My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 241-250

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 241

The sky had turned dark as Sophia was playing chess at the military compound. It was already nine o’clock when the old man was finally convinced. He let Sophia go and agreed for another game on the next day.

After the game, the old man instructed Stanley, “Stan, it’s dark now. Quickly, send them home!”

Stanley was happy to take the order. The three walked out of the military compound, with Stanley limping all the way.

Stanley was actively trying to get close to Sophia and thought of various topics to talk about.

“Sophia, what’s your decision? Are you getting into our family’s ancestral grave or not?”

“Are you coming to see me at my competition or not?”

“I am going to Deutsche to look for the world’s best keyboard manufacturer to customize two keyboards. Do you want one? I can find the best designer to design one for you!”

Sophia maintained her usual cold attitude and replied curtly, “No, thanks. I don’t feel like going, and I don’t need it.”

As they walked to the compound gate, they saw a car stopped at the door. Joel and Irene were getting out of the car. They seemed to have just come home from a date, and they were dressed formally. The man was really handsome and the woman was really beautiful; they were a perfect match. Irene was holding a bouquet of roses which complemented her delicate features.

However, Joel had a straight face as usual. His expression was constantly frosty regardless of his emotions, happy or sad.

Upon seeing Joel and Irene, Stanley greeted them affectionately. “Hey! Uncle, Irene! I thought you went dating? Why are you home so soon?”

Irene covered her mouth and smiled. Her delicate skin was extremely smooth and flawless, while the healthy glow on her complexion only added to her beauty. “We’re an old couple now. What do you mean dating? We only went out for a meal and came back afterward.”

Joel did not speak as he walked forward.

Sophia greeted them. “Good evening, General, Mrs. Fletcher!”

Joel nodded at Sophia.

Irene tilted her head and smiled. “Mrs. Fletcher? You are the wife of Joel’s brother, so you should just call me Irene.”

Sophia listened to her and said, “Good evening, Irene.”

After a short greeting, the two parties left in different directions.

Irene held on to Joel, who looked solemn all the way, as if he was unhappy.

The two walked along the military compound under the dim yellow lights that were dotted with the shadows of the leaves, feeling the humid and slightly cold air. Irene walked with Joel happily with her hand on his arm. Suddenly, she brought up a topic. “Joel, we’ve been together for almost six years now. When are we getting married?”

Six years ago, many things had happened, like Michael’s sister, Celine’s death, and Irene losing her memory of Michael after her accident, then getting together with Joel.

Six years went by in the blink of an eye. Time flew by indeed.

Joel, Michael and Irene were all about the same age, so they went to the same classes since young. Irene looked as if she was only in her twenties, all fresh and young, but she was actually already in her thirties. She was even a few months older than Joel. During the six years they were together, Joel had never brought up the word marriage.

Irene was getting anxious. She thought it was about time they should get married.

Again, Joel avoided the topic as usual. “Grandpa’s hundred-year-old birthday is coming soon, and I have to think about what present I should get him.”

Irene’s eyes were filled with disappointment, but her expression remained normal as she shifted the topic naturally. “Grandpa is a hundred years old already? It’s been a long time since the Fletchers have such a lively celebration. Every one of the Fletchers must be coming back then!”

Sophia left the military compound and walked home. Along the way, Stanley mentioned Irene.

“Irene’s grandfather was my grandfather’s bodyguard. Her parents passed away when she was really young, so she was an orphan. It was my grandfather who adopted her and she grew up together with all the children of the Fletcher Family. Irene and Uncle Michael were childhood sweethearts, and they were together from the very beginning. Grandpa was very supportive of them being together, but after Irene’s accident, she had forgotten about Uncle Michael. Uncle Joel and Irene had been together for many years then, but they never got married. I bet Uncle Joel must be very sorry for Uncle Michael. After all…”

Stanley couldn’t continue.

Then again, who was to blame for the accident back then? No one would have known about it.

The fact that Irene couldn’t remember Michael was putting her in pain as well. During that period, it was Joel who constantly took care of her, so the two naturally got together.

Sophia remained silent. She’s Michael’s childhood sweetheart…

The desolation on Sophia’s face was undisguisable; even Stanley, who was insensitive, could tell that. So, he said regretfully, “Sophia, I know you have a crush on my uncle. Who doesn’t? Even I have a crush on him! But you must be realistic. Will my uncle, the great Lord worshipped by everyone, love someone like you? Irene is still in my uncle’s heart. You see; he is already married, but why didn’t he introduce the wife to the family? It’s probably because he couldn’t face Irene.”

Sophia felt even more distressed. So, was the reason why he hadn’t introduced her to the Fletchers because there was someone he loved in the family?

Stanley restrained from attacking her any further, but he continued to persuade her. “You must look further into the future. If you pursue my uncle, you will have a billion rivals, but if you pursue me, I promise I will get rid of all the rivals for you in advance! Alright, stop looking as if you’re at someone’s deathbed. You look worse than when we went to the grave.”

Stanley accompanied Sophia to the gate of the neighborhood and went home himself.

Sophia held Nathan’s hand and walked into the neighborhood. When she reached the small pavilion at the roadside, she sat down and said to Nathan, “Son, you go home by yourself first. Let me be alone for a while here.”

Nathan left, and Sophia was alone. She sat by the roadside and stared blankly at nothing.

Her mind was full of Irene’s images and the words Stanley had just said.

Was that the reason they broke up? So Michael still has Irene in his heart?

When she thought about it, she realized that she was a world’s difference compared to Irene.

Irene was so beautiful, and the way she smiled was so good-looking. Her smile was so pure and clean that it was impossible to tell that she was actually the same age as Michael.

As Sophia sat there alone, letting her thoughts run wild, a voice that sounded curious was suddenly heard above her.


She looked up and saw Quinton, who was in his sports attire. His white sport shoes were squeaky clean, and sweat covered his fair skin; he seemed to be in the middle of jogging.

“Professor Clark, why are you here?”

Quinton trotted over as he wiped off his sweat with a towel and said breathlessly, “I recently moved here and I jog every night. What about you? Do you live here too?”

Sophia replied, “I am Nathan’s personal tutor, so I live in his house.”

Having understood the situation, Quinton sat down beside her and drank some water. He looked at Sophia’s sad face and smiled. “What’s wrong? What made you unhappy? Let me guess—it’s a break up?”

His smile was very cheerful, one that injected some warmth within Sophia herself.

Is this considered a break up? If an unrequited love can be broken, then it’s probably true.

Thus, Sophia nodded honestly.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 242

Quinton shook his head and tried to advise her. “No wonder you have been avoiding my classes.”

Sophia looked down in embarrassment. She had been busy fangirling and training for the esports tournament, so it was unavoidable for her to miss the classes, especially Quinton’s classes. She had missed more than half of the classes because it was easy to get someone to replace her.

Quinton never had a lack of students in his classes; it was always overcrowded. He patted Sophia’s shoulder and said, “I’ve seen many young girls with your case. If there’s anything bothering you, you can tell me. I’ll see if I can help.”

Sophia sighed and hesitated as she asked, “Professor, will men always think about their first love?”

Quinton thought for a moment, and he explained his thoughts in a professional and experienced manner. “From a woman’s perspective, their first love might not always be the best experience, and their ex-boyfriends are mostly disgusting, but from a man’s perspective, that might not be the case.

To them, their first love would always have a place in their heart. Generally speaking, those are beautiful memories, so it would be hard for most men to forget.”

Sophia was even more saddened. “Is that so?” Furthermore, Irene had only lost her memory. What if, like in the movies, Irene would one day suddenly remember Michael? Michael would probably not hesitate to get back with her.

Quinton patted Sophia’s shoulder and said, “Life is like a meal, and a relationship is one of the side dishes. With this dish, your meal will taste really good, but it is impossible to eat only the side dish to get full, so in the end, the main dish is the thing that is going to fill your stomach. That main dish is your career.

A romantic relationship is not the only thing in your life. Without that, you still have many other wonderful things. You can go shopping, watch movies, travel and explore the whole world. Then, when you come back, you’ll have realized having a romantic relationship might not be as important as you imagined.

Putting aside your phone and the games that you play, there are many other wonderful things in life as long as you open your eyes. If it really doesn’t work, then go travel and look around. You’d then realize your whole life is different.”


The two then exchanged their contacts on Messenger. After separating, they went home. Along the way back, Sophia realized she had no time to worry over her relationship as she still had a lot to do. Firstly, she had to win the Esports World Championship and score that five credits, which would allow her to make a big step forward in her school’s ranking, so she would be one step closer to getting the national scholarship.

Bayside University was full of smart scholars, so in order to stand out and graduate successfully, Sophia had to work harder. After graduating from Bayside University, she wanted to pursue her Masters and Doctorate degrees.

While studying, training the body was a must too, so Sophia could not miss Gwen’s classes. Even if she had no money, she couldn’t always rely on Michael to give her allowances, so she had to invest in real estate and stocks.

When she stopped to think of it, Sophia felt for every minute she spent feeling hurt over Michael, she was actually wasting sixty seconds of her precious time, so she decided to go home and memorize one hundred foreign language words. Since she had already passed the intermediate level courses, the advanced courses awaited her next.

However, she never expected that she would see Nathan and Michael rushing toward her when she turned the corner. “Chica, where have you been?” Michael walked over anxiously.

Seeing that Sophia was all safe, he was relieved. Earlier, when Nathan ran home and dragged him over without saying a word, Michael thought something had happened to Sophia.

Sophia smiled and said, “I’m fine. I was only tired, so I wanted to take a rest.”

“Really?” Michael was suspicious, but he couldn’t tell if there was anything wrong from the looks of Sophia’s face, even though Nathan had mentioned that she was very sad. But Sophia clearly doesn’t not look sad at all. Could it be that she met someone that made her unhappy at the military compound… Michael’s eyes darkened at that thought.

Following that, the family of three went back home, whereupon Sophia seemed to be no different from before. After dinner, she went to the study and finished her homework. After that, she played the video game for a while.

During the game, Sophia was heard calling Gwen that she was going to the gym on the next day. Nothing seemed to be different, but Michael couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off, so he asked Nathan, and as expected, she bumped into Irene.

While Sophia was still battling on her game, Nathan, who just showered, sneaked into the master bedroom’s bed and put his green frog pillow in between two red duck pillows. He even dragged his frog-print blanket onto the bed as he lay down covered nicely, purposely sleeping in the middle of the bed.

After Michael finished showering, he came into the room while wiping his hair with a towel, then he noticed Nathan at first glance. With a tut, Michael removed bills worth five hundred from his pocket and told Nathan, “Come on, son. Here’s five hundred. Go sleep in your own room.”

Nathan ignored him. He didn’t want the money, for he was deeply hurt by Michael, so he wanted to retaliate against him no matter the cost he would have to shoulder. He wanted to make sure that no new sister would appear in their family within this one year.

There was nothing else Michael could do, so he let Nathan be. After he dried his hair, he went on one side of the bed, reading with the night light on. Nathan did not speak, and soon, he was asleep. When he turned over, he lifted his blanket a little.

Michael put down his book and tucked Nathan in nicely. He couldn’t help but stroke Nathan’s little nose. All these years, because Michael had to consolidate his career, he had to travel a lot. He raised Nathan in a manor and gave him the best living conditions, but the boy had not been particularly close with Michael.

Michael tried really hard to be a good father, but things didn’t seem to turn out the way he expected… He didn’t want Nathan to walk down the same path as he did.

At a young age, Michael’s parents passed away and he was adopted by Old Master Fletcher. He grew up along with other children of the Fletcher Family and learnt things together. At seven years old, he already started to train with the team, and he imposed military standards upon himself.

Old Master Fletcher really adored him and his sister. His favorite son was Michael’s father, Theo, and Old Master Fletcher intended to raise them into becoming the next generation of Theo. However, Michael and his sister were orphans, and their mother’s identity was disdained by the Fletchers.

On top of that, Old Master Fletcher’s adoration for them and their excellence in everything they did made them a thorn in the eyes of other children of the same age.

Whenever Old Master Fletcher was not around, the children would boycott the siblings and leave them out of everything; they would even bully the two from time to time.

Michael was very sensitive to these types of situations from a young age. He knew why those people would do that to him and his sister, but because Old Master Fletcher was getting older, he didn’t want to add on to his grandfather’s burden by letting him know about it, so they had been suffering in silence.

The children in the Fletcher Family normally went straight to military school or became a soldier. Back then, Michael was in the military since he was young. In the military school, the siblings’ performance was really good, so the rest of course, got pretty jealous. The more outstanding they were, the worse they were treated.

With those old memories in his mind, the look in Michael’s eyes suddenly turned frosty.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 243

Michael chose to retreat in the face of the bullying he encountered and gave up the opportunity for a promotion. Despite Old Master Fletcher’s strong objection, he became a soldier who specialized in entertainment and gave the opportunity to her sister.

Celine was a woman, and the Fletchers usually looked down on women. They thought women were incapable of doing something great, so Michael was the only one they feared.

For the sake of his sister, Michael gave up gradually and in the end, he gave up his military ranking and left the Fletcher Family. He began to work in the performing arts, which was one of the lowliest jobs in the eyes of the Fletchers, and he became a joke to them.

Michael had given all of his opportunities to his sister, and Celine indeed did not let him down. She was continuously promoted and unsurprisingly, she would become the Fletcher Family’s most outstanding leader among her generation. She was even the woman with the highest military rank in the family.

Celine’s husband, Justin Mitchell, had gained Old Master Fletcher’s recognition. When Nathan was born, Old Master Fletcher personally came to give Nathan his name. Celine’s achievements were beyond the reach of anyone from the Fletchers of her age.

Unfortunately, Michael lost everything overnight. Celine and her husband, Justin were dead, while the woman he loved the most became someone else’s girlfriend.

Michael was frustrated and hopeless, but when he was handed a newborn baby to him, he immediately forced himself to suppress his tears.

Looking at the face that resembled Celine’s appearance, Michael suddenly realized he didn’t lose everything, for he still had Nathan.

When Old Master Fletcher found out his granddaughter and grandson-in-law were dead, he fainted and was sent to the hospital with his life in danger. Afterward, he wanted to adopt Nathan, but was encountered with Michael’s strong objection.

Without any hesitation to break the relationship between them, Michael forcibly took Nathan away from the Fletchers. He wanted to take him under his wing to prevent anyone from the Fletcher and Mitchell Family from hurting him.

He wouldn’t allow Nathan to become the second Michael.

All these years, Michael didn’t marry, nor did he date anyone; there had been no women around him for a long time, all for the sake of Nathan. He was afraid that Nathan would be bullied when he wasn’t paying attention; the kid was still young and naive after all. Michael feared that Nathan would be just like when he was young, choosing to keep everything to himself, so he would not allow that to happen!

On the other side, at the military compound, Stanley sneaked to the commissary and got himself a pack of cigarettes, then he hid in the bushes to smoke. If he was seen by his brother or parents, he would be dead.

The teachings in the Fletcher Family were really strict; they were allowed no smoking, no drinking, no romantic relationships, and they had to keep a low profile when going out so that no scandal would happen upon any of their family members.

So, Stanley had to do it covertly when he wanted to smoke. After he was done, he bumped into Irene on his way back.

“Irene, why are you here?” Stanley asked curiously.

Immediately, Irene could smell the smoke as she knitted her brows and said, “Stanley, are you smoking again?”

Stanley giggled. “Don’t tell my brother. He will kill me.” But when Stanley saw Irene kept on frowning, he couldn’t help but ask, “Irene, what’s the matter?”

Irene forced a smile. “It’s nothing, I am fine.”

The more she said she was fine, the more Stanley knew there was something going on with her. He asked again, but Irene wouldn’t tell. Instead, she asked in return, “Stan, I heard you are pursuing a girl recently? Her name is Sophia? Isn’t she your uncle’s wife already?”

Stanley was ruthless and reckless. On top of that, he had a big mouth; he would dare to say anything. “What? She is not Uncle Michael’s wife. Uncle Michael will never lay an eye on such a young girl. She is a university student who has a poor background and my uncle is supporting her financially. She is also an orphan and an alumni as well. Because she has no one to rely on, my uncle asked her to take care of Nathan and stay with him.”

These were all information Stanley got from Hale, who knew Stanley would definitely spread rumors, so he came out with a perfect excuse to tell him.

Stanley added, “Everyone said my uncle is married, but he didn’t want to reveal it. In truth, he hasn’t even gotten married!”

Upon hearing the explanation, Irene’s expression remained neutral as she said, “Is that so…”

Along the way home, Irene was deep in her thoughts.

Six years had passed, and Joel, who used to pursue her fiercely in the beginning was giving her less attention now. Until now, he had no plans to get married to her.

However, Michael was no longer the despised actor the Fletchers were embarrassed of six years ago.

Currently, Michael’s status was that of a national treasure. There were only two people who received the Academy Award for Best Actor in Cethos. He was even able to make it to the list of the world’s most influential artists. The voices of the opposition within the family were getting lesser and more people were beginning to suggest disclosing Michael’s identity…

At Bayside University, Sophia was getting very busy. She signed up for many competitions at one go, such as the debate competition, chess tournament, and even financial literacy competition.

There were many different skills under the category of financial literacy, and Sophia had selected the cash-counting competition.

Cash-counting was one of the key skills to be mastered in the financial profession, and it was also an important competition in the university. Sophia was very intrigued by this competition and bought a bundle of practice notes to practice at home.

These practice notes were specially used for practicing, for texture and color were similar to real cash.

Sophia was obsessed with practicing. Occasionally, when she had some free time, she would play video games. Therefore, she didn’t have the time to play with Nathan, which made him moody.

Although Michael happened to be free and stayed at home all day, Nathan didn’t like to play with Michael.

Nathan looked at Sophia, who was practicing cash-counting in the study, then he dashed downstairs to the living room and looked for Michael, who was watching the television.

Soon, Michael would be going into his filming set again, so he spent these few days at home, putting on face masks while watching the television. While he was filming abroad, he had gotten tanned, and since he was about to film a movie about city life, he had to get his original skin color back quickly.

While Michael had a face mask on, Nathan dashed to him to report to him, “Mommy is counting fake cash in the study.”

Michael removed the face mask patiently and said, “Don’t disturb your mom. She is practicing.”

All these while, Michael was paying attention to Sophia. He purposely emptied a study room for her so she could study there. He would know immediately if there was a new award certificate in the room. He also knew about the competition she participated in recently, for example, the cash-counting competition. He had been silently paying attention to her.

Michael and Nathan were watching the television together when Michael suddenly thought of something and made a phone call to Hale.

Meanwhile, Sophia was still practicing. She had to take it seriously, for the practice would be equivalent to counting real money. The one who counted the fastest and most accurately would be the champion.

Money-counting sounded like an easy task, but if she took it to the professional level, it would be different than normal cash-counting. The School of Business Administration even had a class specialized in cash-counting. Sophia had learned about seven to eight types of cash-counting skills, as she thought she would try harder to earn another certificate.

When Michael came in, Sophia was in the middle of counting her stack of ‘fake money’.

Carrying a box, Michael placed it in front of Sophia and opened it. There were stacks of real cash in it.

Michael said, “What’s the good in counting fake money? Count the real money.”

Sophia looked at the stacks of real cash, then she glanced at Michael, speechless. She simply failed to comprehend the world of the rich.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 244

A moment later, the sound of cash-counting was heard in the study. Counting real money was indeed different than counting the fake ones; not only did the texture felt better, but most importantly, it was enjoyable.

Michael wandered around the study and looked around. There weren’t many things in Sophia’s study—a desk, a bookshelf, and a bed. Sometimes, she would sleep in the study if she got too tired after studying.

Books were arranged on the bookshelf. Every page of the books was filled with written notes and sticky notes. On the notes were some vocabularies, her short-term goals, financial formulas and so on.

There was also a small plant on the bookshelf, and beside the plant was a photo frame that contained a photo of Sophia and Michael.

Michael picked it up and looked at the two smiling people in the photo, then he smiled.

Sophia noticed that Michael was looking at their photo. Quietly moving her butt, she quickly took the cell phone on the desk and shoved it in her pocket.

It was because her phone’s wallpaper was Michael’s photo. It would be so embarrassing if he saw it.

After Michael was done exploring her bookshelf, he shifted his attention to the computer on the desk.

Sophia was shocked because her computer’s background wallpaper was Michael’s photo as well!

The computer’s specifications were too good and Sophia didn’t have a password, so within three seconds, the background wallpaper was displayed on the screen. It was a high-resolution picture of Michael in his swim wear.

The picture was taken when Michael was filming by the beach back then. He was half naked, showcasing his strong and well-defined muscles, looking extremely energetic. It was as if his pheromones were emanating from the screen itself.

Immediately, Sophia sprang up and blocked the screen with her butt and stood in between the computer and Michael.

Michael already knew he was the person in the wallpaper.

He never filmed in scenes that involved full nudity. Baring his torso was close to the maximum that he could tolerate, so the one with swim wear was probably his limit.

Michael pretended to not see clearly and purposely asked, “The person on your computer wallpaper looks familiar.”

Sophia blushed violently. “It’s a video game wallpaper!”

She took the opportunity to close the screen and attempted to initiate another topic.

“Erm… The voting for the celebrity ranking of ‘Light of Cethos’ has begun. Hubby, don’t you need to canvass for votes?”

The ‘Light of Cethos’ celebrity ranking was initiated by several most influential media companies in Cethos. The ranking had been around for over ten years, and it was also considered as the ranking for the best celebrities in Cethos.

The top ten would represent the best of Cethos’s entertainment industry. So, celebrities from different agencies would try their best to make it to the list.

A few years ago, Michael and Harry were always the ones dominating the ‘Light of Cethos’, but with the advancements of the Internet, there was a rise of interest toward young male and female talents, so the ranking had been occupied by those popstars that lacked true acting skills.

For someone with good acting skills like Michael, who didn’t rely on canvassing, his ranking had already dropped to number four or five. It had been stable for several years, but it seemed as though his fame was diminishing.

Michael lowered his head and looked at Sophia, whose face had become extremely red and her eyes were darting around. He then said on purpose, “Oh, the ranking? I have been dominating it for many years, so it’s fine. I have to give the youngsters some opportunities.”

At the same time, he looked toward her computer intentionally. “I see the wallpaper on your computer doesn’t seem like a screenshot from a game at all. It looks like a man without any clothes on.”

Sophia replied, “No, no. It really is a wallpaper from the game!” She tried desperately to switch the topic. “Your ranking has dropped so much that you’re almost being pushed out of the top ten. On the list of ‘Best Male Actors’, you’re constantly being surpassed by Nicholas Yates. His public relations team was spreading news everywhere of you bullying the juniors with your identity as a senior member of the industry, and that you’re allowing your fans to bully their fans.”

When Sophia brought up the topic, she felt disgusted. Nicholas’s fans actually took advantage of the incident at the airport and made it into an article.

Just as expected, the video at the airport was revealed. It was a clip of Sophia being bullied by more than a hundred of Nicholas’s aggressive fans.

The sound of the video was removed. After it was hyped, there was a heated discussion on the Internet as expected.

A crowd of onlookers who had no clue of the truth started discussing aggressively, and all of them were saying that Taylor’s fans were being bullied by Nicholas’s fans.

Then, Nicholas held a special press conference to apologize for the incident and he even cried pitifully. Nicholas apologized on behalf of his fans to Taylor and his fans, looking extremely pitiful as if he was being forced to do so.

At the same time, Nicholas began spreading rumors online, saying that there was another side to the incident, and it was Taylor’s fans who started the bullying, whereas Nicholas’s fans took action only because they could not bear it anymore. The video was cut out intentionally to create a false impression of a large number of people bullying a smaller number of people, and this person with an ulterior motive who had done this was definitely an outdated male star who was unhappy to let the younger generation to surpass him.

Compared to Taylor, Nicholas was still new, so naturally, he was quick to apologize first, even if his fans were aggrieved. He had to apologize for the sake of his fans because Taylor was an Academy Award Best Actor, and he was also the tycoon of the entertainment industry, so Nicholas couldn’t afford to offend him!

Regarding this matter, Michael’s company did not release anything, and Michael himself did not respond to this too. His Twitter was managed by someone from the company, and they usually posted some of his on set photos about once every two weeks.

The earnings from Michael’s acting was far less than his investments in real estate and his investments in mobile games. Last year alone, the profit from mobile games and real estates were several tens of billions, whereas he only received around several billion for producing one movie a year.

Therefore, Michael had always been pretty aloof in the entertainment industry because he was only casually participating in it, even though the ticket sales for each of his movies were ridiculously high.

The fact that he didn’t respond to the incident created a false impression of him to the public, and a group of fans who came out of nowhere began insulting Taylor, calling him a movie tyrant of poor character and a senior in the industry who was holding grudges against new talents.

Major entertainment bloggers began to expose dirty materials of the outdated male star, Taylor. Since Taylor never responded to these news, they become more daring and unscrupulous.

Accusations such as bullying the new talents, being a kept man of a rich woman, having a messy private life, and being involved in gay relationships were abound. He was also accused of not wanting to attend events or any reality shows and advertisements all because of his poor character, which made him end up offending half of the entertainment industry. Furthermore, he was also rumored to be boycotted because he had messed around with the daughter of a high-ranking officer.

Sophia mentioned everything indignantly, and from her angry look, she really wanted to hit those netizens.

However, the main subject, Michael, smiled faintly instead. “Don’t bother about them. We just have to work hard and improve everyday.” He stopped teasing her, then he stroked her head and said, “It’s alright. Focus on practicing your cash-counting and rest earlier.”

Michael instructed Maria to bring Sophia a glass of chocolate milk. Then, he went out and Sophia was left alone so she could focus on her practice.

Sophia practiced alone, and she only stopped when her hands were getting cramps. She kept the money in her bag and got ready for bed.

Before going to bed, Sophia couldn’t help but take out her phone to check what those nasty people were doing again.

As soon as Sophia clicked into the group, she noticed that there was an explosive discussion on this day, and the fans who were usually quiet were all voicing their opinions.

‘This has gone too far! Taylor has always been keeping a low profile when he is filming. What do you people mean that he offended someone? What boycott? What do you mean him having a messy private life?! Bullsh*t!’

‘And this cheap excuse of an actress called Bethany, how dare you throw insults against Taylor after having gotten some fame for yourself because of him?!’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 245

As expected, a new situation had arisen on this day. A new actress who had recently risen to popularity, Bethany Nicole, suddenly exclaimed about life on Twitter, saying that many years ago, when she entered the industry, she was filming with a senior member she admired.

It was supposed to be something very exciting, but she didn’t expect that during a kissing scene, the person maliciously tongue kissed her and touched her butt. The person was a senior member and she was only a newcomer, so she was afraid to speak up. Now, she was finally brave enough to say it, but she didn’t name the person.

The moment it was posted, it was retweeted over a hundred thousand times. Because Bethany was very popular at the moment, and she was one of the top celebrities, this matter received a lot of attention and created a heated discussion. The spearhead was directed toward the ‘movie tyrant’—Taylor!

Someone dug out the movie that Bethany and Taylor filmed together years ago. The photos on set were posted and on top of that, the false testimony from the crew members were added, and it became solid evidence.

Bethany did not reply to the netizens’ speculations, and she let them imagine as they liked, which was equivalent to a silent approval from her.

A group of Bethany’s fans went to Michael’s Twitter account and started scolding him.

Sophia really wanted to scold someone by now.

Bethany was promoting her new movie, so she was probably doing this because she desperately wanted to boost her popularity.

Tay Tay had never filmed any kissing scenes or bed scenes; even if there was a need, it was all done by substitutes or by filming from a suggestive angle, so where did Bethany find the courage to accuse Tay Tay for molesting her?

For someone whose whole body was injected with Botox, who had no acting skills and could only live by the television sector, was she even worthy enough for Taylor to molest her? She was just a poor excuse of an actress with a total ticket sales for her movies that weren’t even higher than that of Nicholas!

The netizens had gone mad, but Michael’s company and himself didn’t seem to have given any reaction to it; even his good friend Harry, did not say anything and feigned ignorance together.

Obviously, Michael couldn’t be bothered about these rumors as he was the unknown boss behind the scenes of Bayside City, the man in charge of Asco International.

He got involved in acting only because he needed to prove to the outsiders that he had a legitimate job, and was not a jobless person. As for the rumors, he completely ignored them disdainfully.

Michael was like the king of all beasts; he didn’t need to reach his paws personally to catch the ignorant nice jumping around before him.

These were all promotional tactics from the other companies, so after the waves of outburst had died down, things would be fine.

Michael always had a guaranteed amount of ticket sales, as he was the apple of the eyes of most people in Cethos, and a role model for most in that industry. He had built a strong foundation for himself for more than ten years, and those with celebrities who only had the looks but without the skills had been replaced many times.

Although Michael was not anxious, Sophia was.

Furthermore, it was around the voting period for the ‘Light of Cethos’, and Michael’s ranking had been dropping. Soon, his name would be pushed out of the top ten, so she was getting really anxious!

This year’s ranking was particularly intense, as the top ten were all newcomers with huge followings. Although the combined box office of all the top ten was not even a fifth of Michael’s box office, they had a huge fan following and the rankings were changing every day. Harry and Michael were pushed out of the top ten.

There were two important rankings—the ‘Most Popular Male Artist’ and the ‘Most Popular Artist’. Both were consistently dominated by Harry and Michael, and their fans were extremely harmonious. The two idols took turns each year to receive the title, but this year, they were being pushed out of the top ten!

How could these people do this? Michael’s fans were all sensible, but the rivals were attacking aggressively this time by slandering him to the extreme.

Michael did not respond and his agency ignored it as well, so the rivals grew even more aggressive, and they didn’t bother to save Michael his last bit of dignity at all.

However, Michael didn’t seem to be anxious, as he stayed at home everyday, putting on his facial mask, and spent all his free time in the study doing something that Sophia didn’t even know. The rumors on the Internet did not bother him at all, even though his fans almost went into a fight for him.

It was really exasperating for the onlookers to watch Michael acting in a leisurely manner.

The top ten artists were all from the Glory Entertainment Agency, and the company did not have many skilled artists. Most of them were young and pretty-looking newcomers with no talents—their acting was atrocious.

They frequently acquainted themselves with the already popular stars and started new gossip. As the gossiping was usually hyped, something insignificant would often end up making the headlines.

The company’s biggest shareholder was the Harper Real Estates, and it was heard that Richard took over the task of managing Glory Entertainment early this year, which was why he rarely went to class.

In the entertainment industry, the rivals always plotted against each other; it was normal to hear backstabbing stories. For the many movies Michael starred in all these years, the moment his movies were released, they would always dominate the box office, and people would get envious over the resources he received. International and local blockbuster film agencies were all looking to work with him.

People were jealous of him in the industry. Normally, it was hard to tell, but now that an agency had begun the sabotaging, the rest quickly joined, and the moment the incident between Nicholas Yates and Bethany Nicole came out, many artists who appeared out of nowhere were also starting to sabotage Michael.

These people were indeed way beyond despicable!

Soon, Michael would be heading to the set to film an urban romantic drama. He had two days to film his cameo appearance. The director was his good friend, and he agreed with it many years ago, so he couldn’t backpedal. The female lead in the drama was Bethany.

After this set, there would be another movie set. Michael would be the rival of the male lead, while Bethany would be the second lead female actress, so he had to see her inevitably.

At the moment, the fans were clamoring to change the cast, wanting to drive Michael out of the entertainment industry so that Nicholas could replace him, but Michael remained unresponsive.

Although Sophia knew well that no matter how these fans clamored on the Internet, they were incapable of threatening Michael’s place in the industry.

Sophia saw a comment in the fanpage that read, ‘On what rights do you stand to slander the idol that I hold dear the most?’ That comment resonated with her; Michael was her idol whom she could barely look at for fear of blinding herself with his brilliance, so on what grounds they were allowed to scold him?!

There was no use of her being anxious at home, as Michael didn’t care at all. He had already begun packing his things for joining the set.

Michael felt that the incident was not even as important as Sophia’s cash-counting competition.

He enjoyed watching the way she practiced joyfully, for she looked really adorable.

On the day of the competition, Sophia was looking at her phone along the way to school, checking on Twitter and the rest of the forums to see if those people came up with anything else to slander Michael.

It had only been a short while that she was off the Internet, but there were already an onslaught of new slanders, such as him being involved in prostitution, getting caught going to night clubs, and even refusing to return borrowed money.

What the f*ck?! Tay Tay hiring prostitutes? He is the top male idol, so why would he still need to hire prostitutes? These people probably lacked imagination due to their poverty. Do they seriously think that anyone would have to pay to have sex? Tay Tay could have gotten any woman he wanted anytime!

Furthermore, what’s wrong with going to nightclubs? The nightclubs in Bayside City were all owned by Tay Tay, so occasionally, he would go to check on his own business. How was that not allowed?! Also, Tay Tay refusing to return a debt of ten million? And they even made it like it was true? Who is this person involved that they’re talking about?

As far as Sophia knew, Michael had invested in every movie he produced, and he did not take any remuneration. He was only paid for the box office dividend. Without including his other incomes, he earned about eight to nine figures in a year from his box office dividend alone.

The allowance she received from Michael every month was more than ten million!

Were people who spread these rumors mentally handicapped? And more importantly, there were actually people who believed it!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 246

Some of the fans from the rivals were inferring that Taylor had come to a point where he couldn’t even afford ten million. She didn’t know where they found it, but they managed to find the photos taken on the set when he was filming ‘Doctor Invincible’ where he seemed extremely depressed with messy hair, dirty clothes, and his slightly protruding belly.

The photo was used in the article to make a fuss, saying that after offending most of the entertainment industry, the former middle-aged superstar had become devastated with no roles to play.

And you’re telling me that people actually believed all these? she thought. That was the sad truth however, because as soon as the materials came out, Taylor’s ranking had dropped to the twentieth place. Harry was almost the same. He was barely hanging at the tenth place, and he might fall out any time.

This just went to show how terrifying online slandering could be for Michael’s ranking to drop so much overnight.

These people wanted to become famous, so they tried to sabotage Taylor’s popularity.

As Michael’s fan, Sophia was getting so anxious as she scrolled around the discussion section on Twitter. She really wanted to tell everyone that she was Taylor’s wife and Tay Tay had been living a very good life.

She was so anxious that she was seething with anger. On the other hand, Michael was leisurely looking at the mirror, adjusting his hair.

The university’s professional skills competitions would be held on this day. Many parents would be attending and as Sophia’s husband, Michael felt he was obliged to attend as her only ‘parent’.

Bayside University always had a tradition of wearing school uniforms. Recently, the uniforms were distributed.

Michael had donned Bayside University’s uniform, and with his inch long hair, a black satchel and white sport shoes, he looked just like any ordinary student.

When Michael played Doctor Invincible, he was completely unburdened with the need of maintaining his good looks. He was fine with shaving his head, ‘disfiguring’ his face, and gaining weight, because the role’s image during his depressed days was a fat middle-age man. In order to ensure a realistic effect where his belly was hanging over the belt, not only did he get a tan, he ate a bunch of junk food to grow his belly.

However, after the filming was done, he quickly lost weight and his eight-pack abs were visible again. He even became fairer, and his chiselled facial features were completely different from the fat middle-aged men whose features were miserable-looking in the film.

This was the quality of a true actor. In reality, Michael was very handsome, but in the movies, he was able to portray the image of any role. If he was requested to be a depressed middle-aged man, he could become that very being.

Meanwhile, there were also other so-called ‘popular artists’ who couldn’t get into character.

Thus, this was the difference between a true actor and a so-called popular artist.

However, Michael normally kept a really low-profile. He usually didn’t reveal his private life online. Occasionally, he would post a photo on set without him in it, causing people to think he had really offended the bigshots in the industry. This was the reason why his image as an male idol had started to decline, and many fans had stopped supporting him all of a sudden.

While reading about the fans’ rivalry on the Internet with her phone, Sophia peeked at Michael, who was sitting beside her.

Each time Sophia peeked at him, she would exclaim silently, Ah, my Tay Tay is so handsome! How in the world could anyone be so handsome?! He is so handsome and charming, so why would anyone want to slander him?! Even if he was a pervert, he doesn’t deserve to be slandered. After all, he is so handsome!

Michael wore a black wig. Some of his original hair was poking out and the colors appeared as embellishments for his look. It made him look really young, and he even seemed to be younger than Stanley.

After he was satisfied with his looks, he turned on his phone and started taking selfies.

Upon seeing that, Sophia leaned over quietly and sneaked herself into the frame. In a while, more than a dozen photos were taken.

Meanwhile, Nathan, who had been sitting quietly in front of them, couldn’t bear to watch. What an eyesore! There’s a kid here, mind you guys! he thought.

As the car arrived at Bayside University, Sophia put away her phone and got out of the car along with Michael. Somehow, he found a bicycle and waved to Sophia. “Chica, get on.”

Sophia hopped on the back of the bicycle elegantly, then Michael rode away, blending into a group of young couples cycling in the campus; he didn’t look out of place at all.

Meanwhile, Nathan was left behind, looking like a resentful child, and he was escorted by Gary to the School of Computer Science.

Sophia was sitting on the bicycle, while Michael cycled through the school’s boulevard. The trees were green and new branches were growing; even the breeze smelled nice.

Wherever Sophia’s idol was, the air would be nice and sweet!

The competition on this day was about a variety of professional skills, such as cash-counting, abacus arithmetics, identifying counterfeit money and so on. Sophia could only participate in one of them, which was the cash-counting competition.

The competition was held in an amphitheater, and over ten tables were arranged on the stage for the competition.

At the moment, the hall that could accommodate over a hundred people was already full. Parents, students, and people from other departments were there to watch the competition.

Sophia and Michael walked in hand in hand. Initially, she was worried that someone would recognize her idol and cause a commotion, but upon entering the hall, she realized she had been thinking too much.

Michael had a pair of big sunglasses on, so he did not seem to have caused any commotion, and no one recognized him at all. Who would have expected that the tanned, depressed, outdated and middle-aged actor, Taylor would actually be wearing a school uniform and sitting in Bayside University’s lecture hall?

All these years, Michael had maintained his looks, so he didn’t look old. On this day, he was full of youth and vigor, looking no different from other students.

This was a school-wide event, so Sophia bumped into many of her classmates upon entering the hall. Seeing Sophia and a boy entering hand in hand, everyone acted as if they had discovered a big news, and they began to gather round her.

“Sophia! Who is this?” A group of girls was extremely curious.

Michael was wearing sunglasses and a school uniform. On his neck was a pendant that was similar to Sophia’s. The two looked like a perfect match, and they were obviously a young couple.

Michael introduced himself freely. “Nice to meet you. My name is Michael. I am Sophia’s boyfriend.”

The girls didn’t even doubt him. Everyone in class knew Stanley was pursuing Sophia, but they didn’t expect Sophia to have a boyfriend already.

Everyone was very curious about Sophia’s ‘family member’. “Wow, you look like Taylor Murray!”

“What major are you studying?”

“Why are you wearing sunglasses?”

Michael answered the questions skillfully, “I am from the School of Cinematography, and I am colorblind.”

Sophia was incredibly worried that Michael would be recognized, but throughout the process, he was actually hiding it very well and he managed to answer all the questions perfectly.

Before the competition began, everyone was chatting together. Many of Sophia’s classmates were Taylor’s fans, and they had been paying attention to his news lately. The focus of the conversations had turned toward the huge scale of slander materials that were circulating on the Internet recently.

A student exclaimed, “I don’t know who Taylor offended, but it seems like everyone is taking advantage of his downfall. Today, I saw someone saying that he is refusing to return the money he borrowed. I heard there will be more insights coming in.”

“Really, I didn’t expect that he is actually that kind of person. He even molested female actresses. We might know him on the outside, but not on the inside! What a disgusting scumbag he is!”

“The male idol of the past has eventually met his downfall.”

“Beauty fades, I guess… On the other hand, I think Nicholas Yates is pretty handsome. He has the looks of Taylor Murray when he was young!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 247

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat as she sneaked a glance at Michael at the side. She thought he would be very furious or at least show that he was slightly bothered by that, but he acted as though he didn’t hear it at all. He even held his cell phone and looked at himself on the screen, as if his cell phone was a mirror. He tidied up his hair and smoothed out the wrinkles on his shirt.

She told him hurriedly, “There’s nothing interesting to talk about on this subject. There is so much news on the Internet with unknown credibility. Who knows that maybe someone tried to defame him behind his back on purpose?

Let’s talk about the competition instead. Are you guys ready for it?” However, everyone seemed uninterested about the competition. They just couldn’t stop once they started gossiping.

“Eh? Sophia, this is your idol we’re talking about!”

“Something happened to your idol. You should at least say something about it!”

“Everyone knows you’re a fan of Taylor. You were still giving out movie tickets in class last time when Taylor’s movie was up in the cinemas. This time, so many dark secrets about your idol have been exposed on the Internet and you don’t have anything to say about it?”

“Didn’t you say that the biggest dream in your whole life is to get laid by Taylor?”

Sophia goggled at them in shock with her jaw hanging, as though someone had exposed her evil deeds. She blushed with embarrassment as her eyes darted around. Her face became redder when she sneaked a peek at Michael beside her and noticed that he was chuckling in a low voice. She stammered, “U-Uh… It was just a joke. I was just joking around…” This is embarrassing! This is REALLY embarrassing!

Suddenly, everyone realized her real boyfriend was still sitting at the side. They stopped talking simultaneously. However, Michael seemed like he didn’t mind at all. He put down his cell phone and said with a smile, “You guys, please continue. Don’t mind me. I know she likes Taylor.

That’s why I purposely went overseas to have a plastic surgery and make myself look like Taylor.” He removed his glasses and purposely blinked at everyone. “The doctor said you absolutely can’t see any incision on my face at all. Now, I look more than 98% alike with Taylor.”

All the girls were utterly shocked. No wonder he looks like Taylor! It turns out that he had plastic surgery! That’s true love indeed to actually have a plastic surgery to turn himself into his girlfriend’s idol! The girls believed each and every single nonsense that Michael told them completely. Thus, they began to gossip openly without considering much about Sophia’s feelings.

“Your girlfriend likes Taylor very much! I just saw she has Taylor’s stickers all over her book two days ago!”

“She put a photo of Taylor in a pair of swimming trunks as the wallpaper on her cell phone screen!”

“She even has a bookmark with Taylor’s picture on it!”

Sophia became very embarrassed and uneasy, as if she was sitting on a chair full of prickly needles. She felt so nervous that her entire body froze and she sat there stiffly with her face lowered, not daring to speak a word. The Sophia within her arched her head heavenward and screamed desperately, Ah! Stop talking about that! It’s really embarrassing!

Finally, the competition began. Sophia grabbed her bag and dashed up the stage, not daring to look at Michael. “I’m off to the competition!”

Although she walked away, she still paid attention to the conversation that followed. A girl asked, “Your girlfriend is such a huge fan of her idol and admires him so much. Will that give you any pressure?”

Michael pondered about it for a while. Sitting by the window, the sun shone brightly on him and his brand new uniform, enveloping him in a golden hue. His eyes were filled with tenderness and love as he seemingly fixed his eyes on Sophia wherever she went. “As long as she likes it.” The words he said were full of love and adoration. Michael publicly showed his affection for Sophia in front of all the girls, making all of them feel envious of Sophia for having a boyfriend who loved her so much.

Sophia lowered her head too, feeling so embarrassed that she had goosebumps. Still, she was slightly touched when she heard the words Michael said.

The cash-counting competition was just a small contest within the school. The winner would not be rewarded with credit points but with just a certificate. Contestants were even required to bring their own practice notes to the competition.

Since the competition was about to begin soon, the contest judge professors and the host had taken their stations. It was said that the host was from the School of Cinematography. Everyone was a little surprised when the host entered the competition venue.

“Hello, everyone. I’m your host for today’s cash-counting competition.”

A pleasant voice was heard echoing through the place. Sophia, who was filling up the contestant’s form, was startled. She raised her head and saw a couple entering the place hand in hand.

The girl wore a pure white dress, looking like a butterfly that was about to spread its wings and fly. The guy wore a high-class well-tailored casual outfit, which made him look exceptionally handsome; both of them looked perfect together. The couple was actually Xyla and Richard.

Richard hadn’t been to class for such a long time now. What is the meaning of this? Why did he suddenly show up at the competition today?

Michael, who was mingling among the girls and finding out his young bride’s daily habits in the university, frowned as he automatically turned to look at Sophia. He noticed that Sophia was seemingly unaffected by his presence. She still lowered her head and continued with her writing.

With the clacking sounds of her high heels, Xyla strode across to the center of the stage with the ever so bright and cheerful smile on her exquisitely beautiful face. She began hosting the competition. As for Richard, he found a seat down the stage and sat down properly. Coincidentally, he sat beside Michael with just an aisle in between them. All of a sudden, the atmosphere became awkward.

Just then, a girl from the same class as Sophia reminded Michael in a low voice, “The guy sitting next to you is Sophia’s ex-boyfriend!”

Michael just replied with a ‘yeah’ without any other reactions.

However, Richard seemed to have heard something and he turned to look at Michael. I saw this guy at the basketball match last time. He looks a lot like Taylor Murray! Why is he here? It seems he looks even more like Taylor up close. In fact, he looks like the Taylor from ten years ago.

The Harper Group played a part in the revelation of a series of dark secrets revolving around Taylor, which went viral on the Internet recently. The Harper Group was the largest shareholder of Glory Entertainment Company. Almost all the management executives in Glory Entertainment were people from Harper Group. Richard had begun to officially take over the business of Harper Group too, starting from Glory Entertainment.

Taylor’s resources were so abundant that it made everyone feel angry and jealous about him. Glory Entertainment orchestrated the revelation of the series of dark secrets of Taylor this time as an attempt to bring him down once and for all. They tried to snatch all the resources from him completely and to popularize several young new actors from Glory Entertainment. They attempted to take this opportunity to produce a third Oscar-winning best actor.

Before the revelation of the series of dark secrets, Harper Group had received some news beforehand that someone intended to mess with Taylor. It was rumored that the person was a Fletcher…

Richard guessed it was Joel. After all, he could feel the unusual interaction between Joel and Taylor at Kayla’s birthday party. He knew Taylor had messed with someone he shouldn’t mess with. So, it was the perfect time to pull him down now. Coincidentally, someone from the entertainment industry wanted to work with Glory Entertainment and crush Taylor, the always so popular superstar who had been at the top of the movie rankings for such a long time. Therefore, Richard decided to let Glory Entertainment be the first to take the opportunity to initiate the revelation of the series of dark secrets. Thus, he naturally couldn’t help but plan something in his mind now that he saw a guy who looked like Taylor.

Taylor’s reputation was ruined beyond repair. Following the revelation of his dark secrets, several investors for his new movie had begun to boycott Taylor, including the investor of Harper Real Estates, who kept pressing the production crew to boycott Taylor. It was just a matter of time before they re-cast Taylor. Besides, he was old and didn’t look as attractive as he used to be anymore. With the change in his appearance and his reputation ruined, it was very difficult for him to return to the entertainment business anymore. Richard thought, If Glory Entertainment is to popularize a new generation of idols who looked like Taylor now, then this guy…

Now, Glory Entertainment had begun to purposely select new artists who looked like Taylor and started training them. However, they hadn’t come across anyone who looked so much like Taylor before!

The man in front of him seemed like a student of Bayside University. He looked rather attractive and resembled Taylor very much. Richard wondered whether he had signed any contracts to become an artist with any entertainment agency…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 248

Xyla strode toward Sophia deliberately. She said in a sweet voice, “Sophia, what a coincidence! You’re here for the competition too?”

Sophia turned around with her head lowered. “Yeah.”

“Good luck then. Richard and I will be watching you from below the stage.” Xyla walked away elegantly.

The competition began. Xyla used her sweet and pleasant voice to host the competition. “I hereby announce that the cash-counting competition begins now! Contestants, please take your place and get ready with your props!”

Over a few dozen people participated in the cash-counting competition. Since the stage could only fit in more than ten people at a time, the competition had to be divided into several batches. The preliminary and intermediary rounds were to be conducted in the morning, while the final round was in the afternoon.

All the contestants took out their practice notes and placed them stack by stack on the table before getting ready to start the competition. Sophia opened her backpack and was about to take out her practice notes too, but the moment she opened her bag, she froze in shock. She didn’t take out the practice notes and simply sat there dumbstruck for a long while.

Noticing Sophia’s peculiar behavior, Xyla asked her in a ‘concerned’ manner. “Sophia, what’s the matter? The competition is about to begin. Hurry and take out your practice notes, or else you’ll be disqualified.”

Sophia kept staring into her own backpack for a long time. Finally, she decided to reach inside her bag, then she took out several stacks of notes and placed them on the table.

The moment she took out those notes, the whole place became silent. After a few seconds, waves of snickering could be heard coming from the audience, for the other contestants had taken out fake practice notes, while Sophia had taken out stacks of real banknotes!

The stacks of real cash were very eye-catching among the rest of the stacks of practice notes.

Sophia felt so embarrassed that she couldn’t bring herself to show her face in front of the audience. Because of the incident with Michael’s defamation, she had been out of sorts for the whole day. She started reading news when she woke up in the morning, so she mistakenly took the real cash stacks, which she used for training at home. She had placed them in her bag and ended up bringing them here.

She remained calm and unflustered by the situation while waiting for the competition to begin quietly.

This caught a group of supervising professors by surprise too. They had never seen someone actually use real banknotes as props to participate in the competition before! However, there were no rules that prohibited the usage of real cash, so after a round of discussion, the professors eventually decided that Sophia wasn’t going against the rules and the competition was to be continued as normal.

Xyla was dazed too before she let out a snicker.

The competition then officially began. In the cash-counting competition, the contestants competed against each other in terms of their cash-counting techniques, speed and skill. Whoever could count the fastest, had the most precise count and looked the best when they counted would get the highest score in the competition.

Sophia turned her embarrassment into motivation to do her best in the competition. She counted the cash as fast as lightning. All the judge professors nodded at her simultaneously too, impressed by her skill and composure.

After the first round was over, Sophia kept her money properly, then she lowered her head and dashed down the stage quickly, feeling really embarrassed.

She automatically ran toward Michael and sat down beside him with her head still hanging. I embarrassed myself again in front of my idol! What an idiot I am!

Michael patted her on the shoulder and said, “It’s okay. It’s okay. Everything’s okay now. You did really well.”

Sophia hid her face in Michael’s arms, feeling too embarrassed to see anyone.

Richard, who was not far from them, noticed their intimate interaction. Almost immediately, he could guess their relationship.

That’s Sophia’s new boyfriend? He was overwhelmed with fury all of a sudden. She’s so promiscuous and shameless! She just dated Joel and Stanley before this! And now, she has another new boyfriend?! It seems Joel had dumped Sophia!

Sophia kept hiding her face in Michael’s arms, being too ashamed to see anyone. She finally moved a little and slightly showed her face after the competition was over.

The result was out and Sophia had gotten the first place in the preliminary round of the competition. So, she would compete with the contestants from other groups in the afternoon for the following intermediary round and the finals.

It was time for lunch when the preliminary round ended. Michael took the initiative to suggest a place for lunch. “Let’s have lunch in the school cafeteria. I haven’t come back to Bayside University and have lunch here ever since I graduated.”

Sophia nodded quietly. When both of them stood up and were about to leave, a voice was suddenly heard from behind them.

“Sophia, who’s this? Why don’t you introduce him to us?”

Sophia, who was holding Michael’s hand, turned around and saw Richard and Xyla.

Xyla beamed and looked delighted, while Richard just let out a cold snort, looking rather disdainful. To him, Sophia was worthless anymore since she was just a useless pawn abandoned by Joel. Yet, for some reason, there was a fire of fury raging within him when he saw her holding hands with another man.

Sophia, who didn’t want to talk to them, yanked Michael quietly and signaled him to leave, but to her surprise, Richard actually stood in front of them and blocked their way. “Sophia, this is your new boyfriend?”

Before Sophia could say anything, Michael introduced himself first. “Hello, I’m Sophia’s current boyfriend.” Or husband, rather. He then added, “We met before in a basketball match last time.”

Richard snorted with a rather grim expression on his face. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a name card. “Hi, my name is Richard Harper. This is my name card.”

A gold-plated business card was passed into Michael’s hand. Michael took a glance at the card and pretended to be surprised by it. He acted like he was honored to meet Richard. “You’re the Young Master of Harper Group? It’s really an honor to meet you.”

Michael removed his sunglasses, revealing his well-maintained, beautiful and young-looking face. Richard couldn’t help but praise him when he saw his face clearly. “You look like Taylor Murray very much.” He looks exactly like Taylor Murray!

A faint smile crossed Michael’s face. “I had a slight alteration.”

Richard understood his meaning. It turns out he had plastic surgery. No wonder he looks like Taylor so much. Richard studied Michael’s face carefully and he actually couldn’t find the slightest flaw on it. There wasn’t any trace on his face at all that suggested he had undergone a plastic surgery before. This made Richard feel even more determined to sign Michael as an artist under his company.

He suggested frankly, “You have quite the potential to become a superstar. Would you like to get into the entertainment business and be an artist?”

Michael touched his chin and nodded. “Well, actually, I’m kind of interested in becoming an artist.”

Richard smiled. “Well then, perhaps we should have lunch together and discuss the contract in detail. The Harper Group is one of the largest shareholders of Glory Entertainment. So, I’m managing some of the business in Glory Entertainment. If you agree to sign an agreement with us, we’ll train you and get you to debut as soon as possible. I’m sure you know that Glory Entertainment is currently the largest celebrity-training agency in Cethos, right?”

Michael seemed like he was looking forward to it very much. “Alright then.”

Both of them left happily.

Sophia was completely speechless at the back. Her expression darkened, and she didn’t know what to say. She noticed for the first time that Michael was a drama king who could put on such a convincing act.

While Xyla wrapped her arms around Richard’s arm to leave, she turned around and spoke to Sophia, who remained standing on the spot motionlessly. “Sophia, why are you standing there? Not coming?”

Sophia followed them reluctantly.

Xyla took great pleasure in seeing how pathetic Sophia was now. In the end, Sophia couldn’t win against her. Without Joel’s care, even if she found herself a handsome new boyfriend, he was about to work for their company, the Harper Group. That’s really ironic!

Richard had treated them to lunch on this day. He was so generous that he invited Sophia and Michael to have lunch in the most expensive Western restaurant in Bayside University.

Michael walked while pushing his shabby old bike along with him. Beside him, Sophia looked unhappy in her uniform dress.

On the way, Michael chatted ‘happily’ with Richard. They got along so ‘well’ with each other, as if they should have met each other and became ‘friends’ earlier.

Richard commented, “You have such an outstanding appearance. It’ll truly be a waste if you leave your talent undiscovered like that. If you agree to sign a contract with us, Glory Entertainment, and be our artist, I promise that I’ll make you popular and you shall become the second Taylor Murray.”

Michael replied, “Yeah. I heard that Taylor’s reputation is completely ruined now. The market desperately needs someone like me to replace him. Not only do I want to replace him, I want to surpass him as well!”

Richard praised, “You’re very ambitious. I like that!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 249

Sophia did not utter a word anymore because she really did not know what else to say.

After hearing what Richard was saying, Xyla purposely asked, “Sophia, your boyfriend is going to make his debut. Why do you look so upset?”

Sophia merely chuckled.

Xyla added, “Richard has recently assumed control of Glory Entertainment. Even when your boyfriend becomes an artist under Harper Group next time, Richard will surely treat him well.”

Sophia chuckled again.

The four of them then walked past the basketball court. Stanley was playing basketball on the court when he glanced over and saw Michael in a uniform, walking alongside Richard. He thought he was hallucinating.

By the time he finished rubbing his eyes and took another glance, all he saw was the back of their figures.

However, he was certain that he saw someone who resembled Michael so much and he was wearing a Bayside University uniform.

D*mn! Who was that guy? How dare he disguise as my uncle?

Glory Entertainment Group had recently brought up a group of male artists who looked like Taylor Murray. Their cosmetic surgeries were done based on Taylor’s looks; from their appearance to their styles, everything about them was changed to resemble that of Taylor. Each of them also claimed that they wanted to surpass Taylor.

Nobody expected that there were students in Bayside University who would dare to do plastic surgery to look like Michael!

If this happened two years ago while he was still in the army, he would have sniped that group of imposters!

He only had one uncle in this world. He was irreplaceable!

The four of them sat down in the Western restaurant. As the dishes were served one after another, Richard persuaded Michael by telling him, “Michael, you have a nice name. You look so similar to Taylor, and if you want to make your debut, it won’t do if you used the same artist name as him. It would be the best if your artist name is similar to Taylor. Since he is Taylor, then you should go with Tyler. Your artist name will be Tyler Murray, then. How does that sound?”

Michael pretended to ponder for a moment and even voiced out his own suggestion. “Sure, sure. The name Tyler is more suitable for an action movie star who is making his debut. Not only will I be able to gain quick fame with my similar name to Taylor Murray, I’ll probably be able to gain reputation by associating myself with other action movie stars. Coincidentally, I’ve learned to fight since I was little, and I’ve won multiple championships. I will have no problem doing any action or fighting scenes.”

Richard was elated. “Glory is now short of artists like you.”

Perfect! This is too perfect! I have struck gold! Richard had just taken over Glory Entertainment. This was his stepping-stone. It was an opportunity for him to display his capabilities. If he could nurture an artist who was more capable than Taylor, his capabilities would finally obtain everyone’s recognition!

Not only did Michael, who was in front of him, looked like Taylor, he even learnt to fight before. Taylor’s work had always been more on the end of normal acting, and had never acted as a tough guy before. On the other hand, Tyler could make his debut as a tough guy. Besides using his looks to attract Taylor’s fans, he could walk a path that was totally different from Taylor’s.

After enjoying his bout of joy, Richard shifted his gaze from Michael toward Sophia, who was sitting at the side. He suddenly had a brazen idea.

Sophia had kept quiet during the entire conversation, having her meal in silence.

After they were finished with dinner, Michael and Richard had almost agreed on the terms; the only thing left to do was signing the contract. Then, they went their separate ways with joy.

Before parting ways, Xyla purposely added, “It will be our engagement dinner next month. You guys must come. And Tyler, it’s best if you show up too. I’ve invited many media and renowned directors. You can seize this opportunity to create some advantages for yourself before making your debut. You can also get to know some big-time directors and seniors.”

Michael immediately agreed. “For sure.”

They then parted ways, and Sophia was still silent. Michael then held onto her hands as they left the canteen. They were getting ready to go back to join the match that afternoon.

Michael was still the one riding the bicycle, slowly pedaling on the boulevard with Sophia at the back.

Sophia, who had been quiet all along, suddenly asked, “Hubby, are you really going to sign a contract with Richard?”

Michael put on a mysterious smile. “I’m toying with him. I’m seeking revenge for you.”

Sophia still couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do, so she just gave up on the thought.

It could only be a mischievous plan anyway, and she had never doubted the extent of the mischievousness of her male idol.

However, they didn’t expect that the moment the bicycle entered the boulevard, a few burly boys who were wearing sports attire would block their path.

Furrowing his brows, Michael stopped cycling.

More than a dozen boys surrounded them in all directions in an instant.

Stanley stepped out from the crowd. His eyes were filled with rage as he marched up to them. Grabbing a hold of Sophia, he started yelling at her, “Sophia! I know you secretly like Taylor, but you don’t have to be this stupid and find yourself an imposter. See for yourself. He had plastic surgery. No matter how he makes himself look like Taylor Murray, he’s still not him!”

The news of Sophia having found a boyfriend who had plastic surgery to look like Taylor was heard by Stanley soon. Infuriated, Stanley brought his men to stop them.

He viciously yanked at Sophia behind him while looking at Michael, who was still sitting on the bicycle. With a look of hostility, he swept a glance at Michael from head to toe.

“You have quite some guts. How dare you make yourself look like Taylor? You don’t deserve to have this look!”

This guy had plastic surgery to look like his uncle and even enchanted Sophia with his looks—he was simply courting death!

Putting on a vague smile, Michael simply adjusted his uniform tie. The way he moved was so mesmerizingly handsome.

Stanley shouted, “You even dare to imitate my idol’s actions?!”

Silently parking his bicycle, Michael looked at Stanley and chuckled. “Are you looking for a fight?”

Stanley rolled up his sleeves and told his men, “Don’t let Sophia leave. I’m going to teach this imposter some manners today!”

The group of boys swiftly blocked Sophia outside. Dumbfounded, Sophia begged, “Stanley, don’t—”

Unfortunately, it was too late. The two of them started fighting without any hesitation. They started exchanging punches on this path.

Stanley had learnt martial arts before and he was in the army for two years. Hence, his fighting skills were naturally quite decent too.

Although Michael did not act as a tough guy, he was a strong guy in reality, so the two of them had quite the battle.

As the fight grew intense, the group of boys started cheering on them. “Beat him, Stanley! Beat him!”

Sophia’s soft voice was drowned in their cheer.

“Stanley, that’s your uncle—”

Stanley was greeted by a punch, causing him to stumble a few steps back. Holding onto his face, he looked at Michael with disbelief. “Wow, you can really fight.”

Michael waved his fists, his face exuding confidence. “Yes, I’ve trained before. Do you want to be hit again?”

Stanley did not want to surrender, so he charged forward. Unexpectedly, his attack was countered and he was greeted by another punch.


Stanley dashed forward once again, using his signature moves, but unfortunately, his moves were countered and he was punched by Michael again.

Stanley was on the verge of tears. This imposter was really strong!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 250

The group of boys looked at their opponent who seemed quite skilled. Stanley had been beaten up so badly that his nose was bleeding. They then grabbed a hold of Stanley. “Stanley, you’re hurt. Let’s go to the hospital to do a checkup!”

The group did not care whether Stanley minded it or not. They then forcefully dragged him along as they fled from the scene. Stanley then swayed his fist around in fury toward Michael. “Just you wait. This doesn’t end here!”

Michael then waved at him. “If you dare approach my lady again, I’ll beat you up every time I see you!”

He initially wanted to let things go since he had once rescued Sophia, but this brat was starting to get outrageous. He had to teach him a lesson. Otherwise, the hatred in him would not dissipate.

After beating up Stanley, Michael’s mood was elevated. He then continued taking Sophia to the competition.

As Stanley’s aunty, Sophia still sympathized with him when she saw him being beaten up so badly. However, she was still delighted at the thought of Michael saying that she was ‘his lady’.

The competition continued that afternoon. Sophia’s stacks of genuine banknotes had finally been replaced with practice notes. She even managed to obtain the certificate as the champion.

Nathan also finished school, so the family of three returned home.

Before entering the house, Maria reported, “You’re home, Boss. Something serious happened! Young Master Stanley was beaten up and he’s crying in the living room now!”

The moment Sophia opened the door, she immediately heard Stanley’s wailing coming from the living room. “Why isn’t my uncle home yet? I was beaten up and I feel so miserable now!”

She then heard Sean’s voice. “Alright, alright. Stop crying. It’s not that painful anyway.”

Maria loudly reminded him, “Young Master Stanley, Boss is home!”

Stanley swiftly crawled over when he heard that. Hugging onto Michael’s thigh, he burst into tears. “Uncle, I was beaten up and that person even had plastic surgery to look just like you! You have to seek justice for me. I’m so miserable! Sophia is even dating that imposter! Are you going to intervene in this or not?”

Stanley was beaten up so badly that his eyes were swollen that they seemed narrowed. As his eyes were also covered in tears, he could not see Michael’s expression clearly. He could only hear the cold voice coming from above him. “Let go. Do you want to be beaten up again?”

Stanley then raised his head and saw Michael, who was wearing his school uniform. He thought he was seeing things, so he blinked, squeezing the tears out of his eyes. Upon a closer look, it seemed like something dawned over him. His eyes widened as he was at a loss for words. “U-Uncle, you…”

Michael bent down before patting him on his shoulders. “Stan, stop thinking about flirting. If you have the time, go and practice your martial arts skills.”

Stanley then came to his senses. That person did not undergo any plastic surgery. That was Michael himself!

He then started crying again. “Uncle, why did you hit me? Am I still your nephew?”

Showing no empathy, Michael kicked him aside. “No.”

Stanley started wailing even louder. Looking at Sophia, he grumbled, “You clearly knew this was my uncle. Why didn’t you stop me?”

Sophia said helplessly, “I couldn’t stop you!”

Michael then saw Sean when he entered the house. So, he asked curiously, “You’re Sean from the Mitchell Family?”

Sean modestly replied, “Hello, Mr. Michael. I am Sean Mitchell.”

Michael threw a curious gaze at him. He had the impression that there was a ‘girl’ named Sean who played with Stanley since young. They were even classmates from kindergarten to high school. Everyone thought that she was Stanley’s girlfriend until one day, the ‘girl’ shaved her head and went to university as a boy.

In the end, Sean carried Stanley away who was still crying while walking.

Stanley said, “How did things turn out this way, Sean? Why did my uncle hit me? I’m not willing to admit defeat!”

Sean was Stanley’s childhood companion. He had heard him mentioning Sophia’s name many times in a day. Stanley didn’t seem to notice anything but on this day, Sean was alert and seemed to have discovered something.

Michael and Sophia were holding hands when they came home.

He couldn’t bear to provoke Stanley further, so he said, “You were the one who lashed out first today. You can’t blame your uncle!”

Stanley was still sobbing.

After sending Stanley and Sean off, Michael went back to his room to change his clothes and take a shower while Sophia was sitting in the living room, taking in the shocking incidents that had happened earlier.

She could barely begin to comprehend the events; it had been way too thrilling!

Nevertheless, she still had to accept things as they were now. Her male idol accompanied to school and even blatantly admitted that he was her boyfriend. She even met her ex-boyfriend who was not aware of his own capabilities and signed her husband into his company.

She would not believe it herself if she told others about this chain of events.

After entering the study, she placed the stack of cash back into the safe before pasting the certificate on the wall.

A small competition’s certificate like this would not add on to her credit points, but it would be of use at the end of the semester during her application for the scholarship.

Looking at the wall which was filled with certificates, she felt pleased.

After keeping the certificate, the phone rang. Richard was calling.

Why is he calling? Feeling curious, she still answered the call.

Richard started talking from the other end of the call. “Sophia?”

“Yes,” replied Sophia. She was switching on her computer while preparing to play the online battle arena game.

After being silent for a moment, Richard asked, “Sophia, what is actually going on with Tyler? Aren’t you with Joel?”

Sophia answered, “There is nothing going on between Joel and I.”

Her computer was switched on. While she was starting the game, she took a look at the news. Only half a day had gone by and Taylor’s scandals had grown so much. It was said that there would be more dark secrets revealed on the next day and indeed, there was a wave of new slanders on him.

News about him was trending everywhere on Twitter. Hashtags like ‘#TaylorMurray_Blacklisted’, ‘#TaylorMurray_Pregnancy’, ‘#TaylorMurray_Exposed’, ‘#TaylorMurray_Molest’, ‘#Boycott_TaylorMurray’, ‘#WarDragon_CastChange’, ‘#EthanWinston’s_Silence’, and ‘#WarDragon_NicholasYates’ were abound on the social media platform.

D*mn! What are all these?

All these hashtags led to threads of accusations of Taylor about him getting a high official’s daughter pregnant, him getting exposed for molesting female artists and offending almost half of the entertainment industry.

War Dragon was an action movie which Michael would soon join, but the investors were now putting so much pressure on him by requesting a change in the cast? They wanted to change Michael’s role to Ethan?

Furthermore, wasn’t ‘Asco International’ this film’s biggest investor? Wasn’t that Michael himself? But now they wanted to change the cast? Dream on! These slanderers really need to watch their manners!

Sophia logged on to her alternate account in the forum, bulletin board, Twitter and so on. Then, she started replying to the slanderers, defending her idol.

She then heard Richard’s voice. “Are you listening, Sophia?”

Sophia placed her phone on her shoulder before typing on the keyboard. “Yes, I am. Continue.”

Richard said, “I’m ready to sign Tyler. His conditions are quite good. I also watched a video on his martial arts performance which he sent me today. He is a rather promising candidate. If I’m willing to build him up, he’ll be the next Taylor Murray. He might even surpass Taylor.”

Sophia answered, “Alright, alright.”

Richard chuckled. “You know this, Sophia. As long as I’m willing to do something, there is nothing that I cannot accomplish. I would like to talk to you alone regarding your boyfriend’s secret identity. Don’t turn me down. You know the consequences if you turn me down.”

A few moments after Richard hung up the phone, Sophia received a text from him that told her to meet him at a hotel at 6 in the evening on the next day. He even gave her a room number.

He was using Tyler’s future as a movie star to sleep with her!

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