Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1271-1280

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1271
Madeline’s heart started racing after she heard Ryan’s words.

The two people in her mind were her parents.

“Go change your clothes. I’ll wait for you downstairs.” Ryan was all serious and did not seem to be fooling around.

After Ryan exited the room, Madeline quickly locked the door and changed into another set of clothes before rushing downstairs.

After being brought to this place by Ryan, she had never once left the room.

It was only now she realized that the house was elegantly decorated.

‘They say this is a holiday villa. But in this whole world, how many villas are this expensive and meticulously decorated?’

What puzzled Madeline the most was ever since Naomi’s appearance that day, she had never seen her again.

Of course, she would not be a busybody and ask Ryan about her.

Ryan had also changed his clothes. He wore a suit with a necktie, making him look elegant.

Madeline followed him to the courtyard.

The current weather of Y Country was like autumn in Glendale. The sunlight that shone over their bodies did not feel warm at all, and the breeze was chilly.

Ryan was still behaving like a gentleman, opening the car door for Madeline. Only then did he enter the car.

Madeline was puzzled. Ryan was already listed as a wanted criminal. Both the police and Interpol should be on the search to arrest him, yet he was still able to move around as he pleased and show himself in Y Country.

‘This man still holds lots of secrets that I’m not aware of.’

It was as though Ryan had seen through Madeline’s curiosity. He looked at her with a faint smile. “Don’t bother overthinking stuff. Some things, you’ll eventually come to know about them when I’m ready to let you know.”

“I’m not even interested in your matters. I just want to head home and spend my days with my family, peacefully.” Once again, Madeline expressed her inner thoughts.

Ryan’s gaze darkened. He looked unhappy.

“As I’ve said, I’m your family member. No matter where we go, we’re still husband and wife on official papers.”

Madeline could not argue back when Ryan said this.

She did not look back at him and tilted her head to face the window.

Coincidentally, the traffic light ahead shone red and the car came to a halt.

Madeline was casually looking out the window and she did not expect to see the outline that just passed by. It was the outline of the person who she had been thinking of day and night.


Madeline could not believe what she was seeing, but the man’s figure became clearer in her eyes.

Jeremy was looking for Madeline with a few other people, but unfortunately, their car broke down at the roadside.

At that moment, he was standing at the roadside and making a call. She stared at his two long brows that were frowning and his stunning face that was wearing a frustrated look.

Madeline quickly got down from the car and shouted to the man who was standing opposite the road, “Jeremy!”

Her sudden shriek made Jeremy and Ryan thunderstruck at the same time.

Jeremy, who was making a call, was dumbfounded the moment he heard Madeline’s voice.

He found it unbelievable and turned to face the direction of the voice, but he only managed to see a car leaving from his sight.

The voice earlier seemed like an auditory illusion as if it was a result of him missing Madeline too much.

‘But the voice seemed so real.’

“Did you guys happen to hear someone shouting my name?” Jeremy asked the men beside him.

The two guys who were tagging along frowned. “I think I heard a woman’s voice earlier.”

“I think so too, but I didn’t catch what she was shouting.”

Jeremy’s heartbeat began to quicken when he heard their answers.

“It’s Linnie!”

He was very sure of it as his eyes glittered with hope.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1272
“Linnie must have been somewhere here just now! She saw me!”

Jeremy could not be bothered about the red traffic light. Following his instinct and judgment, he ran across the road.

“Jeremy. Mmm—”

Madeline was about to make some noise when Ryan covered her mouth.

She saw the man who was slowly inching near her and raised her hand to knock on the car window, attempting to make an effort so that Jeremy could hear her. However, Ryan continued to stop her by grabbing both her hands.

He held Madeline tightly in his arms, preventing her from struggling.

“It’s not going to be a good thing if he sees you.” Ryan’s cold voice was heard coming from behind. “Have you forgotten who we’re going to meet now?”

He reminded her. As soon as he was done talking, he could feel that Madeline was no longer trying to struggle and go against him.

Her fists that were initially trying to slam the car window gradually loosened up, and finally, she put her hands down helplessly.

Madeline’s eyes were teary as she stared at Jeremy’s towering silhouette that was slowly coming closer. They were only less than three yards apart, but she felt as if they were separated by an invisible wall. Regardless of how she stretched her arms, she would not be able to touch him.

“Linnie! Linnie! Where are you?!” Jeremy stood on the street and shouted to the air blindly.

Madeline could not stop her tears from rolling down.

‘Jeremy, I’m just right in front of you, but I can’t extend my arms to you.’


Jeremy continued screaming while his eyes gleamed with endless worries and anxiety.

Madeline saw Jeremy’s anxious and fearful expression. She noticed just how much he wanted to find and meet her.

She recalled the kind of man Jeremy was. He was currently like a big child who had lost his sense of direction because he had lost his treasure. Hence, he ended up crying on the busy streets.


Jeremy’s shouting struck Madeline hard, and she felt as if her heart was being split into half. It hurt so much that she could not even breathe.


The traffic light turned green, and the car started its journey again.

Madeline did not make a single sound and just stared at Jeremy as the car drove away from him.

As for his figure that was blindly looking all over the place for her, it slowly turned blurry because of the tears in her eyes.

Ryan knew Madeline was crying because of the tears that were dripping down his fingertips.

The warmth he felt from those tears made him frown.

“Wipe away your tears.” He handed his handkerchief over to her and said in a domineering tone, “Don’t ever let me see you crying over another man again.”

“You’re the ‘another man’.” Madeline looked at Ryan with a cold stare. “In this world, he’s the only man who will make me cry for him.”

“Oh really?” Ryan’s eyes were brewing with hatred. “If that’s the case, let’s head back for now. You don’t have to see the people you want to meet.”

“Hmph.” Madeline snorted and raised her teary eyes that did not seem to have any sense of fear in them. “Besides using an underhanded method to restrict and threaten me, what else do you have? Ryan, with this, you’ll never be better than Jeremy.”

She tilted her head and wiped away her tears with her fingertips. She vowed not to reveal her weak side in front of other men aside from Jeremy.

Ryan glanced at Madeline’s side profile which looked stony. He did not have any opposing ideas. Instead, his eyes were full of admiration.

He felt defeat and let out a chuckle. Perhaps he was touched by Madeline’s perseverance.

The car continued its journey, and after half an hour, the car came to a halt at the entrance of a villa that was located in the outskirts.

Ryan got down from the car and opened the door for Madeline.

Madeline walked over to the entrance and saw two very huge bodyguards guarding the place. They immediately greeted Ryan politely when they noticed his presence.

Ryan said coldly, “Where are they?”

“In the house,” answered the bodyguard.

Madeline’s heart started racing after she heard it.

Ryan smirked when he noticed Madeline’s expression changing. “You can now enter and go collect the surprise I’ve prepared for you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1273
Madeline looked at Ryan and felt as if her emotions were being tied up by something invisible.

She looked at the door straight ahead and slowly walked up.

Madeline’s pulse went erratic when she started predicting what she was about to see.

Step by step, she walked ahead. Just as she reached the entrance, she heard someone pouring water and it was followed by the appearance of a face right in front of her eyes. This was the same face she could only see in her dreams.

Madeline’s eyes immediately became red. She raised her hands and supported herself on the door frame.


Sean had just poured himself a glass of water. Suddenly, he heard someone calling him ‘Dad’. This voice made his heart skip a beat.

He turned around to face the entrance casually. When he saw Madeline, who was standing beside the door, Sean immediately widened his orbs as the glass slipped away from his hand.


The glass dropped to the floor and shattered into pieces.

Eloise heard the commotion and came out of the house. She ran to Sean, anxious and terrified. “What happened? Sean, what’s wrong?”

Sean grasped Eloise’s hand. His eyes became watery as he pointed at Madeline who was slowly coming in from the doorway.

“Look, Eloise, look who’s here! Your daughter, who you keep thinking of day and night, is here!” Sean reminded Elosie with his trembling voice.

Eloise looked in the direction where Sean was pointing at. She froze up the moment she saw Madeline. Standing motionlessly, she stared at Madeline.

Madeline’s eyes had turned red long ago. She sprinted her way to Eloise and Sean. “Mom, Dad! Is it really you guys? I’m not dreaming, right?”

Sean raised his shaking hand and touched Madeline’s face.

“You’re not dreaming, Eveline. Your mom and I are still alive.” Sean choked. In the end, he was unable to stop his tears from streaming down his eyes.

“Oh dear, Eveline.” Sean extended his arms and hugged Madeline gently.

Madeline cried out in joy and leaned in Sean’s embrace. She finally got back the long-lost fatherly love.

She thought she would never have the chance to experience that warmth again in her life.

“Dad,” she called out. Her lost family was found once again, and this made her eyes sparkle.

After hugging for some time, Sean let her go. He wiped away his tears and gently pulled Eloise’s hand. “Look, Eloise, it’s our daughter. Haven’t you always longed to see Eveline? Now she’s here. Come here, Eloise.”

Madeline could not resist the urge to cry. She put on a smile and directed it to Eloise. “Mom,” she called out to Eloise. She stretched out her hand, attempting to pull Eloise’s hand, but Eloise suddenly evaded her and hid behind Sean.

“Who’s this? Why is she calling me ‘Mom’?”

Madeline felt hurt at Eloise’s reaction of avoiding her and did not expect Eloise to say such a thing.

Madeline’s heart was pumping hard against her ribs. She found it hard to believe when she looked at Eloise curiously staring back at her.

“Mom?” she tried to call out to her again, feeling heartbroken.

She did not know what was going on, but she realized the way Eloise was looking at her was very different. It almost seemed as if Eloise thought of her as a stranger.

Sean spun around and comforted Eloise like he was comforting a kid. “Don’t be afraid, Eloise. This is our daughter, Eveline. Don’t you recognize her?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1274
“Eveline?” Eloise snapped out of it and widened her big, pretty eyes. She examined Madeline with a critical gaze. Then, she shook her head. “This is not Eveline, no.”

Madeline felt something within her breaking into pieces when she heard Eloise denying her.

She looked over at Eloise, who was behind Sean, with a cautious gaze as tears started flowing.

Madeline composed herself and said to Sean, “Why is she this way? Why can’t she recognize me? Dad, what’s going on?”

Sean let out a long sigh and said while feeling heartbroken, “It’s all because of Lana.”


Sean nodded, his eyes gleaming with a deep hatred for Lana.

“Because of her, our courtyard was burned into ashes. Your mom thought that you were in trouble when the fire happened. Ever since then, she keeps saying she wants to look for you. Day in day out, she would keep muttering your name hundreds of times, or even thousands of times…”

At that point, Sean choked. He grasped Eloise’s hand. His eyes were still brewing with the indescribable hurt and care he had for Eloise.

“Soon after, your mom became like this because she desperately misses you. Now, she can’t recognize anybody but me. Not just that, but her intelligence has declined as well. Occasionally, she can’t carry out even the most basic day-to-day tasks.”

Madeline felt her heart being pierced by a sharp blade after listening to Sean’s explanation. The hurtful feeling seeped deep into her bone marrow.

“Let’s not bother about her, Sean. Let’s go look for Eveline!” Eloise looked at Madeline calmly. She grabbed Sean’s hand tightly, her expression suddenly becoming anxious and worried. “Sean, do you think perhaps Eveline isn’t willing to forgive us? Is that why that kid went into hiding and doesn’t want to meet us?”

As Eloise spoke, she started blaming herself. “It’s all my fault, it’s my fault. I didn’t recognize Eveline and mistook that bad lady as my daughter instead. I’ve let Eveline down and allowed her to endure lots of suffering. I’m not a good mother. Eveline will never forgive me. She’ll never…”

Madeline continued crying when she heard Eloise’s muttering that was full of self-blame.

She walked to the front of Eloise and grabbed her hand. “Mom, Eveline has stopped being angry with you for a long time now. Stop blaming yourself. Eveline’s back now and will never be apart from you again, okay?”

Eloise frowned and stared at Madeline, looking absent-minded.

After some time, she once again freed her hands from Madeline’s grip and ran to Sean’s side. “This lady is very weird. She keeps saying she’s Eveline.”

Eloise kept shaking her head when she looked at Madeline. “No, this isn’t Eveline. You’d better stop lying to me. Eveline wouldn’t bother about me anymore.”


Madeline was hurt when she heard it.

Sean was also feeling helpless. He comforted Madeline when he saw her being so sad. “Eveline, your mom is sick. She doesn’t mean it. Don’t take those words to heart.”

Madeline shook her head gently. Of course, she had no intention to blame Eloise. She was just upset and felt sorry for her mother.

“Eloise, we have a guest here. Didn’t you already prepare some snacks? If they’re ready, then take them out for our guest to try.” Sean tapped on Elosie’s hand gently and reminded. As if he was reassuring a little kid, he was patient in guiding Eloise to carry out her daily activities.

Eloise’s expression suddenly changed as she put on a smile on her face. She glanced at Madeline and smiled. “Please wait for a moment. I’ll go get you some snacks to eat.”

Madeline nodded, feeling her insides writhing with sorrow. “Alright, I’ll wait for you “

“Mmm,” Eloise answered with satisfaction. She then spun around and left for the kitchen.

Sean went over and held Madeline’s hand. “Eveline, come sit beside me.”

Madeline went ahead and sat down. “Dad, do you still remember about the fire that broke out at our house that day? Why are you and Mom suddenly in Y Country now?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1275
Sean recalled the incident that happened that day. His two brows furrowed as his expression became dark.

“Eveline, there are some things I don’t wish to tell you because I’m afraid you’ll be hurt.” Sean had a troubled look on his face.

“Dad, tell me, what happened? All these years, I’ve endured all sorts of hurt. I can take it.” Madeline was determined to know.

Sean stared at his daughter, heartbroken. Then, he decided to blurt out everything that happened on that day.

“Jeremy was the one who set the fire. I never thought that he’d obey Lana’s instructions just because he lost his memories and would carry out such a cruel move.”

Madeline felt a pinch in her heart when she heard the answer given by Sean.

She clenched her fists and faced the fact.

‘Although it was Lana’s order, it was still Jeremy who did it.’

However, after experiencing Jeremy’s ‘death’ and suffering terribly because of it, she chose to deceive herself and forget about all the upsetting incidents.

She kept telling herself that Jeremy was being used by Lana and he was a victim himself too.

Nevertheless, she was grateful that Sean and Eloise were safe.

‘Even though Mom is like a retarded kid, as long as she’s alive, there will still be hope.’

Sean noticed Madeline’s dilemma and tapped her on her shoulder, with a heartwarm feeling.

“Alright, let’s not keep thinking about it. As long as we can still reunite as a family, that’s all that matters to me.”

“I’m sorry, Dad.” Madeline apologized. “Jeremy did such a terrible thing and nearly cost you guys your lives, yet I—”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to apologize,” Sean cut her short. If anyone were to apologize, it would be Sean as he had let his daughter down.

Madeline could not think of any words to say to Sean. Deep in her heart, she still loved Jeremy, the man who burned down her house and made her separate from her family.

At that moment, she heard Sean say gratefully, “It’s all thanks to Mr. Jones. If it isn’t for him, your mom and I would’ve been buried in the sea of flames.”

Madeline’s expression changed suddenly as she was puzzled. “Dad, the Mr. Jones you’re talking about, are you referring to Ryan?”

As soon as she spoke, Ryan came walking in from the doorway.

Sean saw Ryan and immediately got up to welcome him with a smile. Madeline witnessed the grateful look on Sean when he welcomed Ryan.

“Mr. Jones, thank you for allowing our family to reunite.”

Ryan put on a gentle smile and spoke politely, “Don’t sweat it, it’s just a small matter.”

His attitude was like that of a gentleman, totally the opposite from when he was threatening and controlling her in the car.

Madeline looked at Ryan scornfully as she observed him walking to her side. He suddenly extended his arm around her shoulders.

“Well, Eveline is my lawfully wedded wife. You guys are also my family. For the sake of Eveline, it’s worth doing all this.”

His bright smile made Sean delighted.

Sean looked at Madeline for confirmation. “Eveline, it looks like it’s real? You’ve already left Jeremy to be with Mr. Jones?”

“Of course.” Ryan’s eyes, which seemed to be smiling, met Madeline’s cold gaze. “Right, Eveline?”

Madeline could not deny it, and at that moment, she could only agree to it quietly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1276
Sean sighed. “This is for the best, I guess. You and Jeremy had been going round and round for so many years and were never happy with your lives. Mr. Jones is a handsome and talented man who only appears once in a lifetime. He’s also mine and your mom’s savior. l feel reassured if you’re with Mr. Jones.”

“You’ve praised me more than you should, Mr. Montgomery. I’m not as good as you’ve made me out to be.”

“I’m just stating the truth,” Sean praised sincerely, then corrected himself. “Since you and Eveline have already received your wedding certificate, we’re all considered one family. You don’t have to greet me as Mr. Montgomery. You can call me ‘Dad’, just like Eveline.”

The smile on Ryan’s stunning face grew wider, and he said without being shy, “Dad.”

“Good, good.” Sean was delighted.

However, Madeline felt restless when she heard Ryan calling out the word ‘Dad’.

She forced herself to smile while looking at Ryan. “I have something to talk to you about. Could you please come with me for a moment?”

Madeline said, then spun around. “Dad, I’ll be back soon.”

“Alright.” Sean was not in a hurry as well. He just kept staring at Madeline’s back, afraid he might not be able to see his precious daughter again.

Ryan smiled at Sean, then caught up to Madeline as they strolled to the courtyard together.

Eloise took out the biscuits she had just baked and saw that Sean was alone in the hall. Disappointed, she scanned the surroundings.

“Didn’t you guys agree to wait for me? Why did she leave first?”

Sean quickly went over to comfort Eloise. “She didn’t leave. She’ll be back in a moment. Go prepare us some tea for the time being. When you’re done with it, she’ll be back.”

“Really?” Eloise was like a kid as she put a smile on her face. She was looking forward to it.

Sean raised his hand and brushed the hair that was scattered in front of Eloise’s forehead to behind her ears. Many years had passed, yet his feelings for Eloise only grew stronger.

Especially when Eloise ended up in this state, he, as her husband, felt very sad.

“Of course, hurry.”

“Okay.” Eloise nodded. She took two steps, then turned around to look at Sean. “Don’t you finish all the biscuits. Leave some for Eveline.”

“I know, I won’t finish them all,” said Sean with a smile. He had no choice but to comfort Eloise whose mind now was just like a kid.

In the courtyard.

Madeline glanced at the main entrance that was heavily guarded, then recalled Sean’s trust in Ryan.

She was feeling sorry for her parents, and at the same time, she was exasperated at Ryan’s attitude.

“Hmph,” Madeline sneered, “A man who nearly cost my family their lives and wants to control me has now become my parents’ savior? This is just a joke.”

Ryan was not bothered by Madeline’s scornful behavior. He walked to her with a smile. Under the halo of sunlight, his stunning face was radiant.

“Aren’t you supposed to thank me for giving you such a huge surprise?”

“Yes, I should be thanking you. Thanks for separating me from the person I love most. Thanks for keeping my parents here and making our family unable to reunite. I should be more grateful to you for injecting me with that reagent that’s slowly turning me into your puppet.”

She spoke in a disdainful tone, and her proud eyes kept staring at Ryan’s gloomy ones.

“Do you really think I’ll believe you’re sincerely trying to save my parents? I just never thought that you’ve already started gearing toward your plan since so long ago.

“You’re truly terrifying, Ryan.” Madeline could not see what was going on in the man’s mind. She felt that the man before her was more unpredictable than Jeremy.

Ryan stretched out his bony fingers. His fingertips landed on Madeline’s fair face. “You think I’m terrifying just because of these? If I tell you one more thing, maybe you won’t think I’m terrifying anymore. You’ll think I’m horrifying.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1277
Madeline saw Ryan’s eyes gleaming cunningly.

She did not wish to look at him any longer and coldly turned away.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me. I won’t harm you, but I’ll never let you return to Jeremy,” Ryan said scornfully with his eyes looking as sharp as a hawk’s.

“I’m guessing that right now, you must long to spend more time with your parents. I have things to attend to, so you’ll stay here.” Ryan twirled Madeline’s long hair with his fingers as he leaned nearer to her flirtatiously.

Madeline turned away from him. She wanted to take a step back, but Ryan grabbed her waist. “The things you’re not supposed to say, you’d better don’t tell your parents. You don’t wish to lose your family for good, right?”

His comment was obviously trying to threaten her.

Madeline tightened her lips. She did not speak a word and neither did she look at Ryan.

“I hate it when people give me an awful expression, especially a lady, but you’re different. The anger you have just attracts me.” Ryan’s gentle gaze was fixed on Madeline’s elegant face. Then, he let go of her.

“I’ll come back to pick you up once I’ve settled my issues,” Ryan said, then spun around and headed to the door.

Madeline stood there without moving and saw Ryan leaving as he pleased. The sight made her clench her fists hard.

‘Ryan, I don’t believe that you, a man who has been charged with murder, will be able to walk around so freely.’

“Eveline.” She heard Sean’s voice coming from the window.

Madeline came back to her senses and loosened her grip before returning to the house with a smile.

Sean looked around at the doorway. “Has Mr. Jones left?”

“Yup.” Madeline nodded. “Dad, how long have you and Mom been staying here?”

“Since the day after the fire, Mr. Jones came to get us and settled us here.” Sean recalled the incident. “He even reminded us not to leave the house too often to prevent being spotted by the Stygian Johnson Gang.”

Madeline heard of the mention of Stygian Johnson Gang again.

Sean felt remorseful as he sighed, blaming himself. “Eveline, I should’ve listened to your words and not investigate the Stygian Johnson Gang. If it wasn’t for me acting rashly and checking on Lana, I wouldn’t have invited trouble to myself. I have to bear some responsibility for your mom ending up like this.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with you, Dad. The ones who are at fault are those cunning people who used underhanded methods.”

At that moment, Eloise coincidentally brought out the tea she prepared.

Eloise was thrilled when she saw Madeline returning. She handed the tea to Madeline, saying, “This is for you. Drink up.”

Madeline felt a pinch in her heart and took the cup. “Thanks, Mom.”

“Why are you calling me ‘Mom’ again? I only have one precious daughter and her name is Eveline. It’s not you.” Eloise denied with an earnest expression.

Madeline held onto the lukewarm cup. Her heart was feeling extremely chilly as if it was being engulfed by a blizzard.

She tasted the biscuits prepared by Eloise and drank the tea. Her tears were on the brink of flowing out, but she held them back again and again.

The streets were illuminated by the evening sunlight.

Jeremy was still at the scene where he heard Madeline’s shout. He was pacing back and forth while searching, but it ended up fruitless.

Nonetheless, he was positive that Madeline had appeared here.

He would never mistake that shout of ‘Jeremy’.

“Linnie, I know you’re nearby.” Jeremy was very confident of it.

The street lamps lit up. The halo of the sunset shone on his handsome face, but it was unable to shine through the haziness brewing within his orbs.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1278
Those who tagged along with Jeremy were still searching high and low. They were feeling a bit sympathetic for him. “Jeremy, it’s getting dark. Let’s head back for now.”

“You guys go ahead.” Jeremy had no intention of stopping. He would not feel good if he failed to locate any signs of Madeline having ever appeared at this spot.

“Continuing the search like this isn’t going to lead us anywhere. Why don’t we try contacting some related organizations around here and have them help us out by getting the surveillance footage? Then, we can see whether we’ll be able to get a hint from there?”

Jeremy came back to his senses after hearing the suggestion.

Had he become dull and slow? Had he lost the ability to think straight because he was way too worried about Madeline?

Without wasting much time, Jeremy immediately went and got in touch with the local departments. Soon enough, he obtained all of the footage from the nearby road junctions.

After scanning through all the footage, Jeremy’s eyes were fixed on a silver car.

Just by looking at the car’s front view, he did not find the vehicle suspicious. However, after looking at it from a different angle, Jeremy clenched his fist as veins were seen popping out from the back of his hand.

He could clearly see from the passenger seat of the car that there was a lady winding the window down, revealing her face.

Even though Jeremy was unable to hear what the lady was saying nor clearly see what she looked like from the footage, it was almost impossible for Jeremy to miss out on Madeline’s facial features and hairstyle.

He saw Madeline looking at him. At one point, she called out to him, but at the split moment when he looked up, a man had appeared behind Madeline and covered her mouth. He yanked her into the car before winding up the window again.


Jeremy was heartbroken, and his eyes were brewing with anxiety he had for Madeline. In the next second, however, he was giving off a murderous aura.

‘It is Ryan.

‘The man who didn’t let Madeline speak is Ryan!’

Jeremy clenched his fists tightly, forcing himself to calm down and not act rashly.

“Immediately track down all the traveling logs of this car!”

He could not afford to waste a single second. He knew that he should not allow Madeline to continue being threatened nor restricted by Ryan. He would not allow her to be in danger, never again!

Soon, all of the related footage was handed to Jeremy. Along with those men who tagged along with him as they were rather familiar with the roads of Y Country, Jeremy and the group started tracking the traveling logs of that car. They finally noticed that the car had traveled into a very deserted road where there were no surveillance cameras along that stretch of road.

Jeremy copied the footage into his phone, then they started their journey. Following the tracking logs of that car, they drove their way to a deserted place. Under the dark sky, they continued driving forth…

Ryan then received news that Jeremy was on his way to the villa.

He then calmly made a call to Madeline.

At that moment, Madeline was having dinner with Sean and Eloise when she suddenly received Ryan’s call.

She ignored Ryan’s call, turning a blind eye to it. However, a moment later, the security guard who was guarding the entrance handed his phone to her. “It’s a call from Mr. Jones. Please answer it, Madam.”

Madeline had no other option but to take the phone. She answered in a cold tone, “What?”

“In about ten minutes, Jeremy will arrive at the villa you and your parents are in.”

She heard Ryan’s voice softly passed through her ears.

Madeline held the phone, her mind becoming all jumbled and messy.

She got up and jogged to the entrance as she looked around. Her heart started pumping hard.

‘Jeremy, did you really manage to come here?

‘But even if you really make it here, how would it possible that Ryan will allow you to meet me?’

Madeline’s emotions of anticipation suddenly faded as her tone became chilly. “Ryan, what’s your motive for telling me this?”

Ryan giggled softly as if he was impressed by Madeline’s intelligence. “I have no intentions. I just have two options for you. Pick either one.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1279
Madeline was not surprised to find that Ryan had an ulterior motive and faced it calmly. “What are my options?”

Ryan smiled and replied.

Madeline’s grip on her phone tightened when she heard the two options Ryan gave.

He was not giving her an option at all.

Hanging up the phone, Madeline slowly lowered her hand and stared in the direction where Jeremy was currently rushing toward her. The light in her eyes dimmed as she looked down.

“Why did you suddenly run out? You haven’t finished your food yet.” Eloise suddenly ran up to Madeline and stared at her seriously.

Eloise may not recognize Madeline, but it was evident that she still cared for this daughter of hers.

Madeline felt something pinch her heart. She took Eloise’s hand and smiled. “Let’s go eat.”

“Yeah.” Eloise beamed and held Madeline’s hand.

Madeline stared longingly into the distance before she finally turned around…

Jeremy was driving as fast as possible as he closed the distance between him and the villa. The shine in his eyes brightened with every moment.

His racing heart told him that his Linnie was in the villa in front.

They were moments away from arriving when Jeremy suddenly felt his heartbeat going erratic and his breathing becoming hitched.

The familiar tortuous feeling hit again.

He wanted to keep going, but the onslaught of pain that only seemed to grow forced him to bring the car to a stop.

The remnants of poison within him began a new round of torture.

“Are you alright, Jeremy?” The people with him began to feel worried as Jeremy’s complexion was downright horrifying.

“Leave me here and drive there first.” Jeremy took a deep breath to suppress the pain and alighted the car. He could not delay saving Madeline.

“But how are we supposed to just leave you alone on the road when you look like this?”

“I’ll be fine. Go save my wife!” Jeremy demanded strictly, his deep eyes swirling with determination and stubborn will that left no room for objection.

Knowing that they could not persuade Jeremy otherwise, the people quickly drove the car over to the villa not too far away.

Jeremy’s shaking fingers reached out to clutch the area above his heart even though it could not relieve him from the sharp stab of pain the poison brought.

He had only taken a dose from the reagents that Madeline ‘conned’ out of Ryan, and it was not too effective.

The following six doses were still in Ryan’s house and he had not brought them over.

With difficulty, he moved to sit under a large tree. Lifting his right hand, he stared at the wedding ring on his fourth finger as if doing so would help ease the pain that seeped into his bones.

“Linnie, Linnie…” he called out her name softly to clear his mind.

Sitting in the car while leaving the villa, Madeline stared blankly out the window as her mind echoed with the two options Ryan gave her not too long ago.

“One, you follow my men out the villa with your parents in tow. Or two, you wait for Jeremy to find you, only to be met with the bodies of all three of you Montgomeries.”

“Hmph.” Madeline scoffed ironically.

Could this even be counted as a choice?

He was blatantly forcing her to leave.

‘What a cruel man you are, Ryan Jones.’

Sitting by Madeline’s side, Eloise asked innocently as she thought she saw a smile on the other’s face. “What are you smiling about? Tell us, perhaps we’ll get a kick out of it as well.”

Madeline’s heart ached while she also felt hopeless at the words. Staring at her carefree and elegant mother, Madeline broke into a soft smile. “Eveline is just so happy to see her mom and dad again.”

Eloise’s delicate brows furrowed. “Why did you call yourself Eveline? Is that your name too? So is my daughter’s!”

Madeline did not know how to tell Eloise, for she would not understand no matter how Madeline explained it.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1280
She smiled and looked back out the window. What she saw drained her complexion.


Madeline snapped her head around to look at the figure leaning against a tree by the road a distance away.

Moonlight was dim that night, but Jeremy’s silhouette had long been engraved into the deepest part of her heart.

She was even more certain that the expression on his face was one of agony.

Madeline could not keep her cool. “Stop the car!”

She ordered, but the driver did not react.

Both Eloise and Sean were confused to see Madeline so upset.

“What’s wrong, Eveline?” Sean looked out the window as well but could not see anything.

“Stop the car! I said, stop the car!” Madeline was losing control over her emotions.

No matter how Ryan’s demand rang in her mind, she could not find it in herself to ignore Jeremy when he was in pain.

“Madam, Mr. Jones said…”

“Don’t give me that crap. I said stop the car!” Madeline demanded again as she watched the car drive farther away from Jeremy. She could not bear watching the man suffer the pain by himself!

“What’s wrong, Eveline?” Sean was even more confused and worried.

Madeline did not have the time to explain it to Sean now. Watching Jeremy’s figure about to vanish from her line of vision, she made a choice.

She opened the car door as the night breeze blew into the car.

Not expecting Madeline to do such a thing, the driver moved to lock the door but it was already too late.

“What are you trying to do, Eveline?” Sean was stunned. Eloise had no idea either, but she felt worried and reached out to grab Madeline’s hand instinctively.

However, Madeline only jumped out of the car the next second.

Screech! The driver brought the car into an emergency brake.

He could not be responsible if something happened to Madeline.

Suddenly hearing a car screeching to a halt in the distance, Jeremy’s head snapped up from the tree he leaned against. Under the blurry moonlight, he saw a familiar figure jumping out of the car!

“Linnie!” Jeremy knew what he saw.

Ignoring the pain to stand, the man willed his feet to move with difficulty and slowly made his way toward Madeline.

Madeline jumped out of the car and rolled a few rounds on the road before she came to a stop. Scratches littered her body, but now was not the time to worry about them.

Seeing the driver and the bodyguard alighting the car to grab her, she quickly got up and ran toward Jeremy.

Sean and Eloise got out of the car as well to help Madeline up, only to see her running into the distance while a shadow approached Madeline at the same time.

Under the moonlight, the two figures drew close and their features were reflected in the other’s eyes.



Jeremy felt a burst of strength surge within him when he heard Madeline calling out his name again.

The sight of her overwhelmed the searing pain within him.


He reached out for her.

Madeline reached out her arm as well, but before her soft fingertips could come in contact with Jeremy’s, a bullet shot toward her from behind.

Jeremy did not have the chance to hold Madeline’s hand yet when he saw fresh blood spray across the air.


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