Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1743

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1743

When Cathy saw this, she swiftly ran up to intervene. “Evie, watch out!”

Madeline was caught off guard by this sudden attack, but with her agile reflexes, she easily caught Shirley’s wrist, putting a stop to her deranged action.

“Evie, are you okay?”

Worried, Cathy walked over to Madeline’s side, then turned toward Shirley and reprimanded her.

“Why do you still want to hurt people? Even now, do you still not think that you’ve gone too far? What on earth did Evie do to offend you, causing you to hurt her time and time again?”

Shirley, enduring the waves of pain, stared at Madeline through gritted teeth.

“Yes… Why do I want to hurt her time and time again? It’s because I am heinous! It’s because I’m a cold-blooded, inhumane tool! Hahahaha…”

Shirley started laughing maniacally in self-deprecation, then tightly gritted her teeth as she endured the intense discomfort.

“Eveline, do you find it extremely infuriating and depressing that you’ve encountered someone like me? One can only blame it on your horrible luck! I’ll accept the fact that you had someone to do this to me. I have only myself to blame for having provoked you first. Isn’t that right, Mrs. Whitman?”

Cathy frowned, confused by Shirley’s words.

“What are you babbling about?

What does Evie have to do with your injuries? You were the one who darted out of the road, causing that driver to run into you because he couldn’t break in time.

“Heh.” Shirley softly chuckled at that. “Observe, Eveline. You’ve put on such a great act. Everyone thinks You’re put on such a great act. Everyone thinks you’re such a gentle and kind woman. The truth is that your side is even more sinister and vile than I am”

Madeline was completely unbothered by Shirley’s opinions and comments about her. On the contrary, she answered Shirley with a calm and composed look on her face.

“Yes, I am a sinister and vile woman, so fret not, I too won’t let you die this easily. You still have something I want, after all.”

Shirley tightly pressed her dry, pale lips together. “ Don’t even think about getting the anti-toxoid test reagent! I certainly won’t develop it!”

Madeline gave a cold chuckle, then shrugged nonchalantly. “That’s still not bad. From now on, I’ll have you as company whenever I have a flare-up. We can be there for each other.”

Madeline’s calm reply seemed to induce in Shirley a phantom pain, as though her injuries had worsened.

Dissatisfied, she clenched the bed sheet, panting, and said, “Heh, Eveline, do you honestly think it’ll b e that easy to make it through the fourth stage? Let me tell you that you definitely won’t be able to handle it! You’ll definitely come begging, but I’ll definitely refuse to save you!”

“Just you wait. Let’s see whether I’ll beg for you to save me when the day comes. Who knows? When the time comes, maybe you’ll be the one who’s begging.”

After Madeline had spoken, she turned around, untroubled, and left.

Cathy saw the hatred burning in Shirley’s eyes and the discomfort that Shirley must be experiencing all over, then strode after Madeline. Madeline had reached the entrance when she saw Cathy following her. She stopped and said, “Cathy, you should go back to keep an eye on her.”

Cathy nodded with a solemn expression. “I will, but Evie, what did you mean by what you said earlier?

You have nothing to do with the scar on her face, right? You wouldn’t do such a thing, and there was just some misunderstanding, right? Why didn’t you explain it to her?”

Upon hearing Cathy’s words, Madeline could feel Cathy’s trust in her. She then smiled lightly. “

Those who trust me would naturally do so. There’s no use in explaining to those who do not trust me. Cathy, you should return and stay with her.”

Madeline lifted her eyes, studying Shirley who was currently suffering from the poison and her injuries.

“I think she would need someone to keep her company now.”

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