My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1078

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1078

Meanwhile, Sophia was still listening to the ancient Imperial Palace’s night guards as they spoke of the history of Phoenix Harp. “The harp is a musical instrument of Cethos, but most were lost later. The harp we speak of in the modern days is actually the lyre that came in from abroad, a Western musical instrument. Never had I expected that I’d have the opportunity to see Phoenix Harp with my own eyes in this lifetime! It’s truly stunning!”

“Look! The craftsmanship of this Phoenix Harp is perfect! It’s simply flawless! No matter the material and the craftsmanship, everything is just superior! It’s worthy to be a national treasure!”

“It’s truly the same as written in the ancient records in our museum! Everything is the same! My life hasn’t been in vain since I’ve gotten to see such a perfect instrument in person during my lifetime!”

And so they continued waxing lyrical about the harp, but Sophia was skeptical. A national treasure? Isn’t that too much?

The night guards then insisted on borrowing the harp to study it. Sophia couldn’t manage to dissuade them, so she agreed. Subsequently, they then ordered a few enthusiastic people to transport the harp and even issued a borrower’s form from the ancient Imperial Palace museum.

Upon seeing the infinite care and caution the Imperial Palace employees took to the point of even wearing gloves, Sophia’s heart pounded. Stark regret assailed her for allowing the guards to see her harp. What if… it becomes a national property instead of my personal property once it’s taken away? All at once, she quickly pulled Michael over, placing him front and center. “Be careful!” she urged anxiously. “This is our family’s harp, given by a friend of Taylor’s, so there’s just this one! And his fans are all aware that this harp belongs to us. Remember that…”

Earlier, Michael asked Justin about the harp. As Justin was well-read over the years, he knew quite a bit about the harp and agreed that this harp was no ordinary harp. I wonder how Sophia is so lucky to have gotten her hands on Phoenix Harp that has been lost for centuries. The last time Phoenix Harp was ever seen was probably during the last years of the previous dynasty when battle raged to combat foreign invasion. The Imperial seal was stolen then, alongside a large number of national treasures, and among them was the final pristine Phoenix Harp in the palace.

Taylor had also once hired a composer who specialized in history as an advisor when he was to film ‘The National Treasury Action.’ The expert had duplicated a harp perfectly and even asked the ancient Imperial Palace museum to duplicate a Phoenix Harp as prop, but it was not as exquisite as this harp before his eyes. Back then, the Phoenix Harp suffered a tragic end, for it was burned by invaders before it could be transported away. What a pity!

“Tsk-tsk. If this is truly the Phoenix Harp, then it’s truly priceless! It’ll fetch a king’s ransom. Buddy, your fan is truly something else!” Justin lamented while carrying his daughter, smelling like baby powder.

After putting away the harp, a senior guard came over with an ingratiating expression on his face. Rubbing his hands, he said to Michael, “This… well… you once donated the Imperial seal, Mr. Murray, so why don’t you donate this harp now?”

Sophia instantly panicked and blinked at Michael vigorously. Her eyes were flashing so swiftly that Michael was almost blinded.

Noticing that she liked this harp very much, Michael schooled his face into a serious expression and answered, “This is different from the Imperial seal. I obtained the seal for the country, but this harp is my wife’s private collection. Master Louis Osborne has even worked on it, so we’re reluctant to part with it for the time being. However, you can take it back for study and duplication.”

At this, Sophia breathed a sigh of relief though her eyes remained anxiously fixed on the harp as she fretted. Upon seeing this, Michael couldn’t help stroking her hair and wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “It’s fine. I’ll keep an eye on things. They won’t dare steal it. After all, who would dare steal from the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor?” he murmured in a whisper.

While the harp was being transported, Cooper and Linus came with Mark after learning that a wealthy fan of Michael’s gave Sophia a Phoenix Harp. At a single glance, Linus who was rather famous in the collectors’ world made out the worth of this Phoenix Harp and hurriedly took a photo with it for keepsake before it was carried away. As he did so, he inwardly lamented, It sure is nice to have a famous husband!

After the harp had been taken away, they all sat down and chatted. Michael then took out ‘Beyond the Border’ which Cooper requested today and presented it earnestly to his young-looking father-in-law.

As soon as the scroll was opened, the majestic and bold words manifested before Cooper’s eyes—‘If the city generals were present, the barbarians’ horses would never have crossed the mountains.’ At the back was Louis Osborne’s signature. Cooper was wholly gratified. While he still maintained an aloof expression, his surreptitiously fluttering brows betrayed the excitement within him. He couldn’t reveal the slightest hint of softness before his old son-in-law, so he kept up his aloofness. The reason being, he probably felt that he could only intimidate this perverted old son-in-law of his if he were aloof and authoritative.

Mark loved Linus, holding his little muffin’s hand with his left hand and his good grandson’s hand with the other. Sophia grew green with envy as she looked on, but still, she ate dinner with Cooper, Mark, and the rest.

Mark only returned to Fletcher Residence late at night. Sophia then took a shower and was just about to go to bed when Maria came over and said, “Madam, there’s an extra cat in the house whose owner is unknown. The Imperial Palace said it isn’t theirs, and I’ve also asked around in the neighborhood, but no one came to collect it.”

An extra cat? Sophia went over to the cat bed to have a look. All at once, she saw an elegant and graceful Norwegian Forest cat with long fur among the orange cats. It was an exceedingly lovely cat that was truly a feast for the eyes. As she took it out, the cat meowed in hunger, so she put out some cat food for it. However, it then looked all disdainful after lowering its head for a sniff, refusing to eat it despite meowing in hunger. She then changed it out to a more high-end cat food that she only used during New Year, but it still continued meowing, disdaining it and refusing to eat. Hey! What a snob!

Chrysanthemum jumped up and slapped it on the ear before gobbling down the cat food. The Norwegian Forest cat meowed hungrily as it stared at Sophia.

Sophia then picked it up, glimpsing its intact collar. On a closer look, it was a foreign luxury pet collar that was sold by her biggest competitor, so she was aware of its price. This collar costs about 800 grand! This is a cat with a rich owner! Unfortunately, there was no contact number on the collar, merely its name in Cethosian language—General. It’s a bit odd for such a beautiful cat to have such a name.

She then hurriedly had someone take good care of the cat since it might be her client in the future. Thereafter, she promptly phoned the shop to check whether there was a record of General having been there.

General wasn’t as domineering as its name, for it was very much fastidious. It refused to eat anything and continued meowing incessantly while being even better dressed than Chrysanthemum. Irritated, Chrysanthemum again boxed its ear, whereupon it quietly went silent and hid in the corner to cry. As an aristocratic cat with an 800-grand collar, it had never suffered such aggrieve, so it cried for the entire night. In the end, it was Linus who took pity on it, giving it a bath before carrying it into the guest room to sleep.

The next day, the store reverted that a Norwegian Forest cat called ‘General’ had indeed been to the shop for grooming the day before. After comparing the photos, Sophia saw that the similarity was 99%, so she quickly had them contact the owner and said that she’d personally send the cat back. It’ll definitely be an excellent client!

The venue was set at Audistin. Since Michael hadn’t yet started filming, he went with Sophia. When they arrived at Audistin and pulled open the door of the designated private room, Sophia saw someone unexpected. “It’s you, Mrs. Anna Yard?”

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