Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1537 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1537

Their only nephew, Trenton, was still a fledgling. He was not a concern to them at all.

The sisters learned from the lawyer that their brother and sister-in-law would be heavily sentenced. Their sister-in-law, in particular, was involved in criminal activities. She could probably be sentenced to jail for ten or twenty years. Their elder brother had killed their younger brother. If the police conducted a thorough investigation, he would be punished gravely to pay for his sins.

Since their elder brother and sister-in-law would have to spend the rest of their lives in jail, they could not let the blind Camryn reap all the benefits of the substantial net worth and big businesses raked in by Newman Enterprise. They had to snatch it over and divide it between themselves. Each of them could get 500 million dollars.

“Brenda, should we act as witnesses and provide our testimonies when Cain’s trial starts?”

Amy thought of Cain’s case and asked about it in a whisper

They did not have evidence that Cain and his wife had killed Abel, but they knew those two had something to do with his death. All evidence had long been destroyed by Cain and their sister-in-law.

However, Amy and Brenda had been closer to Cain all along. It was Evelyn who was the closest to Abel. After he died, Evelyn got into a big fight with Cain and rarely returned home afterward. She had been heartbroken.

Evelyn only started coming back more often after Camryn almost died back then.

“We’ll wait and see. If Camryn has the ability to go against Cain, then we won’t have to do anything. If she doesn’t, we’ll do nothing too. If Cain’s not defeated this time, he’ll be released.”

Having Cain in the family had given Amy and Brenda backing against their in-laws. They would still be on his side as long as there were still benefits.

If Camryn could deal with their brother and sister-in-law, they would only have to fight for inheritance with Camryn.

However, if Camryn were that capable, it would be difficult for them to fight for the assets.

They did not expect the blind girl, who usually looked useless, to be hiding so much from them.

The moment Cain got into trouble, the blind girl bought over Dalton and took over Newman Enterprise first. Their sons, who had been working under their brother, could not even snatch the opportunity.

Amy and Brenda never thought Dalton would help Camryn to take over Newman Enterprise. Although their sons also worked at Newman Enterprise, their positions were lower than Dalton’s.

The sisters left the Newmans’ villa together

Peace finally returned to the villa.

Camryn said to the butler, “If my aunts return again, don’t agree to whatever they ask to do I’ll bear the consequences for everything. You all were hired by my mom, and your loyalty belongs to her. My mom still has another child, a son, besides me. It’ll never be my aunts’ place to come back and take over everything”

She knew everyone’s loyalty was not to her

She was not in a rush to switch them out either

A mass clean-up would have to wait until she completely had Newman Enterprise under her control.

However, those people would still help her out of consideration for Trenton. They would protect the house for him.

Camryn hated her stepfather and biological mother, but she would not hate her brother After holding on to the Newman family’s assets, she would hand over Trenton’s portion to him.

“Yes, Ms. Camryn.”

The butler poured a glass of water for Callum. After putting it down, she listened to Camryn’s orders and replied to her respectfully.

He listened to Ms. Camryn’s arrangements because he saw her treating Mr. Trenton as usual and not doing anything to hurt the young master.

As Ms. Camryn said, they all were loyal to Mrs. Newman. Mrs. Newman had three children. Ms. Camryn could be ignored, but not the young master

They were not protecting Ms. Camryn’s house. They were simply defending the home for the young master.

That would be enough to repay Mrs. Newman’s care to them over all those years.

“You all can rest after pouring some water for Mr. York. I don’t need you all serving me.”

The butler acknowledged the order respectfully again and gestured to the others to follow her out. Only Callum and Camryn were left in the grand hall.

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