My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1485

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1485

Bailey wore a cold face outside the car and his eyes were almost void of warmth. He reached out again to knock on the car window while speaking through the phone, “Come down.”

At the same time, his voice was transmitted through the phone. “Come down.”

Carmen was totally startled. It really is Bailey!

While she was dumbfounded, she opened the door and exited the car. She could see that he had placed his phone in the basket of the bicycle while wearing a military coat. Then, he had climbed on the old bicycle with his imposing stature before he faced the rear end of the bike toward her to show the cushion on the back of the seat. “Come on up.”

He was acting in a mysterious manner, so Carmen wanted to approach him and ask, Why is he here? Why is he wearing a military coat and an ushanka hat while riding an old bicycle? Why did he come to pick me up?

As she was about to rock up to Bailey, she could hear Casper calling from behind, “Carmen, where are you going? Bailey, why are you here?”

Without answering Casper, Bailey repeated, “Come on up. Let’s go.”

He sounded like he was giving an order as if he would not accept any refusal.

Carmen responded to Casper in a hurry, “Cas, I’ll be going home with Bailey.”

Immediately, Casper waved his hands and looked at the weather outside in disbelief. “Are you sure? The temperature is below zero degrees out there! Are you two really going to ride a bike home?”

However, she already sat on the back seat of Bailey’s bicycle as she tightly held onto his military coat. Without saying a word, Bailey pedaled his bike away. Before leaving, he glared at Casper and his sports car with his wolf-like green eyes.

“Hey, Bailey! What are you doing?”

Sadly, Casper could not hear their reply as Bailey rode the bike away with a creaking sound. Bailey and Carmen soon disappeared in the dim street lights at the end of the street.

After that, they entered an alley, which was a much faster route to return home. Every day, Theo would ride his bicycle through the alley to work and it only took him 10 to 20 minutes to arrive there.

Casper followed resignedly in his car as he tried to catch up to them, but sadly, his sports car was unable to squeeze into the small alley, so he could only head home first and wait there.

While sitting on Bailey’s bike, Carmen could feel her heart racing. Why did Bailey show up here in grandpa’s military coat? Why is he riding the bike through this alley?

It was obvious that he could not recognize the road because he had his phone in front of him in the basket. The navigation was turned on as he rode carefully under the dim street lights.

It was already 10PM and the temperature was extremely cold. Carmen used her scarf to cover her mouth and neck while hiding behind Bailey to block herself from the blowing wind. She had many questions to ask, but she seemed too embarrassed to give voice to it.

Although it was not that difficult to bring her along for the ride, his body was still covered in a thin layer of sweat. From behind, she could see him panting while his white breath rose from his mouth.

The night was so dark that they could only see themselves.

She thought that the atmosphere was weird yet warm. “Bailey, how did you know I’m here? Did my mom ask you to come here?”

He simply answered, “Yes.”

The children’s wrist watch that she was reluctant to throw away had a built-in tracker, which allowed her mother to effortlessly locate her. It was no surprise that Bailey could find her beside a sweet potato stall with such ease.

Carmen asked again, “How did you meet my mom? Did you visit our house?”


“Did you return with Nate?”

As usual, Bailey replied, “Yes.”

Carmen was rendered speechless. Can’t you say something else?

It was obvious that Bailey was an extremely taciturn person.

In the middle of the night, the whole world fell into silence. The only thing left that could be heard was their breath and the creaking sound of the bicycle.

Carmen touched the thick military coat that he was wearing before quietly placing her head against her back. Maybe he won’t notice since the coat is thick.

The bicycle shuttled through the alley in the silent night. Occasionally, one or two people and dogs would show up.

The night was so dark that Carmen did not even realize that they were actually riding further away from home. At first, she thought that it was an illusion, but as the surroundings around her became more unfamiliar, she realized that they were heading in the wrong direction.

Finally, she realized the situation. “Bailey, stop. I think we are lost.”

Bailey stopped and picked up his phone to check the navigation system. He had a look at the map and matched it with the direction that they were heading. I think we are really lost…

The alley extended to all directions and every route looked the same.

They went in the opposite direction at the intersection earlier, which caused them to ride further away from home.

Upon seeing that they were even further away from home, Carmen felt upset as she let out a sigh. “We are so far away from home.”

However, Bailey seemed to look guilty as he remained silent.

She lifted her head and looked at him. “Bailey, are you really bad at directions?”

Without saying a word, he nodded.

Carmen mumbled, “Then, our only option is to go back the way that we came from. It’s not that far. We’ll be there in a minute.”

Bailey nodded silently while the night covered the mysterious smile hanging from the corner of his lips.

Afterward, he pushed the bike while the two of them walked home. On the way, she continued to talk to him.

“Bailey, how long will you be staying in Bayside City this time?”

Finally, he had more to say. “I predict that I’ll be here for a while. I’ll be focusing my work in Bayside City for a period of time.”

“I see…”

The two of them went silent for a moment before she asked again, “Bailey, will you visit our house often in the future? Are you working together with my mom again?”

The Ronney Group and Adams Group would often collaborate with each other—since Sophia often bought insurance for her company’s luxurious products and it would usually be bulk orders.

Bailey nodded. “I’ve bought a house near your home.”

“Eh?” Carmen was so shocked that she stopped in her tracks. “You’ve bought a house near my home? Which one did you buy? Why would you buy a house in the old city area? Most of the houses here are old!”

Bailey calmly answered, “I bought the one beside your family’s pigpen. I’m now neighbors with your Uncle Callum.”

The pigpen… Back then, Sophia had bought her ex-boyfriend’s house to raise the pigs that Carmen caught from the farm and she named it the pigpen. Afterward, Callum also bought a house next to the pigpen. I can’t believe that Bailey knows all about this.

Upon the pigpen and her pigs being mentioned, she could not help but remember her father, Michael. I really was reckless back then. When I wanted to raise pigs, he would actually bring some pigs back for me. When I wanted a camel, he would also let me keep one. One day, I said that I hoped that the most handsome prince would come to pick me up after school. On that day itself, I immediately saw him dressed up as a prince to come and pick me up as soon as I came out of kindergarten. There was one time that I wanted Doctor Invincible to hold a parents meeting, so he brought his original costume from the crew and wore makeup to hold a parents meeting. All of my friends in kindergarten were jealous of me! I really have the world’s best father.

The moment she thought of Michael, the talkative Carmen seemed to have quietened down as she walked silently with her head down and blankly stared at her feet.

Bailey probably noticed that he had said the wrong words, so he stopped delving deep into the earlier subject. He also did not ask why she stopped talking about it. Instead, he suddenly took something hot out of his hands while it was still steaming.

She exclaimed, “Ah! A roasted sweet potato! When did you buy it?”

“I bought it when I picked you up,” he answered while splitting the sweet potato into two halves. He gave the bigger half to her while he ate the smaller half.

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