Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 736

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 736

Jamie hurried back to the club after he was done with his business at the company.

However, as soon as he entered the place, he saw Narissa and Charissa standing face to face, and the atmosphere was so overwhelming it was terrifying.

“What’s going on here?”

He walked to the men and stood between them.

“Didn’t I tell you to take care of Narissa? Is this how you take care of people?”

“I swear to God, I am not accountable for this!”

The man who tried to dissuade the situation just now was still a little confused.

“I don’t know what is wrong with Charissa today.She must have eaten gunpowder or something because she keeps firing off at Narissa.And Narissa is as stubborn as a mule! I am scared of getting on their bad side.I have no choice

but to let them be.”

Jamie was aware of how good Narissa was to be able to complete the operation of the world’s top assembler within three days.He knew that Charissa did not even hold a candle to her.

Charissa would only be left embarrassed if she insisted on going through with the challenge.

After watching for a while, he automatically walked to Narissa’s side and tried to appease her with a silly smile.

“Please don’t make me look bad, Young Miss Narissa.At least for my sake.Let me apologize on behalf of Charissa.She is just a little hot-tempered, but she isn’t a bad person’

“Stay out of this, Jamie!”

Charissa called out to him from afar.

“Can you just listen to me?” he responded irritably.

Why was she, someone who was usually clever, unable to tell that he was protecting her?

“There is no room for discussion.”

Charissa wasn’t going to back down at all.

“You have to prove yourself if you want to join our club.” Time seemed to stop right after she said that.It even felt like a fight was going to break out any time now.

The corners of Narissa’s lips curled up in a sly smile and she gloated, “What are you anxious about? It is not like I am competing with you.It is a good thing that she sincerely wants to see my technique.Stop trying to patch things up here”

She then turned to Charissa and reconfirmed, “You sure you want to do this?”

“lam sure,” the other woman replied firmly.

Jamie threw a glance at Narissa again, only to see that she was equally stubborn in that imposing manner.


Left with no other choice, he retreated and became another onc of their audience.

Those who were overconfident would only know to back off once they had fallen from the high place they were at.

Following that, both sides agreed on the rules of the competition: the club would provide two vehicles that had been dismantled to the same extent, and the women would start to assemble them at the same time.

The one who finished first would be the winner.

Based on a normal person’s specd, it would take an hour at the least, even with the assistance of the machine.

And Charissa’s highest record happened to be 50 minutes.

After all, she was their friend, so they picked the vehicle that Charissa usually used to practice with for her.

However, Narissa wasn’t aware of this as she rarely came to the club.

That was how Charissa had the upper hand right when the competition started.

Finding it somewhat odd, Narissa stole a glance at Hozier and the rest of them,

only for them to, possibly out of guilt, quickly run away when they noticed her.

Them wanting to conceal the truth was the exact reason they gave themselves away, and Narissa immediately understood what was going on.It seemed like they were ganging up to bully her because she was an outsider.

Too bad, she thought.

They are messing with the wrong person.

Sure enough, Narissa started to speed up within 10 minutes.

As she gradually caught up to Charissa, she even showed signs of overtaking the latter.

By the time 30 minutes had passed since the start, Narissa was already many steps ahead of Charissa.

Narissa was the first one to drop her wrench at 42 minutes.

Dusting off her palms, she walked out of the assembly workshop and announced, “I am done.”

Biting the bullet, Charissa snapped out of her surprise and hurriedly completed assembling the car at 49 minutes.But in the end, she still lost to Narissa by a long shot.It wasn’t a result that she could raise her head at.

The women then stood side by side, where one was a disappointed mess, while the other was as relaxed as ever.

“What do you have to say now?”

Narissa wanted a conclusion to this competition.

Charissa only wordlessly reacted by tightly balling her hands into fists as shame consumed her.

What could she say? She was the one who claimed that she was better, but she had so easily lost to Narissa.She didn’t even know how she could face Hozier and the gang, let alone give Narissa an explanation.

Charissa was getting more enraged the more she thought about it.She took off her gloves and furiously threw them on the floor.

“Fine, I am not as good as you are.I will leave.I will let you take my spot here!”

That was all she blurted out before she unhesitantly walked out.

“Hey, Charissa.Hold on—”

“Let’s go after her!”

The men quickly went after her then.

With only Narissa and Jamie left in the initially lively workshop, the place suddenly seemed too wide and lonely for just the two of them.

“I might have offended your friends,”

Narissa remarked with a shrug.

“It’s their fault.I don’t blame you”

Jamie stared in the direction of the entrance, his gaze seemed to get more absorbed by the second.He had a vague feeling tugging at his heart, but he couldn’t confirm his suspicions.He could only wish that Charissa wasn’t acting

this way today because of the reason he thought of.

Or else, they might not be able to continue being friends anymore.

At a business district in Tisotte, the roar of a car’s exhaust caught the attention of many passers-by as a red sports car crossed an intersection.

When everyone looked over, they saw the cyc-catching red vehicle parked in front of a high-end café.

After the car door opened, Matthew got out and took off his sunglasses before he looked around, a satisfied and smug smile appearing on his face.

After he had assumed Jordan’s identity, he would habitually do this every time he stood under the sunlight.

It made him feel like he was no longer the rat that used to hide in the gutter.

With that, he felt like he was the final victor.

After a while, he put on his sunglasses again and went up to the second floor of the café according to the text message sent by the mysterious person.

Unlike the fully occupied first floor, there were only a few customers on the second floor.

The place had obviously been booked by someone.

As Matthew looked around from the top of the stairs, he quickly found a female customer dressed in black with a lace fascinator on her head sitting by the window.

He started to walk over and subconsciously reached out.

“Hello,” he greeted.

However, he retracted his hand in disappointment when the woman lifted her chin.

“Celina? You are still alive, huh?”

His words were full of barbs.

As the person who paid the most attention to Alexander and Elise, Matthew had witnessed first hand how Celina had foolishly gone against Elise, only to finally sacrifice her own father, David.

Matthew didn’t think such a stupid person even had the chance to collaborate with him.He wouldn’t have come to this meeting if he had known that Celina was the person who asked to meet him.

And that was exactly what he did.

After he spat that out, he started to leave when the woman suddenly called out to him.

“Hold on.”

Celina stopped him as she slowly stirred the coffee in her hand.

“Haven’t you heard the saying that the enemy of your enemy is a friend? What harm could it do to you if you had one more person you can call ‘friend’?”

Matthew proceeded to put his hand on the table and knocked twice.

“Friends and useless teammates are two completely different things.I could very well sacrifice my life if I were to work with you.Why would I take such a huge risk?”

Hearing this, Celina put down the coffee, and her expression suddenly turned cold and reserved.

She then said to herself without any emotion on her face, “I understand why you would think this way.You are not the only one.Even I find myself stupid when I think about my past self”

Celina camc to a pause and turned to look at Matthew with the same look.

“You don’t have to give me an answer so soon.You should think about it.Or at least, go take a look at Alexis that Elise had built from the ground.After all, you might not be able to see it anymore in a few days.”

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