Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1132

Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1132–The two of them were preoccupied with their conversation, so they did not notice Cory’s figure appearing around the corner across the street. As Cory looked at the photo he just took, he grinned.

Even though Roxanne was not standing close to Jack earlier, the angle he took the photo made it seem as if the two of them were hugging.

After going through the photos he had taken, he finally chose two and sent them to Aubree. In the meantime, Aubree was strolling on the streets with Frieda because the Pearson residence was not close to Estella’s

kindergarten, and Aubree did not wish to travel so far. Furthermore, she had something to talk to Frieda about. “Are you saying it’s highly likely that Lucian broke up with Roxanne because of Jack?”

Frieda had been listening to Aubree the entire time, but she was still confused. “Although Jack’s an excellent man, he still isn’t as good as Lucian, Is there really a need for Lucian to give up on her just because of Jack?”

Aubree hummed in rumination. “That’s what I’ve been doubtful about, so I’ve sent Cory to look into this.”

Right as the two were chatting away, Aubree’s phone suddenly buzzed. At that, Aubree halted and took out her phone to glance at the screen.

She had received two photos from Cory. In the photos, Roxanne was with Jack, and it looked like they were in an intimate embrace.

“Are they dating?” Frieda blurted out in surprise when she saw the photo. Her misunderstanding was not surprising. Anyone would share the same thoughts like her upon seeing those photos.

Even Aubree stiffened for a few seconds before coldly saying, “No, I don’t think so.”

With that, she showed Frieda the photos Cory took in the past. However, the more photos Frieda saw, the more confounded she was. “If they aren’t a thing.

aren’t they spending a little too much time together? Moreover, some of their actions in these photos look intimate…”

Right then, a thought entered Aubree’s mind, and she curled her lips mockingly. “If even you are mistaking the nature of their relationship. I’m sure others would be even more stunned by these photos.”

“What do you mean?” Frieda was a little confused.

A ruthless look crept onto Aubree’s face. “Regardless of whether they’ve separated because of Jack, I can use these photos to make Jack the wedge I’m going to drive between Roxanne and Lucian!”

As long as everyone thinks that Roxanne is in a relationship with Jack, Lucian will never go back to her. Frieda vaguely guessed what Aubree had in mind, but she dared not confirm it until she heard Aubree’s words.

Promptly, she tensed up. Even though Aubree had yet to take any action, Frieda knew that the plan would be a risky one.

“Aubree,” Frieda nervously started. “Are you really planning to send these photos out?”

Then, in an even softer voice, she said, “I just hope you remember how the Hightower family came to its end back then…”

If Lucian had truly cut ties with Roxanne, Aubree’s plan would be a good move. However, if Lucian had a tinge of regret about Roxanne, the photos would catch his attention. and make him look into the matter.

If he ended up tracking them down, Frieda was afraid that her family and Aubree’s would end up like the Hightower family-gone in a night.

Aubree furrowed her brows in irritation. “Obviously not. Why would I be that stupid?”

Therefore, she was not going to be the one to initiate it.

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