Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1479 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1479

It was only the mother and son when they entered the CEO’s elevator, so Mrs. Lewis spoke impolitely.

She snapped, “You don’t have to marry Lily. I’ll find you another lady who’s a good match for you. In short, you can only marry a noble lady. You can’t marry Liberty!

“I’m serious, Duncan. I’m not joking. Untess hell freezes over, I’ll never agree to you being with Liberty.”

Duncan did not get angry at his mother’s stubbornness and said, “Mom, did you come here just to say all that to me again? I think there’s no need for us to talk about this.

“You don’t have to care about my business or my marriage. If you want me to give up on Liberty, bring Granny back to life. If Granny also doesn’t approve of me being with Liberty, then I’ll give up on her.”

Mrs. Lewis was so angry that she yelled, “Your granny passed away many years ago. If she could come back from the dead, she would definitely scold your ear off. In fact, your granny might actually rise from her grave if you get together with Liberty.”

“That’s all the more reason I should be with Liberty. I miss Granny. Granny doted on me the most since I was a child. No matter what I do, Granny will support me as long as I’m happy. She said that the most important thing is for a person to live life with a clear conscience free of regrets.”

Old Mrs. Lewis did love her youngest grandson, Duncan, the most when she was alive.

Mrs. Lewis gave birth to four sons. She had too many sons, so she did not spare as much energy for her youngest son.

She did not care for Duncan enough.

“You’re just spoiled by your granny!” Mrs. Lewis scolded him.

“You went to visit Liberty in the hospital today. Why didn’t you dare let her know?

“Duncan, you know very well that Liberty doesn’t like you. She only thinks of you as her landlord, as a friend. Her ex–husband is still pestering her too. They’ve known each other for more than a decade and have a son together. Maybe they’ll remarry in order to give their son a complete family.”

Duncan was silent.

He went to see Liberty at noon but did not go in because Liberty was eating. He did not want to bother the mother and son.

However, it was also because he felt that Liberty would become suspicious if he visited her too often.

Zachary advised him not to confess too soon, saying that he should wait for Liberty’s career to stabilize before courting her. That way, his chances of success would be higher.

Mrs. Lewis was still nagging her son when they returned to Duncan’s office. She tried her best topersuade him to give up on Liberty.

After all, the two were not together yet. It was just her son’s unrequited feelings. Mrs. Lewis felt that it would be easy getting his son to give up on Liberty now.

Duncan did not care about what his mother was saying. He felt that he had made his point very clearly. He busied himself with paperwork as his mother nagged him.

Beep, beep-

He received a new message from his phone.

Duncan picked up his phone and tapped on the message to see it. It was from Josh.

[Duncan, let’s have dinner together. Call a driver. We’re all drinking tonight to celebrate the end of my bachelorhood.]

Duncan replied to his friend, [Congratulations! Do you want to arrange for anything else besides dinner and drinks? For example, going to a nightclub?]

Josh immediately replied, [I have a wife now. There’s no need to go to a nightclub. As for you, you’re still single. It’s not a bad idea for you to hang out there. I’m warning you, don’t try to get me into trouble. I’ll punch you if you let my wife misunderstand me.]

Duncan laughed. [I was just messing with you. Okay, let’s have dinner together. We won’t go home till we’re drunk. Ugh, out of us three, I’m the only one still single.]

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