My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1148

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1148

After the first year, it was so unrefined that they could not continue because of complaints from people. Then, they rushed through to complete the second one before they stopped altogether.

Sophia was only someone that sold dog collars and yet she dared to host a fashion week; it was an embarrassment.

“Since they want to outdo us at the fashion week, let’s just wait and see!” Henry laughed.

Shortly after, the Ronney Group announced that the world-renowned Ronney Fashion Week fall/winter exhibition would be held in Cethos next year.

Bayside Fashion Week, hosted by JNS Group, was going to take place in February next year. Their fashion week was also going to happen in the same month!

The announcement that Ronney Fashion Week was going to take place in Cethos shook the global fashion industry. It was the first time in a hundred years that the Ronney Fashion Week was going to happen outside of Ronney City!

It seemed like the Ronney Group had their eyes on the Cethosian market and were set on taking over it.

After all, it was a country that took up one-fifth of the world’s population. Who wouldn’t covet it?

The news of the Ronney Fashion Group taking place in Cethos buried news of the Bayside Fashion Week in an instant. The latter did not stand a chance against the former.

A sense of fear grew in the Cethosian fashion industry.

Fashion was a hobby for the rich. Cethos overcame poverty less than three decades ago and had just begun developing its fashion industry and luxury goods. They started late and were slow to advance. Their fashion industry was still considered a newborn baby. How could they compare to the Ronney Group’s two-century-old fashion empire?

Wasn’t Bayside Fashion Week just asking to be made fun of?

They had been around for two centuries. While they were already in fashion, Cethos was still being bombarded by foreign countries. Innocent people were massacred, the people could never fill up their tummies, and it was hard to survive. Fashion was far from a priority!

Cooper was very doubtful.

“Darling, do you really want to participate in fashion week?”

Sophia was so deeply buried in work these days that he only ever saw her at the dinner table. When she returned home that day, he decided to ask her right away.

“Yes, Dad. Why?” she replied as she was stuffing food in her mouth.

Cooper frowned.

He was not opposed to it, but neither the Mitchell Family nor the Michel Family had the talent for fashion.

The Mitchells used to work as diplomats, then they ventured into electronics later on. On the other hand, the Michel Family worked in creating the latest technologies, munitions, medicine, as well as dabbled in the mining industry, but they had never done fashion before. They did produce a couple of luxury goods. Did the gold phone count?

If Sophia had chosen one of the fields that Cooper was familiar with, he could still help her out when she needed it, but fashion was not a field that Linus or Cooper was familiar with.

Not to mention, she was facing the Yard Family in their expertise. She was really overestimating her own strength!

Michael was also doubtful.

He had the resources for fashion, but even if he brought them over, would Sophia know what to do with them?

She had even set the scale this big. If she failed in surpassing the Ronney Group, wouldn’t she end up making a fool of herself?

Money was a minor issue. Her family had mineral deposits which were the source of their financial income. Once they used all their money, they simply had to dig out some more.

They were just worried that she would be depressed if she lost. If she was unhappy, then the whole family would be too.

She did not have to take it upon herself to bring them down as the Cethosian government was already going to destroy the Ronney Group, and so were Cooper and Linus. She could just focus on making her dog collars, playing with the pets, and raising her child.

Now that she formed the JNS Group and wanted to dabble in the fashion week, Michael was worried that she would be exhausted from it all.

But, Sophia did not want to remain idle. She swore to cook up something great with Kenny and did not care about being exhausted.

Michael was unable to stop her. Who gave her such a burning passion?

The only thing her family could do for her was provide money and power to support her.

Clink! In another small unknown bar at midnight, Sophia and Lucy brought their wine glasses together.

“You’re not going to join in anymore?”

Sophia took a sip of wine before slowly putting the glass back down. The fragrance of the martini still lingered in her mouth and gave out a sweet scent when she spoke.

She was asking Lucy out for a drink pretty often these days, and it was because she wanted to get Lucy to join her.

Lucy was not someone who liked being under someone else’s control, even if that someone was her father.

Therefore, Sophia had been actively trying to get her on board, but Lucy was even tougher than she had expected. If she had Lucy with her, she could also save herself a lot of trouble.

When she founded the JNS Group, she received a lot of valuable advice from Lucy.

Still, Lucy rejected her.

“No, I’ve been spreading myself too thin lately, so I won’t join you. You should do it yourself. I don’t know much about the fashion industry, but I do have some knowledge. I have invested in several brands before. If you need references, I can give them to you.”

Sophia was not surprised to hear a rejection from Lucy. Even though she did not know why Lucy was still so wary, she did not want to get into a fight with her.

After that, the two started talking about other things.

“The three brands I recommended to you last time are all well-known in Cethos. They have top-notch quality, good reputations, good backgrounds, and are capable. They all have the potential to enter the international market for luxury goods, but their weakness is in their packaging. Luxury goods need to be wrapped up. Some brands are just helpless when it comes to packaging. It all depends on you. I’m only giving you suggestions. Working in fashion not only requires a lot of money, but it also requires a sharp sense of fashion that is accumulated over time; it’s not something that can be gathered overnight.”

Sophia nodded. “I bought two of the three brands that you recommended last time. We’re in the process of discussing contracts.” She smiled. “I have money. My fashion sense may be lacking, but I have a talented individual in that department.”

At the mention of that individual, Lucy thought of Kenny right away. “Kenny is not bad. He has a business mindset and an extremely sharp fashion sense. A lot of brands under the Ronney Group wanted to enter Cethos, but only two shone through. One is L/K, the brand that Kenny single-handedly brought up, and the other is Ido.”

“I have the heads of both of those brands with me,” Sophia quickly added.

They smiled at each other briefly, then continued to talk about business.

Lucy also mentioned the Mitchell Family and Sandra.

“Taking down the Mitchell Family and Sandra won’t be easy. The Michel Group is an aggressive force. No one in the local electronics industry can beat them. There was no way Cethos would let a foreign-invested company monopolize the whole Cethosian electronics industry. When Cethos imposed restrictions on them, they inevitably had to support a local electronics enterprise. The Mitchell Family had the foundation that Cooper had built. It was a no-brainer. The higher authorities in Cethos won’t let the Mitchell Family fall from power anytime soon.”

Sophia nodded. She was already aware of all of this. The Mitchell Family was living off of Cooper’s past merits, but they still could not beat the Michel Group. The Michel Group could get rid of the Mitchell Family easily.

Nonetheless, they were in Cethos. The higher authorities would not let Michel Group overpower the Mitchell Family and the whole electronics industry. Thus, the Mitchell Family was still around to this day. The higher authorities gave them various subsidies and green lights in order to keep them competitive in the industry against the Michel Group.

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