Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1421 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1421

After a moment of silence, Camryn said, “It’ll trouble Mr. Callum.”

“You don’t have to call him Mr. Callum. That sounds so distant. Just call him Callum. We’re friends, and he’s my brother–in–law. You two have known each other for a while now, so you’re considered friends too.”

Callum cast a grateful look at his sister–in–law.

Camryn just smiled and did not answer..

Liberty still needed to rest, so Camryn could not stay too long.

After Audrey and Elisa arrived, Camryn and Callum left together.

“Seren, you take Sonny and Zachary back for lunch and rest at home in the afternoon. Elisa and I will stay here to watch over your sister, then you two can come back at night to take over.”

Audrey wanted to watch over Liberty at night too, but she could not win against Serenity.

She understood where Serenity was coming from.

Her children were also worried that she could not hold on in her old age.

Serenity looked at her sister.

“Listen to Aunt Audrey, Seren.”

Liberty said gently, “My heart breaks when I see how haggard you look now. I’m fine. I won’t die. I promised Mom and Dad that I’ll take care of you and Sonny, so I won’t go back on my word. Go back with Sonny and have a rest.”

Zachary entered the room. He had just gone out to ask Liberty’s attending doctor about her injuries as well as the after–effects.

“Aunt Audrey.” He still held great respect for Audrey and greeted her politely every time they met.

When facing Elisa, he always had to purse his lips before grudgingly greeting her.

Elisa knew that this was not the time for her to laugh, but she could not help it.

Zachary was so arrogant that he did not even want to look at her in the past, but now, he had to lower his head and put down his ego to call her name in a pleasing tone.

He did not dare look down on her like before.

Elisa felt like she could burst into a song and dance.

Zachary turned to his wife after greeting Elisa. He did not want to see Elisa’s smug face.

“Listen to your sister, Seren. Let’s go back and rest first. We’ll only be able to watch over Liberty at night after a good rest.”

Serenity was worried about her sister, but he was worried about Serenity.

Under the persuasion of her sister and aunt, Serenity took Sonny and left the hospital with her husband.

After leaving the ward, Zachary carried Sonny and said to Serenity, “Let’s go back to the manor. Nana invited a psychic to take a look at Sonny since he was frightened badly.”

Zachary did not believe in such things.

However, his nana insisted on it. There would be no harm done to Sonny anyway, so he let his. nana do as she pleased.

Serenity had no objection either.

At most, news about it would circulate and go viral on the internet again.

The trending search about him and Serenity’s inability to conceive was taken down, but his clarification statement stayed on top of the topics for the entertainment news.

Zachary did not read what the netizens said.

They could believe whatever they wanted to.

He clarified because he did not want people to think that there was a problem with Serenity. He also did not want Serenity to feel pressured.

Some reporters called his mother, but his mother and his elders expressed their views very clearly. It was up to the young couple to plan their own family. They could have a child whenever they wanted.

However, Zachary still kept this a secret from Serenity. He did not want her to be bothered by something this trivial when she was already worried sick about her sister.

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