Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1440 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1440

How did Serenity conquer such a cold, arrogant man? Chelsea criticized inwardly

She would not be able to bear spending time with a man like that He was too cold!

She did not dare look at Zachary anymore Instead, she smiled and said to Serenity, “Serenity cant have a few words with you in private?”

Serenity asked Chelsea, “What is it that you can’t say right now?”

Chelsea took a quick glance at Zachary, then Serenity Indeed, Serenity was more pleasing to the eye

Chelsea used to treat Serenity meanly and instigate her brother to quarrel with Liberty It was an indirect way of forcing Serenity to move out. Firstly, it was because she wanted to make space for her children. She had planned to send her children to the middle school in the city.

Secondly, Chelsea was jealous of Serenity’s youth and beauty. Liberty was beautiful before she married too. However, she did not bother maintaining it and bloated up like a ball. Her beauty before her marriage was gone Serenity was different. She adhered to exercising every day and had always maintained a model-like figure.

It was known that opposites attract while likes repel.

Chelsea grew to be jealous of Serenity.

However, her mindset changed as she only felt gratitude toward Serenity. She felt no jealousy when looking at Serenity’s pretty features. Instead, she found it pleasing and thought Serenity was beautiful and kind. A girl like that deserved to be favored by the heavens, get married to an outstanding man like Zachary, and enjoy glory and wealth.

“Serenity, I think we should still talk in private.”

Serenity glanced at her husband. She knew Chelsea was afraid of Zachary. She said to him, “Babe, wait for me in the car.”

Zachary said firmly, “I’ll wait for you here. You can just talk to each other there. I can see you, but I won’t be able to hear your conversation.”

He pointed to the end of the corridor and asked Serenity and Chelsea to talk over there. He would be able to see them from the ward’s door, but he could not listen to the contents of their conversation.

Serenity did as he asked.

She walked toward the end of the corridor first. Chelsea had no choice but to follow

Serenity stopped when she reached the end. She turned to face Chelsea and asked coldly. “What do you want to talk to me about, Chelsea?”

“Is your sister feeling better, Chelsea? We’re concerned about your sister’s injury, so we visit her every day You guys might find it annoying, but we’re really worried Oh, there’s also Sonny Would you like us to take care of Sonny for the time being?

“Well, you have to care for your sister. It’ll be tiring if you have to take care of Sonny as well. There’s also your store’s business to manage. I’m not working now, and Lucas has started preschool. I’m free to help you. Sonny is my nephew too. I love him as much as you do ”

Serenity refused. “We have a lot of people. We can take good care of a child, so you don’t need to worry, Chelsea. My sister is doing fine and recovering well She can return home to recuperate. after a week. Thank you for your concern.”

Chelsea had offered to take care of Sonny to start the conversation. She knew the Hunt sisters would never let the Brown family care for Sonny anymore.

It was all that evil woman, Jessica’s fault. Sonny nearly got harmed while Liberty got hurt because of Jessica.

Chelsea’s brother was useless too.

Sonny was still so young. Could he not have carried Sonny away?

He could not even protect Sonny, yet he still wanted to bring Sonny back to live with the Browns

What infuriated Chelsea the most was Hank busily running around for Jessica’s matters after Jessica was taken away by the police. He even thought of begging the Hunt sisters countless times. He wanted Liberty to forgive Jessica.

That way, Jessica’s sentence would be lenient.

Luckily, Chelsea’s parents were on her side. They had been stopping Hank from begging Liberty directly and indirectly.

No matter how stupid Chelsea was, she knew that if Hank dared ask Liberty to forgive Jessica, it would be tough for the Browns to meet Sonny in the future.

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