My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1025

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1025

Sarah used to be like Sophia—she was once the precious princess greatly cherished by her father. However, she was thrown off her tower after her family broke apart, becoming an existence no better than an orphan. As a child, she had been forced to bear that large gap in treatment!
Harry held Sarah’s hand and placed it against his cheek as he looked at her and said seriously,
In response, she tearfully nodded in agreement.

It doesn’t matter who; we cannot lose anyone in our family. We have already lost our homes and our parents. Even so, we can now become proper parents. I’m going to be the world’s greatest father!

Three days later, Stanley appeared at the entrance of a certain hospital.

In these three days, he felt as if he had lost the entire world. He finally realized that losing Sean was like losing all the light in the world. His world was dark and gloomy—the birds did not sing, the flowers did not bloom, and delicious food tasted like wax in his mouth. It turned out that losing Sean was so painful. It felt as if somebody had grabbed his heart and cruelly cut out a piece before placing the bleeding heart back into his chest—he experienced a soul-crushing pain with every beat of his heart.

When he arrived at the hospital and saw Sarah, he felt at ease after seeing that she was recovering well. But, Sean…

Sitting in front of the window in Sarah’s hospital ward, he lowered his head without saying anything. Over the past few days, he seemed to have turned into a different person altogether—a stubble was growing on his lower jaw and his hair was a mess. He looked like a person who had his soul stolen from him. What’s the point of living in a world without Sean in it? I will never get used to a world without him. Even when Sarah spoke to him, he didn’t seem to hear her voice. In his daze, he heard somebody calling him from behind: “Stanley! Stupid Fletcher!”

Stiffly turning around, he saw that the door to the hospital ward opposite Sarah’s was wide open. Sophia was standing there while holding Judge’s leash as she beckoned him. “Stanley, come here! I have good news for you!”

Thus, he despondently stood up and walked over like a zombie. Upon entering the hospital ward on the opposite side, he saw that it was an individual room with only one bed in it. Somebody was lying on the bed with all sorts of medical equipment surrounding them. However, that person seemed to be in fairly good condition and was already able to sit up slightly. Michael was sitting next to the bed, feeding that person a liquid diet. Meanwhile, Carmen, Hope, and Nathan were sitting quietly by the side.

Upon seeing Stanley walking in, the person on the bed broke into a wide smile. Despite looking pale and weak—almost as if death could come knocking at any time—that person strived hard to say, “Stan, why haven’t you come to visit me before this?”

Stanley stared at that familiar face and froze in shock—he was frozen to the spot for more than 10 seconds. The two of them stared at each other, their gazes meeting in mid-air. One looked calm and happy while the other looked absolutely stunned.

Sean is still alive! With the help of the best surgeons in Bayside City, he managed to survive in the end. He looked at Stanley and tried hard to maintain control over his emotions. However, he couldn’t stop the faint trembling in his arms.

All of a sudden, Sophia dragged Stanley, who was stunned, out of the room and over to a corner. Then, she said to him, “Sean isn’t dead. He was wearing a bullet-proof vest which saved his life. I’ve been searching for you for the past few days, but I couldn’t get a hold of you. You didn’t answer your phone nor reply to your Messenger; the Fletchers couldn’t locate you either. That’s why you didn’t know.”

Meanwhile, Stanley was still in shock. He stood there in a daze as Sophia reprimanded him, staring blankly at her small mouth opening and closing without hearing a single word she said. His entire head was filled with only one thought: Sean is alive… He’s alive…

All of a sudden, she grabbed him by the collar, messed up his hair, and slapped his cheeks lightly. “Look at yourself! Here, here, and here! Ugh, you’re so filthy! How much have you been drinking and smoking over the past few days?! Also, how many days was it since you last washed your hair? Look at yourself! There are bloodstains on your scalp! Ugh, so dirty and stinky. Moreover, how could you come and visit a patient empty-handed?!” Opening the door to a room, she shoved him inside and said, “Go inside and wash up. Make yourself presentable before coming again. Otherwise, Sean will smell that stink on you!”

After being shoved into the empty room, he stood there for a minute before coming back to his senses. He steadied himself against the wall and slowly slid to the ground. Leaning his messy hair against the wall, his tears dripped down his high nose bridge and fell to the carpet. Sean is alive! He’s alive!

Twenty minutes later, Stanley appeared again. He had washed his face, shaved his stubble, combed his hair, taken a shower, and changed his clothes. After that, he entered Sean’s ward with a basket of fruits, feeling refreshed.

When Sean saw Stanley, he smiled with difficulty. “Stan, you’re here.”

Staring at Sean, Stanley blanked out for several seconds again before he walked in. He sat down soundlessly next to the bed and studied Sean with bloodshot eyes. He was filled with the joy of being alive. When he fought against Blade, he had gotten injured in several spots. There was a two-centimeter-long cut along his cheekbone that had scabbed over. If not for his skills, that blade wound would have landed on his temples. His shoulder was also injured; it was only several inches away from his heart. There were cuts on his neck too. All over his body, there were rather severe wounds near his vital spots. Although he looked relaxed, these wounds could have killed him if their positions were just slightly off.

Sean continued staring at him with red-rimmed eyes before saying softly, “Stan, thank you.”

However, Stanley said nothing. Despite everything he wanted to say, at this moment, he choked up and couldn’t get the words out. He’s still here; that’s great…

Sarah was safe, Sean came back alive, Sophia had been rescued by Michael and Cooper, and the Fletchers had united to kill Blade. It felt like the storm was over, but it was only just the beginning.

Cooper announced the termination of the contract with the Edwards Family and canceled all forms of cooperation with them. At that moment, the Edwards Family had yet to respond.

Sarah stayed in the hospital for a few days before Harry brought her back home. The sports car that had saved his life was slightly dented, but it went on the news and became a world-famous car. Once again, Michel Manufacturing shocked the whole world with the quality of its products, and the sports car was bought by a collector at a high price. After that, Sarah and Sophia split the proceeds and donated some of them. Sophia also bought Sarah a sturdy car as a gift.

When Sean’s injuries stabilized, he was transferred to the Edwards Residence to recuperate. During that period, Sophia’s wounds healed the fastest. Moreover, Jordan seemed to settle down after his experience with the killers—at the very least, he did not dare to make such blatant moves anymore. Quinton also confirmed that the kill order placed by the Assassins’ Guild had been retracted by the head of the Edwards Family.

As the turmoil subsided, Sophia immediately threw herself into her work again. The Dragon Eye was selling very well on the market, from the countryside all the way to the city. Although it could not compare to Serpent’s accumulated sales over the years, it rivaled Serpent in terms of reputation.

Pourl was making great progress too—it was about to sign a contract with a world-renowned luxury goods company. It was a key step in entering the international market. Hence, Sophia was being very cautious. Meanwhile, Plum Technology was still working with Michel Computers, a company controlled by Linus, to develop games. Development was in full swing, and Stanley also won the rights to host the Esports World Championship. Therefore, they were extremely busy.

On the other hand, Sarah was bored of recuperating at home alone. Thus, she brought her dogs and her son with her and moved into the Edwards Residence where it was livelier since more people were around. As soon as she moved in, Harry was constantly in and out of the house, and Hope came over to accompany Carmen during summer break. As usual, the swimming pool in the house was packed like sardines in a tin—as soon as it was opened for use, it was immediately filled with black dogs.

Not long after the incident, Sophia was about to clock out from work one day when she received a message from Sarah: ‘Several fierce-looking people came over to your house. They’re so stern and terrifying.’

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