Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1504 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1504

While Sonny went to class, Serenity went to the hospital accompanied by Zachary.

She asked Zachary to stop when they passed by Spring Blossoms. She got out of the car and went into the store to buy a bouquet of flowers.

Camryn was not in the store.

“Is your boss making a delivery?” Serenity asked the store assistant.

“Our boss went to get the goods early in the morning and will probably only be back at around ten o’clock. Do you have anything important to ask her, Mrs. York? I can ask her to call you when she comes back.”

Serenity hummed. “Okay, tell her to ring me when she’s back.”

The assistant agreed and saw Serenity out of the store..

Serenity held the bouquet and got into the car, saying to Zachary while closing the door, “Camryn isn’t in the store. She went out first thing in the morning to get some goods and won’t be back. until around ten o’clock. Tell Callum that I might not be able to leave at ten. I can only come over if Jasmine is at the store.”

Zachary said, “Don’t worry about him. He reaps what he sows. I already gave him two days off. If he still can’t handle his own business, then I’ll start doubting his ability.”

“I promised him that I’ll help put in a good word for him, so I have to keep my word. After all, I’m his sister–in–law.”

Serenity thought of how Zachary had a total of eight younger cousins. If they all came to her for help, she could probably set up a marriage counseling company.

It was all because she was their eldest sister–in–law.

Zachary stopped talking and drove the car to send his wife to the hospital.

The couple bumped into Duncan at the hospital.

Duncan held a bouquet of flowers in one hand and an insulated lunch box in the other. It seemed like he prepared a tonic soup for Liberty.

He did not see Serenity and Zachary because they were behind him.

Zachary said to Serenity, “Duncan is quite knowledgeable. Even an oaf like him knows to send tonic soup to Liberty.”

Serenity gave him a look.

He had never given her tonic soup to drink before.

Zachary was not dumb. He quickly caught onto the hidden meaning of his wife’s expression.

He smiled and said, “I’ll cook and make tonic soup for you this weekend.”

“I think between you and your friends, you’re the slowest when it comes to relationships. When Mr.

Lewis realized his feelings, he dove right into delivering flowers and soup. As for Mr. Bucham, his EQ is ten times yours. Before, you only knew how to pull a long face and get me to obey you 100 %.

Zachary cleared his throat and blushed slightly. “Honey, we’re at the hospital. There are lots of people coming in and out. Don’t embarrass me like that.”

“I’m not yelling till the whole world can hear,” Serenity whispered before raising her voice to call out to Duncan.

“Mr. Lewis.”

Duncan heard Serenity. He stopped in his tracks and turned his head. He smiled when he saw his friend with his wife. “Zachary, Serenity, good morning. Are you here to see Liberty too?”

“Yeah, I brought breakfast for my sister. What are you doing here, Mr. Lewis?”

Zachary winked at his friend.

Duncan thought, ‘Holy crap! Is that really Zachary? Did he just wink at me?‘

If Zachary could read Duncan’s thoughts, he would be speechless.

“I–I–I came to see Liberty and send her some tonic soup to nourish her body.”

Serenity looked at the insulated lunch box he was carrying and said, “I also brought tonic soup for her, along with breakfast. Nana and my aunt also often send soup over.”

Liberty was probably scared to drink tonic soup now.

After a moment of silence, Duncan said, “You send her tonic soup as a token of your sincerity, and I send her tonic soup as a token of mine. Serenity, thank you for letting your sister know about my feelings for her. I’m serious about your sister. I hope you won’t stop me from pursuing her.”

Serenity said, “I won’t support you, but I won’t stop you either. This is my sister’s business, so it’s up to her. I’ll support her no matter what decision she makes.

“However, I do have a few words for you, Mr. Lewis. If my sister is still unable to accept you, please be the bigger person and let her go. Don’t keep pestering her.”

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