Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1547 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1547

Not many people knew that Camryn was chosen for Callum by Grandma May.

However, even if everyone did, they still could not guess the old woman’s intent.

Callum also could not understand why his nana chose Camryn for him.

It was only after knowing that she had long been involved in Newman Enterprise did he understand a little. Although he did not care about the Newmans‘ assets, if he and Camryn became a couple and have children later, their children would be able to inherit the Newman family’s assets in addition to the Yorks‘ That was the first thing that came to his mind.

Of course, Callum did not think that his nana was after Camryn’s family assets, but Camryn herself.

The York family had a fortune worth hundreds of billions, but the Newmans‘ assets only amounted to a billion. Furthermore, there was a portion of their assets that would be seized soon and their worth would shrink significantly.

There was no way his nana was after the Newman family property.

She just understood what Camryn was like and wanted to lure such a person into the York family. “Camryn, I told you that I’ll find you a miracle doctor to treat your eyes. You’ll definitely restore your sight “But even if you can’t see for the rest of your life, so what? I can be your eyes. I’ll let you feel the beauty of this world.”

Callum said soberly, “I think you’re only suitable for the York family. The elders in my family are very open- minded and can accept your shortcomings. As long as I don’t dislike you, you don’t have to feel inferior.”

Camryn was silent for a moment before smiling wryly. “Is it that easy to find a miracle healer? Aunt Evelyn went to Annenburg countless times but couldn’t even get the doctor’s contact number

“York Corporation works closely with FC & Co., and my sister–in–law is friends with Mrs. Johnson. The genius doctor is about to marry into the Johnson family. If I ask the doctor to come over and treat your eyes, my chances of success are definitely much greater than your aunt’s.

“Don’t worry, Camryn. I said I would help restore your sight, so I’ll definitely be able to ask the doctor to treat your eyes.”

Callum learned from Remy that Dr. Carden would soon come back with Tim soon. However, Dr. Carden was huge with pregnancy now and could not travel far.

Tim would also not agree to Dr. Carden flying to Wiltspoon while pregnant just to help cure Camryn’s eyes.

“The miracle doctor’s apprentice, Dr. Carden, is the fourth young master of the Johnson family’s lover. She is pregnant now and unfit to travel far, but after she comes back to give birth and recuperates, I’ll definitely go to Johnsons in person and invite her to help treat your eyes.”

Evelyn went through painstaking effort just to find out that the doctor was in Annenburg.

However, that was all the information she could find

On the other hand, Callum could find out the recent status of Dr Carden, who was the genius doctor’s senior apprentice

Ring, ring, ring.

Camryn’s phone rang.

She took out her phone and answered it.

“Are you at home or at the store?” Dalton asked in a warm and deep voice

“I’m on my way to the store What’s wrong?”

Most companies were on holiday now, but she still opened her store.

Business was better during the holidays.

“It’s nothing. Today is a holiday, so I thought of bringing my girlfriend over to see you so you can get to know each other better.”

Dalton’s girlfriend was aware of Camryn’s existence, but she did not spend much time with Camryn. Women were sensitive creatures. His girlfriend could feel Dalton’s concern over Camryn and she was rather wary of Camryn.

In the past, Dalton was not willing to let his girlfriend and Camryn come into contact mainly because he could not let people know of his relationship with Camryn.

Now that he knew Callum liked Camryn, he gave up on Camryn and decided to treat her like a sister. Thus, he felt that it was necessary to ease the relationship between his girlfriend and Camryn.

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