Pursuing My Ex-Wife Is not Easy (Completed)

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Is not Easy

Her then-husband left her while she was pregnant six years ago, and her evil sister framed her.She changed her identity and began again six years later. Interestingly, the man who had previously left her had persisted in hounding her at her front door.”Excuse me, Miss Gibson, but how is your connection to Mr. Lynch?””I don’t know him,” she said with a careless smile.The rumor mill has it that you were wed at one point.”Those are rumors,” she said, tucking her hair in her ponytail. I can see very fine, you know.As soon as she entered her room that day, she was pinned to the wall.”Daddy said mommy’s eyes are bad! I’m so happy!” her three little ones said. My dad has promised to mend it for my mommy.”Please, darling, let me go!” she cried out.

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