My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1143

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1143

Lucy was shocked to hear that Billy had done such a thing.

“I can’t believe you did that during this critical time, Bill! What were you thinking?”

The strife between Pourl and King was getting very messy and disoriented. Both Sophia and Sandra were practically looking at each other through a magnifying glass in order to find and exploit any flaws that the other might have, but Billy had just handed it to them on a silver platter now.

Callum and Cade have really succeeded in choosing a group of useless brats for their brothers!

Sophia was certainly going to use this to bring King down and ensure that King vanished from the fashion world in Bayside City for good. Neither the Mitchell Family nor the Yard Family could save them!

Billy was also filled with regret. Kneeling in front of Lucy, he wept and begged, “Lucy, you have to help me. We’re family. You can’t forsake me!”

Lucy took a sip of tea, and a glimmer of light flashed across her eyes.

She had no intention of getting in the middle of Sandra and Sophia’s fight.

This time, however, she did not have a choice as Jordan would force her to take action even if she did not want to.

After staying silent for a moment, she said, “Turn yourself in before the police get to you.”

Billy was stunned. She wants me to turn myself in?

As if she hadn’t seen the shock in his eyes, she continued, “Once you’ve turned yourself in, take responsibility for everything. Emphasize that you did it in the spur of the moment because of a personal grudge. Tell them that you felt immense regret after doing it. You haven’t acquired citizenship yet, and it was attempted murder. If you behave well, you’ll be released with a bit of money. I’ll send you abroad for a few years, and things will die down after that.”

That was the best solution she could think of. It protected both Billy and King.

She figured that Sophia had probably already discovered something. After all, Sophia had Michael behind her while Michael had the Winston Family. The Winston Family was in charge of the underworld. How could they be unaware of something that happened in Bayside City? Since it was already noon, and the incident took place last night, they would have gotten the gist of things by now.

In spite of that, they were not doing anything.

That meant that Sophia was waiting for a chance.

Lucy emphasized, “Go right now. You have to hurry. The sooner, the better. You just have to confess to everything once you’re in there, and remember to put on your best behavior. I’ll find a capable lawyer, so getting you out won’t be a problem.”

Billy stepped out of the Edwards Residence, but he looked back one more time with spite.

She wants me to turn myself in? Huh! She clearly has a way to shield me from this, but she’s not willing to do it! She even wants me to go abroad to lay low?

He had already spent a year overseas in hiding which was the same as being dead for a year. He did not want to leave Bayside City. He had put in his utmost effort to set up his business here. How could he leave now?

Since Lucy was unwilling to help him, he decided to go to Sandra. King still needs me! Sandra will protect me!

At the Mitchell Group, when Sandra found out that Bill had failed to finish off Ivan, she was so infuriated that she kicked him a couple of times. “All you do is create more problems! You couldn’t even handle this small matter?”

He cried, “I didn’t think he would survive. Miss Mitchell, you have to help me. Lucy is adamant about abandoning me. You’re the only one I can count on now! King can’t go on without me!”

He was grasping onto her leg as he sobbed.

Sandra was furious. This moron can’t even kill one person. How useless!

Sophia was going to find out his whereabouts in no time.

But, he was the chief designer at King. They could not do without him!

Sandra was pacing around the room anxiously with a gloomy expression on her face.

“What did Lucy say?” she asked suddenly.

Billy ranted, “She wants me to turn myself in. Isn’t that sending me to my death?”

Telling me to turn myself in is just absurd!

Once Billy was exposed, King would be exposed too!

When the time came, the power of public opinion would certainly affect both King and Sandra’s reputations. Sophia was going to take advantage and make a big issue out of it.

It took a minute for Sandra to make her decision. She stared straight at Billy and asked, “Where are the people you sent out to do the job?”

Wiping his tears, he answered, “I already arranged to send them on the earliest flight out of the country. They should be on their way to the airport now.”

She said decisively, “At this point, the best thing to do is to silence them for good. Only a dead person can keep a secret!”

Billy was startled, but he still accepted it.

As long as those few people were dead, all the blame could be placed on them. The dead could not bear witness. He would be able to free himself!

In the early morning, an unassuming Santana was on the highway heading toward the airport. Inside the car, there were four men of foreign nationalities with blank expressions on their faces. They were all blonde.

The Santana was going at full speed; it was almost flying in a straight line on the empty highway.

A while later, a pop went off and the car started to jolt. The man who was driving felt it and cursed, “Sh*t!”

They burst a tire!

The driver tried to stabilize the car, then brought it to the side of the road. When he went down to look, he saw that the front tire had burst. The four of them got out of the car to retrieve the spare tire and car jack from the trunk, and quickly changed the tire.

Just then, in the darkness of the night, a Jeep pulled over silently and stopped right next to them.

The guy who was fixing the tire looked back. He found a gun poking out of the window and aimed right between his eyebrows.


Once he fell to the ground, a trickle of blood flowed out from between his eyebrows. The other three people were dumbfounded. They quickly tried to run for cover, but it was too late. Consecutive gunshots were heard and two more people fell. The last guy managed to hide behind the car where he also hurriedly pulled out his gun to counter their attack.

Four to five people in black came out of the Jeep. Each of them carried a gun. Splitting themselves up, they surrounded the guy and made it impossible for him to escape.

The guy was cursing on the inside, knowing that he had been betrayed.

Only Billy knew their location!

He wants to shut us up! Very well. When the day comes, I’m going to kill him with my own hands!

The foreigner had his gun out and was ready to attack when all of a sudden, police sirens closed in on them from a distance. A big police force came out of nowhere and surrounded the place in an instant with several roadblocks set up and countless guns pointed in their direction.

“We are the Cethos Police. Please put down your weapons and raise your hands above your heads if you want to seek clemency.”

When the last remaining foreigner saw the police, he couldn’t be more relieved. He immediately tossed his gun aside and lifted his hands. The other people in black were startled. They turned around swiftly to get back into their car and drove off, running through the roadblocks to escape.

Several police cars began chasing after them. The sound of police sirens filled the night.

Because they were armed, it put the special forces team on high alert. Finally, the police were able to take down all of them with four dead and one sustaining light injuries.

Joel personally came to investigate the situation.

When he heard about everything, anger rose up within him and made the veins on his head pop.

When Sophia looked for him to report the incident, he still could not believe that someone would do something so atrocious on his land. How dare they cause a ruckus in Bayside City? I don’t care who the Yard Family or the Mitchell Family is. They better not fall into my hands!

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