Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1714 [Eleven Jewell]

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted Chapter 1714 [Eleven Jewell]

Felicity felt somewhat frustrated when she thought about all these experiences coming from flirting with other women.

She used to think that people with no experience in dating should be with someone just like that. But as someone who had never dated, she had not expected to fall in love with someone as experienced as Vermont.

Vermont was a smooth talker and a cunning person; she was an innocent, straightforward person. How could she possibly deal with someone like him?

Rationally, she should carefully consider her relationship with Vermont. But emotionally… she did not want to be rational. With just a few words, Vermont could easily shake her principles.

Felicity pushed Vermont’s hand away and said uncomfortably, “It has nothing to do with you. I’m trying to lose weight.”

“But you’re not fat at all. Being too skinny isn’t healthy.”

Suddenly, Felicity realized that after getting together with him, she had gained seven to eight pounds because he just would not stop praising her.

Having a partner who consistently provided positive comments, whether sincere or not, was pleasant.

Her parents were the perfect example of the opposite of that.

No matter how much success her mother had achieved in her career, her father would never praise her. Instead, he would blame her for not spending time to take care of the children at home and for having too much ambition.

When something went wrong with her career, he would say,” See, I told you so.

You can’t do this. Why didn’t you just listen to me? Look at you now.”

She did not understand why her parents would not fight and argue like other parents and get a divorce. It was not until she dated someone that she finally understood that arguing was not the scary thing, but the significant other not giving positive feedback, encouragement, and affirmation was. It would gradually wear one person out. 1 Vermont was a completely different person from her father.

When her script was rejected, he would help her scold those people for not having good taste.

Initially, she thought he was just trying to flatter her and intentionally say nice things to make her happy. It was not until one day, when they were watching a show together, that Vermont suddenly blurted out a line from her script and said, “The line you wrote is much more professional than this. If this script can make it on TV, I’m sure that ours will too. It’s just a matter of time.”

It was then she realized that Vermont had been reading her work and even remembered the plots.

Felicity suddenly paused upon thinking about that. She was mad that Vermont lied to her but did not regret falling for him. She turned to him, whose eyes were filled with tenderness, reflecting her own face.

“Do you like me?”

“Yes,” Vermont replied earnestly.

“Oh.” Felicity lowered her gaze. After a few seconds, she added, “Why don’t you pursue me then?”

Vermont was momentarily stunned, then smiled and said,” Sure.”

Stella had been holding her pee since morning. When she was finally done taking the pregnancy test, thirty minutes had passed.

When Felicity heard the sound of the bathroom door opening, she immediately got up and ran over, “How is it?

Are you pregnant?”

Stella showed her the pregnancy test kit and asked, “There’s one line darker than the other. What does it mean?” 4  

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