Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 401-410

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 401

Jeremy’s sudden kiss stunned Madeline.

He said he loved her.

He loved a woman who looked just like the ex-wife he hated.

It was ridiculous.

‘You never spared me a glance when I treasured you and regarded you as my one and only.

‘So how dare you tell me you love me when my heart has given up and there’s nothing but hatred left?

‘It’s too late, Jeremy Whitman.

‘Even if you’ve fallen for me now, it can’t heal and mend the ruthless wounds you’ve inflicted on my heart.’

Giving the excuse that she was unwell, Madeline turned away from Jeremy’s kiss.

Still, she had ‘happily’ accepted Jeremy’s marriage proposal.

Staring at the cerulean sea, Madeline found herself relating the hatred in her heart like the tides and waves before her.

‘This is what you owe me, Jeremy. It’s time you paid it back.’

Jeremy’s heart tightened as he stared quietly at the enchanting smile on Madeline’s face, the spark in his eyes turning dull.

Had he been even the slightest bit aware, perhaps he would not have lost the woman he loved to the harsh reality of time. Now, she was gone and never coming back.


‘If ever we get to start all over, you probably wouldn’t choose to love me again, would you?’

The wedding ceremony was held the following day.

In the most luxurious hotel that the Whitman Corporation owned stood Madeline who was donned in her seven-figure wedding gown with her diamond tiara. She held a bouquet in her hands as she made her way toward the handsome man in a tailored suit under the blessings and envious gazes of the attendees.

Light refracted off the chandelier, shimmering and engulfing the angelic queen with a dreamy glow as she took her steps to the stage.

Jeremy could not help but be reminded of his marriage six years ago as he set his eyes on the elegant and dignified aura of the smiling woman in front of him.

His heart raced while his gaze softened.

It was now lunchtime in jail when Meredith was met with the live stream of Madeline and Jeremy’s wedding on the television. She was just about to sit in the canteen.

Meredith’s eyes reddened with rage as her hands tightened their hold on her lunch tray.

It was the marriage she had longed for! The male lead was the very one she had scrambled her mind for ideas to lay her hands on!

To think that she had finally won Madeline these few years only to realize that everything she did was for naught… Madeline had turned the tables against her in the end!


She refused to accept this!

She refused to accept such an ending!

Bang! Madeline threw the plates on the floor. “You btch! Madeline, you btch! You’ll pay for this!”

Meredith’s eyes grew red as a sinister flame burned in them.

Just then, a female inmate rolled her sleeves in displeasure just after her outburst and grabbed Meredith by her collar. “F*cker! How dare you throw things at me? You’re the one who’s going to pay!”

Then, the inmate raised a fist to land it across Meredith’s face.

Meredith wailed in agony after two punches and began to beg for mercy while everyone watched. Some others even gave her a few kicks.

Curling on the floor, Meredith clutched her head in fear. “Not my face! Don’t hit my face!”

She begged frightfully, which was rewarded with even fiercer punishment.

Her eyes fell on the television screen where Jeremy was currently helping Madeline wear her ring. Envy and hatred swarmed her as she watched the two exchange saccharine-sweet vows. Blood seemed to flow from Meredith’s eyes from the fury within her as she balled her fists and clenched her jaw, spitting a name out.

“Madeline Crawford!”

The ceremony ended beautifully, marking another step in Madeline’s plan toward her goal.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 402

Even though the ceremony was against her heart’s wishes, she was glad to at least have Jackson as her flower boy.

Amidst the attendees, she found that Eloise and Sean had come to give their blessings as well.

In a way, it could be said that she had gotten her parent’s approval.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Whitman only seemed irked about the situation.

One of Mrs. Whitman’s friends, who was also a rich man’s wife, came over to congratulate her. “What a great daughter-in-law this is, Mrs. Whitman. She’s rich, good at her job, and beautiful. You’ve got to be satisfied this time, right?”

“So what if she’s rich? It’s not like the Whitman family is broke! You can find beautiful girls all over the world. Her appearance is only average!”

Mrs. Whitman rolled her eyes disdainfully at Madeline who was drinking with the other guests. After turning around, she found Eloise and Sean and immediately went over to talk to them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Whitman, I couldn’t believe Meredith was a fake when I heard the news. Oh, how I used to trust her. In the end, I was played into her lies.” Mrs. Whitman huffed, severing any relations between them.

Eloise sighed sadly. “Here I thought that I had finally found my daughter and was about to become in-laws with your family too, Mrs. Whitman. I can’t believe it ended like this.”

Mrs. Whitman agreed. “Who would have thought that Meredith’s family is actually so vicious? I would’ve sued her for marital fraud had it not been for the child she gave Jeremy!”

Fury flared in her eyes before her expression turned into a sympathetic one.

“The Montgomery family is well known within Glendale. It’s a pity that you haven’t found your daughter yet for it would be an honor to become in-laws with you. Had you found your daughter sooner, perhaps she and Jeremy would grow close and we wouldn’t have to settle for this woman here!” Mrs. Whitman spoke as she glared at Madeline.

Eloise followed her gaze to find a gorgeous-looking Madeline clad in an angelic wedding gown.

Her heart clenched inexplicably.

“Vera Quinn isn’t all that bad.”

“You have no idea, Mrs. Montgomery. This woman is even worse than Jeremy’s ex-wife, Madeline Crawford! Seeing her face makes me want to puke!”

“You’re allowed to retire early, Mother, if you feel uncomfortable.”

Madeline’s soft voice wafted over from behind, stunning Mrs. Whitman who turned around and pursed her lips distastefully at the sight of her. “What an eyesore!”

Her tone was displeased, then she turned and left.

With Mrs. Whitman gone, Madeline found the air much cleaner and easier to breathe.

A smile graced her lips as she turned to Eloise and Sean. “Thank you for attending. Here’s a toast to you.”

Madeline downed a small glass of red wine.

“Congratulations, Miss Vera,” Eloise said, her eyes no longer bearing the same sharp glint it once did.


Madeline smiled faintly. The only thing to congratulate her about was for her almost completing her revenge plan.

At that moment, Jeremy walked over as well.

In his tailored black suit, the man’s charms oozed off him in waves.

“Miss Vera is a great match for you, Mr. Whitman. I’m sorry for the hurtful words I’ve said to you to defend Meredith.” Eloise apologized.

Jeremy’s lips quirked into a casual smile. “I never cared what other people thought of me.”

With that, he placed an arm around Madeline’s shoulders. “Today must’ve been exhausting. Let’s go home early, hmm?”

“Yeah.” Madeline nodded dotingly.

“Miss Vera!” Eloise suddenly rushed up to stop Madeline from leaving.

Both Madeline and Jeremy came to a halt. “Is something wrong, Mrs. Montgomery?”

“It’s just…”

Eloise seemed uneasy as she spoke.

“We’ve been trying to find clues about our daughter but we haven’t got a single lead at all. So, we were wondering if you could possibly recall if Rose and Meredith had said anything about my daughter?”

Ah, so they were now coming for her, their daughter.

Madeline lamented and parted her lips to answer only for Jeremy to interrupt her. “Perhaps I can help. Does your daughter have any special characteristics?”

Eloise and Sean’s eyes shone. “Oh! My daughter has a very special birthmark!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 403

Madeline’s expression changed at her words.


Her plan would be forced to end should Eloise speak of the birthmark on her body.

“What birthmark?” Jeremy asked curiously.

“It’s a but—”

“I’m feeling a little dizzy, Jeremy…”

Madeline’s brows furrowed just as Eloise began to describe the butterfly-shaped birthmark. She then leaned weakly against Jeremy.

His attention immediately went back to Madeline.

He carried her right away. “I’ll send you to the hospital.”

“It’s alright, I think I’m just tired,” Madeline replied softly as she leaned against his shoulder.

Eloise and Sean’s eyes shone inexplicably with concern as they watched Jeremy carry Madeline away.

The night darkened while the evening wind rustled the leaves of the tree in front of the window frame.

Madeline lay on the bed with her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep even though she was hardly even drowsy.

Tonight was their first night as a married couple, and while she had no idea what Jeremy was thinking, she refused to bring their relationship to a physical stage.

Soon after, Madeline heard Jeremy exit the bathroom after a shower. His steps were light, as if on purpose so he would not wake her.

Then, Madeline felt the bed dip on the other side.

Soon, Jeremy’s warmth and smell enveloped her.

Madeline’s heart thumped faster as she slowly pulled her hands closer under the covers.

It was unlikely for him to want to do such things with her.

Madeline was thinking to herself when a warm breath suddenly puffed over her cheeks.

Afraid that Jeremy would kiss her, Madeline blinked open her eyes.

She was met with a pair of deep, dark ones the moment she opened her eyes.

“Did I wake you?” The man’s gentle baritone washed over her.

The corners of Madeline’s lips tugged. “You didn’t.”

“That’s good, then,” Jeremy whispered, his slender fingers falling on her small face as he leaned over slowly, his lips touching the corners of hers.

Madeline pushed him away. “I’m pregnant, Jeremy. Let’s not.”

Jeremy looked up to stare inquisitively at her. “I’ll wait until you’re ready. Let’s sleep.”

“Hmm, goodnight.” Madeline sighed a silent breath of relief, but she was unable to understand the strange look hidden in the man’s deep gaze.

The room darkened with the night, leaving light breathing and hearts beating in tandem in the quiet of the night.

Madeline was already awake to begin with, but the discomfort of having Jeremy asleep by her side made sleeping an impossible feat.

She turned her back to Jeremy in hopes to widen their distance only to have a familiar warmth and touch engulf her from behind.

Jeremy’s arms hung loosely around her small waist, and she could feel the warmth from his palm seep through the light material of her sleepwear into her skin.

While she did not like the feeling, Madeline did not push him away either.

There was no way she was going to turn back when she had already gotten here.

Especially when it was only a few more days anyway.

Feeling Madeline’s tense figure in his arms, Jeremy’s eyes snapped open. The faint scent of mint that wafted from her had his lips tilting in satisfaction…

The following day, Madeline looked up to stare at Jeremy’s calm sleeping face.

Madeline flew into a rage and pushed him away when she realized their positions. She was curled into his arms, allowing him to hold her as he wished. As such, she immediately got up.

She expected Jeremy to wake up but he had merely turned to the other side to continue to sleep.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 404

Madeline’s pink lips pursed as she indifferently took in the happy features of the man sleeping before her.

‘I thought you said you were suffering from insomnia the past three years?

‘But you look well-rested this morning.

‘Hmph. Have you ever felt guilty or uneasy about my death, Jeremy?

‘No, you’ve never.’

Madeline immediately washed up and changed after sparing a last glance at the man’s face. Walking out of the room, she was met with Jackson walking out of his as well.

“Morning, Jack.’

She smiled and walked over.

“Is it time for school already? Would you like Big Sis Vera to make you breakfast?”

Jackson blinked and nodded innocently as he looked up at Madeline. “Yes, please.”

Madeline’s emotions lightened immensely at the little boy’s adorable features.

While a maid had already prepared breakfast, Madeline made another. It was a more simple and nutritional one for Jackson.

Seated at the dining table, Jackson merely stared at the heart-shaped sunny-side up without making a move to eat.

Madeline was worried that it was not to Jackson’s liking. “Do you not like fried eggs, Jack? Tell Big Sis Vera what you like and I’ll make it for you.”

With that, Madeline watched Jackson shake his head in response.

The boy’s angelic eyes were filled with unbridled joy and seriousness as he looked at Madeline, his small lips parting to reveal two cute-looking canines. “Thank you, Mommy.”


Madeline was stunned, not expecting Jackson to call her his mother so quickly without prompt when kids normally tend to dislike and even hate their stepmoms.

Yet all Jackson had for her was unrestrained love.

Madeline felt the corner of her eyes burn as she raised a hand to pat Jackson’s head affectionately.

“Big Sis Vera will treat you as her own son from now on, alright, Jackson? I promise you’ll have a mommy who loves you.”

Jackson nodded, his dewy cheeks blooming with his first-ever carefree smile.

Madeline thought her heart was going to melt just from looking at the smile.

Love and hate seemed like such a small matter in comparison.

Madeline sent Jackson to kindergarten after breakfast.

As for Lily, well, Madeline had placed her daughter in a friend’s care. She would never attend this kindergarten again.

Just as she was about to send Jackson through the kindergarten gates, Madeline was met with the sight of Eloise holding a stack of something in her hands.

Eloise was shocked to see Madeline here with Jackson and strode over to her. “I didn’t expect to see you bringing Jack to school, Miss Vera.”

“What are you doing here, Mrs. Montgomery?” Madeline asked with a smile.

Eloise stared woefully at Jackson whose hand was held in Madeline’s. “Like how I’ve seen Meredith as my own daughter the past three years, I’ve taken care of this child as my grandson as well. There’s nothing to sympathize with about Meredith’s current situation, but Jack… I’m reluctant to give this child up.”

Madeline understood, for she could see the affection and yearning for Jackson in Eloise’s eyes.


Jackson suddenly called amidst the silent lull.

“You’re my granny.”

Eloise’s dimmed eyes brightened instantly. “Jack…”

She reached out to ruffle the boy’s head, only to accidentally knock off the stack of papers in her hands. Madeline lowered her gaze to look and her expression changed in recognition of the image on the paper.

Right then, Jackson squatted to help Eloise pick them up. The boy’s round eyes blinked lightly as his eyes fell on the printed image. “I’ve seen this butterfly before.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 405

Both Madeline and Eloise’s eyes widened at Jackson’s comment.

Eloise Patton was a designer as well, so she could fully replicate Madeline’s birthmark on the A4 piece of paper.

Madeline began to wonder if Jackson had ever walked past when she happened to reveal her birthmark.

“You’ve seen this butterfly, Jack? Where?” Eloise leaned down to inquire, eagerness shining in her glistening eyes.

“Why did you print so many search notices, Mrs. Montgomery? Are you trying to look for your daughter?” Madeline calmly changed the subject.

Eloise nodded. “I’ve posted it on the internet as well, but these flyers are merely another option. I’d try anything if it meant that I could find my daughter!”

Her words held nothing but hope and sincerity.

She truly wished to find her long-lost child.

Madeline felt her heart tremble and clench in her chest.

‘Perhaps my parents are not to blame, not when they too were victims of Meredith’s family’s lies.

‘They were used for their desire to find their child.


“Tell Granny, Jack, where did you see this butterfly before?”

Madeline suddenly heard Eloise’s impatient inquiry.

Snapping back from her thoughts, Madeline tried to stop Jackson only to hear the boy’s clear tone cut through the air. “On Maddie,” Jackson answered lightly.

Madeline felt her heart race.

Eloise was stunned. “Maddie? Jack, Maddie as in Madeline Crawford?”

Jackson nodded before reaching out to point the right side of Madeline’s waist on her back. “Right here. That’s where Maddie’s butterfly is.”



Madeline did not expect Jackson to have seen her birthmark.

Not to mention that Jackson was only two when she ‘died’ three years ago. What exceptional memory the boy had!

“Wh-What…” Stunned, Eloise’s vision grew dark.

As if all her strength had left her, Eloise swayed and began to fall.

Madeline’s reflexes kicked in and she grabbed Eloise before the other could hit the ground. “Are you alright, Mrs. Montgomery?”

Eloise’s complexion was pale while her gaze was blank. Her entire body froze as if she had lost her mind while tears trickled steadily from the corner of her eyes.

“Mrs. Montgomery?”

“Hiss…” Eloise pressed a hand over her aching heart as she sucked in a painful breath. “So that’s why… Now I understand…” she muttered to herself as the rush of her tears grew while her lips trembled to speak a name.


Madeline smiled bitterly at the words. She found her eyes becoming wet.

What a shame that it was all too late.

Eloise fainted after she uttered out her daughter’s name.

Madeline sent Eloise to the hospital after she passed Jackson over to one of the kindergarten teachers. Sean rushed over not too long after.

Not knowing why Eloise had fainted, the man was anxious in fear that she had gotten sick.

Madeline signed Eloise’s discharge papers before she returned to the room. Seeing Sean pace nervously outside, she immediately suppressed her upset feelings and walked over to the man with a smile.

“You’re here, Mr. Montgomery. Don’t worry, your wife is alright.”

Sean thanked her as she handed him Eloise’s examination report.

Sean’s worry grew when he read the reason behind Eloise’s unconsciousness—extreme distress.

“Distress? Why would Ellie be distressed out of the blue?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 406

Sean looked at Madeline in confusion.

“Why did you send my wife to the hospital, Miss Quinn?”

“That’s because…”

Madeline was just about to explain herself when sobs suddenly rang out from inside the room.

Sean’s expression changed and he immediately turned around to enter.

Taking a deep breath, Madeline entered the room as well like nothing was wrong.

Eloise had indeed woken and she was currently crying her eyes out.

Sean approached her worriedly. “What’s wrong, Ellie? What’s got you so sad?”

Only then did Eloise seem to realize Sean’s presence. She looked up at him with eyes reddened from all the crying. There was irreparable and incurable pain in her sad gaze.

“Why must the Heavens punish us like this, Sean? Why…”

Her voice trembled as tears fell like pearls from her eyes.

Confused, Sean felt his heart grow frantic.

“What are you saying, Ellie? Don’t cry. Shh, relax. Talk to me.”

Eloise gave a self-deprecating chuckle amidst her tears and looked up to meet Sean’s concerned gaze with her ashen complexion. Then, she took out the gold pendant from her pocket.

“I’ve found our daughter, Sean.”

“What? That’s great! Did you really find her?” The worry on Sean’s expression was replaced with excitement. “Where is she? Ellie, where’s our daughter?”

Sean pressed impatiently while Eloise closed her eyes in agony.

“She died.”

“Wh-What? Died?” Sean was stricken.

“We played a part in killing her…” Eloise looked up remorsefully. “Madeline Crawford was our daughter…”

“What… What did you say?”

Sean was shell-shocked when he heard Eloise’s words.

The joy he had felt moments prior shattered that very moment, its shards stabbing into his heart and grinding the muscle within.

Madeline’s heart seized painfully as she stared at the pain-stricken expressions Eloise and Sean wore from the sidelines.

“Mad-Madeline Crawford was our daughter?” Sean’s eyes widened in pain as he remembered how he had once slapped her across her face.

He had also kicked her onto the ground just to protect the fake that was Meredith.

He remembered how Madeline even seemed to be in too much pain to climb back up.

Her pitiful situation back then inexplicably surfaced in his mind.

Why did his heart hurt so much?

Sean’s legs were close to giving out.

“I finally understood why Meredith would have this gold pendant! I even watched it drop from Madeline’s clothes! So why did I believe Meredith’s words that Madeline had stolen it?

“Now I know why Rose said our daughter died three years ago. That was when Madeline left us, wasn’t it…”

Eloise began to choke on her tears as regret overwhelmed her.

“Oh, how I’ve prayed to find our daughter these 20-over years, only to scold, hit, and harm my own child to protect a wretched woman. What kind of mother am I?”

Eloise raised her trembling hands in front of her. She had never hated them as much as she did now.

She could not even remember how many slaps her hands had given Madeline for Meredith’s sake.

Suddenly, Eloise’s expression shifted. Throwing off the covers, she dashed to the balcony.

Sean ran after her in fear. “Ellie! Ellie, what are you doing?”

“Death would hurt less, Sean! When I think back to everything I’ve done to our daughter, I… Why couldn’t I have died in her place?”

Then, Eloise turned around to jump.

Madeline spun to the side and was met with Eloise who already had a leg halfway out the railings. “No! Mom, don’t!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 407

In a split second, Eloise and Sean heard Madeline’s shouts.

Although she had been determined to follow her daughter to where she was just a moment earlier, Eloise turned around in shock and climbed back inside upon hearing Madeline’s words. Tears streamed freely down her cheeks as she stared at Madeline who stood not too far away. She was in a daze.

Through her glistening tears, she realized that the woman had the same appearance as the one buried deep and painfully in her mind.

“Your Eveline’s still alive, Mom. You don’t need to die for me,” Madeline said with a soft smile.

“Come down. Dad’s getting worried, hmm?”

“Eveline…” Eloise walked away from the border of danger as she stared at Madeline in a trance.

Sean blinked blankly at Madeline for a while before snapping back to pull Eloise into the safety of the hospital room. Then, he bolted the door to the balcony.

“Are… Are you Madeline? Are you really Madeline?” Eloise ran up to Madeline eagerly and gripped her hand.

She immediately tried to warm Madeline’s hands only to realize that it was her own that was freezing.

With both Eloise and Sean looking at her expectantly, Madeline replied with a calm smile, “I’m glad you’re alright, Mrs. Montgomery. Impulsiveness is a devil, so don’t succumb to it anymore. Your life is important.”

“…” Eloise and Sean were startled, finally understanding that Vera had only said those words to save Eloise.

Their hopes crashed again, from heaven to hell.

Both Eloise and Sean knew that Madeline had lost her life to an incurable sickness.

Still, perhaps Madeline would not have left as quickly if not for them picking on her again and again.

Thinking back, they remembered the harsh words they had spat out when Madeline arrived at Jeremy and Meredith’s engagement event.

Oh, how this mother had even proclaimed that she was acting and the blood dripping from Madeline’s mouth was fake as she fell to the ground.

Madeline had left for good after ‘acting’, leaving their hearts with unrestrainable pain ever since…

Eloise had run out of tears to cry by the time Madeline left the hospital.

Madeline understood the grief of loss Eloise was going through.

She did not want to live anymore when her child was murdered.

Such pain was reminiscent of the sky falling apart and everything turning gray before her eyes.

Although now color had returned to her world.

Jeremy finally woke with the realization that this was the best and most well-rested sleep he had gotten in three years.

Reaching out, he found that the other side of the bed was no longer warm and immediately called Madeline.

The call connected, and Jeremy’s heart calmed as the speaker echoed with Madeline’s clear, sweet voice.

Jeremy had planned to bring Madeline on a honeymoon, but she rejected him due to her pregnancy.

Monday noon, Whitman Corporations.

Jeremy had just wrapped up an important chairman meeting when he found Madeline sitting elegantly in the waiting area outside the meeting room.

Seeing him walk out, Madeline approached him with a thermos in tow.

“I made some dishes, Jeremy. I was hoping we could have lunch together?”

Watching the scene before them, Ken and everyone else involved in the meeting made an understanding move to leave.

Madeline held Jeremy’s arm sweetly and entered his office with him.

This was the first time Madeline stepped foot in Jeremy’s office.

‘So this is the environment he works in.’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 408

When you looked out from one side of the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, you would see a thick riverbank. The other side allowed those in the office to oversee every inch of the city below. It was a great place for an office, and most certainly not somewhere any Tom, Dick, or Harry could own should they wish.

She had once been stripped away of the right to visit this place.

He was her husband, and while she was never allowed into his office, he would let another woman come and go as she wished.

Madeline’s lips quirked at the thought as she quietly took out the food she had bought.

She would never wear an apron and cook for him again, for whatever willingness to give she once had no longer existed.

Jeremy was obviously in a great mood as he ate away happily without suspecting if Madeline had indeed made the dishes or not.

Rays of the mid-autumn afternoon sun scattered over the man’s black button-up shirt, casting a gentle light over his deep gaze.

After lunch, Madeline even went to cut some fruit for him in the pantry. Then, she returned to the office with a fork to feed Jeremy the sliced fruits, bringing each piece to his mouth.

“It is sweet?” she asked with a smile.

Jeremy nodded as his deep gaze stared at the delicate features in front of him. If only time could pass a little slower, even if just a little bit…

However, Jeremy received a call before he could finish the fruits and was forced to leave for a moment.

Madeline almost jumped at the opportunity to go through Jeremy’s personal computer so that she could carry out the next part of her plan, but a quick view of her surroundings put a halt to her plans. There was a surveillance camera in the office.

She would surely get caught if she acted now.

With no other option, she began to clean up the plate of fruit, and in extension, Jeremy’s office table.

She deliberately pushed the mouse off the table as she straightened his desk. Madeline then picked it up and rearranged it while trying to look at the files on Jeremy’s computer. Alas, the computer was locked.

Madeline could only give up. Fortunately, she had not come up empty-handed.

Right then, Jeremy returned, albeit with two other sets of footsteps.

Madeline looked up to find Eloise and Sean following behind him.

She had not told Jeremy yet that Eloise and Sean found out that Madeline was their daughter. Should Eloise and Sean speak of it now, there was no guarantee that her identity could still be kept a secret.

Madeline was nervous but made sure to wear a calm smile when she greeted them. “It’s nice to see you here, Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery.”

Both Eloise and Sean’s eyes openly lit up as they fell on Madeline.

They were elated to see her face.

For it was one that brought them comfort and helped heal their hearts.

“It’s great to see you, Miss Vera.” Eloise walked over to grab Madeline’s hands.

Jeremy was rather taken aback by the scene before him.

Since when had they gotten so close?

“Please, take a seat,” Jeremy spoke.

Reluctantly, Eloise let go of Madeline’s hands and sat down.

The secretary arrived in no time with refreshments and two cups of tea before leaving right after.

“How can I help you with this sudden visit?” Jeremy asked straight away.

Eloise and Sean shared a look before finally asking, their expressions looking embarrassed, “Mr. Whitman, we have a presumptuous request, if that’s alright.”

“What is it?”

“We were wondering if you have anything left of Madeline’s, Mr. Whitman? Or perhaps things that she used when she was still alive?” Eloise opened her mouth to ask, her voice trembling as her eyes reddened.

Realizing the point of Eloise’s request, Madeline knew she had to stop her.

Surprised at the request, Jeremy spared a glance from the corner of his eyes at the woman next to him before parting his lips to ask, “Why? Is there something you need from Madeline’s things?”

Eloise wiped away the tears that had gathered around the corner of her eyes and gulped. “We think Madeline might very well be our daughter.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 409

Madeline had no time to stop her when Eloise already blurted out such a sentence.

The surrounding air seemed to quiet down for a moment, and Madeline looked at Jeremy’s reaction out of the corner of her eyes. His expression was a bit complicated, as if he had just heard an unexpected piece of news. However, it also seemed calm.

Madeline pondered for a few seconds before breaking the silence. “Mr. Montgomery, Mrs. Montgomery, do you really think Madeline is your biological daughter?”

Eloise stared at her, saying, “Although there’s no scientific verification yet, I’m already 90 percent sure that Madeline is my daughter!”

Her tone was very positive, and her eyes that were glazed over with a fog looked at Madeline’s face with incomparable nostalgia.

“Miss Vera has a daughter, yes?” Eloise asked all of a sudden.

Madeline nodded. “Yeah.”

“When I saw your daughter at the entrance of the kindergarten, I was surprised. Your daughter looked really similar to my daughter when she was born.

“Now I understand why they look so similar. It’s because your daughter looks like you, and Miss Vera, your appearance is almost exactly the same as Madeline’s…”

After listening to Eloise’s explanation, Madeline was dumbfounded.

It was true that Eloise had seen Lily then and lost her senses for a while.

It turned out that it was because of this.

‘It turns out that even though nearly 30 years have passed, my mother still clearly remembers my appearance as a baby.’

There was a faint sweetness in Madeline’s heart.

In these nearly 30 years without a father or mother, she had finally realized what it was like to be missed by her loved ones—even if this feeling could only be hidden deep in an unknown corner.

Madeline was thinking silently when she suddenly heard Sean say to Jeremy in a pleading tone, “Mr. Whitman, I know that you’ve always disliked Madeline. You think she devised it so that you were forced to marry her. But now, you should also know that Madeline is innocent and everything was plotted by Meredith. Moreover, it’s been three years since Madeline has passed away now…”

At this point, Sean was obviously choked up, but he still continued, “Mr. Whitman, us husband and wife have no right to accuse you at all. We came to you today only hoping you could help us with something seeing that you were once married to Madeline.

“Even if we have no chance of being reunited with our daughter in this life, we hope that she would recognize her ancestors and have a name instead of becoming a lone ghost without a family…”

As he said this, Eloise could not help hiding her face away and weeping.

Madeline drew two tissues and handed them to Eloise.

She glanced at Jeremy who was still silent and raised her eyebrows regretfully.

“Mrs. Montgomery, Mr. Montgomery, I’m afraid Jeremy won’t be able to help.”

Madeline’s simple words shattered Eloise and Sean’s expectations.

“Before I got married to Jeremy, I’ve already gotten people to completely clear out all of Madeline’s belongings. There’s nothing left. If you want to do a paternity test, I’m afraid it won’t work.”

The light in Eloise and Sean’s eyes dimmed at the same time.

However, Eloise’s eyes soon became extremely firm again.

“Even if we can’t do a paternity test, I’m sure that Madeline is my biological daughter. If I still hesitate now, then I really don’t deserve to be a mother.”

Eloise tried very hard to suppress her grief. She then got up and smiled slightly.

“Thank you, Miss Vera and Mr. Whitman. We apologize for bothering you.”

After thanking them politely, she left with Sean.

The huge office became quiet.

Madeline’s heart had suddenly become empty.

She raised a perfunctory smile and turned around. She saw Jeremy with his eyes lowered as if he was pondering something. His two sword-like eyebrows were deeply locked.

“Jeremy, what’s wrong with you? Are you shocked because Madeline may be the daughter of the Montgomeries?”

Jeremy slowly raised his black eyes that were like the deep night, locking them with Madeline’s own beautiful and smiling eyes. He smiled gently.

“These things are not important to me. What’s most important is you.”

‘Not important? Yes, when have I ever been important to you?’ Madeline sneered in her heart but still showed a sweet gesture. “Don’t lie to me. I’m serious about this.”

“I’m serious when it comes to what you say and do.” He stared into her eyes, his tone sounding as soft as the spring breeze.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 410

Madeline smiled and was about to say something when the phone rang.

She looked at the screen and saw that it was from Felipe.

She answered the phone naturally and hung up after a few brief sentences.

“Jeremy, something has come up at my shop. I have to go back now.”

“I’ll see you off.”

“No, we’ll see each other tonight,” Madeline said as she turned around. As she was about to leave, Jeremy stretched out his hand to hold her. When Madeline looked back doubtfully, Jeremy lowered his head and kissed her lips.

“A goodbye kiss.”


Madeline accepted with a smile despite her rejection.

After seeing her turn around and leave, the smile on the corners of his lips gradually disappeared while the sharpness in his eyes faded away, leaving only a touch of regret.

When Eloise said that Madeline was actually her biological daughter just now, the assumption had given the most perfect answer to the entangled questions in Jeremy’s heart.


The name was gently uttered from between his thin and alluring lips, carrying hints of deep love and regret.

When Madeline met Felipe, she explained to him what she had learned so far.

“There’s a password to Jeremy’s computer. The information you want may not be easy to get.”

“It’s already very unusual for us to know the layout of his office this quickly.” Felipe turned around, his bright, obsidian eyes casting ripples of gentleness over Madeline’s face.

“In fact, compared to all this, I wanted to see you more.”

“As long as we get what I want and complete our plan, I’ll return to your side.”

“Will you really come back to me?” Felipe’s eyes were a little suspicious now. “You used to love Jeremy so much. Do you really have no feelings for him now?”

Hearing this, Madeline sighed with a smile.

“How much I loved him is how much I hate him now.”

She looked toward the endless sea in the distance.

“My love for him has sunk to the bottom of the sea by April Hill and it’ll never return in this lifetime…”

On the other side, Eloise and Sean had given up the idea of ​​looking for Madeline’s belongings when they suddenly received a call from Jeremy.

After meeting at the agreed place, Jeremy handed a transparent plastic bag containing a toothbrush to Eloise.

“This is…” Eloise took the plastic bag with surprise. She seemed to have guessed something as her heartbeat sped up involuntarily.

Jeremy calmly parted his lips and said, “It’s the toothbrush she used. There should be residual DNA on it.”

“This… Is this really the toothbrush Madeline used?” Eloise and Sean were excited and surprised.

“You can use this to do a paternity test, but don’t let Vera know about it.” Jeremy’s tone was dull, but his attitude was serious. “I don’t want her to misunderstand anything.”

Eloise and Sean responded in unison, expressing their understanding.

Jeremy did not want Vera to know that he still had things from Madeline’s life. That was completely understandable. After all, Vera was now Jeremy’s true wife.

After Eloise and Sean thanked him, they immediately went to the screening agency in person.

From this moment on, Jeremy’s heart also became perturbed.

With Eloise and Sean’s status and background, they could definitely use the quickest route to obtain the identification result within the shortest time.

Night fell. Jeremy had just returned to the villa when his phone rang. He looked at the strange number on it, and after a few seconds had passed, he slowly swiped on the answer button. At the same time, Sean’s excited voice came from the other end…

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