My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1240

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1240

Michael did not expect Harry to be into such kink!

Poor Harry! With tooth marks all over his body, he wore only a pair of underwear; even said underwear was covered with an obscene lipstick mark.

Harry knew that someone had come to rescue him when he heard noises outside but unfortunately for him, he couldn’t move from the bed. Plus, his mouth was gagged, so he couldn’t speak. He could only hum and grunt, which went unheard for a long time.

Last night was simply one of the darkest nights of his life…

He was busy filming on set. After taking a sip from a drink, he immediately blacked out. When he woke up, he saw the cow riding on him with a whip!

How terrifying!

Upon seeing Michael’s arrival, Harry was ecstatic. He kicked his feet around and his eyes widened while he mumbled vigorously. Michael stepped forward and saw that there were leather whips, candles, and all kinds of props on one side, and was promptly reminded of the woman with the huge bosom.

Michael made a sound of disgust and untied Harry. As soon as Harry was free, he pulled the gag out of his mouth and stroked his numb tongue. Quickly, he found his own clothes and put them on.

“What the hell is going on? Aren’t you into lolitas? Why did you hook up with a G-cup mature woman?” Michael asked hurriedly.

This is not good at all.

“Bah! What do you mean I’m into lolitas?”

Harry took a sip and muttered darkly as he put on his pants, “I was tricked by the btch, Dana! That btch colluded with Betsy, that cow, kidnapping me and tying me up!”

When Michael heard the story, he hurriedly said to Hale, “Tie Dana up tightly.”

When Harry heard that Dana had been tied up, his eyes became bloodthirsty.

I was almost raped by that cow!

If it was not for Dana, how could that cow successfully kidnap me?

Fortunately for Harry, he stubbornly resisted for half a night and managed to wait until someone rescued him.


This time, I will skin her alive!

Harry put on his pants while Sarah rolled in with the G-cup woman in her arms. The two people were fighting each other. Sarah, who was much smaller, was weaker than the muscular woman. However, Sarah had the upper hand as she had better equipment, not to mention a husky to assist her in the fight.

However, Sarah was so shocked when she saw a lipstick covered Harry that her fists froze in the air and she looked at Harry motionlessly.

And the woman under her actually took this opportunity to fight back, pressing Sarah under her body and even trying to pull off her helmet.

Upon seeing that, Harry was furious. He walked over and kicked the woman away before stepping on her with one foot. However, when doing so, he accidentally stepped on her ample bosom. Terrified, he quickly retracted his foot.

He wanted to teach this lewd cow a vicious lesson, but Justin and the people from the Adams Group rushed in at that moment.

This isn’t good.

There was a sudden chaos in the room and the crowd that rushed over dispersed the few people inside. Michael saw that G-cup woman being surrounded by the crowd and she was rescued after a while. He then worked hard to separate the crowd and when he found Sophia, he picked her up.

“Let go of me! I’m going to tear that b*tch apart!”

Sophia was having fun scratching the woman when she was suddenly picked up by Michael. Hence, she kicked in dissatisfaction and shouted, “Let go!”

The situation was chaotic and Michael couldn’t care less anymore. He picked Sophia up and walked out of the room. Then, he saw that there was still chaos outside. The two robots had already entered the place and they immediately carried out precise strikes to knock down the people there. Meanwhile, the cow had already vanished.

“Let’s withdraw first.”

They had caused a huge scene and it would be difficult for them to give an explanation later on.

Harry also quickly picked Sarah up and left.

After they reached home, Sarah walked in very calmly like never before.

She said to Sophia with a cold expression, “Sofie, please send the children to your home. I will pick them up later.”

Seeing this, Sophia hurriedly sent the three children away so that they would not be traumatized when the adults started quarreling later.

Seeing her walking away with the three children, Sarah cried loudly.

“Winston, you bstard! I gave birth to your kids and this is how you treat me? Tell me, what is the relationship between you and that btch?”

Sarah cried as she smashed things around. Harry wanted to explain but she refused to listen.

He was at a loss and felt as if he would never be able to clear his name no matter what.

I am the victim here and I was almost raped by that cow!

He then said to Michael, “Bring me that b*tch Dana!”

Michael’s hair stood on end as he asked Justin to send Dana in, who was still tied up. They made her kneel on the ground before tearing off the tape from her mouth, letting her explain.

“Tell everyone what happened!” Harry roared viciously.

“That woman is Betsy Adams,” Dana muttered. “Her family is very rich and she has already been in an affair with Harry for a long time—”

When Sarah heard this, she started to cry again.

Harry was furious and kicked Dana in her face viciously.

“If you don’t fcking explain things clearly today, I will fcking beat you up!”

After being punched and kicked, Dana started to sob loudly. Yet, she still insisted, “Harry, I’m helping you. Although that cow is kinky, she is rich. You can have as much money as you want after you are with her! You took naked loans after all, so let’s find a way together to repay your debts, alright? Why bother to act in some crappy drama and ruin yourself? You’ll just be an eyesore! What’s so bad about that cow? She has a big bosom and is a freak in the sheets; even I want to sleep with her! The moment you bed her, your naked loans will be paid off in minutes!”

Upon hearing that, Michael laughed—he actually laughed on such a serious occasion.

Sarah cried again, “So you think I’m too poor for you?”

Harry was about to go crazy.

Dana had been rebellious since she was a child and she always liked to blabber nonsense.

Although Harry took on some crappy dramas that didn’t even have a script, he really wasn’t short of money!

He only accepted those dramas because his wife liked them!

This b*tch Dana just wants to take the opportunity to trick me!

Furiously, Harry went over and began beating Dana up again. “This is what you get for trying to trick me! You btch! You’re so capable, eh? How dare you drug me on the set! You even tied me to that cow’s bed! You btch!”

Beaten up, Dana cried and begged for mercy, “Harry, I was wrong. Stop beating me. I’m really sorry!”

Harry kicked her hard twice and finally stopped.

This b*tch! She’ll never change even if I beat her to death!

“Kneel down before Sarah and tell her what you did!”

It was only then that an aggrieved Dana kneeled in front of Sarah and blubbered, “Sarah, I know your family is struggling financially recently, so I introduced my brother to a profitable job, which is sleeping with the rich cow. The cow promised to pay off all the naked loans that Harry owed. Harry refused and kept resisting, so I drugged him. He is really innocent—he was forced into it.”

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