My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1118

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1118
Anne was rendered speechless by Sophia’s questions. Growing defensive, she glowered at Sophia and countered, “I don’t own any shares now in the Ronney Group, but it’s only a matter of time before I do. I am Young Lady Yard, after all. You’re just a nobody!”

Sophia laughed at Anne’s remark. Standing at the foot of the hospital bed, Sophia surveyed Anne’s pale face with cool appraisal. “You dare call yourself Young Lady Yard when you don’t even own a single share in the Ronney Group? You have no right to call yourself that at all!” she spat.

Anne’s face twisted into a grimace. Sophia is just as despicable as her low-life mother!

“Shares?” Anne wanted to retch and she snarled at Sophia in detest, “People like you only care about money and power. You’re just as shameless as your mother! You’re nothing but a despicable low-life! How dare you assume the Yard Family would ever stoop as low as you? I didn’t come back to the Yards just so I could have shares in the company—I came back for honor, which is something you would never be able to understand! You’re nothing compared to us!”

At this, Sophia went still.

Indeed, there was no denying that she was despicable.

Shares, money and power were all she ever talked about.

And yet, these were all the same things that prompted Anna Yard to eradicate her entire family!

Sophia sat down on the corner of the bed and tried to appear as amiable as possible. “Fine; let’s not talk about money. My dear Miss Osborne, what makes you think my father would ever be interested in you?”

However, Sandra interjected before Anne could answer, “Please take note that she will no longer be called Miss Osborne. She’s already part of the Yard family so she will only be addressed as Anne Yard from now on.”

Hearing that, Sophia thought the Osborne name was better suited for Anne.

Anne ought to look at herself in the mirror before deciding to take on the Yard family name.

After all, it wasn’t as if Anna Yard and her sons had gotten rid of the rest of their family just so they could make room for another person to clamber into their ancestral hall.

The thing was, it seemed as though Anne had truly deluded herself into thinking that she had suitors lining up for her all the way to France, because she began to list her many qualities. “I’m beautiful and young. I come from a family of scholars. I’m gentle as well as intellectual. I play eight different musical instruments and I’m well-versed in everything from law to Sanskrit.” Anne appeared to be pleased with herself as she eyed Sophia with disdain. “Cooper and I will be the perfect couple if we end up together. We were made for each other! What we have is true love and you can never come between us, so why don’t you back off for your own good?”

Sophia could only stare blankly at her.

Is Anne trying to insinuate that Cooper is not good enough for her?

Cooper had only ever met Anne on two occasions—the first being an exhibition where he had spoken to her briefly and the other had been at the Fletchers’. Altogether, they had barely spent more than two or three hours in each other’s company, so how in the world was she convinced that they were in love? How could she even believe that they were meant for each other?

Sophia couldn’t be led astray by Anne’s crazy talk. Composing herself, she tried to reason, “Miss Osborne, please don’t take this the wrong way but my father is just as much of a low-life as I am. All he cares about is money. We’re a bunch of money-crazed people and as vulgar as we are, we would never be good enough to become your in-laws. It would be easier if you let him go.”

Sophia wasn’t wrong. After all, Cooper was vulgar enough to have become an armament magnate.

He had set up a pharmaceuticals laboratory in Africa and during the cholera outbreak that nearly wiped out the continent, he refused to hand over the treatment that could otherwise save the people. The conference room had been filled to the brim with government officials from all the African countries as they demanded for the treatment, but he had denied them all. He used the treatment as leverage, refusing to give up the cure until the countries had signed over the diamond mines to him; he wanted to monopolize the diamond mining industry in the entire continent.

He was nothing but a capitalist, a corrupt businessman who cared only about making a profit. If they were to turn back time and go back to the revolution, a man like Cooper would have been dragged out and flogged on the streets.

But this only further infuriated Anne. She slammed a hand down on the table and snarled, “You useless b*tch! How dare you stab your father in the back by saying these horrible things about him? You ought to be struck down by lightning for insulting your family like this!”

Anne appeared to be under the belief that she was destined to be with Cooper, which inevitably led her to assume the role of Sophia’s stepmother.

When Anne snapped, she did so in a way that was akin to how a stepmother would put down her husband’s illegitimate child. “You were born out of wedlock. What right do you have to butt into your father’s affairs? You’re ridiculous! It doesn’t even make sense for your father to spoil you the way he does, and now you think you’re above everyone else? How dare you interfere with his private affairs and speak badly about him behind his back? If I were you, I’d have died of shame!”

Sandra chose that moment to chime in, “Exactly! All of this is absurd! Clearly, you have no respect for your elders and you don’t know your place. You’re a daughter born out of wedlock, so who gave you the right and the confidence to meddle in your father’s business?”

Anne then tilted her chin in an effort to look superior. “Have you no shame? You’re married with a family of your own but you and your husband continue to reside at Cooper’s place. You’ve completely destroyed the Mitchells’ reputation!” She scowled resentfully. “You’d better move out of Cooper’s house this instant!”

Sophia was stunned into silence.

After all, Cooper was the one who was staying at her place, not the other way round!

The man loved being around them so much that he couldn’t bear to stay away for more than a day. In fact, there had been times when he hadn’t been able to eat or sleep without seeing his beloved grandchild, so he had decided that the best solution was to move in with Sophia.

But to be fair to Anne, Sophia understood why this seemed a ridiculous notion.

At this point, Sophia realized that there was no use in trying to reason with Anne.

If the woman refused to listen to reason, then Sophia had no choice but to be harsh with her.

She slowly put on her shades, effectively shielding the icy look in her eyes, and drawled, “I have nothing more to say to you, Miss Osborne, but let me tell you this—you may be as perfect as you say you are, but my father has more than his fair share of gorgeous admirers in Bayside City. While your family may be formidable, there are others whose family names carry more weight than yours. You won’t be the only young lady of the Yard Family; it’s not as if you’re the first person to have adopted a different surname to get into the Yard’s ancestral hall.”

Sophia’s tone grew cold as she continued, “So, seeing as my father isn’t short on admirers who are prettier, more capable and have better breeding than you do, what makes you think he’d be interested in you in the first place?”

One would think that Sophia’s speech would keep Anne in check, but instead, Anne remained impervious. Worse still, there was a dreamy look in her eyes as she retaliated arrogantly, “Cooper would never abandon me! We are in love! There’s no way that those cheap floozies out there can even begin to compete with me!”

Sophia was at a loss for words.

“Pfft!” The bodyguards who flanked Sophia began to snicker.

It was as if Miss Osborne was a one-woman comedy show!

Sophia, on the other hand, had never been more exasperated in her life.

She had been right to give Anne that bottle of brain health supplements; the woman clearly needed it more than anyone else.

Sophia knew she had to switch tactics. She would go crazy if she went on like this!

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