge so that he could search for clues about Phantom Wolf on the bodies of those whom the latter had killed.

As long Phantom Wolf had killed the person, there would always be some kind of clues on the dead body.

She had already taken a bath when she returned home, so lots of precious evidence was gone, but he could still stumble upon something from those scratch marks.

She was probably the first person who lived to tell the tale after coming into contact with Phantom Wolf. Therefore, there could be some clues on her that would help to crack the case.

After the inspection was done, Abel sat in front of her with a notebook and a pen in his hands. He was focused on writing everything that she said—including what she saw and what she noticed earlier.

“Chica, try your best to tell us everything that Phantom Wolf has said and done to you.”

Sophia instinctively tightened her grip on Michael’s hand as she felt scared, but she still managed to tell everything that she had experienced earlier in the day with them. “This afternoon, at about 4PM, I only had one class for the evening. Stanley had asked me to transfer some game currency to him, so he brought me to the computer room in the School of Computer Science. Afterward, I went into the women’s toilet in the same building as the computer room. Then, he approached me.”

After listening to her, Abel felt a little suspicious as he lifted his head. “Are you sure you met him in school?”

She nodded.

He then furrowed his brows and analyzed the situation. “During the past few years, Phantom Wolf has committed numerous terrorist attacks on a global scale that shocked the world. His locations are normally at random—markets, squares, shopping malls, hospitals, and even government offices, but I realized that Phantom Wolf and his men have never committed any crimes in school. They never laid their hands on children.”

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It was the crucial point where Phantom Wolf actually broke his principle.

Then, Sophia started to describe Phantom Wolf’s appearance. “I couldn’t see his face and hair clearly because he was wearing a mask. He seems to be taller than Michael by a bit. He…” She shot a look at Michael, who was beside her, and lowered her head before continuing with her words. “When he kissed me, I noticed that he had a sharp chin. His skin is fair and he has no facial hair. He also has thin lips.”

At first, she thought that he would be angry, but he surprisingly lowered his head and gave her a kiss before murmuring, “Don’t be afraid. Everything is in the past. Try to think carefully about the details. This is crucial for Abel to discover Phantom Wolf’s true identity.”

From the moment that Michael noticed that something was wrong, Sophia’s body shook vehemently with her tiny face almost becoming completely pale. He thought, Before her, everyone who has met or came into contact with Phantom Wolf all ended up dead.

She is the only one who survived the encounter, which is already considered courageous. If possible, I want her to completely forget that nightmare today, but she needs to share everything that happened today with us. She is our only clue.

Abel was already jotting down the points that she gave in his notebook.

He has a sharp chin. His skin is fair and he has no facial hairs. This proves that the current Phantom Wolf’s leader is a young man. The evidence is basically in line with the rumored image of him being a handsome man.

At that moment, Sophia had already been terrified to death, so she was unclear about the specific details and said everything that she could remember.

She remained silent for a while before continuing with her words. “I was scared, so I smashed a vase to draw other people’s attention. In the end, he escaped through the window.”

Abel took note of that and wrote it in his notebook before closing it while saying to Michael, “She is still terrified. Bring her back to have a rest. I’ll inform you if there’s any news.”

At that moment, the doctor was also done with examining Sophia, so Michael brought her to her room to have a rest.

In the meantime, Abel, Hale, Gemma and the others began to investigate the situation.

From the information that Sophia had provided them with, Phantom Wolf must have had a clear understanding of Bayside University’s landscape. He also knew the students’ courses well enough by observing her activities, which meant that he had infiltrated the university a long time ago.

“Gemma, I want you to check all of the surveillance tapes near the School of Computer Science at around 4PM.”

Gemma had already hacked into the Bayside University’s surveillance system and found all of the useful surveillance video around that area, which included the video of Sophia meeting Stanely and him dragging her into the School of Computer Science’s computer room.

However, the surveillance video couldn’t capture her after she entered the toilet.

Even Gemma’s pinhole robot was unable to capture any footage of Sophia.

It was an accident that he had captured the scene where Sophia fought in the toilet the last time. The device happened to fall off at that time when the signal in the entire School of Computer Science building was blocked by an unknown device, so he couldn’t record any footage of what happened—even if he wanted to.

Abel checked all the nearby surveillance cameras, but he couldn’t find anything valuable. It was obvious that the other party came prepared and destroyed the surveillance for some key locations nearby. This man can not be underestimated.

He never doubted Phantom Wolf’s abilities.

The title of Phantom Wolf had been passed down from generation to generation with neither one of them being an easy character to deal with; otherwise, they wouldn’t have caused a headache for the Interpol for the past few decades.

Abel was still searching through the surveillance video, not wanting to allow any clues to slip away from his eyes. He was so excited that he couldn’t sleep for the entire night because it was the first time that he came so close to Phantom Wolf in the past few years.

Back then, the explosion had instantly incinerated Celine’s body, but Justin survived. He was left with his last breath as he relied on his strong will to live.

However, even though he had survived, he was a cripple. 90% of his body had been burned, which resulted in his face resembling a demon. He was also severely disabled, spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He knew that the Mitchell Family would never admit to the existence of a cripple like him.

The Mitchell Family did not need a cripple, but they needed a fallen hero. Among those who agreed were Justin’s biological parents.

They hoped that their son could have died in battle instead of holding onto that last breath. They even announced his death when he was still alive and applied the title of fallen hero for him.

Hehe, what a joke.

If nothing else had happened at that time, Justin, who could have been saved, would be left to die by his own family. Fortunately, Michael showed up in time to save him.

He used another severely burned corpse to replace Justin before sending him away in secret.

He had no other reason to save Justin. Celine was already gone and he didn’t hope that the man whom she loved would follow her to the grave. Besides, Nathan still needed a father.

Michael initially planned to send Justin abroad in secret and help the latter heal from his injuries with Nathan beside him. Michael was prepared to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Even though Justin could no longer resemble a normal person, at least he was still alive and Nathan wouldn’t be an orphan.

However, he did not expect that Justin would experience a rapid transformation in a short span of two to three years. After enduring a series of unimaginable surgeries and rehabilitations, he was able to live like a normal person. During his rehabilitation, he even taught himself in various areas like forensic and investigation, swearing to avenging his beloved wife.

At that moment, the Mitchell Family’s proud son, Justin, was no longer around; he was only a fallen hero in their eyes. The national flag covered his body, which was buried in the Memorial Garden as the son-in-law of the Fletcher Family. They honored him by giving him the highest of respect—a fallen hero’s funeral. Even Old Master Fletcher had personally showed up at his funeral as he died for the honor of the Mitchell Family!

It was late at night yet Abel was still searching for evidence in the surveillance videos. Michael had already given him the clothes that Sophia wore. Luckily, she didn’t get the chance to wash them, so he would still be able to look for clues on the attire. He searched for further clues on her apparel, trying to find Phantom Wolf’s fingerprints.

Whenever he felt tired, he would take out his wallet and have a look at two photos inside.

One of them was the picture Michael took with Nathan and Sophia when they were having their holiday in the Harper’s Mansion. Nathan stood in the middle and smiled happily since he was the little baby whom everyone loved.

When Justin and Celine had the accident, Nathan was only three months old, so he was completely oblivious of what happened to his parents. Just like that, he became an orphan and hadn’t known about Abel’s existence.

There was a woman who looked similar to Michael in the other picture and she was Justin’s only love in his life. She was the only motivation keeping him alive.

“Celine, wait for me. After I’ve avenged your death, I will go and look for you.”

Abel put down the photo and sipped coffee to refresh himself so that he could continue his investigation. He carefully searched through Sophia’s clothes with gloves and used a tweezer to delicately retrieve the hair on the attire for analysis.

Phantom Wolf had touched those clothes—even if he never left any fingerprints or evidence about his identity, there would always be clues left behind.

He didn’t allow any details on the top and bottom of the dress slip from his eyes. Finally, he found something strange on the shoulder part—there was a white powder sitting on it.

It’s chalk powder!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 289

When Abel thought about Sophia’s testimony on the intimate actions that Phantom Wolf did to her, the chalk powder must have spilled onto her clothes at that time.

Who usually has chalk powder on their body? The answer is obvious. This means that Phantom Wolf didn’t sneak into the school. Instead, he himself is a member of Bayside University. If he isn’t a teacher, he is a student!

During the past few years, Abel had formed a team consisting of people who had blood feuds with Phantom Wolf. Their only purpose of living was to capture Phantom Wolf and avenge themselves. The whole team was busy all night, but it was still rewarding in the end.

The results revealed that Phantom Wolf was a teacher at Bayside University with a fair skin, a sharp chin and an exceptional appearance. At least everyone had something to work with.

The next day, Sophia woke up on time at half past 6AM. She usually woke up at that hour to prepare for school since classes started at 8AM, but Michael wouldn’t allow her to head to school for the time being after yesterday’s incident. She was also scared that Phantom Wolf would suddenly show up again, so she lacked the courage to go to school too.

She remained motionless on the bed while he got out of bed to wash himself.

Nathan silently opened the door while carrying his bag. He poked his head in and had a look around before Michael came out of the restroom with a toothbrush stuck in his mouth, whispering, “Darling, you need to go to school by yourself today. Your mommy is sick, so she won’t be going to class today.”

Then, Sophia heard Nathan’s tottering steps as he rushed toward her and touched her forehead with his tiny hand. He then withdrew it to touch his own forehead.

When Michael finished washing himself, he brought Nathan out of the room. “Darling, your mommy won’t be going to school for the next few days, so you need to head to school alone. You need to listen to…”

As the voices of the father and son became further and further, Sophia sat up and gazed out of the window to see him sending Nathan into the car. She was still watching when the car drove far away.

At some point, Michael was already back in the room and he hugged her waist from the back. “You can rest at home for the next two days. After a couple more days, you’ll be able to return to school. I’ve already applied for leave on your behalf from school and have also contacted a teacher to make up for the lessons that you missed.”

She nodded her head.

After breakfast, Michael also went out the door.

It was obvious that he had massively increased the security around the place, turning the entire Villa No.8 into a steel wall. Moreover, the house was situated next to the ancient Imperial Palace, the house of the emperor, so it was the safest place in Bayside City. Phantom Wolf definitely wouldn’t dare to cause a stir at the place.

After having breakfast, Sophia read a book for a while and saw Maria entering her room to collect her dirty clothes. She suddenly thought of something, so she walked into the restroom…

The Imperial was much bigger than what it looked on the surface. Save for the castle-like houses above ground, there were also a few levels of underground basements.

At that moment in the basement, Abel was searching for Phantom Wolf’s whereabouts.

She was the first person that he met who had a connection with Phantom Wolf. It was a huge breakthrough because once the powerful Phantom Wolf established a connection with someone, it was only a matter of time before he revealed himself.

Abel began his investigation from that night three years ago when she fell into the water and was sent to Lovely Hospital. He didn’t let any clue slip away from his eyes.

Suddenly, she opened the door and entered.

Back then, Sophia didn’t have the permission to enter the basement. However, after the incident with Phantom Wolf, Michael allowed her to occasionally enter to check on the progress, so it was her first time heading to the basement. The place was full of people and various apparatus—including an advanced hologram.

Hale had mentioned before that there was a hidden tunnel in the basement that led directly to the outside world and even the ancient Imperial Palace.

Michael was a genius and always acted faster than most people. Many years ago, when the real estate industry was in recession, he had bought numerous plots of land to invest in real estate.

When he bought the land of the Imperial, he realized that there was a network of underground tunnels that was used by ancient emperors to escape from rebel armies and it was now used by him.

When she came down, everyone in the laboratory was shocked, but they immediately continued with their work.

Abel, who had been busy for the whole night, came to her and respectfully asked, “Madam, what is it?”

She didn’t know about his background, but Michael had a great trust in his men, especially the ones in his team of bodyguards. Abel is the top bodyguard in the team, so he must be someone brilliant.

Sophia thought about it for a while and took a plastic wrap that contained her underwear from her bag. Then, she handed it over to Abel and said with embarrassment, “Yesterday, I was too scared, so I didn’t explain everything clearly. I thought about it again for a while last night. That man… When he touched me, he seemed to have removed his gloves.”

Abel’s eyes brightened.

Phantom Wolf had wanted to assault Sophia for pleasure, but he might have removed his gloves to touch her skin for a more intimate experience. If he had touched her, there is a possibility that he might have left fingerprints.

Therefore, he took her set of underwear away to run a scan.

Upon seeing a bunch of people studying the underwear that she wore, she could almost feel her heart collapse.

Since she had nothing to do at home, she frequently went down to check on Abel’s progress.

Three days after the incident, he gave her the good news—they had found Phantom Wolf’s fingerprints!

At that time, Sophia was terrified, so she returned home to have a bath. They definitely were unable to locate any fingerprints on her body after she washed it, but the clothes were not washed yet. Usually, it was hard to leave fingerprints on clothing, but coincidentally, that day, she was so scared that she started to sweat and cry. She had probably applied some foundation or makeup on her face, so when Phantom Wolf used his hands to touch her face, his fingers were stained by the cosmetic product and liquid. Therefore, he left his fingerprint on her clothes when he touched her.

After so many years, no one in the world was ever able to get their hands on Phantom Wolf’s fingerprints. That in itself was an unprecedented breakthrough.

They even found a lip print on her underclothes.

With the fingerprint, the lip print and a search range, everything became much easier.

At the same time, Abel had gathered all of the suspicious teachers in Bayside University in an extremely short period of time.

In Bayside University, there were lots of students and teachers. They could not exclude the possibility that Phantom Wolf was a student, but they started to investigate the teachers first. The suspect was young, had fair skin, a sharp chin, and a striking appearance—with a narrow scope of search, they cross-checked the fingerprint with the remaining samples and quickly released the result.

When Sophia had a look at the list of suspects that Abel concluded, she was shocked to discover that the first name on the list was Quinton Clark.

He is a teacher of Bayside University with a fair skin, sharp chin and a striking appearance. On top of that, he isn’t young, so everything matches! However, I feel that this is impossible. Quinton is the heir to the famous Clark Family, so how could he be Phantom Wolf?

She held the list in daze and looked at it for a while. Suddenly, she asked Abel, “If Phantom Wolf is really hiding in Bayside University, does that mean Nate is in danger?”

Abel answered, “Nate will be fine. Phantom Wolf is a cold-blooded killer, but he never lays his hands on minors.”

Not only the current Phantom Wolf, but the past few people who took on Phantom Wolf’s mantle never broke the rule.

Besides, there were experts around Nathan who would protect him.

When his name was mentioned, she finally remembered that he only had one class in the evening. He should be returning home at any minute.

Sure enough, it was a short while later that Hale knocked on the door and said, “Madam, Little Master is back and even brought along your professional course teacher home.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 290

Sophia exited the basement and heard Stanley’s voice from afar. “Sophia, where the hell are you? Come out!”

She saw him swaggering in the moment she showed up in the living room while Nathan happily held hands with a tall, dashing man when entering.

The man wore a pair of gold-framed glasses as he carried his briefcase and a few books in his hands—it was Quinton Clark!

After entering the living room, Nathan put down his schoolbag and graciously served tea, but did not give his father the same treatment.

As soon as Stanley entered, he said, “Sophia, Nate couldn’t bear to see you being ill for these three days, so he brought a professor here to help you make up for the classes you have missed!”

When she saw Quinton, she suddenly shuddered. He could also be Phantom Wolf…

At 7.00PM, Michael returned home and was surprised to discover two unfamiliar pairs of shoes on the shoe rack as he entered. The people in the basement usually would not show up in the villa—except for Abel—since they had their own underground tunnels to enter and exit. Is there a guest in the house?

When Maria received his briefcase, she explained, “It’s almost time for the mid-term exams. Little Master brought his professional course teacher back for madam to make up for the lessons that she has missed.”

Before he entered the living room, he had already heard the voice of someone teaching.

“DuPont analysis is one of the main points for the midterm examination. Make notes for it and ask me if you don’t understand. As for statistics, chapters 1, 4 and 5 are the main ones that will come up in the exam. During this period, I will send the necessary academic files to your email. Furthermore, I’m also teaching online classes lately, so I’ll send you the videos for that too. As for taxation law, the exam will focus on commodity turnover tax, consumption tax and personal income tax. These are all the formulas and error-prone points. Try to find some time to memorize it and practice more questions. You should be fine by then. I can help you with your professional courses, but I can’t help you with your Further Mathematics. I remember that I was always on the brink of failing that subject back then.”

Quinton recently became an Internet sensation. Ever since the rise of live transmission, many professors had started to have online classes. He had a dashing face with an extensive knowledge, so he immediately became an online celebrity.

Sophia was focused on making notes without missing out on any important point.

She hadn’t attended classes for days, so she had massively fallen behind in her professional courses. Luckily, Quinton had a PhD in economics with a clear understanding of the courses that they learned in class, so he was able to help her catch up with her studies after a few days.

Nathan and Stanley had been playing games with each other in the meantime. Stanley then took the opportunity to join their conversation. “Professor, you should focus on helping her with her professional courses. I can help her with her Further Mathematics. I’m also great with English as I’ve received really good grades for that subject!”

He was brilliant in English, especially when he used it to scold others. That was because he often played esports tournaments with foreign players abroad. Since it was esports, scolding opponents upon defeat was inevitable, so in order to be able to scold them, he developed the ability to curse others in English.

The moment Michael stepped into the living room, he immediately recognized the person and called his name. “Quinton.”

Quinton was also shocked when he saw Michael before standing up in excitement, calling him with a name that Sophia had never heard before. “Company commander!”

“Company commander?” She was taken aback.

Stanley, who was beside her, explained, “You didn’t know about this! My uncle was an army training drill instructor for the freshmen of Bayside University back then. Although he had only served there once, Professor Clark just so happened to be his student.”

Michael and Quinton seemed to have reunited after a long time. Quinton was so happy to see him that he shook Michael’s hand in excitement. “Actually, I already saw you last time at the Harper family’s engagement banquet. I wanted to say hello, but it wasn’t appropriate on that occasion.”

He was very excited and couldn’t help but hug Michael like he was a fan of the latter.

After Sophia’s class finished, she kept her items while eavesdropping on their conversation.

“It has been more than ten years. I can’t believe you still remember me.” Michael couldn’t help but feel emotional.

He had an interesting life—he had inherited his mother’s talent for acting, so performing arts had always been a talent and interest of his since young. At the age of 13, he formed his own youth band and gained quite a reputation at that time, but sadly, the Internet was under-developed in that area, so there wasn’t much exposure on the television. Otherwise, he would become the TF of his generation.

When he was 18 years old, he needed to make his first life decision—between enrolling in a military school or a normal university. At that time, he chose to join the army, so he dissolved the band.

At the age of 20, he received the task to teach military training to the freshmen of Bayside University and coincidentally, he was in charge of Quinton’s class. His class had more than 20 people and most of them were girls. Once the military training was over, they never contacted each other ever since, but he still remembered the pretty boy in that class after many years—Quinton.

He later retired from the army and took the college entrance examination at the ‘old age’ of 23 before enrolling into the School of Cinematography in Bayside University, which officially started his acting career. Sadly, all of his students during the military training had graduated by then, so he didn’t have the chance to meet them.

Quinton was ecstatic. “I can’t believe that you are actually the famous actor, Taylor Murray. A few of my classmates often discussed how similar Taylor Murray looks to our commander during university military training. Haha!”

As Michael reminisced about the past, he sighed. “At first, I called you guys sissies, so I sneaked all of you over the wall to run in the wild in the middle of the night so that you all could gain more courage. As soon as the military training was over, I was confined.”

“Haha, that sounds so awful…”

Sophia was also rendered speechless. A drill instructor who sneaks his students over the wall in the middle of the night for them to gain their courage… What a company commander!

When the topic of military training was mentioned, they had endless topics to chat about.

“In the past few years, my classmates back then constantly mentioned you. Sadly, when the military training was over, we just couldn’t contact you.”

Sophia nodded her head in agreement. Up until that point, she still hadn’t known Commander Ford’s full name at all. She only knew that his last name was ‘Ford’ and there was no way to contact him.

“Company commander, do you still remember this? At that time, the company next to us was from the School of Cinematography and there was this kid called Harry Winston, who was chasing after a girl in our company. He even confessed to her in public, but in the end, you beat him up in front of everyone. Haha, that’s so funny. Harry is now actually Ethan Winston, right?”

The moment Quinton mentioned Harry’s name, he actually showed up in front of them. When Harry heard that Abel had made a breakthrough, he hurried over to check on it, but never expected to run into Quinton.

The three of them sat down together to chat more.

“Harry, it really is you!”

“Oh, you are that sissy in the company next to mine! Ten years has already passed and you still look like a sissy!”

“Don’t mention the past!”

Sophia enjoyed their conversation as she listened from the sidelines.

During the military training back then, Harry was in the midst of wooing a girl in Quinton’s class, so the latter had rallied a few boys to beat him up. However, there weren’t many boys studying finance and most of them were sissies, so they were all beaten to a pulp by the tall and imposing Harry.

When the news had reached Michael’s ears, he beat Harry up instead in front of everyone.

The three of them had a joyful conversation and Michael even asked Quinton to stay for dinner. After dinner, Quinton spoke to Sophia before leaving, “I live on the other side of the street. If you don’t understand anything, feel free to contact me. Take care of yourself, Miss Edwards.”

As soon as he was gone, Michael and Harry headed to the basement in the silence. Michael had already retrieved Quinton’s fingerprints and lip prints. “Do a cross-check.”

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