Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 101-110

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 101
Madeline was trembling in the wind and her blood seemed to be frozen.

She returned to her residence hurriedly, packed some clothes and daily necessities, and moved away overnight.

She no longer had the courage to face this man who was more terrifying than the devil. She was not afraid of death, but she was really afraid of the cruel methods he has shown time and time again. She never wanted to see him treat the people she loved cruelly in front of her again.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Madeline touched the faint, tingling scar and closed her eyes.
Jeremy, how could loving you brought such a result…


As the new year approaches, many companies would hold annual meetings at this time.

Although Felipe had insisted that Madeline be his plus one to attend the annual meeting, Madeline still refused in the end.

After the dinner party, Madeline went to a karaoke bar with some people from the department.

The room was large and everyone had gathered together to drink and play games but they had left Madeline at the side, not one paying any attention to her.

There was continuous laughter, it was such a lively and joyous moment, but Madeline could not feel the joyous atmosphere at all. All she felt was sadness.

She went to the bathroom and unexpectedly saw Jeremy’s when she was coming back. She did not expect him to be here too.

Madeline was so frightened her heart jumped. She turned around in a panic and ran.

Jeremy turned his head around after the phone call and vaguely saw a familiar figure flash past his eyes. He furrowed his eyebrows and followed.

Madeline ran back to the room in a single breath, but her heartbeat still had not calmed down.

Her colleagues were still playing around happily. Some of them were already drunk, lying haphazardly on the sofa. No one noticed Madeline’s existence.

She breathed a sigh of relief and walked slowly to the seat. As soon as she sat down, she heard the melody of a love song from the speaker.

It was a song she was familiar with, “Evil in Innocence”.

Listening to the melody and watching the lyrics lighting up on the screen, Madeline’s eyes became wet inadvertently.

The lyrics were essentially a portrayal of her journey along the way.

Jeremy had followed all the way and when he reached the door of a certain room, he suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from the inside.

Although he had never seriously cared about Madeline’s voice, his hippocampus told him that this was Madeline’s voice.

Jeremy looked in through the round window on the door and saw Madeline sitting on the bar chair. Her figure was extremely thin and her short, simple hair could not cover up her haggard face.

In spite of this, the outline of her profile was still beautiful. Under the dim light, he saw tears falling from her eyes, and lyrics were suddenly sung out, “You would know, the cruelest things that have been done to me.”

“It was you, who had turned me into an adult overnight.

“Desperate innocence, instantly turning into scars along the way.

“I miss, my stupidity.

“Oh lover, you know too well how to hurt a person, how to hurt a life…”

Madeline’s voice floated into Jeremy’s ears, quietly and cleanly, but he felt as if his heart had suddenly been stabbed.

What Madeline had said to him then appeared in his mind. She had said that she did not love him anymore, and she had said that she hated him.

Jeremy just stood outside the door, listening to Madeline sing, watching her unstopping tears. His heart seemed to be gradually flooded by an invisible sea and his breathing became difficult.

Madeline sang the song and her mind was filled with all the unspeakable pain that she had suffered over the past few years. She sang till the end. “Although heaven and earth are not benevolent, if not necessary, wake your defense, wait a minute……”

By the time she finished the song, Madeline had already burst into tears.

She picked up her bag and left. No one noticed her presence nor her departure.

Madeline called for a cab and returned to her new residence. Just as she had her keys out to open the door, the voice-activated light in the corridor suddenly came on and a nightmarish sound rang in her ears.

“Madeline, who allowed you to escape from my sight?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 102
Madeline’s hand shook violently and the key in her hand dropped on her feet with a clang.

The wounds in and out of her body seemed to have suddenly “woken up” at this moment and the insurmountable skin cutting pain once again invaded her entire body. It hurt so much that she was losing grip on her mind and only the image of him smashing the urn with the ashes of their child by how own hands the other day was left in her mind.

The voice-controlled lights went out and Madeline’s world had also seemed to have suddenly gone dark.

“Madeline, I’m talking to you,” came Jeremy’s domineering voice coldly.

Madeline shuddered reflexively. When Jeremy grabbed her wrist, she looked like a hedgehog that had been stripped of its spines. After bouncing off in horror, she suddenly knelt down by his feet, smashing her head desperately.

“Mr. Whitman, it’s my fault! It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have fallen in love with you and I shouldn’t provoke Meredith!

“Jeremy, I know I was wrong, please don’t hurt the people around me again.

“Our child has been treated so cruelly by you and her existence has been completely wiped out. I beg you, don’t touch my grandfather’s ashes. I promise I will never think of you anymore. I agree to divorce you, I don’t want to be your wife. I don’t want to be your wife anymore, in this life, in the next life, forever and ever. I won’t be your wife again!”

Jeremy stared at the little woman who was kneeling in front of him, bowing to him desperately for mercy blankly, and for a moment, he was stunned.

The lights in the corridor were flickering and dimming. Jeremy could not believe that the woman in front of him was Madeline. The stubborn and unyielding Madeline who had never bowed her head to him, the one who had said she would seek revenge if he did not kill her. Where did Madeline, the one who had said she’d wanted to pester him forever and be his woman, gone?

Jeremy’s heart trembled all of a sudden and he pulled Madeline up.

“Madeline, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Whitman! I’ve angered you once again. I’ll make myself scarce!”

Madeline dropped her head, picked up the key on the ground, and opened the door in a hurry. She lowered her head all the way, not sparing a glance at Jeremy.

She knew she was extremely ugly in Jeremy’s eyes and now that she was disfigured, she might be even more disgusting.

Madeline wanted to close the door immediately after entering, but it was pushed aside by Jeremy.

The house was less than 20 square meters, small but complete, and also very clean.

Yet, such a small house had also left her with nowhere to escape. As soon as Madeline turned around, she was dragged by Jeremy.

“Madeline, what are you doing? Did I allow to you to go?” His voice was as cold as usual.

Seeing Madeline lowering her head and not looking at him, Jeremy felt his heart stop. He reached out to pinch her chin and then lifted her face.

The X-shaped knife mark, glowing with a deep red color, appeared in Jeremy’s vision.

There were suddenly two eye-catching knife marks on her once beautiful face.

His pupils shrank all of a sudden and his heart was as if it were suddenly being bitten by thousands of insects. There was an indescribable feeling.

Seeing Jeremy looking at the wound on her face, Madeline raised her hand to cover it. “I’m sorry, Mr. Whitman. I have soiled your eyes again. If you let me go, I will disappear automatically and never appear in front of your eyes again. “

As she said that, she wanted to break free of his imprisonment, but was pulled into an embrace by Jeremy.

“What’s the matter with your face?” he asked, it was a tone of ignorance and lack of understanding.

“Madeline, tell me, what’s the matter with your face? Who did it?”

“I asked for it! You don’t need to worry, Mr. Whitman. I will never show up in front of you again to obstruct your vision!” Madeline said emotionally as she broke away from Jeremy’s arms and ran out.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 103
She ran into the street without turning back. A piece of glacier had melted in her heart and black icy water had flooded her world.

She did not have the courage to face Jeremy again. His cruel methods of time and time again had made it so that her already devastated body and mind were no longer able to bear it.

At this moment, she just wanted to escape.

Even wanting to escape forever.

Suddenly, fine rain floated down the sky.

Madeline ran toward the zebra crossing in a daze, wanting to go over to the opposite street. A car was speeding in her direction. It was not slowing down.

Sensing the coming bright car lights, Madeline suddenly stopped and stood motionless in the middle of the zebra crossing.

Looking at this bustling street and watching the street lights lining it, she burst into tears.

If she could, she really wanted to restart her life…

Madeline closed her eyes and a harsh horn sounded out. Right at this critical moment, Madeline suddenly felt a strong and powerful arm hugging her tightly.

The moment the car had almost hit her, she was carried away by a man and had rolled to the side of the road.

“Madeline, listen to me! Even if you really want to die, you can only die by my hands!”

Jeremy’s furious voice came from above her head, and Madeline was suddenly awakened as if she had just recovered her heartbeat and thoughts.

Because she had been afraid of seeing Jeremy, she had practically agitated herself into thinking that death ends all one’s troubles…

Madeline was brought back to her current residence by Jeremy. The winter night was cold and windy. Jeremy took off his coat that had been wetted by the cold and rain, and said, “Go get the bath water ready.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy who said this in surprise.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” Jeremy repeated impatiently, “If you hadn’t gone crazy looking for death, would I be like this?”

He blamed Madeline.

Madeline glanced at Jeremy calmly and walked into the bathroom without a word.

Looking at Madeline’s back, Jeremy thought that she was behaving like another person.

What he was especially occupied with were the two eye-catching knife marks on Madeline’s face.

He looked around. It was really cramped, no bigger than the bathroom in his home.
She had actually hidden in such a place in order to avoid him.

Jeremy sneered, his eyes were suddenly drawn by a notebook on the bed.

He picked it up, flipped open a page, and found it to be Madeline’s diary.

At a glance, Jeremy saw Meredith’s name on the page and Madeline clearly stated that she had wanted to take her revenge on Meredith and wanted to see Meredith receive retribution.

Madeline came out after putting on the water when saw Jeremy standing by the bed, holding her diary.

Her nerves were pulled and she ran over quickly.

Just as she was about to snatch the diary back, Jeremy restrained both her hands.

He threw her a colder look than from before. “Madeline, you truly are too vicious! You should have been hit by a car just now. Keeping you alive will only cause more damage to Meredith!”

Without giving Madeline any opportunity to explain, Jeremy smacked the diary onto Madeline’s face.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 104
The corners of the diary scraped against the unhealed wound on her face and there was a burst of sharp pain before blood began oozing again.

Jeremy did not notice, however. He brushed past her shoulder and his broad and powerful shoulders hit Madeline’s thin body and in an instant, she fell down beside the bed. In front of her, was the open diary that Jeremy had dropped. Madeline looked down and she saw the words she had written. “Jez, finally I get to see you again…”

Madeline looked at the words written on the diary page and laughed at herself. Laughing and laughing until tears began to run out of her eyes unconsciously.

The warm water dripped past the bleeding wound, along the curve of the chin, and finally, mixed with a drop of blood, dripped onto the sentence in the diary.


Her former Jez had died in her heart.

That gentle sunshine, the boy who had said he had wanted to be with her forever, had completely died in her heart…


Some pus developed in the wound on Madeline’s face and so, she had to go to the hospital.

Right after treating the wound and as she was about to leave, two young nurses hurried past Madeline.

“Mrs. Montgomery will be operated on soon, but the hospital’s Rh blood has been completely used up. If something happens during the surgery, who’s gonna take care of it?”

“An appendicitis surgery does not usually cause heavy bleeding unless there is an accident but I don’t think Mrs. Montgomery would be so unlucky! And I think her face has gone blue from the pain, she has to be operated on immediately!”

Madeline’s pace fluttered suddenly and she hurriedly caught up with the two nurses. “May I ask if the Mrs. Montgomery you mentioned is called Eloise Patton?”

“That’s right! Who are you?” The nurse looked over Madeline a few times. “If you need anything, please head to the front desk. We are busy here!”

The nurse hurried away after saying that.

Madeline turned around without thinking and ran to the blood transfusion point where she heard Meredith’s sharp scolding from a distance.

“What kind of hospital is this? Why are you always running out of blood! Last time it was my son, this time it’s my mother! Are you deliberately targeting me!”

She questioned the nurse. The nurse lowered her head. Her eyes were red and she dared not say a word as she was scolded.

Accompanying was Meredith’s mother, Rose. No, it should be said that she was her adoptive mother because Meredith had been confirmed to be Eloise’s biological daughter three years ago.

Meredith’s expression was dark. She looked like a shrew with her teeth and claws.

“You better pray that the operation will go smoothly. If my mother meets any accidents during the operation, I will definitely have my fiancé sue your hospital till bankruptcy!”
“M-Ms. Montgomery, you are Mrs. Montgomery’s biological daughter, in fact, as long as you have a blood transfusion…”

“What transfusion! Meredith’s period is not over yet, how can she transfuse her blood!” Rose became angered like a devil.

Hearing this, Madeline suddenly thought of the time when Jackson had needed a blood transfusion. Meredith had also said that she could not do a blood transfusion as it was her period.

It has been more than half a month, but her period is not over yet?

Madeline suddenly understood something. Meredith was not having her period. She just did not want to do a blood transfusion at all.

One was her own son and the other was her real mother yet she was so cold-blooded that she did not want to save either.

After Madeline had watched Meredith and Rose leave while still cursing, she trotted over without hesitation. “Nurse, Mrs. Montgomery should be able to use my blood. Please check it for me immediately, thank you.”

The nurse who crying after being scolded heard Madeline’s words and instantly, it raised her spirits.

Before long, Madeline had contributed another 500c.c of blood.

She did not leave immediately but she was waiting for news of the operation.

Appendicitis required a minor operation and there were usually no complications, but Madeline still felt uneasy.

She did not understand why she was so worried about Eloise Patton as if she had a kind of intimacy, a longing to approach Elois in her heart.

Just as she recalled to ask about the operation, Madeline suddenly saw Meredith and Rose hurriedly running in the direction where she was.

Just when Madeline thought that the foster mother and daughter were going to trouble her, a gust of wind seemed to pass by Madeline. A man had walked past her.

“Dad, you are finally here!” Meredith shouted at the man.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 105
It turned out to be the husband of Eloise, Sean Montgomery.

Looking at this tall and steady back, Madeline felt a sense of sorrow and grief in her heart.

She had also longed for a father, but unfortunately, she had never felt the love of father or mother in her life.

“How’s your mother’s situation?” Sean was very nervous about this situation.

Meredith cried, “I don’t know what’s wrong. There seems to have been an accident during the operation. Mother is bleeding heavily and she is now in operation…”

“What?” Sean’s expression changed all of a sudden and he ran to the operating room.

Madeline’s heartbeat also stopped for a second. How could an accident really have happened?

She squeezed her fingers anxiously but then heard Meredith’s cold voice saying, “Where did so many people with RH blood suddenly appear from? Once before, and once again now.”

Meredith’s tone did not carry any sense of gratitude, but rather it sounded very dissatisfied.

Then again, she could do something like personally cutting up her own son’s cheeks, as if she had a conscience.

What Madeline was most worried about at the moment was Eloise’s situation. While she was waiting, she started to feel discomfort in her body again. The area where the tumor was hurt so much that it affected her nerves, making her uncomfortable.

She had subconsciously wanted to take the painkillers from her bag, but she suddenly stopped and thought of the bottle of painkillers that Jeremy had thrown away. She smiled bitterly.

At this moment, the nurse who had been scolded by Meredith previously ran to her happily. “Young lady, thank you for the blood you’d donated. Otherwise, Mrs. Montgomery might not have been so lucky now.”

Madeline raised her head shakily and she stood up reluctantly, “How is Mrs. Montgomery’s situation now? Is the operation over?”

“Appendicitis is originally just a minor operation. If it weren’t for the minor complication, the operation would have ended long ago. Don’t worry, Mrs. Montgomery is fine.”

Hearing the nurse’s answer, the large rock in Madeline’s heart fell away in an instant.

That was great. Everything was fine.

“Madeline, so it was you!” Meredith’s extremely unhappy voice came from behind.

When Madeline turned her head, she saw Meredith’s arrogant face.

“Who asked to be so troublesome!” Meredith cursed. “You don’t know how dirty you are yet you dare give my mother a blood transfusion!”

Madeline could not help laughing. “If I’m so dirty, then you aren’t too clean either. Don’t forget that I gave you a lot of blood too for this measly life of yours.”


Meredith’s eyes sunk with anger and she raised her hand to hit her injured right cheek but Madeline caught it before it fell.

“Meredith, touch where your heart is, is your conscience still there? One was your own son, the other was your own mother, how could you ignore their safety just to protect yourself? You are no longer human!”

“Of course I’m a human! I’m still a human being! But you? Madeline, you are a wild dog who doesn’t even want its biological parents! Tell me, if my mother knew that you gave her blood, wouldn’t she be sick? She would be so sick, she’d vomit!”

“So, you would rather watch your biological mother die than have a blood transfusion?”

Madeline was so angry that she threw away Meredith’s hand.

Meredith was also so angry that she was about to fight back, but she glanced behind Madeline all of a sudden and immediately pretended to have been pushed down by her, falling to the ground with a plop.


Madeline’s shoulder was bumped into. After she regained her footing, she saw Sean running to Meredith with a look of pity, helping Meredith who had “fallen” off the ground.

“Are you alright, Meredith? Let Dad have a look,” Sean checked nervously.

Meredith had already adjusted her tearful and pitiful look. She shook her head weakly and held Sean’s arm. “Dad, I’m fine, please don’t blame Madeline.”

When Sean heard this, a touch of anger suddenly appeared on his heroic-looking face. “So you are Madeline!”

His sharp eyes pierced Madeline, brows filled with anger.

“You are truly a heinous woman! Not only have you targeted my daughter, again and again, you have also cruelly attacked my grandson who is still so small. You simply aren’t a human being!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 106
Sean cursed.

“It’s no wonder your biological parents didn’t want you. Such a vicious person like you shouldn’t even be alive in this world!”


Madeline’s breathing froze.

She had been insulted and questioned by many passers-by and the ignorant masses in the past few years, but she had also long become numbed.

Hearing every word Sean was cursing her at the moment however, it was as if thousands of cuts had been slashed at the flesh and blood on her body. The indescribable pain made it difficult for her to breathe.

“Dad, forget it. It was all my fault. I was the one who shouldn’t have fallen in love with Jeremy…” Meredith took the blame upon herself.

Sean felt even more distressed for this precious girl when he heard this. “How could you be to blame? The blame is with this vile woman!” Sean stared at Madeline with a solemn expression. “If she hadn’t stolen Jeremy away, you would already be a happy family of three.”


“Let’s go see your mother.”

Sean hugged Meredith affectionately, caring for her under the wings of his fatherly love.

Before turning around, Sean warned Madeline fiercely, “If I see you bullying my daughter again, I will take action even if you’re a woman!”

Accompanied by his words, Madeline felt as if an invisible fist had fallen on her.

Madeline saw Meredith, who had turned her head around, revealing a sinister smile.

She had won again.

In the end, this woman had successfully worn her hypocritical mask on her equally ugly and hypocritical face flawlessly.

Night fell and Madeline had returned to her residence in a daze.

She was cooking absently when the doorbell rang.

Madeline turned around to go open the door. When the door was opened, she saw Felipe standing outside unexpectedly.

He was wearing a gray coat and there were some snowflakes on the top of his head. His countenance was extraordinarily elegant.

“Mr. Whitman? What brings you here?” Madeline looked at him in surprise.

Felipe stared and smiled; his smile was gentle.

“I heard that you had suddenly returned alone last night. I was afraid if something had happened to you, so come over to have a look.”

Madeline paused slightly, her heart warmed. “Thank you, Mr. Whitman, for your concern. I’m fine. Come in and have a seat, it’s cold outside.”

She hurriedly opened the door and turned on the heating generously. She then poured a cup of hot water for Felipe.

“You live here?” Felipe looked around.

Madeline nodded. “It’s enough.”

“I meant that, you and Jeremy are husband and wife, so why would you live here alone?”

Madeline’s hand that had just picked up the water glass trembled at Felipe’s question. The boiling hot water spilled out and splashed on the back of her hand. She only winced in pain but endured it.

“Madeline, are you okay?”

“I’m okay, it’s just a small injury.” Madeline took a paper towel to wipe off the water stains.

Compared with the pain Jeremy had caused her, these small injuries were nothing.

Felipe noticed that Madeline seemed a little uncomfortable, so he did not ask any further. Yet, just by looking at her cheek that was once again wrapped in gauze, he could not help but wonder and ask, “Did the injury on your face open up again?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 107
“It’s no matter,” Madeline smiled indifferently. “By the way, have you had dinner, Mr. Whitman?”

Felipe shook his head. “What’s the matter?”

“Would you like to try my creation? I just happened to be cooking, I’m almost done.”

Felipe sniffed lightly and could really smell the aroma of fragrant rice. “Then, I shall take you up on that offer.”

Madeline was also very happy when she heard his answer.

She had originally planned to go to bed after a casual meal, but now, she fried up two more side dishes.

She had once had much hope that a day could come when her beloved man would come home after getting off work. Then, he would eat the home-cooked food that she made by herself, while they chat with each other.

She had thought that Jeremy would be the first man to taste her creations, but things were impermanent. Regardless of the extravagant hopes or expectations she once had, they had all turned into gray sand sculptures, blown away cleanly by the wind.

Madeline had not had such a good appetite for a long time. She used to have not been able to eat a whole bowl of rice ever since she had got sick, but she had eaten it all today.

Maybe she felt that she was not a wasteful person in the end. At the very least, she still had the ability to bring others happiness.

“Madeline, your cooking is really good,” Felipe praised.

“It’s good that Mr. Whitman likes it.”

“Don’t call me Mr. Whitman, it’s not working hours. You can treat me as your friend.”

Contrary to his noble and glamorous appearance, Felipe’s tone was very friendly and his eyes were also warm.

Madeline suddenly felt a sense of sorrow in her heart. She had not expected that she would meet a friend who really cared about her as she was dying.

“To be friends with Mr. Whitman is not something I could have asked for.” Madeline smiled and picked up the soup bowl. “I’ll use soup instead of wine. Thank you, Mr. Whitman, for saving my life and shielding me from the hot coffee. With just these two instances of your help, my friendship with Mr. Whitman has been decided!”

“More than twice, actually.”

Madeline was stunned by Felipe’s words.

She raised her clear eyes and looked at Felipe, his eyes were smiling. “Remember when you received that video from a stranger three years ago?”

Felipe reminded her, “The video where you were wrongly accused of stealing that bracelet at Jeremy’s mother’s 50th birthday party.”

Madeline was astounded. She would never forget that text message video!

How could she forget that she had received a video from a kind person that could prove her innocence, but it was then completely destroyed by Jeremy!

Jeremy’s absurd behavior at the time had indicated to Madeline that he had always cared about her life and death but wanted nothing to do with her innocence. He would ignore anything so long as Meredith was happy, let alone Meredith ruining her face, even more so if she had stabbed her heart with a knife.

Her heart was severely beaten again, but there was a warm current from the invisible wound.

“Turns out you are the kind person…” Madeline looked at Felipe’s smiling face, and for a moment, she felt endless gratitude.

Although Jeremy had destroyed the video, Felipe’s action still deserved her thanks.

“If you want to thank me, invite me out for a meal next time.” Felipe had seen through Madeline’s mood at the moment.

Upon hearing this, Madeline smiled suddenly and readily agreed. “Not just a meal, it can be as many meals as Mr. Whitman likes!”


Just as Madeline’s words sounded, the door was suddenly opened by a key.

She could not believe seeing Jeremy opening the door and walking in with the key.

Madeline’s smile froze and her body shuddered reflexively from fear. “Why do you have the key to this place? What are you doing here?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 108
Jeremy walked in with a calm expression and a chill surrounding his body.

“Jeremy.” Felipe addressed him.

Jeremy did not respond. His cold eyes swept across the dining table before finally falling on Madeline’s pale face.

“Madeline, what are you even asking? I am your husband. Is it so weird for me to have the key?”


“Do you blatantly bring other men back to eat and drink when I’m not around?”

Jeremy spoke with a smile but he shot Felipe a sharp gaze. “So, Uncle Felipe, you like this kind of woman?”

Madeline’s heartbeat stuttered.

‘This kind of woman.’ He used these words to describe her.

Madeline’s face went even paler with that, but she did not dare confront him again.

Facing him now, she was like a frightened bird, alarmed and uneasy.

“Jeremy, don’t get me wrong,” Felipe explained calmly, “I was just worried that something was going on with Madeline, so I came to see her.”

“Hmph.” Jeremy sneered again. “Worried about this cruel, mean, and sinister woman?”

Madeline’s heart seemed to have bled when she heard Jeremy’s ironic words.

Felipe frowned. “Jeremy, Madeline is your wife, how can you say that to her?”

“Am I wrong?”

Jeremy walked toward Madeline’s side and bowed his head slightly, his warm breath gushing by her ears. Madeline smelled a faint fragrance of wine. He had been drinking.

“Let Uncle Felipe know, am I wrong? Did you not rack your brains back then trying to climb into my bed?”

For Jeremy to have asked something so humiliating like this, not even caring about Felipe’s existence. Madeline bit her teeth, her eyes are red.

“Yes.” She finally opened her mouth and laughed at herself. “I am the kind of despicable, insidious, and vicious woman Mr. Whitman had claimed. I have done one shameless thing after another just to get to you,” she said, raising her eyes to meet Jeremy’s cold gaze.

“And so to make disgust Mr. Whitman anymore, we will divorce soon.”

Madeline thought that she would not only cooperate with Jeremy but she would also make him feel satisfied.

She found, however, a clod, gloomy light bursting out from his eyes, forcibly trapping her gaze.

“Madeline, what right do you have to mention a divorce with me? Are you even worthy?”

“Jeremy, if you really don’t like Madeline that much, a divorce is good for you.”

Jeremy let out a chuckle as soon as Felipe’s persuasive words came.

He looked at Felipe with extremely cold eyes. “Does Uncle Felipe really want to see me divorce this woman?”

Jeremy’s tone at the moment sounded with a strong scent of gunpowder. He suddenly pinched Madeline’s face, squeezed her chin firmly, and turned to Felipe. “Does Uncle Felipe like this face? Although it is already rotten Halfway, it’s still very attractive.”

The man’s sarcasm was so smooth that Madeline only felt pain. The wound that had been bandaged during the day seemed to have split open again. The tearing sensation had numbed her scalp.

She wanted to break free, but Jeremy’s hands were very strong.

“Jeremy, you have drunk too much.” Felipe’s eyebrows were more deeply furrowed than before.

“Let go of Madeline quickly. She is uncomfortable.”

When he heard those words, Jeremy looked at Madeline who was imprisoned in his arms with a chuckle. “Let my uncle know, are you uncomfortable, hm?”

Looking at Jeremy’s deep icy eyes, Madeline endured the pain. She gritted her teeth and smiled lightly at Felipe. “I’m not uncomfortable.”


“Mr. Whitman, don’t you worry about me. I won’t die, you can go back.”

Felipe seemed to consider it for a few seconds before nodding. “Jeremy, Madeline is just a girl, don’t be so harsh.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 109
As he was done speaking, he picked up his coat and turned away.

Madeline looked at Felipe’s back as he was leaving and the light in her eyes extinguished bit by bit. There was nothing but despair left in her eyes in the end.

She did not know how Jeremy would deal with her, she only knew that his methods would definitely be very cruel.

She would never forget that he was like a demon from hell. He had dug through the grave and allowed the ashes of his own daughter to be washed away by the wind and snow, and he had actually smiled nonchalantly at that.

Seeing Madeline’s reddened eyes gazing in the direction of Felipe’s departure, Jeremy got angry.

“Are you this sad about him leaving? Madeline Crawford, are you treating me as if I am dead? I am the one who is your husband.”

He pushed Madeline away from his arms angrily.

Madeline staggered and fell by the side of the sofa, brushing her injured cheek against the corner of the sofa and causing her teeth to tremble in pain.

“Clean this place up. Whatever you did for that man just now, do it now!”

Madeline lowered her eyes and smiled bitterly. “Okay, as long as you are happy, my husband. You can have me do anything.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline who got up slowly. Somehow, he felt that the way she had called him husband sounded particularly disturbing.

Through the wind and snow, Madeline went to the supermarket to buy the food and then immediately cooked Jeremy a table of dishes after she had returned.

Madeline also prepared the bath for Jeremy according to his wish.

She did not dare to oppose him. She only knew that if she went against him, fate would be that the people around her would be the ones who suffer.

It was just that, right as when Madeline had prepared a new towel for Jeremy, there was a sudden, dull pain in her abdomen the moment she stood up.

She crouched back down reflexively in pain, her face turning almost as pale as snow immediately.

“Madeline.” Jeremy’s voice had reached her ears.

She wanted to get up, but the violent pain made it so that she was not able to straighten her body.

Madeline laid down on the cold, ceramic tiles while arching her body. She curled up even more from the increasingly tormenting pain and her consciousness seemed to be diminishing…

“Madeline Crawford, are you deaf?”

The man’s urging voice sounded impatient. Madeline raised her hand to her teeth and took a hard bite.


A bone-deep pain spread through her body. Madeline opened her increasingly blurred eyes all of a sudden, and as she was about to get up from the ground, Jeremy’s figure appeared in front of her.

Seeing Madeline who looked like she was about to die, Jeremy looked at her contemptuously.

“Are you trying to perform an act by pretending to be dead again in order to gain sympathy?”

Madeline took in a deep breath and raised her head with difficulty. “Mr. Whitman, can you please help me get the painkillers on the coffee table…”

She was in so much pain to even catch a breath. Jeremy looked at Madeline for two seconds, then turned around.

Not long after, Jeremy returned while holding the bottle of painkillers in his hand. “Is this what you wanted?” he asked Madeline who was supporting herself by the bathtub condescendingly.

Madeline gritted her teeth and nodded, and then stretched out her hand. “Thank you…”

However, before she could finish, Jeremy’s lips twitched, and his smile was dark, just like a demon.

He opened the medicine bottle, poured all the pills into the toilet, and then flushed it.

With a sloshing sound, all the pills were then washed away by the water, and Madeline’s heart seemed to have disappeared instantly.

She looked at the man who was looking down at her disdainfully as if she were a dog. A fog was blurring her vision. “Jeremy, I really am not feeling too well…”

“So what?” The man chuckled nonchalantly. “It’s merely a discomfort. Just like you said to Felipe, you won’t die.”


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 110
Madeline suddenly felt her entire body go cold, the blood in her body seemed to have been frozen.

She stared at this sneering man in a daze. He was just like Satan in the dark night, his whole body was black.

It turned out he wanted to see her die.

‘Jeremy, very soon it would be as you wish.’

‘May you still be as calm as in this moment when the day comes.’

Yet, when she started having the thought of completely leaving this world and forgetting this man forever, she, however, felt a lot of reluctance in her heart.

To this day, she still had some feelings for him.

Madeline’s tears began to fall all of a sudden, but no matter how hot her tears were, it could not warm her heart.

“Why are you crying? Are you trying to pretend to be pitiful again?”

Jeremy sneered, his warm, slender fingers pinched Madeline’s chin, forcing her to look up at him.

“Do you think I will fall for your trick like those men? Your face is already healed so why are you still wrapping yourself up with gauze? There is no need for this trickery in front of me, I will only feel disgusted by it!”

As soon as he said those words in disgust, he noticed that a bright red color had gradually seeped through the gauze right after Madeline had teared up.

Jeremy’s gaze changed all of a sudden. He tore open the gauze on Madeline’s face. The skin was exposed and fleshy, and the bloody wound was there was him to see in an instant.

Jeremy was shocked. His ridicule and contempt towards Madeline from the previous moment seemed to have come back to bite him at this moment.

“Give it back!” Madeline hurriedly snatched the blood-stained gauze back from Jeremy’s hand, and then she held it back in place with trembling hands. “Don’t look! Stop looking!”

She endured the searing pain. While covering her cheek with one hand, she then stood up unsteadily with her other hand against the wall.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s appearance at the moment. He had lost focus for a while but when he came back to a realization, Madeline had already run out.

Madeline’s already weakened body was swaying as she stumbled downstairs. Her tears were mixed with blood and they dripped down her fingers. The gradual flow of her blood had made her face paler.

Something in her body was burning fiercely, slowly burning up her almost dying life.

Snowflakes were falling one by one, deepening the chill that Madeline felt.

She stared at the increasingly blurring foreground blankly, but in her mind, she was recalling one of the happiest moments in her memory.

‘It would be great if things could just stop during the good times so that there would have been no separation between us, no reunion, and no suffering from the tortures of now…’

Madeline finally did not have the strength to continue walking. She fell against a pillar and the blood from the oozing wound on her cheek stained the falling snow.

She vaguely heard Jeremy yelling her name, even saw the man running towards her anxiously, then picking her up nervously.

Madeline felt as if she was having another beautiful dream, dreaming about the him from before who used to worry about her so much as he carried her who was wounded and bleeding on his back. She was nestled in his chest as she said shyly, “Jez, I want to be with you together forever…”

When Madeline woke up, it was already the next day. The moment she moved, the first thing she felt was the burning pain on her right cheek.

She had tried to raise her hand subconsciously to touch her face but then realized her hand was being held down by something. She turned her head around to look and found Jeremy lying beside her.

Madeline’s consciousness turned sober in an instant. She could not imagine that Jeremy would actually squeeze himself into this single bed with her.

Looking at his charming, sleeping face close up and smelling the breath of him, Madeline’s heart was beating extremely fast.

She turned her head quickly but still could not ignore Jeremy’s breath flickering behind her ears, could not ignore the warmth of his wide chest against her back, which was really hot.

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