My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1242

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1242

On December 29, Sophia said she had something to do after dinner, so Michael followed along.

They went to a bar in the West Valley of Bayside City and since it was already the end of December, there were very few people in the bar.

And so, Lucy and Sophia sat in the corner of the bar, chatting.

“Happy New Year!”

The two clicked glasses lightly and took a sip of the cocktail.

Putting down her glass, Sophia smiled and said, “I have to thank you for coming to this fashion week, otherwise I would’ve been in deep trouble.”

She originally intended to cooperate with the Ronney Group and had even negotiated with Callum about this. Pourl was going to Ronney Fashion Week but to Sophia’s dismay, Anna wanted her to deal with the trash.

Sophia was just a small fry in the fashion industry so she was under a lot of pressure when she was suddenly confronted by a giant corporation like the Ronneys. It was fine if she just continued to work in Bayside City but it would be bad if she wanted to go international in the future.

She just wanted to do her business well but the other party kept pressuring her, so she had no choice but to fight back.

Fortunately, Lucy came and saved her from the situation, so she could concentrate on making money.

She was a little grateful that she didn’t threaten Lucy with her little secret at the time.

Lucy inhaled a mouthful of the lady’s electronic cigarette and said, “I just took on this task temporarily. I’m just responsible for handling this event well. After the fashion week is over, I will naturally withdraw from the company.”

She puffed out a swirl of smoke and continued, “After I withdraw, you will have to rely on yourself in the future.”

Lucy just wanted to complete the task. She only chose to cooperate with Sophia as she knew that Sophia would make trouble if she did not, and that it would affect her ability to complete the task. Still, Sophia was very grateful to Lucy so she murmured, “In that case, I hope our fashion week will be a complete success. Aren’t you glad that I asked you to get involved in this profitable event?”

Lucy smiled reluctantly.

Lucy and Sophia were not friends, but they were not enemies either—they were competitors. There was competition between King and Pourl and they had competed to be the agent of the Dragon Eye in Cethos. They had fought many times, both taking turns winning and losing. However, Lucy didn’t really hate Sophia either.

That was because every time she lost to Sophia, she would summarize and deduce that, in fact, most of the failures were caused by herself and had nothing to do with the strength of her opponent.

Moreover, they miraculously had a common topic of conversation.

“I am envious of you—you have a perfect family.” Lucy looked at Sophia, sincerely envious of her.

Sophia had a loving father, brother and lover, as well as an adorable daughter and a group of like-minded friends.

Comparatively, Lucy felt that she had nothing.

Fate has me suffocated.

Sophia laughed self-deprecatingly. “In fact, the person I admire most is you. You have your own business and have taken the entire Edwards Family down at a young age. Back then, you used to be my role model!”

Sophia had flipped through her previous work diary and she saw that her goal was to become as powerful as Lucy. Sophia wanted to own hundreds of billions of assets, as well as to become a domineering and powerful female president!

The two smiled at each other tacitly.

Sometimes, what you don’t take notice of is what others are chasing after for their lifetime!

Meanwhile, two cars were parked at the entrance of the bar.

A battered looking Dana was wearing low-key black cold-proof clothes. Even if her mouth was swollen after being beaten up, she still smoked a cigarette fiercely and puffed out a swirl of smoke under the dim yellow street lamp.

Michael, who was in the other car, was huddled around the heater while he looked at Dana from time to time.

Dana and Lucy?

Both of them have totally different styles. How did they get together?

Plus, they have been together for more than ten years?

Lucy was also Michael’s ex-girlfriend. Come to think of it, he was truly speechless in his own taste in women.

In recent years, Lucy was involved in multiple scandals and she had changed multiple boyfriends. All her ex-boyfriends were extraordinary figures. Each time when they were about to get married, something would happen and the marriage would be canceled. After a while, she would immediately get into another scandal and the whole process would repeat itself.

It gave off a sense that she was ‘selling’ her marriage very urgently, as if she was trading her marriage publicly.

Recently, she was dating a foreign tycoon and seemed to be planning to get married again.

Michael had also been with her for a period of time. In the past few years, they had been in contact from time to time but he still didn’t find out about it…

Perhaps appearances were a disguise—she hid her true self, just to protect the people she really cared about in her heart.

Dana’s promiscuous character was probably also just a disguise. Lucy was unlikely to fancy a bisexual promisicous woman after all.

Michael stared at Dana silently for a long time. He saw her smoking under the lamp, her slender fingers holding the cigarette. Her movements and demeanor really didn’t look like a woman at all. Although her face was swollen, Michael could still feel the unconcealable manliness from her.

She had no Adam’s apple nor bosom, and her face was so exquisite that she looked androgynous. Her features and figure looked like a handsome woman and also a little like a feminine man. Truth was, she looked like a beautiful and cute boy.

Michael did not have any relationship with her before, which meant that it was the first time that he dared to look at her so unscrupulously while he waited for Sophia.

So, is this person a man or a woman?

Michael stared at Dana intensely—he stared at her Adam’s apple and her crotch, but unfortunately her clothes were too thick, so he couldn’t see anything.

In the bar, Sophia was a little drunk and her cheeks were flushed. Looking at Lucy, she suddenly wanted to ask her what was going on between her and Dana. However, she couldn’t bring herself to ask that question.

After all, this was their private matter.

All of a sudden, Lucy picked up a phone call. After she hung up, she murmured to Sophia, “My partner just called; I have to leave.”

Partner… Upon hearing that, it suddenly dawned on Sophia.

Lucy indeed had a public partner but unfortunately, it was not Dana.

With that, the two went out of the bar one after another. When Sophia came out, Dana and Lucy had already left.

The more Sophia looked at this pair, the more she felt that something was off.

The two of them were simply not from the same world, so how did they end up together?

However, if people nowadays could even ship Voldemort and Hermione, it was entirely possible that Dana and Lucy would be together!

On New Year’s Eve, Michael was making preparations to spend the new year at home. This year’s New Year’s Eve dinner would be a potluck with homemade dishes—it was more flavorful after all. In the end, many came to his home to celebrate the new year.

“Uncle, we’re here!”

“Hello Uncle Michael!”

Stanley and Sean brought Maisie over. Because these two adopted the child, their relationship with the Fletcher Family was very tense. Thus, Stanley refused to go back home, which was why he came to celebrate the new year at Michael’s place.

Maisie was growing up into a good kid. She was very lively and she was a sweet talker, always calling Michael ‘Uncle Michael’ sweetly when she saw him. Upon seeing Maisie, Michael carried her and gave her a kiss.

Today, the children that Sophia bought from abroad were all gathered here.

Cooper and Linus were also here today. Meanwhile, Dana had dropped by in the morning and kneeled in front of Harry and Sarah to apologize.

“I’m sorry, Harry, I was wrong. I’ll kowtow to you.”

When Sarah saw Dana, anger coursed through her veins.

Harry then threw his slipper directly at her and shouted, “Get out!”

And so, Dana left disheartenedly.

After she left, Harry sighed.

“I knew it! I should have stopped her back then; maybe this kind of tragedy wouldn’t have happened…”

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