Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 991-1000

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 991
At that moment, Madeline felt her mind going blank.

In the next moment, she opened the door of the car and called the ambulance with her shaking hands.

She ran to the side of the car. When she saw the bloody hand, she looked inside.

“Linnie, let’s start over…”

She heard Jeremy mumbling this as he fell unconscious.

Madeline’s tears rolled down her eyes. She felt extremely conflicted right now.

She did not want anything to happen to him, but she could not let down her dead parents.

The ambulance arrived after a while and they stabilized Jeremy quickly.

He did not have any internal damage. Most of his injuries were flesh wounds, but his left hand was hurt pretty badly. He could not lift anything heavy in the meantime. Plus, there was also a huge cut on his left calf that was bleeding profusely.

Jeremy started dreaming groggily again. He dreamed about the ship exploding and about Madeline leaving him.

He reached out his hand to grab Madeline’s hand, and in the process, he called out reluctantly, “Linnie, don’t leave me.”

He yelled and opened his eyes at the same time.

Then, what he saw was Ken’s awkward face. “Mr. Whitman, you’re awake.”

Jeremy noticed that he was holding Ken’s hand and remembered the scenes in his dream. He spaced out for a moment before letting go.

He coughed softly and sat up slowly.

Ken hurried over to help him up with a look of relief on his face. “Mr. Whitman, you finally remember!”

Jeremy paused, frowning. “Why am I here?”

“Mr. Whitman, have you lost your memories again? You had an accident this morning.”

“An accident?” Jeremy tried to recall what happened, but his head felt heavy. What happened at that moment was blurry as well.

He had no memory of such a serious accident.

He only remembered Madeline walking to him and telling him, “Jeremy, let’s start over.”

Jeremy came back to his senses abruptly. “Where’s Linnie?”

“Madam called me to tell me that you’re in the hospital. After I got here, she left.”

A look of delight appeared on Jeremy’s face. “Was she the one who sent me here?”

“The nurses did say that Mrs. Whitman was the one who called the ambulance for you.”

Jeremy felt his cracked heart heal slightly after he heard this answer.

‘Linnie, you still care about me.


Madeline was on her way to the kindergarten when she received Jeremy’s call.

She listened to the cheery ringtone from start to finish without picking up.

Immediately after, someone called her again.

The ringtone was different, so Madeline took a look at the caller ID and saw that it was Ryan.

She picked up and heard Ryan’s gentle voice. He was inviting her for dinner at his house.

He said his parents still wanted to apologize to her for what happened back then.

Madeline had already declined once, so she did not feel that it was appropriate to decline again.

Lessons had ended in the kindergarten.

Soon after, parents started arriving to pick their children up from school.

Jackson and Lillian were both waiting as well.

“Jackie, why is mommy not here yet?” Lillian blinked her curious eyes and asked.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 992
“Mommy should be here soon.” Jack looked at the road, and his handsome face looked disappointed. “I wonder when Daddy will come home.”

“Daddy? I haven’t seen Daddy in a long time as well.” Lillian pouted, still thinking her father was Felipe. There was a hint of desolation in her bright eyes.

Then, her darkened eyes were suddenly lit up with colorful sparkles.

A bouquet made out of colorful candies appeared in front of Lillian all of a sudden.

“Eh?” Lillian was confused, but her eyes were still sparkling. “Wow, how beautiful!”

Jackson looked over at the hand that was holding the bouquet and saw a frivolous-looking face.

“Who are you?” Jackson pulled Lillian behind him and asked Fabian in high alert.

Fabian still looked like a frivolous brat. Then, he looked at Jackson with a dissatisfied look and said cockily, “I’m Lily’s friend.”

Jackson looked at Fabian suspiciously, then heard Lillian exclaiming, “It’s Mr. White Hair!”

Lillian recognized Fabian.

Fabian frowned. He had already dyed his silver hair brown.

Jackson remembered Lillian mentioning this Mr. White Hair to him before, so he let his guard down slightly.

“Jackie, Mr. White Hair is my friend. I even gave him a lollipop before.”

“Yeah.” Fabian smirked. “Now I’m giving Lily all these lollipops. Do you like them?”

“Are all these for me?” Lillian was thrilled, her huge eyes sparkling with delight.

Since there was some traffic, Madeline was slightly late. After she parked her car, she saw a man talking to her children. She quickly walked over out of worry, but when she got closer, she realized it was Fabian.

Fabian greeted Madeline when he saw her. However, Madeline only peered at him and took the children away.

“Eveline, I mean no harm to them. I’m just here to visit Lily,” Fabian explained sadly.

“I know, but Fabian, I can’t be your friend anymore. Your sister manipulated Jeremy into killing my parents. Even until now, their passing is still deemed as an accident.”

Madeline said flatly, “Fabian, I don’t hate you, but I despise your sister Lana. I also hate the Stygian Johnson Gang as a lawless organized gang. I’ll definitely avenge my parents.”

After she said that, she returned Lillian’s lollipop bouquet to Fabian before driving away.

Fabian held the bouquet and chuckled sadly. Then, he murmured, “I spent the entire night making this.”

Madeline was driving the children home when all of a sudden, Jackson asked sadly, “Mommy, I miss Daddy so much. What happened to him? Why is he not home?”

“I miss the handsome mister as well, Mommy. Are you taking us to see him now?”

Madeline clenched her hands around the steering wheel. Then, she smiled softly. “Yeah, I’m going to take you guys to see Daddy now.”

Jeremy held his phone and looked at Madeline’s number for a long time. At the end of the day, he still did not have the guts to call her.

He knew Madeline would not answer. However, when he was feeling sad, Madeline appeared in front of him along with Jackson and Lillian.

Jeremy sat up quickly. When he was about to move, his left leg was in so much pain that he could not.


His eyes were on Madeline the entire time.

However, Madeline ignored him. She said to her children, “I’ll come to get you guys five minutes later.”

Jeremy used all his might to stand up when he saw Madeline leaving. “Linnie, Linnie.”

Madeline did not turn around no matter how much he called out to her.

On the other hand, the moment Madeline stepped out of the room, she saw Lana.

Lana was strutting arrogantly as usual.

When she saw Madeline’s icy gaze, she smiled while feeling pleased with herself. “Eveline, I’m so happy when I see that you’re pissed.”

Madeline peered at her coldly. “Your face is still swollen but you’re already asking to be slapped again?”

“…” Lana’s pleased smile cracked instantly. “Eveline, there are only two endings for people who cross me. It’s either they die, or they wish they were dead.”

“Wish they were dead?” Madeline’s gaze looked odd. She took a step closer to Lana. “Does it feel like this?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 993

Lana was confused. As she was trying to figure out what she meant, she suddenly lost the freedom to breathe.


Madeline had lifted her right hand all of a sudden and grabbed Lana tightly on the neck.

Lana did not expect Madeline to do this at all.

She used all of her might to fight back, but Madeline was too strong.

“Let… go! Eveline, you b*tch, let me go! Ah!”

Lana threatened, but Madeline only tightened her grip and pressed Lana onto the wall as she struggled.

Her soulful and crimson eyes were filled with malice. There was a storm brewing behind them.

When she recalled Eloise and Sean’s deaths, she tightened her grip even more.

Madeline did not say anything, only watching as Lana’s face became redder and redder until she could not breathe. She started to look like she was in pain.

On the other hand, Madeline’s eyes became wetter and redder.

‘Mom, Dad…’

She longed for the love of a father and mother for so many years.

That was a home that she finally regained after so many difficulties.

However, all these were destroyed by this heinous and deranged woman by manipulating the man she loved the most.

Lana’s eyes went wide. She felt her hands and feet getting cold. She could not breathe no matter how she tried.

After Jeremy heard the commotion, he knew something was wrong.

He ignored the wound on his leg and told the kids to stay in the room before walking to the door while enduring the pain.

When he saw Madeline choking Lana to the brink of suffocation, he ran over and held Madeline.

“Linnie, let go!” He urged.

However, Madeline ignored him. She felt a sense of joy from taking revenge when she saw Lana in pain.

Jeremy was getting more and more anxious. He wanted to pull Madeline away, but she was extremely strong. Right now, her whole body was coursing with an unstoppable rage.

“Linnie, back then, I wanted to choke Meredith just like this but you told me that she’s not worth it. It’s not worth throwing your whole life away for someone like this. Linnie, do you hear me? We still have three children.”

Madeline’s hand loosened slightly.

“Jack, Lily, and Pudding, Linnie.”

After Jeremy said that, Madeline finally released Lana.

Lana fell to the floor while sliding against the wall and gasping for air greedily.

The feeling of near suffocation really made her wish she was dead.

Jeremy felt knives slicing his heart. He pulled the emotional Madeline into his arms and comforted her.


He was utterly heartbroken. However, he felt more like a sinner right now.

Madeline’s hands were shaking, and her heart was racing.

She knew if Jeremy had not stopped her in time, she would have killed Lana.

Madeline would remember Eloise and Sean when she looked at this cocky and lawless woman.

Lana manipulated Jeremy into destroying her home.

If she brought Lana to justice, it would mean sending Jeremy to jail as well.

Back then, he was able to watch as she was put behind bars.

However, at this moment, she could not bring herself to do the same.

Madeline clenched her fists. She hated herself. She hated her heart for clinging onto this man so stubbornly.

Lana gasped for air on the floor for a while before regaining her energy.

Then, she stumbled and got up to run away when Madeline and Jeremy were not paying attention.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 994
She had not expected that to happen. She did not think that Madeline would do something like that, and it completely shocked her.

After a while, Madeline pushed the man away when she was feeling less emotional. There was disdain in her eyes as she said, “Don’t touch me again.”

Jeremy’s heart was in excruciating pain. When he was faced with emptiness, he felt as if his heart was cracked open.


“I’ll give you five minutes. I’ll come to pick Lily and Jack up in five minutes.”

Madeline turned around to leave after she said that. At this moment, the two kids poked their heads out from the room. Jackson asked worriedly, “Mommy, Daddy, are you fighting?”

Jeremy smiled warmly at him and grabbed Madeline’s shoulder. “Of course not. Mommy and Daddy will never fight. Stop thinking nonsense.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy in repulsion. However, in order to stop her son who was too emotionally mature from worrying, she smiled.

“There’s so much red there, Handsome Mister,” Lillian pointed to Jeremy’s left calf and said.

Madeline lowered her head to see that Jeremy’s wound had split open and bright red blood was staining the gauze.

She wanted to ignore it, but eventually, she called a doctor over to take care of his wound.

It was around dusk and five minutes had already passed. However, the little kids were still reluctant to leave Jeremy.

“Daddy, when are you coming home? I miss you so much.” Jackson looked longingly at Jeremy.

Perhaps it was because he grew up around Jeremy, so he felt a strong attachment to him.

Jeremy caressed his head apologetically. “I’ll follow you guys home later, okay?”

“Really?” Jackson asked in surprise.

Jeremy looked at Madeline as she stood there with ice on her face before nodding.

Madeline thought he was just joking. She never expected him to want to be discharged.

Ken drove over to pick him up.

Jeremy ignored the wound on his leg and insisted on being discharged.

The two kids followed him into the car and they went back to Whitman Manor together.

Madeline drove her car alone, and on the way, she received a call from Ryan. Then, she remembered that she had promised to have dinner with him at his place.

However, Madeline still went back to Whitman Manor first.

Karen was delighted when she saw Jeremy. However, when she saw his injuries, she felt her heart shattering.

“Jeremy, did you come back to stay with Eveline again?”

“I can’t stay for long.” Jeremy’s words were profound. “I need to be responsible for what I’ve done.”

Immediately, a look of concern appeared on Karen’s face. “Jeremy, were you really the one who set the fire?”

Jeremy could not deny it even though what happened that night was blurry in his head.

He looked at Madeline. She had not spoken a word the entire time. Then, he said softly, “I think so.”

“It’s all because of that witch Lana!” Karen yelled angrily, “That woman is so diabolical! She used you to hurt Eveline and now, you and Eveline…”

As Karen was saying that, the maid came over and reported, “Madam, there’s a Mr. Jones outside for you.”

Mr. Jones?

Ryan Jones?

Jeremy guessed before seeing Madeline taking her purse to go out.

“Mom, I’m not having dinner tonight and might be home late. Please take care of Pudding for me.”

Karen grabbed Madeline after she heard that. “Is that Ryan? Are you eating with him?”

Madeline nodded. “I’m going to his place for dinner.”

“What? You’re having dinner at his place? Um… Are you and Ryan really…” Karen wanted to say it but stopped herself a second later. However, Jeremy could guess what she wanted to say even if she did not finish her sentence.

Not only had he seen the rumors about Madeline and Ryan’s relationship, but he also heard about it.

Madeline smiled. “Mr. Jones is polite and refined. Plus, he’s also a one in a million nobleman. However, considering his qualifications, I don’t think he’ll be interested in a divorced woman who already has three children. Although if he’s really interested in me, I’ll consider it,” she said and looked at Jeremy coldly.

Even though her heart was bleeding, her face showed no emotions. “Please sign the papers so that we can divorce as soon as possible. I don’t want to be Mrs. Whitman anymore. I want to be myself and start a new life. And the same goes for my marriage.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 995
Madeline was so calm when she said that, but her words felt like heavy icebergs on Jeremy’s heart.

He looked at Madeline’s back and followed her to the door while enduring the pain.

He saw Ryan opening the door for Madeline. Then, she smiled and got in before leaving with Ryan.

Under the night sky, Jeremy’s gaze was as cold as ice water.

‘Linnie, are we not fated to be together?

‘If that’s the case, why did God let us meet again after so many years?

‘Why does he let us love each other and kill each other?

‘Perhaps, the last remaining thing I can do for you now is this.’

He lowered his head to look at the ring on his ring finger as a layer of frost appeared beneath his eyes.

In the car.

Madeline looked out of the window without saying anything.

She looked at her ringless finger and touched it lightly.

When the traffic light turned red, Ryan noticed that Madeline was a little down. As such, he asked softly in concern, “Did something happen, Mrs. Whitman?”

“Mr. Jones, if you don’t mind, you can just call me Eveline or Miss Montgomery.”

Ryan pondered for a few seconds before smiling and nodding. “Eveline.”

Madeline nodded and said, “It’s nothing actually. I met Lana again today.”

Ryan’s gray eyes flickered. Then, he stepped on the accelerator. “Did Lana cause trouble for you again?”

“That woman seems to have no qualms whatsoever. She thinks she has powerful support, so she’s not scared to commit crimes.” Madeline pressed her lips together and clenched her fists. “One day, I’ll send her behind bars myself to avenge my parents.”

Ryan glanced at Madeline, and there were twinkles of admiration in his eyes.

After a while, the car stopped in front of Jones Manor.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones had been waiting for them.

When they saw Madeline, they started apologizing sincerely and invited her inside for dinner.

Madeline could feel Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ sincerity when she saw the food on the table.

Actually, she had not taken what happened that day to heart. She did not blame them nor the people who watched without knowing the whole truth because she knew Lana was just adding fuel to the fire.

“You can come over anytime you’re free, Miss Montgomery. I’m always so bored all alone.” Mrs. Jones was passionate and praised, “Your jewelry designs are so beautiful. I’ve collected a lot of jewelry from Miss L.ady, and if you have any limited editions in the future, I hope you can reserve some for me.”

Madeline was pleased when she knew Mrs. Jones was her fan.

On the other hand, Mr. Jones was also courteous and warm. “A lot of things have happened to you recently, Miss Montgomery, and we’re absolutely devastated. However, the dead can’t come back to life and we hope that you can stay strong.”

“I will. Thank you for your encouragement, Mr. Jones.”

Mr. Jones smiled. “Here, have some salad. Please eat more, Miss Montgomery.”

Madeline felt her heart getting warmer when she was faced with Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ friendliness and hospitality.

Suddenly, she missed Eloise and Sean. She missed her parents a lot.

However, they could not come back to her anymore nor call out her name softly.

After dinner, Ryan took Madeline for a walk nearby.

In Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ eyes, they were able to sense something going on between the two.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 996
“It seems like our Rye is interested in Miss Montgomery. He never took any food for that Naomi when he brought her home last time. He took food five times for Miss Montgomery just now!”

“Miss Montgomery is spectacular, but she’s married and has three children.”

“Yeah, I think Rye should keep his distance with Miss Montgomery in case someone starts spreading rumors about them again.”

Mrs. Jones nodded in agreement. Then, she sent a message to Ryan to inform him.

When Ryan saw his mother’s message, he knew that his parents meant well, but he also knew that Madeline was in the process of divorcing Jeremy.

Madeline could not tell an outsider why she wanted to divorce Jeremy.

She could only swallow the helplessness and grievance herself.

Jeremy sat there silently and watched as time passed. It was almost ten and Madeline was still not home.

He was not familiar with Ryan and only got some information about him not long ago. He was an excellent young painter and had been studying overseas the entire time. Now, he was finally back.

There were no negative comments about his personality at all.

It seemed that Ryan was an exceptional man from every angle.

The only bad thing about him was that he once dated Naomi.

However, it was stated clearly in the information that he was a neat freak and would never allow other people to get into his car.

Yet, Jeremy saw with his own eyes that he opened the door and invited Madeline into his car when he came to pick her up.

This was enough to prove that Ryan had feelings for Madeline.

When he thought about this, he felt desolation and jealousy in his heart.

Looking at the baby who was waving his tiny hands in his arms, he smiled and placed him in his cot. Then, he walked to his desk and picked up the divorce papers before picking up a pen.

After Madeline came home, she went upstairs to her room. When she entered the room, she saw Jeremy standing by the cot looking stupidly at the sleeping baby.

She peered at him coldly. “Get out.”

“I will in a minute.” His voice was soft and gentle. Then, he looked at his sleeping son once more. “Linnie, thank you for giving birth to another cute child for me.”

He looked at Madeline with sadness in his heart and expressed his gratitude.

“I didn’t give birth to this child for you,” Madeline retorted and turned her face away. “When conditions are right, success will follow naturally. It’s normal for husband and wife to go from meeting each other to eventually getting married, then having children. I used to long for a happy family with the man I loved and live a happy and peaceful life. However, it seems like I’ll never achieve that dream as long as I’m with you.”

Jeremy lowered his red and teary eyes when he heard Madeline say that.

His heart was filled with apology and remorse. At this moment, he despised himself.

He had promised to not make her sad anymore. He also promised her that he would give her and the children a happy, peaceful life. However, he did none of that.

All of the promises had turned into ashes.

Looking at her resilient and tough figure, Jeremy walked over slowly. “Linnie, I’m sorry for disappointing you once again.

“I won’t make things hard for you and ask for your forgiveness,” he said softly while lifting his hand. Then, he handed the signed divorce papers to Madeline.

“Ryan is a brilliant man. You can consider accepting him. I hope he can give you the happiness I’ve failed to give you.”

Madeline turned her head and saw the divorce papers Jeremy was handing her.

When she saw the signature on the papers, she could not control her tears from falling onto them.

Jeremy felt his heart shattering into pieces when he saw her crying. Suddenly, he held her. “Linnie!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 997
He called out to her reluctantly and held her tight in his arms.

Madeline did not push him away. Her tears were like pearls on a broken string as they fell freely.

Her love and longing for him were as much as she hated him and how badly she did not want to see him right now.

However, she could not stop herself.

“I’m in so much pain. Jeremy, do you understand how much pain I’m in? Why did you hurt my parents and our children?

“I only wanted to love you the moment I met you, but why do you have to make me stop loving you and make me despise you instead? Why?

“I could accept that you had forgotten me and I could accept that you were cold to me… I could even accept you staying with Lana day and night, but how do you expect me to accept the fact that you killed my parents? How? How should I face that? Tell me!”

Madeline was having an emotional breakdown. She was in excruciating pain as she was faced with this man who she wanted to love but could not.

Jeremy sobbed as his eyes turned red, his tears drenching Madeline’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Linnie. I’m so sorry…” He apologized repeatedly. He felt as if his heart had been penetrated by a knife, causing him so much pain that he could not breathe.

However, what could his apology do?

“Jeremy, I’m so tired and in so much pain…

“Whenever I close my eyes at night, I’ll see my parent’s tragic death. Other people have no idea, but you know how difficult it was for me to get my parents to acknowledge me. It’s been so many years and there were so many times I woke up at night hoping to have the love of my parents. I finally got it when you put a stop to it.

“Even if they had once hurt me and made me sad, they were still the people closest to me in this world.

“I’d rather you kill me instead…”

When Jeremy heard Madeline’s last sentence, he felt the same pain he experienced back when he lost Madeline.

He let go of his arms and looked into Madeline’s teary eyes with his crimson ones. Then, he started explaining.

“Linnie, I know I’ve done something unforgivable, but believe me, I never did anything with Lana. I swear.

“I’ve been muddle-headed for the past three months, but I am sure I’ve never touched Lana.

“Even though she kept tempting me to get intimate with her, I had no feelings toward her and didn’t have the urge to do such things with her.”

He held her hand and placed it on his heart sincerely.

“I only have you here and only you, Linnie. Even if I had forgotten you when I lost my memories, I was still moved by you.”

Jeremy touched Madeline’s teary face with pity as his voice turned hoarse. “Linnie, no matter how I end up, I’ll only have you in my heart.”

He looked into her eyes passionately before slowly placing his lips on hers.

Madeline closed her eyes as her tears rolled from her eyes to her lips. Then, the bitterness invaded her mouth and into her heart.

He kissed her, and gradually, he lost control of his emotions.

The deep kiss made Madeline feel guilty when she thought about Eloise and Sean. She knew she could not do this with Jeremy.

However, when she pushed him away, he held her closer to him. He even ignored Madeline’s wishes and slid his hand into her shirt.

“Jeremy, let go.” Madeline pushed him away. “I don’t want this. Let go of me.”

“Linnie, I’ve only ever had you. Trust me. Don’t push me away.” Jeremy’s low voice sounded while his eyes were filled with intense dominance.

Madeline was pressed onto the bed as the man towered over her. The gentle and weightless kiss started to infuriate Madeline.


She slapped Jeremy heavily across the face.

The man was not mad. On the contrary, he held her wrists and trapped them by her sides.

“Linnie, I like you so much. I liked you when you were young, and I liked you even more when you ran into me on the first day of university. I want to give you happiness, but why do I always make you cry? Why am I so heinous? Why…” he asked himself, and it was as if he had fallen into despair.

He retracted his hands that were gripping Madeline’s and kept asking himself the same question.

Madeline sat up and sensed that something was wrong with Jeremy.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 998
She could not put a finger on what exactly was wrong, but he seemed like he was in pain. He kept asking himself the same question while pacing back and forth. Even his sharp and wise eyes had turned murky.

After a while, he picked up the divorce papers on the floor and tore them into pieces in front of Madeline.

“Linnie, I don’t want to divorce you. You’ll be my wife forever.

“I won’t disturb you and Pudding anymore. I’ll go out and keep watch for you outside.”


Madeline sat on the bed dumbfoundedly. She looked at Jeremy’s back and could not register what was going on.

After she came back to her senses and cleared her head, she felt heartache spreading all over her body.

She did not know if Jeremy would keep watch at the door the entire night, but she did hear some noises at the door.

Jeremy was pacing back and forth in front of the door as he clenched and unclenched his hand repeatedly.

He wanted to smoke again.

I was as if he could only relieve his frustration by smoking.

If he did not have an ounce of reason left in him, he might have forced Madeline to do something she did not want to.

‘Why is this happening?’

Jeremy was confused.

Before the accident yesterday, he had seen Madeline smiling at him while in a state of confusion.

Just now, Madeline was obviously fighting back, but for some reason, he felt more and more excited. He even felt that Madeline was just pretending to fight back when she also wanted this.

Jeremy looked at his fingers subconsciously.


He finally remembered what was wrong and his vision became clear once again.

Lana was taught her lesson after Madeline had humiliated her. She stayed at home for the entire day before she felt better.

She was shocked by Madeline’s domineering strength.

When Lana went to the living room to take a can of beer from the fridge, she heard voices from Yorick’s room. “Alright, I’ll go over right now.”

After he said that, Lana saw Yorick walking out of his room with a grim expression.

She did not avoid him. “Yorick, who were you talking to? Why are you so polite with them?”

Yorick did not answer her and only asked, “Did you cause trouble for Eveline again? Will you only be obedient after I kick you out of the Stygian Johnson Gang?”

Lana could not deny it, but she was unconvinced. “I’ve never been so badly mistreated in my entire life! Of course, I can’t let this go just like that!”

She was super cocky. “I got everything I wanted ever since I was small, and all of the men I like would kneel in front of me while serving me as their goddess. I will crush and humiliate the women who I don’t like, including Eveline Montgomery!”


Yorick slapped Lana across the face. She clutched her face in confusion and saw Yorick warning her fiercely, “Do you seriously think you’re a queen? I won’t be able to defend you if you continue being so unbridled!”

Yorick then went downstairs angrily.

Lana stomped her feet in anger. However, after she thought back to Yorick’s words—‘I won’t be able to defend you’—she felt that something was amiss.

She followed after him and saw Yorick driving away. As such, she got into her car and followed him.

An empty cafe.

After Lana followed him to the cafe, she saw him going upstairs. She could see a person there.

She followed quickly and heard Yorick explaining to that person respectfully, “I’ve taught her a lesson. It won’t happen again.”

Lana knew he was talking about her when she heard that. However, what surprised her was how respectful Yorick was when he was talking to that person.

She was in disbelief, so she lifted her head to see who that man was.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 999
She spotted the man on a corner seat. His fair and clean-looking hands were holding a steaming coffee mug gracefully.

She looked up at the man’s face, but under the dim lighting, his face was concealed by the darkness.

Lana was unconvinced. She sneaked up to the second floor so that she could find a good position to take a closer look at the man’s face. However, when she was about to look up, she heard her phone ringing.

The man was drinking his coffee when he suddenly froze. Then, he glared at Yorick coldly.

Yorick went downstairs and spotted Lana who was trying to go upstairs.

“Why are you here?” Yorick asked, trying to pull Lana downstairs while she was trying to go up.

Lana struggled in dissatisfaction. “It’s him, right? Who is he? How dare he order you around?”

“It’s best you don’t speak before you think,” Yorick warned.

“Hmph.” Lana scoffed cockily. “Yorick, what’s wrong? You’re the leader of the Stygian Johnsons and you’re taking orders from another person? I have to see who that person is!”



Lana had never experienced such a painful slap before. Plus, it had come from Yorick himself.

She could feel the corners of her lips heating up as she tasted the metallic taste of blood in her mouth.

“Get lost now!” Yorick ordered.

Lana gritted her teeth in dissatisfaction but could only leave.

After Yorick watched Lana left, he went back to the cafe and locked the door before going upstairs again.

The man who was sitting on his spot said while remaining calm and collected, “Your sister never learns from her mistakes. If you can’t put her in her place, I’m more than happy to help you.”

“I’ll watch her. There will be no next time.”

“If there is?” The man’s voice was as gentle as the moonlight outside the window. However, there was an obvious tone of threat in his words.

Yorick’s face fell. “Um…”

“I don’t like opinionated women. She thinks she’s so beautiful and charming. I wonder where she got her confidence to believe that Jeremy Whitman will fall in love with her? Don’t you know what kind of person Jeremy is? How could he possibly fall for a woman like your sister?”

The man’s voice was unhurried.

“The only person in Glendale who’s worthy of Jeremy Whitman is Eveline Montgomery.

“However, unfortunately, they’re getting a divorce,” the man said with pity in his eyes.

“Actually, Jeremy loves her very much, but your sister has done something stupid.”


“Watch her closely. If not, your sister will end up like Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery.”

The man’s words were filled with blatant threats.

Yorick nodded and went back.

When he got back, he saw that everything in the house had been smashed and thrown all over the place.

Lana was throwing a fit while Fabian was watching at one side indifferently.

Lana barged over to Yorick when she saw him. “Yorick Johnson, tell me, who’s that man?”

“It’s best if you don’t ask. If you don’t want to bring any trouble to yourself, you should go back to F Country,” said Yorick.

“Hmph! How interesting! Even the leader of Stygian Johnson Gang has someone he fears?” Lana touched her swollen and bleeding lip. “Then I have to see who this man is!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1000
“Lana!” Yorick was infuriated. “You’ll get on the flight back to F Country the first thing tomorrow morning! You’re not allowed to come back to Glendale ever again!”

Lana gritted her teeth and kicked the coffee table away before running out of the door.

After Lana left, Fabian walked mischievously next to Yorick and asked, “Hey, is that true? There’s seriously a man like that who has the power to make the leader of the Stygian Johnson Gang bend and scrape to curry favor?”

Yorick looked at the innocent Fabian with a grim look on his face.

“Fab, you should go back to F Country with your sister.”

“No, I still have something to do here.” Fabian rejected. Then, he asked, “Why don’t you tell me who that man is? Do I know him?”

“It’s best if you don’t know about this,” Yorick said profoundly. Then, he finally noticed Fabian’s brown hair. “You’ve changed your image quite a lot recently. Are you dating someone?”

“Dating?” Fabian scoffed. “No way. No girl in this world is worthy of me.” He looked smug, but when he recalled how he was rejected when he gave Lillian the lollipops, he felt defeated.

It seemed that it would be difficult for him to get a taste of that sweet romance.

Lana drove to the bar and even brought Naomi along.

When she saw her, Lana started screaming. “Why didn’t you call me earlier or later? Why did you have to call me at that time? You’ve ruined my plan, do you know that?”

Naomi was yelled at all of a sudden, but she did not dare to fight back. She asked instead, “Lana, why are you so angry? I just wanted to ask you out for a drink.”

Lana downed her rum and told Naomi what happened just now.

After Naomi heard that, she was shocked. “What? Yorick has someone behind his back? Who is it?”

“You called when I was about to see his face!”

“Um, Lana, I had no idea.” Naomi felt aggrieved.

Lana was seething. However, she knew it would be useless yelling at Naomi. As such, she kept drowning herself in alcohol. After she drank and smoked, she went to the dancefloor to dance with some men.

As she was dancing, a figure attracted her attention.

“Jeremy?” She looked at the figure outside the door of the bar and could not stop her feet from taking her to him.

Naomi had drunk a lot as well. When she saw Lana walking to the door, she followed after her.

When Lana got to the door and saw the man she had failed to get, she threw herself at him like a bee to honey. However, the man ignored her and continued walking.

“Jeremy, don’t leave.” Lana stumbled after him. “Jeremy, sooner or later, you’ll be mine. Eveline is not compatible with you. How can that woman compare to me?”

After she said that, the man stopped walking. He opened the door of the car on the side of the road.

Lana lifted her red face and looked at the good-looking face in front of her flirtatiously.

“Jeremy, you’re so bad. Where are you taking me?”

The man said coldly, “You’ll know after you get in.”

Lana was smiling seductively. Then, she got into the car with Naomi following behind her.

She did not know where they were going or how long they had been on the road. After Lana and Naomi got out of the car, they passed out.

When the sun started to come out, Lana and Naomi were still deep in slumber. Suddenly, they felt as if they had plunged into an ice cave as a bone-piercing coldness enveloped them.

The two of them shivered and opened their eyes.

The glaring morning light penetrated through the window. Cockroaches and rats could be seen running all over the floor. Lana and Naomi screamed, reflexively wanting to avoid these pests. However, when they were about to move, they realized they had been tied up.

“What’s going on?” Lana shrieked, “Who? Who did this? Come out now!”

After she said that, Lana felt a shadow looming behind her.

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