My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1165

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1165

Michael, who hated appearing in magazines, was caught and forced to appear in magazines recently. Moreover, he had to suffer through a variety of topless and seductive poses for the cover page photos. However, Sophia’s request was even more outrageous this time—he had to bring the pig along with him too.

After the second season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ aired, the whole country knew that he had adopted the pig chosen by God. In one episode of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, they even filmed him in his house. As a result, everybody discovered how many pets he had at home, and he was instantly labeled as the ‘Rich Zookeeper’.

As New Year’s was just around the corner, everybody was preparing their knives to butcher their pigs. On that note, Sophia’s plump and healthy pig had been missing for some time. The fans were starting to worry and would check in on the pig’s whereabouts from time to time.

Therefore, Michael not only had to take a photo with the pig but also receive an interview about his experience raising a pig. My experience?! Do you want me to talk about postpartum care for sows?! What do you mean by caring for the pig? Justin will personally butcher the pig as soon as it’s brought back! I would rather tell the fans about my experience in making cured meat and sausages! However, this was a pet luxury goods magazine—he did not dare to do that. I feel aggrieved! Extremely aggrieved!

Unfortunately, Sophia was watching him intently. He had no choice but to awkwardly finish the interview with the reporter. Fortunately, he somehow bluffed his way through it. After the interview, he and the pig took a rest while she hurriedly went to check the results of the interview.

He was emotionally exhausted at this point. Marrying my wife is equivalent to marrying a zoo! I shouldn’t have listened to Daniel’s deceitful words back then. I shouldn’t have gotten greedy just because Sophia was beautiful. What was I thinking… High quality but cheap? A one-off purchase that comes with no baggage? Can be returned at any time? Lies! My wife and my daughter are great. However, my father-in-law is too troublesome. She also has a whole bunch of meddling relatives and a hostile younger brother.

Although the pig was back, Michael couldn’t wait for it to be stolen away again. Sure enough; it was stolen again two days after it was returned.

In Ronney City, Callum sent the pig back to Cethos for its magazine interview then quickly brought it back again. It was going to be the New Year’s in two months, so he gave the pig a new hairstyle and dyed its fur in an auspicious color. He planned to spend the New Year’s with it.

Having grown up in the Yard Family, Calum and Cade had to deal with suspicion and betrayal all the time. They went through a lot and bore too many burdens just to survive to this day. Therefore, they no longer believed in humans and would rather raise a pet. Raising a pig was great—at the very least, it would never lie. They were having a lot of fun as they dyed its fur with their own hands. All of a sudden, a servant came over and reported, “Mr. Edwards is here.”

Upon hearing those words, the siblings’ expressions changed drastically. Why is Jordan here?

Jordan was a mysterious existence within the Yard Family. He was the real power holder of the Yard Family and held full control over the authority the Yard Family wielded. Anna was nothing but his spokesperson. Under normal circumstances, he rarely appeared at the Ronney Palace as Anna was only a small part of his harem. He had many other women and children besides her. Despite his many children, Callum and Cade, as well as Henry and Ryan, were the only twins. They had the right to the inheritance of the Yard Family and were highly favored by him.

Naturally, there were others among Jordan’s many wives that had also given birth to twins before. Wanting to receive a share of the pie, they all ended up dead. Anna would never allow anybody else’s children to threaten her territory. Unfortunately, Henry and Ryan were loved by Jordan and well-protected by their mother—so much so that she had never had the opportunity to get rid of them. But, it was different now.

Callum and Cade soon appeared in front of Jordan. They were neatly dressed as they respectfully greeted him. “Father.”

Mere moments ago, they were dressed in shorts and slippers while playing with the pig in the back garden. Upon hearing that their father was here, they became neatly and meticulously dressed in a blink of an eye. It was as if they were going to meet a superior, rather than their father.

Jordan went straight to the point as soon as he arrived. “Were you behind the grandmaster’s death?”

His gaze was sharp and he studied his two sons. At some point, these two sons of his had gotten more and more difficult to control. It made him keenly aware that he was old. He was approaching 60. On the other hand, these two were at their prime. They would completely replace him soon. When he learned of the grandmaster’s death, he immediately knew that it was their doing.

In response, Callum and Cade exchanged a glance with each other. Then, they replied bemusedly, “Father, we don’t know about it either. We only received the news about the grandmaster’s death two days ago.”

Jordan stared at them while they spoke. His sharp gaze felt as if he was trying to pierce right into their souls; it carried such a powerful aura that it made one feel as if they were suffocating. However, Callum and Cade endured many similar gazes since they were young. They could now remain calm and impassive under that gaze. Besides, they truly did not do anything to the grandmaster. They were innocent.

“Was it really not your doing?” Jordan expressed his doubts. He did not trust anybody, not even his own sons. Needless to say, his sons were not completely aligned with him either.

Callum suddenly spoke up in a slightly profound tone. “The grandmaster used Henry and Ryan’s blood to make a soul-suppressing charm. I wonder if something went wrong with the ritual. It might have shocked the grandmaster so badly that he jumped off the building. After all, the grandmaster’s two sons claimed that he jumped down by himself.”

Although he did not believe in the metaphysical, it was no secret that Jordan’s other two sons were not part of the Imperial Yard Family lineage. From a metaphysical perspective, they were fake dragons and fake Dragon Blood would surely have failed to suppress demons.

Cade also lazily joined in, saying, “The grandmaster had some scratch marks on his neck. Perhaps, they failed to control themselves and pushed him down the building when the ritual failed. It’s just one person anyway. They only need to use some money to cover it up, just like they always have in the past.”

In the past, Henry and Ryan had behaved in the same way, running wild and doing as they pleased. They were regulars of the Devil Island, a place said to be outside the law—a hunting ground for the powerful. Moreover, what they hunted were not beasts but humans.

Many people, who were about to die, would go to Devil Island and volunteer themselves as prey, receiving a large sum of money in return. As prey, they would be hunted by the nobles for entertainment. If they managed to evade for a period, they would receive another sum of money and obtain their freedom. If they died, they died. More importantly, their deaths were completely legal—one could pay to kill legally on Devil Island. At the tender age of 20, Henry and Ryan were not just regulars at the Devil Island, but they were already VIP platinum members…

Even now, Callum and Cade could not figure out who was behind the grandmaster’s death. Perhaps, it truly was Henry or Ryan who lost control of themselves and killed the grandmaster in a fit of rage. After all, murder was nothing to them.

Jordan was silent. He probably believed what they said. Compared to his elder sons, his younger sons were far too lawless. I can’t believe they dared to kill in Bayside City. Bayside City is not a place they can run wild in! Sigh; I can only blame myself for spoiling them when they were younger. That’s why they grew up so aloof.

After that, Jordan finally left in a hurry. Callum got up to send him off, the warmth in his eyes disappearing as soon as Jordan left. What is he going to do? Don’t tell me; is he going to Cethos to help Ryan and Henry take over the Cethosian market himself? If that’s the case, he’s going to leave Ronney City…

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