My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 21-30

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 21

If he really moves to live near the school, that means that we’ll be going out of the house together. Someone will definitely see us sooner or later! I don’t want other people to know that I’m a married woman! I’m just a 19-year-old girl! I’m still a kid!

Michael watched the expressions on Sophia’s tiny face changing from shock to disappointment before turning into frustration and a fake smile—all within a few seconds.

However, she was still a young woman and he had learned how to read micro-expressions, so she would be unable to hide her thoughts in front of him. She was obviously a wild kitty, but could only pretend to be an obedient cat when facing a tiger like him.

It’s clear that she wants to claw at me with those little paws, but she can only meow at me to pet her. This is such a great feeling!

He felt that his life was getting more interesting. Therefore, he merely sat there casually, waiting for her to ‘make a move’.

Sophia was completely dumbfounded and suddenly realized that Michael’s mind was as deep as the ocean, rendering her unable to clearly see what he thought or hid in his mind.

At that moment, she felt that she should return to Duckburgs and scavenge the bins for food. However, at this point, she couldn’t return even if she wanted to. What can I do? I’ll just continue to act!

She pretended to be timid. “Hubby, how can you do this? If you move to the school with me, it will affect us badly. Didn’t we agree to keep our marriage a secret?”

Michael nodded his head. “Then I’ll ask Toby to fly you to school every day.”

Sophia quickly refuted him. “That’s too high profile for me. I don’t want everyone to criticize me.”

There were many rich people in Bayside University, but there weren’t many capable of coming to school every day in a plane. Not to mention, the university had a strict control over such mode of transportation.

For any ordinary rich person, even if they could afford a plane, they would not be able to apply for permission to land, especially on the university grounds. Only the truly rich and powerful could receive such permission to fly in the area.

Therefore, every time anyone used a helicopter to enter the school grounds, the person must be the richest among the rich and he would be fawned by everyone in school.

She didn’t want to be that high profile for the time being so that no one would discover that she married a pervert.

Seeing that she had nothing else to say, he knew that his wild kitty was running out of moves. It’s my turn now!

He waved his hand toward her. “Chica, come and sit over here!”

He patted his thigh, gesturing for her to come to him.

Sophia sat down reluctantly and her face was all wrinkled up, but Michael couldn’t see it.

When she sat down on his lap, she pretended to be obedient as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Michael also grabbed her waist with one hand while the other was fondling her. He even pouted his lips in an exaggerated way to kiss her.

Immediately, Sophia moved her head backward in shock while blocking his mouth instinctively with her hand. “Hubby, I still have my lipstick on…”

Then, he withdrew his mouth and wiped her lips personally with a napkin. “Come, I’ll wipe it off for you.”

He quickly wiped off the lipstick she had worn on her lips. After that, he pouted his lips intentionally to kiss her and even closed his eyes in an intoxicating manner.

When she saw his lips approaching, she felt terrified as though he just ate something horrible. Who knows if this pervert will pull out an eel after kissing me? What should I do? He is going to kiss me!

She screamed in anxiousness. “Ah!”

Then, she held onto her stomach as if she was in pain.

Michael asked quickly, “What is it?”

Sophia’s face was flushed. “Hubby, my flow today is a lot, so I need to go to the washroom first.”

He actually allowed her to head off to the washroom.

Soon after, she ran off like a gust of wind.

As soon as she was gone, Michael took out his phone and connected it directly to the surveillance in the couple’s room. Then, he saw her wrinkled face that he didn’t see earlier and the helplessness on her face the moment she was about to be kissed.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. This is too adorable!” Sophia was just 19 years old, so her face was still soft and tender, which made her expressions earlier look cute.

Michael suddenly burst into laughter as he felt that things were getting more interesting. He looked at Sophia’s expression repeatedly because it became cuter each time he watched it.

At that moment, Sophia almost banged her head on the wall when she hid in the washroom. These days, I will prefer to spend my life scavenging through bins in Duckburgs.

It’s better to be hungry than to live with the fear of being dominated by an eel. Ugh! I miss those days when Michael wasn’t here. She then slowly changed her tampon. How I wish that my menses will happen on a daily basis.

After exiting the toilet, she wore some makeup in front of the mirror while thinking about ways to deal with her hubby.

It took her half an hour to wear her makeup, so the busy Michael used his laptop to handle some of his business matters.

When she came out, she held onto the white carved chair while looking uncomfortable. “Hubby, let’s head home now. My stomach is killing me!” she spoke in a weak voice.

Tsk! She was still lively in school earlier today and now, she’s turned into a sick person right in front of me. What should I do? I can’t do anything if she uses her menses as an excuse. Fine, she wins this time. Let’s see what other moves she has up her sleeves after her menses! Michael walked up to her and carried her. “Come, I’ll carry you.”

When he carried her, he even gave her a soft peck on her forehead—a quick contact without any movements afterward. It was just a sweet kiss that had nothing to do with lust.

At that moment, Sophia felt a weird thump in her heart, but it instantly reverted to its normal beat.

After experiencing a heartbreaking betrayal, she had lost all her desire toward men and love—let alone Michael, who was an uncontrollable and unpredictable man.

As she rested in his arms, she felt a bit tired, so she closed her eyes to rest for a while but eventually fell asleep in the end.

She was really exhausted. The schoolwork at Bayside University was much more arduous than she imagined, even comparable to her final year in high school.

Today, she ran to a lot of clubs to sign up and had to deal with Michael at the same time, which made it tiresome for her. Her eyelids were abnormally heavier than before and it wasn’t long before she was in a deep sleep.

Michael carried her straight from the VIP passage to the carpark where Hale and Gary waited for them.

In the car, Sophia was sleeping soundly, but her hands were still covering her chest in a subconsciously defensive state.

After placing her down on the car seat, Michael leaned his elbow on the back of the car seat to condescendingly admire his wild kitty’s sweet sleeping posture.

He had been watching her for the whole day. If she wasn’t in her classroom, she would be in the library. The remainder of her time was spent running around to various clubs without giving herself any time to rest. No wonder she is tired.

He thought he saw a flicker in her eyes earlier, but it disappeared soon after. She seemed to be moved by me, but her heart instantly sealed after that. Her heart is now sealed because it was hurt before and it doesn’t seem like it will open up for me easily…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 22

If Michael dared to have Sophia by his side, he must have investigated her background, including the part where her future was almost ruined after someone framed her and her textbook-like scumbag of an ex-boyfriend.

However, it intrigued him even more. If I can convince her to lower her guard and accept me with her scarred heart, what an accomplishment that will be! I will protect her forever and use my gentle hand to touch her heart so that it won’t be scarred again.

Sophia remained asleep during the return journey home. When Michael threw her on the bed, she opened her eyes slightly and saw the two big eels Michael reared in the fish tank. She was so scared that she sat up immediately.

He knew that she was tired, so he decided not to torture her any longer. “I have something else to do tonight. Remember to change your tampon before returning to sleep.”

He grabbed some stuff and went out the door, but he was gone for a few days afterward. She did not know what crimes he committed as long as she was satisfied with her freedom.

The schoolwork at Bayside University had drained her—it was as busy as her final year in high school. She was so busy that she barely had time to rest during the day.

She left home early and returned late everyday, so she really wanted to search for a house near campus, but was also afraid that Michael would insist on living with her. That will be embarrassing. News about me being a married woman will definitely be exposed sooner or later.

On the other side, the Harper Family was in utter despair.

Kayla’s lawsuit became a problem for them because the attorney representing the plaintiff was Mr. Fields.

The first verdict had already been given—Kayla was ordered to apologize to Sophia and pay a compensation of 5 million to her for mental damages.

5 million was nothing for the Harper Family, but how could Kayla, the precious daughter of the Harper Family, admit to the public that she had framed a poor student like Sophia, seeing that they had to protect their reputation?

However, the opponent was coming at them in full force because they had the best attorney in Bayside City to defend them—Calvin Fields!

Mr. Fields was a notorious attorney and the so-called elite attorney that the Harpers engaged was no match for him. He lost after only two rounds, causing him to withdraw without collecting the agency fees.

Now, they were unable to engage an attorney who was willing to take on this case because when all of the attorneys heard that their opposing counsel was Mr. Fields, they rejected the case immediately.

By the looks of it, they could only ask Kayla to apologize to Sophia and pay the compensation.

Ever since the first judgment had been handed down, Kayla lacked the courage to go to school for the past few days, so she stayed at home and smashed things in her rage. “I’ve said it. I didn’t do it! I didn’t frame that b*tch. She was the one who framed me!”

In Harper’s Mansion, Kayla was angrily smashing everything that she could get her hands on. Even the female helper who came to clean up the mess was terrified by Kayla’s hideous and angry face, so she stood aside motionlessly and allowed the latter to continue smashing things.

Mrs. Harper advised her daughter. “Kayla, you need to calm down. It’s just an apology…”

“No way. I will not apologize to that b*tch!” Kayla’s eyes were reddened like an angry, grotesque beast with messy hair. If she actually admitted to her wrongdoings, she foresaw spending the rest of her days in school being despised by everyone.

However, Mrs. Harper still tried her best at persuasion. “Kayla, you need to listen to me. It’s almost your 19th birthday. Why don’t I plan an unprecedented birthday party for you? You can celebrate your birthday in a glorious fashion so that those haters will shut up!”

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to! I don’t want to!” Kayla screamed before she continued to smash anything that she saw.

Then, Richard and Xyla also came to persuade her.

After his genuine confession, the ‘considerate’ Xyla still chose to be together with him. Even though she knew in her heart that Sophia was still in his heart, she was still willing to be with him—even though that meant being the mistress.

Therefore, how could Richard abandon such a ‘kind’ girl like Xyla?

Just like that, both of them reconciled and as the future daughter-in-law of the Harper Family, Xyla had already won over Mrs. Harper’s heart.

Xyla risked being injured by a vase to persuade Kayla. “Kayla, you need to listen to me. Do you really think that Sophia has the power to hurt the Harpers? She is merely a pawn used by someone. The real person who is going against us is the mastermind behind her!”

Richard and Mrs. Harper thought about it for a while, but they just couldn’t understand why they would get themselves entangled in this lawsuit. Why does Sophia have the capability and fund to file a lawsuit toward us?

Finally, they figured it out. Sophia alone could never hire someone like Mr. Fields, so there must be someone backing her financially.

The Harper Family had a huge enterprise that provoked many enemies. Some people were jealous of their family fortune and tried to stab them from the back.

Apart from that, the Harper Group was preparing to be listed on the stock exchange. Therefore, if Kayla actually admitted to committing such a scandal, it might directly affect the public listing of the Harper Group.

When that thought came to mind, everything else made sense.

In the face of the Harper Family’s overall interest, Kayla’s personal reputation didn’t seem to be that important.

Thus, Mrs. Harper tried to persuade her again. “When this matter is over, we will hold your birthday party as a fundraising dinner and use your name to make a 5 million donation to charity.

Then, you can pretend to apologize so that everything will be over. They won’t have anything to hold against us after that.”

However, Kayla still refused to do so as red sparks flew out of her eyes together with huge teardrops. “I know that the priority of the family is our interest, but I really can’t bring myself to apologize to that b*tch. I just can’t!”

She hugged Mrs. Harper and cried. On the sidelines, Richard was observing them and clenched his fists before loosening them.

Sophia, you hate me, so you want to take revenge on me, but do you really think you can do that? No, you are merely a pawn! A pathetic pawn!

However, in Richard’s mind, he still could not forget Sophia’s gorgeous looks. She captivated him like a poison, making him long to have her one more time.

In the end, Kayla compromised and withdrew her appeal. She then published a public apology to Sophia in the newspapers and gave her the 5 million compensation.

After she admitted to framing Sophia’s pregnancy and almost ruining her future, the entire Bayside University went into an uproar.

The rich elites valued their reputation the most. Therefore, this incident seemed like a huge slap to the Harpers and anyone related to them would not dare to show their faces in Bayside University.

In addition, the topic of campus bullying was becoming popular and due to the Harper Family’s special identity, they had provoked a section of the public that hated the wealthy and immediately was under heavy scrutiny.

However, it was only short-lived because the Harper Family immediately went into action with their public reactions. Firstly, they employed someone to post on the internet to stir up some conversation, focusing on Kayla’s underage status at that time.

Kayla was quite a talented girl who received elite education from a young age and always had good grades, apart from receiving lots of awards in many international piano competitions. During her summer vacation, she even visited third-world countries and Africa to do volunteer work.

With that information, they abruptly painted her as an innocent and lovely top student who learned a huge lesson as a result of her youthful ignorance and a friendly joke that went wrong.

The head of Harper Group—Kayla’s parents—held a press conference to publicly apologize, saying that it was their fault for not providing their daughter with the proper education.

As a result, they were willing to donate another 5 million to charity as a way to atone for their daughter’s sins.

As for the university, the board did not inflict any punishment on her due to her underage status at that time, so they only gave her a credit deduction. However, if she studied hard for the rest of the semester, she would still be able to earn that credit sooner or later.

All the chaos ended just like that, but it also seemed that it was the beginning of something else…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 23

During the Harper Family’s utmost attempt on their public relations, they also didn’t forget to conduct a private investigation on Sophia.

They wanted to know the person who stood behind Sophia to go against them.

However, after investigating for a while, nothing was found because her cell phone was completely encrypted and there was no way to hack into it. Her academic files were also encrypted and the Harper Family did not have the authority to directly check a student’s file in Bayside University.

They even sent someone to follow her multiple times, but she was able to throw them off swiftly each time.

They had even sent someone to look into Sophia’s life after she left Riverdale High School. For a while, she was always under the supervision of the Harper Family because they didn’t want to give her any chance of a comeback.

The Harpers were a strong force in Riverdale, so they notified the stores near Riverdale High School not to provide Sophia with any opportunities for survival. They only gave her two options—leave Riverdale or die.

In the end, she left Riverdale, but once she left, the Harper Family was unable to track her down.

No one knew where she went or how she suddenly showed up in South Bayside High School.

Therefore, they started their investigation again from South Bayside High School, but it still led to a dead end. They only discovered that she was a transfer student who was suddenly transferred there from nowhere.

She seemed to disappear and show up at places from time to time, so no one knew where she went after leaving Riverdale. Thus, no one knew who the mastermind behind her was.

The Harper Family was busy with listing their shares on the stock market, so they temporarily placed the matter on the backburner, but they wouldn’t let it go with ease.

At least in Kayla’s mind, the matter had already become a permanent thorn in her heart, causing her continuous distress if she didn’t remove it.

After we list all of our shares on the market, the Harper Family’s influence will become stronger. At that time, the mastermind behind Sophia will not dare to help her and I’ll finally have the chance to give her a piece of my mind!

Sophia was really frightened by Michael to the point where she fell ill this time around. Her menstruation had continued for ten days, but in the end, it finally left her.

However, it was hard for her to overcome the trauma inside her, especially when she saw the two eels in the fish tank.

She discovered that Michael had a habit—keeping eels in his bedroom. Not only was the sight of two eels swimming in a tank hideous, she was tired of staring at them everyday.

Everyday, Maria would diligently change the water and feed the eels. After rearing them for a few days, she would cook them in the kitchen before replacing them with new eels. She would repeat this cycle every time.

That was Michael’s little hobby. He liked to eat eels as well as keeping them at places where he could see them. He would stare at the eels for a few days before turning them into a delicious dish. If I observe the eels long enough to the point where there’s affection, it would be more delicious and emotional for me when I eat them.

However, in Sophia’s eyes, she felt that the two eels definitely had other functions, even though in his eyes, it was merely for him to eat.

He seemed to be very busy with his job. He was usually outside during the day and would rush home at night. Sometimes, he wouldn’t return home for a few days.

In the meantime, Sophia’s menstruation was over, so she couldn’t use it as an excuse any more. She was in immediate danger because Michael would want to have sex with her anytime, which made her so anxious that she began to talk about living in school repeatedly.

Then, she heard that in early October, when the weather was slightly cold, the school would send all its freshmen to a military training base dedicated to Bayside University for a month to have closed military training. If it’s closed, this means I can hide from Michael for another month.

However, there were still a few days before the military training and Michael could return home anytime during this period. Therefore, she decided to come home as late as possible every day by filling up her timetable.

She had various elective courses along with three clubs to attend and she even signed up for a fitness course—it was held twice a week—that she was particularly excited about.

Today was a weekend and Michael wasn’t at home. Sophia ate her breakfast in a hurry before she rode away on her Yamaha bike that he finally returned to her.

She went straight to the most famous gym in Bayside City—Audistin.

Many wealthy people in Bayside City were keen on fitness and Audistin was their favourite place to go to.

Audistin’s fitness card was especially hard to obtain and it was even harder to make an appointment with their personal trainer. However, Audistin deserved to earn the reputation as the best gym in Bayside City since the gym had famous personal trainers as well as being a huge franchise brand with bars and health clubs under their company. On the outskirts of the city, they even had specialized shooting ranges, hunting grounds, horse courses, and golf courses—the kind of places where celebrities and the rich would usually go to.

Sophia was a platinum member here and even had her own personal trainer. She had been consistently training here for a year and the effects were really good.

She only managed to make a three hour appointment solely due to Michael’s dashing face. It was already considered good for most people to schedule an appointment for an hour because the personal trainers here charged a fee of ten thousand every hour.

She was prepared to spend her whole day in the gym because she didn’t want to face Michael and his three eels when she returned. I’ll try not to head home as much as possible.

When she arrived at the gym, it had just opened for the day and there weren’t many people inside. Most of them were students who came to work part-time cleaning the barbells.

As the gym was not far from Bayside University, many students came to work here.

Other ordinary stores wouldn’t dare to accept a Bayside University student as a part-timer—unless it was a high-end place like Audistin.

In addition, Audistin also provided free opportunities for students of Bayside University working here to exercise, so that resulted in more students coming here for a job.

When Sophia arrived, she happened to see her classmate, Juliette Sanders, rubbing some barbells.

Juliette was an ordinary citizen from a middle class background. She also came here to work and maintain her fitness. She always thought that Sophia was a fellow part-timer, seeing that the latter was an ordinary citizen like herself. Sophia didn’t want to stand out, so she pretended to work here and even explained to Juliette that they had different working hours.

“Juliette! You’re early today!”

“Sophia, so are you. After I’m done cleaning the yoga room, I can finally exercise.”

After they greeted each other briefly, Sophia went into the changing room to change her clothes.

By the time she changed clothes and exited the room, there were already lots of people in the gym.

It was arduous to secure an appointment for a private lesson here. If a person came late, there would be no refund and another member would automatically fill in the empty slot. Audistin also had a strong backing, so no one dared to create a fuss here. That was why the place was crowded so early in the morning.

Sophia wore a short fitness suit that perfectly outlined her beautiful curves and flawless ab crack, which made her look fit and attractive.

She changed her clothes and jogged on the treadmill for half an hour. After relaxing, she wiped her sweat while chatting with Juliette, who was still wiping the barbells.

Juliette was a high-achieving scholar with excellent grades, so she was also a top student like Sophia, which was why both of them had common topics to talk about.

Just as they were happily chatting with each other, two uninvited guests entered the gym.

Kayla, who had an appointment for a yoga class, immediately saw Sophia after entering the gym. Both her eyes immediately reddened as she couldn’t wait to tear off Sophia’s hypocritical face!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 24

My family lost tens of millions for no reason because of Sophia’s false accusations and we even became a laughing stalk among the wealthy elites. Even though Kayla knew that Sophia definitely wasn’t capable of going against her family alone and there was someone pulling the strings, she still wanted to tear the latter’s face off immediately after seeing her.

She instinctively walked toward her, but she did not expect to be halted by a pair of hands on her arms.

“Kayla, don’t…” Xyla stopped her in time. “We are in Audistin. We can’t cause any trouble here.”

The elites paid attention to their health and fitness, so the gym almost became an important social venue for them. All of Audistin’s customers came from the rich and powerful families of Bayside City.

Hence, if anything happened here, it would spread throughout the society the next day.

However, this was a critical time for Kayla, seeing that the lawsuit had now been concluded and the Harper Family had also apologized to Sophia.

They even started to prepare for the promised charity during her birthday party, so if she troubled Sophia at that moment, someone might cause the situation to be worsened.

We all know that Audistin has a powerful backing. Whoever dares to create a fuss here is very likely to be kicked out instantly in an embarrassing way.

Audistin had a few legal shooting ranges and hunting grounds that were rare in Cethos, which illustrated the power they had.

There was once when a son of an officer had caused trouble in Audistin by violently whacking a personal trainer because of his wealthy background.

However, in the end, the man was beaten to a pulp by a few muscular trainers to a point where his face was swollen and he was even tossed out of the gym in an embarrassing fashion. From that moment on, his family was excluded from Audistin forever.

According to the rumors, the man refused to accept the fact and wanted to rely on his father’s power to take revenge on Audistin, but before he could make a move, his father was quickly taken out. Since then, no one even dared to lay their hands on Audistin.

Kayla knew that she couldn’t cause another commotion, but she just couldn’t suppress the anger inside her, so her whole body started to tremble.

Suddenly, she heard Xyla’s gloating cry. “Apparently Sophia works here!”

After hearing her words, Kayla instantly understood. Sophia works here! Our family just paid her 5 million in compensation, so she shouldn’t be desperate to look for a job here, but here she is! The only explanation for this is that she didn’t get any of the money.

By the looks of it, it has to do with the mastermind behind her because she is just a pawn used by someone to attack us. Now that the false accusation of her pregnancy has passed and my family has settled the matter, she became useless to that mastermind. It’s possible that she didn’t even get paid for what she did!

At that moment, she really felt happy in her heart as a sense of superiority of a wealthy elite suddenly grew. Then, she purposely walked straight to the front of Sophia in the fitness hall. Since she is a part-time student here, I have many ways to embarrass her.

Meanwhile, Sophia was still chatting with Juliette as they had a discussion about yesterday’s economic law class, exchanging ideas on ‘consumer’s rights’ to ‘the significance of taxation’. However, just when they had a stimulating conversation, Kayla and Xyla showed up in front of them.

“A peasant will always be a peasant. Even if you’ve enrolled in Bayside University, you still can’t avoid serving others!” Kayla scorned her immediately.

Sophia could probably guess that Kayla misunderstood something, so she shrugged her shoulders and refused to neither deny nor admit to it. “What’s wrong with earning some money by myself?”

Kayla sneered. “What is it? Have you used up that 5 million we gave you so quickly? Or is it that you didn’t get a penny out of it?”

Sophia nodded her head sincerely. “You really know a lot. I’ve actually used it all up.”

That 5 million wasn’t even enough for Mr. Fields’s retainer fee, but Michael had a huge enterprise, so he didn’t care much about her 5 million and Mr. Fields never asked her about the fee. Naturally, the 5 million became her own money, which she used to buy a few houses outside the suburbs of West Valley. She also spent a lot of money to purchase some stores in that area.

According to the information provided by Hale, Michael had a contract with a subway line that included an exit near the area. A huge shopping mall and a large office building would be built around the place along with a dock. Therefore, that remote area would soon be the second biggest economic center in Bayside City.

Before she could finish using the tens of millions Michael gave her in the beginning, he gave her another ten millions to spend. Now, she was loaded with money and when she looked at the balance on her bank card, she even thought that she was living with an Iranian rial, which suffered from a severe currency depreciation to the point where you needed to buy beans with a bag of money.

Kayla chuckled as she ruthlessly exposed the truth. “Don’t be too pleased with yourself. You are just a disposable pawn that our competitor is using! Now, you have no value of use and once everything is over, it will be easy for us to kill you.”

Sophia didn’t want to talk nonsense with her because her personal training course would be starting soon After wiping her sweat with a towel, she drank a mouthful of water before walking toward the private training room.

How dare she ignore me! Kayla was furious as a cold light shone from her eyes. She immediately removed the lid on the bottle of juice that she held in her hand before pouring it on the floor, causing water stains to appear.

Sophia turned her head and looked at her actions in confusion. That juice seems to cost more than 30 a bottle! She is really a rich girl. I can only bring myself to drink a bottle of cheap mineral water.

Kayla’s actions successfully drew everyone’s attention. She smiled happily and threw away the empty bottle in her hand before glaring at Sophia condescendingly. “What are you looking at? Hurry up and wipe it clean. Servitress!”

She emphasized on the word ‘servitress’.

Who does she think she is? She is just a nobody who wants to marry into a rich family like us, but failed to do so. Even if she managed to get herself into Bayside University, she is still a low life who can only be a subservient dog in front of me! Correction! She isn’t even worthy to be my dog!

In Kayla’s eyes, Sophia was merely a low life who didn’t even deserve her acknowledgement.

Due to Sophia’s ‘false accusation’, Kayla couldn’t even show her face in public, so she really wanted to kill her. When she lowers herself to wipe the juice under my feet, I’ll give her a hard kick on the head.

However, Sophia turned and ignored her.

Seeing her turning away disdainfully, Kayla was furious as she yelled in a shrill voice, “Is this how an Audistin attendant treats a premium member?”

Sophia continued to walk without turning her head while Juliette’s face paled as she was shocked about the situation. She happened to be in charge of this area, so she immediately kneeled with a large towel to wipe off the juice on the floor.

However, Kayla used her diamond high heels to kick Juliette’s towel away before glaring at Sophia’s back with her crimson eyes. An unrestrained high-pitched scream was heard afterward. “Sophia Edwards, do you hear me? I want you to wipe it clean!”

Her scream reverberated through the halls of Audistin, causing the once noisy fitness halls to become silent immediately. Then, everyone turned their attention toward Kayla and Sophia. Their lawsuit had caused a huge uproar among the high society, so everyone now surrounded them as if they were watching a drama.

Under the eyes of the crowd, Sophia still walked away in a leisure manner without turning her head. Back then, she was always cautious toward Young Lady Harper because of Richard, but now, she finally stood up for herself and replied in a firm tone, “I won’t wipe it!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 25

As if she seemed to have grasped something, Kayla laughed angrily and deliberately made a loud commotion. “Is this how the employees of Audistin treat their premium members? Look at this filthy floor! Where’s your manager? Ask him to come out now!”

Her actions now made her look like a shrew who cursed on the streets with one hand on her hip, which made it extremely annoying.

Xyla, who was earnestly persuading Kayla not to make a fuss earlier, hid herself among the crowd while watching the latter embarrass Sophia. Since Sophia Edwards no longer has any value now, she has to reduce herself to work at Audistin.

I bet she must have endured a rough time to even search for this part-time job! I’m really looking forward to the scene where Kayla Huff, this shrew, drives her out from Audistin!

This incident had placed the Audistin’s manager in a difficult situation. The Audistin had plenty of premium members like the Harper Family, but there were only a handful of platinum members like Sophia Edwards. Therefore, he would definitely lose his job as a manager if the screw pissed off their platinum member!

The manager of Audistin wasn’t any ordinary man either. The black suit he wore made him look smart and competent as well as handsome. A few gym instructors automatically stood behind him upon his arrival, making an imposing appearance.

The gym instructors were usually personal trainers. However, if there was anyone causing a commotion at the scene, they would immediately turn into fighters.

When the manager and a few muscular men with an average height of 1.8 meters appeared, they naturally gave off a strong presence, causing a young girl like Kayla Harper to be startled when they surrounded her. Nevertheless, she immediately returned to the condescending attitude she had earlier.

I’m in fact a premium member! “Are you the manager?” She appraised the manager from top to bottom.

The manager replied, “Yes.”

She arrogantly stated, “You must have seen what had happened earlier. I want to lodge a complaint about that part-timer. I’m a premium member of Audistin and have also booked a session with two silver-rated personal trainers, but your part-timer looks down on me. I’m sure you know what to do now!”

Sophia, who was initially prepared to leave, turned and blended with the crowd to watch the scene.

The manager was clear as to who Kayla referred to.

Even though she was a premium member who took courses from two silver-rated personal trainers and usually spent more than tens of thousands with them per week, Sophia was an even more important client!

As a shrewd person, the manager planned to please both parties when he saw that Sophia did not want to pursue the matter even further—he would first deal with Kayla before apologizing to Sophia. “I’m sorry that our services haven’t been good enough.

We will immediately clean up the water stains on the floor. However, Miss Edwards is also our member. She is not our part-timer.”

Kayla was in disbelief. “She’s a member as well?”

Audistin’s members were all respectable people. As this place was also considered a venue for the upper-class society to socialize with one another, each member’s background had to be verified before they were allowed access.

Sophia Edwards probably registered as a member when she still had her value. Now that she’s no longer part of the rich and powerful, what can she do with her member card?

Relying on the fact that she was a premium member, she declared in a condescending tone, “I don’t like her and I don’t wish to continue seeing this person. If she still appears here after this, I’ll never come to Audistin again. Even my family and friends won’t come here as well. You guys better take care of it!”

This is the power that wealthy people possess. We can order a store manager around just because we are rich! Sophia Edwards must have shamelessly stayed in Audistin because she is using her appearance to get a rich man. All the members of Audistin are wealthy and powerful with extraordinary backgrounds.

Therefore, even if she were to blindly pick any one of them, she will still get a tall, wealthy and handsome man. She wants to marry into a wealthy family and join the upper-class society, huh? In her dreams! I will make sure that she won’t succeed! This is the power of their wealthy people, they are so big that they can deceive shops!

The manager felt even more conflicted. Young Lady Harper’s words carry weight, so if she decides not to come again after this, there’s a possibility that a bunch of rich clients would also stop coming to Audistin. Then again, Sophia Edwards is a platinum member! He hesitantly asked, “Are you sure you won’t be coming again after today?”

Kayla was cold and superior. “If this person is still here, I won’t come again after this. My friends, my family and my school mates won’t come here again as well.

As the management personnel of Audistin, you should know who is the quality client—a lowly commoner who came to secure a rich man or me, the Young Lady Harper!” She even emphasized, “Audistin is the best gym in Bayside City and not a place for someone to fish for a rich man.

If you want to get yourself a wealthy man, you should go to the bar next door. There are plenty of old men who fancy women like you over there!”

While she was speaking, she stared at Sophia, who was among the crowd, with detestation.

After listening to Kayla’s declaration, the crowd turned to look at Sophia.

Among the crowd, she looked at the crowd in bewilderment with her arms folded across her chest—as if she had no idea that Kayla was talking about her.

Sophia was wearing sportswear with a crop top that revealed her flawless six-pack. The muscles on her abdomen were impeccable, arousing the envy of men and jealousy of women. It was obvious that it would be impossible for someone to attain such a perfect figure without investing sweat and time into it.

If she was really here to get herself a rich man, he would definitely come to her on his own accord.

Kayla thought that she was about to succeed in driving Sophia away. Feeling delighted, she pressed on maliciously. “I’m giving you three minutes now.

You shall decide on whether to have her to leave or for me to go!” If I really leave now, the entire Harper Family and the wealthy families close to us will never come here again, which would result in an immediate loss of a great number of clients. Audistin certainly won’t be so foolish not to know who needs to leave.

Looking at Kayla’s triumphant expression, Sophia scoffed without saying anything while awaiting the upcoming show. She didn’t forget to look for Xyla Huff’s figure and as expected, the latter was found watching the scene with the crowd. This scene is undoubtedly familiar!

When Sophia was dating Richard Harper, Kayla often sought trouble with her—just like what she did today.

To her, Sophia was unmatched to her unrivaled brother, so she had resented her without a reason. Sophia thought that in Kayla’s eyes, she must have been worse than a piece of s*it.

In the past, when Kayla found fault with Sophia, Xyla would pretend to persuade them to make peace, but she stayed on one side and became an instigator. Some of the issues that happened between Kayla and Sophia were all instigated by Xyla.

When the issue intensified to the point where it alarmed Richard, Xyla would become a little cutie who was hurt for attempting to bridge the divide between Kayla and Sophia, but ended up offending them both. Xyla tried her hardest to mislead him into believing that Sophia was the one who deliberately provoked Kayla.

Xyla was expectedly hiding in the crowd right now, feeling delighted that Sophia was in trouble.

Sophia felt that there was more to watch, so she continued to do so with her arms folded across her chest.

The manager seemed to have made a decision between Sophia Edwards and Kayla Harper. As it was indeed a difficult decision to make, he asked Kayla again. “Are you sure that you won’t be coming here again if Miss Edwards refuses to leave? Even your friends and relatives won’t be coming here as well?”

Kayla adamantly nodded. “Yes, it’s impossible for me to train in the same gym as this b*tch! I find that everything she has touched is filthy!”

Upon hearing her words and seeing that he could not turn things around, he finally made up his mind. “Alright, I’ll do as you wish!”

She felt proud and elated, as if she had managed to regain a little of her lost pride. However, this was merely the beginning. I, Kayla Harper, will not only ensure that Sophia Edwards can’t continue to stay in this gym. I will also make sure that she won’t be able to continue her studies in Bayside University! She’s merely a lowly commoner. How could she even think that she can steadily marry into a wealthy family by studying in Bayside University? In her dreams!

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Kayla even intended to fish her phone out to record the scene where Sophia was kicked out of the door. Not only would she treasure the video in her phone, she would even upload it online for everyone to see what would become of this delusional b*tch!

However, to her surprise, the manager said something that interrupted all of her fantasies. “Then, Miss Harper, please follow me there to cancel your premium membership. I’ll refund your private safety deposit box and lessons with the private trainers as well.”

There were only three types of memberships that Audistin offered to the public—general membership, exclusive memberships, and premium memberships. As a matter of fact, there were two additional types of membership above those three, which were the gold membership and the platinum membership.

Gold members generally consisted of high-ranking officials and incredibly wealthy people—people who could shake Bayside City by stomping on the ground with their feet. However, platinum members consisted of those who were even more powerful and influential and Audistin even provided them with special services that were unavailable for other members to enjoy.

There were only a handful of people who had the platinum membership card as it was something that money and power couldn’t purchase. It was only given to those with extraordinary identities. For example, the young wife who had a flash marriage with their boss behind the scenes…

Although the manager was merely an ordinary manager in Audistin, he knew that the gym was not as simple as it tooked. However, in his current position, he did not know much.

For instance, he didn’t know about the boss’s identity; all he knew was that the person was an extremely powerful and influential person. However, it’s enough for me to understand that Sophia is the wife of the boss behind Audistin. Although the Harper Family is strong, they are completely insignificant as compared to our boss.

Kayla thought that she was hearing things, so she asked in disbelief, “What did you just say?”

The manager repeated clearly, “As the employees of Audistin, we don’t welcome people who come here to seek trouble. Miss Harper, please come with me to cancel your membership.

If you have friends or relatives who are members of Audistin, please cancel their memberships as well.” He wore a professional smile. “During the cancelation, please cancel your course with our private trainers.”

Kayla was dumbfounded. “Are you insane? I’m Audistin’s premium member and have spent more than one million here! The Harpers has spent more than 10 million in Audistin collectively, but you actually ask me to cancel my membership for that b*tch?!”

The manager maintained his professional smile. “Please mind your words. Miss Edwards is our member, so you shouldn’t refer her as a b*tch. Audistin only welcomes civilized members.”

“You—” Kayla Harper had never expected the manager of a tiny gym to treat her like that. If this were to happen in the ancient times, he’s merely a runner! However, I’m a premium member! The employees here would usually bow obediently to me! “Is this how Audistin operates their business? Refusing a wealthy client like me, but protecting this b*tch?”

The manager was extremely polite as he patiently repeated the same statement that he made earlier. “Audistin only welcomes civilized members; we will not welcome those who continue to make personal criticisms. Miss Harper, please mind your words.”

It was already half past ten, so there were more people in Audistin. These members were all from wealthy backgrounds and some of them even knew Kayla personally. Just like that, they watched her humiliate herself. Only a foolish or silly person like her will have the guts to stir up trouble in Audistin! This Young Lady Harper is just as arrogant as she is rumored to be and she isn’t even concerned about the identity of the owner behind Audistin!

Although most people didn’t know who owned Audistin, they were vaguely aware of the existence of this legendary person in Bayside City.

He had no name and nobody knew who he was or could even prove his existence, but he was the one controlling various properties like real estate and the new energy development in Bayside City. He also had a status which was almost on par with the Four Great Families. Legend had it that Audistin was the territory of this unnamed person, so no one dared to cause any trouble in this place.

In the face of the growing crowd of onlookers, Kayla felt humiliated and growled at the gym manager after casting a fierce glare at Sophia. “I’m leaving! Congratulations for your eventual loss of a large number of premium members!” With that, she haughtily went to cancel her membership. Xyla attempted to stop her, but the latter was now pissed that it would be difficult to do anything.

Kayla might be foolish, but Xyla wasn’t. She would be landing herself in deep trouble if she was really blacklisted by Audistin since the members of the upper-class society in Bayside City mostly carried out business negotiations in places that were under the Audistin group.

They had the best gym, golf course, horse riding club, shooting range, health club, hunting ground and other places with clients that consisted of almost all the wealthy people of Bayside City.

If one were to be black-listed by Audistin, this person would never be able to enter any one of the properties owned by Audistin ever again! Therefore, it would be a terrifying matter to be rejected by the social circle that centered on Audistin.

All of her friends and besties loved to visit the Audistin gym to practice yoga, aerobics and dance; their fathers and brothers would socialize and have business talks in Audistin’s golf courses and horse-riding clubs.

Audistin had become an important place for the rich to socialize and it was also a place for one to be in touch with other members of the upper-class society.

If she were to be banned from entering Audistin, it would also mean that she would inadvertently lose plenty of common topics and chances to socialize with the rich and wealthy. Therefore, she pretended to not know Kayla. Kayla Harper can cancel her membership, but I can’t. I’ll wait until she cancels her membership before I appear again.

Unexpectedly, the sharp-eyed Sophia spotted Xyla with a mere look and intentionally reminded loudly, “Hey, didn’t you just arrogantly declare that your friends and relatives won’t come to Audistin again?” As she spoke, she deliberately pointed at Xyla, who was currently standing in the crowd with the intention to distance herself from Kayla.

Kayla was so full of herself when she pulled Xyla from the crowd to cancel her membership. She even stated fiercely, “I definitely won’t stay in the same place as this filthy woman! All my friends and relatives won’t ever come to this place again! Never!”

Just like that, Xyla was tugged by Kayla, who wore a resentful expression, to cancel her membership while Sophia waved at them with a smile on her face.

Xyla was extremely disgruntled. I’m actually being kicked out from Audistin just like that! If I can’t come to Audistin, I would inadvertently lose plenty of opportunities! It’s all because of this idiot—Kayla Harper! If Kayla could use a gun, well, she would be able to shoot her target, Sophia Edwards, accurately. If she couldn’t use a gun well, she would just shoot herself in her foot!

After seeing Kayla and Xyla leaving, the crowd dispersed after the show ended. Regarding the incident where Kayla was kicked out from Audistin, everyone’s statement was it resulted from her causing a scene there. She even arrogantly declared that she would not set foot in Audistin ever again.

Nevertheless, everyone seemed not to know that there were two higher memberships above Audistin’s premium membership, which was the gold membership and platinum membership, let alone the fact that Sophia was a gold member.

After she managed to rid herself of Kayla and Xyla, she went to search for her personal trainer with an uplifted spirit. The personal trainer, whom she had booked some courses with, was one of the few gold-rated personal trainers in Audistin—Gwen.

Gwen was a multi-talented person who had been training Sophia for the past year. She had been teaching her aerobics and yoga. However, these activities were just an addition to the main reason why the latter had come to Audistin to learn—it was because the former taught the world’s top MMA combat skill!

Combat courses and the shooting courses, which used real guns in the shooting range located at the outskirts, were the courses that Sophia loved the most!

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Audistin was the favorite place for the upper-class society in Bayside City due to the excellent services provided there. Sophia loved this place and Michael was the Boss behind the place.

As one of the few platinum members, she was able to pre-book all of the services here for free. In fact, she was able to enjoy all of the services provided with the best quality, which were offered in all the clubs under the Audistin group free of charge.

Tsk, there are so many benefits to being the Boss’s woman, but it would be better if he is less perverted!

She went to the private room to look for Gwen, who was one of the gold-rated trainers here.

Gwen was one of the most highly valued fitness trainers in Bayside City. Under her training, all of her students were able to attain six-packs and a slim waist. Therefore, her fees were extremely expensive and it was difficult to book a session with her. Apart from that, there were still a bunch of celebrities who would use all their resources to scramble to book a course with her.

Standing at 1.75 meters, she was a woman with an enviable figure and a perfect body-to-fat ratio at 20%. She had an hourglass figure with six-packs and her figure was completely proportioned according to the golden ratio. She had cold yet stunning facial features, which made her seem like she was constantly aloof.

Sophia walked into the private room with light footsteps when Gwen was quietly practicing yoga inside. She silently sneaked behind Gwen before throwing a punch at her back with speed, strength and accuracy.

However, the punch unexpectedly didn’t land on her. Gwen made a move at the speed of lighting. Her palm pressed on Sophia’s seemingly rapid fist and instead pinned her down on the floor in a counter attack move.

“Ouch! Master, have mercy on me!” Sophia’s face was pressed on the floor while she cried in pain. My arm is about to break soon!

Outsiders only knew that Gwen was a yoga and fitness trainer. However, that was not exactly true. She actually specialized in women’s combat skill and proficient in Judo, Muay Thai, Karate and many other martial arts. As the Boss’s wife, Sophia knew way more about her than other people.

For instance, before Gwen became a fitness trainer, she was a retired special agent for the country with excellent fighting skills. An ordinary person definitely would not be able to reserve a combat skill course with her unless that person was a platinum member like Sophia.

A smile seemed to appear on Gwen’s lips before she immediately returned to her usual cold expression. “You can come at me again. Let me see how bad you are after taking a break for these few days!”

Sophia rose to her full height and continued to make her moves without patting off the dust on her. Although she horribly lost to Gwen every time, the continuous beating process actually caused her combat skills to improve tremendously.

The two people started to fight in the private room, but Sophia was being chased and beaten for half of the right and only managed to gain a shred of chance to launch a counter attack recently. Nevertheless, when compared to Gwen, whose skill was immeasurable, Sophia was as weak as a chicken.

Whenever Sophia booked a private class with Gwen, Hale would come to watch. As he had just arrived, he now sat straight at one side with a cup in his hand while pointing and instructing Gwen, “Gwen, she’s the Boss’s woman. Just use simple moves on her.”

As if she did not hear a word he said, Gwen’s move on Sophia was still harsh, seeing that it was a personal request from the latter since she had intended to become stronger soonest possible. So, not only did Sophia need to arm her mind and purse, arming her body was inevitable as well.

Hale would always watch their training for two reasons—one was to prevent Sophia from being bashed to death by Gwen and the other was because he found the fight between them damn interesting!

Ever since he was ordered to protect Sophia, he had completely bid farewell to his glorious days of the past—where he had to dance on a razor’s edge—and enjoyed an early retirement by spending his entire day with a cup of tea, a newspaper, and the game ‘Mobile Legends’ downloaded on his phone.

His days were so calm and peaceful that he became bored with it, so he enjoyed watching the fights between the women, especially when they both had hourglass figures that he fancied.

At the same time, there were three men working out in one of the VIP private gyms in Audistin.

Harry still had his daring golden hair that gleamed under the lights. He was training his muscles and his biceps were in a perfect condition, so he was practically drenched in sweat. After completing a set, he took a selfie at the mirror and posted it on Twitter before he continued to work out.

While training his muscles, he uttered, “Three men working out in a gym together. They must be gays.”

“You have just recently married, so I didn’t expect you to actually work out together with us, the two bachelors. If I were you, I would be embracing my lovely wife in bed, making love to her over and over again.”

Michael was doing push-ups with one arm. His half-naked body was sexy as boiling sweat beads fell one after another on the floor. His body was tense as a result of his movement, showing a flawless streamline and his well-defined muscles were overflowing with masculinity.

He remained quiet while the phone, which was placed on the floor, was playing the footage taken by the security camera in the private room where Sophia was in. It turns out that my wild kitty is here to polish her claws!

Although he was a little reluctant to let her experience this, he still felt that a wild kitty should behave like one. He preferred a woman who was a little feisty as it would be more challenging to conquer her.

Daniel, who had probably completed his set of workout, was reading the newspaper while drinking tea. There were large, bolded words on the headline of the newspaper that read, ‘Two emperors unite!

The union of the Golden Bell Awards for Best Actor, Ethan Winston, and the Golden Horse Awards for Best Actor, Taylor Murray, was held in the Netherlands with an apparent registration of marriage. The Winston couple is no longer the imagination of the fans!’

Taylor Murray was Michael Fletcher’s stage name while Ethan Winston was Harry Winston’s.

Daniel put down the newspaper before raising his eyes and asked, “The both of you went to register for marriage in the Netherlands?”

“Ugh!” Harry, who was training his biceps, replied.

“Ugh!” Michael, who was earnestly peering at his wife, replied as well.

After completing a set, he rose to his full height and wiped his sweat with a towel while looking at himself in the mirror. Hmm, I have a muscular figure, nice crotch, perfect *ss, prominent chest muscles, slim waist and strong arms. If I were a woman, I would definitely can’t wait to sleep with me, but why doesn’t Sophia like me? He flexed his biceps and six packs in front of the mirror. I’m just too perfect!

Quietly placing the towel over his shoulder, he pushed the door open and went out.

Harry asked, “Old man, where are you going? Didn’t we agree to go to the hunting ground to hunt for some wild animals later?”

Michael had walked far away. “I’m going to look for my wife to make love to her.”

Harry replied, “Tsk, choosing a girl over his buddy!”

After he finished training his muscles, he took a towel to wipe his sweat and scrolled on his Twitter timeline. The selfie that he took in front of the mirror earlier rapidly made headlines as it was being admired by a large number of fans. He put down his phone and took Daniel’s newspaper to read. “Let me see what is stated in this thing.”

Harry and Michael had been working in the entertainment industry for over ten years now. As people who were excluded from the upper-class society, the entertainment industry was certainly a good place for them.

In the past ten years, they had acted in quite a number of films. They had become famous together and even won the best actor awards together. They were once the golden partners and now, the couple who was loved by everyone. From being ‘brothers’ in the past to the ‘Winston’s couple’ now—where both names were given by their fans—their fans were getting wilder.

For unknown reasons, a photo that was taken when they went to the Netherlands for business half a year ago had made the headlines. As the Netherlands was a special country where gay couples could get married, their trip there was naturally given another meaning.

After reading the news, Harry was furious, “F*ck! What the heck is this? Can’t this bunch of fans and media do something more proper? I’m straight! I’m a heterosexual man!”

Upon hearing that, Daniel, who was calmly drinking tea, put down his tea cup and said, “Be open-minded. At least you are on the top. You are on the top and fancied by everyone!”

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That’s right. I, Harry Winston, am always on the top!

The Internet had become more advanced over the years and even a little brat could learn how to surf the internet. Therefore, the Internet was flooded with gay novels with Ethan and Taylor as the main characters. In those stories, Harry Winston had always been the top!

Judging by this, the fans were all rather cute—at least they were not blind as they could tell which position was more suitable for them.

Whenever he was dissatisfied with Michael, Harry would search online for a couple of erotic gay novels with heavy sexual abuse elements and Ethan on the top while Taylor was at the bottom. After reading those novels, his dissatisfaction toward Michael would seem to disappear almost instantly and he even felt sorry for him…

To their fans, Ethan Winston was on the top and fancied by everyone. For an inexplicable reason, any male actors who had collaborated with him would be shipped with him. They would be labelled as a weak bottom, crossdressing bottom, elderly bottom, perverted bottom. Even if he touched a dog, there would be more than a dozen short stories about sex between a human and a beast. Therefore, his harem consisted of more than thousands of people!

Even Daniel, who was photographed in the same photo as Harry once by the media, appeared as a character in dozens of the erotic gay stories created by the latter’s fans.

Harry alone was able to uphold half of the entire gay community among the celebrities.

Daniel put his teacup down before suddenly asking, “Did you manage to look for Miss Feisty? Have you had any news yet?”

At the mention of his Miss Feisty, Harry’s eyes darkened when he recalled the day he caught a fleeting glimpse of her flying kiss through the window…

“There’s still no news yet. Her identity seems to have been intentionally removed by someone. After that day, someone manipulated all of the security cameras located nearby that area.” There is actually such a powerful force in Bayside City! I was being careless, but this has stimulated my competitiveness. I must investigate Miss Feisty’s identity.

Daniel shook his head. “Stop searching if you can’t look for her. Hey, how about I, Master Levine, make a prediction for you? I’m sure that Miss Feisty would have nowhere to hide. Since we have ‘cooperated’ in dozens of gay novels, I will give you a discount and collect only 5 million from you.”


Meanwhile, when Michael found Sophia, her combat skills class had just finished and the class in session was her yoga class.

Although she was once again heavily beaten up by Gwen, her condition was still better than before. When she first joined Gwen’s class, she would receive black-and-blue marks from the beatings every day. Gwen always had the nerve of steel; she would still beat Sophia even if she was their Boss’s woman.

If this continues on, I will become as good as Gwen in no time to come!

Just when Sophia was practicing with all seriousness, Michael, who resembled a human wall, suddenly pushed open the door and entered the room, which frightened her.

She was practicing yoga on her stomach on the yoga mat. Faking a shy expression, she rose to her full height in a fluster. “Hubby, why are you here?”

However, her thoughts were, F*ck, why is this perverted old man here?

Michael leaned on the door with a passionate expression while his eyes looked intensely at her. “I’m here to see you.”

Sophia was grumbling in her heart and pretended to be delighted while running toward him, saying words that were pretentious. “You didn’t return home last night. I really missed you!”

Holding her little hand in his large sweaty palm, he took the opportunity to take her into his embrace. “I was busy with my work!”

Sophia’s body was tense as she was working out earlier and the lines of her muscles were prominent. Unable to hold himself back, he stroked at her enticing six-packs and even couldn’t resist the urge to continue trailing downward…

Immediately, her body froze. She swiftly held onto his large palm, but his hand continued to touch her.

Hale suddenly felt that his whole body was shining so brightly that he could light up the entire Milky Way and even the whole universe while he cringed at the couple. Seizing his opportunity, he invited Gwen. “Gwen, I’m free today. Let’s have a drink at the bar next door. What do you think?”

Gwen also thought that there was a chance Sophia wouldn’t have the time to continue with her training now that Michael was here, so she agreed to his invitation. “Sure.”

Hale felt pleased to have secured a date with his goddess and also helped Michael to get his girl. He rapidly left without forgetting to close the door behind him.

Hence, only Michael and Sophia were left in the private room.

He not only came in person; even his perverted hands had arrived as well. Before he went close to her, his pair of perverted hands first landed on her, clinging onto her slim waist and refusing to remove it. The muscles on her waist were tight and warm and her waistline was perfect. Her complexion was smooth and it felt good to touch her.

His large palm lingered on her six packs, stroking it in all directions.

She intended to slap on this pair of perverted hands to get them off her, but it belonged to someone with a strong background. So, she only pretended to be shy and quietly tugged the pair of hands off her. “Hubby… Don’t do this. This is the gym and there are security cameras.”

Michael was pressing himself on her, finding that two sweaty people being glued to each other was a special kind of fun too. He was always so full of vigor and since the sports equipment in the gym could no longer satisfy him, he could only vent all of his enthusiasm on this little beauty in his arms. He couldn’t wait to make her his here and now.

“This is the territory of your husband—me. What are you afraid of… I’ve switched off the security cameras before I entered.” He then drew himself even closer toward her intimately and his lips easily caught her pink, tender lips.

He felt that she was still unfamiliar with him, so he was afraid that he might traumatize her if he were to forcefully do things, which would make it harder for them to get along with each other in the future. Therefore, he thought to sacrifice his young and handsome body, which would cause her to surrender to him if she failed to hold herself back.

He even intentionally grabbed her little hand and placed it on his muscular chest, letting her experience what a man felt like. He attempted to portray his wild, strong, and vehement side as a male to make her bow to him. Therefore, he was giving it his all to show his wild side.

Under his vehement kisses, she felt that she nearly lost her breath and her little tongue was almost injured. His coarse tongue kept stirring in her mouth, which was painful and disgusting…

After kissing for a while, Michael suddenly thought of a new way, so he supported Sophia before laying her on the yoga mat. “Come, let’s work out together.”

She was reluctant to do so, but she still forced herself to respond to him. “Sure, hubby!”

He leaned over her, accentuating his eight packs and chest muscles. His lines were well-defined and evocative, radiating his wild beauty as a male creature at all times.\

Raising her eyes, she saw his large, muscular chest muscle, causing her to be dumbfounded. His chest is huge! Judging by its look, it’s even larger than my cup size! Michael may be a pervert, but he has an extremely sexy figure!

Michael pressed himself on her with a particularly dangerous posture, placing her small hands on both sides of her head.

Sophia was shocked. “Hubby, didn’t you say that we are going to work out?”

He smiled and pecked on her tiny mouth. “Am I not working out now?”

While he was speaking, he did a push up. When his body pushed downward, he would be in a position where he was right above her—and he could kiss her pink, tender lips by lowering his head…

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Every time he finished his push-up, he would give her a kiss. Once he was done with the push-ups, he did it with one arm.

Sophia remained motionless as she lay under him, lacking the courage to move even a muscle. She even felt his sweat from his body falling on her, drop by drop, when he did his push-ups.

His ragged breathing was next to her ear and full of the scent of strong masculinity, making a female like her feel something fluttering deep within her instinct and soul.

This… is alright as well. At least it’s better than having sex with him, she prayed in her heart. Michael really has good stamina. I wonder why a domineering president like him would want such a strong physical strength.

Just like that, he did push-ups as he brought himself up and down above her. In the blink of an eye, he completed three sets with an average of twenty push-ups in each set.

After Michael completed his sets of push-ups, he remained in the same position as before—where he was above Sophia. She wondered whether she was seeing things when she noticed a shred of crimson hidden deep within his eyes after he had completed his workout.

I’m really scared that he might suddenly push himself on me… She volunteered to help. “Hubby, get up. Let me wipe your sweat…”

Upon hearing that, he rose to his full height and sat while she took his towel to help him wipe his sweat.

After working out, there was sweat appearing on Michael’s face and body. As the sweat beads emerged, his whole body radiated the unique, wild scent that belonged to a strong man.

If they were to return to a million years ago when everyone were still apes, Michael would have been the leader of the pack. He was strong and domineering, irresistible to all females and causing them to be unable to resist their urge to have ape infants with him.

While holding her breath, Sophia carefully wiped his sweat while thinking, I’ll persuade him to do a couple more sets of push-ups later. Once he has exhausted all of his strength, he would naturally be drained of energy to do other things.

As she was thinking with her head bowed, she didn’t expect him to look down at her from his height. With a glance downward, he was able to see her ‘mountains’. Her cleavage, which was deeply hidden under her clothes, could be vaguely seen and she had spent the entire year maintaining her figure as she was curvy in the appropriate parts.

His eyes shone with traces of his lust before he finally failed to hold himself back and pounded on her once again.

His pair of large hands had squeezed her body with strength, causing her to nearly cry in pain. However, he was totally unaware of her feelings; he felt that he was extremely strong and manly.

Perverted man! Didn’t he say that he only wants to work out? As she scolded in her heart, she was forced to surrender herself to him. His part of perverted hands were all over her body. They were not gentle at all—his touches were so rough that she was almost injured.

As they kissed, Sophia was wailing inwardly, It’s over. In the end, I still can’t protect myself. I’m still going to have sex with him. Come to think of it, at least there isn’t any eel here! So, this is better than at home! However, on a second thought, even if there is no eel, Michael will surely think of a thousand ways to torture me. After all, this is a gym, so he could search for any equipment that he wants here. On top of that, Audistin is a place where the wealthy can have their entertainment. Maybe the club next door has everything that he needs!

Upon having such thoughts, she felt her head, her ass, and even her whole body screaming in pain. Even before starting anything, she felt itchy everywhere on her body.

He not only used his tongue to flick hers; he even used his teeth to bite her tongue. He is indeed a pervert. Even his kisses are perverted! This is totally different from how it was in the dramas.

The kisses in dramas were romantic and sweet, but Michael’s kisses were fierce—as if he was trying to swallow her raw, eat her flesh and drink her blood. She even suspected that his next step was to bite her arteries to drink her blood!

He placed Sophia on the yoga mat and pressed himself on her, attempting to give her all of the chromosomes he had collected throughout all these years.

She closed her eyes as she slowly relaxed. It’s only a matter of time before I’ll be bedded by him. It’s better to end this right now to save me the trouble of continuously worrying about it. I just hope that he doesn’t overdo this!

Nevertheless, the expected pounding never came. She opened her eyes and noticed that he had gotten up and left. “Hubby?”

Michael, who already had his clothes on, turned his head and shushed at her before saying, “I’m coming over now.” After that, he switched off his Bluetooth earphone that he wore.

It turned out that he was speaking to someone on his Bluetooth earphone.

Sophia took her clothes to cover herself before asking in confusion, “Hubby, what’s wrong?”

His expression was dark. “Just some work-related issues. I’ll be back in a while.”

In her heart, Sophia was like a little girl skipping around with joy, but on the surface, she pretended to feel disappointed. “Be careful, then. Come back earlier.”

After Michael wore his clothes, he left without forgetting to close the door behind him. After all, his wife was still asleep naked inside the room.

Sophia felt relieved the moment he left. She then wore her clothes and stuck her pitiful tongue out to take a look at it. Her tongue felt so sore that it almost bled—as if she had just eaten eight or ten pounds of sugar cane! Michael, what a perverted man you! He doesn’t know how to be gentle to a woman! Of course, perverts do not know how to be gentle to women.

She then massaged her sore breasts that experienced torture before she quickly gathered her belongings and left the place with the intention of heading to the university, cinema, cafe, or the cyber cafe to hide for the rest of the day. At least she would be able to avoid him for today.

However, Michael didn’t go far—he merely had some work-related issue that he had to deal with. Professionals were able to win their matches from thousands of miles away. Since he had reached a level whereby those around him were experts and capable people, everything could be settled and arranged by making a few calls.

When he returned to the gym, Sophia had escaped.

However, when she arrived at the hall, she came across a commotion there and stayed to watch the scene.

She was not a person who enjoyed watching commotions, but this was something she couldn’t miss—since it involved her ex-boyfriend!

Two hours ago, Kayla and Xyla had cancelled their memberships at Audistin and arrogantly declared to cancel the memberships of everyone in the Harper Family.

The manager, who was a shrewd person, knew that the Harpers had offended their boss’s wife, so he had proceeded to cancel the memberships for them.

Usage of the Audistin membership card was applicable for clubs under the Audistin group. Therefore, once the membership was canceled, the card would be rendered ineffective in all Audistin clubs.

Hence, a lot of things happened as a result of this in the past two hours.

For instance, Richard would go to the horse-riding club every weekend. When he arrived there today, he was suddenly notified by Audistin that the horse-riding session he booked was cancelled and he had to remove the horses that he reared in the club within a certain timeframe to avoid being charged an hourly fee. He was also notified that all the clubs under Audistin would not provide any services to the Harper Family.

Mrs. Harper’s yoga class in the Audistin health club was also cancelled. Of course, she was also denied entry to all of the Audistin clubs.

The most unfortunate person was Mr. Harper. He had originally agreed to play golf with a bunch of business partners at the golf course, which was located on the outskirts, and to discuss a business that was worth a hundred million as well.

However, when he arrived at the golf course, he was notified that he was no longer a member and could not enter any clubs under Audistin from now onward. Therefore, he was in a terribly awkward situation when he was outside and stopped from entering.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 30

It was after the Harper Family communicated with each other that they realized almost all of their memberships were cancelled. All of them had received notifications about the cancellation of their memberships and statements of refunds within the same hour earlier in the morning.

What’s going on? Could it be said that the opponents of the Harper Family have started to take action after their previous plan failed? Then again, who would have the ability to directly control Audistin? Not to mention, Audistin is not a force one could easily mess with.

If the folks behind Audistin wanted to ruin the Harper Family, we would really be wiped out. Moreover, we have never interfered with their business before this, so this incident shouldn’t have anything to do with them! The Audistin even makes more than a million from us every year!

At first, they unanimously thought that their opponents had started to take action—never once suspecting that the incident was due to another reason.

They even discussed strategies on dealing with their opponents. It was only when Xyla ‘inadvertently’ told them about the incident that happened in Audistin that they learned of the truth. Before they even had the time to reprimand Kayla, they rushed to Audistin’s gym with the intention to get their membership cards reactivated.

Sophia managed to arrive on time for the exciting show.

Richard was neatly dressed in an exquisite and fitting tuxedo, looking polite and elegant. The beautiful necktie in front of his chest further accentuated his good looks.

Although he was merely a sophomore of the Bayside University, an outstanding individual like him had already started to teach himself a doctoral course in management. In addition, he also played an important role in the management of the Harper group.

Therefore, it was only natural for him to represent his family to negotiate with Audistin.

Once they lost the qualification to enter Audistin, the Harper Family would also lose many things as a result of the gap formed between them and the rich people of Bayside City. Hence, he needed to get back the membership of Audistin for his family.

He even brought the reluctant Kayla along with him—and next to her were Xyla and Mrs. Harper.

When Kayla returned home, she didn’t tell anyone about what had happened. However, much to her surprise, the ‘kind’ and innocent Xyla inadvertently spilled the beans about it. Upon realizing the seriousness of the situation, Richard instantly brought Kayla to Audistin to apologize to them.

The person who served them was the manager who had cancelled their membership earlier.

When Richard saw the manager, he greeted him with warmth. “Wesley, long time no see.”

Coincidentally, he knew the manager, who was also a graduate from the Bayside University a few years earlier than them. He was a commoner and worked in Audistin’s entertainment management company after graduating with an excellent result.

Before he came, Richard had done his research—although his intention was to become closer to the manager, he was sure that Mr. Wesley knew him as well.

As someone who became Audistin’s gym manager, Mr. Wesley must have had his own capabilities. Since he knew almost all the young masters, young ladies, and madams in the circle of rich people, he was well aware of the situation and conditions of all the families and what to say on different occasions. “It’s you, Richard. Long time no see. Long time no see!”

They were currently in the crowded hall and surrounded by plenty of people. As their situation was quite embarrassing, Richard tactfully asked, “Wesley, why don’t we look for a quiet place and have a drink together to slowly talk things out—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Mr. Wesley directly rejected him. “I’m not free today. Let’s do it next time. You can just say it upfront if you have something to tell me.”

Richard was embarrassed by his blunt rejection. Feeling clueless about his recent bad luck, he could only force himself to explain the reason why he came.

“Something unpleasant happened between you and my sister today. I believe you know that my sister has been pampered since she was little. She’s still young, so her actions may be inappropriate. For my sake, could you—”

“Oh, it’s about that incident…” Enlightened about his sudden appearance, Mr. Wesley interrupted him. “It’s not that I’m unwilling to help you, but your sister really went overboard this time. I believe that you know about the rules in Audistin as well. Regardless of their background, whoever comes to Audistin to look for trouble would be punished.”

Richard immediately forced a smile. “Wesley, it was merely something blurted out by a kid out of anger, so there’s no need to take it seriously. How about we just let this pass for my sake? We, the Harper Family, will make a lump sum payment of one million as the membership fee.”

Membership fees of one million was considered a rather large amount!

However, Mr. Wesley flatly rejected this proposal. “This is not my decision to make. You know this as well… The Audistin usually prioritizes our client’s request. Since it was your sister who requested to cancel her membership, we had no choice but to do so accordingly.”

Richard increased the amount. “Five million!” Even if the Harper Family were to spend at Audistin, it would take us ages to use up the five million in membership fees which we will pay in one lump sum now. Audistin would definitely give in now.

Nevertheless, Mr. Wesley rejected his offer again in a heartbeat. “Richard, you know about Audistin’s membership policy as well. Once you have cancelled your membership, you can never regain it. Besides, we have a limited number of membership quota.

When your sister requested to cancel the Harper Family’s membership, we have since accepted other membership applications. Now, all the vacant spots for memberships have been filled. You are forcing me to do the impossible by asking to regain your membership!”

Richard Harper gave another offer in a deep voice. “Ten million.”

This was the first time in the history of Audistin that someone offered to pay ten million at one go.

Although the Harper family was wealthy, their money did not fall from the sky. On top of that, the Harpers had lost a lot of money because of Kayla’s recent matter. It pained them to spend the ten million.

Nonetheless, saving their reputation and regaining the membership for Audistin was obviously more important.

Mr. Wesley still shook his head. “This is really not a matter about money. Your sister has breached our rules at Audistin and I’m an insignificant gym member, so it’s not in my power to make this decision!”

Richard seemed unperturbed, but his eyes revealed a hint of fluster.

Mrs. Harper stepped forward in an attempt of persuasion. “Mr. Wesley, please just let it pass. After all, we, the Harpers, have been a customer of Audistin for many years now. We have spent at least more than ten million here. This—”

Mr. Wesley continued to shake his head. “Although I really wish that I can help all of you to regain your memberships, there’s really nothing I can do!”

Although Richard strongly believed that there was nothing money couldn’t resolve, Mr. Wesley’s words had made it clear that ordinary methods would not work in this situation. I need to figure out another way!

Kayla, who had remained silent all these while, unexpectedly made a sudden cantankerous remark. “I think you guys are merely being snobbish!”

Mr. Wesley is merely a commoner who graduated from Bayside University. Although he is a graduate, he is still an insignificant gym manager. How dare he offend important clients like us?

Considering the amount of money that the Harper Family has spent in Audistin for the past few years, we are important clients here! This low-ranked manager is merely making a fuss using his position!

Kayla wore her arrogant attitude as the Young Lady Harper. “You are just a low-ranked manager. How dare you cancel our memberships? Ask your boss to come and speak to us!”

When the surrounding onlookers heard her words, they inadvertently stuck their thumbs out to praise her for her courage—as all of them knew that this wasn’t an ordinary gym!

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