My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1050

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1050

“Isn’t this a little…” Sophia was starting to feel unsure. If we announce this to the public, all my friends will learn about it. How awkward will it be when we meet up to play mahjong or games? Moreover, I’m going to remarry Michael in the future. If my marriage to Linus is made public, won’t it seem like I’m taking marriage too lightly? At the very least, I need to think about Michael’s reputation! Also, Carmen is going to film ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ with Michael soon. As a mother, how can I act like marriage is such a trivial matter? Can I be certain it won’t affect Carmen?
“Is there a problem?” Linus frowned as he glanced through the event program.
She said in a troubled voice, “Michael is a public figure. No matter how small a matter it is, it can turn into a huge scandal. So, I’m worried things might get out of hand!”

Although he seemed rather disappointed, he said, “It’s okay. Let’s cancel that event.”

She nodded in agreement. After that, they discussed other details regarding the banquet. All of a sudden, Linus asked after Carmen. “I heard Carmen is sick. How is she? Did you bring her to see a doctor?”

When the topic of Carmen came up, Sophia looked very worried. “She ate something bad and had diarrhea. The doctor has examined her. He said that she’ll be fine after taking some medicine and having a good rest.”

Upon hearing that, Linus felt relief. The two of them watched some TV together before heading back to their respective bedrooms.

Sarah’s injuries were almost fully healed. Therefore, Harry came to bring her home. Before they left, she didn’t forget to promote her well-endowed son as much as possible. “Look; look! Sour Face has such a large penis! Are you sure you won’t consider an arranged marriage between our children?”

Carrying Hope, she kept pushing him in Sophia’s face. The three-year-old was wearing a pair of open-crotch pants. Moreover, his face was impassive and expressionless. As a result, both his lower body and upper body were radiating murderous intent. Sophia reached out and pressed it against his stomach, diligently trying to push his looming appendage out of her face as she irritably said, “Let’s leave the talks about marriage between our children until they’re older.”

Carmen’s relationship status was relatively interesting recently. She was currently in a stable relationship with the female black giant poodle, Dusky, who was only several months old. Besides, Hope didn’t seem to be her type. Rather, she seemed to regard him as her younger brother. So, it didn’t matter how well-endowed he was—it was meaningless.

Afterward, Harry left with Sarah, Hope, and Poppy, the child they adopted not too long ago.

Once her friends were gone, Sophia felt very empty inside. Feeling much better, Sean would get out of bed occasionally and take his adopted daughter for walks. Meanwhile, Justin had yet to return, and Michael still couldn’t be contacted.

The atmosphere in the house had changed. Ever since Annabel came back, Cooper only had eyes for her. He seemed to have forgotten about his daughter and granddaughter. It was probably because he had lost her for such a long time that he cherished her even more now that she was back.

Before this, he would have stayed by Carmen’s side 24/7 whenever she was sick. He would have taken care of her, hugged her, and pampered her. But now, he only visited her once in a while. Even the young girl had noticed the change in him and complained that her grandfather only loved her grandmother and no longer loved her.

After Sophia recovered from her initial joy of having a mother, she discovered that it wasn’t quite as joyous as she imagined. Once the initial delight died down, she felt extremely depressed and disappointed instead. She didn’t seem to like her newfound mother very much, but she didn’t know why either. It seemed like she subconsciously felt a sense of animosity toward Annabel from the beginning. Still, she was her mother; she knew she shouldn’t be feeling emotions like these. Unfortunately, that feeling slowly spread and grew in her heart like creeping ivy. She couldn’t control it no matter how hard she tried to conceal and suppress it.

Although Annabel seemed to be trying very hard to be a good mother, and Sophia was also trying very hard to be a good daughter, it felt like the atmosphere in the house was becoming more and more depressing by the day, ever since Annabel came back. Combined with the fact that Carmen was sick, Sophia became very irritable and short-tempered. As a result, she would fly into a rage from time to time.

At noon that day, everybody was sitting down together for lunch. All of a sudden, Annabel tentatively asked Sophia, “Sophia, when will you and Carmen move back into your husband’s house?”

As soon as Sophia heard those words, she became upset. I’m living here just fine. Why should I move out? Thus, she continued eating as she answered, “I have no plans to move out!”

In an earnest voice, Annabel said, “You married into the Fletcher Family and became part of their family. So, you should be living in the Fletcher Residence. It’s only appropriate that you live with your husband. Besides, living with your natal family will invite gossip.”

No matter how Sophia thought about it, those words seemed incredibly harsh. Why shouldn’t I live here? Is your daughter no longer family once she gets married? Is it embarrassing for your daughter to return to her natal family after her divorce? Is this really my mother?! Forget it; she’s older and more conservative. It’s normal to have a generational gap between us. Thus, she grunted perfunctorily in response. “Let’s talk about this next time.”

However, Annabel seemed hung up on it. She continued in an exasperated voice, “Listen to me; women shouldn’t act so tough. You are way too career-oriented for your own good. Women should take care of the hearth and home while men are in charge of making a living. I’m sure that’s the reason why Michael divorced you. You should reflect on it. Besides, you need to reconcile with him as soon as possible and have a good life with him. Living with your natal family is not a permanent solution. You’re an adult now; living with your natal family is embarrassing. Hurry up and give birth to a son. That’s the only way to keep your husband by your side. If you have a son, the two of you can finally remarry each other as soon as possible… You don’t have much time left; you’re already approaching your thirties. In another two years, you will be worthless since you are no longer young. It will be very hard for you to remarry then.”

Sophia focused on eating as she frowningly thought to herself, Do all mothers talk like that? It was the first time she had a mother, so she was confused.

Cooper probably felt that there was a huge illogical flaw in that statement too. However, he was very forgiving of Annabel. He did not object to what she said. Instead, he placed some food on her plate and took the opportunity to cut her off. “You should worry more about yourself. The children can worry about themselves. It’s not our place to decide for them.”

After that, Annabel said nothing more even though she still felt very worried about Sophia.

That night, Sophia opened her bedroom window and saw her parents taking a stroll by the lakeside. From the distance, she heard Annabel saying to Cooper, “She’s already 27, yet she’s still staying with her natal family after the divorce. This is not good for her; girls shouldn’t act so tough. Coop, why don’t we talk to the Fletchers? We should ask them to take both Sophia and Carmen back. A daughter will have to marry into another family and take on their surname, sooner or later. Coop, you’ve given her so much of your assets; don’t you think that’s a little ill-considered? Furthermore, she was violated as a child. It’s a good thing someone is even willing to marry her, yet she can’t even produce a son—”

For a moment, Sophia seriously doubted her own ears. Did I really hear that?! Then, she slammed the window shut with a loud bang. Make me move out? No f*cking way! My name has been written on the land title ever since Michael bought the Edwards Residence! Why should I move out?! Is it so embarrassing for me to come back here?! This place is my home! I’m the owner! I’m not going anywhere!

Although it was the first time she had a mother, she quickly lost interest in a few days. All that was left was an inexplicable sense of disgust and hatred.

Carmen had a specialized baby-care team and a medical team on standby at all times. All her daily necessities were taken care of by specialists. Five or six highly educated personal nannies watched her, and three nutritional experts prepared all her meals. The costs for these services every month were astronomical. However, Annabel seemed extremely dissatisfied with these services and constantly complained about them.

She claimed that daughters would be married out of the family, sooner or later, so there was no point in raising them so well. She also criticized Sophia for not taking better care of her body, claiming that it was better if she could give birth to a son and tie a man down to her compared to spending so much effort raising Carmen. She also reprimanded Sophia for being way too career-oriented. She said that it destroyed the harmonious atmosphere between a husband and a wife. In her opinion, women should quit their jobs to focus on the children and the family.

Truthfully, even Cooper felt that Annabel’s views were problematic. However, he believed them to be trivial matters and was not bothered by them. He knew that Sophia would not be influenced by Annabel, so he simply ignored the issue. Unfortunately, the dissatisfaction in Sophia’s heart slowly piled up, little by little. The day before the welcome banquet, her patience finally snapped after enduring it for so long. She lost her temper and caused a huge ruckus in Carmen’s room—so much so that Carmen started crying out of fright.

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