Married at First Sight Chapter 2686 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2686-Both Serenity and Zachary told Sonny that Titus learned martial arts earlier than him, and it was normal for him to lose to Titus, so he should face it calmly.

Sonny, on the other hand, had advantages. He could read and write a little better than Titus. Titus could read a lot of numbers but couldn’t write well, but he could write very well. He wrote exceptionally well in comparison to his peers. The nice thing his uncle Zachary said about him was true.

His uncle Zachary couldn’t lie because he was a real man, a big CEO, and everything he told was the truth.

Thinking like this, Sonny stopped pouting, pulled Titus, and said, “Let’s go in and eat. I’m hungry.”

Titus: “I’m hungry too.”

The two little guys happily jumped into the house again.

Newman family.

Carrie stood at the door of the villa from a distance and then kept calling Trenton.

After a while, Trenton came out.

Seeing Trenton come out, Carrie walked over with a pale face, raised her hand, and slapped Trenton on the face.

There was a snap.

Trenton did not expect that Carrie would give him a slap in the face as soon as she saw him.

He thought that Carrie knew that he was going back to school soon and came here to find him.

Unexpectedly, when they met, he was slapped in the face.

“Second sister.” Carrie hit Trenton on the side of his face, and he angrily asked, “Why did you hit me?”

Carrie pointed at him and scolded: “Don’t call me second sister. Do you still have me as the second sister in your eyes? Since you were a child, you have always liked the eldest sister, Camryn, but you are not close to me, the second sister. Forget it; now you are uniting with Camryn to deal with me. Trenton, why do your arms grow outward?

I am your biological sister, the biological sister from the same father and mother. Who is Camryn? She is just your cousin.”

Trenton said angrily, “Second sister, you called the eldest sister not a thing, but what kind of thing are you? Your parents have just spoiled you to the point where you are becoming increasingly unimportant; you have no idea how high the world is!

The eldest sister is my cousin and my biological sister. She and I were born to the same mother! In my heart, she is my eldest sister and will always be my eldest sister!”

Carrie was so angry that she wanted to slap him again.

This time, Trenton was on guard, but she failed.

Trenton grabbed Carrie’s wrist and shook it away hard. He took two steps back to distance himself from Carrie.

Carrie was always like this, always hurting others. Her mother’s pampering was the root of this bad habit.

Her parents really spoil Carrie. Trenton was the only son of his parents. Neither of his parents pampered him, but they only doted on Carrie. This was not love, but harm to Carrie.

Trenton had developed the arrogant and unreasonable temper of Carrie, but Carrie had no ability at all.

After his parents had moved in, he had no supporters, and Carrie was nothing in the upper-class society of Wiltspoon.

Carrie: “Trenton, you still dare to push me; I am your sister!”

“I didn’t push you away and let you hit me again?” Trenton said angrily, He was not a fool.

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