Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 711-720

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 711
Madeline was stunned when she saw Jeremy rushing over without hesitation.

Yvonne heard footsteps behind her and turned her head abruptly. When she saw Jeremy, her expression changed. Then, she took her dagger and walked to Meredith before pointing it at her neck.

“Jeremy, don’t force me. If not, I’ll kill Madeline!” Yvonne threatened.

Jeremy only wanted to save Lillian when he suddenly heard Yvonne saying that she wanted to kill Madeline.

He turned around and saw Yvonne holding the woman covered in blood who was tied to the tree.

He looked closely and realized that the woman was Felicity.

Since she looked similar to Madeline, Yvonne had mistaken her to be Madeline.

She thought Felicity was Madeline, so she was releasing all of her resentments on Felicity.

When he saw the wounds on Felicity’s face and head, Jeremy felt relieved.

He did not turn around and ran straight to the car.

“Handsome Mister!” Inside the car, Lillian screamed for help when she saw him. “Mommy! My mommy! Please don’t bully my mommy! Boo-hoo…”

The little girl’s eyes were red and swollen from crying—even her voice had turned hoarse.

Jeremy was heartbroken. He ran to open the door but realized that the door was locked from inside.

All of the windows were closed and there was only a small gap between the window in front of Lillian.

“Jeremy, save me! This woman is insane! She’s a psycho!” Meredith screamed at Jeremy for help. She was longing for Jeremy to turn around to look at her, but Jeremy just ignored her.

The only thing on his mind right now was saving Lillian.

“Handsome Mister, boo-hoo…”

“Lily, don’t be scared. Daddy will save you. I won’t let anything happen to you!” He comforted in a soft voice. Despite being in a state of panic, he still remained calm on the outside.

“Jeremy! Jeremy save me!” Meredith was still screaming for help.

On the other hand, Jeremy was still ignoring her.

Yvonne felt that something was amiss. Jeremy loved Madeline so much, so why was he ignoring her?

She looked at Meredith’s face closely and suddenly, she heard another set of footsteps running over.

She widened her eyes and looked over. Then, she was completely stunned.


Yvonne looked at Meredith again in disbelief. Even though half of her face was stained with blood, she could still see that her face was similar to Madeline’s.

“What’s going on? What the hell is going on?” Yvonne shook her head. She thought that she had perhaps taken too many hallucinogens so that was why she was seeing things.

“I told you I’m not Madeline!” Meredith yelled. She wanted so badly to kick this idiot to death.

Yvonne could not accept what was happening. She watched dumbfoundedly as Madeline ran to Jeremy. The two of them worked together to smash the window of the car.

“Linnie, why are you here? I asked you to wait for me. It’s too dangerous!”

“Jeremy, this is my daughter! How can you ask me to stand aside and not do anything?” Madeline yelled angrily. Then, she heard a click.

Jeremy had successfully unlocked the car.

He quickly opened the door and carried Lillian out who was drenched in sweat.

Then, Madeline noticed the smell of gasoline coming from around the car. When Jeremy carried Lillian out of the car, it was completely engulfed by flames and was making a weird burning sound.

She looked at the end of the car and detected something was wrong.

The car was going to explode.

“Run!” She held Jeremy’s hand frantically.

Jeremy was stunned. His heart melted when he saw Madeline so concerned about him.

When he was about to run away from this dangerous place, he heard frantic footsteps behind him.

He turned around to see Yvonne’s contorted face as she held a bloody knife. She was about to stab the knife down on Madeline’s back without making a noise!

Jeremy reacted quickly and pulled Madeline over to him. He enveloped her into his arms and saw her puzzled face.

In the next second, he felt a debilitating pain in his back.

Madeline came to her senses and looked over, seeing a dagger stabbed at the base of Jeremy’s left shoulder.

Madeline immediately understood what was going on when she saw Yvonne with a malicious expression on her face.

Yvonne wanted to kill her but Jeremy had silently blocked this sudden attack.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 712
She felt all kinds of emotions in her heart. Suddenly, she heard the crackling sound before an explosion coming from the car.

When Yvonne saw that Madeline was unharmed, she almost exploded in anger.

“Madeline, I’ll kill you! I’ll—”



Jeremy kicked Yvonne away and pulled Madeline into his arms. Then, he ran forward with a serious look on his face.

“Linnie, hurry! The car’s going to explode!”


‘The car is going to explode?’

Meredith was petrified when she heard this as she was still tied to the tree.

Then, in an instant, sparks flew as a loud explosion filled the air.


The airflow from the explosion was so strong that the flora around the place were all pulled from the ground.

Jeremy carried Lillian with one hand and held Madeline with the other, protecting the mother and daughter in his arms.

After a while, everything plunged into silence.

Madeline lifted her head and the first thing she saw was the wound on Jeremy’s back. The dagger was still stabbed inside him, and it was evident how much strength Yvonne had used just now as well as how much she wanted her dead.

“Linnie, Lily fainted. Let’s go to the hospital now.” It was only after hearing Jeremy’s words that Madeline realized Lillian was unconscious.

She quickly drove Jeremy’s car over and did not waste any time driving them to the hospital.

After Felipe got the news, he arrived at the scene a few seconds before the explosion. Then, he saw this scene before even getting out of the car.

The three of them got through this crisis with Jeremy carrying Lillian in one arm and holding Madeline in the other.

However, he did not expect Madeline to be worried about Jeremy first after they got out of the crisis.

Felipe gripped the steering wheel, dark undercurrents appearing in his eyes.

Then, Felipe turned his steering wheel when he heard the sound of police cars approaching.


Madeline was relieved after Lillian woke up.

When she walked to the clinic, she was oddly worried when she heard the doctor saying that the dagger had hit Jeremy’s bone and his wound was pretty serious.

Then, she heard Jeremy asking the doctor about her and Lillian in concern.

After making sure that they were alright, he let out a sigh of relief.

Jeremy draped his bloody coat across his shoulder and walked out in exhaustion. He was surprised when he saw Madeline at the door. However, he smiled at her gently. “Linnie, it’s great that you and Lily are fine.”

Madeline looked at him and said coldly, “I’ll drive you home.”

Jeremy was extremely grateful. “Okay.”

Felipe followed them all the way to the hospital. When he saw Madeline and Jeremy walking out together and how she was even driving him home, he could not control himself anymore.

After he got back to his place, he shut himself in the study to drink. The flames of anger in his chest could not be put out by the cold liquid that he was downing furiously.


“Why are you still concerned about him?’

“Why?” Felipe asked. He could not accept this.

He smashed the wine glass in his hand, the shards stabbing into his palm. In a flash, blood started pouring out from the spaces between his fingers, yet he remained indifferent.

When Cathy saw this, she walked into the study with a first aid kit. “Felipe, don’t hurt yourself like this,” she said to him while feeling pity. When she saw the blood on his palm, she felt as if her heart was bleeding too.

Felipe pushed her hand away forcefully. “Get away from me.”

“I won’t leave you, especially not when you’re in a bad mood.” Cathy looked at Felipe with a certain gaze. After that, she held his hand to dress his wound for him.

Felipe’s eyes darkened. His bloody hand gripped Cathy’s chin as an ominous glint appeared in his cold eyes that were filled with rage.

“Do you think I’ll fall for you if you do this? Let me tell you, don’t even think about it.”

“But I want to.” Cathay looked into his cold eyes, her eyes shining with undying passion and love toward him.

Felipe was slightly taken aback, but in the next second, Cathy boldly moved her face closer to him and kissed him on the lips.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 713
Felipe had never kissed a woman before.

He did not kiss Cathy even when they were intimate that night.

He also did not expect this woman to come up to kiss him so boldly.

Damn it.

Felipe frowned and pushed Cathy away without hesitation.

His onyx-like eyes shone, but they were looking at the petrified woman maliciously.

“I warned you to stay away from me.”

Cathy sat up and looked straight at him. She blinked, her eyelashes wet with tears. “As long as I can be with you, I’ll willingly get close to you even if you’re a fire.”

She looked at his bloody hands and held them gently in her own. Then, she leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on the back of his hand.

Felipe looked at the woman who was kneeling in front of him before pulling her toward him suddenly.

Cathy lost all control when Felipe’s breathtaking face was magnified in front of her.

However, before she could register what was going on, Felipe pressed her down on the desk. “Don’t regret this since you like me so much.”

A devilish smirk appeared on his face. At this moment, he looked like the devil.

Cathy looked at him while feeling pleased. “I won’t. I’ll be happy to be your scandalous little plaything even if I have to.”

Felipe was taken aback when she said that.

Her obsession with him was beyond his imagination.

However, so what?

He only had Madeline in his heart. She was the woman who showed him the light when he was in the darkness.

After that night.

Karen saw the news of Yvonne’s arrest the next morning.

The news also said that 85 percent of Yvonne’s body was burnt badly because of the exploding car. Due to this, both of her legs had to be amputated and she was basically useless now.

Karen lamented as she did not expect Yvonne to end up like this. However, she did not feel sorry for her.

How could she be concerned about someone who wanted her dead?

Then, she heard the news saying that another woman was also hurt badly. Not only did she hurt her head, but her face was also disfigured.

Karen thought about Madeline immediately. She got up and saw Jeremy coming downstairs.

“Jeremy, about yesterday—”


Before Karen could finish her sentence, she saw Jeremy looking ahead and calling out to Linnie.

She turned her head in confusion and saw Madeline walking in from the door.

Karen was surprised. “Jeremy, y-your eyes… You can see now?”

Jeremy did not answer her, but instead, he walked to Madeline and said softly, “Linnie, are you here to see me?”

Karen looked at Madeline closely. Her fair face was beautiful and flawless. Plus, there were no wounds on her head. She figured that the injured woman from the news was not Madeline, so she let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m not in the mood to come and see you,” replied Madeline coldly.

Jeremy felt his heart getting cold. Then, an adorable head popped out from behind Madeline.


Jackson held a bunch of baby’s breath and ran toward Jeremy happily.

Jeremy felt warmth in his cold heart.

He squatted down to hold Jackson, but when he reached out his arm, he would pull on the wound behind his back.

He did not make a sound, but Madeline saw him slightly furrowing his brows.

He must be in pain.

She pondered and felt something tugging on her heartstrings all of a sudden.

“Daddy, Mommy said you’re hurt. Where’s the wound? Does it hurt?” the little guy asked him in concern.

Jeremy smiled. “It doesn’t hurt.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 714
“Really?” Jackson looked like he was in disbelief. “Daddy, let me look at your wound so that I can feel reassured.”

Jeremy did not want to scare the little guy with his bloody wound, but he was extremely stubborn.

He brought the little guy to the room without a choice. Madeline also followed behind them while Karen moved out Madeline’s way like she was avoiding her. She was also looking at Madeline like she had something to say to her.

Madeline did not think that Karen was acting weird and only smiled.

Jeremy took off his sweater in the room, revealing his fair torso. There was blood seeping out from his bandaged wound.

Jackson blew on it while feeling heartbroken. “Daddy, you’re bleeding. Daddy, you must be hurting a lot, right?”

“Maybe I pressed on it when I was sleeping.” Jeremy had not noticed the bleeding. Then, he caressed the little guy’s head. “I’m not in pain, so don’t worry about me, Jack.”

After he said that, he saw Madeline walking over with a first aid kit and was surprised. She looked like she was going to change his dressing for him.

Jeremy was feeling overwhelmed with his heart flowing with joy.

Madeline took out the alcohol swabs and bandages without saying a word. Then, she removed the bandage on Jeremy’s body.

Madeline was then greeted by the horrifyingly bloody wound.

She was slightly taken aback. If Jeremy had hesitated for even a slight moment at that crucial time, she would be the one who got stabbed.

He was willing to risk his life for her.

The little guy could not bring himself to look at the wound, so he turned his head and looked at the wedding album on the bed. Then, he started flipping through it with interest.

Jeremy noticed that Madeline was spacing out, so he called out to her softly, “Linnie, is it horrifying? Did my wound scare you?”

Madeline came back to her senses and took care of Jeremy’s wound with the alcohol swab. “This is nothing. I was disfigured back then and my wound was much worse than yours.”


Jeremy frowned.

His wound did not hurt, but he was reminded of the two horrifying scars on her face back then when she said that to him.

He lowered his gaze as his heart broke into pieces and his eyes were filled with remorse.

“I’m sorry, Linnie.”

“You’ve apologized enough and I’m sick of hearing them.” Madeline’s tone was cold. It seemed as if she did not want to talk to him anymore.

“Daddy, Mommy, when was this taken?” The little guy’s curious voice sounded from one side, healing Jeremy’s dispirited heart. “Why are Lily and I not in the photos?”

Madeline stopped what she was doing and did not know how to answer him. Then, she heard Jeremy answering him, “This is Mommy and Daddy’s wedding photo. You and your sister were not born yet.”

“What does that mean?” Jackson asked in puzzlement.

Jeremy answered patiently, “It means that you were still in Mommy’s tummy.”

“…” Madeline’s face heated slightly.

She wanted to change the topic when she heard Jackson asking, “Why was I in Mommy’s stomach? Could Mommy fit me in her tummy?”



Now, Jeremy and Madeline were both stunned.

Jeremy coughed before saying, “Jack, I’m a little thirsty. Can you fetch me a glass of water from downstairs?”

“Of course.” Jackson ran out obediently.

Madeline used this opportunity to bandage Jeremy quickly. After she put away the first aid kit, she turned around to leave.

“Linnie, don’t go.” Jeremy grabbed her hand reluctantly.

Madeline was in a hurry when she was suddenly pulled back by Jeremy. Hence, she slipped and fell backward.

Jeremy reached out his hand to catch her, but since the impact was too big, she pushed him down on the bed along with her when she fell. Half of her body was pressing against Jeremy’s.

The sunlight was coming in from the window at this moment and Madeline was stunned when she looked at the gentle face that was right in front of her.

Jeremy lifted his hand and caressed Madeline’s cheek. His warm fingers traveled over her eyebrow, and his eyes were filled with love. “Linnie, I’m so happy that you’re worried and concerned about me.

“Linnie, you’re stunning.

“I was wrong. I know I was wrong. Can you please give me another chance? Give me another chance to love you, take care of you, and protect you.”

He sounded like he was begging her when he said the last sentence.

Madeline came back to her senses and got up after pushing Jeremy away.

However, he flipped all of a sudden and changed their positions.

Madeline was at a loss. When she was about to get up, Jeremy’s handsome face got closer to hers and he touched his nose to hers. His deep eyes were filled with passion. “Linnie, you might blame me, but…”

He said and leaned down uncontrollably. Then, he pressed his lips firmly against Madeline’s and gave her a passionate kiss.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 715
Madeline was shocked. She did not expect Jeremy to kiss her.

She wanted to push him away, but he held her even tighter.

Jeremy’s faint cedarwood cologne invaded her nostrils and into her heart. It was as if his cologne had some bewitching properties.

Madeline looked at the man who was kissing her deeply with his eyes closed. She blinked, her long eyelashes fanning slightly. Then, her hands reached up to grab his arm.

Jeremy was ecstatic when he saw Madeline slowly giving in after initially rejecting him.

He pecked her lips and detached himself from her. His narrow and deep eyes looked into hers as he said softly, “Linnie, let’s start over for the sake of the two children, okay?”

“Mommy, Daddy, what are you guys doing?”

Jeremy was anxiously waiting for Madeline’s answer when a curious voice came from the door.

Madeline pushed Jeremy away and bolted upright. Her heart was beating loudly in her chest as a blush started creeping up her cheeks.

“Jack, I have something to take care of. If you want to stay here, then help yourself. I’ll come to pick you up later,” Madeline said and left the room hurriedly.

Jackson blinked his huge eyes and looked at Jeremy who was spacing out on the bed.

“Daddy, what’s wrong with you?”

Jeremy came back to his senses, feeling elated. He smiled and caressed Jackson’s head.

“Jack, I’m so happy.”

Jackson frowned. “Happy? You’re hurt but you’re happy?”

Jeremy looked in the direction where Madeline left, grinning profoundly. “Jack, do you want to live happily with Daddy, Mommy, and Lily?”


“Then can you do something for me?”

Jackson looked at Jeremy seriously, nodding without hesitation.

Even though Meredith managed to have a narrow escape from death, she gained two scars on her face.

She rested for a few days so that her wounds could heal. However, it was not that easy for scars to fade away so quickly.

When she recalled how Yvonne had hit and yelled at her like a madwoman, as well as how she even disfigured her, Meredith wanted so badly to strangle her to death.

However, Yvonne was in jail now, so she did not have a way to vent. Naturally, she shifted all of her anger onto Madeline.

If it was not for Madeline, Yvonne would not have sought revenge on her.

However, after Madeline and Jeremy exposed her, Meredith did not have any reason to get close to Jeremy. After she thought about this, she could only take action against that simpleton, Karen.

Meredith bought a lot of expensive skincare products and strutted into the house boldly after Jeremy left.

When she saw the old master who was taking a breather in the garden, she scowled at him.

If this old man had not tried to stop her from marrying Jeremy back then, she would already be Mrs. Whitman. She would not have lost everything.

Old Master Whitman sensed that someone was looking at him. Hence, he turned his head slowly and captured the flash of grudge in Meredith’s eyes.

“Why does she look so much like Maddie…” the old master muttered curiously as she watched Meredith entering the house.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 716
Karen knew Madeline would bring Jeremy back home for dinner, so she was preparing the meal with the maid in the kitchen.

She knew she had been unkind and unfair to Madeline these few years. Back then, she also despised Madeline when she was her daughter-in-law.

However, a human heart was made from flesh after all. No matter how unbridled she was, she could not ignore the fact that Madeline had saved her that day.

Even though she refused to admit it, she felt remorseful.

Meredith walked over slowly and was curious when she saw this scene. Then, she heard the maid asking Karen, “Madam, why are there so many dishes? Are there guests coming tonight?”

Karen was in a good mood today. “The young madam is coming back.”

“The young madam?” The maid thought about Madeline. “Do you mean Miss Montgomery? Aren’t she and Mr. Whitman divorced now? Plus, you never seemed to like her as well, Madam.”

Karen looked embarrassed. Then, she said, “You can get remarried after you get a divorce, so what’s the big deal? Also, I don’t dislike her. I just don’t want to pay attention to her.”

“Is that so?” The maid found that hard to believe.

Meredith was stunned when she heard that.

What was going on with Karen?

She hated Madeline so much, but why was she siding with her now?

Plus, did she just say that Madeline would remarry Jeremy?

Meredith would not allow this to happen!

“Mrs. Whitman,” Meredith grinned and called out to Karen.

Karen turned her head and saw Meredith.

When she saw the bandages on Meredith’s face and the wound on her forehead, Karen realized that the woman who got disfigured from the news that day was Felicity.

However, she was curious as to why Yvonne would beat Felicity up.

The two of them did not know each other nor had any interactions.

“Mrs. Whitman, I’m so sorry. I wanted to come to see you a few days ago, but my face…” Meredith touched her face sadly.

“Mrs. Whitman, I didn’t think that your niece would have such a grudge against Jeremy’s ex-wife, Madeline. She mistook me as Madeline and tortured me to no end.”

“So that’s what happened…” Karen understood immediately.

“Mrs. Whitman, these are the skincare products I bought for you. I hope you’ll like them.” Meredith knew Karen liked these, so she intentionally went up to curry favors with her.

Karen wanted to accept them, but after some hesitation, she declined. “Felicity, I know you’re a good girl, but Jeremy still has his ex-wife in his mind. Plus, they have a son together as well. If Jeremy really wants to get back together with Madeline, for the sake of my grandson, I won’t say anything to stop them.”


Were they really going to remarry?

How could Meredith accept this? She was seething when she heard Karen say, “Actually, Madeline isn’t that bad. At least she was willing to save me when I was kidnapped by Yvonne.”

Meredith finally understood what was going on. No wonder Karen had changed her view on Madeline. It was because of this!

Meredith rolled her eyes and pretended to sigh. “Mrs. Whitman, I don’t know if I should tell you something.”

Karen was curious. “What? Just tell me.”

“Mrs. Whitman, I’m not aware of some of the things, but Yvonne told me the truth when she mistook me as Madeline.”

“What truth?” Karen asked.

Meredith looked angry. “Yvonne and Madeline worked together to kidnap you last time.

“Madeline didn’t want to save you. She knew nothing would happen to her, so she pretended to risk her life for you. As for why Yvonne despised Madeline and wanted to kill her, it’s all because she knew that Madeline was just using her. Yvonne told me all of this when she thought that I was Madeline.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 717
“What?” Karen leaped up abruptly. “Are you telling the truth?”

“Why would I lie to you, Mrs. Whitman?” Meredith frowned, looking aggrieved. “Just look at my face and the wound on my forehead, then you’ll know that I’m telling the truth.”

Karen lifted her head to look at Meredith. A second later, her expression darkened.

“That b*tch! I knew she wouldn’t be so kind!” Karen was already biased toward Madeline, so she was easily swayed.

Meredith felt pleased with herself but kept an innocent look on her face. “Actually, Mrs. Whitman, just think about it. Madeline hates you so much, so why would she save you? If you were Madeline, would you save a person who’s always going against you?”

Karen stood in Madeline’s shoes, her face darkening even more. She blurted out before thinking, “If I were Madeline, I wouldn’t save such a horrible mother-in-law!”


Meredith almost burst out laughing when she saw Karen scolding herself.

Karen felt awkward for a few seconds. Then, she started screaming angrily, “I told you that Madeline wanted me dead! How would she risk her life to save me? I knew there was an ulterior motive behind this!”

Just earlier, she had a good impression of Madeline but now, it was completely gone because of Meredith’s instigation.

Meredith knew Karen’s personality well after spending all those years with her. She could take Karen down easily after some gifts and instigation.

Now, it was obvious that this was the case.

After Meredith left, Karen left the house hurriedly. Inside the custodial ward, Karen saw Yvonne who was covered heavily in bandages—including her face.

“You didn’t want to live your life properly, so you’re the one who did this to yourself!” Karen scolded angrily, “Tell me, did you work with Madeline to kidnap me? She bribed you and was just purposely putting on a show for me, huh? You did that because you hate me!”

Even though Yvonne did not know why Karen was saying that, since she was already in this state, she decided to frame Madeline again.

“That’s right, I did work together with her! You dumb*ss! If not, do you think she’d really save you with the ransom? Do you remember her slapping you that day? Madeline told me herself that she had so much fun slapping you!”

“You…” Karen was fuming. Then, she left as Yvonne cackled sinisterly.

After she got home, Karen threw all of the food she prepared for Madeline into the trash can.

The maid was confused. She then heard Karen mumbling angrily to herself. “Madeline, you b*tch. I thought you saved me because you care about me. It turns out you’re just using that as an excuse to beat around the bush to prank and slap me!”

Madeline arrived with Jackson when she heard Karen scolding her the moment she stepped into the house.

If it were not for Jackson who said that it had been a long time since he ate dinner with his father, Madeline would not have come over either.

When Karen saw Madeline, she pointed at her and shrieked, “Madeline, you’re so heinous! I was almost fooled by you!”

Madeline was puzzled. When she was about to say something, Jackson walked in front of her with a frown on his face.

“Granny, you can’t talk about my mommy like that.”

“Am I wrong? Your mother is an evil and heinous low-life!”

Madeline smiled calmly. “The least you can do is tell me what I’ve done if you want to yell at me.”

“You know what you’ve done! Madeline, I’m telling you, don’t even think about getting back with Jeremy as long as I’m around!”

“What nonsense are you spewing again?” Jeremy walked downstairs and looked at Karen in agitation. Then, he walked to Madeline. “Linnie, you’re here.”

“I’m leaving now.”

Madeline’s straightforward answer caused the light in Jeremy’s eyes to go out.

“Jack will stay and I’ll come to get him later. I’m not gonna disturb you in case someone loses their appetite from looking at me.”

“Madeline, are you making insinuations at me?” Karen asked furiously.

Madeline ignored her and walked away.

Jeremy’s eyes darkened. “Are you happy now that Linnie’s gone?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 718
His tone was frigid, and his eyes were even colder than his voice. “Linnie risked her life to save you when you were kidnapped last time. It’s fine that you didn’t thank her, but now you even want to target her! I’m really doubting whether you’re my birth mother.”

“…” Karen was furious and frantic. “You even want me to thank her? Do you know that she slapped me and yelled at me that day? I would’ve been fooled by her if I didn’t have a brain!”

Jeremy felt that he did not have anything in him to argue with Karen anymore.

He grabbed Jackson’s hand. “Jack, I’ll bring you for a nice dinner outside.”

“Will Mommy come with us?” Jackson looked expectant.

Jeremy frowned. He had told Jackson to convince Madeline to come over for dinner tonight. However, it was all ruined now.

He tried to call Madeline, but she rejected all of his calls.

“Jack, Mommy has something to take care of, so I’ll accompany you today.” He smiled gently. “Right, where’s your sister?”

“She’s with the other granny.”

Jeremy pondered for a while before taking Jackson to Montgomery Manor.

Eloise was troubled when she heard that Jeremy wanted to take Lillian out. She had no idea that Lillian was Jeremy’s child as well.

However, Lillian was fond of Jeremy. She even hugged his leg voluntarily as she called out sweetly, “Handsome Mister, hold me!”

Jeremy was delighted. He carried the soft little girl and pecked her on the cheek.

Eloise saw genuine love and affection from Jeremy’s eyes, so she did not turn him down.

Jeremy brought the siblings to the best and the most extravagant restaurant in Glendale.

It was already dusk, and the scenery of Glendale was stunning through the french windows.

Jeremy looked at the children while beaming. His smile grew wider as he watched them happily eating.

When the dessert arrived, Jeremy looked to one side unintentionally and saw Madeline’s smiling face.


He was surprised, but then, he spotted Felipe as well.

Was his Linnie having a candlelit dinner with Felipe?

They looked like they were leaving.

Jeremy could not control himself, so he got up and chased after them.

“Daddy, where are you going?”

After Jackson asked that question, Jeremy realized that he was here to have dinner with his children.

However, he could not ignore the fact that Madeline was leaving with Felipe.

Madeline left the restaurant with Felipe, and on their way out, she felt her head getting heavier and heavier.

Not only that, but her heart started beating very fast and her face also started to heat up.

She only drank two glasses of wine just now, so she could not be drunk.

The driver drove the car in front of them and Felipe opened the door for Madeline politely.

Madeline was about to walk over when she felt weak all of a sudden. When she was about to fall, Felipe ran up to her and pulled her into his arms.

“Eveline,” he called out to Madeline gently. Even though Madeline had not completely lost her consciousness, her mind was starting to drift.

Felipe lowered his dark and unreadable eyes, looking at the dizzy woman in his arms. Then, the corners of his lips curled into a smirk.

Jeremy asked the waiter to keep an eye on the children and made up an excuse to go to the restroom. However, when he walked out of the place, he saw Madeline in Felipe’s arms. In addition to that, Felipe even leaned down to kiss Madeline’s forehead. After that, he picked up Madeline bridal style.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 719
At this moment, Jeremy was truly hoping that his vision had not recovered.

What he saw hurt him a lot.

His brain went blank when he saw Madeline allowing Felipe to carry her without protesting as they got into the car and left.

‘Linnie, at the end of the day, you still don’t want to give me a chance.

‘In the end, you still chose Felipe, huh?’

As he watched the car drive away, he stood in the cold autumn wind and felt as if his heart had plunged into an ice cave. It was so bone-chillingly cold.

Felipe had planned this dinner tonight.

At this moment, he lifted his hand and caressed her heated face as he looked at Madeline who was leaning against his shoulder. Her face was extremely red.

“Eveline, I’ll treat you better than Jeremy.

“I’ll give you everything he can’t give you,” he said before kissing Madeline’s hair. There was a devious smirk on his handsome face. “Eveline, you’re mine.”

Madeline could hear someone talking to her vaguely. However, her mind was all over the place and her body was so hot that she felt horrible.

After some time, the car stopped and Madeline felt someone carrying her.

Cathy knew Felipe had gone out to have a candlelit dinner with Madeline and was feeling disappointed about it. Suddenly, she saw Felipe walking into the house with Madeline sleeping groggily in his arms.

“Felipe.” Cathy walked over to him and looked at Madeline whose face was abnormally red. “What happened to Evie? Should I call a doctor?”

Felipe did not look at Cathy before carrying Madeline upstairs.


“Get away from me.” Felipe spat out a cold and emotionless command.

Cathy felt heartbroken, but she could only watch as Felipe carried Madeline into the bedroom.

She could imagine what Felipe was trying to do with Madeline and she fell into a contradicting emotional turmoil.

She knew she could not stop Felipe from doing what he wanted to do, but she also knew that Madeline did not have any romantic feelings for Felipe.

If something happened between them in these circumstances, as a woman, Cathy felt that Madeline would feel extremely tormented.

However, what could she do to stop the man she loved?

Felipe carried Madeline to the bed. She leaned against the bed groggily, her mouth feeling dry.

She opened her hazy eyes and saw Felipe’s face vaguely. “Felipe, I want to drink water…”

Felipe fetched her a glass of warm water when he saw that she was still slightly conscious.

He helped Madeline up and handed her the water. “Eveline, here’s the water.”

Madeline reached out to grab the glass, but when she touched it, her hand dropped lifelessly all of a sudden. Her head also fell onto Felipe’s shoulder soon after.

The glass fell onto the carpet under her feet with a muffled thud.

It was all according to his plan.

Felipe smirked and put Madeline onto the bed. Then, he removed her coat and undid her buttons one by one.

Cathy was still contemplating how to stop Felipe when she heard hurried footsteps coming from outside the door.

She turned around in curiosity and saw a tall figure getting closer to her. Then, a handsome face appeared in her vision. Meanwhile, the man’s face was covered with worry and concern.

“Are you… Jeremy Whitman?” Cathy recognized him.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 720
Jeremy finally spotted Cathy. His gaze looked solemn as he asked, “Where’s Felipe? Where did he take Linnie?”

Cathy let out a sigh of relief and pointed at Felipe’s room without hesitation.

Jeremy sped over and kicked open Felipe’s door.

When he saw Madeline lying on the bed half-naked, he clenched his fists and grabbed Felipe’s collar. He was glaring at Felipe with his eyes like knives.

“Felipe, you b*stard! What are you trying to do to Linnie?”

Felipe dodged Jeremy’s punch and lifted his sharp gaze calmly. Then, he replied in an icy tone, “The woman on the bed belongs to me. What do you think I’m about to do to her?”

“Linnie doesn’t even love you, so you best get rid of that thought!” Jeremy pushed Felipe away and leaned down to button Madeline’s clothes. Then, he picked her up. “Felipe, you’re so despicable for trying to get a woman this way.”

He mocked sarcastically before leaving with Madeline in his arms.

Felipe pressed his lips together, his eyes engulfed by flames of anger. They looked horrifying.

“Heh.” He scoffed. He removed his tie with his long and slender fingers, but the fire was still raging in his chest.

Then, he made a call.

After a while, Meredith appeared in front of him timidly.

Felipe’s gaze became more and more terrifying as he looked at the scarred face.

“Do you know why I saved your life and asked you to get plastic surgery to look like Eveline?” Felipe’s voice was like a bone-piercing chill. “I asked you to do something and you didn’t even carry it out properly. I wanted Jeremy to be blind forever but he miraculously regained his vision. Hmm?”

“I… I had no idea that he has regained his vision…” Meredith’s voice was shaking as she was petrified. “Mr. Whitman, please give me another chance. I’ll do what you want perfectly. I’ll make sure that Madeline and Jeremy won’t end up together!”

Felipe looked at the face that was similar to Madeline’s and said coldly, “Listen closely to what you have to do next. If there are any mistakes, you’re going straight to hell.”

On the other side, Jeremy carried Madeline into the taxi.

He was heartbroken when he saw Madeline frowning in pain.

He was feeling dispirited a while ago in front of the restaurant as he thought that Madeline had chosen Felipe.

However, he felt something was amiss when he recalled how she did not reject the kiss that morning.

His Linnie was not a two-timing woman. She would only have him and him only in her heart.

Indeed, he could tell that Felipe had drugged her from looking at the state she was in. That was why she was only half-conscious.

He felt lucky that he had followed them. On the way, he called Eloise to tell her to pick the children up from the restaurant.

“Hot…” Madeline muttered, “I’m so hot. Water…”

“Linnie, bear with this. I’m taking you home now.” Jeremy held her and felt that there was something wrong with Madeline’s body temperature.

At this moment, she was like a clingy kitten as she nuzzled against him. It was as if she was looking for something to cool herself down.

Jeremy’s Adam’s apple bobbed. He clenched his fists and suppressed the emotions that his heart elicited.

However, Madeline’s voice was getting more and more amorous. As such, Jeremy asked the driver to stop at a hotel nearby and got a room for her.

When they were at the door, Jeremy kicked the door open and brought Madeline into the bathroom.

He turned on the shower and fetched her a glass of cold water. “Linnie, have some water.”

Madeline took two sips of the water groggily, but she was still feeling extremely hot.

She lifted her intoxicated face and narrowed her stunning eyes to look at the man in front of her.

After a few seconds, she lifted her hand and grabbed his collar. Then, she pushed him against the wall dominantly.

Madeline’s red face was getting closer and closer to Jeremy’s.

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