My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1026

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1026

Attached to the message was a snapshot. Sophia saw that a group of people had arrived at the Edwards Residence. They were blonde and blue-eyed; moreover, their blue eyes were especially blue. Looking at those blue eyes, she knew that they were bad news—the Michel Family was here!
Up until now, she had only come in contact with a small portion of the Michel Family. This family that had survived almost a thousand years was incredibly huge. Within it, there was also an existence equivalent to the elders’ council that set the rules within the clan, monitored the implementation of the rules, and so on. If her guess was correct, this group of people was sent by the elders’ council to check on Carmen’s household registration.
She knew that this day would come sooner or later. Besides, she had to face this matter at some point. She didn’t want to abandon the name of the Michel Family. It was a huge power—as one of the top families in the world, it owned a vast business empire. Why not fight for it if she had the ability? At the same time, she did not wish to give up on Michael either! Love and career; I want it all!

Making her decision, she prepared to return home. During this period, Michael had been rather elusive. She did not know what he was busy working on. However, he continued to personally escort her to and from her work as usual. He was here again today like clockwork. Hence, the two of them matched their stories during the drive home.

She was still powerless right now, having only taken her first steps—all she had were the representative rights of Dragon Eye. It was still impossible to go head-to-head with the Michel Family’s council of elders. Even Alice didn’t dare to do so, let alone her. Therefore, she could only resort to delaying tactics for now.

Upon arriving at home, more than a dozen pairs of blue eyes stared at Sophia, Michael, and Carmen coldly. The group consisted of both young and old men and women. Each of them was extraordinary, distinguished, and carried the Michel Family’s crest.

Cooper was feeling very troubled too. The matter regarding Carmen’s household registration was something they had to confront sooner or later. Although the Michel Family could tolerate him returning to Cethos and taking back the Mitchell Family in the name of Cooper Mitchell, they would never tolerate Sophia marrying into the Fletcher Family nor would they tolerate Carmen taking on the Fletcher surname. Carmen was part of the Michel Family—she was not allowed to take on any other surname!

Meanwhile, Carmen pretended to be drinking milk and did not talk to them.

As soon as Michael entered the house, he was targeted by the cold gazes coming from a dozen pairs of blue eyes. It was clear that they were aware of his identity as the Academy Award for Best Actor winner, Michael Fletcher, and Lucile’s husband. The reason for their arrival this time was to urge Michael to marry into the family and change his surname. They even had the contract ready. As soon as he signed the document, they would immediately change his surname and his household registration.

To their surprise, Sophia walked in and introduced herself. “Hi, everybody. I’m Lucile, and this is my ex-husband. He is a famous actor and the Academy Award for Best Actor winner, Michael Fletcher. We have divorced, and our assets have been divided cleanly. Although the children are in my custody, he is still Gianna’s biological father. Hence, he occasionally comes over to visit her. Seeing as he is a public figure, a divorce would harm his reputation. Therefore, we have not announced our divorce to the public.”

The Michel Family was rendered speechless by her words. The contract they prepared in advance for Michael to marry into the family and change his surname suddenly lost its weight since they were already divorced.

As an ex-husband and an outsider, Michael tactfully left after a cursory greeting.

Then, Sophia sat down. Carmen automatically ran into Sophia’s arms, her big and wet eyes watching the blue eyes in front of her warily. At this moment, Sophia couldn’t help silently admiring Cooper’s intelligence back then. Cooper must have foreseen the events of today and made us divorce in advance.

Now that they were divorced, Michael was just her ex-husband. How could the Michel Family ask her ex-husband to change his surname? Even so, she could continue interacting with him. It was just that they no longer had a formal relationship. Besides, many women within the Michel Family had lovers that they lived together with all their lives. However, the men had no status. Although Michael was trying hard to earn his place in the family, now was not the time.

Since the matter of making Michael change his surname didn’t work out, everybody sat down and immediately began discussing the matter of making Sophia and Carmen change their surnames.

Thus, Sophia instantly said, “Um… I’m afraid now is not the right time for that. I am currently running a business in Cethos. If I change my nationality, I will have to give up my Cethosian nationality. As you know, Cethosian nationality is one of the hardest nationalities to obtain in the world. Besides, being a Cethosian makes it easier for me to do things within the country. Therefore, before my business achieves success, I won’t consider giving up my Cethosian nationality for the time being. As for Gianna…” she patted Carmen’s head and continued, “she is still young. Since she has lived here since she was young, I’m worried she might not adapt to a sudden change in her environment. So, I want her to study in Cethos until she is eighteen years old. Her household registration is very important for her if she wants to study in this country. Otherwise, she will not be able to enter a good school. As the household registration is very strict within the country, it will be very troublesome for her to study without a Cethosian nationality! Besides, Bayside University is famous throughout the world and ranks within the top ten universities in the world. Hence, I plan to let her enter Bayside University once she grows up. It will be very difficult if she took the university entrance exams with an international student’s identity. However, if she holds domestic nationality, she will need a much lower score compared to an international student…”

Meanwhile, Carmen nodded along obediently.

Sophia wittily deflected the Michel Family, focusing on the matter of Carmen’s studies and her household registration. In the end, she managed to gloss over the issue for now and earn several years for herself. In a few years, she was confident she could find a way to change her current situation. My daughter was named Carmen Sophia Fletcher at birth, and she will always be Carmen Sophia Fletcher! Half of her name comes from me while the other half comes from Michael. It’s proof that she is the baby we had together!

That night, the Michel Family stayed at the Edwards Residence. Their visit this time wasn’t just to check on Carmen’s household registration. It was also to inspect the Cethosian market and see how well the Michel Group’s products were being received in Cethos. After accompanying them on their inspection for two days, she finally sent them off without any incidents.

After Dragon Eye’s lower-end products were officially launched globally, only North America and Cethos, which were the strongest economically, achieved the best sales. In fact, sales in Cethos even surpassed Europe to take second place. Thus, Dragon Eye became an undisputed dark horse, which allowed Sophia to hand a beautiful token of allegiance to both the Michel Family and the Michel Group.

Who knew that Cethos, which had previously been regarded as unpromising, would have such outstanding results. As a result, everybody gained a preliminary understanding of the strengths of the clan head’s daughter.

Michael was Sophia’s ex-husband for several days. During that period, he was very well-behaved. However, he went back to interacting with Sophia as usual after the Michel Family left. Cooper simply turned a blind eye to their actions and left them be.

The welcome banquet was just around the corner. As Sophia had important business to do, she had no choice but to go abroad. Similarly, Michael also suddenly offered to go with her as he had things to do as well. Their destinations were the same—a developed city somewhere in North America. Hence, they departed together, and he was able to freeload and board her private plane.

Sophia quickly arranged for a plane to North America and set off with Michael. Contrary to her expectations, she saw Quinton following Michael up the plane on the day of their departure. “Hope? What are you doing here?”

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