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Married At First Sight Chapter 2726-Liberty’s face changed after hearing this.

First of all, she believed that Matriarch Farrell had plotted this to kill her by causing an unanticipated car accident.

She guessed that Matriarch Farrell would not do anything.

The banquet was quiet, and the food was not poisonous. She was worried that the car would be tampered with on the way back and cause her to have a car accident, so she chose to take Hayden’s car.

Matriarch Farrell was targeting her. She couldn’t touch Hayden’s car, and she didn’t dare to touch Hayden. She would be safe if she followed Hayden.

Her bodyguard group was arranged for her by the York family, the Stone family, and the Lewis family. Each family arranged for two elite bodyguards to follow her. Since she brought them here, she had to ensure their safety.

So she winked at the bodyguard group, told them that they were all drunk and should not drive, piled into Hayden’s bodyguard car, and then asked the Farrell family’s Butler to arrange for the Farrell family’s bodyguards to help drive back to the hotel.

The car she was riding in happened to be hit now.

After the car overturned, it quickly caught fire without giving anyone a chance to rescue it. The car was destroyed, and everyone died.

Liberty wouldn’t believe it if she said it wasn’t directed at her.

If Kevin and Hayden hadn’t come over tonight, Liberty thought she might have died.

Did her grandmother die like this back then?

“The bodyguard of the Farrell family was burned to death.” Kevin said in a low voice, “We have no chance of rescue. The fire is too strong, and it started too fast. Sister Liberty, let’s go back first. It’s not convenient to talk here.”

After Matriarch Farrell invited Liberty over for dinner, Kevin and Liberty both knew it was the Hongmen Banquet and left the Farrell family mansion. They thought it was over, but they didn’t expect that they were waiting for Liberty on the road.

If it hadn’t been for Holden and Shiloh’s affairs that caused everyone to be in chaos, Liberty might not have been able to escape successfully.

“The bodyguard of the Farrell family died for me.” Liberty spoke softly.

For the first time, she was exposed to the whirlpool of conspiracy and faced life and death.

Hayden said comfortingly, “Sister Liberty, it was Mrs. Farrell who killed him. If she had not planned the conspiracy, this would not have happened. This matter is only our speculation at present. There is no evidence. We can’t do anything to Mrs. Farrell for the time being.

Go back first and talk about it later.”

Liberty hummed.

After returning to the car, Liberty said nothing.

The Farrell family also received the news.

After all, it was the Farrell family’s bodyguard who died.

The other two bodyguards were helping Liberty’s people, and they were following in two bodyguard cars. When they saw their colleague being rear-ended by a large truck, causing the vehicle to flip into the opposite lane and quickly catch fire, they immediately called the butler.

They told the butler that there was a car accident, and the butler was dumbfounded.

Knowing that the car involved in the accident was originally Liberty’s special car, the butler suddenly changed his face. Afterwards, he realized that he seemed to have ruined Matriarch Farrell’s important affairs.

Matriarch Farrell didn’t tell the butler. How could Butler know that Liberty said that her people should not drive after drinking and asked him to arrange for someone to help drive back to the hotel?

After the butler hung up the phone, he didn’t dare to tell Matriarch Farrell. Because the room was also a mess.

Matriarch Farrell was so angry that she couldn’t stand still. Kathryn was so frightened that she quickly asked someone to bring ginseng over and stuffed a ginseng slice into her mother’s mouth.

Shiloh and Holden have woken up.

After discovering what they had done, Shiloh screamed and fainted, while Holden’s face was as white as paper, and he collapsed on the ground.

Anyway, it’s just a mess.

“mom.” Kathryn looked at her furious mother worriedly. “Mom, are you okay?”

Matriarch Farrell suddenly grabbed Kathryn’s hand and grabbed it hard. Her face was ashen, and she gritted her teeth and forced out the words, “Throw Shiloh out now; throw her out!”

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  2. Evil matriarch
    Thank God liberty isn’t naive, it wld have been the end of her and my baby serenity wld have been broken

    Serves matriarch Farrel and Shiloh right
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  5. Everything blows up in Matriarch Farrell face.Those daughter in laws have learned from the best. Can Shiloh lie her way out of this. Send her out broke back to the Mother who she pushed down and treated bad. Back to the Dion name. Now she is a country bumpkin for sure. Holden is in serious danger and his entire family.Her 3 sons are scared to death now. They will blame poor Kathryn.When you dig one ditch, dig one for yourself first. Lost of a good Farrell bodyguard.Liberty should head back to Wiltspoon right away.

  6. Liberty was blessed to have her life this night. This visit to Jensburg has opened many eyes of how the Farrell family operates. They all learned that Matriarch plays no games. It is all or you wont exist any longer. I feel like Erika had something to do with this. Holden said that Marco drank half the bottle then gave it to him. So did Erika plan this out where she hangs her good for nothing cheating husband( who is still getting his outside snacks) out to dry? What a tangled web is woven. Thank you for these chapters. Im sitting on the edge of my seat with the conspiracies and drama. MORE MORE MORE

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  8. Very interesting…was it Marco (he drank half of the wine bottle Holden said to Shiloh) who did it? Or his wife Erika (she’s the one who suggested to send Shiloh upstairs to take some food for Mr. Holden)? Everybody ate the same food and drank the same whine; also the wine bottle Shiloh took upstairs was new and not opened? Hummmm??? That must be some spicy caymus’ wine indeed!
    The accident on the road I suspect either Mrs. Farrell or the Butler, I lean more to Mrs. Farrell because she’s the one that does not want Liberty to share the Farrell Matriarch throne with her daughter Kathryn.
    You made me wondered a little bit of what was going on, I thought Holden and Shiloh were caught dead naked together…ha ha ha! Keep on keeping on, great work can’t wait to what’s happening next?

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