Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1445 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1445

After ending the call with her granddad, Serenity held the phone in her hand and said to Zachary, “I got external help to go against the Browns and return my sister peace according to your suggestion, but I don’t know how things will turn out

“We’ll find out after some time I think the effect will be great”

Zachary was confident in his idea.

“Seren, you don’t have to be so worried. We should think now about what dress and jewelry you’ll wear tonight”

Serenity glanced at him. “You sound like you want to steal everyone’s attention away from Mr. Bucham.”

Zachary said smugly, “I don’t even have to steal. I’m in the limelight in every venue I appear in, and I make Josh pale in comparison.”

Serenity was speechless.

He was confident that he could beat Josh, but she had no intentions of taking the spotlight away from her best friend.

She smiled and said, “My dresses are the ones you or Aunt Audrey bought. I’ve only worn the dresses I purchased several times. Will I have the chance to wear the dresses I bought myself to events where I’m accompanying you?”

Serenity gave the bossy man a sidelong glance. She said, “The weather’s turning hot nowadays Don’t make me wear overly conservative dresses. It’s hot.”

The dresses Zachary gave her were never revealing.

However, some were very conservative and better worn during winter or spring. It was already April, and Wiltspoon’s daytime was getting scorching hot. She would feel stuffy if she wore a winter dress.

Zachary chuckled.

“I’ll let you choose tonight.”

Just as Serenity mentioned, the dresses he gave her were not revealing. She could wear any one of them as long as it was one that he gave to her

“It’s still early You can get some rest after returning home. I’ll wake you up in the evening.”

Zachary looked at the dark circles underneath her eyes worriedly.

Serenity leaned against his shoulder and yawned. She said, “Let’s rest together. You’re more exhausted than I am.”

He had to go to work to handle official business and stay up at night in the hospital with her. It was more tiring for him.

Zachary said dotingly, “Okay”

Serenity closed her eyes to rest and did not say anything more.

They leaned into each other’s embrace in silence, surrounded by happiness.

Upon rousing from her sleep in the evening, Serenity heard that her in-laws had come again.

She did not dare sleep in and quickly got up. She went downstairs after washing up.

“Dad, Mom.”

They were chatting with Zachary casually in the living room. Serenity greeted them and sat down beside her man.

Tania saw that Serenity had not changed into her dress. She smiled and said, “Why haven’t your changed into your dress, Serenity?”

“I just woke up.” Serenity chuckled embarrassedly.

She just wanted to take a short nap.

However, she did not expect to wake up at that hour

She was truly exhausted these days.

Since her sister had gotten a lot better, Serenity could sleep soundly

One day after Liberty had regained consciousness, she told Serenity that she saw their parents when she was unconscious, and that it was their parents who pushed her back.

Serenity teared up upon hearing those words.

She thought, ‘If it weren’t for Mom and Dad pushing her back, I would’ve really lost her.’ She felt a lingering fear thinking about it.

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