Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1417 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1417

Lily looked at Mrs Lewis

Mrs. Lewis asked the servants to carry all the things that Lily bought into the house while she took Lily for a walk around the yard

She sighed as she walked.

“Tell me what’s on your mind, Mrs. Lewis. Maybe I can help. Don’t sigh. There are many people. around you to support you.”

Mrs. Lewis took Lily’s hand and looked at her, saying, “Lity, you’re a capable and understanding girl. You can take care of both your work and family at home, and you also dominate the business world in my eyes, you’re the ideal daughter–in–law.

“I really don’t know what’s wrong with Duncan’s eyes. How can he have feelings for Liberty? Our greatest worry came true Liberty got injured, and he stayed in the hospital all night to watch over her. He only came back now to rest because I dragged him out..

“On the way back, he also admitted that he cared about Liberty and liked her too. Lily, you have to fight harder. You’re superior to Liberty in every way, so you have to defeat her. In short, I only want you. As long as I’m alive, I will never allow Liberty to marry into the Lewis family!”

Lily was both surprised and not surprised.

She and Mrs. Lewis had already guessed it.

Mrs. Lewis even went to test Liberty but found out that Liberty did not like Duncan.

“Has Duncan confessed to Liberty?” Lily asked calmly.

“No, he only realized his feelings when he saw Liberty hurt.”

Lily smiled and said, “Mrs. Lewis, this is between the three of us, so let us take care of it. I’ll work hard I can’t guarantee that I can win Duncan over, but I can promise that I’ll try my best to pursue my happiness.

“Don’t do anything behind the scenes to hurt Liberty if I win, I want to win fair and square *

Lily had known Mrs. Lewis for a long time and understood the latter. Mrs. Lewis was a bit overbearing and looked down on Liberty. Since she could not do anything to her son, she might really act against Liberty

Lily was not the kind of person who was unable to accept defeat.

When she first joined her company, she started from the bottom and did many things that made her feel like a failure

Facing failure was not scary at all. After all, experiences gained were learned from failures She could improve and succeed the next time

Thus, Lily would be able to accept it if she failed to pursue Duncan and lost to Liberty. If she won, she wanted it to be fair and square, if she lost, she wanted it to be on her merit.

Mrs. Lewis said, “Lily, you’re such a great person. Why doesn’t Duncan like you?”

“Apples and oranges–everyone has different tastes. I might not be Duncan’s type, or I came too late and let Duncan take a liking to Liberty first.”

Lily added, “Don’t frown, Mrs. Lewis. Duncan is almost forty. He knows what he wants.

“I’ll work hard, but don’t hold too much hope for me. In any case, I’ll try my best.”

Mrs. Lewis was even more reluctant now. Her son must be blind not to like such a sensible girl. If she had another son, she would force that son to marry Lily.

“Duncan is stubborn. He’s hard–nosed and doesn’t listen to others.”

Mrs. Lewis felt that her youngest son was completely out of her control.

When Duncan started his business more than ten years ago, he would rather borrow money from Zachary and the bank than ask his family. He just did not want to rely on his family and let them have a hold over him.

In the past, they saw their son’s willingness to start a business and thought that he was finally being sensible, so they let him work it out on his own. Now that he was used to being independent, Mrs. Lewis realized that as a mother, she could not do anything about her headstrong son.

Lily did not respond. That was a point she appreciated about Duncan.

They were both strong. If they could come together, it would be a powerful alliance.

Of course, if they fall out, it would be disastrous for both parties. Maybe it was because they were both headstrong individuals that Duncan preferred someone gentler like Liberty.

The Brown family came again.

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