Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1412 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1412

Duncan frowned when he saw his mother. He felt that his mother’s visit to the hospital was not a good thing.

Mrs. Lewis saw the two men standing at the door of the ward and walked straight over.

“Mrs. Lewis.”

Zachary greeted her politely.

Mrs. Lewis smiled gently and responded to his greeting.

The way she looked at Zachary made him uncomfortable. He knew what that look meant.

Even if he told Josh to take down the trending search immediately, she had most likely seen it. Those who should not see it would have probably seen it.

There might be many people who took screenshots too..

There was no question about it. Mrs. Lewis was looking at him in concern because she saw the trending search.

Those damned paparazzi just had to expose every little thing.

In the past, tabloids did not dare reveal information about his private affairs without his permission. Now that he was married and appeared softer, did they think they could appeal to Serenity for mercy and escape disaster if they exposed his private life?

“Zachary, my husband knows several good doctors. Do you want…”

“Thank you, Mrs. Lewis, but I don’t need a doctor. Everything was nonsense. Both Seren and I are very healthy. We don’t want a child so soon because we still want to spend time with each other alone. We went to the hospital that day because I thought Seren got pregnant accidentally, so we went to check. However, we ended up arguing a little because she wanted a child but I didn’t. We weren’t arguing because of the reason the reporters wrote.”

Mrs. Lewis nodded. “I see, that’s what I thought. Your wife and you both look healthy. There’s not way you two have any problems. If there was any, Mrs. Stone would be more anxious than anyone. else.”

Audrey cared deeply for her two nieces, especially Serenity who married into the York family. If Serenity could not get pregnant, Audrey would be more worried than anyone else.

Mrs. Lewis looked at her youngest son but did not say anything. She asked Zachary, “Is Liberty inside? Can I go in and see her?”

Zachary nodded.

He led Mrs. Lewis inside.

Serenity heard someone approaching and turned to look. She stood up when she saw Zachary taking Mrs. Lewis in.

“Mrs. Lewis.”

“Serenity, I came to see your sister. How is she?” Mrs. Lewis asked gently and with concern.

Serenity stepped aside for Mrs. Lewis to see her sister.

As Mrs. Lewis approached, she saw Liberty’s pale face with her arm wrapped in gauze. She knew that Liberty suffered knife wounds on her arm.

Then, she looked at Sonny, who was completely unharmed.

This was a mother’s love.

She asked about Liberty and Sonny’s condition with concern.

After a while, she changed the subject and said to Serenity, “Serenity, Zachary and you are taking care of your sister, so you don’t need Duncan to stay, right? He looks haggard, so I want to take him home to rest. He has helped enough as a friend.”


Duncan already had a bad feeling about his mother coming. It turned out that she wanted to take him home personally.

Serenity quickly said, “Mrs. Lewis, we tried persuading Mr. Lewis to go back and rest. It’s enough for me and Zachary to stay and look after my sister. My aunt and Elisa will probably come over in the afternoon to take over for us. I’m very grateful to Mr. Lewis for his help. When my sister is discharged from the hospital, I’ll definitely come bearing gifts to show my gratitude.”

Mrs. Lewis said in a warm voice, “Friends should help each other. Duncan is friends with Zachary and a righteous person, so he won’t sit back and do nothing. It’s just that as a mother, it hurts at little to see him like this. Well then, I’ll take Duncan back first. You two take care as well.”

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