Let me go, Mr. Hill Chapter 2919 By Desirenovel

Chapter 2919

Shaun: “Anyway, you two finally got back together, and I’m relieved.”

“Well, I’m quite happy too.” Chester raised his thin lips slightly, but his eyes soon turned dark again when he thought of something, “This time, I won’t be soft-hearted to my two parents again.”

Shaun asked: “The couple of them are sick, are they so rare about Cindy?”

“I’m afraid they want Cindy to conceive my child. In this way, after keeping it with Jewell’s family, my own son will be useless again. It’s gone.” Chester said sarcastically, “And after Cindy’s child is born, my future money will also belong to that child.”

Shaun was surprised, but he hadn’t thought of going to that level, “Chester, you said, it was Cindy who brought this way up, or your parents thought of this way?”

“It should be Cindy hinted that they would have this idea.” Chester said, “Where is Cindy willing to donate blood for my mother all the time? My father and mother are still useful to her, and besides, although she is rich now, she is still not popular in the wealthy circle, she needs an identity.”

“It is the identity of your wife.” Shaun sighed, “This woman is so scheming. The ambition is her also big, but like my wife said, Cindy’s ambition was also fed by your Jewell family. To be honest, if she really loves you, that’s all. But…the part of your car accident time, and when she came to see you, she disliked you for having no legs.”

“Some people float too high, so they don’t know how much they weigh.” Chester looked at Shaun and said.

“I understand.” Shaun understood in seconds, “You will greet people in the circle. From now on, people in the entire Canberra circle will get close to Hank Jewell and Cindy Turner, and they will oppose you.”

Chester smiled, and said, “For many years, I know what I’m thinking, and I will let them understand that if they don’t like what I give, I can take it back at any time.”


There was a knock on the door of the ward, and Dean Edwards in a white coat walked in with a resentful face.

“Young Master Jewell, you’re not real. You promised to go back to the hospital, but you made yourself like this again. Tell me, when will you be able to come to work?”

“Okay, I’ll come right away.” Chester replied.

“You really want to thank me this time.” Dean Edwards said angrily, “If I hadn’t happened to be in the hospital yesterday and performed the operation on you personally, that thing of yours would really be scrapped.”

“…” Shaun and Chester were taken aback at the same time.

The next moment, Chester’s face turned black, “I’m not abolished?”

Dean Edwards said with a smile: “If Ms. Eliza hadn’t blocked you, I would have missed you. Now it’s your good luck.”

“Shaun, close the door quickly.” Chester said anxiously.

Shaun almost laughed out loud. After a long time, it was an oolong. If Charity knew, um…that would be interesting.

“What’s the matter, isn’t this something to be happy about?” Dean Edwards wondered.

“Who told you…to save me there?” Chester gritted his teeth, “I only did it when I was gone.”

“I’m afraid you’ve lost your mind.” Dean Edwards couldn’t help complaining, “what man wishes he was incomplete!”

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  1. LOL. Oh Chester. I hope that he will tell Charity truthfully and I hope she’ll be happy for him. Ugh. I need more chapters!

    1. Jajaja chedter chariti lo volvio hacer lo salvo alegrate y cuentale la verdad y trate de q sean felices,gracias esperando nuevos capitulos mil gracias

  2. Why do I only receive 1 chapter per day? Is it not possible to receive more than 1? In the past I at least got 2 or maybe 3 per day. Thanks

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