Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1382 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1382

Mr. and Mrs. Newman wanted to wipe Camryn off the face of the earth because she was suspicious about her father’s death. Camryn was a nobody in the Newmans’ residence anyway. No one would bother investigating her cause of death even if Camryn had a terminal illness.

Camryn would have died in her mother’s hands ten years ago if her aunt did not drop in for a visit and taken Camryn to the hospital.

Of course, Callum and Camryn heard about Mr. and Mrs. Newman’s talks about getting Callum to marry Camryn.

Callum watched as Camryn sat in silence.

Camryn clasped her hands together without a word for a long time.

Although she had suspected her father’s death had to do with Mr. and Mrs. Newman, it was all speculation she made in her head as there was no proof.

Now that she got it from the horses’ mouths, her mind was blank, and her limbs felt cold.

Camryn could not wrap her head around why her father’s wife and brother would want him dead. Had the affair between Mr. and Mrs. Newman been going on from the start?

Her mother could have opted for a divorce if there was cheating involved.

“What do you plan on doing?” Callum suddenly asked.

Unable to bear the discoloration on her face, Callum went to pour her a glass of water.

Camryn downed the drink.

“Mr. Callum, do you think the voice recording is enough to nail them?”

Callum replied, “It’s hard because they can argue and say it was said out of rage. They can question the validity of your voice recording, but it will be the smoking gun when paired with other evidence. Do you have anything else on them?”

Camryn shook her head.

She was only two when her father died.

What would she know?

As far as she could remember, her childhood was filled with abuse from her mother and sister, as well as confusion. It was beyond Camryn why her mother could not love her even though she was her mother’s daughter too. Mrs. Newman never held her or spoke tenderly to her.

Camryn gradually grew numb, no longer pining for her mother’s love.

All she wanted to do was study and leave the home once she was able to.

Camryn would never have suspected a thing if it were not for the rumor that her father died an unnatural death.

It then dawned on her why her mother could not love her. It prompted Camryn to dig further and

collect evidence. Alas, she was too hasty back then.

Camryn was only sixteen at the time, and her mother and stepfather had her in the palm of their hands. It was reckless to think she could go behind their backs.

They really put a hit on her.

Maybe it was a good thing Camryn lost her sight. It did not matter that the hospital saved her because she would not survive if her aunt did not take her away.

Her aunt wanted to, but her mom refused.

The wicked woman said the aunt was out of line to try and replace Mrs. Newman’s role as a mother.

Camryn had to be a blind nobody since she could not leave the house.

“I don’t have other proof.”

Camryn uttered in a soft voice, “I tried to collect evidence ten years ago, and it came at the cost of my sight. I found nothing in return. All I felt was their cruelty.

“Serenity told me that my priority is getting my eyesight back. I can continue to find proof once I can see again. Serenity is suggesting not to let my family know when I can see.”

The handicap of being blind was a convenience to collect evidence.

“Can you see again with a corneal transplant?”

“My blindness is caused by drugs. My aunt took me for an examination before, and the doctor mentioned that a corneal transplant wouldn’t show much effect. I had a lot of doctors examine me, but only one whose treatment was working. Nevertheless, the doctor passed away. I can only see a bit of light, but everything else is still a blur.”

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