My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1847

My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1847–If Ellen’s brother were still around, he would have been twenty-six years old. Ellen wiped away her tears and sighed. 

It was nearly time to head home from work when Ellen suddenly received a phone call from Selena saying she was waiting outside in her car. Ellen told Selena she needed a little more time because Ellen had to wait till her boss left before she was allowed to leave. 

Suddenly, Ellen’s landline went off, so she reached out to answer the phone. “Hi, President Presgrave.” 

“You can finish work now,” Jared said to her on the other end of the line. 

Ellen quickly asked, “Do you need me to do anything else for you?” Jared replied, “No, I’ve got some clients to entertain tonight. You can head home first.” 

“Sure!” Ellen hung up the phone and finally left the office feeling quite reassured. 

She took the elevator, and as it went, it stopped for the other staff who had also finished work. At the thirtieth level, a few female staff entered. They were engrossed in gossiping loudly as they walked in. 

“Hey, have you guys heard the news of the female staff at the reception area being transferred to the president’s office level? That receptionist must be quite outstanding.” 

“Yes. I’ve heard of that too. President Presgrave was the one who personally arranged for her transfer. She definitely has the means.” 

“What is her relationship with President Presgrave? I heard that she’s stunning with a great figure.” 

“What else could it be between a man and a woman? It’s something illicit, of course! If I were prettier, I would parade in front of President Presgrave whenever I had the chance. Perhaps then, I might be able to succeed in seducing him.” 

“Haha! You should forget about it. You’re a middle-aged lady, so stop having such ridiculous ideas!” 

Ellen blushed bright red in embarrassment. If she was not mistaken, she should be the particular female they were gossiping about. 

“Gosh, President Presgrave is such an outstanding man. That woman must have saved the planet before to gain his attention. The luckiest woman on earth, so to speak!” 

“Yeah, I wonder how it feels to be dating President Presgrave. Tsk. Tsk, He’s so hot. I would swoon if he would even cast a second look at me. 

*How does it feel? The kind that you would have a sore waist and find it hard to stand straight the next morning! Hahaha!” 

Every female staff inside the elevator burst out laughing. Meanwhile, Ellen, standing in the corner of the elevator, shifted as far back to the corner as possible. She wanted so badly for the ground to swallow her up. 

These people have such a wild imagination! It was just a promotion! Why did I suddenly become the woman in an illicit relationship with President Presgrave? 

The elevator finally arrived at the ground floor, and Ellen waited for the female staff to leave before fleeing from the elevator. Her face was flushed bright red. She saw Selena’s car parked outside upon walking out of the front entrance, and she immediately headed over and opened the door to take a seat inside. 

Meanwhile, Selena studied Ellen intently upon seeing her enter the car. “Is someone hunting you down?” 

“I didn’t want to keep you waiting for too long 

Selena started the ignition and asked casually, “Ellie, do you have a boyfriend?” 

Ellen shook her head frantically. “No! I don’t have a boyfriend.” 

Selena was engrossed in her thoughts, Mom mentioned that when Harvey called Ellen this morning, a man claiming to be her boyfriend answered the phone, so who’s lying? Selena was quite intent on uncovering all of Ellen’s deepest secrets. 

“Say, do you want to have spaghetti tonight? Let’s go home and make some,” Ellen mentioned. 

Selena didn’t want spaghetti at all. “Spaghetti again? You’ve just been promoted, so treat me to a meal at a restaurant.” 

Ellen considered Selena’s words before nodding. “Okay, let’s go.” 

They went for dinner at a restaurant, and upon entering, Selena behaved much more naturally compared to Ellen, who clearly wasn’t a frequent visitor. Selena went ahead and ordered three hundred worth of food. When it was time to pay, Selena made an excuse to leave and visited the washroom. 

Ellen was very sporting, and she footed the bill without complaints. She recalled her and her brother being taken into Selena’s home when they were kids. It was a kind deed that Ellen knew to repay. 

On the other hand, Selena was pleased with the meal. When they arrived back at Ellen’s house, Selena’s bad habits were revealed Selena was very lazy and didn’t even bother to wash her clothes. After taking something from the shelf, she just left it lying around. Meanwhile, Ellen diligently tidied the living room after Selena went back into her room. 

Shortly after that, Selena came over to chat with Ellen. As they chatted, Selena purposely mentioned that she would like to have some warm milk and requested Ellen to make it for her. 

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