Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 361-370

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 361


Meredith was flabbergasted when she heard Jackson saying that.

It was fine that the little brat survived, but what did he say? He saw her pushing Vera down the incline?

The rain was pouring outside, but it was not as violent as the storm in Jeremy’s eyes.

Meredith saw Jeremy standing up, and there was a layer of frost on his face. The temperature of her body plummeted when she saw that.

“Jeremy, it’s not real. Jack had a misunderstanding!” Meredith tried to explain herself. “Vera was the one who wanted to push me, but she fell accidentally. I’m innocent!”

“Mer, don’t be emotional. I believe you!”

Eloise comforted Meredith pitifully. Then, she turned around and walked toward Jackson.

“Jack, let Granny see if you’re alright. Vera is so heartless. She even took action against such a young child. Jack, tell Granny how did that woman bully you?”

Jackson frowned, his thick eyebrows knitting together tightly. “Vera is a good person,” he said seriously. Then, he turned to look at his father. “Daddy, go save Vera now.”

Jeremy scanned Meredith’s face with a biting cold gaze. There were flames of anger in his eyes, making him look as if he was going to burn Meredith alive.

Then, she followed Jeremy and Jackson into the forest. The father and son duo had the same expressions on their faces. They were both worried about Vera.

How was this possible?

Why was that brat okay?

Meredith was distraught. However, Eloise was next to her, so she was unable to leave to find out what happened.

She could only curse viciously in her heart. She cursed that Vera was dead after falling down the incline.

A lot of time had passed. Jeremy and Jackson found the spot where Madeline had fallen from, but they could not pinpoint where exactly she was.

“Daddy, give me your phone.”

When Jeremy was feeling agitated, he heard Jackson saying that to him.

He lowered his head and saw that the little guy had a serious look on his face. His eyes held the same worry and anxiety that were in his eyes.

Jeremy naturally trusted Jackson, so he handed over his phone.

After Jackson got the phone, he turned on the GPS and started operating it expertly.

His chubby fingers moved swiftly across the screen. After a while, a glaring red dot appeared on the screen.

It was less than ten meters away from where they were!

When Jeremy saw the joy on Jackson’s initially glum face, he was curious. “Is that red dot Vera’s location?”

Jackson nodded. He then turned around without hesitating while looking at the red dot.

“Let me. You should stay here.” Jeremy stopped him and took back his phone.

Jackson grabbed Jeremy solemnly. “I want to go with you.”

Jeremy was taken aback. He had never seen such determination in a five-year-old child’s eyes before.

He did not stop him. Then, they walked down along the bushes of the incline.

After they got to the bottom of the incline, they saw a lake.

Jackson found a sparkling and translucent item among the grass while following the red dot.

He squatted and picked up the crystal bracelet.


“Is that Vera’s bracelet?” Jeremy recognized the bracelet. He remembered that Vera had the same bracelet on her wrist recently.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 362

“I gave this to Vera,” Jackson said softly.

Jeremy looked at the little guy in front of him with a strange look on his face. “Did you put a chip in the bracelet?” he asked, but he did not get an answer.

Jackson stood up and looked at the lake. The peaceful surface of the lake was disrupted by the rain, and Jackson’s eyes were blank.

However, at this moment, Jeremy removed his coat and jumped into the lake without hesitation. He wanted to look for her…

Time passed and the sky was dark.

The rain had stopped and the search continued.

It was early fall, so the chilly night breeze attacked them both. When the breeze blew past their wet clothes, the coldness went straight into their bones.

It had been six hours since Vera fell, so Meredith knew she got this in the bag.

There were so many professional divers yet they still could not find Vera. She had to have met her demise.

Meredith was elated. She wanted to leave, but when she saw Jeremy still standing there, she felt perturbed.

She wanted to tell him to go home, but she did not dare to get close to him when he was like this.

When she looked at his cold eyes, she could feel a bone-chilling coldness.

However, after thinking about it, she still made the first move timidly.

“Jeremy, you’ve been in the rain this whole time and you’re drenched. You should go back first. If not, you’ll get sick.” Her voice was soft as she expressed her concern.

Jeremy turned a deaf ear. There were no emotions on his handsome face.

Meredith put on an act of a saint. “Jeremy, please believe me. I didn’t push Vera. She wanted to frame me, so she’s now suffering the consequences of her own actions.”

After she finished saying that, she saw Jeremy glaring at her.

Meredith’s heart skipped a beat. She could not look into Jeremy’s eyes any longer.

That was the look he had when he was waiting outside the door after Madeline was rushed to the emergency room. Back then, his eyes were also horrifying. They were so dark that they looked like they would devour everything in their path. They looked so scary as if just his gaze alone would slice her into a million pieces.

“You best pray that she’s safe and sound.” His words were icy while his eyes were like sharp knives. “If anything happens to her, I’ll bury the person who harmed her next to her.”

He was not joking. At this moment, his heart felt as if it had plunged into a bottomless abyss, and that feeling was telling him just how much he cared about that missing woman.

“…” Meredith took in a sharp breath, her face turning white from fear. “Jeremy, it’s not me. I didn’t…” She sobbed shakily. “Jack, do you know you’re going to kill me with what you said? How can you say that I was the one who pushed Vera? You’re just five and you’re already lying. What’ll happen to you when you grow older?”

Jackson looked at Meredith who was blaming him with an indifferent look on his face. “I didn’t lie.”

“Jack, you’re still spewing nonsense! What kind of drug did that Vera feed you? How can you side with her?” Eloise said in devastation, “Mer is your mother. Will you only be happy if you see your parents fighting?”

“Vera is a good person,” Jackson said slowly, “Mommy hates me, so she wanted to throw me away, but I escaped. I saw with my own two eyes that Mommy pushed Vera.”

After Jeremy heard this, he lifted his icy gaze. “You even wanted to throw this child away?”

“No! I didn’t!” Meredith shook her head and denied hurriedly.

“How is that possible?” Eloise denied. “Mer gave birth to Jack after carrying him for ten months. How could she do something like that? Jack, are you crazy? How can you slander your mother like this?”

Meredith cried aggrievedly. “Jack, why are you doing this to me? Why are you making up such lies to falsely accuse me?”

“The liar isn’t Jackson. It’s you, Meredith.”

In the night, a soft voice sounded all of a sudden.

Jeremy’s silent heart soared instantly. He lifted his eyebrows and saw a poised figure appearing in the quiet night.

“Vera!” he called out. His voice sounded like he had found something he lost.

Her beautiful face was reflected in his dark black eyes while his heart slowly found its initial rhythm.

Meredith lifted her frozen face in disbelief. Her legs almost gave out when she saw the owner of the voice getting closer and closer.

What shocked her the most was the person Vera was holding captive. When Meredith saw that person, she felt as if she was done for.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 363

When Jackson saw that Madeline was safe and sound, his large eyes shone brightly.

He did not say anything. However, the relief he felt was written on his face.

“Vera Quinn, you did so many cruel things and you’re still safe and sound! You even have the guts to saunter back here!” Eloise pointed at Madeline and shouted, “What crimes do you want to accuse my daughter of now?”

Madeline lifted her crystal-like eyes. “Mrs. Montgomery, do you want me to die so much?” she asked with a smile. Her eyes looked bottomless as she continued, “I’m afraid that you’ll never feel peace again if I did die, Mrs. Montgomery.”

“Hmph, a woman like you will not be remembered even if you’re dead. Why would I feel uneasy if you’re dead?” Eloise peered at her coldly. “Vera, I advise you to stop what you’re doing. Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction!”

“You should tell that to your precious daughter, Meredith,” Madeline said, throwing the man she was holding captive to Meredith’s feet.

The man yelled out in pain before trying to get up and leave.

“Jeremy, don’t let him run away.”

After Jeremy heard that, he extended his long leg and tripped the man effortlessly.

The man collapsed on the ground and wailed out in pain. “Let me go! Let me go now! I won’t run away, okay?”

Madeline approached him and pointed at Jackson. “Tell them what you did to this child a few hours ago.”

The man was scrawny and looked weak. He looked at Jackson, then at the people around him. Suddenly, he shook when he was met with Jeremy’s cold glare.

“I-I kidnapped that kid,” he stammered and admitted it.

“Why did you kidnap him?” Madeline asked again.

“S-Someone paid me to kidnap him. She told me to kill him.”

“What?” Eloise’s expression cracked. “Who gave you money to do that kind of thing? Tell us!”

Meredith gritted her teeth while panicking. She stared at the man and could not imagine what she was going to hear next.

“It’s… It’s…”

The man stammered and looked at Meredith.

A sinister glint flashed across Meredith’s eyes. “You’re the one who kidnapped my son! You rascal!”

She squatted down emotionally to hit the man. She was also muttering to herself.

Madeline watched quietly as Meredith put on a show. “Meredith, stop acting. You’re the one who bribed this person. You made an excuse saying that Jack was missing, but in reality, you’re the one who asked this man to kidnap Jack.”

“Vera Quinn, God is always watching! You’ll get your retribution for falsely accusing me like that!” Meredith stood up quickly and stared at the man on the ground like she had a clear conscience. “A straight foot has no fear of a crooked shoe! Alright, tell us. Tell everyone who was the one who asked you to kidnap my son!”

After she said that, the man was stunned for a few seconds. Then, he lifted his head and looked at Madeline.

“I-It’s her. She’s the one who asked me to do all those things. She gave me money so that I’ll accuse this woman. However, if I really did those immoral things, I’d get struck by lightning and split into two halves!”

After the man said those sternly out of a sense of justice, he took out an envelope and tossed it to Madeline’s feet.

“I’m giving you your money back!”

Madeline did not expect the sudden plot twist. However, she was not worried.

“Vera Quinn, what else do you have to say?” Eloise was fuming. There were sparks of anger in her eyes. “You’re so despicable! I’m going to call the police right now and make you repent for your sins in prison! Don’t even think about getting out!”

“Jeremy, did you hear that? It’s all a trap set by Vera. Even the person who she bribed couldn’t take this anymore.” Meredith continued pursuing.

Jeremy turned his head coldly. “Really?” he asked in an icy tone. There was a sharp glint in his narrow eyes.

Meredith was slightly taken aback as her conscience was guilty. “Jeremy, do you still not believe me?”

“It’s indeed pretty hard to believe,” said Madeline slowly.

Meredith and Eloise glared at her. “Vera, we’re at this stage already and you’re still…”

“You said that this is the money that I bribed you with, correct?” Madeline interrupted calmly. She pointed at the thick envelope at the side of her foot. Then, she asked the man, “And I was the one who gave it to you?”

“Yes!” The man asserted arbitrarily. “It’s you! You’re the one who asked me to kill that child! However, I thought that the child was too cute, so I couldn’t do it. That’s why I let him go. I thought this would end here, but you still want me to slander an innocent person. I really can’t do it.”

“You’re so kindhearted,” Meredith said sarcastically, “However, why would someone so kindhearted take someone’s money to do that kind of thing?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 364

“…” The man was speechless.

Madeline slowly took out a tissue from the pocket of her waterproof tracksuit. Then, she bent down and picked up the envelope from its corner.

“Did you call the police, Mrs. Montgomery?” She smiled, her eyes turning into crescent moons.

Eloise glared at her. “Vera, the police will be here soon. Don’t even think about quibbling about this.”

“You should leave the chance of quibbling to your precious daughter.” Madeline shook the envelope in her hand. “Thank you for giving me the evidence. I think the fingerprints of the dealer should be on this.”



The man’s expression froze as he looked at Meredith subconsciously.

On the other hand, the corner of Meredith’s lips were twitching. She looked as if she was at a loss.

Madeline smiled wider when she saw their expressions. “Mrs. Montgomery, you can hire a lawyer for your daughter now. I’m curious about what you’re going to tell them when they ask you why your daughter’s fingerprints are on the envelope?”

“What nonsense are you spewing? How would Mer’s fingerprints appear on the envelope?” Eloise denied in certainty.

“You’ll know if it is soon enough.” Madeline did not want to argue with her anymore. She handed the envelope to Jeremy. “Jeremy, I feel safest if you’re the one who’s holding on to this.”

She looked at him with gentleness in her eyes. “When I fell from the incline, I was so scared that I won’t be able to see you again.”

Jeremy looked at her with a gentle gaze. There was an unreadable profoundness rippling in his eyes. “No, I won’t let you disappear from my life.”

Meredith’s eyes almost fell out of her sockets when she watched Madeline and Jeremy bill and coo at each other.

After a while, the police arrived.

After they were updated on the situation, the police told everyone that they had to go into the station to make statements.

Madeline got into the car without hesitating. On the other hand, in order to show that she had nothing to hide, Meredith also quickly got into the police car.

When she got into the place that gave her the most nightmares, Madeline felt oddly calmer.

She was not the weak and helpless Madeline Crawford anymore.

Even if someone decided to harm her today and push her down a cliff, she would still be able to climb up from the abyss.

After taking her statement, the moment Madeline got out of the room, Jeremy took a clean coat from his car and draped it across her shoulder. At this moment, Eloise and Meredith also came out from another room.

She was setting when Meredith saw that Jeremy was about to leave while holding Madeline’s hand, but in order to make Eloise stand up for her, she pretended to be sad and lowered her head.

Eloise pulled Meredith over when she saw that. “Jeremy, Mer is your wife and you’re billing and cooing with this woman so brazenly. Who do you think Mer is?”

Madeline stopped in her tracks when she heard that. “If Jeremy doesn’t take me away, then should he take your precious daughter away?” she smiled and asked. Then, she lifted her gaze. “Meredith, do you still think that you can leave tonight?”

“Vera, what do you mean?”

After Eloise said that, two police officers walked in front of Meredith.

“Meredith Crawford, you’re involved in an attempted murder. Please cooperate with our investigation.”

Meredith made a surprised expression. “Officer, did you make a mistake? I didn’t do such a thing!”

“My daughter would never do that! Did you investigate it thoroughly? You can’t arrest someone because of someone’s one-sided story!”

“Madam, you’re slandering us and questioning our abilities by saying that. Of course, we’ll only arrest someone after we have sufficient evidence,” the officer said seriously.

“Evidence? What evidence? That envelope?”

“Of course, it’s not just the fingerprints on the envelope,” Madeline said slowly. She took out a phone from her pocket and opened a video. Then, Madeline and Meredith’s voices from the forest sounded from the speaker of the phone.

Meredith’s eyes were wide when she heard the conversation as her expression froze. Eloise’s expression also started changing rapidly.

Madeline lifted her gaze, her eyes looking stern. “Meredith, you didn’t expect this, right? I recorded everything!”


“I knew you wouldn’t be so kind, so I came prepared. If I wasn’t worried about Jack, do you think you would have had the chance to push me down the incline? You’re so heartless. It’s understandable why you would want to kill me, but you didn’t even want to spare your son!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 365

“H-How is that possible…” Eloise could not accept what she was hearing from the conversation on the phone.

Meredith’s sinister and malicious words… How she had called Jackson ‘that damned child’…

“No! It’s impossible! That’s not Mer’s voice!” Eloise denied in certainty. “Vera Quinn, how dare you fake evidence?! You must’ve had someone pretend to be Meredith!”

Meredith came back to her senses. She did not expect that when Vera got close to her, she had already started recording.

However, she would not admit to her dirty deeds with just this.

“Mom, you have to believe me. That’s not me. That person in the video is not me!” Meredith denied. “Jeremy, someone must be trying to harm me. That video must be fake! Why would I want to harm Jack? He’s our flesh and blood!”

Meredith turned around and looked at Madeline with tears in her eyes.

“Vera Quinn, you really can do anything just to get Jeremy. That man has already pointed you out and you still want to twist the truth to blame me. The woman who’s talking in the video isn’t me!”

“I knew you’d say that,” Madeline said calmly, “However, maybe you don’t know about voiceprints that like fingerprints, everyone’s voiceprints are unique. Everything will come to light after we run some tests on the video.”

After Madeline said that, Meredith’s tears stopped. Her jaw dropped, and she had no comebacks.


Such a thing existed?

“Run the tests, then! I refuse to believe that Mer would do this kind of thing!” Eloise sided with Meredith until the very end. “Mer, I believe you!’

“…” Meredith was completely stunned. Before this, she was still confident and arrogant, but now, all of those were gone.

Madeline chuckled lightly. “Can’t you see, Mrs. Montgomery? Your precious daughter has such a guilty conscience that she can’t even speak anymore.”

“…” Eloise turned around after she heard that. When she saw Meredith’s pale face, she had a bad feeling in her heart. “Mer…”

“Continue your conversation tomorrow. Meredith Crawford, follow us now.” The police urged. Even though they were at the entrance of the station, the police still produced a pair of handcuffs as a formality. Then, they cuffed Meredith before taking her inside.

Meredith looked as if she had been jolted awake from a dream. She stared straight at the handcuffs while shaking her head violently. “I’m not going to prison! I didn’t do it! I was wrongfully accused!”

“Jeremy, trust me. Vera was the one who framed me! Mom, you have to save me! I didn’t do it!”

“Mer, Mer!” Eloise was frantic, and she immediately called Sean.

Madeline stood where she was calmly and looked at Meredith who was still yelling about her innocence while in handcuffs. There was a pleased smile in her lively and clear eyes.

Meredith was taken to custody quickly as all of the evidence that they gathered were against her.

Even the short man was starting to accuse Meredith of being the true mastermind behind Jackson’s kidnapping.

Eloise refused to believe that her precious daughter was a merciless vile woman who would even harm her own child.

“There must be some misunderstanding! That wh*re Vera must’ve pulled some strings!” Eloise was still insisting that Meredith was innocent. She was sure that Madeline was the one who framed Meredith.

“Sean, Mer is our daughter. We made a mistake when we took home the wrong child back then and caused her to miss out on more than 20 years of motherly and fatherly love. You have to get her out of there no matter what!”

Sean patted Eloise’s shoulder to comfort her. His aged but handsome face was filled with melancholy.

“I’ve asked my friends in the station and they told me there’s irrefutable evidence of this. Mer really premeditated Vera’s murder. She also bribed someone to kidnap Jack.”

Eloise widened her eyes in disbelief. “No, that’s impossible! Our daughter won’t do such a thing!”

“Maybe it’s our fault.” Sean blamed himself. “If Mer had grown up next to us in the past 20 years, she wouldn’t have wandered onto the wrong path. Her adoptive mother kidnapped Vera before and caused Mer to suffer so much. Perhaps this time, it was her idea as well.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 366

Eloise started crying when she heard that. “It’s all my fault. My body was in a horrible condition after I gave birth to Mer. You were busy taking care of me and that’s why we neglected Mer…”

Sean grabbed Eloise’s shoulders in devastation and said, “Don’t cry, Ellie. Don’t worry, Mer is our only daughter. I’ll make sure she gets home safe and sound.”

Jon and Rose hurried to the police station to visit Meredith after knowing that something had happened to her.

When Rose saw Meredith in a prisoner’s outfit while looking unkempt in the conjugal room, she was utterly stunned.

It was as if she saw that her money tree was about to fall.

“Mer, Mer, how are you? What happened?”

Meredith looked at Jon and Rose impatiently. She said with a clear train of thought, “There’s no use saying anything now. Eloise and Sean are the only ones who can save me now.”

Jon and Rose looked at each other. “Mer, did that b*tch Vera do this?”

When Meredith heard Vera’s name, she clenched her fists and slammed them down on the table. She growled, saying, “That b*tch! I’ll make sure to make her life a living hell when I get out.”

“How dare she do this to you? I’ll make her life a living hell as well!” Rose rolled up her sleeves aggressively. “Mer, don’t worry. I’ll definitely avenge you.”

“You’re not her opponent. That woman is smarter than Madeline.” Meredith gritted her teeth as an ominous glint appeared in her eyes. “No matter what method you use, you have to get Jeremy to see me!”

Rose nodded and agreed.

After they left the station, they went to see Jeremy instantly. However, they could not find him.

On the other hand, news of Meredith’s attempted murder went viral and it started trending immediately.

Meredith’s magnanimous and kind image was completely crumbled.

What infuriated the netizens the most was how Meredith could even do that to her child.

Jackson was such a cute and good-looking child. How cruel could a person be to do such a merciless act?

Especially when Meredith was still showing off her child on her Twitter to gain followers.

Meredith’s Twitter page blew up with all of the comments screaming at her.

As Meredith had been taken to custody, she could not hire paid posters to side with her.

In the police station, Meredith was waiting for Jeremy to come to see her while feeling frantic. Finally, when someone from the station told her that someone was here to see her, Meredith deliberately tidied her hair and clothes. Her eyes were filled with longing.

However, Meredith’s expression changed immediately when the door of the conjugal room opened and she saw the person walking in. Her gaze turned sharp and hostile in an instant. She glared at Madeline who was approaching her like a wild beast.

“Vera, you!”

Madeline walked to the front of the table elegantly while clicking her heels. She smiled. “Of course, it’s me. Did you think you could get a chance to see Jeremy?”


“Jeremy’s very busy. However, even if he has the time, he won’t come to see you.” Madeline sat down carefreely.

Meredith was in handcuffs while wearing a prisoner’s outfit. Her hair was also messy and she looked wan and sallow. She could not compare to Madeline now.

Even the aura from her bones had been completely defeated.

“Vera Quinn, you snake! Why do you have to go against me?” Meredith was seething. She had lost control of her emotions.

Madeline lifted her eyebrow and smiled widely. “You need to ask yourself this question. Why do you keep slandering me, harming me, and wanting to kill me?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 367

Meredith scoffed in disdain. “What bullsh*t is that? When did I do all those things to you? You’re the one who’s seducing Jeremy with this face of yours. You’re the one who did all of these things. So even if I want to harm you in the future, you have only yourself to blame.”

“Myself to blame?”

“You were the one who brought trouble upon yourself! You btch! You’re as cheap as that btch Madeline. Both of your deaths would not be regretted!”

After Meredith’s shrieks, Madeline did not hesitate to slap Meredith across the face.

Meredith was stunned for two seconds. When she was about to curse at Madeline, Madeline yanked her collar, and in that instant, she found that it was difficult to breathe.

Meredith lifted her head and was met with Madeline’s sharp eyes. Then, there was a cold glint flashing in them. Meredith could not help but tremble.

“I brought trouble upon myself? My death won’t be regretted? How can you say these inhumane words until this day?”

Madeline’s words were as cold as ice while her eyes were as sharp as knives.

“Six years ago, you drugged Jeremy and accused me of those inexistent crimes. You made everyone think that I shamelessly climbed into his bed because I wanted to get my hands on him.

“Because of your one-sided story and countless meticulously planned traps, I was wrongfully imprisoned for three years. I was locked up for more than a thousand days where I was tortured mercilessly by those people you hired. You even inhumanely induced labor on my unborn child! In the end, I didn’t even get a chance to see my child before she was killed by you adulterous pigs!

“And do you think I don’t know about you killing my grandfather?”

Madeline yanked Meredith on her collar. Her eyes were red and it was as if sharp knives were shooting out from them. They were stabbing mercilessly at Meredith who was already stunned.

“All of my pain came from you and Jeremy, and you have the nerve to tell me that I brought them upon myself?”

Madeline scoffed mockingly before letting go of Meredith’s collar. “Meredith, you’re the one bringing trouble upon yourself that you’re now faced with such an ending.”


After she finished saying that, the conjugal room plunged into silence.

Meredith was speechless and dumbfounded.

After Madeline’s invulnerable condemnations and questionings, Meredith’s face looked like a neon light. The colors on her face changed continuously. In the end, the light went out and her face was pale and lifeless. She looked like she was in the doldrums and had wilted completely.

“How is this possible… That b*tch Madeline is already dead. Impossible. I disfigured her. Your skin can’t have recovered so perfectly. It’s impossible…”

Meredith was in disbelief. She could not accept the powerful, classy, and gorgeous woman who was standing in front of her.

She kept denying it. However, looking at those unique and spirited eyes in front of her, Meredith had to believe what was going on.

“You… M-Madeline… Are you really Madeline?”

Madeline smirked as she lifted her arrogant eyes. “That’s right. I’m your good sister Madeline Crawford. You ruined my marriage, stole my husband, and killed my grandfather as well as my child.”


Meredith’s body shook as her shocked eyes grew wide again.

She could not believe the fact that Madeline was still alive.

What she could not accept the most was that not only was Madeline stunning, but she was also rich and had her own company and career!

Meredith could never compare to that!

Meredith finally understood why after Vera appeared, she had been hanging around her and Jeremy.

She came back with a purpose and it was revenge!

“Madeline, don’t feel so pleased with yourself! Who do you think you are? So what if you’re alive? If I could kill you once, I can kill you again!” Meredith’s eyes were red as she screeched. It was as if she would be stronger than Madeline this way.

“But I didn’t die. So, this means that you don’t have the power to kill me.” Madeline smiled nonchalantly.

“Y-You…” Meredith was shaking from anger. Then, she started stammering, “Madeline, do you think you can destroy me like this? If Jeremy knows you’re the person he despises and resents the most, he’ll never forgive you!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 368

“Go and tell him then.” Madeline scoffed. “Do you think he’ll believe you or me?”

“…” Meredith’s eyes became lifeless. She had nothing to say to that.

She did not dare, or rather, she would never tell Jeremy the truth!

If Jeremy knew that Vera was Madeline, not only would he not believe Madeline, but he would even be happy and surprised. He would use all of his power to pamper her, love her, and dote on her.

Jeremy loved Madeline, especially after she ‘died’. His love for her had always been prejudiced and he had kept it in the deepest part of his heart.

When she saw that Meredith was speechless, Madeline smiled. “Or perhaps you can tell your current parents. You can tell them that I’m Madeline. However, do you have the guts to do that?”

“…” The corners of Meredith’s lips twitched. The aggressive glint in her eyes wanted so badly to crush Madeline into fine dust, but to be honest, she did not have the power to do so.

Plus, she could not tell Eloise and Sean that Vera was, in fact, Madeline.

Meredith did not forget that three years ago, Madeline had already known she was the real Miss Montgomery.


While Meredith was spacing out, Madeline tossed a phone in front of her.

“Have you seen this? The internet is filled with scoops about you and your dark past. Jeremy also announced on his official Twitter page that your marriage with him is ineffective. He said that you two never even got a marriage certificate. You’re not his wife. So from the looks of it, he doesn’t love you that much as well.”

“Madeline, you she-devil!” Meredith was fuming. She wanted to attack Madeline, but her movements were limited.

Madeline took back her phone carefreely and stood up gracefully. “Yell at me. Go on. I’m not Madeline Crawford anymore anyway.”

She smirked. Then, all ten of her long and slender fingers pressed down on the table. Her strong aura was suffocating Meredith.

“Meredith, your ‘good’ days are starting soon. The last step of your complete fall from grace is the verdict from the judge.”


Madeline said with a grin before turning around calmly.

“Madeline, you witch! What do you want? What the hell do you want?”

When she heard the shrieks behind her, Madeline felt it sounded like the last struggle of a person who was about to die.

She turned her pretty face around slightly and smiled. “I’ll get you back for what you did to me before. However, you’ll have to experience double of it all.”

Madeline sashayed away carefreely after she said that.

Meredith glared at her back with a wretched look on her face. The blood in her body felt like it had been frozen. Her face was white and she looked dispirited. She was also mumbling to herself.

“Madeline… It really is you…”

Madeline walked out of the detention center. The sky after the rain was exceptionally blue and clear.

She had carried too much pain and hatred in her heart for the past six years. She could finally release some of them today.

‘Grandpa, your Linnie will avenge you soon.

‘Darling, Mommy will execute everyone who was involved in your murder.

‘And Jeremy, you’re next,’ Madeline thought. When she was about to leave, a familiar sports car stopped in front of her.

When the door of the car opened, an elegant and stoic man walked toward her slowly.

Madeline curled the corners of her lips. Speak of the devil.

‘Jeremy Whitman, it’s your turn now.’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 369

Madeline gave him a half-hearted smile. “Jeremy, are you here to visit Meredith? Are you still unable to let go of her?”

Jeremy walked in front of her, his charming eyes looking into her exquisite ones. “The person I can’t let go of now is you.”

“Really?” Madeline looked into Jeremy’s eyes as if she was surprised. “If that’s the case, I’m so happy.”

“Of course, it’s true.” Jeremy reached out his hand. “As long as you’re willing, I’ll be responsible for you from now on.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy’s outstretched hand. The joints of his fingers were evident. They were long and fair, looking pleasing to the eyes. She used to long for the warmth of his palm so much back then.

When he saw Madeline staying quiet and looking at his hand, a hint of undetectable uneasiness appeared on his face. “Are you not willing?”

Madeline looked at him and smiled. She placed her hand into Jeremy’s and said profoundly, “Why would I not? I’ve been waiting for this day for so long.”

‘Yes, so long.’

Jeremy then brought Madeline back to his place.

When she saw Jackson who was having his meal, Madeline could not help but feel relieved.

She walked over to him. “Jack.”

Jackson lifted his crystal-clear eyes all of a sudden. “Vera.”

“Jack, thank you for testifying for me so bravely.” Madeline smiled and caressed the little guy’s head. Looking at his pinkish face, she could not help but feel heartbroken.

Meredith was able to give birth to such a beautiful and sensible child, but she was not even the least bit grateful for him.

“Vera, you have to be safe and sound.” Jackson’s tone was solemn. After he said that, he took out a crystal bracelet from his pocket.

Madeline’s eyes lit up and she was a little surprised. “I thought I lost this bracelet.”

Perhaps he was influenced by her smile, so the little guy smiled for the first time in forever. Two of his little canine teeth were showing.

He reached out his hand and grabbed Madeline’s wrist. “Let me help you put it on.”

“Okay.” Madeline lifted her hand cooperatively.

She looked at Jackson with a gentle gaze. The little guy lowered his head and had a serious look on his face. His long and thick eyelashes moved along with his eyelids, looking so lovable.

Madeline could not help but reach out her hand to place it on Jackson’s cheek. “Jack, if I do something that upsets your daddy in the future, will you be mad at me?”

Jackson finished putting on her bracelet for her the moment she finished saying that.

The little guy lifted his head. There was amusement in his pristine and huge eyes.

When he was about to say something, Jeremy walked over. When he saw Jackson and Madeline interacting intimately, he interrupted abruptly. “Jackson, do you like Vera? Do you want Vera to be your mother?”

Madeline was shocked. However, she saw Jackson nodding. “Yes, Mommy.”

She heard Jackson calling her ‘Mommy’ again from his tiny lips. It felt as if a stream of spring water was flowing across her heart—it was so sweet.

She knew she liked this child from the bottom of her heart.

However, she did not expect this child to like her so much as well.

Perhaps he had never felt any motherly love from Meredith while Madeline was able to give him just that.

Meredith was charged instantly. The court had scheduled a time for a hearing.

Even though the judge had not come up with a verdict yet, Meredith’s reputation was already ruined.

The stocks and shares of Montgomery Enterprise were also affected because of her.

Madeline sat in her office and read about the news on Montgomery Enterprise. Her eyebrows were tightly knitted together.

She knew that when Madeline was officially convicted, Montgomery Enterprise’s reputation and stocks would be affected again.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 370

After all, Meredith was the young lady of the Montgomery family and was well-known by everyone.

When Madeline saw the photos of Eloise and Sean being harassed by the media online, she felt a dull ache in her heart.

“Dad, Mom…” she muttered. Then, she thought about Jackson.

“I’m just like you. I’ve never felt the love of a mother before as well…”

Knock, knock, knock.

Knockings came from the glass door of her office.

Madeline lifted her head and saw the sales manager looking at her frantically.

“Come in.” Madeline gestured. “What happened? Why are you so frantic?”

The sales manager ran over hurriedly, her voice sounding urgent. “Miss Vera, there’s a man and a woman in the shop. They said they want to demand an explanation from you. T-They keep saying that you’re a homewrecker… If you don’t go out now, they’ll destroy the shop!”

Madeline got up calmly. “Don’t panic, I’ll go take a look now.”

She put on her suit jacket before walking downstairs while clicking her heels on the floor.

From a distance, Madeline could hear the familiar voice of a woman screeching in the shop. “Vera Quinn, you homewrecker! Get out now!

“You shameless wh*re! You seduced my daughter’s husband and even wrongfully sent my daughter to prison! I need to teach you a lesson today! Do you really think my daughter will just stand there and let you bully her?

“Vera Quinn, get out now!”

“I’m here.”

Madeline strode into the shop, her tall and slender figure standing at one side.

The staff, the customers, and also some passersby who just wanted to watch what was going on all looked toward the source of the voice. Then, they saw Madeline walking over in an overbearing manner while in a dress and a white suit jacket.

Her face was stunning. Even though she looked poised and alluring, there was also a tyrannical aura on her face. She looked valiant and domineering.

When Rose and Jon saw Madeline, they were shocked. She had the same face as Madeline, but even they had to admit that Vera was more charming and daring than Madeline.

“Are you the people who are calling me a homewrecker and a wh*re while claiming that you’ll destroy my shop?” Madeline asked calmly.

From the way they insulted her, Madeline was sure that these two still did not know that she was the same Madeline who they used to step under their feet and humiliate.

Perhaps they had not visited Meredith after she went to see her. If not, Meredith would have told them.

“It’s us!” Rose glared arrogantly while rolling up her sleeves. “You shameless wh*re. I’m going to stand up for my daughter, Meredith.”

When everyone heard that, they finally understood that they came because of Meredith.

However, was Meredith not Miss Montgomery? Was this Mrs. Montgomery? No, Mrs. Montgomery was graceful and noble, so how could she look like this? These must be Meredith’s adoptive parents.

The people watching started gossiping among themselves. Rose used this opportunity to add fuel to the fire. “Everyone, I’m Meredith’s adoptive mother. I want to tell everyone the truth! Actually, those statements and exposé on the internet are not real! My daughter was framed by this homewrecker!”

Jon also started fanning the flames. “My wife is telling the truth. This homewrecker is the real culprit!”

“You guys know Jeremy Whitman, right? He’s the young master of the richest family in Glendale and the president of Whitman Corporation. He was in love with my daughter until this wh*re’s appearance!”

Rose was getting more and more emotional as she went on. Her spit was flying all over the place.

“In order to get her hands on Jeremy, this wh*re framed my daughter countless times. She even caused Mer to be tarnished by a group of thugs! Not only that, but Mer is also stuck in the detention center right now because of her. So tell me, do you think this homewrecker deserves to be yelled at? Even if I lose my life today, I’ll definitely avenge Mer!”

As Rose was saying that, she wiped away her tears as if she was devastated. When those people started pointing and accusing Madeline, she felt even more confident.

“Everyone, you have eyes, so you must denounce this homewrecker with me today!”

Jon pointed at Madeline while feeling indignant at the injustice. “Vera Quinn, there are so many people here, so I’m curious to see how you’re going to explain yourself!”

Madeline finished listening to Rose and Jon’s insults. Then, she lifted her intense and piercing gaze. “Are you done? If you’re done, then it’s my turn.”

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