My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1238

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1238

Sandra wanted to ask Ryan and Henry for their help and come up with a solution, but she found out that they had been placed under house arrest at the hospital, so it was difficult for her to see them.

Sophia crippled them and Lucy took the opportunity to put them under house arrest in the hospital. They had indeed orchestrated a great plan!

In fact, apart from wanting to denounce Lucy, Sandra’s biggest purpose in going to the Yard Family was to borrow a sum of money.

Mitchell’s Technology was in shambles. Their products were unsellable and the investors had withdrawn their capital. Meanwhile, their stock prices had fallen and their source of capital was unstable. Their executives had all changed jobs, even poaching some of their employees. Thus, they had received resignation letters one after another. Sandra had many issues to solve before she could even rejoice in her role as the newly appointed president.

Mitchell’s Technology was in many industries, from retailing and banking to high-tech currently. They were constantly adapting to the changes of the times, as well as regularly transforming and expanding. Mitchell’s Technology had operated for a hundred years but when it was passed on to Sandra, it was already half ruined.

If anything happened in Bayside City, the company would collapse immediately.

The sum of money invested by the Yard Family had long since been emptied. At the end of the year, they could not pay the wages of the workshop workers and they only had a small amount of cash. They were struggling and on the verge of bankruptcy, and they could collapse at any time.

In the face of this situation, Sandra was at a complete loss. First, she did not have the ability to turn things around. Second, Mitchell’s Technology could not be saved.

She needed a lot of money!

And so, she began to secretly sell Mitchell’s Technology’s assets and equity to collect money.

For example, the shares of the most valuable Glory Entertainment Company were sold by her and they were all bought by Sarah. Sarah received a large number of shares in Glory Entertainment and directly became a top executive, concentrating on supporting her husband’s career.

But no matter how much money they had, it was futile because very soon, they ran out of funds again. Plus, the Yard Family and Lucy refused to lend them money. Thus, Sandra then changed her target to the Mitchell Residence…

It wasn’t long before Sophia learned that Sandra was selling her ancestral home.

The ancestral house was indeed valuable. That piece of land was worth no less than a few billion, not to mention the house itself!

However, Sophia was after that piece of land.

As the owner of countless Bayside City real estate, Sophia was the favorite of Bayside City’s real estate agents. The moment she gave out the order, no real estate agent in Bayside City dared to help Sandra sell the ancestral house.

Of course, no one in Bayside City dared to buy the ancestral home of the Mitchell Family!

Sandra and Mitchell’s Technology were on the verge of collapse, so Sophia didn’t want to waste time on her. Her main task now was to do a good job during the fashion week.

If she did a good job, the fashion industry in Cethos would usher in a new decade.

The fashion week would be held after the new year because all work in Cethos had to be put off for a period of time due to the new year celebrations.

Even the bad guys wouldn’t want to cause trouble during the new year; after all, everyone wanted to celebrate and welcome the new year.

On December 27, ‘Anna’ called again. During the phone call, Carmen sweetly said to Anna, “Miss Beautiful, I hope you’re doing well in heaven! I love you!”

‘Anna’ also said gently, “Carmen, you’re the best. I hope you do well in school too next year! Happy New Year!”

After making small talk, Carmen said, “Miss Beautiful, I’m off to play with my neighbors. Grandpa said he misses you very much. Would you like to have a few words with Grandpa?”

After Carmen finished speaking, she gave Cooper the phone and slipped out to play, wearing her Snow White costume.

Seeing her leave, Cooper pretended to say a few words to the phone and hung up.

In the study, Michael, who pretended to be Anna again, was simply exhausted.

However, he didn’t know that at this time, Carmen had already sneaked out to the Winston Residence next door to have fun. When Sarah saw her, she hugged her and raised her up high.

After lifting her up high, Sarah watched Harry’s drama in the living room while Carmen, Poppy and Hope entered the room together.

After entering Hope’s room, Carmen diverted the babysitter away. She and Hope then pressed the buttons on Nicholas while Poppy asked ignorantly, “What are you guys doing?”

Hope looked serious as he answered, “Go and guard the door.”

And so, Poppy went to guard the door rather aggrievedly.

Together, Hope and Carmen dismantled Nicholas and turned off its system, leaving only the communication system on. Now, this robot was just a large phone and could only make calls. Plus, their call history would not be recorded.

Turning off the robot, Carmen sucked on a lollipop in her mouth with a serious look. Then, she took out a business card—which she had stolen from her mother’s office—from her pocket and dialed Anna’s private number.

The whole family fooled her, thinking that she was just a three-year-old kid!

However, everyone forgot that she was already four years old!

She was not a three-year-old kid anymore. How could they lie to her and say that Miss Beautiful was going back to heaven?

She had seen the set of equipment that Linus hid in the study before. Every time before ‘Anna’ called, she would see Michael sneak into the study. It was too obvious!

Everyone was already a member of the society, so they should have acted more maturely!

In order to cooperate with everyone, Carmen had been pretending to be ignorant for several days and she finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

After dialing Anna’s number for a video call, Anna’s face was soon projected onto the wall through Nicholas’ projection system.

“Carmen?” It was already getting dark where Anna was at. Thus, she didn’t expect to suddenly get a video call from an unfamiliar number as it was rare for her to receive calls on her private phone number. To her surprise, she saw Carmen as soon as the call was connected.

Anna was taken aback but she was delighted deep down. She thought it was Cooper who made Carmen call, but unexpectedly, Cooper wasn’t in the call at all. There was only Carmen, Hope and a lolita guarding the door, secretly peeking over from time to time.

“Miss Beautiful!”

When Carmen saw her, she jumped up happily, looking extremely cute in her Snow White costume. When Anna saw her, her eyes teared up.

She had made an agreement with Carmen but she didn’t keep her word. Seeing the little Snow White dress Carmen was wearing, Anna felt upset.

“Carmen, what’s with the sudden call? Where are your parents and grandpa?”

Anna looked around but didn’t see anyone else; it seemed that Carmen was calling her without them around.

Carmen said sweetly, “Mommy is busy with work and has not returned home. Grandpa and Daddy are at home making preparations for the new year!”

Looking at Carmen in the video call, Anna was filled with adoration. She really wanted to rush over and hug Carmen.

“Carmen, why are you looking for me?”

Carmen said happily, “I’m going to perform Snow White for you, Miss Beautiful!”

Anna’s brows, which had long been knitted tightly together, finally relaxed. Feeling both sad and joyful, she murmured, “Okay!”

Carmen had a strong desire to perform. She had been thinking about it all these years and she insisted on performing for Anna. Thus, she sang and danced in the small dark room, performing for Anna.

Hope had a sour expression the whole while.

After the performance was over, Carmen sat down and chatted with Anna while petting Hope’s dog.

“After you left, Grandpa and I were very sad. Grandpa is so handsome; why don’t you like my Grandpa, Miss Beautiful? I’m going to be on ‘My Grandpa In Shining Armor’ with my Grandpa so he’ll soon become a celebrity. There will be many, many people who want to be my grandmother. You have to seize the opportunity, Miss Beautiful!”

Hearing this, Anna did not know whether to cry or laugh. She really didn’t know how to answer Carmen.

Is Cooper sad about my departure?

No… He’s only sad about Annabel’s departure…

After Carmen and Anna chatted harmoniously for a while and became more familiar with each other, Carmen finally revealed her true purpose.

“Miss Beautiful, will you come to our house for the new year?”

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