Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 141-150

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 141
Jeremy’s face became colder. “Madeline, I’m asking you to sign the papers.”

“I won’t do it,” Madeline finally said, her tone sounding oddly calm.

Jeremy saw Madeline sitting in front of him coldly and motionlessly while her eyes were on somewhere else. She did not once look into his eyes. Jeremy felt anger rising in his chest. “Madeline, don’t try to challenge my patience. You know the consequences to that.”

When she was faced with his threats and warnings, Madeline did not have any fear on her face. On the contrary, she smiled.

“Jeremy, I’ll tell you this one last time. I won’t sign your divorce papers. If you want to marry Meredith, sure. Then you should just wait for me to sue you for bigamy.”

“Madeline Crawford!” Jeremy was completely enraged. “I’m going to ask you one last time as well. Are you signing or not?”

“No!” Madeline said firmly.

Jeremy’s face became icy. When he saw that Madeline was still acting arrogant and refusing to look at him, he strode over to her and forced the pen into her hand. Then, he held her right hand tightly.

“Jeremy, what are you doing? Let me go!” Madeline started struggling.

“Didn’t you refuse to sign? I’ll help you do it then!” His frigid and menacing voice next to her ear sounded like the final nail in the coffin for her.

Madeline struggled with all her might, but the more she struggled, the more pain she was in. Her worsening tumor and her heart were all in debilitating pain at this moment.

“Jeremy, you beast! I won’t let you and Meredith have your way even if I die!” She pushed him away forcefully and turned around to run.

For someone who had lost her vision, every step she took was extremely dangerous.

Before Madeline could run far, she tripped on something and fell heavily. Pain overwhelmed her entire body.

When she wanted to get up, Jeremy’s huge body loomed over her.

Madeline could not see anything. As such, she could only sense a black shadow coming down on her and trapping her mercilessly.

Jeremy did not notice something was wrong with Madeline’s eyes. He placed his knee on her back and grabbed the divorce papers. Placing them in front of Madeline, he threw the pen down.

“Madeline, don’t make this harder than it should be. As long as you sign the papers like a good girl, I’ll give you some money.”

“I don’t want your money!”

“Then what do you want? Are you still so naive to think that I have feelings for you even until now?”

His words froze her.

“Madeline, listen here. I’ve never liked you, let alone loved. Not even a little bit.”

His cruel words left no room for maneuver, penetrating Madeline’s heart like a heartless blade.

She could feel a dull pain in her heart as the familiar metallic taste of blood started rising in her throat again.

“Don’t waste my time. After you sign the papers, I’ll go prepare for my engagement with Mer. If you don’t want to sign, then just think about your grandfather’s ashes.”

“Hehe…” Madeline laughed lamentably. Her eyes that had lost all light were already red and wet. “Alright, I’ll sign.”

She finally agreed. She fumbled for the pen in the dark with tears in her eyes. Then, she swallowed the blood in her mouth resolutely.

“Jeremy, just as you wish, you’re finally going to marry her. From now on, we’ll go our separate ways.”

When Jeremy heard her saying that, he felt a sudden chill in his heart. A strange feeling was bubbling in his heart as it started beating erratically.

He looked at Madeline who was holding in the pain while touching the papers with her left hand over and over again. Even after a long while, she had not signed the papers.

“Madeleine, are you still trying to fool around?”

Madeline smiled bitterly and lamentably. “Mr. Whitman, I’m blind. I can’t see.”

“You’re blind?” Jeremy thought she was lying to him to buy time. He scoffed and replied, “Alright, since you’re blind, I’ll help you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 142
After he said that, Madeline felt a warmth on the back of her hand

Jeremy held her hand tightly and forced her to sign her name ‘Madeline Crawford’ on the last page.

It was her name but in his handwriting.

After Jeremy was done, he swung her hand aside and pulled the papers away. He looked at the name on the paper and felt an uneasiness in his heart. Not only did he not feel relieved, but he also felt an abnormally heavy weight pressing on him.

He lowered his eyes and looked at Madeline who was still on the floor. Her face was pale and there were tears in her eyes. Other than that, there was also blood on her lips as if she had bitten her lip too hard. She looked battered and pitiful.

Jeremy frowned. “Madeline, do you have any requests?”

“500,000 dollars,” she said without hesitating.

After Jeremy heard that, he scoffed in disdain. “It looks like you came prepared. I’ll ask someone to transfer the money into your account immediately.”

After he said that, his phone rang.

When he picked up the phone, Madeline heard Meredith’s sweet voice from the other end of the phone. She heard Jeremy reply softly, “Okay, I’ll be there in a minute.”

In the next second, she heard him turning around. Her remaining vision turned dimmer and dimmer as he turned around. Then, it went out, and finally, all she could see was darkness.

She could feel something breaking inside her body at that moment.

The broken pieces were stabbing into her heart like thistles and thorns.

She looked up with her eyes that had lost their vision and stared in the direction where he left. At that moment, she understood. Her pursuit and love for him her entire life was all just a one-man show.

‘Jeremy, thank you for stopping by.

‘I hope I’ll never see you in my next life…’

Madeline was ready for the worst. Even though she could not see her face and appearance, she could clearly feel her body steadily deteriorating.

However, she still had one last wish before she died.

She wanted to see her biological parents before she passed, even though they hated her to the bone.

She stood next to the road and waved her hand to flag down a car. Finally, a car stopped in front of her. However, the driver drove away quickly after they saw the two wretched scars on her ghostly pale face.

Madeline had no choice. She could only walk forward following the tactile paving on the side of the road. Time after time, cars would stop for her, but no one was willing to give her a lift.

She gritted her teeth and continued walking. However, she did not know when it started snowing.

The coldness brushed past her cheek and went all the way into her heart.

Madeline took out the photo from her pocket and gave it a gentle kiss, cherishing it.


‘My darling baby.

‘Mommy won’t feel cold with you here.’

“There’s a celebrity over there! Let’s go over and take a look!” An excited voice sounded from behind Madeline.


This should be a lively scene, right? It was a shame she could not see anything.

Madeline smiled pitifully. Then, she felt the people running from behind her crashing into her shoulder.

She stumbled forward. She did not fall, but the photo in her hand was gone.

The look on Madeline’s face changed. She squatted down and started feeling the ground around her. Her hands were all covered in dirt and still, she could not find it.

Madeline was frantic. She was so frantic that tears started to escape from her eyes.

Jeremy drove past her coincidentally. He saw a lot of people looking at something from the corner of his eyes. He merely glanced at them but when he was about to focus his attention back on the road again, he saw a familiar figure.

He slammed the brakes and looked in disbelief at Madeline who was kneeling on the ground as she searched aimlessly for something

Her face was as pale as snow, and she had a worried expression on her face. She looked so haggard, seemingly having lost all the vigor that she used to have. Plus, tears were even rolling down her cheeks.

As the tears rolled down her cheeks, it felt as if they were hitting against his heart. His heart felt as if it was burning.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 143
Jeremy held the steering wheel even tighter. He was starting to suspect whether his eyes were not working. However, it was obvious that Madeline was the one whose eyes were not working.

She was blind.

She was really blind.

She was not joking earlier when she had difficulty signing the divorce papers. It was real.

However, she was just fine previously. Why was she blind now?

Jeremy watched as Madeline crawled on the ground as she looked for something while sobbing. He felt that it was getting hard to breathe and even felt like he was going to suffocate.

The snow was getting heavier and even rain started to fall.

The people around her started to leave, leaving the street empty. However, Madeline was still looking for something.

She was crying. She was so anxious, looking like a child who had lost their favorite toy.

Jeremy got out of the car while feeling dispirited. He slowly walked toward Madeline, his footsteps feeling abnormally heavy.

However, she did not notice his presence or existence. Her scrawny body was still on the floor while her hands were still frantically searching for something despite being covered in dirt.

Jeremy looked at her with a dazed look on his face. He picked up the photo of a random scenery next to his feet and placed it in front of Madeline.

When she touched the photo, Madeline’s grief turned into happiness.

She held the photo and blew on it. Then, she placed it in front of her lips and kissed it. It was only then did she finally stand up while looking relieved. She continued walking while following the tactile paving.

Jeremy stood in place and let the wind blow on him. Madeline’s figure became smaller and smaller in his vision. He felt a sting in the corner of his eyes for no reason and he was struggling to breathe.

The news of Jeremy and Meredith getting married spread quickly. Meredith was the one who called Madeline about this.

On the other end of the phone, Meredith was beaming. After she showed off, she overtly invited Madeline to their engagement party.

Madeline held the phone in her hand and replied neither too quickly nor too slowly, “I’ll be there.”

Meredith scoffed and chuckled. She felt that Madeline was just boasting her merits.

She had hired someone to investigate Madeline, so she knew she did not have much time left. Plus, she was blind, so what could she do?

The spring chill was in the February air, and the most luxurious hotel in Glendale served as the venue for the engagement party.

Meredith was wearing a beautiful dress as she stood gracefully next to Jeremy. She was facing the spotlight while smiling sweetly. She turned around and saw that Jeremy had no expression on his face.

“Jeremy, we’re going to get engaged soon. Aren’t you happy?”

Jeremy forced out a smile on his face. “Why wouldn’t I be happy? I told you I’ll take you as my wife, so I’ll definitely do it.”

Meredith smiled after she heard that. However, there was anger in her heart.

Even though Jeremy let her make decisions on almost everything, he had never told her he loved her. Whenever he replied, he would always bring up the promise back then.

However, the woman he made that promise to back then was Madeline and not her!

Jeremy let Meredith hold onto his arm as they walked to the center of the stage. He was like a marionette. This was not what he wanted at all.

They exchanged their engagement rings with all of their friends and family as witnesses.

However, he could not help remembering the scenes from the day he married Madeline. She had worn a white wedding dress as she stood in front of him, her face looking undeniably charming. He was indeed captivated by her. Her eyes were the most beautiful part of her, looking like they could speak. When she looked at him, her gaze was filled with shyness and longing. She was so young and so beautiful then.

However, now…

He remembered how Madeline had been crawling on the floor looking for something. Her eyes had lost all focus and were so dull. He could not find the fiery and deep love she had for him in her eyes anymore.

“Please exchange the rings.”

Jeremy’s wandering mind was called back by the emcee. Meredith’s beaming face was in front of him, but his brain was occupied by Madeline.

Meredith grabbed his hand delightfully and placed the ring on his ring finger.

Jeremy suddenly felt an urge to resist this. When he was about to pull back his hand, he saw a familiar figure appearing in the corner of his eyes. Then, Madeline’s clear and distinct voice said, “Wait.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 144
When her voice sounded, Jeremy retracted his hand.

Instantly, Meredith’s hand was empty as the look of joy on her face froze over. What came after was her expression cracking.

Everyone looked over to the source of the voice and saw a small, fragile frame.

It was Madeline.

She was wearing a simple and elegant dress. She had some light makeup on her face. Despite the scars on her face, she still looked as beautiful as she had just walked out of a painting.

Everyone could tell that this was Madeline. She was Jeremy’s ex-wife.

However, no one could tell that she was blind. She forced herself to walk to her destination. Her body was welcoming the embrace of death, yet she was walking forward despite the difficulty.

Jeremy watched as Madeline walked slowly toward him. He was trying hard to look into Madeline’s eyes, but alas, there was no focal point for her eyes. He would not find the passionate love and longing that she used to have for him in her eyes.

Plus, she was stumbling as she walked forward.

It was because she could not see. She could not see any light, so she was risking her life with every step she took.

Plus, she did not look too good. Despite her delicate makeup, it still could not hide her fatigue and haggardness.

Meredith looked at Madeline who was walking toward her in disgust. Then, she saw Jeremy staring at her without blinking. At that moment, she felt a bad feeling rising in her chest.

“Jeremy…” She frowned and leaned against Jeremy weakly.

However, Jeremy ignored her. On the contrary, he walked down the stage and walked toward Madeline.

“Madeline, what are you doing here?” Eloise was the first person to stand up and stop Madeline.

Madeline had to stop. She could feel Eloise standing in front of her now, but she could not see. She could not see how her mother was looking at her with so much detest in her eyes. However, she could feel the pain burning mercilessly in her heart.

“Where’s the security? Get security here now! Kick this woman out now!” Sean’s voice boomed much later on.

Madeline smiled and swallowed the pain that felt like she had been sliced by a knife. She lifted her dull eyes and looked forward blankly.

There were so many people at the scene, but aside from Jeremy and Meredith, no one knew that her eyes were not working.

The security got here instantly to kick Madeline out. However, Jeremy stopped them. “Wait.”

Meredith’s expression was grim. She had been waiting for this day for so long to become Jeremy’s woman, but this happened!

Madeline, that eyeless scavenging vermin!

She was already halfway to her death and she still had the guts to show up?

‘I won’t let her see the rising sun tomorrow!’ Meredith thought as she saw Jeremy approaching Meredith.

He looked at her with tenderness in his eyes that had never existed before. “Did you come here because you have something to say?”

His voice was never this gentle before. However, Madeline did not care anymore.

It was no longer important how he treated her.

Madeline smiled softly, but because of the torment from her illnesses, she frowned. “Today’s the engagement party of my dear sister and brother-in-law. I’m here to give you your present, of course.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 145
Meredith threw away her bouquet and ran in front of Madeline hurriedly. She started sobbing, and as usual, she had a pitiful mask on her face.

“Maddie, today’s my and Jeremy’s engagement party. I know you hate me, but I hope that you won’t do anything impulsive to hurt the person I love.”

“Madeline, today is my precious daughter and son-in-law’s engagement party. If you don’t want to get into trouble, then you should go now!” Sean warned in a stern voice, wanting to chase her away.

“Madeline, for a cruel and heartless woman like you to still be alive right now… That’s already letting you off lightly. Scram now! If not, I’ll make you regret this!” Eloise threatened.

Madeline was extremely heartbroken. However, she still had a calm look on her face. She smiled magnanimously, saying, “Do you know how to read my fortune, Mrs. Montgomery? I did have a hard time living until this age.”

When Jeremy heard that, he felt that the smile on Madeline’s face was exceptionally dazzling. It was so dazzling that it hurt his heart as well.

However, Eloise and Sean’s faces were dark. “Madeline, you evil wench, why are you so shameless? Are you still trying to get between Jeremy and Mer’s marriage?”

“Jeremy and I have been married for three years and we only got a divorce a while back. However, the child that Meredith gave Jeremy is about two years old now. So, who’s the one who got between other people’s marriage? Who’s the shameless mistress?”

“You…” After she said that, Eloise and Sean had nothing to say. Meanwhile, Meredith’s face turned extremely grim.

The guests were starting to gossip among themselves. They knew about this as well.

Madeline could imagine Meredith’s expression at this moment. She smiled and walked toward the direction of Jeremy’s voice.

“My ex-husband,” Madeline called out to Jeremy. “I know you guys don’t want to see me, especially you, so I’ll leave after I give you the gift.”

Jeremy could feel his temples pulsing. His deep eyes were glued on Madeline, and his tone was gentle. “What do you want to give us?”

Madeline looked in Jeremy’s direction with her eyes that had lost their vision based on her senses. “My ashes.”

“…” When Jeremy heard Madeline’s answer, Jeremy felt a sudden dull ache in his heart.

Everyone at the scene looked at each other with shock on their faces.

Madeline was indeed here to cause a commotion!

“Madeline, what are you talking about?” Jeremy looked at Madeline with an uneasy look on his face. Madeline was oddly calm. “Talk properly.”

“I am talking properly. I want to give you my ashes.”


“Jeremy, I know you hate me. You all hate me to the bone. I don’t have much time anyway, so after I die and get cremated, you can take my ashes. You can crush them into dust to vent your anger toward me. However, I have a request.” Madeline paused. “I hope you can find kindness within yourself to spread my ashes into the sea by April Hill.”

After Jeremy heard this, his expression changed. He looked at Madeline’s out of focus eyes but could not say anything.

Madeline smiled gently, and the smile on her lips was lamentable. It started to gradually disappear as the dull ache from her heart began to overwhelm her. It was about to drown her breathing. She could not hold on anymore.

“Jeremy, thank you for being in my life. Thank you for giving me all those beautiful memories. However, I’m giving them all back to you now. I’ll return everything to you, including my ashes. From now on, we don’t owe each other anything. I just hope I won’t run into you in my next life…”

After she said this, a hot tear rolled down her cheek. She did not stay for a second more and turned around quickly.

A hot sensation started to rise from her stomach and it kept rising. In the end, the blood she could not keep inside started pouring out from her mouth.

Madeline used her hand to cover her mouth quickly, but she was bleeding so much that she could not stop it. More and more bright red liquid dripped down onto her white dress. The blooming red patches became gaudy decorations on her white dress, invading Jeremy’s vision with no mercy.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 146

Jeremy ran to Madeline quickly and worriedly. He did not know how much fear and terror was in his heart when he yelled out Madeline’s name.

Madeline’s shaky body was being held by Jeremy.

Her legs gave up as she leaned against the wall to force herself to stand up. However, she could not do it no matter how hard she tried. Even her consciousness was trying to drift and wander.

Looking at the horrifying blood on Madeline’s lips, Jeremy’s heart leaped right up to his throat as he felt a fear that he had never felt before.

“Jeremy!” Meredith ran over while looking at Madeline who was on the brink of death. Of course, she felt carefree, but she was extremely displeased with how Jeremy was treating Madeline now.

“Jeremy, the guests are waiting. How can you abandon Mer and chase after that woman?” Eloise came over as well. She looked at Madeline who was vomiting blood with disgust. “It’s obviously fake blood. Jeremy, can’t you tell? She’s lying to you with fake blood. The reason she’s here today is to stop your engagement with Mer!”


Madeline’s consciousness started to drift, but she could still hear Eloise’s hurtful words.


She was about to die anyway. She would not feel heartbroken when she was dead.

“Jeremy, get away now! That woman has blood all over her. How filthy!” Eloise urged.

“Shut up!” Jeremy yelled all of a sudden. A horrifying rage had taken over his face that was as exquisite as fine art. Meredith and Eloise were petrified when they saw that.

“Madeline, what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m dying, Mr. Whitman. Just as you wished…”

Madeline’s voice drifted into Jeremy’s ears weakly and vaguely.

Jeremy was stunned for a few seconds. His heart felt as if it was being gnawed by a million ants.

She was dying. How could it be? How was it possible?

Stupefied, he looked at the woman who was still holding onto her last breath. He saw her reaching out her hand with difficulties to grab his collar. Her out of focus eyes stared into him. It was as if she was using her last energy to move her bloody lips.

“The child… is yours. I hope that after I die, you’ll give her a name and let her soul reside in the Whitmans’ mausoleum. This is my final wish…”

After she said that, Madeline let go of her hand lifelessly on Jeremy’s collar and fell.

Jeremy stopped striding out of the front door. The debilitating pain overwhelmed his entire body and senses. His world was plunged into darkness…

“Maddie! Maddie!”

Ava’s heart-wrenching screams sounded next to him when he finally found his breathing and heartbeat.

“Jeremy, you scum! Give Maddie back to me!” She wailed, wanting to snatch away Madeline who was in Jeremy’s arms.

“If you won’t send her to the hospital, I will!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 147
“Get lost! Don’t touch her!”

Jeremy roared all of a sudden. He ran out and carried Madeline to the side of the road before calling a cab.

Ava was stuck in a daze for a few seconds before she ran after them.

Meredith and Eloise ran out hurriedly as well. They did not have time to stop Jeremy as they saw him already getting into a cab with Madeline.

Ava clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. She did not think much before chasing after them.

The light of the emergency room lit up while Jeremy was sitting on the chair in the waiting room quietly. He had no expression on his face.

Madeline’s warmth and scent were still lingering in his arms. However, his white shirt had been stained with the blood she vomited out. There was so much blood and it was such an unpleasant sight.

He closed his eyes, his brain occupied with what Madeline said before she closed her eyes.

“Jeremy Whitman, you cold-blooded scum of the earth!”

Ava’s shrieks sounded in front of him. Jeremy slowly lifted his expressionless face. There was a horrifyingly ominous gaze in his eyes, and he looked as if he was going to devour someone whole at any time. However, Ava was not scared. She looked at Jeremy with tears in her eyes as she sobbed.

“Jeremy, it’s fine if you don’t love Maddie, but why do you have to torture her like this?

“What happened three years ago had nothing to do with her! She was framed! Why did you put all of the blame on her?

“Maddie followed you with no previous crimes, but you accused her of sleeping around with different men. You even denied the fact that she gave birth to your child so mercilessly! Do you know how cruel you are?

“If she didn’t love you… If she didn’t love you so much, why would she risk her life to protect that child? However, you don’t even care and even ground that child’s bones into dust! Are you even human?”

Ava yelled at him fearlessly, but Jeremy only stared at her without saying anything. However, his gaze became more and more sinister with every sentence Ava said.

He stood up with no expression on his face and stared at Ava.

When Ava thought Jeremy was going to say something to her, Meredith appeared and defended him.

“What nonsense are you spewing? Who are you to talk to my fiancé like that? Madeline knows what she has done and we know what she did as well. Do you think you can clear her name with just a few words? Do you think Jeremy will believe you?”

“You’re the one who needs to clear your name! It’s you, Meredith! You malicious and duplicitous two-faced b*tch!” Ava fought back without showing any weakness. Then, she scoffed and peered at Jeremy who was remaining silent. “Of course this scum of the earth won’t believe anything I say because he’s just a deaf and eyeless fool who doesn’t know right from wrong!”

“You…” Meredith was furious. She lifted her hand to slap Ava, but when her hand was in mid-air, she was stopped by Jeremy.

“Jeremy…” Meredith looked at the indifferent man with an aggrieved look on her face. “Jeremy, I won’t allow anyone to talk about you like this.”

She tried to curry favor with him, but Jeremy only ignored her. He let go of her hand and walked in front of Ava. His eyes were like bottomless abysses—dark and terrifying.


Ava hesitated for a bit but continued to glare at him with tearful eyes. “Jeremy, you’ll regret this.”

There were only a few words in her sentence, yet it caused him to have difficulties breathing.

Jeremy’s heart was beating rapidly when the door of the emergency room opened. A nurse walked out. “Which one of you is the patient’s family?”

Jeremy rushed forward instantly, looking extremely worried. “I’m Madeline’s husband. How is she?”

The nurse looked at Jeremy with a dazed expression before sighing with regret. “The tumor in her body has taken a turn for the worst. She’s lost consciousness, but the doctors are still doing everything to bring her back. However, I hope you’ll be prepared because the rate of success is close to zero. This is the notice of critical illness. Please sign it.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 148
The nurse said, handing the notice of critical illness over.

The light piece of paper landed in Jeremy’s hand, but it felt like a heavy rock weighing down on him. The invisible pressure made him extremely uncomfortable.

Notice of critical illness…

Was she about to leave this earth and out of his sight?

He would not allow that!

“Jeremy, now that it has come to this, you should sign the notice and let Maddie go peacefully.” Meredith came forward and advised him, grabbing his arm.

However, Jeremy pushed her away and crumpled the notice of critical illness into a ball. His eyes were red. “What notice of critical illness? She’s always been fine. How can she be in critical condition all of a sudden? You have to save her. If anything happens to her, don’t think you’ll be able to run this hospital anymore!”

The nurse started trembling when she saw Jeremy’s terrifying expression. She turned around and ran back inside nervously.

After a while, a few experts walked their way and rushed into the operating theatre.

Jeremy sat in the chair with his head in his hands. His brows were knitted together tightly.

How was this possible?

Why was he so worried? Why was he so scared and so concerned about Madeline?

He was going crazy from this anxiousness that he had never felt before!

He wanted to know Madeline’s condition.

After his strong and determined demands, the doctors were left with no choice. They could only let him go in.

Jeremy had to change into personal protective equipment and sanitize his entire body before he was allowed into the operating theatre.

The moment he walked in, he was still imagining that this was just an act put on by Madeline and that she was actually fine. However, what he saw horrified and suffocated him.

He could only see Madeline’s face that was so pale with no color in it at all.

This was the first time he looked at Madeline’s face so seriously. Despite the glaring scars on her face, he still thought that she looked stunning and perfect.

It would be great if she would open her eyes and look at him now. Her eyes were the most beautiful part of her.

However, it was all his imagination. Madeline was not moving and her entire body was covered in tubes to maintain her body that was on the brink of death.

Jeremy stood at one side in a daze. He was feeling extremely uneasy with the helplessness he was feeling right now.

His brain was occupied with the scenes of the first day Madeline went to university. She was like a frolicking deer that was running up and down doing the paperwork for admission. In the end, she had accidentally run into him. She lifted her head and said to him while blushing furiously, “I’m so sorry.”

Her voice sounded so sweet—as sweet as the spring water from the mountains.

Her face was so beautiful, looking youthful and energetic too. Her eyes were also shining brightly like stars in the sky.

Then, they got married. She was so stunning at their wedding. When she smiled, she had deep dimples on her face.

However, now…

Jeremy listened to all kinds of noises coming from the machines. Finally, he could not take this kind of torment anymore.

He was scared.

He ran away from the operating theatre in fear.

This was the first time he was feeling such debilitating pain that he could not endure it any longer, and it was because he was afraid that Madeline would die.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 149
How was this possible?

He did not care about her at all. He had never cared about her.

Jeremy kept on hypnotizing himself while suppressing his emotions. However, the intense pain in his heart forced him to accept the truth that he could not deny anymore.

He had fallen in love with Madeline.

He did not know when it started, but Madeline had slowly made a home inside his heart.

He remembered that he loved Meredith. He loved Meredith who he had made promises to when they were younger. Why had that person become Madeline instead?

Jeremy massaged his temples, feeling agitated. His eyes were staring at the light of the operating theatre that was still on. He felt as if he had lost something important in the quicksand of his memory and could not get it back anymore.

An entire day passed and the light of the operating theatre was still not switched off.

Meredith was already impatient, but Jeremy looked too horrifying at this moment, so she did not dare to act without thinking. She could only wait for the doctors to announce that they had failed to save Madeline and she died.

Eloise came after a while. When she saw Jeremy at the entrance of the operating theatre, she went over to seek justice for Meredith.

“Jeremy, why are you still here? How can you let Meredith waste her time accompanying you here? Based on my knowledge of that evil woman, she must be acting! She’s only trying to get your attention and ruin your engagement with Mer!

“Come, Mer. Take Jeremy back to the hotel with me,” Eloise said before trying to pull Jeremy up. When Meredith was about to help her, Jeremy mercilessly pushed away Eloise’s hand that was trying to grab him. His red eyes looked at her piercingly and there was a sinister glint in them.

“So what if she’s acting? Even if she is, she’s doing it for me. What does it have to do with you two? Get lost!”

Eloise did not expect Jeremy to answer her like this. She was so shocked that she was stunned momentarily. Then, she tried speaking up for Meredith again.

“Jeremy, you’re wrong. You’ve divorced Madeline and Mer is your fiancée now…”

“So what? That won’t change the fact that she used to be my woman! It also won’t change the fact that her name is already registered in my family tree! Stop annoying me! If not, I’ll put all the blame on you if something happens to Madeline!”

Eloise and Meredith were silent after hearing what Jeremy said. They did not dare to say anything more.

His face looked terrifying right now, especially those eyes. It was as if they would penetrate through anyone who looked into them.

Meredith clenched her fists in secret. She could not accept how Jeremy was reacting to Madeline’s condition right now.

Actually, she already noticed the special treatment Jeremy was giving Madeline.

The best example was that he allowed her to get pregnant and give birth to his child.

What about her? Despite her downing him with alcohol and trying to get intimate with him, he would always fall asleep every time. She never once got her way.

The experts in the operating room changed shifts multiple times in one night.

Jeremy also contacted his best doctor to come to save Madeline.

As time went by, Jeremy felt as if the day was dragging on like a year. He never had this kind of feeling before and never felt that it was so difficult to make it through the night.

The next day, the light of the operating theatre was turned off when the sky was still grey.

Jeremy felt as if his nerves had been yanked by something. He stood up quickly and walked to the door. There was hope in his eyes. He was hoping to hear news of Madeline being successfully saved.

In just one night, stubble had grown around his chin. Furthermore, he looked wan and sallow.

The experts walked out of the room. When they saw Jeremy, they shook their heads in regret. “Mr. Whitman, we’ve tried our best.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 150

Jeremy felt a dull ache in his heart instantly. His eyes were so wide that they looked like they were going to fall from his sockets. “What do you mean by you tried your best?” he questioned. Those were the words no family member would want to hear.

The doctor looked at him and sighed. “It’s a miracle that the patient was able to live until this day. My condolences.”

He would not accept this result no matter what.

He wanted Madeline to be alive.

He wanted her to be alive so that she would be able to hear him tell her the truth.

“I took a look at this patient three years ago. Back then, she was pregnant and I asked her to abort the child. However, she insisted on giving birth to the child. I think that child was more important to her than her own life. Now that she’s gone, the child would be able to live for her. I think that’s some kind of consolation.” A female doctor chimed in at one side. After Jeremy heard that, he almost could not breathe.

That child.

He had crushed that child into dust with his own hands.

That child was their own flesh and blood, but its soul was destroyed by him, the father.

Why was his heart hurting so much? Jeremy felt as if he was going to go crazy.

He ran to the operating theatre. Madeline was still on the operating table.

He walked toward her slowly. He felt his footsteps getting heavier as he approached her.

Finally, he got to the operating table. Madeline was in front of him, but he felt like they were separated by a never-ending stretch of mountains and seas.

Her face was pale. She was not breathing and she did not have a heartbeat. She was like a lifeless doll that had fallen asleep forever.


Jeremy called out Madeline’s name softly. His voice was trembling, but of course, she would never respond to him anymore.

Those expectant and longing eyes would never look at him anymore.

He felt like something in his body was broken and it could never be mended again.

Meredith walked in happily. When she saw Madeline who had lost all signs of life, she was delighted. However, she walked to Jeremy with a devastated look on her face.

“Jeremy, I guess Maddie was already sick three years ago. She must not have wanted you to see her like this. Just let her go peacefully. We should go home too.”

She wanted to pull him away after she said that, but before she could do anything, she could feel a gust of cold air around her.

“Jeremy?” Meredith called out probingly. However, she saw Jeremy looking at her sinisterly.

“Did you ask someone to blind her?”

Meredith quivered while blinking innocently. “Jeremy, what are you talking about? Why would I do such things? Was Maddie blind? How come?”

Jeremy’s pupils constricted as he looked at Meredith’s face while trying to explain.

“You’d better not know anything about this.”


Meredith felt a chill running down her spine when she heard Jeremy’s reply.

“Jeremy, how can you think of me that way? I won’t do such cruel things. I…”

“Get out.”


“Everybody get out now!”

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