Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1387 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1387

Hank regretted it. In fact, the regret sank in a long time ago.

He realized life was not as good as he thought since he went public about his relationship with Jessica. He was disappointed with his decision.

This was especially when his family nitpicked and fought with Jessica endlessly. It was annoying. He was having more than second thoughts.

It was all the same, going from a lover to a wife.

Had he been nice to Liberty, gotten her on a weight loss program, and given her time to dress up, his wife would not have lost to his lover…

“Why are you staring into blank space, babe?”

With Hank’s eyes on Liberty, Jessica nudged him and brought him back to earth.

“I’m fine.”

Hank had no guts to admit he was dwelling in the past and regretted his choices as Jessica would jump down his throat.

He had his pride. He did not want a public fallout.

It would only let Liberty see him as a complete joke.

Hank drew close and carried his son out of the car.

Once Liberty got out, he put Sonny down and took Sonny by the hand. Hank said to Liberty, “This is the bridal shop.”

Liberty took a look without making any comment.

She remembered the bridal shop as she and Hank rented their wedding outfits at the same place for their wedding too.

Jessica sure loved to compete with her in everything.

Liberty smirked to herself. How unconfident Jessica must be to do so?

Jessica could not stand seeing Hank and Liberty walking together. They were also holding Sonny’s hand like one happy family. It did not sit well with Jessica that Hank and Liberty were once family either.

She took quick paces over and stood next to Liberty, pushing Liberty to the side. Jessica intimately held Hank’s arm.

Liberty found it amusing.

She was about to walk around and hold her son’s other hand.

A tall man in black clothes and a black mask dashed out of nowhere and bent over to take Sonny from Hank.

Too surprised to react, Hank watched as the man took off with Sonny.


Liberty acted the fastest, going after the man right away.


Snapping out of his trance, Hank shook off Jessica’s grasp and pursued the man who took Sonny.

“Kidnap! Kidnap!”

Liberty yelled as she ran.

The passersby on the street swiftly gathered around following Liberty’s cries, but they were not there to stop the kidnapper. Instead, these people came in Liberty’s way, refusing to let her pursue the man in black.

It hit Liberty that the passersby were accomplices of the man in black.

Using her slight plump build, Liberty rammed away those in her path as she tried to keep up with. the kidnapper.

“Mom! Mom…”

Sonny screamed at Liberty.

Liberty ran with all her might.

Since she took up running to lose weight, Liberty could run fast and up her stamina.

She could not bring herself to stop even if she was out of breath. She was afraid this was the last time she would ever see her son if she stopped here and now.

The man in black raced ahead, trying to shake Liberty off his tail. He took the winding alleyways to lose Liberty.

Nevertheless, he could not get Liberty off his tail.

“Mom! Mom!”

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