My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1214

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1214

The kindergarten’s final year performance was approaching, so Carmen dragged Cooper over to the Yard Family.

“Let’s go, Grandpa! Let’s go get Miss Beautiful to come and see my performance.”

Carmen was known as the prettiest and most ambitious kindergartener. Her whole family would naturally come and watch her performance, but she really wanted to invite Anna over as well.

As Carmen dragged him along, Cooper didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the idea. Nonetheless, his feet moved uncontrollably.

He knew that he still couldn’t forget Anna, but he also knew that they could no longer be together like before.

Yet, he wasn’t able to control the love he felt for her.

The last time Anna was sick, he visited her briefly before he stopped going over. However, he didn’t stop Carmen from stealing her father’s roses and sending them to Anna every day under Cooper’s name.

Meanwhile, Anna had been recuperating and rarely went out of the house; her face brightened up when she saw that Cooper had come to visit her.

“You’re here, Mr. Mitchell. Please come and have a seat.”

Anna invited Cooper into the living room as the latter sat down silently while Carmen jumped into Anna’s arms. “Grandpa and I have come to see you, Miss Beautiful!”

Anna kissed Carmen on the cheeks and replied affectionately, “You’re so sweet, Carmen. That is why I like you the most.”

After greeting Anna, Carmen kept winking at Cooper, who was sulking on the sofa.

Cooper felt reluctant but there was a tug at his heartstrings—he wanted to be with Anna and spend time with her.

Finally, he mustered the courage to pull out a pink invitation and handed it to Anna. “Mrs. Yard, this is an invitation to Carmen’s year-end performance at her kindergarten. Carmen hopes that you can go and see her performance.”

Anna took the invitation and read it; it clearly stated that Carmen’s parents were invited to the kindergarten.

Anna teased Carmen and said, “The invitation is for Carmen’s parents and grandparents, so I can’t go.”

Carmen replied innocently, “It’s okay, I’ll just tell the teacher that Miss Beautiful is my grandmother.”

Anna froze for a while, but she smiled as she glanced over and saw Cooper’s embarrassed face.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Cooper scolded, but his heart was thumping fast.

Anna hugged Carmen and laughed. “I’ll be Carmen’s grandmother for a day, okay?”

“Yes! Yes!” Carmen exclaimed.

Anna hugged and kissed Carmen again with an unusual feeling of happiness in her heart.

When Carmen came home, Sophia gave her a long lecture.

“How can Miss Beautiful be your grandmother? Don’t talk nonsense! Don’t simply call her names!”

Carmed pouted. “Miss Beautiful has already agreed to come, so you can’t stop her from coming to the kindergarten!”

Sophia was speechless.

She wanted to say something bad about Anna so that Carmen would stop playing with her, but as soon as the words came to mind, she swallowed them back.

What an ill-fated relationship! At the end of the day, Anna is still my mother.

She was more worried about Cooper.

Many years ago, Annabel had already cheated him once; there was bound to be a second time…

Who knows if she has an ulterior motive now? Is there a hidden purpose for coming back?

She was Anna Yard, the President of the Ronney Group! She was no longer Annabel Johnson!

Despite Sophia’s objections, Anna had arrived together with Callum and Cade.

Other kindergarteners only had one or two parents, but Carmen’s family members came in three cars.

Because they were a star-studded family with Carmen’s famous parents, uncle and grandfather, they were seated in the front row.

Sophia saw many of her acquaintances with their children; Harry and Sarah had come with Hope and Poppy, who were supposed to perform together with Carmen. There was also Hale and Gwen together with Ashton and Audrey.

The one who stole the show was Maisie, the only kindergartener with two dads.

The three babies Sophia had bought back then settled in with their families and were all attending this kindergarten together. The four kids had rehearsed their programs and were ready to go on stage.

Carmen was very happy as she brought over a large group of kindergarteners to show off her parents.

“This is my Daddy. Don’t be fooled by his ordinary appearance—his real identity is actually Superman! He has fought monsters and aliens, so the earth depends on him to protect it!”

Michael was speechless.

“This is my Mommy, and she is a bossy president! She’s a super bossy president of a company!”

Sophia was also speechless.

After that, she introduced Linus and Cooper. “This is my uncle and my grandpa!”

Then when she saw Anna, she proudly introduced her and said, “This is my future grandma!”

Anna pursed her lips and smiled gently. Although she didn’t correct Carmen, Cooper felt quite embarrassed.

Callum and Cade, who were not introduced, protested in defiance. “What about me, eh?”

Carmen pouted and introduced reluctantly, “These two want to be my uncle, but I haven’t agreed to it yet.”

Since the year-end performance hadn’t started yet, children were running around the venue while the parents who arrived sat in the kindergarten auditorium and whispered amongst themselves. Sophia met a few of her business partners and started to talk with them.

Meanwhile, Carmen led a group of children and surrounded Michael; they wanted to take group photos and get hugs from him. Ever since Michael had appeared on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, he had become the most popular dad of the year, transitioning from the national husband into the national father of Cethos. He was popular among children, and everyone wanted to be the baby of Taylor Murray’s family.

Sophia spotted a familiar child who had fifty dollars in his hand. The kid probably wanted to take a picture with Michael, but he didn’t dare to go forward because the price of a picture had gone up. Hence, he paced around at a slight distance.

“Aha! It’s you!”

She grabbed the child swiftly, and the child was almost scared to death when he saw her—he even struggled to run away.

“I don’t lift Carmen’s skirt anymore!”

The terrified Albert cried out as he backed away.

Last year, Albert was a bully in the kindergarten. He lifted Carmen’s skirt and was beaten up by her, and Sophia taught him a lesson when she found out about it. Since then, he has been quite a good boy.

Carmen transferred to Riverdale for a while and had just come back this semester. They were attending the same kindergarten together again, but Sophia was more worried about Carmen bullying him than the other way around.

She glanced at the space next to him. As she grabbed onto him, no one was there to stop her. Sophia asked curiously, “Where are your parents and your sister?”

Albert’s little face was covered with sadness. “They’re busy, so they can’t make it.”

Sophia’s heart clenched. Her child was pampered by everyone, yet he didn’t even have a parent there.

All of a sudden, Derek came over and Albert ran up happily toward him. “Derek!”

Derek explained, “I saw him the last time I came to help pick Stanley’s child up; whenever his parents can’t make it, I’d step in during his parent-teacher conference.”

Albert seemed to be close with Derek as they held hands and left together. Although Derek had completely cut off all ties with his father, he wouldn’t hold a grudge from a previous generation against an innocent child.

“Albert, do you want to take a picture together with Carmen’s dad?”

“Will Carmen beat me?”

“No she won’t.”

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