My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1073

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1073

Bringing Linus over, Cooper grabbed the brother and sister by the hands, looked at them, and solemnly said, “No matter who your mother was and no matter what she had done, all of it has nothing to do with you. No matter what happens, you are my kids and are far more important than my life.”

He added, “Even if someone brings the entire world before me and wishes to exchange it with you, I won’t agree to that.”

Tears fell from Sophia’s eyes as she nodded again and again.

Linus was also very agitated. He grew up with Cooper and thus understood his character.

No matter what, he would never hurt them.

Michael stood aside and suddenly realized that this young-looking father-in-law of his was quite adorable.

When he was callous, he was absolutely callous; he treated both his enemies and himself in the same inhumanly callous way. But someone as strong as him held his dignity above everything except for his own kids. When facing his own daughter, he was just an ordinary old father. He could have people beaten into pulp, and he could also lower himself and admit to his mistakes.

How could he harm his own kids?

“Darling, go to Grandpa. See, Grandpa is crying. Hurry up and make him feel better.”

Michael placed Carmen into Cooper’s arms. Carmen was the best at making people feel better, and she successfully made Cooper laugh in just a short while.

Sophia felt that she had become the happiest girl in the world again!

“By the way… about Ms. Anna—” Michael couldn’t help but put in a reminder.

Cooper, who was still holding Carmen, interrupted him, “No need to look for her. It’s already a great miracle for me to be able to locate my two kids. As for Anna… Well, just assume that she died twenty-eight years ago.”

At that moment, Cooper seemed to have turned into the ruthless God-like figure again.

Cooper held Carmen and looked at his two kids with eyes that were filled with happiness. He had put in so much effort for half his life, and he had obtained all the glory that could be obtained. Now, he was happy with these three treasures around.

He was already extremely satisfied with their presence and had no other desires.

It might be better to let things go.

Thirty years of love had seeped into his bones and became one with him. Surely it would be tough for him to let go.

But he was Cooper Mitchell. Since when had there been something that he couldn’t let go of?

The difference between the strong and the weak was that the strong treated themselves more harshly than anyone else. Even if it had assimilated into his bone marrow, he would break his bones to get rid of it!

Annabel’s tomb was quickly moved away. Cooper had chosen a burial spot for her and himself just outside of the city. He buried everything Annabel had in it and constructed a burial mound.

Looking at the lonely grave, Cooper stood facing the tombstone for a long time.

His first love was buried there.

From then on, the girl named Annabel Johnson remained nineteen years old forever. She loved Cooper and was a kindhearted girl…

Cooper stood there for about ten minutes, and when he finally turned around, there was no emotion in his eyes, only the calmness that came with having gone through the vicissitudes of life.

The thirty years’ worth of feelings had come to an end today. Wherever the real Annabel Johnson was had nothing more to do with him, and he refused to investigate anything related to her. The person he loved had died.

After getting in the car, Cooper suddenly said to Michael, “Take me to meet your mother. Anna enjoyed watching your mother’s movies back then, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the chance to meet each other.”

Cooper sighed. Michael’s mother, Elizabeth Murray, was truly an unparalleled beauty to behold. Even if she had passed away for 40 years, the legends about her were still very much alive around the world. In the past, the tickets to her movies sold for peanuts, but the box office could rack up to 100 million. She was that astounding!

Up until now, she remained the number one Cethosian superstar in the eyes of the Cethosians living overseas. She was the pioneer of the Cethosian global trend, and even her son, Taylor Murray, could not replace her extraordinary position in the entertainment world.

Michael agreed, and everyone went over to the Fletcher Family Cemetery, where Michael’s mother, Elizabeth, was buried.

Sophia followed Michael to help clear the weeds around the graves of Elizabeth Murray and Theo Fletcher. They had also brought flowers and a paper-made USB flash drive.

Since the incident of Sophia burning the USB flash drive at the grave was exposed, people had started to pick up on the trend, and the funeral services nearby had begun to sell paper-made USB flash drives and computers.

Holding a bunch of chrysanthemums in his hand, Cooper came to the tomb where Elizabeth Murray and Theo Fletcher were buried together. He bent forward and placed the chrysanthemums down, then looked at the magnificent black-and-white photo on the tombstone. His voice was a little heavy as he said earnestly, “It’s a pity that I didn’t live in your era, but who knew that in the end, we would still become in-laws.”

Hearing this, Michael frowned a little.

Does this mean Cooper has given his blessing in a roundabout way?

It seemed that Elizabeth’s identity had given quite many brownie points to Michael. After all, Cooper was also one of Elizabeth’s fans.

Cooper happened to live during the peak of Elizabeth’s career. Despite the fact that Elizabeth was already dead at that time, her work was still broadcasted widely and frequently on TV, and her influence lasted more than ten years before it slowly receded. So, it was not surprising that Cooper was also a fan of Elizabeth.

Having visited the study where Cooper lived when he was a child, Michael had noticed that there were many tapes and DVDs about Elizabeth in his drawers.

Cooper seemed to want to say a few more words to Elizabeth. After all, this was the first meeting with his in-laws, and it was an important and serious day.

Therefore, he requested, “Go back to the car and enjoy the air conditioning for a while. I’m gonna have a few words with my in-laws.”

Michael took Sophia’s hand and turned to leave. Frowning, Sophia muttered, “What’s there to talk about?”

Cooper suddenly became stern. “Kids should be seen and not heard.”

Sophia pouted and allowed Michael to take her away. The latter commented, “The adults have important things to say, so us ‘kids’ should not intrude on them.”

Linus grinned to one side but left as well.

After the ‘kids’ all left, Cooper plopped down in front of the grave and took off his sunglasses. Staring at the grave, he let out a sigh. “Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to live in the same era with both of you, but I’ve heard a lot about you and your accomplishments since I was young.”

He added, “I came here specially to visit the two of you today. It isn’t my intention to disturb your peace, but I just want to say that…”

Cooper looked at the tombstone, and an unprecedented smile graced the corner of his mouth as he continued, “Your son is a fine man, and I’m very satisfied with him. Although he is a little older than I would’ve liked, it’s alright… Anyway, we’ll be in-laws from now on. Today is our first meeting with each other. We still need to carry out the traditional procedures. According to tradition, the boy’s parents should visit the girl’s family to discuss the wedding, but clearly, it is impossible for you to visit me. So, I’ve come here by myself. Since the situation is a little unusual, it’s not possible to follow tradition to a tee. In any case, I’ve prepared some gifts for you, and I hope the two of you will like them. I also brought tea and alcohol with me. I’ll burn the offerings for you first, and we can have a chat as I burn them.”

After Sophia had some watermelon in Michael’s RV, she turned to watch the movements over at Fletcher’s ancestral grave through the car window and asked doubtfully, “What is my dad doing?”

Michael glanced outside before replying, “He’s probably talking about ‘adult matters’ with my parents, so as kids, we should not care too much.”

Sophia was left speechless.

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