My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 231-240

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 231

Suddenly, an announcement was broadcasted throughout the departure lobby. “Flight XX from Turkovsky International Airport of Moscov to Bayside International Airport of Cethos has arrived. May those who are here to pick up the flight’s passengers get ready.”

Nicholas’s fangirls got excited at once.

“Nicky is here!”

“Hurry up, ladies!”

With that, they retreated like a falling tide, leaving behind pieces of trash that littered the floor.

Only then did Taylor and Harry’s fans come up and surrounded the aggrieved trio. They took turns to comfort the trio and said, “Never mind—we’re not going to demean ourselves by arguing with the likes of those idiots!”

“Just look at how these fat and ugly attention-seekers behave. What an ugly sight it is to see!”

“It’s time to leave. Taylor and Lord Winston won’t be here anyway, and we have at least achieved our purpose by coming here. Let’s go—we have been starving all day, so let’s have dinner together!”

Everyone knew that the two Prince Charmings would never show up, so they packed up their stuff and left.

When they left, the space they had occupied was as clean as when they had arrived hours ago. On the contrary, the space that Nicholas’s fangirls had occupied looked just like a garbage dump.

If the situation was reversed, Nicholas’s fangirls would have taken some snapshots and publicized this matter as widely as they could. However, Taylor, Harry and their talent agency Imperial Entertainment disdained to do so. After all, such behavior would only bring disgrace upon themselves.

Knowing that their idols wouldn’t be here, the fans were very disappointed, especially now that several members of their own had been bullied by the fans of their idols’ common rival. Nevertheless, they comforted themselves and said, “Our Lord Winston is a winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor, and he has his eye on the entire world!”

“That’s right. These idols are no match for Taylor and Lord Winston in terms of their standing in the entertainment industry!”

Sophia was a little disappointed too. Not only that, she had ruined her makeup just now by squeezing out two drops of tears while trying to even the score.

She turned around to look at the army of 500 fangirls who were surrounding Nicholas. Some of them had been slow, so they could only stare at him from the edge of the crowd while shedding tears of excitement. They wanted to get closer to their idol, but the latter would never lay eyes on them with the hundreds of people blocking his view.

Then, as she fell into a trance-like state, she thought she saw Michael being the one surrounded by the hundreds of people instead. Standing outside the human barricade formed by hundreds of fangirls, she couldn’t catch a clear glimpse of him, and he was unable to see her too.

It was painfully clear to her that this was the gap between her and Michael; she was merely somebody Michael had bought and brought home to look after Nathan. Even though they lived under the same roof and had their names listed together on their marriage certificate and household registry, they were still worlds apart from each other.

She fixed her makeup as she walked, her head drooping, her cap snatched away, and her wings broken. The few scratches on her arms made her look all the more pitiful.

Dragging one-half of her wings, she walked out together with the two fan groups who would be having dinner together since they were both exhausted this evening.

As she hung her head, she inadvertently exposed the wedding ring she was wearing around her neck. A fangirl next to her spotted it at a glance and asked curiously, “What a beautiful ring you have, Sirius! Is that a gift to you from your boyfriend?”

Sophia glanced at her wedding ring. Michael and I chose it together, she thought to herself while answering proudly, “My husband bought this for me.”

Upon hearing her words, everyone gathered around to look at her wedding ring with looks of amazement on their faces.

“It’s beautiful!”

“You look pretty young, yet you’re married!”

“Is your husband supportive of you being a fangirl?”

Is he supportive of me being a fangirl? Sophia asked herself before answering quickly, “My husband doesn’t even know that I’m a fangirl.”

Yeah, she didn’t even dare to let Tay Tay know that she was a fan of him, for she found herself too unworthy of his attention.

As soon as this subject was brought up, everyone began discussing among each other. “My husband also likes Taylor very much—in fact, everyone in my family likes him!”

“My goal is to get admitted to Bayside University and be one of Taylor’s schoolmates. My parents are supportive of me being a fangirl!”

“We’re not fangirling—we’re just chasing after our true love!”

The crowd talked and laughed as they left the departure lobby. Suddenly, a fangirl caught up to them from behind and panted, “Come back, everyone! Taylor and Lord Winston are here—they’re at Exit No. 3!”

The fans were silent for a moment; they were probably thrown into a momentary daze by the totally unexpected stroke of good luck.

Would their idols actually show up at the departure lobby? No, they must be dreaming!

Having realized what was happening, the two group admins immediately started giving instructions. “Don’t forget what we have agreed upon earlier! Take out our banner and light-up boards!”

Everyone was stupefied since this was actually the first time they were meeting their idols in person at the airport. Flustered, they took out the stuff they had prepared and headed toward Exit No. 3 in a very orderly manner. Then, they stood outside the exit in two lines, creating a path while keeping out the excited onlookers who sprang up from nowhere.

There were many reporters at the airport as well; upon hearing that Taylor and Harry were about to show up at the departure lobby, they immediately rushed over to take some photographs.

Compared to Nicholas, these two were the real megastars!

However, these two megastars rarely appeared in public, and many entertainment reporters had never succeeded in taking pictures of them despite having joined the industry for several years. Because of that, the fact that these two megastars had also arrived at the airport was temporarily forgotten.

This was the first time these two megastars had showed up publicly at the airport!

The onlookers and reporters crowded around the exit like crazy, raising thousands of cell phones up in the air as they waited to capture this historic moment.

There were also fans of other celebrities in the departure lobby. However, upon hearing that the two megastars were about to show up, they defected at once and ran to Exit No. 3 to look on.

The army of 500 fangirls that Nicholas was proud of instantly lost more than half of its members when they learned that Taylor and Harry were about to show up. The head of the fangirls yelled furiously, “Come back, you b*stards! Do you guys still want your money?”

However, nobody could hear her grumbles.

The popularity and impact of real megastars were displayed vividly at this very moment!

There were at least 2,000 onlookers at the scene—unlike the two fan groups just now which merely consisted of less than 100 fans. Even security guards and airport police were deployed specifically to open up a special passage.

Looking utterly confused, Sophia was still in a daze; she was only here thanks to the fangirls who had pushed her forward just now. Standing among the crowd of fans at this moment, she spread the banner open as the fangirls and fanboys formed two human barricades by standing on two sides of the path.

Other onlookers and fans were kept out by the airport police and security guards. Miraculously, they didn’t get chased away. Not only that, but the airport security guards even formed a stronger human barricade outside theirs!

If they didn’t do so, the 100 weak and delicate fangirls and fanboys would have been separated by other fierce fans long ago.

Everyone in the two fan groups was close to tears; they would be the first to see their idols in person when they showed up later.

After idolizing Harry and Taylor for so many years, they were going to meet the two of them in person at long last!

Some of the crowd’s emotions must have gotten into Sophia, for a kind of excitement that she had never felt before welled up within her despite the fact that she and Michael could have video calls and phone conversations every day.

What was going on here? Sophia also had no idea. All the other celebrities had paled into insignificance before the two megastars even showed up.

Amid the fans’ passionate screams, the reporters’ clicking of their cameras, and the airport security guards’ barking voices, the two Prince Charmings finally showed up at Exit No. 3.

Michael and Harry showed up under the escort of tens of bodyguards. They were dressed identically in black suits and sunglasses, though one of them was black-haired while the other dyed his hair blonde.

They waved to everyone the moment they showed up. In an instant, the atmosphere in the departure lobby was even more livelier than when any other had celebrity showed up.

Sophia was stupefied. She thought to herself, They’re really here… Should I hide?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 232

It would be bad if Tay Tay saw her looking like this! Unfortunately, she could find nowhere to hide right now. Falsely believing that Michael wouldn’t see her, she quickly concealed her face using the banner, revealing only a pair of bright eyes to peep at him.

Stepping toward the crowd, Michael had a megastar’s distinctive quality and charisma that no ordinary actor could match; one could sense his inborn nobility and charm even from several feet away. Wherever he went, he sent tremors through everyone’s body like a gust of strong wind that ripped into their faces.

As his figure kept enlarging in Sophia’s pupils, his tall build and handsome looks were infinitely magnified until they captured her heart and soul completely; it was as if all she could see was him.

Suddenly, she was caught off guard by a large warm hand that rested on her head and even ruffled her hair gently, and her mind went blank at once. It wasn’t until Michael had walked off into the distance that she finally came back to her senses. Michael had patted her head just now!

She could still feel the soft and warm touch of his hand on the top of her head, but Michael was already a long distance away. The huge crowd of fans went after him and watched as their Prince Charming got into the car and rode off into the distance.

After their idols had left, everyone in the two fan groups gathered together as they described what had happened just now with unparalleled excitement.

“Did you see that? Lord Winston patted my head just now!”

“Oh my gosh, Taylor just walked by in front of me! I was so excited; this is the first time I’ve seen him in person!”

Coming to her senses, Sophia scratched her head and listened to their conversation. She then realized that although many of the fans had gotten a pat on the head from Harry, she was the only person whom Michael had done that to. That was certainly because everyone else was wearing a cap while I didn’t. He wouldn’t have spotted me among so many people, thought Sophia as she comforted herself.

The fans were considered to have their wishes fulfilled on this day since they had met their idols in person at last. After their idols had left, they discussed where to go for dinner. Meanwhile, Sophia just wanted to go home. She had barely taken a few steps when her cell phone vibrated as it received a text message from a contact named ‘Lord.’ The message read, ‘Come back after having dinner with the fans.’

Sophia’s face blushed even more. He had spotted me… She replied, ‘Alright, hubby!’ Then, she put down her cell phone, her feelings complicated as blood rushed to her cheeks. Oh no, my fangirling has been discovered! How embarrassing will it be when I get home?

It was already 10 p.m. when she finished having dinner and singing karaoke with the fan groups’ members. Everyone was so overwhelmed with excitement on this day that they even had a few drinks. Likewise, Sophia’s face kept flushing from having one glass of wine. When she came out, the sky was pitch-black, and it was raining. Not only did she have a drink outside, but she also had fun until such a late hour. Michael would definitely be mad about this!

Sophia stood at the karaoke lounge’s entrance, her head drooping. Hale and Gemma, who had come with her, went someplace else and couldn’t be reached at that moment. Having enjoyed themselves on this day, everyone said goodbye to each other and went home one after another. Some of them went home by taxi, whereas several others had family members to pick them up. Some people had nobody to pick them up nor could they hail a taxi, so all they could do was to wait.

Sophia stood on the street while waiting for Hale to pick her up. Since she had too much fun today, she ate only a little for dinner and was hungry again right now. Starving and freezing at the same time, she looked quite pitiful. She massaged her belly as both the snatched cap and the head pat her Lord had given her on this day still lingered in her mind.

Suddenly, she received a phone call. At first, she thought that the call was from Hale, but the caller turned out to be someone she didn’t quite expect. After a moment of pleasant surprise, she quickly answered the phone and said, “Hello, hubby?”

The low-pitched voice coming from the other end of the line was both charming and attractive. It said, “I’m coming to pick you up; my car’s license plate number is B788X.”

Panicked, Sophia hurriedly said, “Hubby…” However, he had hung up before she could say anything else. At the same time, a seemingly ordinary Volkswagen pulled over at the karaoke lounge’s entrance, and its license plate number was B788X.

The car stopped in the rain, and the man in the driver’s seat was wearing a black windbreaker, making him look as if he had blended into the darkness. Sophia could only see half of his stony face from her angle. Michael had actually come to pick her up! Wouldn’t it concern him that he would be unable to leave if his fans spotted him? Sophia hurriedly said goodbye to everyone else and opened the umbrella as she got into the passenger seat.

The car started moving as soon as she got into it. Michael didn’t speak as he concentrated on driving, whereas Sophia didn’t dare to speak as she sat in the passenger seat. She had no idea whether Michael’s response to her being a fangirl was one of displeasure or approval. She wasn’t a fangirl of anyone else, though…

Sophia was a little scared, for she feared that Michael might be angry. However, it was Michael who allowed her to have dinner with those from the fan groups in the first place. Other idols would treat their fans to meals, but Michael, who was so aloof, did absolutely nothing. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for her to treat them to a meal on his behalf, wasn’t it?

The restaurant where they ate dinner on this day was relatively expensive. Sophia had wanted to treat everyone to the dinner, but the group of fangirls and fanboys insisted on splitting the bill despite not having a lot of money. Therefore, she could only gang up with the waiter secretly and claim the dinner to be half of its actual price while covering the other half of the price herself.

Sophia fell asleep as she sat in the car. When the car parked into the garage, she woke up and rubbed her sleepy eyes; seeing that they had reached their home, she opened the car door and headed inside. Having locked the car, Michael grabbed Sophia’s arm and saw the few visible scratches on it. Even though the injury wasn’t serious, it must have been painful to be scratched with sharp fingernails.

Sophia had always been good at holding grudges, for she would square accounts with those who wronged her in every detail. She even remembered the two instances where Kayla had her leg broken and hit Kayla exactly where Kayla had hit her. It really wasn’t her style to refrain from fighting back after being surrounded and bullied by a group of overzealous fans on this day.

Hale merely watched from the distance when the incident happened since it wasn’t appropriate for him to meddle in such situations. Michael had thought that Sophia would fight back, but to his surprise, she pretended to be meek the whole time without ever fighting back. She was aware at the time that she was representing not just herself but also Taylor’s fans. Once she fought back, Nicholas’s fans would put all the blame on Taylor.

Ruffling her disheveled hair, Michael stared at her exhausted face and held back whatever he had wanted to say. “Eat something and go to bed early after going home,” he said.

Sophia yawned as she went home hand in hand with Michael. Miraculously, both of them didn’t mention what had happened on this day. Once they were back at home, Michael entered his study to take care of his own business. As soon as he entered his study, he discovered that the room was stuffed with all kinds of little things made by his fans, including an oil painting as exquisite as a distinguished artist’s masterpiece and an unsightly clay sculpture. They looked both adorable and awkward, and so did Sophia on this day.

He had spotted her among the crowd the instant he walked out of Exit No. 3. Not only did she have pink makeup, she was also dressed in pink with a pair of pink-colored wings. The way she looked at the time was simply indescribable.

Gemma had even sneaked a few high-definition full-face photographs of her, which Michael had saved in secret and would look at when he had nothing to do.

Sophia didn’t want to trouble anyone, so she decided to have the chicken soup that she had made the day before for supper. However, when she opened the fridge, she discovered that the soup bowl had been washed clean. Nobody would have touched her chicken soup other than Nathan, but Nathan wouldn’t have finished the soup so fast no matter how big his appetite was!

Seeing that Sophia was searching through the fridge, Maria said, “Oh, Madam, Boss drank up the soup when he came back today.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 233

Maria had no idea why her boss knew there was a bowl of soup in the fridge; not only did he ask for the soup as soon as he came home, he didn’t eat the eels as well.

Sophia blushed with embarrassment, for she didn’t expect Michael to drink up the chicken soup that she had made very carelessly. After all, her cooking wasn’t as good as an experienced chef’s. God knew what Michael would say about it!

However, the fact that her Lord had actually eaten the food she made filled Sophia with some satisfaction. After eating something that she had found in the kitchen, she washed herself up and went to sleep.

Nathan was already asleep when she reached home. Unlike Sophia, he was in no mood to become a fanboy.

Sophia slept in the main bedroom that night, and the thought that she was about to sleep together with her Lord made her feel a little excited.

She kept rolling in bed as her mind was preoccupied with the way Michael looked when he showed up at the airport on this day, especially his cold black suit and cool sunglasses. He looked enigmatic in his black suit, and every corner of his face was so sharp and mysterious. He was really very handsome!

However, he wouldn’t be hers no matter how handsome he was, for she was too insignificant compared to the thousands of beauties in his harem!

Sophia wanted to give her body and soul to him, yet she feared that she would come to regret the decision.

Why did she have to fall in love with Michael of all people? Not only did she have love rivals worldwide, but most of them were males!

Sophia felt that she would definitely come to regret it, but on second thought, it would be a waste not to sleep with her Lord now that he had given her the opportunity…

Since she was exhausted during the day, it took only a while of indecision before she began feeling sleepy. Suddenly, the door opened, and Nathan sneaked inside and wormed his way under her blanket. Despite being half asleep, Sophia subconsciously reached out her arms and hugged him before saying, “Dear son, you’re six years old already; you can’t sleep together with me anymore.”

Nathan burrowed himself into her arms and said, “I’m scared.”

When Michael finished taking care of his stuff and went back to his bedroom, he didn’t see his pretty young wife waiting for him as expected, for Sophia had fallen asleep a long time ago. After all, it was time for her to take some rest after having worn herself out. Not only had she attended lectures in the morning, she also spent the entire afternoon waiting at the airport before having dinner and singing karaoke with a bunch of people that night.

He glared fiercely at Nathan—who was sharing a pillow with Sophia—with a look of displeasure. “How many times have I said it already? Don’t sleep with my wife!”

Nathan clutched at Sophia’s arm and refuted, “So what? I want to sleep with your wife!”

Then, he added with the back of his head facing Michael, “I’m a spoiled brat! A spoiled brat is fearless, so I’m going to sleep with your wife just as I’ve said.”

Michael shook his head and smiled. What a bad temper this little brat had!

He walked up and patted Nathan’s head before saying softly, “Alright, darling. It’s Daddy’s fault, okay?”

Nathan answered in a muffled voice, “No, it’s not okay.”

Michael ignored him. The fact that he was still talking to Michael meant that he wasn’t mad at all, for he would have cold-shouldered Michael for about half a month if he was really mad.

9Fangirling was truly physically draining, for Sophia slept very soundly; it was already 9 a.m. by the time she woke up the next day.

She lay on her bed and was dazed for a while before she suddenly turned to look at the alarm clock at one side. To her horror, she found that this day was Friday, and she had lectures that morning!

“Holy sh*t, I’m going to be late!”

Sophia immediately got out of bed and dashed into the bathroom. After washing her face and brushing her teeth in a hurry, she applied some CC cream on her face before rushing downstairs.

iPadMichael was eating breakfast in the dining room while watching the news on his iPad. Nathan, who was sitting next to him, was drinking some milk.

Carrying her bag on her back, Sophia dashed into the dining room and picked up a piece of bread before dashing out while saying, “I’m late! We’re late, Nate— hurry up and let’s go!”

She dashed to the door and opened it to see that it was drizzling outside. As a gust of chilly air got into the house, she immediately had Maria find an umbrella for her.

Maria then ran up to her while holding an umbrella, saying, “Oh, Madam—where are you going in such a hurry?”

Sophia opened the umbrella with the piece of bread in her mouth. She said, “I’m going to university; I’ll be late for classes!”

Maria tilted her head to one side and said, “But today is Ancestors’ Day, so all schools and universities in the country are closed for three days. Boss and Little Master are going to visit the cemetery!”

Sophia was startled for a moment before it suddenly occurred to her that it was Ancestors’ Day, a day that came with a three-day public holiday.

Having finished his breakfast just in time, Michael got himself fully dressed and walked to the door. “Since you’re ready, why don’t we visit the cemetery together?” he asked.

Sophia simply responded, “Huh?”

Following that, three cars set out from The Imperial. As the cold and black cars burst through the silk-like curtains of rain, Sophia looked at the scenery outside through the car window.

The old saying was indeed true that it would always drizzle thick and fast on Ancestors’ Day.

Too many people were paying homage at their ancestral graveyards on Ancestors’ Day. Moreover, the road was slippery due to the rain, so they were stuck in a traffic jam after leaving the highway; it was already noon when they were finally out of town.

The cars drove into the suburbs before heading toward the public cemetery. Michael was silent throughout the journey as he sat with his eyes closed the whole time, and the atmosphere was unusually heavy.

The atmosphere would, of course, be heavy since they were going to visit the cemetery.

Naturally, Michael would go to the Memorial Garden to visit the graves of his ancestors. The Fletcher Family had many members who died as martyrs, so there was a cemetery in the Memorial Garden where only the Fletchers’ graves stood.

The Memorial Garden would usually be crowded at this time since many memorial ceremonies would be held there for the martyrs.

After they got out of the car, Michael led Sophia and Nathan through a special passage into the cemetery that belonged exclusively to the Fletchers.

Once they were inside, Sophia immediately saw rows after rows of neatly arranged gravestones. As the scene of desolation filled her eyes, feelings of sorrow surged up within her.

Those buried here were all members of the Fletcher Family. Only a few members of the family could die a natural death since most of the Fletchers died a hero’s death.

Old Master Fletcher had led seven to eight male members of his extended family to join the revolutionaries back then. However, all of them had died on the battlefield one after another, leaving Old Master Fletcher as the only survivor, so he adopted their descendants.

Every grave here had a deeply tragic and soul-stirring story behind them.

Normally, nobody would have been allowed to enter this place, but all the Fletchers would be here on every Ancestors’ Day to give offerings to their ancestors. It was obvious that they had finished giving offerings to their ancestors and already left, for every grave had fruits and flowers placed in front of them.

While everyone else was waiting outside the Memorial Garden at this moment, Michael led Sophia and Nathan into the Fletcher Family’s cemetery.

The large cemetery was very quiet; the three of them were the only living creatures. Rain poured on the umbrella, producing depressing sounds that made everything seem so heavy.

Michael walked at the front while holding a black umbrella. His black windbreaker was full of traces left by the rain, but he didn’t seem to care about it as his black sunglasses concealed all his emotions.

He walked amid the graves without saying a word before stopping in front of one of them. Then, hiding the gravestone from view with his umbrella, he bent down and laid down a bunch of pure white flowers in front of it.

Even though these graves would always be well looked after, one could still tell that they had quite a bit of history.

The gravestone that Michael had stopped in front of to pay his respects was carved with stories about the tomb owner’s heroic deeds. The grave belonged to Theo Fletcher, who was posthumously promoted to the rank of Major General. Having sacrificed himself 28 years ago during a battle to secure the country’s borders, he was the highest-ranking military officer among those killed during the battle.

The gravestone had a photo of the tomb owner on it. The photo was of a strikingly handsome man dressed in military uniform, and he looked very much like Michael.

He must be Michael’s father, Sophia thought to herself.

After visiting Theo’s grave, Michael took another bunch of flowers from Sophia and laid it down in front of the grave next to Theo’s.

The grave was a joint burial ground belonging to Celine Fletcher and Justin Mitchell.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 234

Pasted on the gravestone was a photo of two people. They were a married couple, and the wife was obviously Michael’s sister, Celine; she looked a lot like Michael in the photo. Despite being a military queen who was both beautiful and mysterious, she actually had a cheerful and handsome smile.

Standing next to her was a man dressed in military uniform, and he was unusually good-looking as well. No words could describe how well-matched and harmonious they looked.

A brief account of their lives was carved onto the gravestone. They were killed about six years ago during a counterterrorism operation when the terrorists detonated a bomb that killed tens of elite soldiers. Both Celine and Justin died on the spot, but Celine’s remains couldn’t be gathered, so a cenotaph was erected for her instead.

They must be Nate’s parents… Sophia thought to herself.

Sophia couldn’t stop herself from clutching Nathan’s hand, and the little boy stood expressionlessly under the umbrella. Nonetheless, his round eyes had a look of sorrow that shouldn’t have belonged to people of his age.

Six years ago, Nate was only a few months’ old at most, Sophia thought to herself.

She looked everywhere but couldn’t find Elizabeth’s grave. This is the Fletcher Family’s ancestral graveyard, yet Elizabeth isn’t buried here…

As the rain slowly stopped, Sophia crouched down and laid down some offerings in front of the two graves. Then, she and Nathan bowed to the graves one by one to pay their respects as per the Cethosian custom.

Michael didn’t stop them as he gave them his silent approval; the Fletchers usually gave military salutes to the graves of their deceased relatives. However, seeing how serious Sophia looked as she bowed to the graves of his father, sister, and brother-in-law, he decided not to interrupt them.

Michael stood steadily for a while in front of the graves of his father, sister, and brother-in-law before he finally moved. He said with a heavy heart, “Let’s go.”

The sunless sky looked gloomy even in the afternoon. Unable to tell the emotions concealed behind Michael’s big sunglasses, Sophia silently got into the car after him and left the Memorial Garden.

The family of three ate something in the car, but none of them spoke up.

After they finished eating, the cars stopped near another public cemetery.

Cemeteries near Bayside City were also divided according to their prices. The rich could, of course, afford a more auspicious cemetery plot; some of them would even spend a fortune on an entire piece of land to use it as their ancestral graveyards.

It was already afternoon, yet there were still lots of people visiting their families’ graves at the cemetery.

Even though the car had stopped, Michael didn’t step out of it. Instead, he sat in the car and wound down the car window slightly before looking through the narrow crack at a tomb that stood at a distance away.

The tomb was quite special; not only did it cover an area of more than ten square meters, it was also designed as a stage with the lissome and graceful statue of a female opera singer standing at its center.

That was Elizabeth’s tomb. Passing away 20 years ago, she had a simple funeral that had scarcely any visitors. Had Michael not admitted earlier that Elizabeth was his mother, not many people would have learned about her death. After all, 30 years had passed since she had reached the height of her popularity, so many people no longer knew about her nowadays.

However, many people in the opera circle knew that she had passed away, and many of her fans used to lay flowers in front of her tomb on New Year’s Day and other festivals.

Looking at his mother’s tomb from afar, Michael sat in the car just like that while being as silent and still as a stone sculpture.

He then said to Nathan all of a sudden, “Darling, could you go for a walk outside with your Mommy? I’d like to be alone for a while.”

Nathan didn’t say a word as he got out of the car with Sophia. After they left, Michael took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of reddened eyes that were brimming with tears…

Sophia took a bunch of flowers with her when she got out of the car. Holding her umbrella, she stepped toward Elizabeth’s tomb and stood in front of her statue before looking up at the diva who had been popular throughout the entire Cethos and Asia 30 years ago.

What an ill-fated beauty she is… she thought to herself.

When she laid down her flowers in front of Elizabeth’s grave, she noticed that Elizabeth’s tomb was already covered with lots of flowers.

After putting down her flowers, Sophia held Nathan’s hand and carefully led him up the stairs. When they reached the main road, they saw a small shop nearby and headed there since Nathan seemed hungry.

There were quite a lot of people who came to visit the cemetery on this day, so they inadvertently bumped into somebody they knew.


Hearing a pleasantly surprised voice calling her from behind, Sophia looked back and saw Richard, who seemed to be visiting the cemetery as well. Dressed in a black suit, he looked very haggard while holding a bunch of flowers.

“Are you here to visit the cemetery as well?” he asked, puzzled. The cemetery plots here were priced at an average of 100,000 per square meter, so how could Sophia have a relative buried here?

Then, a sarcastic voice spoke from one side as it said, “She’s probably here to stage another meeting by chance.”

The voice belonged to Mrs. Harper, who sat in a car parked at the roadside parking lot. She opened the car window a crack, revealing a well-maintained face that wore a resentful expression as she said, “Who doesn’t know that the Harper Family’s ancestral graveyard is here?”

Unlike her, Richard was pleasantly surprised upon hearing her words. He said, “You’re here to meet me, Sophia.”

Sophia had no idea how to answer, though the coldly elegant black windbreaker she was wearing masked her awkwardness with a veil of mystery. She frowned in displeasure, for Richard would keep clinging to her no matter what answer she gave him.

Then, recalling that it would take only about 20 minutes to walk here from the Memorial Garden, she thought up a safe answer and said, “I’m here to visit the Fletcher Family’s cemetery.”

As expected, Richard’s face went ghastly pale at the mention of the Fletcher Family.

What a filthy btch, Mrs. Harper cursed inwardly as her expression changed slightly. Still, she had to admit that she was consumed with jealousy. What a good thing it was to be young, for even such a btch got accepted by the Fletcher Family!

However, her eyes were filled with smugness immediately afterward. So what if this b*tch got accepted by the Fletchers? She still doesn’t have the nerve to disobey my son; if my son tells her to head East, she won’t dare to head West.

Sophia successfully froze Richard on the spot with a single sentence. No ordinary people could visit the Fletcher Family’s cemetery at the Memorial Garden, for only the family’s descendants could get in there.

Was Joel the one who brought Sophia here? Yeah, that was entirely possible!

Joel actually brought Sophia along to visit his family’s cemetery, which meant that she had become more and more important to him! Wouldn’t this mean that her words now carried more weight than before?

It should be known that the Harpers were forbidden to bring women with them while visiting their family’s ancestral graveyard. Even Mrs. Harper could only sit in the car and watch as the family’s male descendants visited their ancestral graveyard, for women were strictly forbidden to get inside.

And yet, Joel had actually brought Sophia with him while visiting his family’s ancestral graveyard! Joel must love her very much—he was even willing to break the rules set by his ancestors by having a woman visit his family’s cemetery with him!

Elated by the unexpected stroke of good luck, Richard grabbed Sophia’s hand and said in desperation, “Sophia, I know that you’re no longer who you used to be. Since Joel is willing to have you visit his family’s cemetery with him, you must have a place in his heart, and he will surely listen to whatever you say.”

He glanced at his surroundings before saying in a low voice, “Kayla made a little mistake and was caught by the Harper Family’s enemies. She’s in custody right now, but she’ll be released at once if Joel can say something.”

Sophia glanced at him with incredulity. Did this idiot actually think that what Kayla had done was merely something trivial?

Only a dumb*ss like Kayla would have hired the Phantom Wolf to launch a terrorist attack. Sophia was really amazed by how insensitive Kayla was, for Phantom Wolf was an organization against humanity that shocked the entire world whenever it did something.

Now that Kayla had brought such huge trouble upon herself, even Joel wouldn’t be able to speak for her. The Phantom Wolf’s organization had existed for tens of years; not only did it have its eye on Cethos all the while, it had also made multiple attempts to create disturbances in the nation. Nobody knew how many Cethosian soldiers’ lives had been sacrificed before the Cethosian army managed to fight Phantom Wolf off over and over again, not to mention the number of Fletchers who had died at Phantom Wolf’s hands over the years—it was simply uncountable.

Many of the recent graves in the Fletcher Family’s cemetery at Memorial Garden were the indirect result of Phantom Wolf’s actions, including the grave of Michael’s sister and brother-in-law…

The Fletcher Family would even be considered kind enough for not finishing off the Harper Family over what Kayla had done.

Seeing that Sophia remained silent for a long time, Richard grew desperate. Pointing at a large cemetery plot at one side, he said, “Do you see it, Sophia? This is the Harper Family’s cemetery, and ten generations of my ancestors have been laid to rest here.”

Sophia was puzzled. The fact that ten generations of Richard’s ancestors were buried there was none of her business!

Then, Richard hardened his heart and promised, “If you help me this time, I promise you that you will be buried in the Harper Family’s ancestral graveyard when you die!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 235

Upon listening to his words, Sophia was completely stunned.

Even Nathan was looking at Richard in disbelief.

Sophia sneered secretly; being buried in the Harper Family’s ancestral grave after death? What a gift! Sophia felt like she should kneel down and thank the Lord!

Sophia thought that she shouldn’t be talking to Richard at all; to her, it was an insult. She turned around and said before she left, “I’m sorry. I have to hurry over.”

With that, Sophia and Nathan walked away.

However, Richard didn’t want to let her go at all.

At the moment, it had become impossible to help Kayla out. They had thought of everything, going through every connection and network they had. Yet, they still couldn’t find a way. Richard thought about going to Sophia, but he was worried that she had already helped put in a good word for him several times in front of Joel. If she revealed it too much, she would fall out of Joel’s favor and lose her value.

Joel had actually taken Sophia to the Fletcher Family’s grave; by the looks of it, she hadn’t fallen out of his favor!

Richard grabbed Sophia’s arm tightly and begged, “Sophia, you are Kayla’s only hope now. As long as you put in a word for Kayla in front of Joel, she would definitely be rescued.”

Trying to calm her anger, Sophia said politely, “I am really sorry for Kayla, but there’s really nothing I can do!”

Richard pleaded bitterly, almost kneeling down in front of her. “I know that, Sophia. However, Kayla is my only sister. Do you know how important she is to me? You are still blaming me, right? You are angry that I got engaged with Xyla, aren’t you? That was because I had no other choice—just like you and Joel, I’m sure you are unwilling too, right? I know you’ll definitely understand me. I swear, you are the only person in my heart. Xyla and I are only forced to be together.”

Sophia clenched her fists harder in silence and sneered suddenly. “I came with Joel. Aren’t you afraid he will be mad if he sees you like this?”

When Joel was mentioned, Richard was indeed worried, but he was certain Sophia was only trying to avoid him. Hence, he was not afraid at all.

“Sophia, I know you have slept with Joel, but I am still the one you love…”

“Ahem!” Suddenly, a snort was heard from behind Sophia.

It was only then did Richard notice a man dressed in a full black and formal suite standing on the wet asphalt road not far behind Sophia.

In that moment, Richard’s expression was as if he had seen a ghost!

He was in utter panic and scared for his life!

Sophia was startled as well.

It can’t be—that voice… It sounds like Joels’s…

It can’t be, it can’t be, it can’t be… The Fletchers had already finished tomb sweeping in the morning; that was why Michael deliberately chose to come in the afternoon to avoid them.

It can’t be… It can’t be…

Sophia turned around cautiously and saw two men in black suits standing not far behind her.

The black attire made one of them look exceptionally young and eye-catching. With his crew cut hair that was slightly dampened from the rain, even when he was dressed in a formal suit, a sense of punk style emanated from him.

Meanwhile, the other one looked extremely cold. His tall, built body was covered in a black suit. The suit was tailored perfectly and the curves alleviated his dominance; every seam seemed to shout mystery, just like his expressionless face.



Sophia’s heart dropped to the ground!

When did they arrive? What did they hear?

Hole—is there a hole where I can hide my head?!


Sophia was so startled that she stuttered and couldn’t utter a word.

It was over; the secret between Richard and Sophia was exposed. No man would want to be a cuckold!

Joel looked at Richard coldly and didn’t speak, but the eyes were enough to scare him to death.

Surprisingly, Stanley looked stern today. Dressed in a formal suit and pretending to look smart, he seemed to look more serious than usual. He spoke before Joel.

“Hello, Sophia. You are so brave, huh? You’ve slept with my uncle but you’re still unafraid to hook up with your ex-boyfriend!”

Sophia didn’t speak, but her face was as red as a plum.

Richard was suddenly speechless and puzzled.

Stanley is actually Joel’s nephew?

Stanley Fletcher, Joel Fletcher…

He is actually one of the Fletchers!

Richard was completely shocked that his mind went blank for a moment.

However, his first reaction was to protect himself. If he accidentally offended Joel, the Harper Family would be in danger!

An idea came to mind as Richard suddenly said fiercely to Sophia, “Sophia, I know you still love me, but I am engaged, so it’s best if we don’t see each other! Don’t try to look for me anymore! I will not see you again!”

With that, Richard nodded and bowed toward Joel. “I’m sorry, General. Miss Edwards and I used to be in a relationship, but I am now engaged. I don’t know why I met her here today; we were only catching up and nothing more.”

In that case, it was all Sophia. She was the one who seduced him!

Sophia, whose face was red earlier, had miraculously regained her normal skin colour as she sneered. “Richard, you have no business here, so please leave.”

Richard bowed to Joel respectfully. “General, please don’t misunderstand. I came with my mother to sweep the tomb.”

Somehow, Joel was about to say something when suddenly, a sexy voice was heard. “Wait for me, Joel!”

Behind Joel came a woman dressed in a black cloak with sunglasses, walking across the road slowly. She was wearing a black beret that covered more than half of her beautiful face, but still, her thin and perfect features were seen clearly along with her butterfly-shaped lips.

The woman walked over with a smile. Then, she held onto Joel’s arm naturally and glanced toward Sophia and Richard in doubt as she asked confusingly, “Joel, they are…”

Sophia looked at the woman who was holding onto Joel’s arm; he did not seem to refuse her either. Then, she knew that the woman was Joel’s wife.

It turned out that Joel was already married.

The Fletchers were really low-key; they wouldn’t put up a fanfare even if there was a marriage.

Richard guessed the identity of the woman and said respectfully, “It’s nothing. We are students from Bayside University. We only came to say a few words as we were happy to see the General.”

Richard was betting that Joel wouldn’t look for trouble; after all, Sophia was his mistress. Even more so, he was a soldier and would look bad if it was exposed. His actual wife was standing here, so he definitely wouldn’t dare to say anything else.

As expected, Joel did not say anything else as he explained to the woman, “I bumped into these students from Bayside University and was catching up with them.”

Since Sophia and Nathan were here, could that mean Michael was here too?

Elizabeth’s tomb was nearby!

However, there was a hidden darkness in Joel’s eyes.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 236

The woman smiled. She looked exceptionally beautiful as she said gently, “Oh, you’re students from Bayside University—nice to meet you! I am Irene Weber, and I graduated from Bayside University too! In that case, we are all alumni!”

Sophia greeted her politely. “Nice to meet you, Miss Weber. My name is Sophia.”

Irene Weber?

The name sounded familiar.

Irene Weber!

Richard recognized her immediately.

Irene was a famous military singer; she had become a huge figure in Cethos at such a young age. Every year, she would be invited to the Spring Festival Gala; she would be invited whenever the President hosted private concerts for international guests as well.

Not only that, Irene appeared in most thematic dramas on Cethos Central Television, and she was also an honorary professor at Bayside Military Art School.

It was rumored that Irene came from an extraordinary background. However, Richard didn’t expect that she was actually Joel’s woman. Only such a woman is worthy of the General! he thought to himself.

Richard immediately nodded and bowed as he said, “Nice to meet you, Miss Weber. I am Richard, Harper Group’s Deputy Director.”

In a friendly manner, Irene smiled and replied freely, “Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.”

Richard knew that he shouldn’t stay there any longer. He then said, “I have some things to do. Goodbye, General. Goodbye, Miss Weber.”

Joel nodded, but his eyes remained cold.

Immediately turning around, Richard got into the car and left.

It was after he had driven for a distance did Richard realize that his back was covered in cold sweat.

It was such a close call earlier. If Joel found out about Sophia and I, not only would Sophia be dead, I will be affected as well.

However, he didn’t expect that Joel was already with Irene, and they were a perfect match at that. One was from the Fletchers, and one was a celebrity in Bayside City; one was the youngest General in Cethos, and one was a military singer with a military ranking. Regardless of their background, appearance, and age, they matched perfectly well.

How could Sophia compete with someone as fine as Irene? The only thing Irene couldn’t beat Sophia was her age, but that was not even worth mentioning.

Irene would find out about Sophia sooner or later, and she would definitely think of a way to get rid of her. By then, Joel would definitely not want Sophia anymore. She was nothing but an orphan who had no background.

Without Joel, she would definitely come crying to him and beg for his forgiveness by then!

As they watched Richard’s car drive away, Stanley could no longer hold himself back and burst out laughing, “Hahahaha! Sophia, he wanted to bury you in his ancestral tomb! Are you scared?”

Sophia was speechless. All of a sudden, her face turned red. Did they hear this too? Didn’t it mean that they heard the rest of the conversation clearly?!

Immediately, Sophia clarified and said, “I’m sorry, General. He was annoying me; I initially wanted to use your name to scare him, but I didn’t expect him to start talking nonsense…”

“It’s alright.” Joel patted Sophia’s shoulder to comfort her. “It’s just a name; if it’s useful, you’re welcome to use it anytime.”

Sophia’s face turned red again.

At that moment, Joel caught sight of Nathan, who had been hiding behind Sophia the entire time. His expression relaxed as he squatted down and waved toward Nathan. “Nate, come to your Uncle!”

Nathan didn’t want to go over. He hid behind Sophia, unwilling to speak.

Irene looked at Nathan curiously and asked, “Who’s kid is this? He’s so adorable!”

Isn’t Irene Joel’s wife? Why doesn’t she know Nate?

Sophia was confused. She glanced toward Joel and Irene steadily and noticed that their expressions were slightly awkward; it seemed like they had stepped into a prohibited topic.

Stanley laughed suddenly and said in a silly manner, “Irene, Uncle Joel, let’s go now. There will be traffic on our way back to the city!”

The three of them left happily, although Irene said to Stanley unsatisfactorily, “How rude—I am your aunt!”

“Hehe, calling you Irene sounds better—isn’t that so, Uncle?”

They were going toward the direction Sophia had just come from, so Sophia held Nathan’s hand and followed behind. Nathan was really unhappy as he kept pulling Sophia, wanting to keep a distance and stay away from the three of them.

Irene held on to Joel intimately and even leaned her head on his shoulder; she looked as if she was a little woman, and the two looked extremely in love.

In that moment, Sophia only remembered Irene’s identity. It was her!

The one who always sings the military songs!

She belongs in the literature and art industry—a true artiste!

Sophia was suddenly in awe. She can be found on Bayside University’s alumni record!

As Stanley’s leg hadn’t recovered fully, the umbrella he was holding became his crutch. With the umbrella in hand, he limped along but fell behind and walked along with Sophia eventually.

Stanley placed a hand on Sophia’s shoulder to support himself as he looked at the perfect couple in front and exclaimed earnestly. “Tsk, tsk—what a perfect match. When will we be able to be like them?!”

Sophia replied, “In our next life!”

However, Stanley didn’t seem to have noticed Sophia’s sarcasm; he even pointed toward the hilltop of Memorial Garden and said, “The Fletcher’s ancestral graves are there. Do you want to be buried there?”

Sophia looked toward the direction of Fletcher’s ancestral cemetery in Memorial Garden where she had just visited not long ago.

I’m not sure if I can make it in…

Forget it—it’s not even up to me!

Sophia helped Stanley as they walked slowly.

Suddenly, Stanley seemed to think of something important. “Oh no! Since Elizabeth’s grave is here and you are here, that means Uncle Michael is here too! Sh*t, they’re definitely going to bump into each other!”

Sophia was puzzled. “What’s wrong with that?”

Irene and Joel can’t see Michael? Sophia wondered.

Stanley hesitated for a moment before saying, “I will tell you, but you can’t let anyone else know.”

Sophia nodded and pricked up her ears to listen.

“Irene was Uncle Michael’s first love; they grew up together. Back then, Uncle Michael and Irene were even engaged!”

Michael’s first love?!


Sophia’s mind went blank. It was as if her jealousy had created a wave in the sea and a tsunami swept across.

Taylor seemed to have been engaged twice before; one of his fiancees seemed to have a military ranking, but the engagement was cancelled in the end.

With a hand on her heart, Sophia tried to remind herself repeatedly that the engagement was cancelled.

Since Irene was Sophia’s first love rival, she was naturally slightly nervous; moreover, Irene seemed to have a good background.

Stanley continued, “Everyone had high hopes for them back then, but unfortunately, Irene had an accident soon after they got engaged!”

“What happened to her?” Sophia asked immediately.

Stanley answered regretfully, “Many years ago, when Irene was still with Uncle Michael, she somehow fell down from the stairs and was severely wounded. After she was sent to the hospital for an examination, it turned out that she had a brain injury and there was a blood clot.

When she woke up, she had forgotten everything about Uncle Michael and hadn’t remembered anything until today. Shortly before the accident, Nathan’s parents had just gone into an accident as well; some said that Uncle Michael was destined to be the curse, so he took the initiative to cancel the engagement.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 237

Sophia tried to analyze the situation from Stanley’s words; Irene hadn’t been able to remember Michael and got together with Joel. Irene couldn’t remember Michael, but he could remember her! If Michael saw Joel and Irene together in a while, he would be so sad!

Becoming worried all of a sudden, Sophia quickened her pace forward; both Stanley and Nathan were anxious about their uncle and father as well. The three of them walked quickly and soon spotted Michael’s car.

However, Michael had already gotten out of the car; he was also wearing glasses with a wide frame and a black top hat that almost covered half of his face. Meanwhile, Irene and Joel were standing directly in front of him.

They were holding hands, whereas Michael stood there alone.

Sophia immediately quickened her pace and walked to his side, listening in to their conversation.

Holding onto Joel, Irene looked at Michael and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that you are Joel’s younger brother, Mr. Taylor. I really didn’t think of it! My apologies!”

Michael’s wide-framed glasses were blocking his expression. His voice sounded indifferent as he said, “Nice to meet you too.”

The atmosphere was harmonious, and nothing was off.

However, Sophia was stunned.

In that moment, Michael must’ve felt really uncomfortable. Nothing was more cruel than saying ‘nice to meet you’ to someone he once loved—or might even still love.

Michael must be heartbroken now, but he pretended to be okay so he could save his last bit of dignity.

The entanglement between Michael, Joel, and Irene must be deeper than Sophia could ever imagine, and it was impossible for her to see through nor intervene.

Sophia didn’t know anything about Michael’s past, and she had no idea what happened to him. In fact, she was always an outsider to him because he had never seemed to open his heart to her.

But now, Sophia wanted to help him! She didn’t want him to face it alone!

Hence, she squeezed Nathan’s little hand and whispered, “Go to your father.”

No longer being uncooperative, Nathan smiled sweetly and ran over like a butterfly, throwing himself into Michael’s arms as he yelled loudly, “Daddy!”

Michael embraced Nathan—who had come running all of a sudden—and noticed Sophia at a glance.

Irene knitted her brows and asked Michael, “Is he your son?”

Looking at Nathan, Michael nodded and replied, “Yes, he’s my son.”

Standing next to Michael, Sophia suddenly felt a warm embrace around her cold hand. Michael took her hand and openly said to the two of them, “The Madam.”

Michael didn’t brush off the introduction by simply saying ‘this is my wife’. Instead, he introduced Sophia formally as ‘The Madam.”

At that moment, Sophia’s mind went blank as she didn’t know what to reply.

Stanley’s jaw dropped in shock as well, but he immediately understood the situation.

Michael had no courage to face Irene, so he simply asked a random woman to pretend to be his woman!

Stanley sighed to himself, Poor Uncle Michael!

Irene was stunned for a moment, but she immediately came around and said with a smile, “We have met earlier. She’s very beautiful!”

Still holding Sophia’s hand, Michael lowered his head and looked at the girl beside him gently. “Yes, she’s very beautiful.”

Sophia lowered her head as she was feeling shy.

After the short conversation, the Fletchers left and Sophia got in the car.

As the car moved, the family of three didn’t speak at all; the atmosphere became dull.

The sun came out at noon, but it started raining again in the afternoon. As the fine raindrops hit the window, Sophia looked out and gazed at the gloomy mountains and rivers; her eyelids had become droopy as well.

Suddenly, a bumpy ride woke Sophia up. She opened her eyes and looked out of the window, realizing that there was nothing but deserted woods around them.

What’s going on?

According to the speed of the car, we should be back in the city and in the inner ring by now; why are we in the middle of some deserted woods?

It was a bumpy journey as well. The roads changed from main roads into smaller ones, and they seemed to have not been repaired for a long time as it was full of holes, making it extremely bumpy.

The rain stopped. Sophia opened the window and noticed that the car was moving toward the village. Although it was getting further off the city, it was becoming more familiar as well.

This is t-the suburbs of Riverdale!

My hometown!

“Hubby, did we take the wrong way?” Sophia asked Michael immediately.

Michael smiled in return and replied, “No, we didn’t. We’re here to sweep your family’s tomb.”

While talking, the car stopped right outside the village where Sophia used to live.

Upon getting out of the car, Sophia couldn’t believe everything that happened in the past.

After so many years, she had actually returned to this place!

The village had been demolished during the year of Sophia’s high school entrance exam, but her uncle and aunt were not removed from the place. Hence, they shifted the entire blame onto her. She had just finished her exams at that time; not only did she receive first place in her year, she was also accepted into Riverdale High School. However, her uncle and aunt wanted her to get married in exchange for betrothal money. Furthermore, the man was a bachelor in his forties.

Sophia was unwilling to give her life away to a bachelor in his forties, so she called the headmaster of Riverdale High School for help. The headmaster came to the village to reason with her aunt, but after a big fight, Sophia was completely chased out of the house.

Since then, Sophia had never returned and didn’t have the chance to sweep the tomb.

Sophia didn’t expect that Michael would actually remember this incident.

Sophia had her mother’s surname, but when she was born, her mother died. Later on, her maternal grandparents passed away too. Along with her mother, they were buried at the hilltop right outside of this village.

The car stopped at the bottom of the mountain, and the group walked up the mountain to look for the graves.

After the spring rain, the mountain was bleak and the wind soughed. There was no one about the remote area; the village was a kilometer away, and it seemed pretty deserted. Several graves were hidden among the cluttered weeds.

The group of people went up the mountain. As the mountain was rugged, they changed into the rain boots they had prepared in advance and walked unsteadily up the mountain.

Soon, Sophia found her grandparents’ and her mother’s graves.

On top of her grandparents’ grave, there were some traces indicating someone had cleaned the tomb together with the remnants of joss sticks and paper money, but they were all soaked in rain. On the other hand, no one had visited Sophia’s mother’s grave for a long time.

According to Sophia’s family tradition, girls were not allowed to sweep the tomb, so it was always her uncles who came. Since they believed that Sophia’s mother had died disgracefully, she was unworthy to be brought up after her death; they simply set up a gravestone for her and that was it. During the New Year celebrations, they didn’t even pay their respects to her with the joss sticks and paper money.

Michael took off his windbreaker. Only wearing a T-shirt, he picked up the equipment they brought and began clearing the weeds.

After working the whole day, they finally cleaned out the graves. Two of the graves were next to each other; one was Sophia’s grandparents’ and the other one which looked older and damaged was her mother’s. Under the sun and rain, the words on the gravestone had already blurred.

After clearing out the graves, Sophia and Michael began arranging the joss sticks and paper money before paying their respects to the deceased.

After burning the paper money, Michael took out a mat and was about to kowtow.

Sophia stopped him immediately. “Don’t… “

How can I possibly let him kneel down?

The floor is so dirty!

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Michael looked at Sophia in doubt. “What’s wrong? I saw you kneeling earlier today. Don’t people from the village kneel down when they pay respects to the dead?”

Sophia didn’t speak again; people in the village had to kneel, but the Fletchers didn’t seem to have the habit of doing that!

With that, Michael didn’t say another word as he kowtowed in front of the graves. Nathan immediately imitated him and did the same.

The son-in-law had already kneeled, so how could the daughter be exempted? Hence, Sophia proceeded to kneel down and kowtow.

After they were done paying their respects, they put out the fire and went down the mountain. They got into the car and went back to the city.

As the car moved slowly, Sophia learned against the door and looked out of the window, staring at the mountain and the cleared graves that were getting further and further away. She felt empty inside.

Suddenly, Sophia felt a huge palm resting on her shoulder as Michael whispered to her, “Stop looking. I will come back with you every year in the future, okay?”

Looking at Michael, Sophia suddenly realized that he was even more handsome than before.

Sophia nodded. “That’s very nice of you, hubby.”

Sophia buried her face in Michael’s shirt, and she could smell the grass from the mountain and the damped spring breeze.

You’re the best. How great would it be to call you mine forever!

Two drops of tears rolled down, quietly seeping into Michael’s shirt that was already dampened by the rain.

Sophia knew that Michael wouldn’t fall in love with her; he was nice to her because he was nice to everyone!

Sophia also knew that the way she showed up determined the way she would be loved. Back then, she was sent to Michael by Daniel as if she was a pet. Michael had spent ten million to purchase her as a pet, so it had determined the way he would love her—like the love an owner had for a pet.

She would be loved like a cat or a dog, but not a human.

Clearly, Sophia knew about it all. She didn’t dare to ask for his true love, but why? Why was he always so nice to her…

If Sophia really fell deeply in love with him one day but he no longer spoiled her, what was she going to do?

Sophia had been bullied and betrayed before, so she wouldn’t allow herself to fall for it the second time.

Michael didn’t seem to understand her true pain. He thought that Sophia simply missed her deceased family as he hugged and coaxed her. “Alright, now—no more crying.”

He knew his little woman had been betrayed; to Sophia, a romantic relationship was like a poisonous cake, tempting yet lethal. Therefore, she cautiously stayed away and kept a distance from him.

Michael didn’t want to force her. Instead, he would walk into her heart bit by bit.

Sophia was a person, not a cat or a dog. When Michael bought her, he was ready to take full responsibility!

It was already dark by the time they returned home. As soon as they got back, Michael went straight into his study and busied himself with his work. Nathan was extremely tired after walking around all day, so he rolled into bed directly and fell asleep.

As for Sophia, she laid on the bed after taking a shower. A heavy day finally passed.

Nothing could be heavier than visiting the cemetery.

Sophia opened Messenger and noticed there were a lot of new messages. As Stanley had replaced his profile picture with a photo of his husky, it stood out among the others.

Stanley had sent a message to her which read, ‘How’s my Uncle? Is he alright?’

Knowing what Stanley was asking about, Sophia thought that Michael had definitely felt uncomfortable when he saw his brother with his first love. ‘He hasn’t come out from the study since we got home.’

On the other hand, Stanley was playing his video games while sending Sophia an audio message. ‘My Uncle seemed unhappy today. Don’t disturb him—let him chill for a bit, and he’ll be fine.’

Stanley then added, ‘Since he used you as an excuse today, don’t think too much about it.’

Sophia did not respond.

Meanwhile, Stanley sent over another audio message. ‘Hey, Sophia? Say something. Do you want to get into our family or not?’

Sophia replied, ‘That’s none of your business.’

Stanley responded, ‘I know you have a crush on my uncle, but there’s someone in his heart already—don’t think about my uncle anymore. On the bright side, you have me!’

‘Ugh, I pass,’ Sophia replied coldly.

‘Come on, get on the game with me! It’s been such a long day tomb sweeping. I feel gloomy. Let’s play a game and relax a little!’

Sophia did not reply, but her new character appeared in the game moments later, killing monsters vigorously.

Harry was stirring up trouble in the game, but Stanley appeared with a beautiful young warrior.

At first glance, Harry could tell it was Sophia because Stanley had once asked him to pretend to be the bad guy and seduce her.

In reality, Stanley had wanted to introduce the true identity of Beast and Scary Phoenix, but she seemed to have gotten hooked in the game already. If she knew Michael was such a powerful character in the game as well, she would definitely get addicted.

Moreover, Stanley had asked Beast to pretend to be the bad guy and seduce her, so he couldn’t speak to him up until now.

Sophia kept trailing off and falling into a daze. After two rounds, she started to wander away. Staring blankly at the game, she couldn’t stop herself from going onto the Internet and searching for Irene’s information.

Irene was a legendary military queen, and she had a rank of a major specializing in military entertainment. She could be best described as a true artist since she had great singing and acting skills. Furthermore, her plays were all period dramas and thematic movies. Similar to Michael, she was a national treasured artist. She was often invited as guest performer and a dignitary to meet with international guests.

Moreover, Irene was incredibly beautiful. With a pair of eyes that could speak, she had a free and easy personality like the women in the military and an outstanding temperament.

Michael and Irene were literally a perfect match!

Compared to Irene, Sophia realized she was only an ugly duckling. She didn’t have anything that was better than her….

Sophia was looking at Irene’s picture in a daze, and she didn’t realize that someone was ambushing her in the game. Suddenly, a swordsman slashed her from behind and a painful scream was heard from the game, which then shifted Sophia’s attention back to the interface.

How dare you attack me under broad daylight?!

Sophia was about to return the attack with her sword!

However, someone else was faster than her. A swordsman rushed out suddenly and killed the attacker. The attacker screamed and died.

Sophia looked at the ID of the person who saved her. It wrote, ‘No. 1 Beast of the Server.’

Why did this person appear suddenly?

Sophia messaged the person in private, ‘Thanks.’

Beast replied, ‘I came to apologize for what happened two days ago.’

After listening to Stanley’s spew of nonsense two days ago, Beast went to trouble Sophia; when he found out about her identity, he felt guilty and wanted to apologize immediately so that she wouldn’t hate him.

Sophia replied, ‘It’s alright. I’ve forgotten about it already.’

After a short conversation, the two didn’t have anything else to say and remained silent. Sophia controlled her character as it wandered around; Stanley requested her to join him for a fight, but she was uninterested. Then, Sophia walked around aimlessly.

Across the colorful world in the game, Sophia walked through the snow mountain grassland and through the lakes and villages.

The world in the ‘Swordsman Game’ was beautifully designed; any background frame from it could be used as a wallpaper. Sophia stood by the lake and gazed upon the blue waters silently.

There were very few people nearby, but when Sophia turned around, she noticed that Beast was standing behind her; she had walked such a long way and he had actually followed.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 239

The two stood in silence. Sophia was playing with her keyboard boredly as she made her character in the game walk around in circles by the lake. All the while, she was thinking about Irene, whom she had met earlier that day.

Irene… is literally like a magical bird in the sky.

She is a magical bird, and I am only a wild chicken.

To Michael, I am replaceable. I am probably someone he could get rid of anytime!

Beast continued to stand by Sophia’s side in silence as well. Occasionally, he would move a little to prove that he was still there.

Beast finally asked, ‘Unhappy?’

Sophia replied, ‘Yeah.’

‘What’s the matter?’

Sophia poured herself a glass of milk. After finishing it off, she typed, “I’ve been tomb sweeping all day. I feel down.’

After a few seconds, Beast replied, ‘When you think about the fact that it’s a holiday today, you won’t feel down anymore.’

Off screen, Sophia laughed out loud. If Beast knew that I was Sirius, who had killed him before, we’ll see if he is still happy.

Sophia replied, ‘I went tomb sweeping with my husband today and met his first love; tell me if that wasn’t heavy.’

Harry rested his hand on the keyboard and watched as the beautiful young warrior typed out sentence by sentence.

‘He’s locked himself in the study ever since we came home.’

‘His first love was really beautiful.’

Harry had a rough idea of what had happened; no wonder Sophia wandered around for over an hour in the game.

First love?

Was Sophia talking about Irene?

Back then, Irene and Michael were already engaged, and everything was progressing well. If everything had gone smoothly, Nathan would’ve had a sibling of his age already.

But ever since that accident…

Over these years, Michael never brought up Irene, but Harry knew it didn’t mean that he had forgotten about her.

If he still couldn’t let go of her, why did he even bother bringing a young bride home?

Suddenly, Harry felt sorry for her and replied, ‘As a man, he would always remember his first love, but you are the only one in his heart.’

Sophia shook her head. All of a sudden, she didn’t feel like drinking milk anymore, so she took some red wine from the cellar and poured herself a glass. It was a very fine wine, but when she drank it, it tasted extremely bitter.

Wine is so bitter. Why do people still like to drink it?

As the strong wine entered her throat, Sophia could feel a blazing fire burning from her lips to her stomach as it penetrated into her heart. In an instant, she felt a pain in her heart; after the heat was gone, she became numb, unable to feel the pain anymore.

Perhaps this was the advantage of having fine wine!

After drinking the wine, Sophia’s face became red all of a sudden.

Taking advantage of the effect of alcohol, Sophia blurted out everything she’d been suppressing to Beast as if he was a dumpster. ‘Tell me, do men have a true heart?’

Before Beast could reply, Sophia started talking to herself. ‘How would men have a true heart?’

When the wife of Sophia’s father, Joe, was pregnant, he hooked up with the nanny who was hired to take care of the pregnant wife, getting her pregnant in the process. Joe didn’t even care about the child that his nanny was carrying, which was his own flesh and blood.

What a ‘nice speech’ Richard had back then when he said, “I vow to love you forever, and I will never leave you unless the world falls apart.” In the end, he got together with the Huffs!

Love? Hmph!

Harry saw the words Sophia had sent to him.

‘There is obviously someone else in his heart, but why is so nice to me? Is he not afraid that I might fall in love with him one day?’

After thinking for a long time, Harry didn’t know what to reply. When he finally figured out his lines, Sophia had already gone offline…

Sophia switched off the computer and gulped another mouthful of wine.

Following the scorching heat was a burst of coldness and numbness, but shortly after the numbness, the heart wrenching feeling would strike again.

Sophia curled up at one corner, drinking wine glass after another as she was trying to numb herself so she wouldn’t feel the pain.

She understood that Michael had simply bought her to take care of Nathan; all this while, there was someone else in his heart.

Sophia was well aware that she shouldn’t crave for anything, but why did she fall in love with someone she shouldn’t uncontrollably?

It was too painful to love Michael; he was too shiny, and he had too many people in his heart. In such a crowded space, Sophia couldn’t fit in.

The drunk Sophia felt her world being turned upside down. Suddenly, she had the urge and courage to talk to Michael. She wanted to leave him before she fell too deeply in love; she wanted to leave him for good!

However, Sophia was so drunk that she didn’t have any energy. As she wobbled to the door but was unable to open it, she slouched on the floor by the door and watched the whole world spin around.

Suddenly, she rushed toward her cupboard and found the love letter she had written for Michael a few days ago.

As Sophia opened the love letter, she realized the letter she wrote for Michael had somehow changed in colour; the handwriting was different, and even the colour of the ink had changed.

The first sentence on the love letter read, ‘I am a light.’

‘Haha. Love? What the f*ck!’

Sophia laughed bitterly. She tore apart the letter fiercely and took two mouthfuls of wine before finding a comfortable place to sleep.

At that moment, Harry was in Villa No. 4. Although he rarely went back there, he had come back and stayed there only because he went tomb sweeping today.

Sophia was already Michael’s woman.


Just when he was hesitating with his phone in his hand, there was an incoming call from Michael all of a sudden. After the call was connected, Michael sounded unusually down as he said, “Harry, can you make a trip here?”

Harry was stunned. Is this about Sophia?

Regardless of what happened, he had to head over to take a look.

Immediately, Harry rushed to Villa No. 8. Upon entering the study, he saw Michael and his group of subordinates; it seemed like they had met some troubles.

Michael knitted his brows and said, “Chica is in trouble.”

He handed a postcard to Harry. On the front of the postcard was Michael’s company’s address beautifully written with a ball pen, and the recipient was Taylor.

At the back of the postcard… was Sophia’s photo!

It was a photo of her training in the military. Sophia squatted in the shade and tied up her shoelaces, revealing a red mark on her ankle—a faint mark of a wolf’s head.

At the back of the postcard, there was a sentence beautifully written with a ball pen in a foreign language, ‘My precious!’

My precious!

My precious!

My babe!

When Harry saw the words, he felt numb in his head.

It was a famous movie line from the movie ‘Lord Of The Rings.’ In the movie, there was a powerful magic ring; the magic ring was so strong that it could mess with people’s minds.

When one obtained the magic ring, they would become a monster under the influence of its powers, demonstrating a crazy and fanatical desire to possess the ring. Furthermore, they often held the ring and said ‘My precious’ in an extremely obsessive tone.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 240

Upon recalling that obsessed tone, Harry had goosebumps.

It was definitely impossible to search for the sender of the postcard, but they could basically conclude that it was sent by Phantom Wolf.

The postcard delivered a dangerous message. Phantom Wolf had already found out the person who was on Salvador Island was Sophia, and he would wait for an opportunity to kidnap her!

Michael bumped into his ex-girlfriend when he went to pay his respects at the grave, which made him irritated and he was already feeling really down about it. He didn’t expect that the moment he got home, he would be receiving even heavier news.

In fact, when he thought that there might be someone hiding around a corner, spying on his wife, his scalp crawled.

Michael was not afraid if it was a snatch and run; he was more worried that Sophia was marked.

Harry stayed back and discussed with Michael until it was midnight. The underground world of Bayside City was Harry’s territory, so if Phantom Wolf showed up, he would get informed immediately.

At midnight, Harry was leaving, but before he left, he glanced toward Sophia’s room.

It was already two o’clock in the morning when Michael finished working. After a quick wash up, he entered the room. Upon opening the door, the smell of alcohol wafted up his nose. When he turned on the light, he noticed that Sophia was hugging an empty wine bottle and sleeping in the cupboard. She even tore apart the love letter he wrote for her.

What’s with this situation? Michael walked over to Sophia and stroked her little face. She was sleeping soundly and her eyes were tightly shut.

He counted the empty bottles. There were three of them, and they were all very strong and fine red wine.

We were only visiting the graves. She wouldn’t have needed to drink so much, right?

Michael carried Sophia and put her on the bed. After tucking her into the blanket, he threw away the bottles and cleaned up the shredded love letter.

Even if you’re drunk, you shouldn’t tear the love letter!

Michael had actually spent all day writing it, word by word. He had written in every romantic word he knew!

The next day, Sophia woke up to a hangover in the afternoon. Her head was still dizzy, but she noticed that the room had been cleaned up. She sat on the bed and thought for a long time before she could finally recall everything last night, and she seemed to have torn up the love letter Michael wrote to her.

She opened the cupboard and searched for where she hid the letter, but it was gone.

The love letter was gone, and she felt slightly empty; that letter was actually handwritten by Michael after all.

Sophia went downstairs and saw Michael and Nathan chatting in the living room.

When Michael saw Sophia coming down, he immediately greeted her. “Chica, come over here.”

Sophia went over in a daze and she noticed that Nathan seemed to be angry.

Michael grabbed Sophia and said, “Why don’t you tell Nate? Isn’t five hundred enough?” Then, he turned to Nathan and said to him, “I haven’t complained and you want a raise? Don’t even think about it! Hmph!”

Michael’s tone was arrogant. Nathan held the five hundred in his hand and pouted unhappily.

In the end, Michael patted his head and said, “Son, five hundred a month is sufficient already. When I was your age, I didn’t even have five hundred!”

Nathan didn’t speak because he was still mad. He held the five hundred bills in hand and looked extremely unsatisfied.

Although he didn’t usually spend a lot, why did he only get five hundred?

It was barely a fraction of what Sophia was getting!

Since Michael brought up the topic, Sophia suddenly remembered it was time to get her allowance again, so she turned to stare at Michael.

Michael took out his cell phone and said generously, “Chica, I shall give you an extra million of allowance this month.”

Sophia bowed. “Thank you, Hubby!”

Michael habitually transferred the money to Sophia. After a short while, Sophia received a huge sum of money.

Nathan was even more unhappy as he pouted.

Michael explained, “You mom is an avid fangirl of a celebrity, and that requires a lot of money, so Daddy is giving Mommy more allowance. You don’t even follow a celebrity, so why would you need so much allowance?”

This excuse was… flawless. Nathan, who was still a naive child, had no way to argue against it, but the problem was that the celebrity Sophia was following was obviously Michael himself.

Sophia was extremely embarrassed as she didn’t expect Michael to send her ‘Fangirling Funds’.

Oh, my idol, why are you so nice to me? The happiest thing in the whole world is probably using my idol’s money and spending it on my idol.

It was probably because Sophia received money from her idol, so all of a sudden, she came out of her own misery, and she felt that her life was once again beautiful. It seemed like the only thing that could solve depression was to get rich instantly.

In the afternoon, Michael went out to handle something and Sophia was playing video games at home. Her team was already Aseanos’ champion. In the finals, they had to compete with famous teams from all over the world, and that would be a tough battle.

Sophia, who was focused on playing her video game, didn’t remember that she had lost the first love letter in her life.

Then, Sophia and her team battled all afternoon. It was only until dinner time that they stopped and continued with their own activities.

In the game, Snow Fox said, ‘Brothers, it’s a holiday, so please take a good rest. I am going out for a date with my girlfriend.’

Everyone was dismissed. Sophia just exited the game when she received a text message from Stanley that read, ‘Sophia, come play at the military compound!’

Sophia didn’t want to go, so she ignored him.

After a while, there was a call from an unknown number. When she answered the call, she heard an old but energetic voice. “Hello, is it Sophia? I am the old man in the military compound who used to play chess with you!”

It was actually the old man? Sophia went to play chess with him several times, and she would defeat him every time.

“Hello, Sir! How are you?”

The old man said, “Aye, it’s been several days since you came to play chess with me! I kinda miss you. Come here after dinner today! I will wait for you, alright? It’s decided. I will ask Stan to go pick you up!”


The call was cut-off.

During dinner, Stanley was walking the dog at The Imperial, and he was limping as he walked.

Since Stanley had limped all the way there to pick her up, Sophia could only agree to go with him. Fortunately, the military compound was not too far away from the house. It was only about two to three bus stops away.

Sophia treated it as a walk after dinner and took Nathan with her to the military compound to play chess with the old man in the evening.

Perhaps it was because a strong opponent showed up, for the old man’s chess skills had improved a lot. The two were on par, and the game lasted for almost two hours.

However, the old man’s skills were actually that of an amateur. Everytime he was about to lose, his face would flush in anger. Sophia was worried that he wouldn’t be able to accept the reality of his loss, so to prevent him from fainting and foaming at the mouth out of anger, she purposely took it easy on him. She didn’t force him to the edge all at once, which was why the game dragged on.

Michael returned home, only to realize that Sophia had gone to the military compound, and he immediately knew that it was the old man’s idea.

He must have wanted to have a grandchild so much.

However, Michael was not worried. That brat, Stanley, was still a little too amateurish if he was thinking of stealing Sophia from Michael; he had full confidence that he would be able to secure a woman’s heart.

The one thing that Michael was worried about though was that she might bump into some bad people if she went to the military compound…

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